Xiannongtan Stadium

the Xiannongtan Stadium covers an area of ​​more than one hundred and fifty thousand square meters in

twenty-four thousand two hundred square meters of building area. After the demolition of the existing stadium, venue of international football and track and field standards requires redesigning the standard football field with natural grass, 400 meters annular rubber runway Wada stadium land. The auditorium is divided into 20 districts, can accommodate 30,000 people. the Xiannongtan Beijing Yongdingmen west

founded in the early years of the Ming Dynasty Yongle. Originally, it was the emperor of feudal times each year, the Lunar New Year in February Hai Day ritual here Shennong, and symbolic hard place. The Xiannongtan Stadium is located on the site of the Ming and Qing dynasties Royal altar Xiannongtan, was founded in 1936, named "Peking the Public Stadium", the initial area of ​​16,800 square meters. Xiannongtan stadium is the construction of the first stadium in Beijing, Beijing Republic of China, and even the early liberation of the only large-scale public stadium. Xiannongtan Stadium back in the early days of liberation, successfully held the Beijing People's Sports Conference, the workers' movement in Beijing and other large sporting event, is the origin of the Beijing Public Sports. Xiannongtan Stadium today, South Hill South moat, the East and the Temple of Heaven Park across the street, three kilometers south of the Tiananmen Square, the transportation is very convenient, is one of Beijing's major sports venues. Xiannongtan Stadium as a comprehensive sports facilities, also has a the Xiannongtan track and field, Xiannongtan tennis court, ET tennis courts, and an indoor track and field. Xiannongtan Stadium renovation after successfully hosted several major sporting event, and to become the preferred place of the Beijing public fitness activities.

edit this paragraph Profile West Stand (podium, VIP seats, reporters seats, athlete seats) designed steel frame color steel canopy, grandstand upper has control of the scoreboard, the recording of TV broadcasting, fax broadcasting, camera workplace . The top of the South Stand has a height of 10 meters, 24 meters wide and have our own design and production of a large color screen, can display text, images, photos, broadcast color Mao saw life only the International Cup

the film and television programs. Stadium obtained contour is oval, 79 to the frame structure pillar Ming Lu, see the outer edge suspended from the pillar outer 3 m. Decorative lined with white walls, more concise. Large area bronzed aluminum alloy doors and windows, tinted glass, arched windows and doors, and peacock blue waveform color steel rain roof, was the ancient architectural environment Xiannongtan specific echoes. Oval shape, with red, yellow, green, blue four colors have a fiberglass seat and red-purple circular runway and from football stands, a bird's eye view from a height, people naturally occurring colored soil was Lenovo.

edit this paragraph, the fence night scene Xiannongtan Stadium fences do the old the night lighting focus epitomized in the performance of the wall, on the walls of the front floodlighting to highlight the walls original image, set in the ground at the same time for a few light "beam" grazing the wall for contrast. This lighting light of modeling as a means to strengthen the walls of topics.

nineteenth North China Games Edit this paragraph historical origins summarized organize tasks borne by the Beiping, Peking since 1930, has also not built a regular stadium. So, Mayor Yuan Liang on November 1, 1934, following the adjournment of the opening ceremony of the City dimensional specifically, the pro-kai Lee Chau, music Yongnian, Social Secretary in charge of education, sports inspectors to carry out inspections to Xiannongtan East altar, and immediately decided to where the construction of the Beiping public Stadium.

build public stadium this project due to personnel changes, has been postponed to the spring of 1936, before formal foundation (cornerstone of the original stand stadium north gatehouse northwest corner, after the liberation of expansion when removed).

this project contracting by Peiping public and Cheung Construction Plant. Bureau of Social Affairs delegate the Beiping Sports Committee Jiaojia Hao (incumbent Taipei Teachers College athletic director) and the full wine Sen (Beiping basketball representatives 1930s, now retired in Beijing) two supervision. To the eve of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident in 1937, in addition to the grandstand overlay, installing windows and doors, and floors, cement stands (athletes dormitory), the rest of the projects have been completed. Stands at the time, due to the lack of scientific computing, wasting a lot of space (per class distance is too high, too wide aisle), so only the capacity audience Peking Government set up the stadium issues in Xiannongtan Instructions

15000. the Japanese invaders

occupation of Peking, Beiping by traitors Jiang Zhaozong, led up the places to maintain will. They were of the so-called "Stadium" disdain (too busy) a consultant. Until the spring of 1938, places to maintain will be "revoked before approved by the" Beiping Department of Education "to, delegate Jiao Jiahao as head of the farm, and now Tianjin Nankai taught Zhou Binglin administrator (recently retired MENG Qiu Hongquan two comrades two in five venues workers), stationed in the venue to start the office. The "the Xiannongtan public stadium," the plaque, in April 1938 before the Dongdaemun suspended. the

