Showa grandmaster

famous chess master, born in 1914 in Fuzhou, Fujian, the Japanese Chinese beat all the super-class master because 12 Fanqi ring, known as the "Showa grandmaster. His life dominating the uncrowned the throne of the best in the world ", put forward the idea of ​​a new layout and large avalanche Shui as the representative of the Go Master set, in turn spent his whole life on the footsteps in his later years, to promote Go internationalization and Chinese chess development lifetime of understanding the fusion of ancient Chinese culture, proposed 21st century Go - liuhe of chess.

Go Master, born June 12, 1914 (lunar calendar May 19) in as mayor of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, after lifting the Go Master

family moved to Beijing, early showed extraordinary talent that go on. The age of 11 to become a chess-off of the Northern Warlords Duan sects and Lai Jin Yu Xuan chess seats "chess prodigy" the access of Duan sites and Beijing Central Park (now Zhongshan Park), 14-year-old went to Japan to start its professional player career. In 1933, 19 year-old Wu Qingyuan use to create their own "new layout" the game against Honinbo Xiuzai celebrities, opened the Go a new page in the history. In 1936, the eve of the outbreak of World War Two, Go Master join Japanese nationality. 1930s

20 Go Master Japanese chess, always read through the "Tao Te Ching". Result, the Go Master defeated all opponents, boarded the pinnacle of chess. He said: "My opponents are all distinguished persons of the Japan Chess on chess is concerned, I am almost no difference between them, the reason I repeatedly winning is all about mental factors." Another of the Japan Chess top master Sakamoto Eio men had frankly: I do not think how Mr. Wu chess is. But he always defeat at the hands of the Go Master, but could not understand why, in fact, it is the moral and economic Inaction, no me, no desire, Habitat, Qing Xu, natural. "Ideological the Go Master ruled out greed wins the interference caused by the heart, clarity of mind, play the best level [1]. the

after more than 20 years, the Go Master not only defeated in ten Fanqi ring all the super-class players, but also put forward the theory of the new layout, and get rid of many of the past mediocre given dismount, played a pivotal for the development of chess theory role.

After the war, The Go Master re-joined the Chinese nationality. In 1961, Wu unfortunately had an accident and Wu gradually fade out the first-line game. In 1979, The Go Master once again joined the Japanese nationality.

Jin Yong in the the Essays Zatan Go, had mentioned the name of Go Kathrine Go Master. The Go Master 12-year-old outcrop that angle, the invincible hand 13-year-old in the country, and 15-year-old to Japan, 20-year-old Chong Go new layout. In Japan, the best of the the defeated Japanese masters, known as the ancient and modern people.

writings "new layout method" (and Mugu real cooperation), "The Go Master Works," The Go Master-demand one hundred innings, The the name Bureau fine solution, "Go Master playing chess Works Volume 4," to the text will be "Friends, "in the spirit".

evaluation from 1939 to 1956, known as "The Go Master era. During the early days of World War II, the Japanese army swept across mainland China and East Asia, while iron heel, in terms of financial The Go Master on the Japanese mainland alone, alone one, whereas the victory over the All Japan earthquake ancient Shuo today and unprecedented ten times in the ten Fanqi of top to seven super in terms of financial, and downgrade hit all opponents, forcing the loser to change the grips identity to represent the weak do not have the ability to fair competition and the strong - Go Master well-deserved Chess first person known as "Showa chess holy. " Go Master added a Japanese nationality, but the Japanese have always believed that he is Chinese. Even if the Go Master has done a lot for his so-called "Japanese goodwill efforts still can not change this situation.

the Go Master chess battle results can be called before or since, but really to lay his status in chess, or he personally new layout method. In the era of the Go Master, the Japanese Go plot four hundred years of tradition, the formation of many insights for chess Road even conclusive players were all as iron law. Was nineteen years old Go Master environment alone in a foreign land as a stranger, dare to thoroughly break all the commandments, the new layout, initiated chess revolution, this spirit more people hit section of sigh [2]. In 1987, Japan "chess club" to seek six of superb players Jiatengzhengfu, Wugongzhengshu, Jan Lamb, Zhao Zhixun, Kobayashi Koichi Otake hero opinions: Go in the history of the strongest? Zhao, Lin, Takemiya, Kato, replied in unison Go Master. The Kobayashi and Otake then successive gurus in a different era, it is very difficult to compare. If you have to ask who the most broadly include three: Road policy, show policy, The Go Master.

