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the general fans Celtics home Celtic Park, home of Glasgow Rangers Ibrox Stadium, sounds more familiar. Hampden Park in Scotland, even in European football, but it has a more prominent position. As one of the European five-star stadium, Hampden Park has a different legend. July 9th

1867 years, a group of young love football went together, the formation of a football club is that they share the same dream. These big men racking their brains to their children take the name, last name, Queen's Park FC (Queens Park) everyone can agree on. The end of the 19th century, Queen's Park team was the emergence of many of Scotland's most successful team, football game rules kick intermission, even on the goal to increase the beam, has the team's contribution. As opposed to professional, Queens Park team had refused to professional players to join, and once even refused to participate in the professional league. Until 1900, they only appeared in the professional league in the arena, but did not change the provisions of the use of non-professional players. Now, the team is also the only Scottish league at all levels, all-amateur team.

amateur team but he is not an amateur home, their home has been called Hampden Park, the stadium now used is already the third seat Hampden Park. In the 1880s, the smash hit of the Queens Park team have a huge number of fans, even friendlies also allows the stadium full. As a result, the club decided to build a larger stadium, and was built in 1903 and enabled, the name still used in Hampden Park. Before tall Hampden Park was renamed for Fidel Gold Park sold shortly after Lan Leke team. the

with Masters the early century

20 TONGHUI, new Hampden Park is considered one of the most modern stadium in the world. Its design capacity throughout the 20th century, has been repeatedly used as a model of lift. UEFA five-star stadium, Hampden Park capacity was registered as 5.2 million people. In fact, initially, the number of fans in the stadium to accommodate a staggering 15 million. 1937 Scottish FA Cup final, Celtic and Aberdeen teams clash here, a total of 146,433 people attended the match. The same year, in a Scottish team and the England game, Hampden Park even influx of 149,415 fans, the time, the staff said, the actual number is far more than 15 million, most likely to reach 17 million people, This will not rewrite the record.

1970 UEFA Cup final, Celtic and Leeds United game, there are 13.6 million people came to the scene. European Cup final attendance record is also created in May 1960 Champions League final, Real Madrid 7:3 victory over Frankfurt was the venue of the audience of nearly 13 million people.

start from the completion of the Hampton Park has a world-famous variety of conditions: an area of ​​33 acres, the magnificent building from the outside to the inside gives a feeling of shock. The grandstand design from the hands of the architect Archibald Leach, the legendary Scottish architect and the Stadium has been plagued England more than a dozen famous stadium as Highbury, Anfield, Old Tel Crawford and White Hart Lane, has a close relationship with him. He also design Ibrox and Celtic Park two main grandstand of the stadium the 1902 Ibrox grandstand collapse, but Leach's fame was not affected. Hampden Park stadium inside

Jiefa pool, today may be no big deal, but it is a rare thing at the time; VIP boxes are also designed from the outset, an important figure in the club's all here concerned about the team's games; two towers as a symbol of the stadium. Because of the success of Hampden Park, a few years after England's Wembley Stadium before imitating this feature.

splendid buildings and beautiful woman, can not stand the years of erosion, Hampden Park also slowly getting old, against aging approach is the maintenance and improvement. Of course, the initial reasons for such conversion attendance too, for security reasons, since 1949, the Hampton Park's capacity has been reduced, but the factor of safety and comfort are always improving. By the 1970s, the stadium's south stands are all into seats, and affixed with a canopy, which is good news for the fans, because the Scottish weather changing, living beneath the canopy from wind, frost, rain snow intrusion are better able to enjoy the game. Other changes reflected in more supporting facilities, before World War II, such as kiosk, medical area, media work area and locker room like facilities, at most, can only adapt to the needs at the time; After the war, these details up and down a lot of work, its modern point not behind the times. The Scottish media think this stems from confidence, because they have always believed, Hampden Park is absolutely world class, but also one of the most important pitches. This is a great honor, but also a responsibility, did not tolerate the slightest slack. Of course, Brussels, Sheffield, Bradford stadium tragedy and accident succession in the late 1980s, but also give the Scots a wake-up call, both politically and economically, the golf course management and club are under a lot of pressure on the problem as long as is found, it will be resolved soon.

