Professional player

itself has a strong chess theory based on chess , teach chess for a living . Professional Go player the Coulee

chess, Chinese chess , chess , chess and others have a large number of professional players , and the popularization of chess movement and contribute . [1]

Edit this paragraph how to become a professional player is required to attend the relevant authoritative organizations identified Go rushed paragraph race

game and made ​​some rankings , or recommended by the relevant organizations to put forward to the relevant authority organizations to apply to become a professional player

edit this paragraph professional player 's income source of income of the professional players teaching and advocacy advertising revenue , but the main prize of the game . ( These bonuses for some corporate sponsorship ) professional player advertising


Han Xiongkui

Han Xiongkui Korean professional Go players born in 1990 -5-11 . The Jade was true Liuduan sects. 2009 , the first BC Card Cup even spectators.

Han Xiongkui was born May 11, 1990 , Jade was really Liuduan sects April 2008 into the segment .

edit the latest chess tournament 2009 inaugural BC Card Cup he eliminated of Pu Zhengxiang and amateur players Zheng Dou Gao ( Li Zhe Zheng eliminated ) , the race to beat Zhou Rui sheep , Zhaohui Lian , 16 finals and then an unexpected winner on the evening of April 3 , the Jiangdong the Kudan White brutally into the section just beyond in Korea Top Lee Chang-ho Vietnam ranks second year alone Han Xiongkui Dragon [ 1 ] . Korea charts Han Xiongkui came in 50 away January to March 2009 , but his winning standings leader , is expected next month, his ranking will jump up significantly . [1 ] 17th of

2012 -09 - 04 Samsung property Cup 32 Qiang double knockout defeat a [ Han Xiongkui the four Zhihei half head negative the Tuo Ka Hei three sections ] [2 ]

2012 -09 - 05 , 17th Samsung property Cup 32 double - elimination lower bracket to 【 the Han Xiongkui the four Zhihei in plate negative white Hung Hsi Kudan ] [ 3 ]

Dali tourism Cup Women's World Go Championship

Cup World Women Go Championship

Dali [ 1 ] , is sponsored by the Chinese Go Association Dali Tourism Group title a chess tournament. Held in 2006 , has only to do the session . In 2006 , Japan and South Korea and Europe and the United States and other 24 famous women players participating . [2]

edit this paragraph prize money prize 100,000 yuan , the runner-up prize money 30,000 yuan . [2]

edit this paragraph Competition Schedule November 25, 2006 , the first round of Dali, Yunnan Regent Hotel

November 26, 2006 , the second round of

Quarter Finals November 28, 2006 Yunnan Kunming Expo Garden Hotel

half final

November 29, 2006 final three Fanqi July 2007 16,18,19 Yunnan Dali Regent Hotel [2 ]

edit this paragraph race results Puzhi En in the final tiebreaker Zhihei 3/4 sub narrowly beat Hui-Min Jin , coronation Dali tourist Trophy .

Toyota Cup World Go Wang Zuozhan

Toyota Cup World Go Wang Zuozhan , referred to as the Toyota Cup . Every two years , organized by the Japan Chess (Denso) Corporation , Toyota Corporation (Toyota) and its affiliated companies Dansuo co-sponsors .

sponsorship : the Toyota company

hosted : the Nihon Ki

Co-organizers: Japanese Keizai Shimbun

2009 of the Toyota Cup World Go Wang Zuozhan closed down due to sponsor economic crisis . [1]

edit this paragraph, the competition rules to implement the knockout finals three Fanqi

rules of the game three hours of free time each side , six and a half 10 minutes Countdown , Black paste . Mining the Japanese rule , Black to paste six heads . [1]

edit this paragraph contestants participating places : 32

including :

last Final Four

the the Japan 10

Korea 7


Taiwan ( Taiwan Chess ) a

European people

North America 2 the 1

South America

3 other people (Asia/Africa/Oceania ) [ 1 ]

edit this paragraph prize Money champion : 30 million yen

Runner-up : 10 million yen

third ( tie) : ¥ 5,000,000 [ 1]

edit this paragraph successive achievements the to session the times






2002 years

Lee Chang-ho Kudan

Chang Hao Ba Duan

Yu Bin Wang Lei


2004 years

Li Shishi Kudan

Chang Hao Kudan

Jie CuiZheHan


2006 years

Li Shishi Kudan

Xu Zhang the Kudan

Lee Chang-Ho Pu Yongxun



Coulee Kudan

Pak Man five sections

Sheikh Xu Zhang [1]

Akiyama Jiro


Akiyama Jiro ( Jiro Akiyama , November 23, 1977 - ), belonging to the agency in Tokyo , Japan Chess players . Tokyo born . Yasuo Kikuchi ( star go green schools , his research ) .

Akiyama Jiro ( Akiyama, Jiro the Japan Chess career in terms of financial , April 23 - 1977 11 ) . Tokyo, people . Under the tutelage of amateur Mingsu Kikuchi Kang Lang . 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Japan delegation. [1]

edit this the segment Qijie experienced primary school grade 1 under the influence of the uncle began to learn chess . the

3rd grade was introduced to switch to Green Star Go Gakuen Shangzhi the affinity , Shanxiajingwu and so on , and ditch learn chess together . boys and girls contest

1988 years 3

1992 annual income the segment

1998 year chess Road Award Newcomer Award

2008 reached the pass count 500 wins in 2002 was promoted to eight

2009 into the men's team the grandmaster warfare circle

2010 on behalf of the Japanese team to participate in the Asian Games Go

edit this paragraph entries the achievements tournament



player using/win/the winning

Zhongpan Sheng/winning

disk negative/negative rate

the Japanese Dragon Star Wars

24/16/67 the %





Japanese the grandmaster war

22/9/41 %

9/3/33 %



4/18 %

ten segments war in Japan






Japanese Tianyuan

18/10/56 %

12/9/75 %




Japan's NHK Cup rapid games






Matsuoka Hideki

Showa 43 (1968) , born in Ichinomiya, March 8 . Soil Tian Zhengguang Kudan sects . 1978 School of Health . Into the segment in 1987 , in October the same year , Sec 1988 , three sections , the five sections , Sec 1989 , 1990 , 1992, a six- seven-segment in 1995 , eighth in 1998 . Grandmaster War 13 , Sec 15 of the war, four war winning .

Japanese chess

The Hiragana:

Chess, Japanese し ょ the う ぎ Katakana: シ the of Engineering ウ drink Roman tone: syo u gi also called the Shogi, also known as Japanese chess, a popular board game in Japan.

chess ancestor is India Qiatulanka, and the mainstream view incoming from Southeast Asia, said by the chess Chuan Tang Dynasty went to Japan, evolved [1], in the Heian period evolved into chess chess, Ping generals and peace . After peace chess branch into a teenager chess in chess, general-ki, greatly to chess, chess Tianzhu generals, Maha greatly chess, Thai chess, the overall situation of the chess and other many Japanese to chess predecessor, the legendary and then after Nara Emperor improvement teenager chess, the ultimate in river households early Bridge were Gui removal pawn drunk as to determine the rules of chess, formal shape now popular Japanese chess.

21 century archaeological discoveries, said chess incoming from Southeast Asia has been confirmed. About AD 500, Chaturanga from Southeast Asia spread to China and Japan, respectively, formed the two chess species. Korean chess and Chinese chess extremely quite similar to the Japan Chess and Qiatu Lan relatively close, and larger chess differences, but also for this reason. Izumo in Japan and dug the oldest found so far Shogi, also early Chess and Chaturanga and Southeast Asia some chess chess species is very close, especially Thai chess. Japan Chess Union also endorsed the statement.

Thai chess with Ping chess have four points in common: First, are the pawns one row ahead;, upgrade lines in advance; soldiers upgrade the chess pieces are upside down; Southeast Asian countries Chess "elephant" The chess "Silver" moves.

world chess (chess, Chinese chess, chess, chess) are associated with the country's political system. Chess reflect the country's political system in Japan, pawn liter variable, indicating that the Japanese believe that if they work hard even if a small infantry, with just a little effort can become a dazzling gold, even ordinary people have become kings possible. Into the rules, utilize the performance of personnel, prisoners compared to the massacre of Chinese chess and chess, chess rules more in line with the mainstream view of today's society.

edit this paragraph rules checkerboard chess chessboard is an array of squares by 10 horizontal and 10 vertical lines intersect, the pawn is placed within the grid, which is 9 rows chessboard. Close to 3 Honjin near the opponents away from their three enemy positions.

pawn in chess pawn in a bell-shaped front end more pointed. Chinese Chess and Chess, Chess is a chess piece refers to the direction of the front-end distinction belongs.

Chess eight pawn. Figure, upstream from left to right, respectively, Dragon King, Speed, and jade will angle line with Ryoma, and downstream, respectively, from left to right into incense, Dream Car, into silver, silver, gold, Gui Ma Cheng Gui, infantry and into gold. individually

each pawn Short title and moves, are as follows:

Wang (Jade) (ou-shou/gyoku-shou) referred to: the king (Jade) (ou/gyo)

king will


1 . The King and jade moves. As shown on the right, cross to go vertical go, move diagonally can go eight directions

2. A time to go, you can not jump.

3. Wang (Jade) like handsome Chinese Chess (), Wang (Jade) each other will be dead or trapped to death, this side that failed. The coaster

(hi-sha) referred to: fly (hi) the coaster


1. Speed ​​referred fly. The fly moves forward, rewind, can be left to walk the right line.

2. Can go to any number of cells, and not leapfrog other pieces.

3. Can be upgraded to the Dragon King

Dragon King (ryu-ou) referred to: o/dragon (ryu) Dragon King by Speed ​​upgrades from. The Dragon King


1. Dragon King moves forward, backward, can sinistral right line. Walking countless.

2. Dragon King in any direction can also move diagonally.

3. Not leapfrog other pieces.

angle line (kaku-gyou) referred to as: angle (kaku) moves:

1. Angle of the line referred to the angle. Diagonal line go walking only oblique direction.

2. Can go to any number of cells, and not leapfrog other pieces.

3. You can upgrade the referred of Ryoma

Ma (ryu-ma): Horse, Ryoma

, (uma) Remarks: by the angle of the line upgrade from


1. Ryoma referred to as the horse. Can go any oblique direction grid.

2. The Longma also down about the direction of a grid.

3. Not leapfrog other pieces. the

gold (kin-shou), into silver, into Gui, Chengxiang into step (と (To))

referred to as: gold, Guyana, apricot, と (To) gold will

the method of use:

1. Can move forward, left front, right front, left, right or walking a grid

2. Gold will be the important sub force captured the other side of King, but also to defend the king important sub

3 of. Weaknesses is and not diagonally backward

silver (gin-shou) referred to: Silver (gin)

silver will

the the use of:

1. Silver will be the front left, front, right front, left rear, right rear, all to go.

2. Silver will assist will be defensive sub, but also assist coaster offensive sub force.

3. weakness is not about to go straight back.

