Xiong, Communist Party members, the Central University of Finance and Economics Visiting Professor, Chinese insurers Education Group Technical Director. professional football clubs of

Wuhan Zall coach [1]

edit this paragraph coaching experience in 1997, he was appointed deputy general manager of Qianweihuandao football club Jianling team won the A League eighth

1998 years executive coach of Shanghai Pudong football team won the national A B League fourth

2000 any professional football clubs of Wuhan executive coach was the National League B the sixth

2001 years any professional football club in Wuhan assistant coach was the National League B the fifth name

2002 In Wuhan, assistant coach of a professional football club won the National League B fourth

2003 years any professional football clubs reserve team coach in Wuhan by the National Reserve League the seventh

2004 years any professional football clubs in Wuhan U-17 coach was the national U-17 League VI name, the national U-17 FA Cup game fifth

2005 years of Wuhan U-19 coach by the National U-19 League second professional football clubs, the national U-19 FA Cup game third in the National Cup Winners' Cup any of Hubei Province B team three the Kang-day professional football club coach the third

2009 years, resigned as head coach duties due to health reasons from -2011 years

2010, assistant coach of Hangzhou Greentown professional football club;

2011 the beginning of the end of the year -2012 China head coach of Hangzhou Greentown professional football clubs to help the Japanese coach Takeshi Okada, invitations after A Wuhan Zall football club, then give up the the Greentown high salaries resign as head coach of Greentown China join Wuhan Zall football club any leader. Ren Wuhan Zall professional football club as an assistant

2012 coach and leader

of the many players in China, the 38-year-old Xiong experienced quite legendary. 22 years old goalkeeper position always works Xiong actually choose to retire and go to school, to the Wuhan City Police Academy. Soon, when the Qianweihuandao club manager, and became a coach after the Wuhan team. A wealth of experience let Zheng Xiongsi Road very active little startled when the frogs one in liters account country, Xiong coach Declaration high-profile talk about technology flow Football Association Carl, a bunch of cadres spring breeze. small goalkeeper

extraordinary years of 16-year-old retired "

Marshal Xiong was considered" magic ", from another point of his previous reputation no significant. Fans used to seeing a successful transition from the famous to the marshal, as the "Kaiser" Franz Beckenbauer, as the identity of the captain of the German team won the World Cup as Germany coach clinch the trophy.

"OK" reason "OK", however, is rare in real life, the vast majority of football coach football emperor "is so luck, Xiong is a typical example of his football life can be said that from the outset is full of extraordinary and setbacks.

1980 before and after school to become a teenage football player into the city center industry Unfortunately Xiong football talent has not been found for the first time, and soon he was to go gatekeepers. This decision, however, is clearly not conducive to Xiong's football development, and even had with his coach Xiao Du Yin said, "Xiong as the keeper of the attack and the reaction was quite good, but his height (1 meter 78) limit He became a good goalkeeper. "

4 years later, Xiong "retired", the year he was still under 17 years of age. But he did not give up the football dream, riverbank District Public Security Bureau, he is still for football "jumping up and down constantly fiddle with ... 1992, riverbank District branch of the previous Guard on behalf of the football team (to the industry body behalf of the Association, as Lokomotiv) to participate in the League. 1995 years ago the Guard Chongjia (A B), Xiong identity of the avant-garde Club Competition and Training director.

know how to give the Dream three times to give up the "scenery"

Xiong dream, however, is not just when the manager of a football club, he wants to engage in business, engage in technology throughout his football life as a coach, this dream. For this dream, he was to give up time and again in others it seems extremely stable even scenery.

do not say that in the 1980s, even today, the work of civil servants are also considered "golden rice", but Xiong give up his football dream "select a share of the work of the Public Security Bureau. the

1996 years, Qianweihuandao red A (A A, Super) in Wuhan, Xiong served as club vice president in 1997 after the team moved to Chongqing, the year he was just 28 years old, it has small domestic football famous peak, Peng Weiguo, Liu Guojiang, Lee Jang ...... those days, Xiong contact or management are the big names in football circles, the outsider it is a work of infinite beauty, however, Xiong is still no lingering. left Huandao club at the end of

1998 Xiong finally realized that he has been pursuing the dream - when a football coach. In early 1999, he went to Shanghai with the marshal Yin Lihua, started the first job in the true sense of the football life in Shanghai Pudong team assistant coach.

