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Naples football club (Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli) is a football club in the Italian southern city of Naples, was established in 1904, currently in Serie A for the tournament.

Naples football club created by a group of British sailors in 1904, foreign players split in 1912 after the establishment of the International Naples club. In 1926, the two clubs re-merge Naples football club after Serie

has been in the middle and lower reaches of. Maradona joined in 1986 founded in Naples, the most glorious era in the club's history, Maradona's No. 10 jersey is also retired Naples club.

2004 club declared bankruptcy, down to the third division of Italian football. The 2006-2007 season, the the Naples club campaign Serie B, and finally to the results of the first two, return to Serie term. The next the quarter rushed achieved UEFA Cup qualification.

Edit this paragraph in franchise history, originally built a club name football and cricket clubs in Naples (Naples Foot-Ball & Cricket Club), 1904 a British sailor William Perth and his partner Hector · M · worship Wing plus a later become the club's first chairman Ame the Jagdeo · Salsi with several Neapolitans created this club. Initially the team's jersey color is the sky blue and navy blue color sword stripe shirt, shorts color black 1906 the club changed its name to the the Naples Football Club (Naples Foot-Ball Club).

club was founded in the early days, when the Italian league is limited to the northern club, while the South team only nearby sailor amateur team competition, or to participate in names such as Sir Thomas Lipton's Lipton Challenge Cup This Cup during the Naples had three degrees in the final to beat Palermo still in Serie combat. Established by foreigners international Naples began in 1912 to compete with them, the two teams in the 1912-1913 season to join the Italian top league in the same city, so the two sides began a long-term confrontation, but the team The record is not so prominent, after World War I of Naples with her city rivals merged to form International - the Naples Football Club (Foot-Ball Club Internazionale-Naples), is the general people said FBC Internaples.

Naples at the time signed Maradona broke the world football transfer fee record, June 30, 1986 to $ 12 million away from Barcelona, ​​the Argentine world number one. The team lineup reconstruction Hilo Ferrara, Ba Geni de Naples to join a new team. Soon the team went back to the forefront of the Serie A rankings ,85-86 season, the team got the league's third place finish, which is already a historic achievement, but the 86-87 season, the achievements of Naples even higher level floor, they eventually leading second score of 3 points aspirations to the Serie A title and the Italian Cup final 4-0 victory over the Atlanta team achievements double winners (Serie A, Italian Cup). Naples legend


football history, there had been the star of Niyazov, Sivori, but it is the reason why in world football who once occupied an important position in all-cause With Maradona, the number one own glory years (from 24 years old to 30 years old) gave Napoli team into 115 goals in 259 games, just this figure does not fully reflect the world number one the Naples football's great contribution.

Napoli team was established in 1926, 58 years before the arrival of Diego Maradona, Napoli only won two Italian Cups (1962 and 1976), once into the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners' Cup (1977) other record is less than impressive. 1982-83 season, Napoli almost fall into Category B, only 1 point advantage relegation the following year, the Board of Directors burst boy crazy "Maradona transfer becomes a reality, the results change in the arrival of the world number one everything. In June 30,

1984 the Napoli executives announced $ 4,000,000 (a then world record transfer fee) into Maradona and Barcelona reached agreement for Napoli fans stunned, their impression of Argentines still to fight with pain (September 1983 Bilbao tackles the calf of competitive 后卫戈耶戈切 Asia), but now it has arrived at his side! July 5, fifty thousand fans flocked to the Naples Sao Paulo stadium, attended Maradona and fans will meet, each to the scene, then long so far are memorable. 7

1984 to 1991 season, with Maradona in Naples seven years, they became and northern tyrannical forces from obscurity to rival Italy attention. Serie third in 1986, 1987, won the league in 1988, and Milan compete to the bitter end, last among the league runner-up; UEFA Cup in 1989, the league runner-up; 1990 gas go to AC Milan won the league ... all of this is clearly Maradona give Naples greatest gift. More importantly, the city of Naples is not wealthy, buy Maradona called madness, team unable to go to establish the true giants Legion, northern giants occupy vulnerable opposed to the overall standard of the team under the premise, but also receive two times Italian champions, largely depends on Maradona super individual. the

But good beginning did not return for hospice, March 1991, Maradona was found drugs (cocaine), then that is up to 15 months suspended, in June, 1992

years to regain playing free Maradona satisfied, refused to return to Naples, he joined Sevilla, a period of the history of modern football's most legendary karma have to end. Period of seven years, to Naples, Maradona has brought two Serie A titles, 1 Italian Cup, 1 Italian Super Cup and UEFA Cup, is the honor on the other Southern franchise history in Italy and unmatched.

lost Maradona, Naples has emerged Zola, Cannavaro, Fonseca, Di Canio and other stars, but they can only operate out of their own little world, just as through Napoli springboard to the giants, like Maradona led the Naples and wealthy positive confrontation, no longer able to do, Maradona both frontcourt rattling in the goals, in the midfielder calmly commanded commanding since also disappeared in Naples, no wonder Napoli fans an opener for Maradona song, the song is called: he Bibei Li Qiang much.