4. Can be upgraded Chengyin. the

the Gui horse

Gui Ma (kei-ma), referred to as: the Gui (kei)


1. Gui horse in the eight kinds of pieces, only leaped over each other and one's own pawn.

2. Unlike chess, chess in Gui Ma can only jump in front of two directions (see Figure).

3. Gui horse with the angle of the line with the is very combat effectiveness.

4. Can be upgraded to Gui. referred to as:


Dream Car (kyou-sha) the Hong (kyou)


1. The Xiangche moves forward any grid, but can not turn back. Because you can go straight infinite grid and can not turn back, also known as the "や ri" (yari, guns)

2. Xiangche basically belongs to the defense of the sub force, once captured by the other side, has become a powerful attack sub force.

3. Can upgraded to Hong. The the

i soldiers (fu-hyou) referred to: i (fu) Infantry


1. Can only move forward a grid

2. The infantry in chess is the largest sub, it has played a very important role in the whole game of chess, killing one of the key.

3. You have held the sub infantry, you have a right to speak, there is a combat capability to attack each other.

4. Can upgrade と gold (Tokin)

silver into Gui into Hong と gold (into silver, Cheng Gui, Cheng Hong, と

narigin, narikei, narikyo, tokin)

referred to as: full, Guyana, apricot, と (also known as as step-by-step )

use: the same with gold. when a game will chess start

start configuration, the two sides have twenty pieces, distributed as follows to configuration can textual representation:


a pawn to the right. King or jade will be placed in the row of the checkerboard Zhong closest players.

2. Two gold king or jade will next placed.

3. Two silver deposit will be placed next to.

4. Two Gui horse placed silver will be the next.

5. The two Xiangche placed in the next Gui horse.

6. Placed on an angle in the second line, the line at the left and a coaster on the right. The two pieces below are Gui Ma.

7. The nine infantrymen All placed on the third line.

need to pay attention to the Chess handicap system, the above arrangement is applicable only in the case of no handicap.

upgrade chess pawn with the upgrade system. In addition to the king (Jade), will be and has been upgraded pawn, all the pieces can be upgraded.

When a scalable pawn advances to located the three lines farthest away from the players or from the region out of the player can choose to upgrade the pawn. Just flip pawn that the upgrade is complete. * coaster upgrade for the Dragon King (referred Dragon)

upgrade details. In addition to portrait or landscape to walk any number of steps, it is also compatible with the king (Jade) footwork. (Some books say is compatible silver will be the footwork, there is no difference between the two, the silver than Wang (Jade will be) missing moves coaster originally can be realized)

* angle line upgrade to Ryoma (referred to as the horse) . Apart from any number of steps can be walking along the diagonal, it is also compatible with the king (Jade) footwork. (The same is sometimes considered to be compatible will be footwork)

* Silver the Gui the horse, Xiangche and infantry after the upgrade will change in accordance with the gold will take the law, does not retain the original activity.

* called into silver, silver will be upgraded into silver also recorded as "full".

* Gui Ma upgrade called into Gui as Gui also recorded as "Kyu" or "this". Into the enemy positions bottom two rows must be upgraded automatically.

* Xiangche called into Hong upgrade into Hong also recorded as "apricot" or "a". Into the enemy positions in the bottom row must be automatically upgraded.

* infantry upgrades called into step (Sanseido the big speech forest second version: the と gold or と Chinese characters "into a step-by-step" abbreviation). Into the enemy positions in the bottom row must be automatically upgraded.

upgrade and the Chinese translation of the term of a similar situation, called liter variant of chess.

eat sub and break into this most special chess players can spend handedly one's own eaten piece back to the chessboard to become one's own pawn to break into the Japanese called, a substantial increase in the complexity of chess. When an upgrade pawn is eat, the upgrade will be canceled, with the former chess kinds of driving.

into the four restrictions:

1. Even if just to break into a pawn falls on enemy positions also can not upgrade immediately, and must under first-hand the job.

2. Can not to eat pawn break into the no longer follow the position. Such as infantry a baby and so can not fall to the bottom line of the enemy positions; Gui horse can not fall to the bottom line of enemy positions on the front line.

3. Infantry can not break into the existing one's own (not upgrade) infantry all the way, this kind of foul is called two-step.

4. Not immediately infantry into the checkmate each other, this kind of fouls called playing interrogate step; contrary, if it will not immediately be dead not to foul, called the hit Step. Chess them,

foul in the case that can not be upgraded to for pawn upgrade, a situation repeated four times, the two have not upgraded already Fangbu Bing on the same longitudinal Road (Japanese abbreviation of "two-step"), destruction into the limit, even under more than one or the other hand of the king, "should", or remove their own pawn so that the king will automatically be the hand of the king, in violation of the pawn to allow line method (such as the angle in breach of the slash away), overtime etc is a foul, which is the most common the Japan Shogi career race "two-step", since 1977 in more than 44 times the Japan Shogi career race "two-step" records.

will be dead if under can catch the other king of first-hand, ie chess generals, known as the king of the hand. Anti-will is called inverse hand of the king. The king will not be able to escape, this hand constituting the 诘 み, that chess will die. Checkmate players win Bureau.

if under the hand hand of the king, but the other defense in any case will the next move will be dead, then called the will to, that is the "lore" in Chinese chess.

chess allow even the will but not repeat the same tactic long term care (L), if the parties repeat the cycle in the same way according to the will, should shine up to four times, according to the party violation, sentenced negative. For example, Party coaster according to Party B jade will move to the left one cell, the Party in turn coaster right for one space according to Party B again jade to the right style, Party turn the coaster the left a grid according to ...... so repeat loop to the fourth, then Party violations sentenced negative. This rule in Japan called "Even A king hand の Thousand Days hand.

the end of the chess game, in addition to the dead, chess can still be at the end of the following circumstances:

* party line violation step foul players in the race will be directly ruled defeat.

* If a pawn after party after the move, the global total of four the same situation does not constitute a long the offense, the game ends automatically, regardless of the outcome, the Japanese called "A Thousand Days Hands", the equivalent of chess " triplicates rules. "

* If the King were in the upgrade area, and can not checkmate, the game is over. The two sides need to own pawn scoring method of calculation: the king will not scoring, the angle of the line and coaster each count one-fifth, a sub each other pawn. Will not be a pawn of the upgrade for extra points. If only one party to score less than 27 points less party ruled negative, otherwise, regardless of the outcome.

if any, regardless of the outcome in the race, both sides need to replay and adjust line sub-priorities (as well as to reduce the time limit). Amateur competition, general contracting, and trouble.

handicap, strong players sometimes make sub (Japanese called horse fall) to the relatively weak players have the chance to win.

handicap handicap square (ie started) must be removed in the beginning when the permanent part of their own pawn (ie not in any way be placed on the board). However, in the international tournament, the sub and will not cause a significant advantage for the relatively weak players because the troops on the differences. The common handicap Bureau will be in accordance with the increasing severity, are listed below:

* Hong Board with a draw (in Japanese called tie) alternating even (in Japanese called semi-Hong)

* remove the left margin of Dream Car (Japanese called Hong off or left Hong the fall)

* remove the angle of the line (in Japanese called corner or diagonal line drop)

*, remove the coaster (the Japanese called flying, or coaster drop)

* remove coaster with the left margin of the Dream Car (Japanese called fly the fragrant fall)

* remove coaster with the angle of the line (in Japanese called two down)

* removing Speed, angle lines, with the left margin of Dream Car (the Japanese called three down)

* remove Speed, angle lines and Xiangche two multiply (Japanese called four down)

* remove Speed, angle lines, Xiangche two multiplied by two and Gui Ma (the Japanese called the six fall)

other handicap Bureau occasionally occur. The most severe cases, is a sub-square in the disk, only one king in the normal position, while the horse table has three infantry (in Japanese called step three soldiers).

in different chess CDM, let a child of the relationship between the severity of player rating differences, there is no generally accepted standards. But in general (especially for amateurs), the severity of the handicap should be approximately equal to the gap between the two sides level. For example, a poor grade is so fragrant, the difference two corner and so on.

will be a great feature of chess is highly offensive, is frequently the case again weak attack force against another sturdy defense, in case they do not counterattack, eventually win, because forward to many chess pawn easy difficult to back against easy liters change; the attacks side of the sub in the enemy positions; the pawn exchange and does not reduce the number of the pieces. Therefore, the draw is almost impossible. However, in general, because the attack requires a longer time before the attack, the two sides will be in the array gracefully defensive battle.

normal layout generally jade/king moves to flank safer position "Home Jade (Jade fixed in situ is very dangerous, as in chess castling can also cause a disadvantage) the surrounding lattice, with two gold and one silver to hold one another silver will attack, and step-by-step, Hong Gui fly/angle camera moving, auxiliary offense and defense.

1. Wang

1. The [king guarding the gold and silver three]:

used for Wai Yu-defense is very important. King of the gold and silver three is enough, if too many chess horse used for defensive, offensive chess horse relative reduction for adverse initiative to master the game of chess. the

Therefore especially in Wai hand Shun is very important, the appropriate number of chess horse to participate more important Wai Yu

2. [Wang will be placed with the coaster opposite direction]: start the process, the

in circumference jade to always pay attention to the other coaster offensive way, as far as possible so that the king maintained the opposite direction, so make the king a more secure and Speed. The other hand the offensive Shun more saving hand Shun used to have parties offensive. On the other hand, the motto also shows that has square coaster with the king, the direction opposite meaning: When Speed ​​foreign attack, does not make the king to leave the defense to the attack by the other side of the space.

3. [King falls following paragraph is the fundamental basis]:

king unless a last resort, should generally be in the next paragraph, because the king will be in the middle of the vulnerable around the attack from both sides. Wang (Jade) each other by the hand of the king and extract a self-matrix, often followed is to die

4. [Avoid king head beaten horse] Gui the:

Gui horse when the other hit the King (jade) head, it is difficult to increase defense, so try to avoid.

2. The coaster

(1). [Step exchange before flying three enrichment]: the the

coaster where tendons bit the former Fang Bubing, fight in the other infantry exchanged this three advantages: to increase the holding horse, smooth coaster road, once the other ignored into the words of infantry in support of the coaster, so that the other overwhelmed.

2. . 【Dragon King enemy positions were Italy]:

coaster in the enemy positions to become the Dragon King, its power is great, will make the other defense more vulnerability. Dragon King both long distance offensive, but also close fight to get the opportunity to take a more two, to take a more

3. . [Has the two Speed ​​too proud]:

to two coaster regardless of Wang and Yu will use will be very tough, but pay attention to the angle of the line "Do not be hand coaster.

3. Angle line

1. . 【Sequence intraday angle than for Speed ​​role:

sequence set chess horse: the majority is still in its original state, makes for Speed ​​nowhere to play. Contrary slash attack will be much easier to use the angle of the line.

2. . [Ryoma from the array of benefits: change Ryoma

angle line into, for defensive effectiveness great, in particular, to participate Wai Yu Wai Yu firmer.

3. . 【Far corner good trick to avoid angle tendons bit]:

angle line more suitable for a long-(the silver will be more suitable for the attack), and in attack far while taking into account the other position, more favorable situation at Bianzhao This will form a lot of good strokes. Row chess, it is necessary to pay attention to the other jurisdiction of the angle of the line, so as not to suffer unnecessary losses. Especially when the other angle line held the horse, but be careful attention to avoid "the hand of the king for Speed" appear, each other to bring food to lure tricks.

