Three feather Ukraine

"three-Yu Wu Japanese idioms, from Japanese folk art form of" diffuse only after widely used, refers to the various fields which level [1]

high and comparable to each other three, come first in Chinese "three heroes."

Japan Qijie also there have been a number of three-Yu Wu,, the three feather Ukrainian Shanxiajingwu, such as postwar three-Yu Wu Fujisawa Hideyuki Yamabe Toshiro | original Takeo, the Mugu subglottic three Yu Wu Jiatengzhengfu, Shi Tian Fangfu, Wugongzhengshu and Heisei Hane Naoki Takao gentry Road.

In addition, as in common chess-shaped, black stars, pointed to both sides, three sons and hold diagonally constitute fortress, also known as the "three-Yu Wu.

Japan Young Turks "three feather Ukraine"

Prime Minister Takashi Hara stabbed week, aristocratic castle area of ​​the upper reaches of the Black Forest to the River Main, Germany, called the spas of Baden-Baden held a secret meeting. Three the rank of Japan's diplomatic attache are Koro gathered to talk the boss, talking about national purpose and 7 days after the action Nakaoka Gen similar: the end of corruption in the country. The trio - Yong Tian Tieshan, the small x sensitive Shiro, Okamura - Army Primary School in Tokyo each other friends. School many students come from famous families or wealthy families, they regard themselves as superior political and economic status, often gang up to bully others. Not being bullied, Yong Tian Tieshan, Okamura and small x sensitive Shiro, formed their own gangs. Okamura once in the Trojans practice with a senior samurai from Choshu family called Kameda came to blows, the family background of the turtle Tian Youxiong thick, the tyrant usually movers and shakers in the school is always kept gang The follow; Okamura appeared to be at a disadvantage, but, fortunately, Yong Tian Tieshan, the small x sensitive Shiro was hearing galloping fist Qi on, and only then, Okamura saved. Relationship of the trio Yong Tian Tieshan Okamura best mutual endearment "Iron" and "Ning"; the small x sensitive Shiro Okamura, a trainee area teams. Three since then kicks together, fight together, personality, temper chummy best friend. Later, the three men together admitted to the Military Academy, Army University. In the known training harsh Japanese military academy Yong Tian Tieshan graduation is fourth in the NCO school, second in the Army University; the the small x sensitive Shiro results for non-commissioned officers the fifth school

Showa warlords (7)

