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Komatsu was born, since ancient times, is heavily populated and prosperous the waterway city, is also Sheriff merchants, men of letters and cultural resources. Moon night of the twenty-four bridges, partner where they teach flute. " To human resources, the playing style big advocate. Zhou Xiaosong Twenty year (1846) to become a national champion. Zhou Xiaosong,

Go national champion. The name Ding (1810? -1891?), Jiangsu Yangzhou Jiangdu County. About his date of birth, before and after all that diverse. Wang two Qiusuo Zhuan Zhou Ding Chuan undisclosed, know that it was untraceable. Monument biography set complement "said Komatsu Born to Jiaqing 25 years (1820). Sound calm and Qifeng Road accurate count, Bureau spectrum convective meal daisy Lent chess Review rating solution Jingdang, the important chess writings of the Qing Dynasty.

edit this paragraph related events Komatsu was born in Yangzhou, since ancient times is heavily populated and prosperous the waterway city, is also Sheriff merchants, men of letters, and cultural resources. Moon night of the twenty-four bridges, partner where they teach flute. " To human resources, the playing style big advocate. "Pleasure boats rough narrative Kang, and Qianlong, the activities of the chess national champion in Yangzhou. Komatsu have of late, but as the center of the Qing Dynasty Go activities in Yangzhou, still in the world hearts occupies an important position. The master of the north and south are often gathered in Yangzhou, Friends of the Chess Club.

Komatsu was young, playing chess in the countryside, there are a considerable level. Age of eighteen with the Yizheng old monk Autumn Air refresher, Komatsu been granted two sons, the next hundred innings, studious diligence and made great strides. Komatsu 21 years old, coincides with the of Nantong old national champion Li Zhan source came to Yangzhou, the small Songmu name has been for a long time, then laid out the pattern weighbridges ask for advice, first by Cham source so two sub under the guidance of chess. No time in the Bureau the Cham source of the chess has shown a defeat like, had pushed the board up and Komatsu said: "Your chess has counted to seven, into the Dacheng stage. The only separable first game, how can Rao sub it! "Cham source means that, Komatsu calculated chess Road precise and far-reaching, with its own rival, that is, to admit his chess has reached the national team level.

Since then, Komatsu fame four broadcast Yang Chess a rising star parties competing to hire. The Anhui governor of the British John attracted him invited to the Government Office, to be more than Bin of the ceremony, he fancies screen Yi in the Shih-hsiang summer, when the lake ten innings writing assessment solution. Komatsu living alone upstairs, carefully try to figure out the endless, a few days later to return British John said: "intensive ten innings intention, I still have a few can not fully comprehend. Inconvenience casual assessment solutions, self-deception." To performance Go Artist serious attitude. The British John feels the young man is sincere and humble, deep phase praise. Wound Anhui Another Road station Liu Terrier addicted to chess hospitable home often poly some around the chess master. Komatsu also frequented its doors, and the level of all the players in the contest. Which game with another national champion Chen sub cents particularly wound up in two master skills mature heyday, go all out to compete for chess supremacy their chess, though less than the norm, Shi when the lake 10 Bureau "as the culmination, but also left a lot of wonderful chess later emulate. Sub cents later died, Komatsu alone execution Chess become the leader.

Dynasty, Komatsu by Zhenjiang Ding Hou, Ding Li China nephew hired to tutor chess the crossing The master also often find come to loggerheads with Komatsu. Xianfeng years, the Taiping Rebellion, the war spread to the Huaihe River Basin, Zhenjiang first when military hub, is contested. Ding family went to northern Jiangsu Dongtai refuge, invited Komatsu will go on, the Komatsu son five clouds also never complained or so. The five cloud of chess, about Komatsu look for tertiary sub can not be considered low level, often with small Panasonic some guidance chess. Dongtai coastal remote town, but Komatsu and his son came here (Guangxu early years, Komatsu came once), momentary chess rage in neighboring Taizhou, Yancheng counties, chess activities also thrive . Generation national champion, as well as the role of chess more popular, this also shows.

Zeng Guofan in its two rivers Governor in office, also summoned Komatsu go to play chess. Zeng Guofan chess is not high, but a great chess addiction. He is known as the ailment in one hand and playing chess with one hand and itching, dander sold-out. Komatsu also addicted scab addiction, mood concessions. Although the sub a lot, Zeng Guofan chess is still everywhere to be in an awkward position, often divided into a few pieces, each barely made the two eyes. He could not help very angry, and finally to regret about repudiate payable to Komatsu disk fee.

Komatsu went to Beijing more than once in addition to side F-yee, had also accepted the Manchu royal SAGE good hire. Had to do in exile in Beijing, Fujian scholar Lin Yi Shu, Komatsu teach chess. Komatsu also often game with the players in Beijing, but most of them belong to the guidance of nature. Master Liu Yunfeng Komatsu grant of two sons. Liu Yunfeng its pupil Wang Yun Feng, Iraq Yaoqing and others influential of the early Republic's northern Chess, chess Road, will decline to stretch without a break.