(4). [Interchangeable angle line vibration coaster party lossy]:

when = two sides swap corner row if party adopted is vibration for Speed ​​tactics, it will make their own losses.

5. . "[Huanjiao avoid sudden the front steps of 5 tendons: after

Huanjiao, when the sudden the front steps of 5 ribs, the other will play this hand 5 seven horns, corner walk in jade head, bad Wai Yu, easily resulting in the death. Once the mobile becomes Ryoma, a great variety, and will not be able to deal with.

6. . 【Angle line is the main force of the protracted war]:

angle line is called the big horse because it has a unique line of chess rules, to seize it difficult to, and it is very strong ability to obtain other chess horse.

4. Will be

1. . 【Gold leads Cherish gold bottom step more steady】:

often in game gold will take a step back appears Cherish; the gold following fight infantry, will be very solid in defense.

2. . 【Inducement into the oblique dilemma】:

gold would lure a ramp into it a dilemma, there will be a windfall.

3. . [No gold defense is no defensive]:

defense will be, will be at a disadvantage; siege aimed at the king next gold will attack often is a breakthrough.

5. Silver will

(1). 【Silver diagonally forward advantages more】:

silver diagonally forward there will be a lot of advantages, not only offensive shortcut route back, but also in the case of abnormal; silver will often assume the role assists rods silver is the best the fools examples. silver

(2) [not a tesujis game used]:

in the game, especially when the generals, and often there is a silver fails (that silver will enter enemy positions do not upgrade) tesujis silver will move quickly, and line chess rules retire horoscopes characteristics, the offensive line role often played in the close-general angle.

6. Gui Ma

1. . [The Gui horse tall will become step feeding:

without considering jumping Gui Ma, not backward step will be captured (including the use of the Gui horse holding horse), except for the generals, it is best to play the next segment (ie Jinnai).

2. . [Gui head of silver hit and step playing tesujis】:

Gui horse Silver will play and infantry captured in the head, The as tesujis often appear in the game, so the Gui horse (including holding the horse's use) must careful.

3. . [The other three Gui Ma careful to die]:

difficult to do things as known in advance, do not underestimate Gui horse: with a unique rows horse characteristics due to Gui Marley Wai jade solution, the control of the king to retreat will play an effective role.

edit this paragraph chess notation Japanese notation usually only record the coordinates of the chess pieces moved first to write tendons (abscissa, the equivalent of the way of the Chinese Chess), write a paragraph (ordinate, equivalent to the line of Chinese chess) Finally, write the chessman name.

coordinates to get the upper hand side, the abscissa is the line from the rightmost line to the left-most, Arabic numerals, for 1-9; vertical coordinate from above to the following, with Chinese characters, for one to nine. Flac party since array/upper hand side of the enemy positions, since the seventh to the ninth paragraph of belonging to the upper hand side array/flac party first to the third paragraph of the enemy positions.

different from Chinese chess, chess party to go move to one of the "hand", each of the two sides to go one with a total of two-handed, chess fifty round that is equal to the chess one hundred hand. The lots singular, that is, by the upper hand to go sub, an upper hand Fan hand the number of double the number of sub go by the way of escape, are flac Fan.

chess records upper hand ▲ said, FLAC method, for example as follows:

1. ▲ 2 six-step

2. 3 four-step

3. ▲ 7 six steps

4. 8 star anise into

5. ▲ with silver

6. 2, two silver

7. ▲ 5 eight gold the right

each hand chess record of the position of the pawn moved, first to write tendons, written after the paragraph, and then record the name of the piece. For example, just get first-hand infantry before advancing coaster moves "▲ 2 six-step" flac advancing angle tendons (the square corners line bit in oblique) on the infantry moves as "four-step" so and so on. the

such as which hand moves went to the location on the other hand moves to the same position and take away each other's pawn, "with that position.

subject to single-handedly into the enemy positions and liters chess becomes another chess kinds, plus the word "to" in the piece, such as "▲ fly into"; coupled with the word "fragmentation" If you choose not 4 seven silver is not a "like". The upgraded pawn records with its new name, such as the dragon, horse, into silver, as incense and other. the

the pawn break into to the board, there is no other like chess pieces come to the grid, you do not need special comment, or to add a "hit" word, such as "▲ 4 Wuguishan playing. See to break into and eat the child a.

In addition, if encountered more than one identical arms pawn on the chessboard can come to the same grid, such as the upper hand respectively located nine 6 nine gold, will be available then went to Jade before eight, were the pieces notes to it's location, direction, as follows:

around symmetrical position:

* piece from the left to the right to go to the "left";

* piece from the right side to the left to go "right";

(Note Do not mix in mind, like the wind, like since) the

asymmetric position about:

* pawn forward from the back straight, the "straight";

* pawn to move forward from the side, regardless of left and right are on ;

* pawn to traverse, "Send";

* pawn backwards, "drawing".

Note that each pawn may (in addition to the only straight "infantry") up to 4, it is possible there is a discrepancy, the need to use the word, such as "▲ 5 eight gold upper right. And can the oblique retire the jade backward Zhitui king will be the Dragon King, Ryoma up to 2, if there is a need to distinguish between "straight lead" and "oblique cited" direction oblique cited "write," straight cited only writing "primer" on the line.

Edit this paragraph chess jargon chess horse that pawn. Mounted the the chess horse's box called horse box.

placed horse Desk, a place to capture each other chess horse, stipulates that both sides must be placed in the lower right corner of the chessboard. Standard Chess both parties dedicated horse station. Usually use shogi chess box, in principle, chess box upside down, the boxes face up for horse Desk.

big horse and small horse large horse only two ----- Speed, angle lines: small horse five ---- gold, silver, cinnamon, Bing.

take the horse, also known as "the horse was". That the other chess horse "captured" and taken away from the board on their own horse on stage. chess horse

held horse have side horse stage their own "captive" to be used again as a "reserve forces".

"held horse" order must be completed in accordance with the value of the point size to a positive arrangement in "horse Desk on. In principle to The the

horse station emissions from large horse, the second emission gold, silver, Guangxi, Hong such a small horse, third the emissions

the natural is the large number of infantry. Chess horse horse on stage only in the case of no storage gap can only be the same chess horse stacked up. In this way, the ease of use, but also at a glance.

playing horse referred to as the "fight" own holding horse placed on the checkerboard array of any valid points. Hit the unlimited, each playing a chess horse as first-hand.

in one hand and can be understood as "one step away" or "to complete a move. The players will be a chess horse to move from one cell to another cell, regardless of the grid spaces or occupy the other chess horse and take the horse, are a forward.

the king hand will want to take the king will single-handedly called "the hand of the king". "Single-handedly will the king will die." Relative to the "general" of the Chinese chess. The king hand "do not have instructions.

will die that victory over the other, which is the ultimate goal of chess. The hand of the king "a party must immediately make the king will escape or cope with a move away. If you can not escape or can not be mapped, the king will be "dead." the the chess hierarchy vocational Thinking of the knight: Kudan the ~ four

reward will be in terms of financial: three sections to the early part of

amateur Dan: eight, seven segment

edit this paragraph around (gift), the sixth to the early part of

amateur level bits: 1 ~ The legal level the 15

in Beijing, Guangzhou, Ningxia are following accordingly

Shanghai will chess the Dan system

goods players: a product to Nine

level bit players: 1 to 12

See Chinese Chess: Chinese Chess

Chess master

Chinese name: chess master [1] supported

the Name: Dariush the players on

type: Chess

version number: 5.0

Language: English

multiplayer: Single

to developers: Dariush-weiqi

publisher: Dariush-weiqi the

capacity: 3.51 MB

Date: the 2006-02-07

System Requirements: 400Mhz CPU/128 MB of RAM/3D Video Card

edit this paragraph, the game introduces players on a foreign development of man-machine battle chess software for Go advanced board games, casual games are rare, although the game size 3 trillion or so, but the playing strength is good, very suitable for chess beginners to practice and games. Fantasy game network is especially recommended for favorite chess players.

edit this paragraph, the evaluation of the game screen: as a chess software, screen production of the game is still very fine, although nothing special background and the effect of King is very simple atmosphere for the next Go menu of the game is also very convenient to use.

voice: Go under this game needs a quiet environment to think the game and not the special design of the music, but the voice adds a lot of atmosphere to the game of chess pawn orders.

get started: The game started very simple, after entering the game to start the game, you can end the game at any time to calculate both mesh and the outcome. Chess steps of the operation can be performed in the game, each move is recorded, can be Search.

creative: Go the standards of the game lies in the level of computer AI, this game's computer AI level is good, and fierce fighting in the corners of contention, although the bigger picture is not very good, but for beginners the player is still very challenging.

Playability: The game set a download engine, can be downloaded to a number of international players on tour game of chess, and stored, you can control the chess to facilitate learning master the game, just sit in front of the computer, you can.

edit this paragraph game the picture chess master

The rights A Long Go Dojo

, Ankylosaurus Go,

rights dojo

rights Ankylosaurus Go Go Dojo, founded by rights Ankylosaurus seven segment dojo, located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul Banpo Road No. 141, an area of ​​over 300 square meters. Xu Zhuang would dojo and gold of the original temple and called three Go dojo in Korea. Has nurtured Shishi Kudan, CuiZheHan Kudan, Yuan Sheng Qin Jiangdong Kudan and other famous players. December 12, 2003, the the rights A Long dojo professional player Dan breakthrough in paragraph 100 Memorial Conference held in Seoul. By rights Ankylosaurus daughter of filial piety Jane, five sections and son-in-law, Liang Yue four management. (Photo at right temple entrance)

rights Ankylosaurus Go dojo training professional player Dan breakthrough in paragraph 200, which in Korea is the first (March 2000 Mugu dojo in Japan exceeded 500 above) Dan. KB Kookmin Bank Cup, held in early May 2009 the Korean chess league qualifier white Hung Hsi Liuduan qualifications of the seed of the tournament, was promoted to a seven-segment, so that the right the Ankylosaurus Go Dojo professional player Dan breakthrough 200 paragraphs. January 21, 2009

10 rights A Long dojo exceeded 200 paragraphs memorial held in the Palace Hotel in Seoul. Korean Chess leadership of Cao Xunxuan, Xufeng Zhu 300 people attended. (Right)

rights Ankylosaurus seven segment opened in 1983, the first domestic Go classrooms, Go dojo and was created in 1987, is committed to developing a professional player. 1989 weight Ankylosaurus Go dojo train Pu Shengwen six sections, the first professional player, after a series of train Li Shishi Kudan, section nine CuiZheHan, Jiangdong Run Kudan, Yuan Sheng Qin Kudan famous players, these players not only in South Korea Go sector, the eminent the Go community in the world, is also Ruleiguaner. In November 2003, Jin Zhixi (now five Grandmaster) successful entry into the section of the General Assembly in the 97th paragraph, the right A Dragon Go dojo fast lift to achieve a breakthrough in paragraph 100.

including gold base into segments the early part of the original, including rights A the Dragon Go dojo trained a total of 43 professional players. As of May 2009, a total of 238 professional players Korean Chess belongs, Dan 1236 segment. In addition to Hong Caixia, the rights A Long Go Dojo 42 professional players accounted for 18.1% of the total number of professional players in Korea, accounting for 16.2% of the Dan.