1940 In spring, the puppet "North China transportation company" occupies the Xiannongtan Stadium majority of ground hoarding food, leaving only a few baskets in track and field and Dongdaemun, volleyball court. Units and individuals of the guard, to field activities in Dongdaemun has often been prevented, greatly affect the use of the stadium.

the Xiannongtan Stadium after the victory of the war, the Kuomintang army baggage steam 22 group occupies destroyed, sports venues, full stop above the truck all day roaring noise without a break; the stands following houses destroyed unlike look like, a chaotic scene. Not only large football and track and field competition can not be held, and even want to approach the exercise, students and ordinary people are armed guards and refrain.

after the founding of the party and the government a lot of investment, the Xiannongtan Stadium renovation and expansion. 50s outfield built into two standard football field and a track and field throwing field the infield grandstand heightening and expansion, to accommodate the number of audience from more than ten thousand people to 30,000, and the construction of four a 40-meter-high lighting tower. The Tower become to train visitors come to Beijing to see an important symbol of the city.

as a stadium here even been written PARTY. July 1, 1949, the Chinese Communist Party to commemorate the 28 anniversary of the establishment of the General Assembly held in Xiannongtan Stadium. "I was in the scene, that scene is grand that you simply can not imagine." Li Chunlong recalls that in Peking have over 30,000 party members and members of the public present. "Not only stands a dark mass, even within the field of the ground are filled with people." 2 years after the founding of the Communist Party of China 30th anniversary the same commemorative meeting held in Xiannongtan Stadium. Of course, sports is the theme here. The country of almost all the items in the early days of liberation, foot basketball, volleyball and table tennis training base located in the Xiannongtan. In fact, the Xiannongtan Sports Center of the founding of New China, the early of August 1952, Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong in Xiannongtan Stadium


after the liberation the Xiannongtan Stadium has been expanded. In 1954 and 1955, the Xiannongtan twice alteration and expansion of the stands from 10 to 26, up to 15,000 people from the audience increased to 28,900 people. Athletics track from the three-point (Basket musical form) and converted into a standard venue the elliptical 400 meters runway, and the erection height of 38 meters of steel frame structure lighting lighthouse. In 1984, the stadium converted into plastic athletics track and turf football field. November 1986 to September 1988, in order to meet the Eleventh Asian Games Xiannongtan Stadium demolition and reconstruction, covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters. 20 audience area renovated stadium can accommodate 30,000 people in the audience, and 624 seats on the rostrum. Venue length of 108 m and 68 m wide, surrounded by a plastic track, venue equipped with modern lighting, audio and video, communications equipment, and large color screen. Stands under the VIP room, exhibition room, laboratory, classroom, training room and lounge facilities. Red, yellow, blue, green, four colors fiberglass seat of the stands, coupled with a the purple circular plastic runway and Greenery like carpet grass playing field is like a beautiful picture.

70 years after completion, the the Xiannongtan Stadium no longer located in the edge of the South Second Ring Road, Beijing hustle and bustle of the past. Xiannongtan Stadium 10 years as the main function is to since the the Beijing Guoan leave here, the the Xiannongtan Sports Technical school training establishments. Football training fields, women football players have put football start grouping confrontation, comprehensive training hall of the first floor across the repeated litany of stories of day-to-day, in gymnastics and table tennis training hall. However, today's silence can not be denied the status the Xiannongtan Stadium in the history of Chinese sports. Xiannongtan Stadium as Beijing's oldest public stadium, can even be said that the 70-year history of physical education in Beijing and China, even a microcosm of the entire history of China.

shabby stadium and there is no impact to attract the world's high-level athletes. Here to one of the greatest athletes in the history of the world track and field Zhatuo Pique he is Czechoslovakia long-distance runner, has to refresh the world record of 5000 m, 10,000 m run at the 1956 Helsinki Olympics, his astonishing to win the 5000 meters, 10,000 meters and the marathon three medals, really unprecedented, after also hard to come by! The elegance of his in Xiannongtan easy run so far then witnesses relish. Here also to the history of world football's greatest goalkeeper Lev Yashin, one of the appellation of "Spider-Man" has not been reflected here, because too few Chinese soccer team to give him the opportunity to perform.

Mao Zedong's life only seen a football international competitions at the scene is Xiannongtan Stadium. It was 1955, the elderly attentively watching the of China the body overall training classes with Soviet Zenit team game, after reading also shook hands with both players. Premier Zhou Enlai and even repeatedly to see the domestic game, Bayi, the 1959 National Games football competition of the Beijing team, intermission venue suddenly the audience rose the original Premier Zhou Enlai sneak in to watch the second half of the game. In June,

1957 Chinese team and Indonesia in Xiannongtan Stadium World Cup qualifier. New China's first World Cup qualifier even attract a Prime Minister, Marshal (Chen Yi, He Long, Nie) to see. In that year, Zhou Enlai in Indonesia 1957.6. Orangemen Xiannongtan Stadium World Cup