, the first Army University; Okamura compared to non-commissioned officers school sixth place in the Army University accepted Taisho Emperor awards due to outstanding. These three beings are the pride of the Army - later known as the "three-Yu Wu" - Japanese "three crows meaning. Any one to study the writings of military history in Japan after World War II, should be mentioned the names of three people. The three men become like a sign of the the Japanese Showa warlord Group. But when to Yin River Baden Baden spas gathering, three with Europe when attache Army Primary School, NCO school, the Army University students who have not so much later appetite. When they should firmly stick to the Japanese domestic corruption. Domestic corruption, political corruption in their eyes first. Political corruption and the first performance in the Army's personnel corruption. Japan traditionally the first breath heavy Phan valve. Dominated by Satsuma Meiji Restoration Navy, Army by Choshu dominated; Yamagata Peng, Katsura, Tanaka first-class Army core figure, both are from Choshu; the Choshu membership who never expect to be promoted to the Army high. Three bulbs in a steam bath attache to talk about these things with indignation, impassioned. Army Primary School Choshu offspring Kameda fight things, I do not know if also the three arguments within the scope? Baden-Baden is a time when the tourist season, this quiet place just them planning the future of the secret plan. The trio The core to keep Prussia short hair, beard trim on the lips like a seagull with Yong Tian Tieshan scholarly. His excellent service in June 1920 was granted full powers in the European Tour; However, even if it is not a system put forward their own ideas of people. Small x-sensitive the Shiro people most aristocratic thin savviest and most excitable, during the height of the Russian Revolution in Russia, desperate to read a lot of Marxist books, but in addition to want to communicate with the Emperor feelings through the so-called "tribal communism This confusion concept failed to provide of decent political opinion; Okamura Abstract raunchy glasses on a poor half-blind man wearing glasses are also deemed ferocious owl, most advocates like the front-line commanders as directly action, not a thinker. Trio stuffy for a long time in the hot steam, and only came up with two: from the Army - Choshu shelter, to open a gap. Second, to go the route of France to restore national strength. Anything else you can not remember what else. As the Programme of Action for these two is a bit nondescript. After the end of World War II, the survivors of the "three-Yu Wu" Yasuji Okamura times had such memories: "a" Showa warlords Rise and Fall of the book mentioned Taisho 10 years (1921) and in the southern German city of Baden-Baden, Yong Tian Tieshan, x sensitive Shiro lit revolutionary Fenghuo. fact, say too exaggerated when we do not take into account of Manchuria other countries things, just to discuss the innovation of the Japanese Army time, our thoughts are very serious. said innovation, including: first, when the Army Personnel factions Choshu faction monopoly practice of army personnel arrangements must be broken; Second, because of the independence of the Japanese Army implementation of the commander in chief the right, leaving the military and political, civil-military relations, alienation, and this must be reversed. At that time, the three of us are determined to change the Japanese army is not a normal thing. because we went to Europe, saw the military position of these countries do not think not so dry. then the three of us are Koro thing started. "three vowed to take the Choshu surgery to young officers began their revolution, still adhering to a very strong sense of seniority of the Japanese army. In fact, Baden-Baden gathering of four people, the fourth one is Hideki Tojo. Although he later served as Japan's wartime prime minister, only one grade lower than three-Yu Wu "NCO school in Baden-Baden behalf of the of Yong Tian Tieshan cigarette lighter and the the standing steam bathroom door sentry, and would have no other 's something to do. Neither included in the three-Yu Wu, but they can not participate in the discussion. The two nondescript Programme Who will implement them? In addition to the four people in Baden-Baden, outside the three-Yu Wu never belongs Choshu and talented colleagues elected seven people. 11 "Baden Baden Group in Switzerland: Tour Wuguan Yong Tian Tieshan; military attache in Moscow x sensitive Shiro; tour attache Yasuji Okamura; Wu Guandong Tojo; the in Berlin Wu Guanmei Jin Yoshijiro; stationed in Bern the military attache Yamashita text; military attache in Copenhagen Kotaro Nakamura; Baku of Li Wuguan island now I; military attache stationed in Cologne under the village; military attache in Beijing, Iwane Matsui and the Rocky Valley Lian referral; party content shallowness of Baden-Baden. Japan's modern history, a very high full three participants in the meeting and they intend to list of 11 people. 11 people became later an important figure of the Japanese military. Yong Tian Tieshan the assassination of former Secretary of the Japanese Army, the unconditional surrender of Emperor Hirohito until a final decision moment, still in his portrait hanging in the basement; chancellor of the small x sensitive Shiro Army University; Okamura Japanese Invaders total commander; Hideki Tojo, Japan's top war criminals, war cabinet, the Prime Minister; Umezu, Yoshijiro later became the Japanese General Staff total length; Yamashita text of any in the Philippines the Japanese commander, led his army swept across Southeast Asia, known as the "Malays of the Tiger"; in the village of small Taro any over continental; Iwane Matsui aggression against the Japanese Central China Area Army commander of the Nanjing Massacre commit; Nakajima now I any division head 16, the Nanjing Massacre in the most inhuman executioner; under the village as the commander of the North China Army, after succession continental; the Rocky Valley Lian mediated the Japanese Tenth Division division commanders later Taierzhuang bloody battle with the Chinese army. 11 people Showa warlords Group's core backbone of Japan on which to launch the Second World War. Baden-Baden meeting place October 27, 1921, Showa the warlord was born the first day. When the three crows from Baden-Baden is known as the "three-Yu Wu vacated when to leave, their gaping black wings, the East will bring a huge disaster. The three young officers did not enter the mainstream of the Japanese Army why energy is so great? The gang diplomatic attache how to form a huge chilling worldwide warlords Group?