In addition, the ex-dividend the Ankylosaurus Go Road OTC Korea Xu strong will, Zhang Xiuying, Liu Changhe, Jae Ho Leung, Li Shishi Go dojo.

rights Ankylosaurus Go Dojo trained professional player (total 43)

in Kudan (4): Li Shishi, Yuan Sheng Qin, CuiZheHan Jiangdong

eight (2): the main Gao, Chen Shih-yuan (Chinese Taipei)

seven segment (three): Yin Jun phase, LI Ying nine white Hung Hsi

six sections (5 people): Pusheng Wen, Jin Jiang root, Park liter philosophy, jade was true, Cui original 踊

five sections (eight): Jincan encounter, Yin Yingshan rights Hyo Jane Li Yongxiu Yin He, Park liters Yin Jin Zhixi Wen Zhaozhen

four (7 Ming): the right to five sensitive Pucheng Zhu Jin Xiaokun junquillo-pyo, Kim Hyung Huan Pu Tinghuan, Liang Yue

three sections (4 Ming): Jin Minxi River good Jeong Jin Darong, the paper pointed out some problems found (deceased)

Sec (7 Ming): the ginger liter Xi Li Jingyuan Li Kangxu, Cui Bing-Hwan, Jinxiu Yong, Zhao mirror Gao, Yin Canxi

the early part of (three): South governance Hang, gold-based original, the Hero (Chinese Taipei)

Great Yuan Zhao

Zhao Dayuan, the Korean players, chess amateur seven-segment, was born in 1990. In October,

2008 was the first World Mind Sports Games Go Open champion.

Zhao Dayuan, in 2007, to participate in the 26th World Amateur Go Championship and 14th in Hangzhou, China, "Business Cup international chess game won. His stunt chess game is subject to change at any time, the right judgment, and the onslaught of opponents. When he was younger, his father taught his son to go. He grew up a keen interest on the Go, a sit chess set, he was fascinated. 9 years of age to participate in the Korean youth chess game won the championship, the attention of experts and chess enthusiast. The North Korean government is very concerned about his talent, so he deliberately moved to Pyongyang from Hamhung learning. Into andesitic Primary School after he moved to Pyongyang, practice Go to the chess club after school. He was 12 years old, a visiting the Go club foreigners Zhao Dayuan, under the Go with him joked, we next game to try. Zhao Dayuan, just like the foreigners began to move, really Qifengduishou. The foreigners see the opponent is a child initially underestimate him, thinking to win over opponents. Contest round foreigner lost. Foreigners thumbs up praise: really great. You Koreans really. Since then, Zhao Dayuan, realized in the race to glory for the Korean. This is the key he won in international competitions. He is an amateur Go seven segment, only 17 years for a long time was awarded the title of Meritorious athletes. October,

2008 Go Open gold medal was the first World Mind Sports Games North Korea first world chess champion.

Edit this paragraph Bagua famous

Zhao Dayuan associate professor, was born in October 1944, the Han, Liaoning Shenyang person. Four-generation descendant of Bagua, the national Wushu eight. Former Chinese People's Police University, People's University of Public Security, deputy director of the police system, Associate Professor, Arrest technology instructors, three IPCC. Beijing Wushu Association, two, three, four, five members, l Fourth and fifth Deputy Secretary-General. Beijing Baguazhang Research Association, the second Secretary-General, the third, fourth Supervisory Committee deputy director. Traditional Wushu Committee of the Chinese Wushu Association, the China Sports Science Institute of Martial Arts Branch of the Third Committee. Martial arts schools across the country, universities Wushu Association Honorary President and advisers.

-year-old martial arts, has been practicing Changquan, Lohan Behind, Tan Tui, Dynasty and other boxing had Xingyiquan from Liutie Lin Xi, from Yeoh Chin Kee, Wu Tunan learning tai chi, after worship famous martial artist plums woo as a teacher, learning traditional martial arts Bagua. 2079, 2081 on behalf of Beijing to participate in the National Traditional Wushu Exchange Conference won the silver medal, winning various competitions in Beijing and the country several times. Former science film Bagua director and choreographer, vice president of Asian Games broadsword group calisthenics coach, head coach of Hainan Coconut Festival armed police group calisthenics. Perennial as all types of international and domestic martial arts competitions and national and public security system Sanda Competition arbitration, president, vice president, the chief judge and other staff. Repeatedly been rated as the the Beijing Wushu work advanced individual the teaching performance highlights in 2085 by the Ministry of Public Security awards, and in 2084 was named National Outstanding Wushu counselor.

perennial in the teaching of traditional martial arts and the military, police, utility grappling fighting technique, on several occasions for receiving foreign martial arts, uniformed groups and foreign friends in China and served as teaching. Several times to go to South Korea, Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States, Britain, France and more than 20 countries to conduct academic exchanges, lecturing and teaching. To impart a practical fighting grappling technical, Series recapture the traditional Chinese martial arts and Bagua, students throughout the world. domestic

in international martial arts training center, the West into Wushu Wushu Association of the tertiary institutions to teach Bagua, of Sanda and practical grappling fighting technology, students thousands of people. Apprentice 47 people, have played a positive role in public security, armed police, troops and martial arts the multiplayer has served as the armed police, public security institutions Arrest technical instructors, apprentice Cao Cheng Zhang, Cao Jinjiang, Yang ten Huo Dongli, A Peninsular, often Yucheng Heshan Ming, Ding Jinsong, Tusun Liu Yu Cheng, Guo Shuo, Mou Bin Per capita Wushu Competition in Beijing, the international martial arts elite competition, the International Wushu Invitational, the country strong the China Cup Sanda Invitational, the national public security institutions Sanshou competition The excellent results achieved Gold, Silver, one, two, three, etc., etc. in the various competitions. Apprentice Yang ten currently serves as the Secretary-General of the Beijing Baguazhang Research Association, apprentice Huodong Li Chaoyang District Wushu Association currently serves as Vice Chairman. And are engaged in the traditional martial arts teach and teaching work.

perennial focus on the academic study of traditional martial arts and martial arts practical technology, especially the practical techniques of traditional martial arts, practical grappling fighting technique applied to public security, armed police and troops and Series capture technology.

participate in the organization, the pipeline and the author of the Ministry of Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Security, the armed police, the armed forces of the police body, martial Series recapture Series, check tactics textbooks for a total of ten. The trial as the fourth volume of the initial training textbooks for the People's Police of the Ministry of Public Security police body basic training "," overall skills and tactics training materials ---- grappling fighting system is issued and the trial, the People's Procuratorate, the judicial police enforcement basic skills tutorial deputy editor, editor in chief of the Chinese People's Police University police the body tutorial "(Police Physical Essentials, shooting tutorial, grappling fighting tutorial three), participate in the writing of the relevant sections of the Ministry of Public Security Police Physical skills tactical training Textbook Series ---- investigation tactics "," Introduction to the Police Sports "," security and defense skills ".

other published exclusively with a total of Shi Ce utility grappling technique analysis solution, "practical grappling art graphic", "Chinese martial arts grappling skills" and "practical fighting technique, traditional martial arts Cheats Kokonoe day translation solution", "Yunlong technology spectrum "Women's self-defense self-defense," Practical grappling science. And abroad published the English version of "Practical grappling the intraoperative analysis solution", "fighting grappling technique" Italian, "Yunlong technology spectrum," the Korean version. Write (to defend the the cadre training materials), (defense training materials) and other internal materials. Martial arts Article five more than thirty, 10 papers.

currently retired, are engaged in the practical techniques of traditional martial arts and martial arts skills, management studies, writing monographs relevant the traditional Wushu Taijiquan, Baguazhang and practical technology.

Pu Huji

Puhu Ji , the Korean Go players . Takao gentry Road played on behalf of the Japanese defeat in the 2010 Asian Games mixed doubles match with partner Zhao nova/Wells 1000 Ying combination , represent a combination of Chinese Taipei played favorites Xu Zhang/Xie F , the burst of a huge upset . The Pu Huji

edit this paragraph honor the Mangyongdae Prize 2000 champion

2000 22nd World Amateur Championship runner-up

2000 comprehensive ranked first 2

2001 years of the 23th World Amateur exit

2005 Business Cup international the city chess tournament team title personal runner-up

Kikuchi Kang Lang

20, was born in Tokyo in 1929, the casual player. All Japan Amateur Championship in 1948, 1957 3rd amateur Honinbo war champion, after three consecutive years, is known as one of the amateur semi-finals. The host Green Star Go Gakuen, many professional players nurtured Shanxiajingwu, Aoki gentry, Aoki hi Hisayo ditch Shangzhi relatives. Committed to the international exchange of youth players in recent years, is the president of the international chess friendly will. the

Kikuchi, Kang Lang (Kikuchi Yasuro, in 1929, 20, 2008 -) amateur chess legend in Japan, Tokyo Prefecture. Hirata Bo, Murakami Wenxiang, Harada false and known as amateur semi-finals.

won the World Amateur Go Championship, won the All Japan amateur chess battle up to twenty times.

opened the Green Star Go Gakuen cultivate Shanxiajingwu and many other professional players.

committed to international chess exchange current international chess friendly, chairman of Japan's child for Go universal representatives.

edit this paragraph personal experience aspect the chessboard was born Kamata in Tokyo's Ota Ward. Three-year-old chess fans father, learning chess. In elementary school, every Sunday all day, the game of chess clubs. moved to Kanagawa

junior high school sophomore to local celebrities home Steeped Go collections. Middle school by the phase of the original forbearance three sections, and Ito Friends of benefits, Koizumi Juro terms of financial guidance. grade

1951 year college, as the Senshu University team of the Lord, in the University of the Kanto League Pozhu ten consecutive victories, the final victory over Lord Murakami Wenxiang, Waseda University team, won the first individual champion. years

1952-1953 in the "Go" magazine "organized by the professional, industry Yuer Zi Bureau of Competition, winning streak Seto more constitution for the top nine in terms of financial the Sakamoto Eio men and, high Chuange, Mugu real, Hashimoto Yu Taro, last lost to in Fujisawa Peng Zhai Kudan. The championship made in the 3rd the amateur Honinbo war

1957 years, cumulative win 13 times. won the war in 8th amateur Ten Outstanding

1968 years, cumulative win 9 times.

1979 years, six degrees represent Japan at the World Amateur Go Championship (5 times for domestic trials champion), and in 1992 won the 14th amateur world champion. ,

2003 Agama Kiriyama Cup Open qualifying stage series eliminated five sections Zhaoxiang Yan, Fujisawa Ba Duan and Liu smoked seven segment.

footsteps in 1955 to create amateur chess research group "Green Star will soon discontinue re-opened again in 1975.

1979 was founded "Green Star Go Gakuen", and cultivated Shanxiajingwu, the Aoki, Kiku generation, Kato charge Chi ditch Shangzhi pro Akiyama Jiro many professional players.

1961, three times in 1973 and 1977 as Japan Go members of the delegation's visit to China, actively engaged in the world Go exchanges, exchanges with China, South Korea Qijie has led many young players.

as amateur Qijie representative figure is considered to have the strength to compete with occupational sixty-seven segment. Qifeng

flexibility-rich, free-spirited, specializes in creative layout.