Maradona own charm emissions, are not reflected in the city's economic development and personal qualities set an example on, like a poem Yin: the light of his left foot, leaving the earth, when he come back, the birth of a magical vitality proudly. By their own playing balls Maradona conquered fans, but also to the the barren southern Italian Football brings his best carnival two league titles, the first championship in 1987, Maradona almost by one man, 1990 The second title of the year, a time when Serie A has become a "World Cup" scale and the star relative handful of Naples could get shot, won the contrary, a higher degree of difficulty. after Maradona,

in Southern team if also boarded League Champion, under realistic conditions, it can be said not imagine. This point alone, the Naples fans no matter what way to praise Maradona can not be overemphasized.

1984-85 season: hat-trick witness the new world number one 1984-85 season is the season of Diego In that Polly. The club Maradona hired exhausted Costly, but also allow some low-paid players leave, which in 1978 World Cup champion Rood - Clore and Dirceu. The new partner Maradona Bertoni.

should say that this is a general overall strength of the team, and the fact New players, in addition to Maradona, most people soon facing the situation was sent only Ba Geni adhere to later Alai Mans arrival before exile, although the team last season, also on the verge of a downgrade, but Maradona soon showed the expected standards, a ball scored Sampdoria 2, opened Argentina career in the history of world number one in Italy.

average strength, that Polly in the league before the second half of wandering about the downgrade circle, but after the New Year of 1985, Napoli suddenly find the Key of victory, Lien Jie, Maradona also and Lazio game staged hat-trick, this ball really let Maradona's fame resounded through the Apennine Peninsula, he is not only in a restricted area outside the line lob to break, also scored a goal directly from a corner point turn!

Maradona and Bertoni scored this season, a total of 25 goals (team scoring only 34), Diego Maradona, with 14 goals, ranked first in the team, the removal of the Serie copper boots Awards, just behind the heyday of Michel Platini and Altobelli, Napoli force by virtue of the second half (the latter phase of only negative Milan a), ranking the way up to the last eighth, to know The previous season, only 1 point advantage relegation. the general trend of the


this season eventually won Verona and the Ba Genuo Zhezhi Legion, Elk the Hyères led the qualify civilians visibility of its players and the odds of winning are similar now Paller Mo, but the miracle is eventually born. the

If half of the season, Maradona and this new Napoli still looking for the feeling and the beginning of the next half of the season, Napoli really started the result of competition, and the top teams and the Milan clubs and Juventus contest 1 wins and one draw and one loss, the impressive record. Juventus won by the 1983-84 season, having regard to the European Cup impact record, the team's frontcourt or rush ahead Platini, Boniek and Rossi; Milan clubs also not transfer big moves, especially AC Milan accidentally kill them, just in the ranks of the doldrums after midnight, Verona, Turin, teams can become windy team standings.

attached: Napoli League record: 30 Battle 10 wins, 13 draws and seven defeats, into 41 ball lost 21 goals plot 42 points. lineup

Napoli: Custer Lini; Brusco Ancelotti, Ba Geni, Ferrario, Total Fu-mei; Page, Peng Zuo, Devic, Kafaleili to the; Maradona the Bertoni

1985-86 season: Napoli retrieve the of strong teams temperament 1985-86 season Diego, has been fully accepted by Napoli fans, 82 World Cup losers, Napoli make history at this time has become the leader. But the transfer market, the club's action or small coach Ottavio - Bianchi has been replaced, he hired from Sampdoria before Reinikka can become horse Also promoted Giordano radona offensive when partner. incumbent

Messina coach Giordano, the honor of being the number one conquer Serie witnesses and participants, and together they contributed 21 league goals for the team, Maradona played 29 games, into the 11 balls, the most exciting of which a ball is weird when Juventus kick broke the team final 1-0 win over Juventus, after 13 years, and then taste the fruit of Zebra Legion wins. Despite Juventus last triumphed a record of 18 wins, 9 draws and 3 losses, but Napoli has a flat negative.

