Liu Chunhong

2008 Beijing Olympics, Liu Chunhong in the afternoon of August 13 to participate in the women's weightlifting 69kg event broke the world record, cite two eventually live up to expectations, won an absolute advantage, easily won the first for the Chinese sports delegation 17 gold medals. Easily break the world record of women's weightlifting 69kg and 158 kg. name

: Liu Chunhong

gender: female

weight: 70 kg

levels: the 69 kg

educational background: college

personal hobby: music, reading

the father: Liu Xuanyao

mother: older brother Ma Yunmin

: Liu Chunjiang

registered units: SPORTS Bureau

results: Beijing Olympic Games women's 69kg gold medal

edit the segment grew ● Do not say I did not warn you

weightlifter Liu Chunhong practice is "halfway decent". 11 years old the day inside the school to the Amateur Sports School coach. Run, jump, after a simple test of physical fitness, Chun is selected. the

"My mother previous school stylistic members, how much practiced, she told me that practicing sports bitter

Liu Chunhong game (16)

of you really going to do? I say to chant, my mother say that you go, but turn out to be bitter, tired, can not say I had not warned you! "when Liu Chunhong mother some" alarmist ", but his daughter firmly embarked on this path, they given her wholehearted support.

● since childhood the shares the the crabby awkward

weightlifting looks like a man of war, can not see the smoke, the smell of gunpowder, more clashes between passion. Look at what lifted and put down the barbells, looks so boring.

and barbell veteran of 10 years, Liu Chunhong, but no think so. "I never feel boring just go Yantai Sports School, 20 kg crossbar children I have caught it up, powerful team inside a lot of people I think of one by one, they are thrust on, but there will still be a practice I did not thrust 75 kg on

Perhaps it is a kind of sub admit defeat of the momentum achievements Chunhong, when you long people long practice, only their ongoing efforts to continuously improve in order to win others! "

● to create the own career

to more than a dozen 20-year-old girl, life is colorful, even day by day and the cold barbell deal does not prevent her pursuit of gorgeous life.

Chun likes to draw comics, but she only had two books taught cartoonist, and her works are also from that above, shining down on canvas. In addition, the martial arts and singing have embellished her life.

"the coach said during exercise to stay Movement head to wholeheartedly training, can not think of the other." However, the girl beauty is the nature Chunhong eyebrows actually repaired. She smiled and said: "The coach sometimes see will be 'ah - you who have thin eyebrows?'" Kiskiskis

despite no ordinary girl as happy and charming youth, but Chun is not a bit regret. Definition of youth, she has few peers mature and rational: "I think if we let me to fall in love to dress up, game, as youth flies a little sense of accomplishment are not I want to create something yourself career! "

sports experience of Liu Chunhong Zhaoyuan Sports School teacher in 1995 was selected into the team training judo. Yantai Sports School in 1996 by the Judo practiced at weightlifting, weightlifting team in Shandong Province in 1998, the national team in 2002. Liu Chunhong comprehensive power technology, from small hobby to draw cartoons, weightlifting community Something about. 2003 World Championships three gold medals sweep 69kg Weightlifting Women's 69kg gold medal in the Athens Olympics, won in 2004. In 2006, he was elected the sixteenth Shandong Ten Outstanding Young. Sports Management Center of Shandong Province, weightlifting wrestling judo athletes and coach of Liu Chunhong glorious elected in 2008 as the Eleventh National People's Congress. Won the 19th title of "China's Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons" in December 2008.

edit the main achievements in this paragraph

2001 9th National Games 69kg snatch/clean and jerk/total score championship;

2002 years the total score of the Busan Asian Games 69kg champion;

2003 World Championships 69kg snatch/clean and jerk/total score the champion;

2003 Asian Championships 69kg snatch/clean and jerk/total score championship; Asian Championships 69kg

2004 snatch/clean and jerk/total score championship;

2004 Athens Olympics gold medal;

2006 National Women's Weightlifting Championships in the women's 75 kg class competition swept the snatch, clean and jerk and total score of three gold medals in the women's 69 kg class competition;

2006 year Weightlifting World Championships (Dominican) elbow injury, ultimately only the snatch silver medal;

-Liu Chunhong game (20)

2007 World Weightlifting Championships The champion of the women's 69kg snatch, and get the total score of the runner-up and clean and jerk runner-up;

2008 Olympic gold medal in Beijing;

2009 National Games women's 69kg weightlifting gold medal;

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games women's weightlifting 69kg weightlifting champion.

edit this paragraph, major record 2001 National Games 69kg snatch/clean and jerk/total score of three national records 122.5/155/277.5;

2002 Asian Games 69kg snatch/clean and jerk/total score of three world records, 115.5/148/262.5;

2003 Asian Championships 69kg snatch/total score of the two world record 117.5/265;

2003 World Championships 69kg snatch/clean and jerk/total score of three world records, 120/150/270;

2008 Beijing Olympic Games 69kg snatch/jerk/total score of three world records, 128/158/286.

edit the segment of the public evaluation ● at Xuetian: Shandong the pride

layman watch, experts see Road. Athens Olympics, the Chinese army is no shortage of medals, such as Liu Chunhong and Tang Gonghong be able to break the world record, a higher gold content is precisely the lack of gold medals. So, when it comes to these two players have been fighting with them in highly glimmer of Shandong Province Sports Bureau Xuetian: "Liu Chunhong the advantage is very obvious that the whole world can be defeated, the level of competition in the hard to find opponents ; said Tang Gonghong, her two to play before the game is not good, but she kind of high aspirations, 'would rather die in the game, also unbeaten in the stadium' placing children conquer weight of 182.5 kg, also conquer all, they are the pride of Shandong

● enlightenment coach: Chun is genius

girl not only in the national team under the tutelage of the same coach, the Enlightenment coach their hometown Yantai City team is the same person - - east. 26, to the Steering holding flowers appear in the welcoming crowd. Referred to the two disciples, there is always lots to talk to the guidance. is not weightlifting but

Liu Chunhong initial training judo, "this girl with short legs judo too lack of flexibility and her 11-year-old, they continuously recommended to me twice, I found her shortcomings weightlifting here instead into advantages, coupled with her savvy good enough leg strength, Chunhong really be considered a genius to weightlifting. "

Beginning in 1995, Liu Chunhong in the guidance under the door and worked hard for three years, and then entered the province team, then the national team. In contrast, Tang Gonghong and to guidance the mentoring fate to lighter, but she gave the impression left to the guidance of the "hardship". In the summer of 1993, Tang Gonghong worship under the door to the guidance, in the first half of 1994, she was prominent physical condition Weihai bases selected, thus also embarked on a journey to the Olympic champion.

● David: glory is no accident

Yantai City, all of a sudden out of the two Olympic champions, Municipal Sports Bureau paragraph Dawei this mixed feelings. "This two gold medals from the heavy athletics, this is our key projects in Yantai, but in the end be able to have the results today, but also thanks to the close cooperation between the multi-level team of provincial cities and counties we transport ties and good talent." to reporters, he cited the following example, "county team responsible for election the seedling, City team is responsible for laying the foundation of the provincial team can temper the techniques and tactics to help athletes rising place. layers are to assume their own responsibility, and I believe we will have a better future. "

edit this paragraph Background Liu Chunhong 1996 in Yantai Sports School by judo practiced weightlifting, weightlifting team in Shandong Province in 1998, the national team in 2002. Liu Chunhong comprehensive power technology, from small hobby to draw cartoons, weightlifting community Something about. Swept three gold medals of the 69kg World Championship in 2003, won the Olympic gold medal in Athens in 2004.

1996 years at age 13 in Yantai Sports School changed by judo practice weightlifting coach eastward; 1998 to enter Shandong Province weightlifting team coach Ma Wenhui; January 2002 the national team coach Ma Wenhui.

during the national team, replaced initially by judo practice weightlifting, who later rose to 75 kg 69kg, and then back to his familiar 69 kg from 75 kg, Liu Chunhong movement experience is very special.

edit this paragraph plagued by injuries in 2006, Liu Chunhong suffered injuries, injured at the World Championships on the right elbow, the state declined, the game did not resume until the second half of last year. After this, her injuries began to improve, and has improved in the state, completely out of the injury problems, re-refreshed look standing on top of the stadium.

four years ago in Athens, Yantai, Shandong Province, 19-year-old girl Liu Chunhong almost invincible, the women's 69kg gold medal as well as world record are her gently loosely in the bag. Only opponent, the Thai people through Shu even choose to "upgrade" to avoid the powerful adversary. Before and after the Athens Olympics, she swept the three-time world champion.

Liu Chunhong in Beijing four years later, the 22-year-old Russian man Sri liberal arts challenge to catch up, will have the "hegemony".

2006 World Championships Liu Chunhong a turning point in the fate of. In the game, her elbow suddenly injured, forced out of the race halfway through, and then she gave up the Doha Asian Games. After nearly a year, she is in Beijing, healing, recovery and training. She had wronged her coach Ma Wenhui said: I have forgotten the feeling of the game.

catching up "feel for the game" in Liu Chunhong, new Sri liberal arts turned out, she has to take the silver medal in the 2006 World Youth Championship and the World Championship and the gold medal. Subsequently, this looks like a tomboy Russians beat back in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2007 World Championships near Liu Chunhong, she still "provocation" to break the world record owned by Liu Chunhong.

2007 World Championships Liu Chunhong return from injury of the war, she is very satisfied with his final silver medal, she said: "get back the feel of the game is more important than to win the gold medal." coach group, Liu Chunhong in preparing for training and adjustment process of the Olympic Games, must own pace, the ability to win the gold medal of the world championships or other game, is not her primary task.

edit this paragraph growth experience Even though the court vigorous Field, Shandong girls in fact is a very lovely girl, her parents are farmers, home apple orchard. Liu Chunhong of parents are very enthusiastic, annual apple at home when mature, should be sent to the team a few baskets of their own production of apples, let his daughter greedy self, and second, which is a Chinese team members, coaches early adopters. Each time, Liu Chunhong always excited to see the people

asked: "how delicious apple of my bar?" In addition, the lively little girl is still a useful diamond, usually , her favorite painting, but also likes to stab the cross stitch, and even go out to the game has not forgotten with a cross-stitch. Most people would never have thought Hercules pair shook the barbell hands can make such a beautiful needlework.

in the eyes of many experts, Liu Chunhong technology did not have to pick, absolutely is a the weightlifting community of genius players, and now, after returning from injury, Liu Chunhong turn out to be more effort than before to regain the world, from the hands of the Sri liberal arts at the Beijing Olympics record, won the Olympic gold medal is her ultimate goal.

19-year-old Liu Chunhong laugh, meet the first Olympic gold medal of her life. Liu Chunhong laugh exceptionally sweet and pure, like a bright red apple, she said: "My face is fat and round, just like Apple." Kiskiskis

Liu Chunhong from famous apple township of Yantai. Her parents' home farming, operating apple orchard. Orchard is Chunhong childhood play crazy busy "paradise". Apple naturally Liu Chunhong favorite, "I am a child may eat apples, it is, at home watching TV at night can stop the mouth has been eating." Took the gold medal, Liu Chunhong miss the most is the hometown of red and crisp apple .

edit this paragraph from judo the beginning changed to weightlifting Liu Chunhong Liu Chunhong practicing judo, a good showing. As a seedling of hope, she was sent to the Yantai City Sports School, to there, Liu Chunhong, but changes the item ". "Coach said my height is too short, the future development of judo is not very good." Perhaps it was "Losing Gains" weightlifting coach said Liu Chunhong "Body, Liu Chunhong, he comes into the weightlifting hall, began in the steel world with barbell "close contact."