1990, the top echelon of Scottish football, the economic sector and the construction sector in different areas to sit together. Looking at the Hampden Park aging, people have to make a choice. Is the re-construction of a new stadium, or to carry out alterations on the existing foundation? A time convoluted controversy, the public had brought countless joy can not forget that the person concerned is also calculated the huge investment of the new stadium, public speech in Hampton Park for tournament players, want to preserve that so They are full of fond memories of the place. The end result is that the Hampden Park was reserved, but each has invested 12 million pounds, a thorough reconstruction of two stands to the east, north. Stadium surrounding clean and renovated, a new parking lot appeared in the world. In February 1994, renovated new Hampden Park re-appearance, the opening game against the Netherlands by a Scottish team.

with the times

the era of progress, the world is changing. Scots realized that in their minds, Hampden Park location can not be replaced. However, even if such a place of historical significance, it should have a bright future. After 1994, continues to invest an additional transform Hampden Park. Not only football people, even economists agree with this approach, because the market value of the Hampden Park is also increasing, as long as the correct operation of the stadium is an inexhaustible cornucopia. Hampden Park stadium

recently once renovation was completed in 1999, the new west, south grandstand of 17,000 seats, the stadium capacity was finalized 5.2 million, with a total investment of up to 59 million pounds. After this transformation, UEFA awarded the title of "star" of the stadium. Since April 2000, the Scottish Football Association as Hampden Park National Stadium, their home, participate in various international competitions.

not only football, Hampden Park, Scottish football "Holy Land" in 2003, the finals of the European Football League is here. In addition to sporting events, where each year undertake more than 40 events or other large-scale events. News that Scotland intention to bid for the 2016 European Cup in their plans, Hampden Park venue hardware facilities of the main playing cards. Also new stadium, but if the bid is successful, Hampden Park will continue to be the venue of the opening ceremony or the final. In addition, London's successful bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, which some screenings of the football match at Hampden Park will also arrange. in the football world,

perhaps, this situation rarely even looks a bit funny: Hampden Park fame malpractice, and its owners - Queens Park team is increasingly declining. In international football, the club simply can not be noticeable, even in Scotland, they now can only race in the third cascade unworthily. Despite the economic problems, but the club is still able to continue to be paid for the use of the stadium costs, but also because of the deep roots of them and the stadium, Hampden Park has served as the team's home of Queens Park. Year, they created a brilliant attendance record of 150,000 spectators now history, the team's home games are often only attract less than 1,000 fans, this time, the only open a stadium grandstand. In the ordinary view, this is an extremely luxurious, but the players have grown accustomed to a different home atmosphere, they also enjoy the national stadium. the

with classic with

French team for the 2008 European Championship qualifier set off to the World Cup runner-up identity, Hampden Park to leave them a deep memory. Scots With Cardwell goal, 1-0 defeated the French team, this is the first time in 17 years, beat the French team, the Scots at Hampden Park when the miracle of reproduction with a brave heart.

In fact, the event was held in the Hampden Park, complete with the stadium itself, as became Verdy epic. As the oldest tournament in the world, the record of the Scottish Cup in 1874 there clash at Hampden Park, Queens Park team 2-0 defeated opponents, won the trophy. Real Madrid is lucky Hampden Park, where they once 7:3 victory over Frankfurt, Hall created three Champions League finals record, still not been broken: the most goals (10); the personal most goals (Puskas, 4); largest audience (12.7 million people). 42 years after the Champions League final, they defeated at Hampden Park, another German team Bayer Leverkusen, the mind Tianwaifeixian Frenchman Zinedine Zidane, become a classic in the previous final. German Hampden Park also not great fear Bayern in 1976 in the 1-0 victory over Saint-Etienne team successfully defended the European Cup.

In addition, the master of Hampden Park, Scotland team here will also help them to create one miracle after another. They not only beat the French team, the Dutch team also had to vanquish in the 2004 European Cup playoff scoring, with McFadden, they defeated the mighty Oranje. Although in the second leg of the contest, they lost by a large margin, but Hampden Park to the deterrence of the strong teams of the world can be seen. Italy will play in guest Hampden Park on November 18 this year, if you want to get out is certainly no small difficulty. data

home team

Hampden Park: Queens Park team Scotland

address: Letherby the Drive Glasgow G42 9BA

opening time: October 31 1903

(1999 became a UEFA five-star stadium)

opener : the Queens Park vs. Celtics (1:0)

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venue: 105 m × 70 m

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