Xiong next time "give up" in 2003. The end of 2002 in a league, Zheng Xiongyi contingent left the post of first team coach, choose to go to the clubs youth team coach. Two years more than the silence of the time, Xiong bring out a "Young Guard", and twice won the national runner-up, cultivate Zeng Cheng, Rong Hao, Deng Zhuo Xiang, Xie Zhiyu, Luo Yi, Xiong Fei batch currently in China football, the big players in the Chinese league. the

tasted hardships bumpy tempered a the ability

Xiong coach road to go extremely bumpy, which is why most people can not afford those frustrations has a firm belief in the Xiong has forced one of step by step to become mature and powerful. years

2000, Xiong Sui Yin Lihua with Han and Hui Ren Wuhan Hearts K team assistant coach, with the year red A failure, however, Yin Lihua sadly left Xiong despite stayed, but certainly not to keep the previous location. The Frenchman Seha Fan after taking office, Liu fifty-one, became the team's assistant coach, goalkeeper origin Xiong began his first goalkeeping coach experience, worked two seasons.

2003 years as reserve team coach, head coach of the youth team; excellent coach the the Wuhan youth team tactics in 2005 raised the national youth team head coach; Ren Guoqing team assistant coach in 2008; appointed the B three health days in 2009 coach; the end of 2009 as the Super Hangzhou Greentown team assistant coach in 2012 to give up Greentown team head of the Chinese coaching duties back to Wuhan Zall team leader, ......

enumerating the Xiong previous coaching experience, you will find out that he league this year, seven appointed the drow teams proxy coach before, almost experienced Coaches - in the Super League, in the A, B, a small country, the National Youth have worked as an assistant coach or head coach, when goalkeeper coach, when the reserve team coach when echelon coach, served as team leader in any club when Qianweihuandao propaganda minister, Competition and Training Minister and Deputy Chief of those experienced, so can be the team when Xiong in coaching deal with the relationship with the club in complete harmony. the

scarred not forget to fail ultimately to success and

"I do not remember how many balls I won this year, but I clearly remember I lost four games, a Shanghai East Asia lost at home 0:1, there are three Sunray Cave, Chongqing Lifan, Shenyang North in the road, lost to every game losing engraved in my mind. "Xiong total with the team, said he is" lose "not, he just came from behind (increased power forward to play the exchange) will do everything, but in fact every harvest all grew up in a rare defeat for Xiong.

Xiong still remember the National Youth Team coach themselves less competition in the group stage in Asia, the Korean team to reverse that defeat, the leading team in a ball and the other fined the next person's case turned in 120 minutes of fierce battle : 2 opponent comeback to participate in the world less Qualifying lost. "That game may become the 'tainted' my life, but in my opinion, that is the most valuable asset of my life!" Keep on fighting, optimism is a basic quality really afford to lose is not big to promote their "losers". The experienced leagues of all levels in China, in the AFC Asian fewer race Yaqing Sai stadium was also covered Xiong firmly those lost scenes branded in my mind, and often come up with to share with the coaching staff, we can discuss those lost in summary, it can be said that those defeat Xiong coached the capital today has become.

As of yesterday, Xiong has been coaching the the Wuhan 21 Zall team, league. When he took over, Thatcher team in the league 8, a difference of eight points with top Shanghai East Asia team, but today Han ranked second place, and the Shanghai East Asia is only 1 point difference, the league title battle has begun. 13 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses this record and winning percentage are second to none in a stadium or even super-stadium, Xiong, this extraordinary, frustrations, failures, the Wuhan local coaches tempered finally usher in a glorious moment in the football life [2]

edit this paragraph professor Xiong pseudonym is the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, Communist Party members, visiting professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, the Chinese insurer Education Group Technical Director. University of Chinese graduate, worked as a secondary school teacher, done city newspaper reporter, editor, editorial director, newspapers and magazines across the country more than 200 articles published news and literary works. joining China Life October

1998 engaged in life insurance marketing, served as marketers, marketing and training, marketing segment manager, marketing lecturer, the lecturers lecturers provincial company, the company is authorized lecturer, deputy manager of the branch companies, the branch of a risk , education and training manager. Invited to participate in the road to success speech Guangxi Branch of China Life group in April 2000, for a lecture tour in the region. Since May 2005, in life insurance marketing information consulting and education and training, and has various types of education and training and project consulting in Hunan, Guangxi, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Liaoning, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places.

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