1998 Shandong Province coach Ma Wenhui, Liu Chunhong chance to see. "I see this child character is very cheerful, laughing and joking, wrist, ankle pretty stout, a look that is good seedling lifting weights." Ma Wenhui immediately to the the Yantai team proposed Liu Chunhong transferred to the provincial team, but Yantai team to Liu Chunhong injured "as an excuse to refuse to pay the people. So Ma Wenhui by train from Jinan to Yantai to "cut" this way, Liu Chunhong Ma Wenhui's efforts to enter the Shandong team.

edit this paragraph the stubborn temper achievements championship weightlifting competition looks like a man of war, can not see the smoke, the smell of gunpowder, no clashes between passion, not magnificent visual impact , relatively speaking, about what lifted and put down the weightlifting looks so boring.

fought for it, and barbell 8 years, Liu Chunhong has not thought of it that way, "I did not find it boring, Yantai Sports School when, because when I grew up there dice stubborn effort, just go, this 20 kg of stalks I caught it up, the course team which was also caught much someone grasp less, but I want the one you are thrust on, but finally there is a practice I did not thrust of 75 kg on! "Although the tone is not without regret, but the fact is, 6 kg difference between practice the 69kg Chun and" opponents "is perhaps the kind of child unyielding momentum achievements of Liu Chunhong, it is not a fighter that team some of the strength of the opponent is also very high, when you practice long people, only their ongoing efforts to continuously improve in order to win others! "

from the 2001 National Games champion and the 2002 Asian Games, the total score champion until last year's world champion and this year's Asian championship, to today's Olympic champion Liu Chunhong as unstoppable whirlwind blowing all over the entire cite altar.

accompanied by large and small gold medals she frequently break the world record. 5 broke the world record in the world championships last year, this year's world championships and then break the world record clean and jerk. To break their own world record in the Olympics, Liu Chunhong of stable play for all marvel.

edit the this paragraph Huayangnianhua despite daily contact with the cold barbell, but eager splendid life which the little girl in the Mood for Love? To mention Liu Chunhong so naturally lively girl! Liu Chunhong beauty

, even daily wear sportswear, she also likes to dress up too delicate. Demanding coach Ma Wenhui, They are not allowed to whitewash, Liu Chunhong only buy cosmetics all receive the drawer. Liu Chunhong one o'clock also do not care, she said: "We horse guide said, when the athlete is necessary when athletes look like., Etc. We do not practice, he did not comment again how to dress!" Kiskiskis

Liu Chunhong is a pig, so She likes to collect and pig-related gadgets. Liu Chunhong neck wears a pig pendant necklace, her favorite. "This is a buy in the Busan Asian Games, in addition to training and bath, I generally reluctant to pick." Continuous Chinese Olympics delegation passport photo, Liu Chunhong also wearing this necklace. Liu Chunhong spring-like smile

vibrant infected everyone, strength whirlwind swept the big stage of the Olympic women cite. She would also like the strength of the show, this cyclone will continue scraped

Olympic Games on August 12th

2008 years following the Chinese women weightlifters, which won two gold medals, the defending champion Liu Chunhong will participate in the 69 kg class competition to the third gold medal attack.

by Liu Chunhong In 2002 the national team, swept three gold medals in the 69kg in the second year of the World Championships, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the 19 year-old Liu Chunhong won the women's weightlifting 69kg champion.

the Olympic title in Athens, Liu Chunhong problems began to actually occur. Struggled with injuries, Liu Chunhong results declined, she was also forced to change to the 75 kg class competition. 2006, Liu Chunhong in the World Championship injured right elbow blew out state until the second half of 2007, she gradually restore the game. In the Asian Championships in May of this year, Liu Chunhong has been restored a level of 6-7 percent, but when compared with the level of the pinnacle, there is still some distance, in this case, the game experience accumulated over the years has become Liu Chunhong confident sources.

Liu Chunhong face rival Russian team's Sri liberal arts, liberal arts Sri World Championships in 2006 in one fell swoop capsule three gold medals, the 2007 World Youth Championship, Sri liberal arts maintain the snatch by Liu Chunhong broke world on record, followed by the World Championships, Liu Chunhong back from injury in the match with Sri liberal arts encounter three attempts in the clean and jerk competition, Liu Chunhong always Sri liberal arts press and hold 1 kilogram, not only last only won the runner-up, while is also seeing the opponent to break his own world record. It can be foreseen, Liu Chunhong want to glory at the Beijing Olympics, won the gold medal and will certainly have a fierce fight with the Sri liberal arts.

Russian teenager outside the Belarus player Hannah - Pakistan autumn Shaka targeting medals in the level of competition. Pakistan autumn Shaka at the Athens Olympics, won silver in the 63 kg class competition since she switched over 69kg, grades improve significantly. Her best score is 248 kilograms, this result has been enough to impact the bronze medal. Egyptian teenager

under 16 team Arbil - Khalil, is the youngest participant in the women's weightlifting, the African champion is also the gold medalist of the world youth tournament. January 13

8 in the Olympic women's weightlifting 69kg competition, Chinese players Liu Chunhong snatch 128 kg, clean and jerk 158 kg, the results of a total score of 286 kg, won the championship.

open the lift today after a maximum of 120 kg, twice in a row to the world record to attack, and broke the world record twice, and the final score was locked at 128 kg in the snatch competition.

in the clean and jerk competition, Liu Chunhong lift open 145 kg, the continuous impact the 149,158 kilograms success, hit a game broke five world record of the elephants.

This is the Chinese weightlifting team won the sixth gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, the previous Olympic Games, "Hardware" breakthrough. Chen Xie Xia, Long Qingquan, Chen Yanqing, Zhang Xiangxiang and Liao Hui had already in the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese delegation won five gold medals.

Edit this section to win the record Beijing on the afternoon of August 13, 2008, the defending champion Liu Chunhong won again in the women's weightlifting 69kg competition, which won 17 gold medals in the Olympic Games, the Chinese army. The same time, Liu Chunhong snatch the game twice broke the world record. Easily break the world record of women's weightlifting 69kg and 158 kg.

Liu Chunhong, the name is almost a household name in China, because she kept all records in the women's 69 kg weightlifting champion Athens Olympic Games and the Olympic Games in Beijing on. 2009, Liu Chunhong injured, and therefore the state is affected, but when the game yesterday, she gave up the third jerk, but still higher than the second place score of 4 kg champion.

"ended up with no lift, is the fear of injury, hope reelection London Olympic champion." After the game, Liu Chunhong explained her injury has the confidence to be able to participate in the 2012 Olympic Games, and broke her in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to create a record of 69kg weightlifting.

She also revealed that, go up at what kind of results in terms of the Olympic Games in London, after which she will be retired to go to school [1]. Atlas of the

entry Atlas

the References 1. Weightlifting: Liu Chunhong gold suspense.

extended reading: 1 Liu Chunhong won the women's 69kg weightlifting champion: http://chinadoctor.org/post/1118.html

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2. Donghua University Vice-Chancellor The edit the original meaning items

Liu Chunhong


a personal educational experience work experience and social part-time research direction of academic achievement of the international exchange of honors and awards Expand

editing this paragraph biography Liu Chunhong, female, Han nationality, was born in 1969. Business administration professor and doctoral tutor. He is currently Donghua University Party Committee, Vice-Chancellor.

edit this paragraph Education 1991 graduated from the China Textile University (now Donghua University) textile machinery professional Bachelor of Engineering degree; March 1997, graduated from the China Textile University, Textile Machinery, was a master of science degree in engineering; 2000 graduated from the Enterprise Management of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and obtained a Ph.D. in Management.

edit this paragraph work experience has Ren Dong-hua University School of Management MBA Education Center, deputy director of the Department of Banking Director, Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, Adult Education Network, Dean, assistant principal.

edit this segment of society part-time Shanghai Management Science Society, Hong Kong - the executive deputy director of the Shanghai Cooperation Learning Committee of Experts, vice president of the Shanghai Foreign Students Studying in Education Research Association.

Edit this paragraph research direction is mainly engaged in research in the field of strategic management, organization theory, and team building.

edit this paragraph academic achievement has published more than 50 papers in international journals, published the principles and techniques of cooperative learning - teaching and learning in the formation of an effective team, team organizational model --- the formation of efficient team of Chinese enterprises "books. The auspices of the National Natural Science Foundation project "Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank's network business strategic decision theory and empirical comparative study, the key project of Shanghai Municipal Education and Research Perspective of Globalization Shanghai University Oversea Education Development Strategic Research, the Government Fund Cross departmental project team research "aspect project number. the

edit this segment of the international exchange in Hong Kong Lingnan University for one year, to France, Greece, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries and regions to participate in academic conferences or exchange.

edit this paragraph honor and award-winning 2008 Outstanding Young Teachers in Shanghai, Donghua University, the first President Award in 2008, 2009, outstanding foreign students education workers. [1]

References 1. Liu Chunhong Donghua University.

3. Guangzhou Song and Dance solo actor editing the original meaning items

Liu Chunhong Music album honor status

the directory

singer resume

Liu Chunhong, female, born in Jiaozuo, Henan Province in 1974, the Chinese Communist Party, the incumbent Guangzhou Song and Dance Ensemble soloists.

edit this paragraph singer Resume joined the army in 1985, the art troupe of the Jinan Military Region, 54,774 group army. was transferred to the Jinan Military Region, the avant-garde

1988 the Dance Troupe any solo performer, as a soloist during the avant-garde Song and Dance Ensemble has dozens of large-scale theme party. Complete "Dreams", "hand hold the spring," "weatherproof hometown Road", "You are my bag, golden fishing hook," Chinese whisper "," ah, the Communist Party, " civilized China "and other songs of original music. Has participated in six provinces and one city and Shandong TV Spring Festival evening performances. Took part in a large-scale variety show In "Dreaming ninety-seven" excellent song concert held CCTV trial sky high "CCTV. 1996 CCTV "July" party held at Peking University and participate XLX performances. Recorded the theme song for the third gold medal, MA Ming Feng Xiao Xiao, "Sun Tzu Sanshiliuji", "Lu's brother," Chinese wine culture "and many other TV series and TV feature films. Award-winning drama "veterans" recorded the theme song of tears, sea water tastes sweet "to participate in the the Foreign Affairs performances visit to Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other countries. [1]

edit this paragraph albums Liu Chunhong "with the truth, I write your name"

album name: I write your name

concert singer with the truth: with Liu Chunhong

Records: the Pacific Audio

Time: August 2006 04 2011

Album Language: Mandarin album the 1CD

album introduced

pop music has flashed a new bright spot - the famous musician Yang Hunan and Guangdong Guangzhou Song and Dance Troupe singer Liu Chunhong two-pronged approach, launched a CD album at Pacific AV "I write your name with the truth." ⊙ whole decade not tailor-made for the singer album Yang Hunan and Guangdong, the famous musician, and singer Liu Chunhong combination recently launched in the Pacific AV CD album, "I write your name with the truth. Over the years, Hunan and Guangdong Yang creative people "really the truth sing forever" as the way forward, pushing new song --- "really miss you" launched Zhoubing Qian, "worried about your I" launched Gao Lin-sheng , "we sincerely thank you," launched a Genius, "you and I destined" launched Xieruo Lin ... so he won the Outstanding Music Achievement Award of Chinese pop music, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Gold Stars Award of the Ministry of Culture, Radio, Film and TV Ministry of Golden Boy Award, the Golden Shield Award of the Ministry of Public Security and a number of awards. Today, 10 years later, Yang Xiang Cantonese lyrics creative orientation is still "old truth", but to build on the album, but adjusted his practice, go to the "two-pronged approach" road, and got famous singer Liu Chunhong concert . Currently Guangzhou Song and Dance Troupe actor Liu Chunhong, came from the military, extraordinary skill. [2]

edit this paragraph honor status at the national level actors.