edit this paragraph biography burst on the scene Tau Kok Go Master whose real name is Wu Quan, was born in 1914, a salt merchant families in Minhou County, Fujian Province (Fuzhou), after and moved to Beijing with his parents defected grandfather. His father, "Ben Ng" Department of the concubines, the Go Master

studied in Japan learning Hosei, even love of chess, often out of the radius of the community. His mother Zhang Shuwen, the late Qing Hanlin Zhang Yuanqi the eldest daughter, Yuan Qi Qing emperor abdicated Shichang retainers, former Mukden governor. father in Japan while studying

Go Master obsession with chess Generally, there are the amateur three sections of the playing strength returning brought back a large number of rare Japanese chess books. Go Master Go extraordinary talent of chess never forget, and intense exercise hours sick, can not, in his father's encouragement, and then gradually developed a long time especially in research habits, improve very Quick, the Go Master addition to learning Japanese father brought back books, and absorb the chess the unique essence of China's ancient, beat the Fujianese Tatung Lin Yi Shu Master Q, in the name of "chess prodigy" spread like wildfire. Access Haifeng Xuan-class chess player Wang Yunfeng, Gu water, such as, Liu Dihuai, by sub-chess playing strength by leaps and bounds. The age of 11 by Duan chess customer care water as referrals into segments House, paragraph Love, owned Quan monthly Ocean 100, Qingyuan famous, often and Sheriff celebrities deal. In Chinese society. Taboo even names with surname others, thought it was not respected. Qingyuan Although children, others adults treat him. Care of water, such as a friend would give Qingyuan brother played a number, to leads to word "QINGYUAN" from the word "spring". Since then, "The Go Master" words in lieu of "Wu Quan. years

1926 Japanese players Iwamoto Kaoru Liuduan and the Kosugi small four to China traveled less, the Go Master win more negative in the Bureau of handicap. After returning to the duo, Travels to say this, then caused the Japan Chess master Segoe Gazette for Note.

1927 years, 14-year-old Wu Qingyuan. The the Japanese Go Nade Inoue Kohei five to Beijing, tentatively Qingyuan thinking depth. In the in let two sub-bureau, Zhihei three wins Kohei Inoue; let the first Board, one win and one playing Ping-hung. Chess returns, Segoe Constitution for show policy when young style, decided to let the the Go Master to Japan, urged Wu issued invitations.

east to Japan in 1928, by the the Segoe Constitution for dispatch the Hashimoto Yu Taro four came to China to arrange with the the Go Master exam chess study in Japan matters. Board exam chess during Hashimoto Wu and let the first two were defeated. On October 23 of the same year, The Go Master study in Japan, the then Japanese celebrities Xiuzai personally led the congregation in terms of financial to the train station to greet. Qingyuan to Japan, then president of the Japan Chess the Okura Hi Shichiro promised two hundred yen monthly subsidy of Qingyuan period of two years. Two years later, Qingyuan whether a foothold in Japan, that is to say, if you can get The Nihon Ki admitted that he has the qualifications for a in terms of financial, own playing strength depends on whether the considerable progress.

Nihon Ki organize a review will come to Qingyuan assess Dan grade. Review will be a total of seven people: Honinbo Xiuzai (Kudanshita), Iwasa (seven segment) Segoe Constitution for (seven segment), Suzuki Jiro (seven segment), Kato letter (sixth), Iwamoto Kaoru (sixth), Onoda Chiyoda Taro (sixth). The review will be selected is the United States (four), the village of Island justice wins (four), Maeda Chen Yee (four), Hashimoto Yu the Taro (four), Onoda Chiyo the Taro (sixth), the Mugu real (four) and the seven Honinbo Xiuzai Qingyuan game. The Qingyuan first victory the original Masami Honinbo Xiuzai, and village Island trio. The review will be based on this result, we assessed Qingyuan three sections. The named three sections, Qingyuan continue with the remaining four-person game. Results only to lose the the Mugu real one council, the Yu Quansheng. Qingyuan, the Mugu real is the first time he encountered the rival.

