Wang Yi

Wang Yi (540-585), the word Yijun, Luoyang, Henan Province. The beginning of the week, left paternity sergeant. Moved to the Royal positive doctor, to worship Yongzhou Biejia. Emperor Wu ascended the throne, with the grant instrument to move within Shida Fu, the closure Yang Guogong. Flush granted relative to the provincial governor, the levy for the largest history. Xuan early the Xiangzhou Explorer. With static Dichu transfer Zhengzhou Explorer, thanks to Tai Situ. Early Kaihuang, into the sealed Yun national companies. After Yuan Wang Cisi.

Sui Shu Wang Yi Chuan Wang Yi, word Yijun, Luoyang, Henan people. Father, Zhou Fengqi prefectural governor. Less generous friendship, ambition, they bow horse-read statements were made. Emperor Zhou Min, left paternity Sergeant. When the Chief Minister, Yuwen care ruling potential dumping royal, Royal Arch the silent nothing off pre. Toward disabilities in Timor side of the micro as contemptuous, Yi excitedly into the strike of. Its people Huang Ju to confessing, Naizhi. Naturally toward disabilities not dare Su. Sui Yu, moved to Imperial regular doctor. The Ding parent storm destroyed devastated over ceremony, Lu tomb side negative with disabilities into the grave. Sui Yu, from the worship the Yongzhou Biejia, solid let them not. Emperor Wu ascended the throne, the grant instrument with tired to move within Shida Fu, Feng Yang Guogong. Royal Fa Qi, and state, the Emperor into the city, and about the anti-Sarkozy who defeated more dead. Yi rate under the command of Xiao Xiong went to the Emperor on which the whole economy. When Emperor to six military setback nosebleed, will return after victory. Yi solid remonstrance, emperor from. And flush granted relative to the provincial governor. Soon, complex the levy as Ouchi history. Fenzhou JI Hu chaos, of Yi shuaibing hit. Emperor the brother Yuewang Sheng Qiao Wang Jian as Explorer, and Yi Jie Du. See heavy case. And level thief but also, thanks to object 5,000 segments seal a sub founding public. Emperor temporary collapse, that the crown prince said: the "of Wang Yi Sajik minister should impose a confidential, not to be far from any also." Kiskiskis

crown prince ascended the throne for XuanDi. Dread Yi upright the Xiangzhou Explorer. And the emperor as the prime minister into Zhengzhou Explorer. Sima elimination the difficult Jubing anti Koso friendship to march Marshal, to rate four Explorer discuss of. Army times the outskirts, the eliminate difficult Juer the Ben Chan. To the north at the time of Shangluo, South refused JAC, something two thousand years and Pakistan find many rebels were pushing drainage handsome Lan Luo State-based. Henan Wang, Luo states since the number attached Consumers difficult, north Wei circuitous. Yi rate Xingjunzongguan Li Wei, Feng Hui, Li Yuan discuss the decile, late May are flat. The emperor to Yi before generation Jiuchen, and even add veneration, emissary of labor asked canopy cover without a break. To the fifth female wife the sub Fengxiao find worship Tai Situ. Yi since Koso old, also owned by the heart Yan.

Gu case of indemnity thick on Shouchan, its first on the pro Fortunately, contrast extremely Huan. Tai Changqing the Solvay legislation proposed, that account more mayonnaise, Tamida age support, For less hero of the land to the people. Yi played, saying: "Baiguan the calendar ELECMIT Yin, Fang Meng Juetu Once cut of no can. Minister for concern, is fear courtier merit not built cake person field deficiencies?" On the course of , went so far as to sleep Wei Yee. Kaihuang early will Fortunately, Qi Zhou. Yi remonstrance, saying: "Your Majesty, the beginning of the Pro nations favor not contact any with this line?" On the show, saying: "I celecoxib and public spaces Wang Qi, etc., once they flexor Festival for the minister, or when shame shame. Is line also Zhen Yang Wei Wu, who wish to serving the public atrial appendage. "Yi laugh retreat. Find Fengshi Turkic, on Peggy said aimed Ying nationals into the closure.