Chinese Musicians Association, Vice-Chairman of the Musicians' Association of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province Youth Federation.

Guangdong outstanding musicians. The Seventh

CCTV Young Singer TV Grand Prix professional group pop singing second prize;

first prize in the the whole army Arts Festival Vocal Competition performances;

six provinces and one city Young Singer TV Grand Prix gold medal first place;

third session of the Chinese broadcast songs "outstanding collection of works in the gold medal;

China Radio Literary Award first prize;

Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Radio" chant Kong Fan

Ma Wenhui

Ma Wenhui, the Shandong Province weightlifting athletes in 1994 to work, the head coach of Shandong women held in 1998, 2003, Shandong Province Sports Bureau weightlifting, taekwondo, deputy director of the Chinese women's weightlifting team head coach

1984 Shandong Province weightlifting athletes in the 1985 National Weightlifting Team 1990 Ma Wenhui

retired Shandong Province, Shandong women's weightlifting team head coach, weightlifting coach in 1998, the best sports achievements in 1995: the National the third

edit this paragraph interview with the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, China women's weightlifting, to get the four participating level 3 Ma Wenhui

championship, which 69kg, Liu Chunhong and Tang Gonghong actually, more than 75 kg class from the same door division, they are both Shandong Ji weightlifting coach Ma Wenhui students.

Ma Wenhui born in February 1968, is the the Heavy Athletic Center Ma Wenguang, director of the third brother, the early years is also a former weightlifter, but the record is far from his large the Gema Media prominent, best finish was third place in the National Championship in 1988. It can be said that when athletes, he is a very unusual player is doing exceptionally well in the positions of the coaches and the blockbuster success.

edit this paragraph, my eldest brother is my idol Reporter: After the 2004 Olympics, the two disciples, Liu Chunhong and Tang Gonghong already famous, but know that you, not many people.

Ma Wenhui: As one of the youngest coach of the weightlifting team, our team has many famous coach when athletes, the Games I can better grades just lucky nothing.

Reporter: Are you too modest?

Ma Wenhui: not humble. If you get said Liu Chunhong the rocket 69 kg class gold medal phase Ma Wenhui

more relaxed, the the Tang Gonghong 75 kg class rocket gold medal, not my big brother to their well-designed, it is finished. He specializes in the planning, assessment, and assessment of the opponent's technical tactical arrangements, evaluate our players and the opponent's mental state, his Don Reactive Red's strength and the game state assessment is very accurate, he personally designed the Tang reactive red of the program, if not design the program, no that preparation, it would be finished. Tang Gonghong

Reporter: I feel your brother in your heart, your idol?

Ma Wenhui: Yes. My older brother is 12 years older than I am, when I was little, he was already famous. He had to break the Asian record 18 times, 56 times to break the national record. He has won the 1978 Asian Games champion and 1979 National Games champion, the 1982 Asian Games championship, the 1983 National Games champion, gold medalist of the Asian Weightlifting Federation. I wanted to be like my big brother playing small, to become a man of a difference.

edit this paragraph when the team did not score a lifetime of pain reporter: you used to be a weightlifter, and would like to listen to you when players experience.

Ma Wenhui: influence of my older brother, when I was small you want to tell him to weightlifting, he encouraged me to practice, but they insisted that I study. He was further ahead, even if the practice is not out learning do not hang you. I was on the third day, he sent me a pair of weightlifting shoes, I desire to weightlifting was also unprecedented urgent. My older brother told me that you finished high school, and I agree with you to weightlifting.

Reporter: You Later that happened? By

Ma Wenhui: 1984, 60 points more than the score line results, I was admitted to a Shandong Key Caoxian one, in October of the same year, I went to the provincial sports team to weightlifting, with Zhu Shaojie batch.

Reporter: When was transferred to the national team?

Ma Wenhui: January 31, 1985 I went to Beijing to participate in the national team's training camp, was Huang Qiang Hui took me.

Reporter: achievements in the national team how?

Ma Wenhui: national team training in recent years, the best finish is third place in the 1988 National Championship.

Reporter: Why?

Ma Wenhui: I practiced weightlifting relatively late, their own terms and conditions are not very good strength, plus the psychological pressure was trained and a little anxious, and later to his practice injury - cardiac insufficiency, always feel chest does not come to that tone, to simmer Ma Wenhui

fast enough. In 1989, I went back to Shandong, adjustment six months back, the results on the national championship in April 1990, I injured vertebral compression fractures. In this case, that is, keep a good hurt to practice, there will not be any breakthroughs.

Reporter: It seems that the experience of the national team number so that you somewhat unforgettable.

Ma Wenhui: you do not know that I was trained in how hard I cite but others, give yourself extra lessons, but every time all turn out to be watery. Once, I jumped from the second floor of the training hall, lying in the snow, let the tears rushing to flow in the face, not train the results, I was stuck on it. It can be said, I could not when players get good grades regret of my life.

edit this section when the coach is to make up for the regret reporter: you as a coach is to accomplish a long-cherished wish?

Ma Wenhui: I'm not doing well, then feel sorry for Big Brother. I am determined to make achievements in the future, to return big brother for helping me.

Reporter: After retiring to charge the charge?

Ma Wenhui: not simple charging Shandong Institute of Physical Education Professional systematically read the four-year undergraduate, I started school in July 1990, then in order to maintain their level of training or while learning side.

Reporter: 4 years learning harvest what?

Ma Wenhui: by reading books of their own self-confidence. My grades every year to get the whole school year when the first and second grade, my campaign when the union president. I understand and comprehend the theoretical knowledge in the learning process, a qualitative leap, some things in the practice of how practice also training does not come out, until they do not practice, knowledge of learning theory, all of a sudden produce an epiphany . 4 years, I often epiphany feeling.

reporter: a graduation went to when coach?

Ma Wenhui: No, when I graduated from college, went to the Foreign Trade Commission of Shandong Province, and worked for some time in Qingdao. the

Reporter: Then how to return to the provincial sports team do?

Ma Wenhui: 1995, Shandong Province weightlifting team head coach Liu Yuehong Provincial Sports Technical Institute reflect the weightlifting team needs a young coach. I was born is engaged in weightlifting, received the theoretical study of the system, when the results when athletes, so there is always a feeling of their dreams. Thought, and decided to return to their line of work to do foreign trade, regression weightlifting, doing a weightlifting coach. Thus, in May 1995, I went back to provincial team with the women's team.

Edit this section to speak with the results Reporter: you back to the provincial team, your brother seems to have been when the Sheng Tiwei the leadership of Ma Wenhui

not afraid of you so that we can bring some negative impact to your brother?

Ma Wenhui: To be honest, when athletes when I did not do a good job, I felt I'm sorry brother, he brought me into the door. The reason I answer should be the coach, is to feel okay. Of course, I also felt the pressure on him, so I have been relatively low-key.

Reporter: Shandong women's team was how the status of the country?

Ma Wenhui: Shandong women's team in the country built a team time earlier, first built in 1983 team won several national team title from 1987 to 2000, 14 years no longer took the team title.

Reporter: Are you with the women's team began to bear fruit when it, when they began a large area "harvest" it?

Ma Wenhui: 1996, I took a 75-kg class national championship. At that time, I went to the women's team when the coach just one year.

1998 years when the head coach of the women's team, two years later, in 2000, we get back a long absence, the 14-year national team title; 2001 National Games, my players for the the Shandong group back 3 gold medals, one silver medal. 2002 Asian Games, my players, Liu Xia, Liu Chunhong, Tang Gonghong won the Asian Games gold medal in the 63kg, 69kg and 75 kg class in the three-level. I finally proved himself with the results.

edit this paragraph Xingqingzhongren most letter to the Tiandaochouqin Reporter: achieved such excellent results should have your place in the national team.

Ma Wenhui: I was the end of 2001 came to Beijing as the national team coach, responsible for training in Shandong with two students Liu Chunhong and Tang Gonghong. everyone saw

Reporter: achievements, but certainly a lot of hard work behind, that we listen to.

Ma Wenhui: people the world record at the Athens Olympics, in addition to shooting a 5 3 Liu Chunhong body, two Tang Gonghong body. Everybody saw them by the brilliant side, however, in June last year before the start of the Olympic Games, Liu Chunhong of hand injuries, considerable pressure, I have never encountered such a situation, his players before the big game sudden injury ......

reporter: later how "pretty" and passed it?

Ma Wenhui: I also worry that time, the amount of smoke. I went to Beijing in Shandong, a friend came to see me, look at me in a bad mood, deliberately Training Council on hostel stay to accompany me to talk. He said to me: brothers as long as you mentality is, a man would not suffer, you turn out to be so bitter, I have seen, the ancient Is not there a saying "Him", you turn out to be so bitter, God not ill-treat you.

my friend's words, to put me in tears. I thank him for his psyche.

Reporter: I can see that you are a sentimentalist.

Ma Wenhui: Yes, my heavy feelings.

edit this paragraph own team moved Reporter: two players, and took the Olympic champion and world record, this time a lot of getting rewards, you and they both master take double bonus, how have seven or eight hundred thousand, right?

Ma Wenhui: more than you say seven or eight hundred thousand more (laughs).

Reporter: As an athlete, there is no shock results and success as a trainer but you summarize? Why? the

Ma Wenhui: First ourselves have a clear position, we can achieve today Ma Wenhui

kind of results, not my personal how strong, but by a team, the coach, the players, the team doctor, researchers, and even up from places services for our staff, we have achieved a credit to everyone. There is no prize money up for us from the local service staff, we will be absorbed from the bonus part to them. the

Secondly, the training of coaches in addition to the athletes should do a good job, but also the idea of ​​the athletes guide, but also consider the vital interests of the athletes. I told the athletes to communicate very well, and there are few barriers.

Reporter: Can you give an example?

Ma Wenhui: you such as Liu Chunhong players never raised personal requirements. Even though she is small, especially considerate. 2003 World Championships kick the holiday week, we are the last batch to go to the Shandong Sports Bureau report finished with the leadership, the team prepared to return to Yantai, Beijing side team to Liu Chunhong arrange a program on CCTV, I was dilemma, players finally have a holiday week, Liu Chunhong her father lumbar disc at home, lying Mile, want to see the girl side bar any connection with the television said, I drove in Weifang connected Liu Xia, to Yantai then Liu Chunhong I told her, Chun has a mission, and can only stay a little longer at home, the children did not speak, the tears go out into the nasty, I sat in the car, the heart is called uncomfortable. This is our team, task and told to stay away.

Reporter: after the Olympic Games, some other team frequently pick up some commercial activities, you no idea?