"Go raise fundamental," Go preliminary preliminary "," Green Star Academy ". The had of

University is one of the All Japan ballroom dancing Assembly Ten Outstanding.

edit this paragraph record World Amateur Go Championship 1992; runner-up in 1986; third 1985,2002 years

the World Amateur Championship, the representative of Japan decided to battle champion 1984,85,91,2001,04

the Japan Amateur Honinbo war championship 1957 Amateur Go

Asahi Ten Outstanding war champion -59,62,65-66,69,72-73,77,82-84 1968,77,80-81,87,91,97-98,2000 the years

edit this segment writings of the semi-finals は "ア ma ko う し て strong ku na っ た" Cheng Wen Tong Shin Kong Society 1967

"Kikuchi Kang Lang playing set" Cheng Wen Tong Shin Kong Society 1979

"Fei に strong ku na ru this on up to へ の secret for spinulosa call wren! 1980

Fei の early i の early i ko れ で が playing て ru "Golden Garden Club 1980

" Green Star Academy - Fiji を through じ て earth bred dream と お ど ろ ki "フ ro` Getting Hikaru published in 2002

edit this paragraph green star Gakuen origin of Occupational players Village Pine Long, Aoki gentry one, Aoki hi long time on behalf of, the crane pill Dear one, high wild British tree, Shanxiajingwu, ditch Shangzhi pro, Akiyama Jiro, Kato charge Chi, Suzuki Karan, Mochizuki research a, Ling-man, Yamada Jin times, large Zenai America, a large field, Ando and prosperity, Bridge Tuong, Tamai stretch, Gui Benedict, Isshiki knowledge central Murakami Silks

the editing in this paragraph essays Yomiuri 2006/02/13-2006/04/03 serial

to (1) Green Star Academy "also emerged out the professional player

Keigo (Yamashita Kudan) grandmaster war challenger, I tense mood to welcome the New Year. The green star academy

"Green" young "star" is the meaning of hope. Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo Prefecture, about 80 students, including good offices nest drip pan ⑽ the mining to teach classroom as well as network communications students including

Currently, there are nearly 200 students.

Gakuen not only cultivating professional players, the enthusiasm of the young people on the go are welcome. the

become a professional player in the first dragon, a (Muramatsu seven segment), as well as Aoki siblings (gentry Kudan Kiku on behalf of eight out), charge Chi (Kato, eight), known pro (ditch on eight out), Jiro (the Akiyama eight) than 20 people.

Green Star's origin dates back to the Showa thirties, twenties "Green Star will. By Murakami Wenxiang, Harada real young people to participate in the study will soon be interrupted because of everyone to participate in the work.

Green Star will be re-opened about five decades in the Showa, was rare introduction of the point system. Part of the professional players also took part in the festival.

sometimes see research conference of young players in the rapid development of thinking about the future of the Go community, must be to train young people. In May 6

Showa 54-year, Green Star academy set up. In

at first, mainly college students and other young people is around special without propaganda to several primary and secondary students. Showa 56 years, I have worked for nearly 30 years, Nippon Steel to resign, fully committed to the Green Star Academy. Chess Age of

(2) 74 years, "lifelong amateur"

I Showa 4 years old in August of this year will usher in hi Shou (77 years old), chess 74 years old. I know that Go is in the 3-year-old. Of course, I have no memory, said father (Wu Shun).

in Tokyo, Kamata father living hobby Go, about the amateur the early part of the playing strength. The Go club called the enemy in their own, I learned firsthand.

five or six sensible, around 1935, I will be a man playing chess. I hold Black, white stones, A, B ...... while imagining, playing a form of making the playoffs.

my frail mother was worried and told to go out and play, I will drive out the door. And children playing hide and seek game, but the feel is not fun. I go home quietly, hiding in a closet under chess, but audible exposed. As a result, the father and mother say "This child unusually like Go," on the one of my chess. the

elementary school, I shuttle Kanda hand shops, a family one by one asked in the past: "Go book?

held a players game set of the playing spectrum joy is unforgettable, and many times later, chess The books turned ragged unbearable.

forget chess, chess clubs can go. On Sundays, I took my lunch from morning until the next night, nine, ten o'clock. I heard more in the clubhouse long chess, chess clubs of neighboring almost have to go all over. Sometimes Mr. book market to see, I would say: "You do not want to become a professional?" What is the career, I did not know. The operates father of piping engineering company in

resolutely opposed engaged in chess so unproductive career. "Lifelong amateur", about this time is required. the

(3) competitors, "the powerful Wenxiang"

Showa 26 years, I University fourth grade, when rumors of Waseda University, a monster in the West, is very powerful in Go.

Well, in any case, I want monsters rule served. Kanto University League was restored, I Senshu University does not have a Go Ministry, players only one person besides me also.

each school requires seven contestants, we are still missing five five foreign aid is finally time for the deadline from the outside to gather sufficient sign up.

contest a total of 12 schools, I ushered in the 10-game winning streak after the same ten consecutive victories, called Waseda monster big life - Murakami Wenxiang showdown of.

and I player using the situation is bad, and finally, Wenxiang Black reversed a problem. Time, said, sorry.

this Wenxiang life in formal chess battle chess with me about 30 Bureau. At first I was eight-game winning streak, Showa 35 years, the 6th amateur Honinbo final half mesh lost to Wenxiang. And Wenxiang chess, the content is interesting.

as good competitors outside the chessboard, and Wenxiang lifelong contacts.

Wenxiang also love wine. I hate Wenxiang huge body with his chess as powerful, drunk rickety carrying his back several times.

I can be long-term active in amateur Qijie, and child care is Wenxiang The blessing of a good opponent.

younger than me Wenxiang died seven years ago. Lifelong opponent loses a glass of wine poured chest pine. career topics disappear

(4) "week"

Showa 26-27 years, the president of the Qingtong community Iwatani spring, in the "Go" magazine planning occupational amateur 3 Jean sub-bureau of the game.

amateur players to Fukuda, Shibuya snow male and I. Competition system for amateur side lose on the end to win is to continue.

I first inning wins after a the Miyashita show foreign teacher, have emboldened Yuezhanyueyong reached ten consecutive victories. Are professional chess play chess with me at that time the top in terms of financial, such as Osaka Eio male, high Chuange, Yan Jin quasi-one Segoe Constitution for Suzuki Jiro your teacher.

fledgling Countdown is not used to the latter half of disc often be reversed. The two sides each with a retention time of 5 hours, the teacher Mugu real need "six hours", but with his game in Hakone unused for at least 6 hours.

Finally, I have 4 orders lost to the the Fujisawa library the help teachers win if you can please the Go Master teacher, a great pity.

this thing around my destiny. The original game with Segoe teacher, is the Iwatani president specifically asked him to come with me to meet test playing strength. After that, by the the Yahata Steel (subsequently merged with Fuji Iron, now Nippon Steel) Fujii Heigo vice president recommended to enter the company's work.

over a period of time, Iwatani president asked me: "Jun Kikuchi, occupations do it or not?" This means that maybe I can enter the Japan Chess become a professional chess player.

moment I am confused, replied: "Give me a week and more time to think about it." But a week has not arrived yet, the president of Rock Valley died sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

suddenly, the end of the occupation topic. If I had an opportunity to respond Iwatani president, maybe I'll embark on a career path. playing chess before

(5) the very important

of raising green star academy is not only a professional player TC, enthusiastic young people who go there, no one has to open the door.

my most important chess upbringing before. Now the children are difficult to consciously do things. For example, will not be greeting and reply. These basic cultivation, the family and the school did not teach.

after entering the main entrance, greeting, before the board to Block,.

"angry" and "rebuke" is different. Angry just emotional catharsis, rebuked it is based on love. Do not pay attention to the kind of atrophy is not from the day-to-day student and I trust relationships become important.

Gakuen atmosphere to a degree of relaxation. In this way, the children easily capitalize on the trend.

chess, I take a direct hand and taught. Children too small to explain too much is not necessary. "Preaching vulgar, bigger does not work." Kiskiskis

I have with the students to learn and participate in the competition. Gakuen the existing charging Chi (Kato eight) known pro (ditch on eight) of about 10 professional players, there are about 10 hospital hygiene. Three boarders. comet war

I also participated in the Green Star Wars Rapid two competitions up and down, strictly based on merit rankings.

I was 76 years old, TOEFL still as active in the academy and the young man with learning. the

(6) half a century of continuous playing three chess game

my first time to participate in the national competition in 1956 the 2nd amateur Honinbo war. I was semi-final loss to Mizuno Hong disabilities (after Kansai Chess Kudan) 4th. The next year, I beat Mizuno to win, was 27 years old. In later in Honinbo war a total of 13 championships.

amateur the Ten Outstanding warfare, began in Showa 36 years, my first win in the 8th. Total 8 championships. another

three events, the World Amateur representative of Japan decided to war, that the World Amateur Championships organized by the Nihon Ki Showa 52 years, this total is five times champion.

be proud the three chess game every year a landing participate. Wanted to benefit from the preferential treatment unseeded, as well as the health of the miracle.

three chess tournament win total of 26 times, there once Heisei held in Chiba City, in four years of the 14th World Amateur Championship. Together, a total of 27 times.

World Amateur Championship, last year's World Expo held in Nagoya. Now I confess here the first few days of the contest received radiotherapy was worried may withdraws. However, four world to peace without incident, doubly grateful.

I am now 76 years old, able to adhere to the game of chess to what age do.

80-year-old target temporarily. The future, "the man called Kikuchi, adhere to what age the" this message is encouraged to seniors, my chess career is meaningful.

(7) cutting-edge international exchange the profound significance

last October, 05 international cutting-edge Go Tournament "held in the cultural centers of the Meiji Shrine. Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan groups each of eight cutting-edge Tournament, Japan Hane Naoki, Shanxiajingwu, China's Jie Hu Yaoyu, Korean Pu Yongxun, Song Taikun outstanding players participated. Results of South Korea won, Japan regret to third. This match, my years of overseas the AC master of the results.

my first overseas exchanges, Showa 36 years, the first session of the Sino-Japanese Go exchange visit to China. China put forward the slogan of "catch up with Japan and beyond Japan", 2 sub-strength gap with the Japanese Occupation. The Chinese players for the elderly, only a young man, is Chen Zude. after

, every time I have the opportunity to go to China, can feel as if emerged from the underground force, an endless stream of young players. After this personal experience, "Green Star Academy" was born.

words, is now the Japan Professional Qijie called "flow" layout is generated at the time. Ernst & Young, a teacher in his visit to China to teach to the young players, and their use in the Sino-Japanese chess tournament, cause the Japanese Occupation Qijie of concern. It can be said that the anti imported from China, while in Japan, scattered vane sticks.

Green Star Gakuen exchange is 3 years from the Heisei.

Since then, they Yuanshe Korea, held with the local chess classroom Tournament. China, South Korea accumulated held about 15 exchanges. The overseas exchange significance

, is directly and personally experience the other side of the situation. The the exchange of

international cutting-edge race in addition to chess, chessboard friendship greatly deepened, the young man touched a lifetime unforgettable.

in the future I will be actively engaged in international exchanges.

(8) kids "dream with hope"

Japan's national competition, the boys and girls Ming Renzhan, is the history of the contest, but unfortunately alone. Once learned, in Korea, several juvenile races, the contest more national average.