Maradona in this session of the League, had four goals in a row. Not the same as last season, Napoli gone out of the first round of the first three rankings, but the league Juventus and Rome has remained highly competitive state, Napoli have not been able to go beyond, but ranked Third, in a little club investment premise has to be considered a big success.

season match-fixing storm occurred the general trend

this season, but a few pieces of the wealthy was not affected. The transfer market is still Juventus movement, Gentile position Fawei Luo replace, defensive backbone of Cabrini, avant-garde online Tardelli transfer, Manfredonia become the main force The biggest change is the front line by Elk Yale in Verona success inspired Juve hired Laudrup, the combination of him and Serena, visibility can not be pre-Rossi, Bonie grams compared, better prospects for development.

contrast, Inter Milan and AC Milan still movement not Inter's biggest trading is Tardelli purchased, rattling in the goals Altobelli and Rummenigge, while AC Milan only Luo West acquired, no other large movement, constitute a point of view from the players, Juventus is the biggest favorites. of

and Juve compared to 1985-86 season the Napoli, in addition to one of Maradona, regardless of the fame or the strength of the other players should be a lot less, Milan clubs although some weak momentum, but the team composition remains strong, plus Rome, they get Boniek there Pulu Zuo emerge matched with Graziani, Cerezo, such as the World Cup champion, Napoli shake a certain Army difficult "to see who are trend.

world number one led by an extraordinary force to change the pattern, and Juve, Napoli at home to maintain a high winning percentage, especially in the semi-finals when Juve, Roma, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and achieved three wins a level of extraordinary record, Inter Milan, Juventus and Rome, Maradona, three games to break into the team's only goal.

even in the record away, Napoli 4 games have also made the semi-finals of the 1 wins, two draws and one defeat, and wealthy contest does not strive, the course, the Maradona of the credit must be borne in mind: Milan double The male race each scored. Ranking the top scorer and Platini and Rummenigge, Serena, Maradona fight a hard battle to fight strong teams level is more prominent, not to mention he is in the team level, get support this is not, and the other team's big. If the first season Maradona still adjusting the second season marking Maradona exclusively as Serie A's top striker, in fact, he really gets recognized in Italy, from the 1985-86 season off giants such as the order of the day.

other wealthy rank: Juve champion Roman runner-up, Inter sixth, m A 7. year record:

Napoli 30 war 14 wins, 11 draws and 5 losses, into 35 ball lost 21 goals, 39 points plot. the lineup

Napoli: Carrera; Brusco Ancelotti, Feilaerdi Ferrario; Reinikka; Ba Geni, Page, Kafaleili,; Maradona; Carnevale , Seles platini. season

1986-87: one man make history Napoli's first win

1986-87 season, cup summer when the World Cup in Mexico, Maradona started his season in Napoli third year journey, Ma radona led Napoli to Serie A and Italian Cup double winners! Created unprecedented history of Pauley team! Which branch of the South team in the history of Italian football, beyond the rich North team to win the Maradona helped Napoli did. Can imagine the carnival scene, constantly exclamation of slogans, painting Diego exaggerated avatar's banner, the drudgery of graffiti in the streets of Naples, these become the focus of the most notable.

early in the season, Napoli fans do not expect the team to win, after all, three years ago, they are still relegation. And because of the team in the summer transfer adjustment does not, and may even make people confused. Coach Bianchi let young defender Ferrara marked in the main, the back line is relatively stable, Feilaliao still is the backbone; midfield online from Avellino procured De Napoli took to Carnevale foreground, but the first half of the season, he the only among field Kafaleili bench. Giordano stayed last season into 10 balls, and his partner is replaced Romano, after half stage Carnevale.

such a championship Naples, is a miracle. Ferrara, De Napoli, Carnevale are still unknown, but Bianchi good use of self-confidence and fighting spirit of the players last season, Napoli once away from the championship is so close, it makes the players are high-spirited The fighting spirit has not been ceased. Addition, Bianchi tactical continue to strengthen the role of Maradona, so offensive around he.

win the biggest rival is still Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan, the team of the two Milan City has a major flaw: too dependent on the role of a striker, Milan Virgin Atlantis Inter compared Altobelli, powerful dialogue was Dingsi become a backwater, only players with Serena, Manfredonia, Laudrup, Michel Platini, Juventus, Napoli pose the greatest threat, but the 1985-86 season The historic victory, Napoli suffered Juve played all excited about this season, Napoli suffered Juve back, all claiming victory, two score of 3 to 1 and 2 to 1.20 years and look back, it two victories means the title race, Juve failed, and the media also lament the end of the Maradona Platini era.

