the figure 1, five luxury brands of the world aristocratic lady love; 2, the top five luxury Swiss skincare brand; 3, the world's top ten luxury cream; may

Switzerland's first luxury brand ---- VALMONT

VALMONT from the Switzerland.

location: Switzerland

edit this paragraph Profile Switzerland is a beautiful central European countries, let us think of the Swiss Alps, Swiss army knife, and we are familiar with Rolex watches, Rolex exquisite craftsmanship makes the Swiss watch industry in the world on the very famous. Especially anti-aging technology world, because it's cosmetic materials from the Alps glacier water is not contaminated. World aristocratic lady, movie stars every year to Switzerland looking to keep their young secret. VALMONT originated in Switzerland. Queen

VALMONT known as Swiss grade skin care products, is one of the many celebrities favor of the world's top ten skin care brands, much of European royalty, nobility sought after, former French President Charles de Gaulle, former Iranian Queen and Princess Margaret, King of Romania and Greece, Ingrid the Bergman 'Sofia. Roland are VALMONT supporters. We are familiar with the dawn, Rosamund Kwan are its advocates. Annie was in her "beauty guru" to praise us the VALMONT the Eye and Lip Care Cream cell activation Mask, Collagen Repair Mask three products say "VALMONT is truly a lady". Zhang Xiaoxian talked about in her book a moon-cell activation mask happy mask, she said: of VALMONT cell activation mask after every use, the entire people will feel radiant, that you will moment of their own fascination.

edit this paragraph historical background VALMONT historical background:

1905 was established (nursing home): Treatment and Rehabilitation of the nervous system is excellent, only for the aristocracy and the political parties. 1960 two scientific staff found that genetic factor DNA, DNA dominate the illness and death of our people;

1980 VALMONT sanatorium researchers found that the integrity of DNA there are four significant effect on the skin, the skin can replenish moisture activated cell upgrade ability of the skin against UV and antioxidant.

1985 After 20 years of unremitting efforts, finally DNA technology use in in VALMONT skincare brand. So, VALMONT brand in the activated cell DNA excellence attack efficiency on the birth of.

edit this paragraph, the unique technology and ingredients of a skin care brand is good, bad, depending on the brand of ingredients and techniques.

Next, we take a look at the VALMONT exclusive technology and ingredients:

one, the VALMONT primary ingredient water VALMONT laboratory has been the pursuit of the the skin Water is the source of life, in order to get the perfect skin, we must first improve the drinking water of the skin from the fundamental situation. VALMONT the water from the the the Swiss Valais Chau 2,000 meters iceberg mineral water, after scientists found closest to 2,000 meters of the iceberg of trace elements and mineral content of the mineral water and the human body, so the VALMONT the water bring the best complement to the skin. VALMONT Switzerland iceberg mineral water: (1) high similarity to absorb best ② minerals and trace elements to stimulate cell metabolism (3) water has a soothing, calming effect. The perfect Ten Steps elaborate water (no manual processing).

salmon to extract DNAVALMONT integrity of DNA taken from the wild Atlantic salmon sperm extracted to bring unprecedented anti-aging skin. VALMONT specially selected DNA as an important element of the skin care formulations, the result of a number of studies show the effectiveness of its beauty surprising. VALMONT DNA-based applications in the medical profession, and then repair, moisturize, anti-free radicals and cell self-reliant utility on its head. Because the cell is the basic unit of the life activity of the DNA of the nucleus as the commander, directing the cells as a large factory, the energy responsible for generating the skin. The process of life, the growth of the age, the loss of water. . . . DNA will gradually cause the nucleus energy is insufficient to affect the metabolism of the skin. So, we need to supplement our skin cells DNA, injected energy is the core of our cells.

A, DNA excellence activated cells attack efficiency, reflected in: 1. highly moisturizing the skin. regeneration and repair of the skin to promote cell regeneration. antioxidant anti-aging effect. protection skin resist UV efficacy.

B, why is extracted from wild salmon sperm DNA? 1, the DNA extracted by the wild salmon and human for DNA85% of similarity, the absorbent preferably. 2 salmon living in unpolluted fresh waters and marine waters, is very demanding requirements purity of the waters, the waters of contaminated salmon will die, so the DNA extracted from salmon is the purest and safest ingredients . 3, salmon upstream, with powerful physical survival to the last salmon DNA extracted has powerful active energy, to complement the powerful energy of DNA skin cells, to fully activate cells.