East Japan Junior chess game was founded eight years ago. Imagine there would be 100 people participating, the result is to nearly 300 people. In the second year, began a corporate title sponsor. The third year, an increase of 4 Nagoya, Fukuoka and other areas. The fourth year, an increase of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Shikoku Central Okinawa, scale expansion of the national tournament.

Race on track, has stimulated "Hikaru" boom, contestants dramatic increase. This spring ushered in 9th contest, the country's 14 regions, attended by nearly 7,000 teenagers. The contest popularity of juvenile Go help.

By the way, is not some inferior compared to children in China, Korea, Japan, in terms of potential vitality. Just different institutional and excellence education system, as long as it can overcome these, do not need pessimism.

Fortunately, in recent years, the image of domestic Go in improving the understanding of the parents is also deepening. Child fascination committed a thing is a good thing. Goals for children, to help prevent the problem of juvenile delinquency community.

concentration of the children go on to inspire their dreams and hopes, and this is the theme of my life.

Chongqing cold acid Ling Team


name : Human Nature and Construction


Chongqing cold acid spiritual team leader : the Han Taijun Human Nature and Construction

coach : Yang

players :

Yu Bin Kudan

Coulee Kudan

Wang Xi Kudan


Lei Li Yonggang four

first five Weijia five sections

scored five consecutive 04 season for the introduction of Yu Bin , Liu Jing , Li Yonggang Zhou Heyang and other third ,06- 07 season away from home, and strength , the favorites to win the team . Champion of Champions

ago Chongqing Jianshe Motorcycle the team change Chongqing cold acid Ling team

Chongqing Jianshe Motorcycle Go Club Sports Club is jointly organized by the Chongqing Construction Group and Chongqing Chess , Sponsored Construction Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large state enterprises formerly Hubei Guns Factory ( Hanyang Arsenal ) , so far , more than 110 years of history . The Group's total assets of 46 billion yuan, the products have been exported to 47 countries and regions .

Coach: Yang , born in 1953 , the CPPCC members Chongqing , Chongqing City Chess dean from 1999 to 2003 , led his unit won five Weijia league title . Subteam

Chongqing Wang Jun , Sec

Yue Song a three paragraph

edit this paragraph, the men's basketball team Chongqing cold acid spiritual team ever cross tyrants CBA, but due to technical problems , gradually fade CBA

Chess battle of the 16th LG Cup World Go '

16th LG Cup World

Go Chess Battle hosted by South Korea 's Chosun Ilbo LG company sponsored Korean Chess charge of the start of the race on June 13, 2011 , the end of the final will be held in February 2012 . Bonus settings champion 2.5 billion won, the runner-up 80 million won . The semi-final first-round 32 players , the implementation of the knockout tournament . [1]


last championship : Park Wen Jie 16th LG Cup World Go Chess Battle finals

Chinese team seed : seed the Coulee the the Sheikh Qiujun

Japanese team : Xu Zhang Well Hill Yuta Yuuki Cong Sakamoto wells show to

South Korea seeds : Li Shishi CuiZheHan Putting Huan XuYingHao yuan Sheng Qin Jiangdong

Chinese Taipei seeds : Chen Shih-yuan

China preselection outlet : Jiang Weijie Chen Yaoye Tan Xiao Wang Xi Zhou Heyang

Korea preselection outlet : Lee Chang-ho Pu Yongxun Puzheng Xiang Zhao Han multiply Jinzhi Xi Yin Jun phase Han Xiongkui Pu Chenghua Jin Donghao of Li Yuanrong Mu Zhenshuo

2 the 15th , 16th LG Cup strong warfare finals in the world second inning Harding Park in Seoul , a 20 - year-old Chinese teenager Jiang Weijie White Zhongpan Sheng King Lee Chang-ho , Korea won 2-0 ! Jiang Weijie personal first world champion , is also China's 19 world champion chess player , helicopter for 32 Kudan players . With this championship , Jiang Weijie also become China 's youngest chess world champion ! At the same time , Jiang Weijie won a prize money of 250 million won (about 1.4 million yuan ) , Lee Chang-ho 80 million won in prize money . This is the ninth consecutive harvest of Lee Chang-ho world runner-up .

Lee Ji - hyun

Korean professional Go women players won 1993 : into segments , 1st EBS Cup runner-up , active in Go TV for a long time , was welcomed by the majority of chess enthusiasts , will be held on November 13, 2010 wedding .

Occupation: Korean professional Go women players

Gender: female

Korean professional Go women players Lee Ji Hyun the four

Dan : Location Sec

: City of Seoul Yeongdeungpo - dong , Yeongdeungpo-gu,

door division :

affiliated clubs : the

rating rank :

the nickname :

fans group :

edit this paragraph achievements : 1993 : into the segment , the first session of EBS Cup runner-up

1995 : 2nd Baohai Cup this race For

1998 year : 5th Baohai Cup the race

1999 : promotion Sec the 11th grandmaster war this race the 1st Women Current Ming Renzhan the race , the 6th Women Current national champion battle this season , the first session Hing positions Cup this season

2000 : 7th Women Current national team battle in this race , the 2nd Women Current Ming Renzhan the race , Hing warehouse Cup this season , 2nd , 1st Eastern Airlines Cup race

2003 : ( July )

2004 . promoted three sections : the 6th Women Current Ming Renzhan the this race

2005 year : the 11th women Current national champion battle of this race

2010 years : the promotion Sec

edit this paragraph will be held on November 13 wedding Korean professional Go women players Lee Ji Hyun active in Go TV for a long time , the majority of chess enthusiasts welcome.

Korean women players Lee Ji Hyun four wedding will be held on November 13, 2010 . Her own the other half on the activities of the Church met to get married after a year and seven months of exchanges . Lee Ji Hyun revealed that he received the coveted courtship . The two men will go to Bali for the honeymoon .

Pictured Lee Ji Hyun and her fiance 's wedding photos.

Lee Ji Hyun and her fiance 's wedding photos.

Huang Liangyu

Fujian, was born in October 1944. 15-year-old learn chess, 17-year-old into the training team. The fifth was the 1965 National Individual Championship. 1982 as the sixth. Currently Shanxi Province chess team coach. "Go Pop-set."

edit this paragraph, the director of the film company, Jingzhou, Hubei technician About Male, born in October 1937, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, Han, Jingzhou, Hubei Province, film companies, Chief Technician. Graduated in May 1956 from the movie Cadre School of Hubei Province, engaged in film technology management and research for more than 40 years, the Department of the China Film Society Member, Gangneung electronic groups will be executive director of the original of Gangneung film company, film technology of cinema theaters manager, Jingzhou Intermediate The titles of the judges.

achievements and honors long been engaged in the management and development of the film market in rural areas, the seventies has deep into the sand hill, Sichuan shop areas do point, groping to do the practice and experience of the movie in a positive set of communes in the province to promote. Hubei Province movies big development has laid a foundation for the cinema revenue to grow exponentially, in 1986-1987 educational films screenings, by the careful organization of the ground, so that the hospital twice by the central radio and television, in cinemas, theaters and during his tenure, Ministry of Culture award. In the the exchange mapping activities in the province's educational films in 1988 many were rated as advanced individuals by the Provincial Department of Culture, the Provincial of the reward. 15 technical innovations in film technology research, in 1970 created the "1.75 mm slide projector, the provincial film machinery factory mass production, supporting and projectors, to fill gaps in our province," gray fine positive clip ", column into the province to promote the project and get the reward of the provincial, prefectural and county, multi-functional xenon lights axis calibrator, Jingzhou area movie Machinery Factory production plan satisfied that the mode of production, "103 wind catheter to solve the 103-type projectors efficient lights heat problem in Jingzhou District Promotion, "three-dimensional effect of the test board plot light amplitude, three-dimensional effects test in one convenient, fast, with good results. Presided over the design of the cinema room, presided over the installation of all types of 35 mm landline 14 units (28 units), published two film screenings, He is the author of the the amplifiers high overcast circuit measurement and analysis "and" the resurrection of the picture tube technology " and other paper won the third prize of Gangneung Science Conference. His biography has been printed in the "of Gangneung senior professional and technical positions List of contemporary Chinese movies excellence in business management set.

Huang Jin first

Guangxi people , August 20, 1943 . The 10 -year-old to learn chess , 20-year-old into the training team . Chinese Go Association , vice chairman of the China Go Yearbook Editor. Eighth by the individual competition of the 3rd session of the National Games . Five sections in 1982 , and in 1983 was promoted to sixth . He ko knowledge . He is currently the head coach of Henan Province chess team .

Jin Dongxi

name : the Jindong Xi 김동희

birth date : the 1978

Height Weight : 178cm , 68kg

male , Korea

drama :

2009MBC " Queen Seon ," played by ten one of the hwarang of " Wang Yun

2010MBC the Pasta"

edit this paragraph Korean singer Name : Jin Dongxi (김동희)

the birthday: March 6, 1984

birthplace : Seoul

Occupation: Singer

physical condition : 161cm , 48Kg , AB -type

debut album : 2007 the 1 Series

Interests: Travel

, specialty : piano , calligraphy

religion : the Christian

representatives song : "A woman is like the the "

" dying "

" that's not my "

Chinese chess team

1961 years, the country [1] Go Team was officially established. The first session of the Sino-Japanese Go Challenge Cup in 1985, the Chinese team Lectra Japanese team won the Challenge Cup victory, while Nie Weiping also achieved a major breakthrough in the first Chinese players to overcome Japan's "superb" players. In 1986 and 1987, the chess team in China and Japan on the Go Challenge Cup to achieve a three-game winning streak. In May 1995, Ma Xiaochun Weiqi of China in the 6th World Go Championship win first world title. 2004, in the third the CSK Cup Asia Go Team Go team for the first time the group world champion, as of April 2009, the Chinese chess team won a total of 14 world champions. In 2008 the first World Mind Sports Games in Beijing, the Chinese chess team played well, winning the women's individual three gold medals in women's team, mixed doubles, let the world see the strength of the Chinese Go origin! Chess battle

2012 16th LG Cup champion Jiang Weijie

edit this paragraph coach YuBin

name the: Yu Bin

the Birthdate: April 16, 1967.

Hometown: Zhejiang.

Occupation: Go players, coaches

2007 Yu Bin served as the women's chess team coach. 2008 led the Chinese women's chess team won all three gold medals at the first World Mind Sports Games Women Go.

2009 succeeded Ma Xiaochun served as head coach of the Chinese chess team.

edit players in this segment Introduction the Coulee

Coulee the name: Coulee

nationality the: China

Gender: Male Date of birth :1983-02-03

Hometown: the Chongqing

Club: Chongqing cold acid the spiritual team


: Go

the Coulee chess as the name suggests, is the force of war camp "players. Unlike the sword as ethereal, like a knife heavy knife deep throw open the doors and highly offensive. Opponents often in his Shitailichen attack in disk cast child. the name

of Chang Hao ChangHao

: Chang Hao (chang_hao)

nationality the: China

Hometown: Shanghai

Birthday: November 7, 1976

Dan 6-year-old school chess: Kudan

Chang Hao, 8-year-old into the Shanghai team, 10-year-old elected to the National Junior training team. Won the first and third National Qitong Cup chess championship, the fifth World Youth chess championship, the 12th World Amateur Go Championship title. June 24, 2009 7th Chunlan Cup final 2-0 victory over Lee Chang-ho Kudan his third world championship. 1986 as the early part of 1997, was promoted in eight in 1999, was promoted to Kudan.