Ma Wenhui: My older brother Education With scores after the return to the community to return the sport. Few commercial activities after the Olympics, also return with the return to the community sports related. Personally, I would like to read the graduate, chose the two players to be a coach, which is to solve the players to worry about.

edit this paragraph Postscript during an interview with Ma Wenhui's, we almost did not how involved the weightlifting team "gold secrets", chat basically is "parents in a short", but I often always these "parents short" moved forward, shocked. The

entries Atlas Atlas

extended reading: 1 http://news.sina.com.cn/o/2005-01-10/13204773099s.shtml

2 http://www.zhongyiyao.net/bbs/thread-3273-1-1.html

3 http://news.sxtcm.com/web/view/?id=122

Open Category: People coaching athletes weightlifting Shanxi specialty doctors

2. Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine physician edit this the the directory

the meaning

Ma Wenhui

Profile Publications topics

edit this paragraph Profile Ma Wenhui [1]

Ma Wenhui, male, chief physician, Master Instructor, Mr. Liu Shaowu, the first batch of old TCM disciples, the second batch of Chinese medicine clinical talents the three Second Hospital of Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine the six diseases Research Office, the first doctors of the hospital, was awarded the honorary title of "Shanxi Province Outstanding Youth Science and Technology Award" and the Association of Chinese Medicine "Star of Science". Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, vice chairman of the Professional Committee of three six diseases.

bear the Ministry of Science and Technology "Eleventh Five-Year Technology Support Program 2, a scientific and technological project of Shanxi Provincial Health Department, written five scholarly writings, published more than 40 papers, developed six types of preparations varieties (God Kang mixture, stomach Kang Mixture, pancreatic health Mixture, Gankang mixture, the lung Kang mixture, Picao agents, etc.).

clinical specializes in the treatment of stomach illness, rheumatological disease, cancer, disease, old age disease, diabetes and its complications, motor neuron disease (such as myasthenia gravis), blood disorders (such as purpura), psychosomatic illness, particularly unique by the media as the Shanxi specialty doctors. edit

this paragraph papers published more than thirty professional journals at home and abroad, "Mr. Liu Shaowu their theories and ideas Introduction representative" three positioning and six diseases dialectic "," Three Yin Sanyang when bit dialectical " ancient astronomical calendar speculative framework of the basic theory of TCM "," six syndromes identified six diseases, "is divided into three three-Yin Sanyang the important positioning" in the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes ideas " , "Liu Shaowu, teacher the experience introduced" treatment of neoplastic diseases, "Treatise on the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal syndromes".

edit this paragraph writings (1) common infectious diseases of integrative medicine, technology "(Science Press).

(2) "the Shanxi Province, the famous Chinese medicine experience meta" (People's Health Publishing House).

(3) "Liu Shaowu, commenting on Febrile Diseases" (Traditional Chinese Medicine Press).

(4) "Liu Shaowu, three six disease biography about record" (Science Press)

, () epidemics and infectious diseases clinics norms "(Science Press)

(6)" treating disease common sense "(Ancient Chinese medicine Press)

edit this paragraph topics (1) "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program - adapt to the research and application of technologies and products (the Rural Health Rural Health to adapt to the technology demonstration - "Treatise on three six disease theory system of promotion, applied research).

(2) Health Department of Shanxi Province scientific and technological plan - "Treatise on the Three Yin Sanyang diagnosis and treatment system reconstruction. Are projects Moderator.

(3) "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program, "Journal of External Therapy of Traditional Chinese signature treatments and external treatment technology demonstration study" - anti-inflammatory analgesic cream treat rheumatoid joint pain clinical clinical demonstration. Collaboration with the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiyuan Hospital. the Midwest Universities Directly under the discipline reform - three six diseases academic innovation team

(4) construction

(5) Shanxi Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine - three the six diseases academic genre studio the construction

reference data 1. Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ma Wenhui. the

Further reading: 1 http://www.zhongyiyao.net/bbs/thread-9655-1-1.html

five Drainage the Second Municipal Committee Vice Chairman edit the original meaning items

Ma Wenhui

Ma Wenhui, female, Hui, Changji City, Xinjiang, born in July 1957, October 1974 to participate in the work of Communist Party members, [1] the text in Vocational

degree (Central Agricultural Broadcasting School of township enterprise management professional), the Lands Division titles. The incumbent Wujiaqu second Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC, party members

former military families farm NongLiuShi a series of workers, the deputy secretary of the Youth League branch confidentiality member, deputy secretary, secretary, section chief of the group of engineering, farm Party Standing Committee, unions Chairman, CPPCC Wujiaqu session of the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, committee member.

References 1. Wujiaqu second Vice-Chairman of the Committee. NongLiuShi Wujiaqu-government portal. August 20, 2012 [reference date 2012-08-20].

extended reading: 1 http://wwww.wjq.gov.cn/ld/mwh.asp

4. Qiqihar University Professor editing academic part-time the the original meaning items

Ma Wenhui


educational background research field representative thesis work the experience

edit this paragraph educational background graduated in July 1992 from the Qiqihar Light Industry Institute of Polymer Materials and Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering degree;

2001 March graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University Applied Chemistry received a Master of Science degree in engineering; graduated from

2011 March Fine Chemical, Dalian University of Technology, State Key Laboratory of Applied Chemistry, professional, and received his Ph.D. degree.

edit this paragraph academic part-time "Chemical Research in Chinese Universities", "Chemical Journal reviewers.

Edit this paragraph the main research areas presided over the completion of the Heilongjiang Province Young College academic backbone support projects, science and technology research projects of the Provincial Department of Education, Qiqihar City Youth Foundation, Daqing Hi-tech Innovation Service Center project each one, currently presided Qiqihar Industrial a research project.

interesting research direction: fluorescent molecular probes; dendrimers; oilfield chemicals.

Edit this paragraph representative papers 1, Wenhui Ma, Qun Xu, Bo Song, et al.Bis-coumarins bridged by thiocarbazide as novel fluorescent sensor for Fe. Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 396-398: 2137-2140.

2, Ma Wenhui, Wei Xia, Xu Qun, fluorescent coumarin probe containing an aqueous solution of iodine ions enhanced recognition. Chimica Sinica, 2012, 70 (7): 917-920

3, Ma Wenhui, Han Hongyan Xu Qun, etc. coumarin fluorescence enhancement Fine Chemical Industry, 2012, 29 (5): 425-428

4, Wenhui Ma Qun Xu, Jianjun Du et al. A Hg-selective chemodosimeter based on desulfurization of coumarin-type Cu fluorescent molecular probes. thiosemicarbazide in aqueous media, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 2010,76 (2): 248-252

5, Ma Wenhui, Xu Qun, Sun Xiaodong, et al. petroleum sulfonate-based heavy oil emulsification viscosity reducer and its performance evaluation national oilfield chemical applications and production engineering technology exchange will 7

6, Ma Wenhui, Xiao-Jun Peng, Xu Qun, such as coumarin fluorescent sensor. Progress in Chemistry, 2007,19 (9): 1258-1266

7, Ma Wenhui, Zhao Xu Qun, such as oil sulfonate and its heavy oil emulsion viscosity reduction performance, oil and natural gas chemical industry, 2006,35 ( 1): 57-59

8, Ma Wenhui, Jianglong Bo, Xu Qun, N, N'-double acyl ethylenediamine diacetate Synthesis and Properties of chemical and adhesive .2006,28 (6): 440 - 443

9, Ma Wenhui, Yang Bo, Chen Zhiqiang, starch synthesis of alkyl glycosides and their performance, Beijing Technology and Business University, 2005,23 (3): 6-8

10 Ma Wenhui, Zhao Xu Qun, such as Daqing heavy oil composite demulsifier, oil field chemicals, 2005,22 (2) :147-149

11, Ma Wenhui, Xing Fenglan, Liangmeng Lan, et al. polyoxyethylene rosin acid ester sulfosuccinate monoester disodium salt synthesis and performance, fine Petrochemicals, 2004,5 ​​(4): 4-6

12 of the Ma Wenhui, Liang Menglan, Yuan Hong, low temperature emulsification of the oil viscosity reducer Development and application of the BL-1 Oilfield Chemistry, 2002, 19 (20): 134 the-136

13, Ma Wenhui, Qian Yu, Liang Menglan, etc. BL-1 in the Daqing Heidimiao exploitation of heavy oil in the Oil and Gas Field Surface Engineering, 2002,21 (5): 36

14, Ma Wenhui, Liangmeng Lan, Yuan Hong viscosity reducer. heavy oil O/W emulsion stability, Chemical Journal, 2002,16 (5): 23-26

15, Ma Wenhui. Resistance to low-temperature heavy oil emulsification reducer formulation research, International surfactant and detergent Conference in 2002 (seventh), the research project was 2002,7

award-winning achievements and the honorary title

presided One of the Heilongjiang Provincial Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award Award a been a scientific and technological progress in Qiqihar City, the third prize; 2007 selected third echelon of Qiqihar City Chemical Engineering and technical disciplines.

Edit this section work experience Qiqihar Light Industry College assistant researcher of the Institute of Organic Synthesis

1998.09-2001.03 Beijing Technology and Business University Applied Chemistry 1992.09-1998.07 professional master's degree

2001.04-2005.04 Qiqihar University College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Teaching and Research Office Staff Member teaching and research director of the Office of

2010.01-2011.07 Qiqihar University, deputy secretary of Materials Science and Engineering, Qiqihar University, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

2005.05-2009.12, vice president

2011.07-far Qiqihar University Materials Science and Engineering College party committee secretary of the party committee secretary of the party committee secretary [1]

Yang Yun

Yang Yun, the Chinese gymnastics women's team captain, won the fifth of the Sydney Olympic Games women's the height rod bronze medal and floor exercise. June 2009 on suspicion of forgery age to participate in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games by the International Gymnastics Federation survey. February 27, 2010, the International Gymnastics Federation announced on its official website the findings of the Chinese gymnastics women's 2000 Olympic Games Age fraud case due to insufficient evidence, the FIG just give Yang Yun warning punishment. the

Gender: Female

zodiac: mouse


ancestral home of the People's Republic of China: Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province,

the current household registration: Zhuzhou City

, Hobbies: dancing, music, playing, shopping

the blood type: O

Yang Yun photo (14 )

mother: Zhao Qiaoe

father: the Yang Shunming

Yang Yun's parents were gymnastics coaches. the

husband: Yang Wei

Edit this paragraph personal file character: humor outgoing

to the good at sports: Gymnastics

favorite color: the pink

favorite doll: Hello Kitty

hear the music: the pop music

favorite people: Mom and Dad music: pop jazz classical music the dance

like books

like: the novel love artistic life the essays

like movies: TV romantic comedy the animation

like: idol love family costume comedy plot

Edit this paragraph personal experience began practicing in 1989 the gymnastics

1993 - 1996 August 1999 to participate in the National Gymnastic Championship held in Kunming, Yunnan, won the women's balance beam edited into the professional team in Hunan Gymnastics training center

1994 of

1996 into the Training Bureau of the National Sports Commission Gymnastics team

the main achievements in this paragraph first place. in September

1999 to participate in the fourth was held in Xi'an City Games gymnastics competition, won the women's all-around women's vault, women's individual all-around women's balance beam four champion, won the women's floor exercise second. In May,

2000 to participate in the National Gymnastics Championships held in Wuhan, in the women's vault first. In September,

2000 fifth by the Sydney Olympics groups Runner-up

2000 years Sydney Olympic Games women's uneven bars bronze medal and floor exercise. In September,

2001 participate in the Goodwill Games, pulled out injured.

2001 National Gymnastics Championships team first.

2001 In September he was appointed women's gymnastics team captain. Ninth National Games

2001 year groups.