1929 years, Go Master, the first time in the the ring race sponsored by the "newspaper Current Affairs" Mugu real encounter, creating the "imitation chess precedent.

1930 years, Go Master promoted four and Nihon Ki formal in this year in terms of financial, began to participate in the Nihon Ki-year in the spring and twice in the hand together.

1931, The Go Master participate in the the Tokyo the current affairs Shimbun initiated chess game. Game to take a single knockout. Qingyuan are Czech Republic, Lien Chan, the eighteen players defeated in his hands. Current affairs news agency continuously published his game is about more than half a year. Caused by the reputation of his winning streak the Japanese Qijie attention. The annual spring game

1932, he obtained a victory, won the first place; race in the same year in the fall, he only lost to the island one council after Mugu real, was second. seven segment

1939 rose. At this point, the first-class players in Japan ten Fanqi, "Six Fanqi" and "three Fanqi" game. Among the most prominent the Ten Fanqi record. Period of 1939 of Mugu of ten Fanqi; 1941 the geese gold of ten Fanqi; 1946,1950 years of the Hashimoto Yu Taro secondary of ten Fanqi; 1943,1951,1952 years the Fujisawa library of help three times ten Fanqi; 1953 on the the Osaka Eio men and 10 Fanqi; 1955 high Chuange the ten Fanqi. In more than ten Fanqi, Yan Jin quasi-one outside the opponents all down to the first-phase first or given first. Recognized first Qijie. In February,

1950 granted by the Nihon Ki Kudan.

1957 years after Japan first, the three the strongest decided to battle first. A car accident in 1964, and from out of the big game.

1983 years to retire.

insights are many in the layout, fixed-sequence set, which is known as the "founder of modern layout," Showa grandmaster. The new cloth Stone Law, "The Go Master Optional White Board," the biographical literature is literature "the game chess income" Go Master play chess Complete Works ". Ha disciples Jan Lamb.

Go Master under the age of 14 in Japan alone, compared with his chessboard brilliant, but his life is a vagrant, ups and downs and twists and turns. Japan launched a war of aggression against China, the Go Master invincible in Japan, to some extent, enhance the self-confidence of the people. pursuit of religious pure

Go Master Go Master add red e will, on the one hand, the church took the Go Master the game fee, the other hand, Wu reason because the Church Japanese Qijie is not understand, his house in the bombing being razed to the ground, in a very long period of time, of no fixed abode, somewhat aimlessly, no nationality and identity, should be considered, however, explore the meaning of life through chess Road bent Go Master is concerned, these unfortunate like dust. As Jin Yong said: "Mr. Wu's chess impure in some superb subtlety with the spirit and the realm lies hidden behind the chess game ... Mr. Wu lifelong seek, in fact, is a noble mind only because his secular career is the chess, so this noble soul reflected in chess. "

Go Master on the vision of the 21st century Go reconcile the very advocates of yin and yang, harmony. This yin and yang, as Kuwabara Road Festival in classics hair yang theory said: "chess-like configuration, the structure of that kind of stuff can be called 'yin' chess shaped insidious means can be called 'Yang'" is reserved for players who change or not, this harmony is the forces in the field, measured on a harmonious, very subtle. He believes that chess is an art, and a philosophy of life. Chess the ultimate goal, is to satisfactorily reconcile the "Road" from the taste, the pursuit of the common chess and life perfect. Go Master believes that to fight two world wars of the 20th century, the 21st century and your. Chinese "Book of Changes" pay attention to the yin and yang, the Go also not out of the road. Century Go to competitiveness, the Go the core of the 21st century is to reconcile, balanced, harmonious.