Jie Jie November 25,

1982,, born in Beijing.

1994 into Beijing Go team into the National Team in the same year. 13th samsung finals in

2009 0:2 loss to Li Shishi runner-up, the 8th China Merchants Bank Cup TV blitz tournament champion, 21th Asian Cup television rapid games winning streak Jiangdong, Lee Chang-ho, Li Shishi won, seventh Chunlan Cup third place. Go player rating: 2644, ranked second (as of April 30, 2009). Chinese Wei Jia League the Beijing Dabao team when iron commanding general. Nickname: Junior Chunlan initiatives Chess Cup Male, of small U.S.

Chinese chess team (8)

of this paragraph honor world champion: 14-time

CSK Cup Asian Go Team Champions -2-time

Yu Bin, Wang Xi, Wang Lei Ding Wei, Jie 2004 third CSK Cup of Asia Go Team the championship

Coulee, Chang Hao Jie, Sheikh, Ding the 2006 Fifth CSK Cup Asian chess team competition the championship

Japan Securities Cup Champion - 1 Ma Xiaochun April 1995-

the sixth Toyo Securities Cup champion

Fujitsu Cup champion -2 Fujitsu Cup champion Eighth

Ma Xiaochun August 1995 champion -1 times


NongXinBei January 2008 won NongXinBei champion

Coulee 11th Fujitsu Cup the championship

LG Cup champion-3rd April 2000 Fourth

Yu Bin LG Cup champion

Coulee April 2006 the 10th LG Cup in July 2008 Ying Shibei thirteenth LG Cup champion

champion championship

Coulee February 2009 the -1 times

Chang Hao in March 2005 its fifth championship Ying Shibei champion

samsung -1-time

Luo Xihe 2006 -1-time

Coulee samsung champion

months Tenth Chang Hao January 2007 the eleventh samsung the championship

Chunlan Cup champion -1

Coulee March 2007 Sixth Chunlan Cup champion

Toyota Cup Champions -1 times

the the Fourth Toyota Cup champion

BC Card Cup Coulee April 2009 Mind Sports Games BC Card Cup

the gold medal in January 2009: the three

Song Yung Hui: First World Chi Games women's chess individual competition the gold medal

Chinese Women Go team: the First World Chi Games women's chess team competition gold medal

Huang Yi in/Fan Wei Jing: the First World Zhi Games Go mixed race gold medal

edit this paragraph Go Match Glance

the Cup

initiatives Chess Cup


Ricoh Cup

Rotten Axe the cup

Merchants Bank Cup

Lone Star battle

, Weifu room open cup [2]

title race the

the the Tianyuan the race


limit the race

new of Zhan Wang

southwest Zhan Wang

the rookie race

Ricoh, Ricoh dual mixed race

Fujitsu U15

woman Jianqiao Cup

woman Braun Cup

Women's Classic women's team the rookie of





Class C league

sports tournament

National Individual Championship

the National given segment race


Wan Baobei

the Yellow Cup

Wan Baobei career amateur the confrontation

been discontinued the new sports the cup

Robust the cup

Chess battle

grandmaster the war

NEC rookie the race

NEC Cup race

Overlord war the dragonfly the cup



Korla Cup

Shengxuerong the cup

friendship cup

the Overlord game

elite the war

Wuniu Cup

top ten war

the big national champion the war

Women's Masters

national women's professional tournament

National Sports Congress

in Wing up to cup

Pham Thi Jinlong

the Fan Jinlong, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Vietnamese delegation members. the

the Fan Jinlong

Name: Pham Thi the dragon

Gender: Nationality of women

: the Vietnam

birth date :1991-02-20

Height (m/in): 1.56/5'1''

weight (Kg/lbs): 46/101

Inscribed: Go Mixed Double race [1]

edit the segment competition experienced to Vietnam players: the Fan Jinlong (left) and Du Qingping (right)

in 2010, as the Vietnamese delegation members to participate in the Guangzhou Asian Games Go Project Competition, mixed doubles partner: Du Qingping.

Edit this paragraph schedule men and women mixed doubles competition schedule of the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Go project mixed doubles match schedules for both men and women date


Xiao Xiang


race results

20 Nov

9: 30

the Guangzhou Chess

Mixed Double race first Junction City, Cong of the stage


/Suzuki i (Japan)

2: 0

Nuda Ji/the Bala Pont (Thailand)

20 Nov

13: 00

Guangzhou Chess

coed two-person teams first stage

of two

CuiZheHan/the Jinlun Ying (Korea)

2 Yuki Satoshi:

0,/Suzuki i (Japan)

20 Nov

16: the first stage

of 30

Guangzhou Chess

Mixed doubles game the three

Yuuki Cong/Suzuki i (Japan)

2: 0

Chennai Shen/Huang Leying Hong Kong (China)

21 Nov

9: the first stage

of the two-person teams of 30

the Guangzhou Chess

Mixed the four

Putting Huan/Joseph E Lee (Korea)

2: 0

Yuuki Cong/Suzuki i (Japan)

21 Nov

13: The first phase of the the 00

Guangzhou Chess

Mixed doubles game


Xing Yi Tang (China),/

2: 0

Yuki Satoshi/the SUZUKI i (Japan)

21 Nov

16: 30

Guangzhou Chess

Mixed doubles game

the six

Yuuki Cong/Suzuki i (Japan)

2: 0

Du Qingping/van der Waals Jinlong (Vietnam)

and, women's team competition of the women's team competition schedule of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Go project schedule date


Xiao Xiang


the game scores

23 Nov

9: 30

Guangzhou Chess

the first stage of the women's team event

the one


0: 2


23 Nov

15: 00

Guangzhou Chess

women's team event the first stage



0: 2


24 Nov

9: 30

Guangzhou the Chess

woman team event the first stage 3

the Japanese

2: 0


24 Nov

15: 00

Guangzhou Chess

the women's team event the first phase of



2: 0


25 Nov

9: 30

Guangzhou Chess

women's team event the first stage


Chinese Taipei

0: 2


25 Nov

15: 00

Guangzhou Chess

the women's team event the first phase of



0: 2


26 Nov

9: 30

Guangzhou Chess

woman Team first stage

of 7


2: 0.0

26 Nov

15: 00

Guangzhou Chess

the women's team event bronze medal race

the Chinese Taipei of Japan

2: 0

Suzuki i

Suzuki i, female, born in 1983, the Japanese Go players, who in 2010 as a member of the Japanese delegation to participate in the Guangzhou Asian Games, as quoted on the project include: Go female groups and Go mixed doubles, mixed doubles partner the professional Go Kudan chess hand Yuuki Cong.

the Suzuki i

name: Suzuki i

Gender: Female [1]

Nationality: Japan

Birthplace: Tokyo

birth date :1983-09-23

Height (m/in): 1.65/5'4''

weight (Kg/lbs): sport of 48/106

: Go

edit this paragraph career Suzuki (left) Go chess

2001 early segment on September 27, Sec

2002 years three sections (big hands together)

2007 years 6 May four (wins Star provisions)

2010 five sections (ranked bonus)

2011 sixth (get rank bonus)

Edit this paragraph finals record 27 Women Current Honinbo war runner-up in 2008, Xie F, Sec 3-1 Suzuki i four [2]

edit this segment of the competition experience the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Go project the game

Go Women's Team (team members include: of large Zenai in America, Yoshida Mei Xiang, Mukai 1000 the Ying)

men and women edit this paragraph the Asian Games enrollment project The Mixed doubles game (team members: Yuki Satoshi)

Edit this paragraph the Guangzhou Asian Games schedule men and women mixed doubles competition schedule of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Go project mixed doubles match schedules for both men and women date

location the race results

the Xiao Xiang


20 nov

9 the: the of 30

Guangzhou Chess

Mixed doubles game


Junction City, Cong/Suzuki i (Japan)

2: 0

Nuda Ji/Bala Pont (Thailand)

20 Nov

13: 00

the Guangzhou Chess

mixed double Stage 1

the two

CuiZheHan/Kim Lun Ying (South Korea)

2: 0

Yuki Satoshi/Suzuki i (Japan)

20 Nov

16: 30

the Guangzhou Chess

Mixed Double race first stage

the first three

knot City Cong/Suzuki i (Japan)

2: 0

Chennai Shen/the Huang Leying Hong Kong (China)

21 Nov

9: 30

the Guangzhou Chess

Mixed Double race first stage

the four

Putting Huan/Lee (Korea), Joseph E

2: 0

knot City Cong/the SUZUKI i (Japan)

21 Nov

13: two-person teams of 00

the Guangzhou Chess

Mixed first stage

of 5

the Xing/TangYi (China)

2: 0

Yuuki Cong/Suzuki i (Japan)

21 Nov

16: the first phase of the two-person teams of the 30

Guangzhou Chess


the six

Yuki Satoshi/Suzuki i (Japan)

2: 0

Duqing Ping/van der Waals Golden Dragon (Vietnam)

,, Women's Team Competition Schedule 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Go project Women's Team The small items the competition schedule date




race results

23 Nov

9: 30

Guangzhou Chess

women's team event the first stage



0: 2


23 Nov

15: 00

Guangzhou Chess

the first stage of the women's team event the


North Korea

0: 2


24 Nov

9: 30

Guangzhou Chess

women's team event the first stage



2: 0


24 Nov

15: 00

Guangzhou Chess

women's team event the first stage


2: 0


25 Nov

9: 30

Guangzhou Chess

the first phase of the women's team event


Chinese Taipei

0: 2


25 Nov

15: 00

the Guangzhou Chess

women's team event the first stage



0 The in: 2


26 Nov

9: 30

the Guangzhou Chess

Women Team first stage



2: 0.0

26 Nov

15: 00

Guangzhou Chess

the women's team event bronze medal race

the Chinese Taipei of Japan

2: 0

Ando Beowulf

Showa 13 (1938 ) born on September 11 , Tokyo . The 1957 Ito Friends benefit seven segment entry . Into the segment in 1958 , 1960 , Sec. , Three sections in 1961 , 1963 , Sec 1965 five sections 1971 , sixth . Old surname ( seal wood ) . Sects Yitianjiji grandmaster of God Tianyingx Kudan

Hideo Watanabe

Japanese chess player , chess literature home . Born in 1903 in Aichi, Japan . Under the tutelage of the the Inagaki Day Province, seven-segment , into the segment in 1922 , 1966, six- , seven-segment , the same year in 1977 was promoted to retreat . Mid-1950s, wrote the ancient Chinese chess stroll , finishing monograph compiled into the ancient Japanese chess literature of the ancient classics catalog adaptation of Japanese chess History " sit implicit talk from " , participate in editing the work of the Imperial City spectrum , 1980 Post Go monograph "Star Um Yi recorded .