Bandung its excellent diplomatic skills "Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence", a sensation in the world diplomatic community, so the competition after losing Indonesian athletes also very excited to shake hands with him. As for another super fans Deng Xiaoping even more many times to Xiannongtan ballpark in 1974, his second comeback soon arrived the Xiannongtan saw the Beijing team and the Sierra Leone team game. the Xiannongtan Stadium track and field female athletes in China broke the world record for the first time in

place. November 17, 1957, the 20-year-old female high jumpers Zheng Fengrong across 1.77 meters, breaking the women's high jump world record. The shocked international track and field, Zheng Fengrong become number one newsmaker of the year, young women, and the Xiannongtan more familiar.

edit this paragraph geographical coordinates 1 car from the Yuquan Road, take the Fuxing Road (Chang'an Street extension line) to the east, in Fuxingmen on the Second Ring the (the Tianning bridge, Guang'anmen bridge direction), has been opened, after a Taoran bridge into the side roads, Yongdingmen Avenue, walked the roads under the bridge turn left, then forward the (North) to go back to make a U-turn at the U-turn in the first place, back to the Yongding Gate Bridge, turn right to go side roads, is the first agricultural altar Stadium.

2. ride can be No. 1 subway line, sat down Wangfujing-for-20 road, the Xiannongtan under. Or for 120 road in Wangfujing, in Yongdingmen. Or subway to sit in Xidan, change 826 Xiannongtan. Or take 337 to Changchunjie-for-7 Road Xiannongtan. The Xiannongtan Stadium The data from Baidu map, the end result to Baidu map data prevail.

Edit this paragraph the basic information address: Xuanwu District Xiannongtan 11.

Transport: Take 20,102,106,120 bus Yongdingmen under.

Hours 8:00 - 21:00.

Price: Saudi 100 yuan/hour, indoor 150 yuan -200 yuan/hour/hour, the outdoor daytime Monday to Thursday 40 yuan/hour evening 60 yuan/hour Friday to Sunday during the day and 60 yuan/hour evening 70 yuan/hours.

venue: Indoor 7; outdoor 9.

whether the coach accompany playing:.

editing the this paragraph facilities, home: the grandstand can accommodate 2.3 million people, the auditorium instead of red, blue, yellow, green, four-color fiberglass seat, built a spacious podium.

2. football field: with turf football field, both sides of the northern end of the main floor and another track and soccer field, football field.

3. athletic field: 8 standard circular plastic runway.

4. communication audio-visual equipment: the venue is equipped with a large color TV screen, audio, photography and other communications equipment and satellite transmissions, with News.

5. facilities: the health center and the athletes and staff lounge facilities; javelin throw training field, outdoor tennis court, modern tennis stadium, athletes dormitory building and physical culture office.

6. the training hall: basketball hall, table tennis hall and gymnasium training hall, construction area of ​​over 30,000 square meters.

edit this paragraph to open the project. bodybuilding: recommended by the Beijing Bodybuilding Association coaches.

2. Yi boxing Road: selected by the Beijing Yi Quan Dao Association coaches.

3. Juvenile Gymnastics: selected by the Beijing Gymnastics Association coaches.

4. Tennis: be chosen by the Beijing Table Tennis Association coaches.

5. opening the training ground: international standard table tennis, badminton hall, outdoor tennis courts; FIFA certified turf football field; standard athletics field with bleachers can undertake all sizes Games.

stadium Address: Xiannongtan 11th Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing. The main project of the

: Fitness, Yi boxing Road, gymnastics, table tennis, badminton hall, outdoor tennis, turf soccer, track and field.

edit this paragraph Tennis Center Xiannongtan Stadium indoor tennis hall, South Reliance south moat, East and the Temple of Heaven Park across the street, the transportation is very convenient. Has long been a place of professional tennis players training in Beijing. Professional athletes training while, the museum is open to the community. To popularize tennis knowledge, participation in tennis, tennis level, the acquisition of the full range of technology, to provide an exchange opportunity for tennis enthusiasts, the museum also offers youth, adult training courses set up for different objects and the level of the primary classes, classes to improve hire a professional coach, to meet the needs of different levels of students. Tennis courts and more, the red clay and sand, a lot of leadership and the athletes are in play here. the

address: the Xuanwu District the Xiannongtan Road No. 11

Price: Saudi 100 yuan/hour, indoor 150 yuan -200 yuan/hour/hours, the outdoor daytime Monday to Thursday 40 yuan/hour, the night 60 yuan/hour, week five to 60/Sunday daytime hours, at 70 yuan/hour. :8:00-21: 00

venue information: Indoor 7

business hours, nine outdoor, sand (indoor)

venue Quantity: 7 indoor outdoor 9

whether the coach or paternity fight: a

ancillary facilities: can bathing

edit this paragraph football stadium consumer segments: sports venues - football

, Opening hours :06:30-23: 00

consumption: cash

business area: 150,000 square meters


Address: Xuanwu District Yongdingmen West Getting There: Street Xiannongtan the 17th

20,958,943 bus ride to Yongdingmen under