soon after the sub Fengxiao Death. More than one year, the friendship on the table, the words Princess, in addition to service. The censor salicin impeach Yi said: "Chen Wen mourning, intimacy different section, four bereaved system, the descending kill Shu Wen. Wang Zhe Zhisuo often line, Hence it is not easy the road also. Based Sage shall not exceed, unscrupulous and had to. instrument with Wang Fengxiao both Shanglan Ling Princess Fengxiao to May last year, the body funerals, beginning after one week, and the friendship they please in addition to Buddhism. burglary, said Wang Ji, and eventually became the gift of married, the main public still ringing in shifting the meaning of the day. conditions after three years of mourning, since on up to the next, and the period of release service and not detailed in the ceremony. contingent couple, Lun Yau start funeral Ji Tai humane Goubu heavy, teasing gentleman. therefore drill Sui change fire, responsible for to bereavement fast; toward Cheung twilight song, ridiculed to forget the sorrow as early as contingent friendship though not self-improvement, the title has been heavy, prefer to give rude, its almost? injury is thin vulgar teach, parent not Tsz; Light Ceremony easy mourning, caused women nonsense if the vertical without being fear injury customs, to pay law pushed Branch. "slightly thinner Youzhao Do not governance, natural grace ceremony. Friendship quite Yuan Wang. Or divisions Yi rebellion, result in the case being to. Main outs Yi as prominent as the words, there is no anti-shaped. On gave them drink and Buddhism. In when the Zhu Guo Yuan harmonic quite dramatically frustrated, Yi contact with remarks ugly. Appreciation of Beauty told, the Gongqing played Yi outrageous sin when dead. See you on friendship, sad, saying: "I and the public old for the students, and even compassion and pity, Chennai law of the land?" So even ordered, saying: "Yi, Zhou World, as early as Henan human relations, I Swim Xiang Xu, then I was ordered to the beginning of the blind date. contingent pregnant insurance thin Witchcraft at his door, ghost words strange language, known as Shinto holy. kept the commandment about deep, mouth cloud repent, heart implemented Quan is said that four days is Shinto, Yi should Yi prophecy was ordered, the book, Friendship Star days under the peach, deer Futagawa, Qi Zhou,-year-old in Tatsumi, Xing emperors industry. secret order Bu asked the server temple provincial disaster and he said the body is Yamashina credit left Road, where deceive misuse, self-phase table, when the king did not suspect this amnesty of, or chaos, ban violent and evil forces, should volts States criminal. "complex that make the Dali positive Zhao Chuo Yi said:" life so, if the Ho! "So Prince home When forty-six.

edit this paragraph. Deputy Chief Physician Wang Yi, deputy director of Physicians in 1990 graduated from the Sichuan Province, Luzhou Medical College Medical University bachelor's degree and serving in 2005 made more than ten years, Sichuan University Huaxi Medical Center tumors professional master's degree in medical oncology Education Clinical Oncology Chemotherapy Cancer Hospital, Medical College in China has accumulated a wealth of experience in clinical work are familiar with the common tumor diagnosis and treatment guidelines especially for the treatment of lymphoma multiple myeloma lung cancer and other breast cancer as well as gastrointestinal malignancies and chemical and biological the treatment toxicity handling rich and detailed experience to understand the domestic and international cancer treatment progress is good according to the patient's condition and their own situation had participated in clinical trials to develop individualized treatment programs participated in many countries new drugs Pfizer carried out within the framework of the World Phase Ⅱ clinical drug trials has published more than 20 papers papers asked the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association of Clinical Oncology Center Member

in the national provincial professional journals press edit this paragraph. Sichuan young actor was 13 years old, she was admitted to a drama school in Sichuan Sichuan opera acting classes. Liu Yi played showgirl the Sichuan Opera the classical repertory Bashan scholar "Seduction. Liu Yi from the self-Arts main Tsing Yi, and learn Huadan work martial arts once. Dou played in "Snow in June". In "Khao red" played matchmaker. Complex row of "Legend of the White Snake" played by Bai.

Liu Yi is also very active in the film and television industry and the advertising industry, she starred in the movie "roots" won the Venice Film Festival, European Art Prize.


edit this paragraph, deputy general manager of China Aviation Oil Co. Ltd.

Wang Yi, currently deputy general manager of China Aviation Oil Co. Ltd..