Maradona still plays the real role of the hero, his Serie A this season into 10 balls (first team), Italian Cup into the 7 ball, which many paragon of comparable and the World Cup in Mexico, For example, affixed to the diving header against Sampdoria at home to Milan's zero angle to break even over three (2 wins). Carnevale scored four goals in the league the last four games, personal goals look eight discharged into the season Serie A scoring top ten ranks, he began to to become Serie concern first-line striker. Maradona

at the same time also led his team won the Italian Cup champions Napoli in the Italian Cup turned out to be 13 straight victories, even in the history of the Italian Cup no longer any team can win in such a smooth process. the general trend of the


1986 World Cup very strange that there is no poaching base of the Italian League, Juventus, Rome, Milan clubs are in very quiet gesture unworthily, which gave support alone Maradona Napoli very The big opportunity, while Bianchi transform the team into the 4312's formation as the attacking midfielder, Maradona is better to play his all-round role. the

and four giants clash, no longer become so excited, of course, winning streak Juve to be proud, after all, Juve are also considered to be the biggest favorites to win eight games to play down 4 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss record in Naples, Ma radona into two goals. In a season without passion, like Naples passion Smirnov's team will naturally occupy more initiative.

other wealthy record: Ewing's runner-up, Inter Milan, third, fifth, Rome 7. attached

: Napoli League record: 30 Battle 15 wins and 12 draws and 3 losses, into 41 ball lost 21 goals, plot the 42 points

Napoli lineup: Carrera; Brusco of Ancelotti, Ferrara, Ba Geni Ferrario; Reinikka, Carnevale, Germany, Napoli; Maradona; Giordano Romano Season

1987-88: top scorer Whispering Ma Ka Ma Jika combinations debut season

1987-88 , Maradona personal, it was a big year, he picked the Serie A top scorer with 15 goals Golden Boot (21 goals in all competitions), but for Napoli, but unfortunately season, although the team played equally well, but lost the next six points in the final stage, the results of AC Milan head-on beyond May 1, 1988 at the Stadio San Paolo, Naples and Milan clash is crucial to, but unfortunately the team losing 2 to 3, the final Napoli won the league runner-up.

this season Carnevale began to break feeling can not be found, but Giordano shot desire to rediscover, In addition, the team hired from Sao Paulo Careca, this is only valuable in the team this season the transfer. Appears in Bianchi With Maradona, the lineup no need to pay more changes. the Careca the joining

, the frontcourt attack line combination of Maradona, Giordano and Careca person Ma Jika to portfolio

(MaGiCa,). The three men all season, scored a total of 31 goals and 13 balls into the Careca also ranked nag silver boots. Crazy the 343 lineup change to play the whole season the team scored 55 goals, 12 more than second AC Milan ball, it can be said that in the attack on Polly did not have any problems, team constantly kicked three goals or more high score events.

problem did not win in the key events, and Milan, after the introduction of Gullit and Van Basten, the overall strength has increased a lot higher than introduce Rush fail Juve a chip, a relatively secure tactical Milan draw lot, but failed screenings reduce a lot Napoli for a new enemy. In 88 years just after the New Year, the two teams have a first clash, Milan rely Colombo, Virgin Atlantis, Ruud Gullit and Roberto Donadoni scored a 4 to 1 victory over Napoli; to the league final stage (third last round), the two sides met again, this time Milan away by virtue of the Virgin Atlantis and Basten's goal of 3 to 2 victory over Napoli, this failure seriously affect the mood of Napoli players, in The next two games, Napoli all lost, in fact, in Milan, but the two-level record more than than 45 points to 42 points, but enough to become league champions Napoli. the general trend of


from the beginning of this season, the Italian League truly reflects the trend of the "mini World Cup", a small victory from the the 84-85 European Champions Cup Juve Liverpool after winning the Italian team three full seasons did not meddle in more than three cups Laurel, flooding the eyes of the killer striker always so several Serie need more high-quality foreign aid and more domestic newcomers to change the status of the lifeless. after

Sacchi as coach from the Netherlands got the Gullit and Marco van Basten, the former to the team become the main force, while the latter accidentally injured back line, Maldini has the chops, avant-garde online Coulee special Donadoni and Ancelotti even more powerful forward line Evani Massaro also in the best competitive state. New aid in the other team, Giannini, Rome, Juventus, Rush Inter Chiffaut also are beginning to Serie A debut.

fight is oppressive 442, Milan, from the outset of each team breathless Napoli added Careca, but De Napoli, and Bage Ni led the midfield relatively weak, relying on horse-drawn Dona frontcourt struggling to support. Napoli performance is far from ideal in front of the other top teams this season, Napoli fight giants failed, to get the runner-up, thanks to weak teams who mad fishing points. Only Maradona, still in the wealthy who continue to score this season, he has a goal of traditional North Fang Sanjiang (Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan).