2003 World University Games team title. National Championships Almighty

2002 years, vault, uneven bars, balance beam third, floor exercise. On Apr. 29 years,

2010 the International Olympic Committee officially announced, due to participate in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Chinese women's gymnastics team, including players under 16 years of age when Dong Fangxiao, deprived of the Chinese team, including Yang Yun woman gymnastics team bronze medal, to change granted American team.

edit the segment of personal achievements the Chinese gymnastics women's team captain, won the women's uneven bars bronze medal in the Sydney Olympics and floor exercise.

edit this paragraph age fraud in June 2009 for alleged forgery of age to participate in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the International Gymnastics Federation survey. February 27, 2010, the International Gymnastics Federation announced on its official website the findings of the Chinese gymnastics women's 2000 Olympic Games Age fraud case due to insufficient evidence, the FIG just give Yang Yun warning punishment. when

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the FIG in Beijing see the the CCTV interview video of Yang Yun, recognized only 14 years old when she had said that he participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and Dong Fangxiao a blog that he was born in 1985. The FIG said, if it is confirmed that the two age of FIG able to make the punishment is to cancel the results of the two game. Not get cancel Medals depends on the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). was established in June 2009,

the FIG Disciplinary Committee, they will be ordered to investigate the "age gate", February 27, 2010 the International Gymnastics Federation on two Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao and Yang Yun age fraud investigation after the decision, Yang Yun's age problem is punishable by a warning because of insufficient evidence only.

edit this paragraph retired in 2004, chose to retire, Yang Yun began to seek new development. After leaving the army in September 2006 Yang Yun Communication University of China Broadcasting and host enrolled as a student, studying Broadcasting and the auspices of the Department of Communication University of China, signed sports agency, served as the guest host of CCTV Olympic Channel. career of the

edit this paragraph 2005 Yang Yun shot in Hollywood movie 's stick it "(" firm "or translated as" Girl, turned ") in the film, Yang Yun plays an Asian gymnast, appear In the gymnastics arena. The film is shot by the Walt Disney Company investment, Yang Yun is the only Asian actor in the movie, some U.S. Olympians and famous gymnast of France, Spain, Australia and other countries took part in the shooting of the film. Yang Yun is the only movie Asian athletes, and became the first Hollywood Chinese gymnast.

edit this paragraph marriage November 6, 2008, Yang Yun and gymnast Yang Wei married.

the wedding on Yang Yun (18)

2009 year at 9:22 on November 6, Yang Yun Yang Wei birth to son in Hong Kong, called "Yang Wenchang (" Yang Yang Yang "). 10 months after the birth of his son, Yang Yang Yun with Aiko on the program for the first time, the couple, together with Yang Yang Yang, Yang Yun parents and son "," participation "very quiet distance program recording. the

edit this paragraph, Variety the every day up 20100917

entries Atlas Atlas

extended reading: 1 Chongqing Lifan team main defender

of Open Category: sports celebrity figures gymnast China women's gymnastics team eighties players

2. footballer edit the original meaning items

Yang Yun

(1988 -) is a Chinese football player to debut in Shanghai Shenhua, who currently plays for Nanchang Bayi, wearing a No. 4 jersey.

Yang Yun junior high school student at the Shanghai Shenhua soccer school, after successfully entering Shenhua echelon. 2007 due to the merger Shenhua Union City, overstaffed, Yang Yun almost left Shenhua club, but eventually loaned to Singapore Liaoning Guangyuan, but did not get a chance to play.

2008 years, Yang Yun for the first time into the first team list, but also due to the outstanding performance in a friendly, attracted the attention of the Serie A giants Juventus, was invited by Italy workout. early to join in a of Nanchang Bayi balance source

2009 Super League after the team rushed.

2011 move to A Chongqing Lifan four games before the season are starting to play

3. the the Henan Province 民政厅厅长, party secretary edit the original meaning

Yang Yun

the directory

personal resume the division of


the expand the

personal Resume born in July 1952, female, Han nationality, Henan Xiangcheng people, Communist Party members, college degree.

[1] February

1970 to April 1986, he was appointed private teachers in Xiangcheng County, Township, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League, the deputy director of the county Women's Federation, the county secretary of the Communist Youth League, the township party secretary; from April to

1986 November 1989 Xiangcheng County Deputy Magistrate; from November

1989 May 1996, he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Pingdingshan Municipal Women's Federation, chairman, party secretary; May

1996 to December 1998, he was appointed Communist China Luohe Municipal Committee, Publicity Minister;

1998 December 2001 September of any Communist China Luohe Municipal Committee of Ministers of the Organization; Henan Province Women's Federation from September to

2001 October 2002, vice chairman and deputy party secretary; October

2002 party secretary of Henan Province Women's Federation, Chairman;

2008 years since March Ren the Henan Province 民政厅厅长, deputy party secretary, party secretary.

the auspices of the division of work between the overall work of the Department of Civil Affairs.

References 1. Source. Henan Civil Affairs Department [reference date 2012-06-3].

Further reading: http://www.henanmz.gov.cn/xxgk/xxgkl/ldjj/

Open Category: People officials

Northeastern University teachers edit the original meaning items

Yang Yun education and work experience

1995.9 -1999.7 Northeastern University, applied mathematics undergraduate/learning

1999.7-2003.9 Fujian Start Computer Inc.

2003.9-2006.4 Northeastern University, basic mathematics graduate/learning

2006.4-date Northeastern University College of Teachers

main courses taught Undergraduate

: Modern Cryptography election stresses of modern analysis, linear algebra modern algebra Selected Readings utility differential geometric

Graduate: topology based on modern algebra foundation differentiable manifolds foundation submanifold geometry


Faculty of Science 2006 -2008 annual research work the advanced personal

research direction of the National Natural Science Foundation of


of differential geometry

research project (teaching and research) and the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation jointly funded collaborative research project: "Information Geometry Method and Application";

countries Natural Science Fund Committee and the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation international seminar jointly funded project "methods and applications of differential geometry. the

published papers and writings

1. classification of of secondary surfaces in three-dimensional Minkowski space. Northeastern University (Natural Science) 2007.6

Guangxi Normal teachers edit the original meaning items

Yang Yun graduate, graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music, and is currently in piano teachers.

young, learning music, and in 2003 graduated from the Central China Normal University, and subsequent learning piano performance under the tutelage of the famous piano educator Professor Xie Meiai, studied Wuhan Conservatory piano playing and teaching direction graduate from 2006, where he studied under the famous piano educator Luguan Hua Professor, May 23, 2009 in Wuhan Conservatory Huangzhong Concert Hall held a solo piano concert, to obtain a master's degree. the the

personal section Awards:

1, 2009, in the fourth cross-strait four Youth Arts Festival Competition the best counseling Award piano major;

2, 2009 February, in third Hong Kong International Youth Arts section finals, the International Outstanding Mentor Award;

3 November 2008, in the third Hong Kong International Youth Arts Festival, won the best counseling Award;

4 In July 2008, the eighth teenagers in the dandelion excellent artistic new selection of activities, was awarded jointly issued by the China Children's Culture and Arts Promotion Association six units owned by the Ministry of Culture Gardener Award;

5, in May 2008, in excellent the 2008 the Chutian Art Contest cum (Ministry of Culture) dandelion eighth teenagers Art new of Hubei selection activities (the CYL Central) stars Torch Fifth China Youth Arts excellence Hubei nomination exercise instructor Prize was awarded jointly issued by the Musicians' Association of Hubei Province, five units;

6 In December 2005, the first in Hubei the eighth the CASIO cup keyboard Competition won Gardener Award;

7 April, 2004, awarded by the Wuhan Conservatory Piano Teacher Excellence Award. the

served courses: piano

6. Dai Ouni Diamond, co-president of the shares of urban network editing the original meaning items

Yangyun Ning Xia Yinchuan people, 27-year-old e-commerce graduate in 2005, the founder shares urban network in Guangdong Province in October 2006, operator's shares urban network simulation software stocks in 2007 were to enter the industry first, the website into the year's Top 10 Financial portal; October 2007 by Nankai University, Central University of Finance invited to the lecture --- stocks on GEM, after several universities invited to the invited lecture venture topic; 2008 Shanghai Stock Exchange, shares of urban network is rated as the investor education website, many times during the SW, Guoxin Securities, the Great Wall Securities, Northeast Securities, and other major securities firms cooperation analog stocks have made outstanding contributions to the selection of personnel for the securities industry, the same year the shares urban network in major banks, brokerages, and traditional media partnerships, securities market window; 2009 shares of urban network by several reports, published content invited included to the news source, the major search enter full media age! 2009 加入戴欧妮, responsible for branding, strategic cooperation. ghost Emperor edit,

7. five parties ghosts Emperor in northern the the original meaning items

Yang Yun Gehong documented five parties ghosts Emperor "the Yuanshi aiming Assembly of Immortals", Wen said: northern ghost Emperor Zhang Heng Yang Yun, Governance Luo Feng Shan, oriental ghost Timor governance peach ended Hill, Southern ghost Timor governance Luofu Mountain, Western ghost Timor governance streamers Otsuka Mountain, Central ghost Timor governance Bao Du Mountain

Oriental ghost Emperor Cai Yu barrier: God tea, governance "peach ended Mountain" "gates of hell"

Western ghost Emperor Zhao: the king real ghost Timor, the rule "bamboo brush for utensils I

the north: Zhang Heng, Yang Yun, cure Luo Feng Shan";

of Southern ghost Emperor: Du Zairen, governance "Rover Mountain";

Central ghost the Emperor: begging, JI Kang, governance "Bao Du Mountain"

8 Yunnan Province, Maitreya one Yinti Mei teaching and research, long-editing the original meaning

Yang Yun [1]

Yang Yun, male, born in August 1962, 82 years work, graduated from the Art Institute of Yunnan music education bachelor degree, complete a full course of the Southwestern University graduate course (direction), in September 1995, he was appointed the Maitreya Yin Timei teaching and research in one long since, incumbent Mile County Arts Education Professional Committee chairman, the vice chairman of the County Federation of Literary and Musicians Association, Music Education and member of the Council of Honghe Prefecture. Presided over the principles of study music, sports activity classes, approaches and methods "(state-level issues in 2005, qualified acceptance)

works: the chorus of" the Austin River Song "(the bell and Mori word) was a state-level competitions Excellence Award ; the choral "A fine Zaza won the First Prize at the county level. main thesis of

: Music education in how to cultivate the students' innovative consciousness and practical ability "(provincial third prize);

of Music Lessons disciplines drawbacks and Countermeasures (county-level first prize), the main social activities: 83 participate in the county's first farmers' variety show, an art director, the program director's "the Dongshan new look" was outstanding program award; 92 to participate in the third China Art Festival, Ren Yunnan university students chorist of stage art deco. 2003 to participate in the Red River State "love of his hometown, praises Red River Choral Competition, any command.

References 1. The Maitreya education.

9. Zhongshan University Dr., Professor editing the original meaning items

Yang Yun


basic information on research topics of the directory/Publications/Research Projects essential social services/Social Services

Edit this paragraph the basic information

Yang Yun/Yun YANG

Associate Professor/Associate Professor

Dr. (China, Sun Yat-sen University, 2007)/Ph.D. (Sun Yat-sen University, 2007)

Speaker the curriculum/Courses

Human Resource Management (undergraduate)/Human Resource Management (Undergraduate)

Marketing (undergraduate )/Marketing Management (Undergraduate)

antechamber Room Management (undergraduate)/Front Office and Housekeeping Management (Undergraduate)

and edit this paragraph research topics/Research Projects [1] presided: Sun Yat-sen University teaching reform project: three-dimensional cube learning model tourism courses (2005-2006)

[2] Moderator: Sun Yat-sen University teaching reform project: research to develop students' scientific research ability of the applied disciplines: Tourism Discipline (2008-2009)

edit this section of the catalog/Publications [1] Yang Yun. senior management team composed of the empirical study of the relationship between the characteristics and Hotel Performance - Hunan, Guangdong Province, upscale star hotel, for example. Tourism Science, 2008,22, (1): 49-56/Yang , Empirical Study on the Relation between the Demographic Characteristics of Top Management Team and Hotel Performance: a Case Study of Three and Higher Stared Hotels in Hunan and Guangdong Provinces. Tourism Science, 2008,22, (1): 49-56

[2] Yang Yun. ability characteristics of different ownership hotel's general manager. Guilin Tourism College, 2008, 19 (2): 259-262./Yang, Y. Comparative Study of Capabilities of Gener4al Manager with Different Ownership Hotels.Journal of Guilin Institute of Tourism, 2008,19 (2) :259-262

[3] Yang Yun, Review of foreign hospitality human resources management research [J]. Tourism Tribune, 2006, (2) :82-88./Yang , Y. A Review of Human Resource Management in Overseas Hospitality Industry.Tourism Tribune, 2006, (2) :82-88.