Gold master Gao

(in English: Kim JooHo

gold master Gao, 1984 December 05, 2010 -) is a South Korean players on the door division: the right A Dragon Go dojo. Effectiveness in the the Chungbuk fire team. Name

: gold master Gao

Foreign Name: Kim JooHo

Nationality: South Korea

Occupation: Go

, gender: Male

date of birth: December 5, 1984

Dan: Kudan [1]

Location: Seoul Enping District Temple the hole

door division: the rights A Dragon Go Daochang

affiliated clubs: Chungbuk first fire team

of gold main ho (3)

level ranking: 25 [2]

edit this segment of the competition scores

1999 years: into segment

2000: 5th 三星火灾杯 this race, the 19th KBS chess king battle this season

2001 years: July promotion Sec, the 5th 三星火灾杯 16 to strong

2002 years: promotion of three sections, the second session of Ao Sila Farm the Koryo Cup cutting-edge game winning streak the strongest fighting the runner-

2003: 37th throne battle this season, 8th Tianyuan this race, 8th LG Cup Top 8 3rd Osram Korea Cup cutting-edge game winning streak most the strong battle this season, the 8th 三星火灾杯 32, 14th BC Card Cup Rookie of the battle of the race, was promoted four the 1st electronic Rand Cup runner-up Wang Zhan Wang (l. Jincheng Long)

2004 years: 38th throne battle this tournament seed, 9th LG essential oils cup 4 strong, 1st electronic Rand cup Qinglong Group 8 strong, 1st electronic Rand cup king in king of war into the finals, the 15th BC Card Cup new king of war the race , Korean chess league 2004 first fire team members

2005: 10th GS Gardner Cup this season, the first fire team Coronel Mesquita Korean chess league 2005 2nd electronic Rand Cup Wang Zhan Wang Qiang, 17th the grandmaster war, 1st yuan benefits Cup the ten segments battle this season

2006: 11th Tianyuan war of Bacchus Cup this season, was promoted seven segment (in May), KB Kookmin Bank Cup 2006 South Korea Go League Busan Parkland the team members

2007: KB Kookmin Bank Cup the Chungbuk fire team members of the 2007 Korean Go League [2]

National Go Individual race

National Go Individual Championship is China a traditional chess tournament, held since the start of 1957, the annual session, adopt the Swiss system tournament, the establishment of the women's race in 1978. In a period of no significant news the chess war and China Weiqi League, National Go Individual Championship is China's most important chess tournament. Today, although its importance has declined, but still a lot of young players come to the fore stage. biennial competition,

1960 to 1966, by the Cultural Revolution, 1967-1973 game. Coincides with the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, only held preliminaries, did not take place in the finals. the first

edit this paragraph successive Championship top six men the group session


the location

Cup name


third The fifth

fourth name






over Ti students

Gordon Chan Mou

Liu Dihuai

yellow multiplied Chen

Huang Yongji



1958 years


Liu Dihuai

Wang Youchen

over Ti-Seng

Pang Feng Yuan

yellow multiplied Chen

Huang Yongji


1959 years


a Win will

Liu Dihuai

over Ti-Seng

Huang Yongji

yellow multiplied Chen

Pang Feng Yuan

Zheng given far


1960 years


Huang Yongji

Wang Youchen

Chen Zude

over Ti-born

Liu Dihuai

Zhao of China


1962 years


over Ti-born

Chen Zude

Wusong Sheng


Shen fruit Sun

Jinya Xian


1964 years Wusong-sheng five sections, five sections

in Hangzhou

Chen Zude

Shen fruit Sun Sec

Huang Yongji four

Wang Runan Sec

Luo Jianwen


1966 five segments

of Zhengzhou

Chen Zude Wusong Sheng five sections

Luo Jianwen

Wang Runan Sec

Huang Liangyu

Zhang Futian four




Chen Zude

Cao Zhilin

Nie Weiping

Wang Runan

Luo Jianwen

Huang Dexun



the Beijing

Sanyun will

Nie Weiping

Wang Runan

Chen Zude

Zhao cloud

Luo Jianwen

Cao Zhilin


1976 years


final result of Mao Zedong Chairman of the death is not held


1977 years


Nie Weiping

Cao Zhilin


Huang Dexun

CHENG Xiao stream

Tan Yan afternoon


1978 years


Nie Weiping

Chen Zude

China just

Chen Jiarui

Jiang Ming long

Wang Qun


1979 years


four op will

Nie Weiping

Hua Gang

Wang Runan

Chen Zude

Xu Rong new

Yang Jinhua


1980 years


Liu Xiaoguang

Ma Xiaochun

Chen Zude

Shao epicenter

Li Qinghai

China to just


1981 years


Nie Weiping

Ma Xiaochun

CHENG Xiao stream

Shao epicenter

China to just

Liu Xiaoguang


1982 years


Ma Xiaochun

Shao epicenter

, to just

Nie Weiping

Liu Xiaoguang

Jiang Ming long


1983 years


Nie Weiping Kudan

Shao epicenter sixth

Cao Dayuan Liuduan

Jiang Zhujiu five sections

Huang Dexun seven segment

Chen Pro new five segments


1984 years

of Guangzhou

Ma Xiaochun Kudan

Nie Weiping Kudan

Liu Xiaoguang seven-segment

Hua Qian Yu the level Liuduan

Liaogui Yong Liuduan



the Nanjing

Fang Tianfeng Liuduan

Ma Xiaochun Kudan

Shao epicenter seven segment

Liu Xiaoguang the eight

Wang Jiankun sixth to just eight out

Song Xuelin the seven segment


1986 years

, Kudan

, Luoyang

Ma Xiaochun the Shao epicenter seven segment

Chen provisional new seven-segment

Liaogui Yong six sections

Wang see rainbow the seven segment

Liang Weitang seven segment




Ma Xiaochun Kudan

Liang Weitang seven segment

Cao Dayuan Kudan

Jiang Zhujiu Kudan

the Song Xuelin seven segment

Wang Hongjun Liuduan


1988 years


Zhongyuan Real Estate cup

Qian Yu-ping, Kudan

Liu Xiaoguang Kudan

Chen Lin-new eight

Cao Dayuan Kudan

Jiang Zhujiu Kudan

Wang see rainbow seven segment


1989 years


blessing steam Cup

Wang see rainbow seven segment

Jiang Zhujiu of Kudan

Yu Bin eight

Liaogui Yong seven segment

Liu Xiaoguang Kudan

Liang Weitang seven segment




an Chau Cup

Liu Xiaoguang Kudan

Qian Yuping Kudan

Cheng Hong Liuduan,

Yu Bin eight

Zhang Wendong seven segment

Wang Qun eight The segment



the five sections the Beijing Antai Cup

Ma Xiaochun Kudan

Yu Bin Kudan

Ruan Yunsheng seven segment

Tan Yan afternoon seven segment

Cao Dayuan the Kudan


1992 years

Liu Xiaoguang, Kudan


plot salary Cup

Shao Weigang

Zhang Wendong the eight

Zhou Heyang four

horse stone seven segment

Chen Lam the new eight

Yu Bin the Kudan


1993 years

the Beijing

Zhang Wendong Kudan

Yu Bin Kudan

Zhou Heyang four

Ruan Yunsheng seven segment

Wang Lei three sections

ChangHao five sections


1994 years


Cao Dayuan Kudan

YuBin, the Kudan

Qian Yuping Kudan

Chang Hao Liuduan

Wang see Rainbow Ba Duan Chao-I Wu the eight


1995 years


Chang Hao seven segment

Yu Bin Kudan

Cao Dayuan Kudan

Zhang Wendong Kudan

Chao-I Wu Ba Duan

Wang see rainbow eight




Zhou Heyang sixth

Yu Bin Kudan

Wang Lei Liuduan

Yang Shihai seven segment

Zhang Wendong Kudan

Lin Feng, Sec Qiujun Sec




Aandahl Cup

Ding Wei five sections

the of Shao Weigang eight

Dong-yin five sections

Wang Lei Liuduan

Luo Xihe Liuduan

Chou Chun-hsun Mishina



the Chengdu

the Huitong Cup

Qiujun four

Yu Bin Kudan

Zheng Hong Kudan

Dong Yan the six sections

Hu Yaoyu five sections Jie four




Zhejiang Trust Cup

Zhou Heyang Wang three sections of Ba Duan

Ding Wei, seven segment

Wang Lei eight

Xing Sec

Cao Dayuan the Kudan


2000 years


Guangsha Cup

Luo Xihe eight

Shao Weigang Kudan

Sheikh four

Huang Yi in five sections

Yang Lei eight, a four




Younger Cup

Jie Liuduan

Zhou Heyang Kudan

Luo Xihe eight

Ding Wei eight five sections, Huang Yi,

Peng Quan four years




full Mr. Jimmy the the cup



Zou Junjie the five segments

Coulee seven segment

Hu Yaoyu seven segment

Zhang Wendong the Kudan




new the Ziyun Cup

Jie seven segment


Huang Yi in Liu Shizhen Liuduan

the five segments

Qiujun Liuduan

Coulee the seven segment


2004 years

the the Bengbu

BBCA Aloha Cup

Qiujun seven segment

Lee three sections

Hu Yaoyu seven segment


Wang Yuhui seven The The paragraph

Huang Yi in Liuduan



Luneng the Kangqiao Cup


Chen Yaoye five sections

Sheikh Liuduan

, Qiu Jun the seven segment

Zhang Xuebin,, Pak Man four


, Ding Wei Ba Duan of five sections


2006 years


Evening Cup

Wang Xi Kudan

Guling Yi Sec

Qiujun eight

Jie seven segment the more time

the three sections

king Liuduan


2007 years

the Texas

giants Cup

Zhang four

the king Liuduan

, Zhou Rui sheep five sections five the paragraph

Jie, Pak Man,

the seven segment

Zhu Yuanhao three sections




Chinese Temple Scenic Spot Cup

Sun Tengyu three sections of five sections

pay Chong the four

Guling Yi

Tuo Jia Xi three sections

Wang Tao three sections

Wang Hao Yang


2009 segment

the Chengde

Mountain View Estate cup

Jiang Weijie the three sections

Zhou Rui sheep five sections

Lei five paragraphs

more five sections

Zhang Yabo three the paragraph

Liao Xingwen three segments,


2010 years,

of Guilin

China Blue Bowl

Park Wen

Lee Kang

the Tang Wei Star

more, five segments

for Liu the Xi

Jiang Weijie



Hangzhou Xiaoshan

Bohai Bank Cup more five sections

Tan Xiao the five sections

Mao Rui Long Sec

Tong Yu Lin, Sec

Guling Yi five sections

The Tuo Ka Hei three sections



the Chaozhou

Wang Taixing Cup

Mi Yuting the

connected laugh

Tuo Jia Xi

Lee Kang

Pengli Yao

Mao Rui Long

Women Kong Xiangming 1978, 1979, 1984

Yang Hui 1980, , 1981, 1982, 1985, 1991, 1992, 1998, 1983 Feng Yun,


Rui Naiwei

on on Zhang Xuan 1990

HuaXueMing, in 1993, 1995

Yip Kam Kam 1994

Li Chunhua 1996 years, 1999, 2001, 1997, Xu Ying,

, 2000, 2004, 2002, Tang Ying,

Wang Xiangyun Ye Gui 2003

2005 2006

Yi Tang, Song Yung Hui,

2007 the 2009

Wang Morningstar 2008

Cao also Yin, 2010, 2011 [1] 2012

Wang Morningstar