chess is like life. The Go Master chess Road gist the "Kuni chess, it is this fame, Go purely Tao spirit made him far beyond the outcome of a contention in terms of financial and reflect an extremely filling and abundant personality. Seen Master Wu delve Go unparalleled depth of spirit and critical spirit can understand why Master Wu inspiration constantly, this spirit, the Go Master away from the stadium for many years, but he's Go thinking long-term guidance of modern chess, and will be more long-term impact on the future development of the World Chess. showdown celebrity

edit this paragraph Kathrine 1933, The Go Master nineteen years old, was promoted five sections. Was second in the annual spring game, fall game tied for first with Mugu real. In the same year, the Yomiuri Shimbun initiated elite athletes trials, Qingyuan shortlisted winning streak rival of Mugu real and Hashimoto Yu Taro, the right to obtain and the celebrity Xiuzai decision final outcome of. In this game of chess, the the Qingyuan course Zhihei first. His hands to use the "three-three, star, Tianyuan" layout. The first sub in the upper right corner of the "three" position. For this in Xiuzai chess camp, called "ghost gate" is taboo moves. Under the stars, in the lower left corner in the second step of sunspots. At the third step in Tianyuan. This innovative and France sensation Japanese Qijie. However, Honinbo Xiuzai I know the strength of Qingyuan, do not underestimate the enemy. Qingyuan several times erupted so Xiuzai difficult to cope with, he had repeatedly declared pause, go home with his disciples to study how to cope. In this Juqi extended to January 29 of the following year before the end of the next three months. During this period, Qingyuan at the same time to participate in eleven game of chess the Fall competitions and news agency sponsored competitions. Results Xiuzai win two eyes. It is said that the reason he win, because his disciples Maeda Chen Seoul to help him out a good trick, namely section 160 that sub. Many people believe that, Xiuzai repeatedly raised pause, go back and disciples of the three-month extension of a game of chess, a bit unfair. Since then, Nihon Ki requirements after each game must be the end of the day, without any delay. After the race, polls show that after Emperor Go Master popularity in Japan.

1933, the Mugu real, Go Master creating new layout revolution. Autumn hands to (liter paragraph race) in the two officially began using the new layout, scores separated the first two in the game. November Wu Mugu co-publication of Ernst & Young, a lead author of the new layout. the Go Master

88-year-old Masters (14)

1934 Go Master promoted to sixth, the puppet state of Manchukuo, and then "Manchukuo emperor ascended the throne as a day full of friendship delegation of the Chinese Go to Fu Miriam chess. the March

1935, Segoe Constitution for Suzuki Jiro Go Master, the Mugu real notification talk chess game began. Final Miss Mugu Zhihei mesh wins. when In April,

1936 in Japan has been invaded and occupied large tracts of Chinese territory, despite the unanimous opposition of the date of the Overseas Chinese, joined the Japanese nationality. the

1939, Go Master promoted seven segment.

the Kamakura ten Fanqi 1938 Honinbo Xiuzai declare retire, retire before the next one called retire battle chess Mugu real. Results the Mugu real wins and a. In theory, the the Mugu real should retire after Honinbo Xiuzai Qijie first person. However, it was thought that the Go Master in there. Who is the first person to have to fight it out Qingyuan and Mugu real. Thus, the Yomiuri Shimbun initiated the Mugu real and Qingyuan ten decisive battle. October 1939, the Go Master, Mugu real "Kamakura of ten Fanqi". Five wins and one loss to the sixth inning, Wu Mugu real reduced to "first-phase first hand together. In 1941, Wu eventually six wins and four losses over the the Mugu real seven-segment. Since then

, unprecedented, and no latecomers Go Master the ten Fanqi era begins.

1941 and Japan in terms of financial, formed a "chess Road reported Congress" to participate in the troops. In June,

1941 Go Master and geese gold quasi a ten Fanqi of start. 1942, The Go Master four wins and one loss leader, having regard to the reputation issue, geese out of the race.

1942, should the Wang puppet Nanjing government adviser Aoki male invitation, the condolences to the Japanese Invaders. Then paste the slogan "kill razed traitors Go Master" patriotic personages in the hotel. In February,

1942 the Go Master Tokyo Higher Normal girls Central Plains and sub got married settlers in the Central Plains and sub home. In March,

1942 Go Master promoted eight.

ten Fanqi victory over the end of 1942, the Go Master, with Fujisawa library of help ten Fanqi start. Fujisawa often prescribed game first. To 1944, the end of the Go Master and Fujisawa library to help ten Fanqi. Go Master four wins and six losses, Hand unchanged.