[4] Yang Yun. recent progress of the foreign tourism human resources management research. Tourism Science, 2005, ( 6) :11-20/Yang, Y. Recent Advances in Tourism Human Resource Management in Foreign Countries.Tourism Science, 2005, (6) :11-20

[5] Yang Yun International Hotel Group expansion of China's Hotel Group Development strategy. Hubei University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2002, (1): 32 - 34/Yang Y. Expansion of International Hotel Groups and Strategies of Syndicating Chinese Hotels, Transaction of Hubei University (Social Science Version), 2002, (1 ): 32 ~ 34

[6] Yang Yun. tourism development planning studies. Hubei University (Natural Science), 2000, (4): 387 ~~ 392/Yang, Y. et al. Development Planning of Tourism Agriculture. Transaction of Hubei University (Science Version), 2000, (4): 387 ~ 392

Zhang, Q. Yang Y. A Study on Tourist Agriculture Pacific Tourism Association Fifth Annual Conference, 23-25 ​​August 1999, Hong Kong SAR, China

[7] Yang Yun. optimize China's state-owned hotel management mode. Hubei University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 1999, (3): 22 to 24/Yang, Y. et al. Optimization of Managerial Model of The State-Owned Hotels Transaction of Hubei University (Social Science Version), 1999, (3): 22 24

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[11] senate. Tourism Marketing Management. Northeast University of Finance and Economics Press, 1999 1/Chapter 5 and Chapter 10 Planning and Control of Tourism Marketing In: Management of Tourism Marketing. Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Press. 1999

edit this paragraph, the main social services/Social Services [1] participation: local projects commissioned "Hunan tourism development master plan" completed

[2] to participate: local projects commissioned Huangshan Tourism Development Master Plan "completed

[3] participation: local projects commissioned Huizhou City Tourism planning revision, completed

[4] participation: local projects commissioned Guilin Tourism planning revision has been completed [1]

References 1. Source:.

10. editor of the revolutionary martyrs the original meaning items

Yang Yun Yang Yun (1900 to 1970), Sichuan Province, Pakistan County. January 26

1933 years, Yang Yun led 207 poor farmers and three brother joined the Red Army in Guangyuan County, Sichuan Province, the Fourth Front is compiled into an independent commando captain. April 1, joined the Chinese Communist Party. In March 1935, the Red Fourth Army to leave the Soviet District Long March. On the way, as pioneers of large forces commando led by Yang Yun. August 1937, Yang Yun was incorporated the six hundred eighty-five Regiment of the 115th Division. In January 1939, Shandong and northern Jiangsu area, with local guerrillas eds as Sulu Henan detachment, any second battalion marched seven series long. March 4, was ordered to attack Feng county, stubborn resistance to enemy troops with rugged city defense fortifications, Yang Yun body in 9 bomb. In 1940, Yang Yun was forces to stay in Siyang County, Jiangsu Province, Sichuan town has Ren Zhenchang, mayor, mayor and other staff. Returning to their units in 1946, the in the Invalides workhouse work. In July, the voluntary request to participate in agricultural production, placed in Shandong Junan ten thousand mountain village. Since then, served as brigade Party branch secretary and district (commune) party members and other staff. In September 1951, Yang Yun was elected to attend the People's Conference held in Beijing's old base. In 1952, Yang Yun, a record corn yield of 500 kg of record, to attend the East China Agricultural labor model in recognition of the General Assembly, was named the Eastern Region of corn production PL model. 1956, attended the first national family members of martyrs, revolutionary disabled, demobilized soldiers and Yongjunyouzhu model congress. In 1959, any road Tsochen ShiLiaoChang the director. January 12, 1970, Yang Yun died. In May, the Shandong Provincial Revolutionary Committee approved him as a revolutionary martyr. [1]

References 1. Camp County of Shandong Province in love geographical information database. the

open Category: People Pakistan the martyrs

11. Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Telecommunications Institute Professor editing the original meaning items

of Yang Yun


research direction research direction in the research project

Edit this paragraph research directions himself in recent years has undertaken the National Natural Science Foundation-funded project "Physical Chemistry of ancient Chinese ceramics basis and Applied Research (No. 59732025) subproject" ceramics computer entry and digitization "," ancient Chinese ceramics structure database and ceramic formulations optimized system software development; National Natural Science Foundation project "ancient enamel complex phase microstructure quantitative analysis and application of research" (No. 50372037), is primarily responsible for database development, image processing and graphical analysis of research and software development projects; presided over Shaanxi provincial key projects, "agricultural development facilities and quality of agricultural production expert system" (Code: 2004K01-G11), is mainly responsible for the overall design and software development work in the project; chaired the Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Basic Research Program "ceramic glaze recipe optimization Design and Implementation "(No.: SJ08E103); primarily responsible for the overall design and algorithm research project; undertook the project" in Baoji and surrounding areas building ceramic raw performance database development the subprojects database construction in Baoji Technology Bureau (No.: XK0910- 9); auspices of the Special Research Program of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education participation of GSM wireless network evaluation and optimization of the design of the system and achieve "(No.: 2010JK419); presided over Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Project (No.: XK0910-9); horizontal project "telecommunications data portal reported Group special work of subcontractors", "Shaanxi Telecom data warehouse platform two subcontracting" and many other. Four of published books, and has published more than 40 academic articles, including EI, 16, 5 patents.

Edit this paragraph in the research project. auspices of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education Fund for Nature project a a (ID: 2010JK419),;

2 presided over science and technology projects in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, a (Number: XK0910-9.);

3. participate in Xi'an Technology Bureau projects a (ID: NC10016);

edit this paragraph, the current research directions of data warehouse and data mining;

2. networking applications and information security;

3. distributed systems and computer networks;

4 embedded computer applications technology ;

5. intelligent decision support system;

6 information systems and artificial intelligence.

12. Yunnan Nationalities University professor edit the the the original meaning items

Biography Education and Research of of Yang Yun


edit this paragraph Biography Lisu Research Center of Yunnan Nationalities University Distinguished Research Fellow male, Lisu, born in December 1967, Professor Dr. Master Instructor. Currently the director of the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching, Party branch secretary. Main work experience: served as deputy secretary of the Yunnan Agricultural University, Student Deputy Director, Youth League secretary, Communist Party Propaganda Minister, Communist China Xiangyun County deputy secretary (Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department selected), Humanities and Social Science, Yunnan Agricultural University Party Branch secretary. courses

edit this paragraph is mainly responsible for education and scientific research: PhD programs: "Marxism and Contemporary"; graduate courses: "Marxism ※ The notion," the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics research "," Marxist party theory "Marxism Agricultural Thought"; undergraduate courses: "Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics".

major academic works:

[1] monograph "Marxist vision of agricultural development: theoretical perspective mode build path", Yunnan People's Publishing House, 2009;

[2] monograph "western nation leapfrog development of regional economic research - --- based on the perspective of human capital, "Ethnic Publishing House, 2007;

【3】 editor of" the new century College komsomolets qualities culture practice and explore the "Yunnan Science and Technology Press, 2000;

[4] editor Students' Social Practice Guide, Yunnan University Press, 1996; "new era Komsomolets accomplishment" editorialists of

[5, Southwest Normal University Press, 1996. subject

mainly presided:

[1] "The impact of the Internet on the Ideological and Political Education and Countermeasures Research" (National Education Science "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" important subjects);

[2] Yuxi City Modern tobacco agricultural production organization transformation advantage judge and Countermeasures "(Tobacco Company of Yunnan Province Science and Technology Project);

[3] Internet conditions, ideological and political education (Department of Education Humanities and social science projects);

[4] based on The border areas of Yunnan to build harmonious ethnic relations "(Department of Education Humanities and social science projects);

[5] South County, Chuxiong regional development, the role and Countermeasures (Nanhua County People's Government commissioned the project);

[6] "Dayao County potato industry in the development of strategic research" (Dayao County People's Government commissioned projects)

[7] "Lincang population development strategy research" (Lincang Municipal People's Government commissioned the project).

extended reading: 1 http://www.lisuxue.com/Photo/yjtt/201107/164.html

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13 Qiannan deputy secretary of Guizhou Province edit the original meaning of the items

of Yang Yun


personal resume work experience

edit this paragraph biographical notes Yang Yun, Dong, born in August 1958, Guizhou Jianhe people to work in August 1975, November 1982 6

, joined the Communist Party of China, the Central Party School graduate education, law Bachelor. the

Edit this paragraph work experience 1975.08 - 1978.09, Poe educated youth farm,, Furnace Hill Gamjeon, Kerry County, Guizhou Province, educated youth, the vice squad

1978.09 - 1982.07, the Department of Political Science, Guizhou University for Nationalities, political professional learning

1982.07 - 1984.08, the Communist Youth League in Guizhou Province Qiandongnan Youth Federation secretary

1984.08 - 1993.01, the Communist Youth League of Guizhou Province Qiandongnan Zhouweishuji (during :1986.02 1987.02 attachment to any Danzhai County Standing Committee, Scheduling of district party first secretary in the Central Communist Youth League; 1987.03-1987.06 training courses to learn; 1989.11-1990.05 learning the national cadres postgraduate courses in the Guizhou Provincial Party School; 1992.07-1993.01 attachment Ren Liping County deputy secretary)

1993.01 - 1997.11, Party Committee Secretary of Guizhou Province Majiang (to during :1995.05-1995.11 attachment Ren Ningbo City Yinxian county Assistant)

1997.11 - 1998.11, Southeast Guizhou

Yang Wei

Yang (Yang Wei), gymnast, gymnastics all-around gold medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Is a versatile athlete, strengths for the rings and parallel bars. 2006 and 2007, twice won the World Championships all-around champion, is the defending World Championships all-around champion in 1926, following the Yugoslav champion Petar Sumi 81 years after the first athlete to accomplish this feat.

Yang Wei Xiantao City, China's national gymnastics team athletes. Li Xiaoshuang Gymnastics School (now renamed) 5-year-old into the Amateur Sports School in Xiantao City, 10-year-old into the famous gymnast, Olympic champion - of Yang Wei

Hubei team, 16-year-old national team, is one of the main force of the Chinese men's gymnastics team versatile athletes. Floor exercise, rings his strengths. Yang Wei on behalf of the Chinese team won too many pieces of gold in the team and his teammates, his personal achievements are very prominent, floor exercise champion of the 2000 National Championships, gymnastics individual all-around runner-up, the gymnastics men's team title in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, gymnastics individual all-around runner-up; 2001 National Gymnastics Championships all-around champion; 2001 East Asian Games gymnastics team title, gymnastics individual all-around champion; 2002 Asian Games team, all-around champion, jumping Ma Yajun, floor exercise third world individual championships vault third; 2003 Gymnastics World Kam Race men's team title, the individual all-around runner-up. 2006 Gymnastics World Championships Men's Team Championship. 2006 Gymnastics World Championships Men's all-around champion. 2006 Gymnastics World Championships Men's parallel bars champion. 2006 Doha Asian Games men's team, individual all-around, rings, parallel bars champion. 2007 World Gymnastics Championships individual all-around team title. 18th "China Top Ten Outstanding Youth" contest sponsored by the All-China Youth Federation, Olympic gymnastics champion Yang Wei ranked the "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" second place. In September 2011, served as deputy director of the Gymnastics Sports Management Center of Hubei Province Sports Bureau. In 2008, he was elected to the Eleventh National People's Congress [1]. In November 2012, together with Xu Jinglei, Huang Shu-chun, Dou Wentao presided over the fourth quarter of Chinese people show up. [2]

action feature

ethereal, neat, rhythm and strength somersault high floating. Yang Wei straight body backflip 720-degree swivel the difficult dynamic game

Yang Wei (20)

for the floor exercise Salto Forward Stretched swivel 360 degrees then straight body somersault twist 540 degrees, Russian to come forward to turn of 1080 degrees body, straight body backflips swivel 900 degrees and tuck backflip two weeks of 360-degree swivel end of the action; then inverted cross two seconds then put into an inverted cross 2 after two seconds double put on the level of cross rings seconds difficult forces then the power of the connected action. 1999 Tianjin World Gymnastics Championships Yang Wei in collaboration with teammates won the men's team title, is one of the main players to enter the Sydney Olympic Games of the Chinese men's gymnastics. In 2008, not only won the men's individual all-around gold medal, but also for the Chinese gymnastics team won the gold medal in the men's team has achieved a lot.

edit this paragraph athletic career Yang Wei 5-year-old into the Amateur Sports School in Xiantao City, a 10-year-old into the Hubei team selected for the national team at the age of 16, is the main force of the Chinese men's gymnastics team in a versatile athlete. Floor exercise, rings his strengths. National Children's Championship five gold medalist; National Junior Competition has won gold and silver medals.