Komatsu in his later years by the the Jiangsu school so employed, Jiangyin, where the South Jing College Professor chess. Later, editing game spectrum chase to set "Gao Yun-lin, invited Komatsu to Hangzhou. Gao villa "Red Oak Villa" edge of the lake, the lake pretty well yardsticks, Komatsu live there playing chess with high cloud lin, Xu Yi Zhai, Jin Ming vegetarian, local players come to teach two sons, were granted. From Hangzhou North normalized, Komatsu had to stay in Shanghai for a period of time, the Shanghai the players compete For Qinzhi generation national champion of Jueyi, have door to ask for advice, The Fan Chuqing, Yang Shishan, Shang-Sen Lee, Chen Zihuai are the best under sub.

Edit this section works Glance about Komatsu's chess, retained more mainly seen in "the respect Tianjue vegetarian Yi Cun", "respect Tianjue Zhai Yi Lu," Wan swim Yi Cui "," To be on the m Yi spectrum "," chasing to set "," Shushan grass palm Yi deposit chess book. Which "respect Tianjue Zhai Yi memory," the respect Tianjue vegetarian Yi recorded "by Fu Song Quan began in the Daoguangnianjian wound Komatsu eldest still light when Komatsu early spectrum Bureau. "Shushan Cottage Yi deposit began in the early years of Guangxu by Fang F aging Komatsu old age spectrum Bureau. Komatsu northward into Beijing, passing Shandong, has been to retain Wu Zhi East, the two co-edited the "new and old Yi spectrum sinks election", which selected but the early Qing Dynasty and was the chess game. A book popular the Komatsu choice Edit meal daisy Lent chess rating, selected the Bureau are detailed evaluation, select both strict wording would also be conducted following the Xu Xingyou of "Shan Tang Yi spectrum" after an important writings. The edit history evaluation in

Looking at Komatsu's life, his chess fame in Dynasty, Xianfeng, Tongzhi and Guangxu dynasties, respected and experienced, unparalleled. His reputation not only all over the country, but also an outstanding reputation overseas. Japanese chess books mentioned several times, the famous eight players Inoue Um Magic Master wanted to come to China, and the Komatsu learn chess story. Unfortunately, limited to a variety of conditions, Inoue actually not got his wish. Komatsu is one of the key figures in the history of China's modern chess. Although he was too late to see the potential sub-game era, but in China abandoned "game" Go a turning point in the development of potential child, he played the role of the future, has made a great contribution to the development of China's Go. Komatsu life in every corner of the north and south, and students everywhere. Republic early in Chess wide reputation figures, most of them with him, directly or indirectly contact. Unfortunately, Komatsu sowed the dragon seeds, harvested in fleas. There is not even a person more than a teacher, for China Go graced his disciples.

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Zhou Xiaosong name Ding, also known as Xiao Song, Sichuan birth and death without examination. He is the early Republican porcelain painting masters, with one of the founders of Jingdezhen modern painted. He is the original stone carvings the Nade, good deities, such as Zhong Kui, Lohan, quite lively and vivid. "Green Town of Ceramics Industry" that: "In the early Republican era, the the Jingdezhen most famous ceramic painter Pan grape word Wangxiao Tang, at the same time period also Wang Dongrong Zhou Xiaosong, Xushang Li, three." Porcelain painting painted Qianjiang the caries book, one of the masterpieces.

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Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree in 1995, graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts in oil painting in 1999 received a master's degree currently associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, painting PhD students. The

1971 was born in the Nanjing

1995 years of China Academy of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Zhou Xiaosong

1996 received a master's degree in China Academy of Art

the beginning of the same year, taught at the China Academy of Fine Arts

currently associate professor at the China Academy of Art, Oil Painting, PhD. the the

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1991 was awarded the scholarship

1996 Wu Zuoren was third National Youth Oil Painting Exhibition Excellence Award

1997 first session of the Chinese Art Exhibition painting the Bronze

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1999 year, the Ninth National Art Exhibition Gold Zhejiang exhibition painting

2003 Hangzhou detached Gallery Exhibition the the ten Shanghai Spring Salon Exhibition

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2006 In My account Hangzhou West Lake Art Fair Exhibition personal exhibition of Hangzhou Van Gogh Gallery painting,


2007 the Hangzhou Boyi space painting 5 Exhibition Mo flowers "

publication: the" graphic sketching, the Shanghai Branch of China Academy of Art students sketch Portfolio. Favorite: Hong Kong Museum of History, the Office of the President of Mexico, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina Consulate General in Shanghai.