1946 years, of Go Master Hashimoto Yu Taro ten Fanqi, began. 1947, The Go Master, and Hashimoto Yu Taro ten Fanqi Yi to the eighth inning, Wu grades six wins and two loses Hashimoto reduced first phase just get together. 1948, The Go Master, and Hashimoto Yu the Taro (eight) 10 Fanqi end, and Wu six wins and three defeats. January,

1948 the Go Master with Sakamoto the Eio Male (first phase first) three Fanqi held Wu San-game winning streak. July,

1948 The Go Master IWAMOTO the smoked Honinbo ten Fanqi of start, the first phase just get together to November Wu Iwamoto reduced to five wins and one loss. To In 1949,

Go Master Iwamoto smoked ten Fanqi end. Go Master seven wins, two lost one and. The Go Master to obtain the nationality of the "Republic of China" in February,

1949. In February,

1950 Go Master awarded by the Japan Chess the Kudan title.

1950, the Go Master with Hashimoto Yu the Taro Honinbo the second 10 Fanqi start. August 1951 The Go Master with Hashimoto's the Yu Taro Honinbo ten Fanqi, end and grades five wins and three defeats.

1951 Go Master Fujisawa library to help first 10 Fanqi start. 1952, the Go Master 12 Fanqi in seven wins, two losses and achievements help Kudan beat Fujisawa library.

1952 to see Chiang Kai-shek.

1953 Go Master Fujisawa library to help the second ten Fanqi of beginning. Carried into the sixth inning, Wu Wusheng defeat Fujisawa reduced given the upper hand together.

1954, Go Master Sakamoto Eio 10 male Fanqi the start. Wu six wins and two lost Sakata reduced given the upper hand together.

1955 years, ten Fanqi, Go Master with high Chuange the start. To 1956, The Go Master decade Fanqi, before eight innings in six wins and two losses, high Chuange (seven segment) reduced first phase just get together. Ultimately Wu six wins and four losses. the years of

1958, Go Master in the first of Japan strongest decided war the (Ming Renzhan predecessor, the Yomiuri Shimbun sponsored) championship with eight wins and two negative results.

1960, Go Master in the third of Japan's strongest decided the war, and Sakamoto Eio men tied for the championship.

1961, The Go Master had an accident and hospitalized. Since then, the thinking depth greatly affected.

1965 to see Chiang Kai-shek. the

1979, Go Master again join Japanese citizenship. the years of

1984, Go Master retire ceremony held at the Hotel Okura in Japan, formally announced the retreat.

1985, Go Master achieve the first post-war visit mainland China.

1986, the Go Master honorary doctorate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Ha disciples of Jan Lamb

Rui Naiwei of

edit this paragraph contribution Go Master Masters Go contribution mainly three One theory of the new layout, the layout of the theory of a new look Go; innovation Old dismount proposed Shui as the representative to the large avalanche Go Master given; Third, we propose the concept of "21st Century Go", to promote the two hanging leeway dismount sequence set. Broaden the idea of ​​the players. Go Master the early years of

new layout theory chess game Black did not komi, the Zhihei first advantage for the majority of the players are familiar. The Go Master Dan rising player using more and more. Gradually think the traditional moves always felt White lagging behind, and then the the Mugu real initiation similar thoughts. In exchange, the two hit it off, after and in in Jigokudani spas for, two, together with Ernst & Young, a co-author of the new layout.

is said is the Maeda, Xiuzai disciple of Chen Seoul came up with white 160

Star thirty-three days

new layout method is most shocking is October 16, 1933, 14 times in a row, following year January 29 final Go Master of Xiuzai the the Bureau "Star thirty-three, Tianyuan" (left). Fame together with the council, as well as the white 160 hands (right)

the new layout stressed Star, thirty-three handedly accounted angle, speed. Easy to expand rapidly. Go community greatly enrich the idea, causing a confrontation with the fusion of the deep-seated players layout ideas for after colorful layout, such as the Chinese stream flow of the universe and laid the foundation.