III. Components of the integrity of DNA is a field of medicine ingredients, higher than a high-tech ingredients of cosmetic ingredients, and the remarkable effectiveness of the repair of skin wound healing, VALMONT DNA-activated cell integrity and promote skin regeneration. The Valmont laboratory use of high-tech extraction technology and extraction equipment breakdown times than a human hair, and extract the integrity of DNA.

four transplant DNA is the use of high-tech transplant two on the DNA of an integrity integrity DNA moisture chain store twice as much water. The effect drops rehabilitative, 24-hour sustained-release water, add moisture to the skin continuously.

five three ions the DNA of calcium, magnesium, sodium, three ions, skin cells bring superior 4 +3 efficacy the three ion DNA in calcium to maintain the shape of the cell. Magnesium, a cell's energy. Sodium, balanced cell moisture and oxygen. , Kiskiskis

VI, the alpine plant ingredients Valmont alpine plants ingredients to skin a pleasant experience, Bulgarian rose as the taste of the flavor of the product. Valmont alpine plants in the 1100 meters in the Swiss Valais Chau planted directly with glacial mineral water irrigation, and essential plant BIO SWISS label before Valmont products used by professional certification paste. In summary, the the Valmont core technology, select ingredients rigorous research professional, loyal love of women around the world to build Valmont "Queen luxury skin care brand. the

ladies ladies love to read a top fashion magazine to understand fashion message, for example, << Jessica>> << Bazaar>> << EllE>> << cosmo>>. << Bazaar>> has been 140 years of history, were issued in more than 20 countries, << Bazaar>> more women around the world consumption of experts in 2006, it recommended of VALMONT as the world's best cured wrinkle-class brand.

now is the era of information explosion, through the network, we can witness VALMONT noble figure, input

1 five favorite luxury brands in the world aristocratic lady;

2 Switzerland's five largest luxury skin care brand;

3, the world's top ten luxury cream; all You can witness VALMONT. the

edit this paragraph Fahlman Chinese distributor Shenzhen Jiayue Shi Ji Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, affiliated Hong Kong Jia Yueguo International Group, a marketing plan, product support, technical training, after-sales service in one of the well-known domestic cosmetics enterprises. To set up its inception, has been committed to promoting the healthy development of China's beauty industry, will take the lead in international standardization the beauty management system, marketing system operators to the terminal market, the period beauty skin care products in the international market standards. the discipline's

Jiayue Shi had operated successfully for the Swiss luxury skin care products VALMONT (Fireman), Italy international professional skin care products HISTOMER (Sea Poetry Man), world famous products. With a strong faculty, bin sales team and market maintenance system, Jiayue Shi Ji's brand in radiation to the country's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and has more than 100 five-star beauty salon and diamond grade franchisee.

Beijing Si Hui Li Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a branch of the Swiss the Sihui Li Group subsidiary, responsible for Swiss the Sihui Li Group Fahlman brand skin care products in mainland China promotional sales and after-sales, responsible for the entire mainland market are welcome The high-end skin care products market experienced friends to join us!

VALMONT the Sihui Li Group was established in 1986, is headquartered in Switzerland MORGES. In just a decade, VALMONT distribution outlets around the world, the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines. Limited direct management of distribution outlets in mainland China by Hong Kong Si Hui Li cosmetics.

"VALMONT" that the valley towering mountain "mean, rich the Swiss Alps Rivera natural resources from pollution VALMONT skin care products, raw materials, brand named. Natural pure spring water the Swiss Valais Chau glaciers over 2000 meters above sea level, is rich in minerals, refining by VALMONT research center, the main elements VALMONT products are effective in promoting skin metabolism and delay skin aging. blend of Swiss natural resources and excellence in scientific research in

made VALMONT product line, including VALMONT, NATURE BY VALMONT, L'ELIXIR and SOIN DE FEE suit different ages skin needs to take care of non-micro will not effectiveness significantly.

to meet the needs of the Chinese mainland farm, the Beijing Si Hui Li Cosmetics Co., Ltd. in 2006 and was formally established at major department stores set VALMONT skin care products counter. The The SPA By VALMONT spa Following Switzerland, Spain and Hong Kong, plans to set up shop in the Chinese capital, Beijing, to provide customers with further skin care.

VALMONT the Sihui Li Group is committed to enhancing the the VALMONT brand reputation tirelessly to develop the Health Division of the skin care technology, will continue their efforts to develop natural products series, to contribute to the human skin.

Address: East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, No. 3 COSCO Lucky Tower A, Room 1511