the the other wealthy record: champion Milan, the second runner-up Roman, Fifth Inter, the sixth Ewing. the

attached: Napoli league record: 30 battle 18 wins, six draws and 6 defeats, into 55 ball lost 27 goals, plot 42 points. lineup

Napoli: Carrera; Reinikka, Ferrara, Francis Tonkinese; Ferrario, Ba Geni, De Napoli; Maradona; Careca, Giordano Romano 1988-89: suffered the most powerful Inter UEFA Cup rule the roost last season by AC Milan in the league last moment to catch up, the Bianchi coaches reflect on the team's ills in the end where the answer soon announced: Defensive out a problem. He transferred from Atletico Madrid Brazilian Alai Mountain team offensive again appalling midfielder engineers also need to escort escort Alai Mountain directly off the top of the location of the Ba Geni midfield line than the safety odd Kola Platini for go Ferrario. Giordano leave the Carnevale has once again become the main striker, goalkeeper into a quarian Jani. the

and last season, Napoli remain a powerful force of the attack, despite nobody to Careca, Carnevale and Maradona played "Ma Kaka" combination of the name of the class, but the three goals the effect is definitely more than a combination of "Ma Jika, scored 41 goals this season, three actually, but Napoli has suffered this year, an unprecedented powerful enemy - Inter Milan.

Trapattoni from Germany enrolled Mateus and Bremer, the team on the strength of a big step, chic and turn to the Milan clubs Serena play the best level, he 22 goals for others to come anywhere close to Inter Milan this season, 26 wins, six draws and 2 losses accumulated 58 points, creating a new record of two-point scale Serie Napoli Even brave also helpless, the runner-up can be considered satisfactory. under

in Maradona led Napoli played a lot of shock, ultra-high score, such as 8 than 2 wins Pescara, 5 3 wins Juventus and Inter contest, Napoli team as if a punch in cotton wool, home 0 0 wait until the road contest's fifth round, when the gap between the two sides seven points, if you win, still hope, but Polly lost 1 to 2 opponents, the gap between the two sides up to 9 points, 4 premise, Inter won in advance.

but the so-called "lost east corner and Gains", in European competition Naples, there is a new harvest, the team actually got the UEFA Cup! Time UEFA Cup unlike so "tasteless", Napoli defeat Athens PAOK teams, Lokomotiv Leipzig, the former German Democratic Republic, Bordeaux, Juventus (away 0 2 negative home within 90 minutes 2 0 wins, when 119 points Zhong Zhisheng ball), also knocked out Bayern Munich, Inter Milan. Stuttgart final opponents in Naples, Napoli hit home first, the impact of Maradona Buchwald was forced handball foul, penalty shot with Houkaleika gain another victory, the first leg of Napoli Maradona 2 to 1 victory, while Maradona twice in the second round of assists, two sides tied 3 to 3 level, world number one led his unit won the war in Europe championship. Maradona Serie A goals

the season retreated to the single digits, but the three competitions together reached 19 (League ball, 7 balls of the Italian Cup, the UEFA Cup three goals). season, the general trend


this season with Inter Milan enrolled Mateus and Bremer, the entire Italian transfer market alive, Serena has become Inter a Trapattoni holding a gold-level ball team, Bergomi and Bremer, guard line reassuring, Berti and midfielder Mateus offense and defense are amazing.

this team become difficult challenges session Napoli Alai Mountain feeling good and a lot, and slashed big kill style is no exception to the wealthy, results and Juve a kick into 5 to 3, a kick into 2 to 4, Milan gave opponents a 4 to 1, but Inter Shique simply can not find the feeling. In fact, as usual, that Polly lineup and the wealthy are not comparable, Bianchi coach like onslaught, because this can be offset by the many defensive weaknesses, they just have Maradona, assists and goals do not delay.

other giants the record: champions Inter Milan, 3, Juve Fourth Rome VIII

attached: Napoli league record: 34 Battle 18 wins, 11 draws and 5 losses, into 57 ball lost 28 goals, plot 47 points. lineup

Napoli: quarian Jani; Ferrara, Francis Tonkinese, Keli Pa; Alai Mountain, Reinikka, Kola Platini, De Napoli; Careca, Maradona Carnevale.

1989-90 season: wins Juve scored twice Napoli win again

leave Bianchi, Alberto - than has become the team's new coach, born midfielder of Napoli midfielder the adjustment, Allais