1997 won the team title in the Eighth National Games Gymnastics Competition. In 1998, won the team title in the Thirteenth Asian Games gymnastics competition, all-around runner-up. Third 1998 crown race in the National Gymnastics horizontal bar, parallel bars, fourth. 1998 National Gymnastics Championships the almighty sixth floor exercise runner-up.

the difficult journey Yang topped the "Times" Cover

brilliant from Sydney to Athens defeat, to bloom in Beijing, Yang Wei and the Chinese gymnastics team went the full eight years, these eight years, they experienced glorious - shame - - to regain the glory of reincarnation. So, two generations of gymnastics Gao Jian and Huang Yubin tearfully hugged, so, Sanchaoyuanlao Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng and Huang Xu, eyes red, the entire Chinese gymnastics team, almost everyone in the impunity with tears to the world declare this process difficult and tortuous to ......

This history is worth bearing in mind that of the Chinese gymnastics scene, is indeed filled with emotion. Four years ago, the Battle of Waterloo, like a mountain, the weight of the handsome years breathless. In Athens, I witnessed a heavy scene groups defending defeat of the Chinese gymnastics team, it should be said, when the Chinese team absolutely defending the strength probably because too confident sake, perhaps the enormous pressure of the championship, their backs win kiasu burden. In the men's team after the fall, the men's team has defeated, except Teng Haibin the comforting nature pommel horse gold medal and Xiaopeng's parallel bars bronze medal was Yang Wei said: "I Xiaopeng painful." Kiskiskis

silently held out for four years Today, before the momentum in the Chinese team, such as rainbow, the Japanese team did not again a repeat of the Athens scene. Than four after completion, the gold medal has been steadily falling into our hands. At the moment, says revenge or said back on top mentioning most I feel a great joy powerful man in self-confidence while never arrogant, more has not been crushed by the pressure. Xiaopeng said after the game well, we have experienced failure, but we will not accept the black shadow of Athens life pestering!

captain Yang Wei said: "that moment, we all pay are harvested." to return to the pinnacle of the first hero as the Chinese gymnastics, Yang Wei, who is also five have played in many aspects of the mental game experience spot feeling The role Dinghaishenzhen. Yang Wei said, he likes to share with you the victory, but fear others share the burden with him, because the game is hard to have his own to complete. It is Yang leader of courage and unyielding spirit of the Chinese Gymnastics With soul. The soul, is the Chinese gymnastics and sports the most valuable wealth. The field groups

Beijing won the Olympic title on August 9

2008 years, in the National Stadium of Beijing Olympic Games gymnastics men's qualifying end to all screenings race of the competition, the final list of several individual also will be released. In addition to the vault, the Chinese players will take part in the competition for the remaining five individual events. The parallel bars, Li Xiaopeng, Xiao Qin the pommel horse, rings Chen Yibing and Zou Kai floor exercise and horizontal bar with the impact the strength of the gold medal! Wash Athens shame

gymnastics men's team is a war actually was five game-high points, the Olympic gymnastics men's team finals held in the National Stadium, the lads in the game to play well to score 286.125 points victory over the Japanese team to regain the Olympic gymnastics men's team championship. Piece of gold in the team of the Chinese team also let veteran Li Xiaopeng Olympic gold medals to three, to be shoulder to shoulder with Li Ning.


team scores 7.25 points to 286.125 points, the Athens Olympic champion Japanese team ranked second with 278.875 points. Chinese team's third victory over old rivals Japan; fraction of the gap year by year, this turned out to 7.25 points. 12:39, when's Zou Kai Chinese team last played in the horizontal bar competition firmly floor, a boiling within the National Stadium, the full field of the five-star red flag is waving, thunderous applause.

five received the highest score

game of all six projects, the Chinese team in addition to the floor exercise Chen Yibing one out of bounds action Japanese team lost 0.05 exceptionally 5 score game-high points, including has always been the horizontal bar of the Chinese team short board. Pommel Horse, Xiao Qin Chinese team began to overtake Japan in total score 0.4 points to a score of 16.100. Subsequently, the Chinese team is leading the way, Zou Kai played, as long as they can get 9 points, you can ensure that the Chinese team to win.

strategy drop the difficulty

in some action, the Chinese team choose to reduce the difficulty, for example, the floor exercise Chen Yibing, strategy adjustments help to win. On the advantages of the project in China, the Chinese team with a full royal momentum. Rings competition, two-time world champion Chen Yibing precise action, landing such a nail into a board, motionless, highest score 16.575 points rings audience. This one of the rings, Huang Xu, Yang Wei, Chen Yibing scored more than 16 points, and laid the game to seal the victory. Vault competition, the Chinese team was unimaginable 49.325 score of the first three rounds have been stern Yang Wei knowing grins. Gymnastics Sports Management Center, Ren Gaojian also can not help but boast, this is the best performance since the Athens Olympics. the

Yang Wei commented on the game, his first Olympics, the first pick was not so great ambition, but last only Biniemofu the difference a little bit, I feel definitely take the champion's strength. However, the road to take the title was not so smooth. In August 2003, Yang Wei to the preliminary results of 10 to enter the 37th World Gymnastics Championships held in Anaheim, United States men's individual all-around final, lost to host player Paul Hamm final 0.046 point difference. This very disappointing result, Yang Wei, an interview after the game, he could not help but cry. The tournament Yang Wei as the main players, and also won the men's gymnastics team title and teammates. Time arrived at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Chinese gymnastics team and Yang Wei suffered a Waterloo. Chinese gymnastics men's team with a reputation as a gymnastics dream team because the pressure is too large, and ultimately did not enter the top three, only fourth. Yang Wei in the individual all-around competition, due to major mistakes on the horizontal bar, the final 7.

Athens defeat the defeat of Athens Olympic Games, Yang Wei produce the idea of ​​retirement, however, never won the all-around gold medal and he made him unwilling. After a period of time to adjust, in October 2006, Yang Wei and the Chinese men's team in the 39th World Gymnastics Championships in Aarhus, Denmark arena, Yang Wei led the team swept away in the cold Athens defeat the shadow, won after an absence of 4 -year-old men's team gold medal. Personal items, Yang Wei finally waiting for seven years after the individual all-around gold medal hanging on his neck. The same time he also harvest the parallel bars gold medal to become the most dazzling star of the tournament, and Cheng Fei, the Chinese women's gymnastics team. In September 2007, the 40th World Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, 27-year-old "old age" Yang Wei is the leader of the Chinese gymnastics men's team deserved. In the first held in the men's team competition, led by Xiao Qin, Yang Wei and Huang Xu two veteran Liang Fuliang, Chen Yibing and Zou Kai champion absolute advantage reelection. After the individual all-around competition, though, and the Athens Olympic Games, Yang Wei in the horizontal bar competition major mistakes, but by virtue of the excellent play of the top five, again won the championship, Yang has also become the second place in the 104-year history of the World Gymnastics Championships The players of the defending men's individual all-around champion, is also the history of the Chinese gymnastics after Li Ning and Li Xiaoshuang third place twice won the individual all-around champion athletes.

return to the pinnacle of gymnastics men's team to bite the bullet and tree brilliant

2008 at 12:39 on August 12, With China's team last played Zou Kai landing firmly on the sidelines of the Chinese gymnastics finally sigh. Chinese team beat defending champion Japanese team, with an absolute re-board on top of the world. Submerged flowers and tears into the five-star red flag over the court a famous gymnast Yang Wei in the competition arena

sobbing thunderous applause and cheers. The Chinese team of six rods guy huddled, to any tears willful flowing, the 50-year-old Huang Yubin, and 60-year-old Gao Jian will also be two pairs of large hand tightly grips. Chinese gymnastics men's team is almost four generations, and finally to retain for themselves the worth bearing in mind that the moment on the world's pinnacle - the capital of the motherland, the 10 gold medals for the motherland harvest in this special session of the Olympic Games. Back to the top from the bottom, more difficult than the initial ascent. Today, the Chinese team is not only to regain lost honor from the old rivals the hands of the Japanese team, and more importantly, the way to win the opponent completely convinced. The Japan coach Straight said: "Chinese team is too good, and we want to go also to catch up." Excitement when Sydney won eight years ago for three veteran Li Xiaopeng, Yang Wei, Huang Xu, perhaps somewhat forgotten, but four years ago, Athens defeat the shadow still such of heartbreaking-like pain. The 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Chinese gymnastics men's team won the first Olympic gold in the team of the Chinese gymnastics history. The Chinese Gymnastics many years of twists and pain, and finally in exchange elated Sydney. But four years after the Athens Olympic Games and World Championships double defending champion Chinese team miserably "Waterloo", groups have only been the fifth. The moment divided heaven and hell, "Yang said:" I have to stay in the bathroom, the pain and Xiaopeng. Athens Olympics Gymnastics Center, the reorganization of the introduction of team head coach Huang Yubin no longer led to the establishment of The measures of the new coaching team. In 2006, Huang Yubin return to the coaching position, the team has been improvement soon. Denmark World Championship in 2006, writing a fairy tale, the men's team in this championship, Yang Wei toss the second millennium hat, Xiao Qin consolidate pommel horse king's reign, The new Chen Yibing just get the first World Championship rings champion. A new Chinese gymnastics men's team is ready to come out. Triumph of the Chinese team celebration, we are very clear, this is a great honor, more pressure. 2008 is the real test. Gymnastics team final change with a 633 game system, the game fortuitous increases, once mistakes are irreparable. The team competition of the Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese team's fall on the origin of this. "The home game under pressure, why should we be able to overcome it? Best way to relieve stress is a mature technology." Said Huang Yubin, to beat his opponent, in addition to the more perfect, and nothing.