1982 July basic organic chemical engineering graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University doctorate in 2001, instructors were Ma Qingguo. In March 1999, Wang Yi, general manager Ren Huanan Blue Sky Aviation Oil Limited (formerly known as the South Africa Company of China Aviation Oil) in August 2005, he was appointed deputy general manager of the limited liability company of China Aviation Oil. Wang Yi in May 2006 to take over the sea together into as the blue sky chairman, stepped down in January 2008.

edit this paragraph Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University Teachers Basic information Gender female

the birth date 1972.12.02

titles the lecturer

political outlook Jiu San Society the National Chinese tour guides Examinations Board members

duties Yangling Demonstration Zone the members

education and work experience 1990-1994 Shaanxi Normal travel Management University undergraduate degree

1998-2002 Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University the ecology graduate degree

2004 far Northwest Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology University of Agriculture and Forestry Doctor of Economics and Management graduate (read)

1994-1999 the original Northwest Forestry University assistant

1999 far Northwest A & F the university lecturers

research field eco-tourism management; tourism planning;

Courses Higher Tourism Education Tourism Economics and Hotel Management, Travel Agency Management, modern enterprise management

research projects, the situation (1) Run efficient agriculture demonstration park in town planning (presiding) horizontal issues 2008.4 2009.11

( 2) to optimize the allocation of Yangling tourism resources based on ReBAM theory and market research and development (presiding) NWAFU 2004.10-2006.10

(3) Shaanxi Province presided tourism resources survey (sub-topics) Provincial Tourism Bureau 2004.04-2006.04

(4) Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau provincial ecotourism resources evaluation and its development and utilization of research "(participants) 2000.01-2001.01

(5) rural tourism integration study (participants) Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology 2009.10-2011.1

(6) (sub-topics, the protection of biological resources and the development of science and technology planning of the the Yangling tourism image design (third participants) Provincial Science and Technology Department of 2005.06 2007.06

(7) mountain in southern Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department of 2003.09-2005.09

(8) of the participants) Qinling North slope forest tourism sustainable development research (participants) NWAFU 2006.09-2008.09

(9) the Fan district agricultural tourism products and its market research and development (participants) NWAFU 2000.12-2002.1

(10 ) mode to optimize the design of organizational structure of Forest Park (to participate in the third person) Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology publication 2002.09-2004.09

, writings of the case (1) Shaanxi Province Treats Plateau Nature Reserve Comprehensive Scientific Expedition (deputy editor) Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University Press 2009.03

(2) Motian Nature Reserve Comprehensive Scientific Expedition and Research (Associate Editor), Shaanxi Science and Technology Press 2007.12

(3) Guanyin Mountain Nature Reserve expedition and biodiversity research (senate) China Forestry Publishing House 2006.09 the

published papers situation (1) travel "non-ecological" alienation and ecological system of governance (alone) University of Electronic Technology (Social Science Edition) 2010.3

(2) southern Shaanxi underdeveloped mountainous areas to carry out the practice of eco-tourism to explore ( first author) the ecological economic 2004.4

(3) Thoughts about China's development of tourism agriculture (first author) Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (Social Sciences) 2005.7

(4) Management Case pedagogy Exploration (sole) the agricultural education 2003.6

(5) eco-tourism resources in Northern comprehensive evaluation (first author) of Northwest Forestry University, Shaanxi Province 2002.8

(6) Ecological Tourism (Author) Northwest Forestry University 2002.5

(7) Shaanxi Province, the basic characteristics of the eco-tourism and the ecological environment to attract isotropic evaluation (first author) of Northwest Forestry University 2002.2

(8) Non-Optimal Areas Tourism Development Plan (first author) Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (Social Science Edition lesson plans second prize Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology 2006.12

Youth) 2002.1

(9) Thinking generalization of the concept of eco-tourism (first author) of Northwest Forestry University 2001.5

Awards outstanding teacher lectures Competition first prize Northwest Agriculture and Forestry Dalin Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry Daelim College, the College 2005.11

excellent lesson plans second prize 2005.11

Tourism Management Course System Research and Practice Teaching Learning Achievement Award 2005.1

forest tourism professional teaching internship Reform in the outcome of the school to teach the second prize Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology 2003.1

courage to explore, bold reform the forest tourism professional backbone of the course content and teaching methods to improve the quality of teaching school teaching achievement prize NWAFU 2001.1