8-year wait very worth, we went to the bottom, from the brilliant and from trough to glory, This is my whole life will be good enough for the experience. "Huang Xu, born in 1979, it was years before loading each individual line, only to let the Chinese gymnastics dream finally became a reality. pinnacle the

gymnastics men's team for eight years and then board revenge the Athens Olympics

Chinese men's gymnastics team to a series of exquisite performances, captured the gold medal in Olympic men's team, can not shake the overall strength. In the National Stadium, the site of nearly 20,000 enthusiastic spectators witnessed the exciting moment. The the famous gymnast Yang Wei in the race track

Chinese team win a total score of 286.125 points, 7.250 points higher than the runner-up of the Japanese team. The excellent play of the team members, beyond the coaching staff before the estimated 4-5 minutes. In fact, the five most recent comparative finished, the Chinese team gold medal in hand.

four Olympic team gold in the history of the Chinese gymnastics team. However, four years ago in Athens, this "gold medal of the division missed again in the Olympic arena, brutally Waterloo. So today, head coach Huang Yubin said: "We bit the bullet and hardships, through a difficult four years, my hair is white, but it does not really matter, and today, when I saw the gold medal hanging in the chest players, I fun than anything else! "

finals ended, you see Gao Jian, head of the Chinese gymnastics, hurriedly came to the podium opposite the high platform, slightly agitated Gao Jian said:" Fortunately, we got through it ! Today, you have to see each of our players have played very well, zero turnovers! say without exaggeration that this Chinese team is the strongest in the history of four years of efforts, we finally hand a qualified answer to the people. "

the Chinese team sent 3 old with 3 new lineup into battle. Which Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu participated in three Olympic Games main three couples Zou Kai, Xiao Qin, Chen Yibing serious matters unique skills, has its own strengths. 6 tiger conquer all opponents in all 18 times a game, the beautiful "zero error", also name the Athens wrestling Team to play in the game.

opened the game statistics, six individual competitions, the Chinese team in addition to the floor exercise a row of 4 outside, and the remaining five are ranked first, while the six individual game-high points by Chinese players "monopoly." Veteran Yang Wei played five times, and the average score nearly 16 points, teenager Zou Kai on floor exercise and horizontal bar twice in battle, they won two audience. especially praiseworthy in

, has been known as the Chinese team "Rocker foot Horizontal Bar, more strikingly performance today, except Zou Kai, Li Xiaopeng back from injury for this past weaknesses completely turn over, he made audience second score. The veteran Endowment unabated,

rookie unleashed, the immediate Chinese gymnastics team smoothly through the trough, and entering a peak period in the history. The next all-around and individual events, they will again give people surprise.

Huang Yubin four Huafa only once

podium, IOC Honorary President Juan Antonio Samaranch himself a gold Inlaid Jade neck to hang in the Chinese gymnastics team six lad. OTC, gymnastics center master Ren Gaojian prowl, finally found next to the camera in the rights-holding broadcasters audience the highest point. Yang Wei coach Huang Yubin handheld the gold medal the photo

as the head of the Chinese gymnastics, Gao Jian heart mixed feelings at the moment. Gymnastics session session as one of the key projects of the Chinese delegation, see gold, but end up with a gold medal in Athens, nasty shock "dream team," overnight, "wrestling team," the nickname spread like wildfire. "Four years ago we lost, I was a gymnastics team manager, on behalf of the team to apologize to the people of the whole country, because we let the country so much support our gymnastics fans disappointed sad today, I was a gymnastics team manager, I finally also a wish to be considered for all the support we return. "traces the brow of the vicissitudes Gao Jian carved, he refers not far from Huang Yubin," Huang Dao indeed old a lot, so much white hair front.

Athens a gold and normalized after avalanche questioned Gao Jian sleepless nights that two months after the closing of the Olympic Games, his mouth still full of the abscess. "Can you imagine a day knife poke Xinwo sub feeling?" Huang Yubin, Gao Jian empathy, his full head of silver hair had never been seen overnight was born. "At that time, we did not look at the TV, did not look at the newspapers," said Gao Jian, "but escape is not the answer," Gao Jian ordered, who reported the most strident criticism paste newspaper column in gymnastics training hall entrance, Let the coaches and athletes will be able to see through here every day. The rotten wound only severely pick open with a knife, put pus can be truly healthy. Teacher of Yang Wei, Huang Yubin coach held the gold photo

sense of shame and then courage, our four years is over. "Huang Yubin lamented. However, "over", is easier said than done. Athens after returning veteran retired the heart of their initiation. Yang Wei and Huang Xu is not practiced, Li Xiaopeng did not intend to retire, but the state is bad, the whole team there is only a bunch of small players in training every day. "At that time, China's gymnastics team has been in a semi-state of stagnation." Huang Yubin frankly, all the coaching staff and players are ramped vapid breath over the past four years.

after the awards ceremony, Huang Yubin into the six disciples, Li Xiaopeng to take the lead in the gold medal hanging around his neck, and the remaining five have also presented Huang Yubin highest pay tribute. The same struggle together with a group of four players celebrate with tears, although full head of black hair in exchange for the Huafa profusion, but Huang Yubin long sigh of relief, "I want to thank the group of players in the past four years too easy, but just get this championship, all the value of the!!!

officially retired Beijing on May 6, 2009, [1] "Yang Wei formally Gymnastics Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration to submit a decommissioning report, and The report also soon be approved. At this point, the 29-year-old Yang Wei officially ended his gymnastics career.

edit the main achievements in this paragraph athletic performance in 1993, the National Children's Competition 5 individual champion gymnast Yang Wei won the men's rings silver medal

1997 Eighth National Games Gymnastics competition team gold

1998 National Championships all-around the sixth floor exercise runner-up, National Championship horizontal bar first Third, the parallel bars, fourth all-around champion of the Asian Games team, all-around runner-up, floor exercise champion

1999 National Championship, the World Championship men's team title, the horizontal bar; the the National Championships freedom

2000 exercise champion and all-around runner-up, the Olympic men's team title, the Almighty runner-up;

2001 East Asian Games group, individual all-around runner-up, National Championships, individual all-around champion;

2002 Asian Games team, all-around champion jump Ma Yajun, floor exercise third, the world individual championships vault, third;

2003 Gymnastics World Championships Men's the team title, the individual all-around runner-up; Gymnastics World Championships Men's Team Championship

2006 years, the men's all-around champion; men's parallel bars champion;

2006 Doha Asian Games men's team, individual all-around, rings, parallel bars champion;

2007 World Gymnastics Championships individual all-around team title ; the 29th Olympic Games gymnastics men's team gold medal

2008 in Beijing;

2008 in Beijing the 29th Olympic Games gymnastics men's individual all-around champion;

2008 in Beijing the 29th Olympic Games gymnastics men's rings runner-in;

detail records 1998 13th Asian Games Thailand Bangkok man groups Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Zhang Jinjing, Xing Ao Wei Zhao gold medal

the 13th Asian Games in Thailand Bangkok man groups Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Zhang Jinjing Xing Ao Wei, Zhao gold medal

the 13th Asian Games in Thailand Bangkok men's individual all-around silver medal

the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand, floor exercise gold medal

the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand, men's individual all-around silver medal

the 13th Asian Games the Thailand Bangkok floor exercise gold medal

1999 34th World Gymnastics Championships in Tianjin, China men's team, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Xing Ao Wei, Dong Zhen, Lu Yufu Cheng Li gold medal

the 34th World Gymnastics Championships China Tianjin horizontal bar bronze medal

the 34th World Gymnastics Championships China Tianjin man groups Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Xing Ao Wei Dong Zhen, Lu Yufu Cheng Li gold medal

34th World Gymnastics Championships in Tianjin, China horizontal bar bronze medal

2000 first 27 session of the Olympic Games in Australia Sydney men's individual all-around silver medal

the 27th Olympic Games in Australia Sydney man individual all-around silver medal

the 27th Olympic Games in Australia, Sydney man groups Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Xing Ao Wei, Xiao Junfeng, Zheng Li gold medal

first the 27th Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia men's team, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Xing Ao Wei, Xiao Junfeng, Debrecen, Hungary, Debrecen, Hungary, Zheng Lihui 36th gold medal

2002, the World Gymnastics Championships vault bronze medal

the 36th World Gymnastics Championships vault the bronze medal

14th session Asian Games in Busan, South Korea men's team, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Feng Jing, Teng Haibin, Liang Fuliang gold medal

the 14th Asian Games in Busan, South Korea men's individual all-around gold medal

the silver medal

of the 14th Asian Games in Busan, South Korea vault the 14th Asian Games in Busan, South Korea free gymnastics bronze medal

14th Asian Games in Busan, South Korea men's team, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Feng Jing, Teng Haibin, Liang Fuliang gold medal

the 14th Asian Games in Busan, South Korea men's individual all-around the gold medal

the 14th Asian Games in Busan, South Korea vault silver medal

the 14 Asian Games Busan, South Korea's floor exercise bronze medal

2003 the 37th World Gymnastics Championships in Anaheim, USA men's team, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Xing Ao Wei, Xiao Qin, Teng Haibin the gold medal

the 37th session of the World Gymnastics Championships in Anaheim, USA men's individual all-around silver medal 37th World Gymnastics Championships in

U.S. men's team in Anaheim, Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Xing Ao Wei, Xiao Qin, Anaheim, Teng Haibin with gold medal

37th session of the World Gymnastics Championships men's individual all-around the silver medal

2006 Gymnastics World Cup in France station in Lyon, France rings Station, France, France, the silver medal

Gymnastics World Cup Lyon rings silver medal

the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar Men's Team, Xiao Qin, Chen Yibing, Feng Jing, Liang Fuliang, Zou Kai gold medal

the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar in the men's individual all-around the gold medal

15th Asian Games in Qatar The Doha rings 15th gold medal

, Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, parallel bars gold medal

the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar Men's Team, Xiao Qin, Chen Yibing, Feng Jing, Liang Fuliang, Zou Kai gold medal

the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar in the men's individual all-around gold medal

15th Dan Maia Huss parallel bars gold medal, Asian Games in Doha, Qatar the Rings gold medal

the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, parallel bars the gold medal

the 39th session of the World Gymnastics Championships

the 39th World Gymnastics Championships Dan Maia Huss parallel bars the gold medal

the 39th World Gymnastics Championships in Denmark The Arhus men's individual all-around gold medal

Dan Maia Huss, the 39th World Gymnastics Championships Men's individual all-around gold medal

the 39th World Gymnastics Championships Men's Team Dan Maia Huss Xiao Qin, Chen Yibing, Feng Jing, Liang Fuliang, Zou Kai the gold medal

39th session World Gymnastics Championships Dan Maia Huss man groups Xiao Qin, Chen Yibing, Feng Jing, Liang Fuliang, Zou Kai gold medal

2007 the 40th session of the World Gymnastics Championships Germany Stuttgart men's individual all-around gold medal

40th World Gymnastics Championships in Germany Stuttgart men's individual all-around gold medal

40th World Gymnastics Championships in Germany Stuttgart man groups Xiao Qin, Chen Yibing, Huang Xu, Liang Fuliang, Zou Kai gold medal

40th World Gymnastics Championships in Germany Stuttgart man groups Xiao Qin, Chen Yibing, Huang Xu, Liang Fuliang, Zou Kai gold medal

results described in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yang Wei played well, played stabilize the military's role, led the Chinese gymnastics men's team to regain the first time in eight years after the men's team gold medal. the

2004 Athens Olympics, when the Chinese gymnastics "dream team," said the Chinese gymnastics men's team could not withstand the pressure, too many turnovers, only won fifth place in the group. as the main members of the the

2000 Sydney Olympics, with his teammates for the Chinese gymnastics team won the first Olympic men's team title and individual all-around silver medal.

2003 Anaheim World Championships and the 2004 Athens Olympics, he twice with the individual all-around champion pass, it also made him once referred to as the second millennium. the Arhus gymnastics world championships

2006 years, he achieved his wish to climb to the top to become cum after Li Xiaoshuang and Feng Jing of China third in the Gymnastics World Championships Men's all-around champion in the individual all-around project.

2007 Stuttgart World Championships, he once again an absolute advantage once again defending the men's individual all-around champion, today's world gymnastics community deserved Almighty King.

2006 and 2007, he twice led the Chinese men's team title in gymnastics world championships.

OTC honor February 5, 2007, for Best Male Athlete of the Year the ANTA 2006CCTV Sports Personality Award nomination.

2008 annual Ten Laurence Champions Awards announced in Beijing, Yang Wei won the Best Male Athlete Award;

"Ten Outstanding Young contest sponsored by the All-China Youth Federation and the 18th Olympic gymnastics champion Yang Wei ranked "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" bit. In January 17,

2009 Award nomination for Best Male Athlete of the Year the ANTA 2008CCTV Sports Personality! In February 21

2009 years, get the ANTA 2008CCTV Sports Personality years