Go Master fixed-Go Master not only in the layout to make the breakthrough thinking, and also given dismount bold innovation, original Go Master-set. Particular large avalanche Shui given most shocking:

the large avalanche given first shape

large avalanche plagium potential the dismount

left for the first of this type of large avalanches, the right to abandon the child to take potential under method. Avalanche was originally just a dominant ideology both dismount. Left the rest to the established formula although the change is less condensed good grasp, but the established formula has long been abandoned. First, a little reluctantly, Black peripheral sub combat the dialogue on both sides of combat Noire has little effect. Followed left both sides of the two official sub plundered means let the white side choose Black discontent ‖ right given in the 1980s gradually difficult to see, along with the purpose of posts increases, we generally think that the white side diagonally over addition actually is black first the hands Black backward hand, dissatisfaction. Go Master in 1957 February 20 - 20:00

after very thoughtful of Shui means (right) the Go Master inward first purgation

not only local innovation is a whole new understanding of Go. After this, various changes around the avalanche, professional player launched decades of. Now Mr. Wu Qingyuan established formula has basically been eliminated, but Mr. Wu Qingyuan contribution for the progress and development of the Go in to get a glimpse.

edit this paragraph anecdotal chess prodigy Go Master Brother Wu Yan the Go Master childhood memories is as follows: The Go Master, also known as Wu Quan, born in 1914 in a big family in Fuzhou. Father had studied in Japan, studied law specialist in Beijing after returning Northern Warlord government level Executive Yuan Ren Clerks. One day, he suddenly come up with the board pawn to teach us to play Go. We are three brothers soon learn, he and his father for the next up. Do not have much time, we caught up with the father; another too soon, Qingyuan brother home premier. His father had come up with chess, a disk placed to us. Qingyuan brother and chess contact forward to the fans, to get up in the morning sitting on the table playing chess. Meal, do not urge him not to eat; night, urging him not to sleep. He name of chess all day. Since then, the chess table Qingyuan brother. Name of the spectrum, father, brother and I sat next to see. At first, Qingyuan brother playing the old "Peach Blossom Spring", "Yi rationale Intention" the Huanglong Shi, Shi-hsiang summer, fancies screen Nade game spectrum. Later, the father again brought back from Japan, the new "Peach Blossom Spring" Honinbo Road strategy such as chess out of view. Qingyuan brother treasured, all day and night playing spectrum, wait for them within a few days, so after all. About more than six months time, Qingyuan brother Go basic skills has turn out to be almost the same. Beijing Fuzhou Association,

name is Lin Yi-Tong, Fuzhou MingShou. Qingyuan brother's chess relatives and friends have been rumors. They wanted to see the Qingyuan brother chess how they made an appointment time with Qingyuan brother to play chess with Lin Yi-Tong. Lin Yi-tang in the disk war Qingyuan brother killing battle messy, and can not be undone. This, Qingyuan brother's fame spread out in Fuzhou fellow. The father see Qingyuan brother's chess promising, he ordered a new publishing Japanese chess. Little hands of others, while chess is very thick big. His left hand holding a chess jam right hand pawn pendulum. Course of time, his left index finger is deformed, bent a little backward. Chinese players like him in-depth study Japanese chess probably not yet.

then Nishiguchi streets of the Beijing Xicheng wool alley, a teahouse called Haifeng Xuan. This teahouse chess board pawn for chess enthusiasts. Here are the current players hangout. Nade Wang Yunfeng, Gu water, such as, Liu Dihuai, et al are often to come here will be fellow chess player. The summer of 1923, one day my father took us three brothers go Haifeng Xuan Teahouse chess. Liu Dihuai and father of the same age, taught father chess. Father admire him. Qingyuan brother in Haifeng Xuan the same Wang Yunfeng, Gu water, such as, Liu Dihuai under several chess, his fame spread. 1924

father ineffective treatment due to lung disease, unfortunately, died. Qingyuan brother was only 11 years old. Father funeral after finishing a big problem that we face is how to live in the future. Big Brother in the secondary school, for a year, his father died, only out of school. I was twelve years old, and already know his family was ruined, suffering days are coming. Qingyuan brother also understand that, but he is still playing chess every day, hard at studying Go. One day, the brother-in-law to our house and saw Qingyuan brother to concentrate on playing chess at the table, they snapped: "Do not be all day playing chess, chess useless could get chess eat this?" Qingyuan brother without hesitation The answer: "the future by playing chess for dinner!" his brother-in-law was so clear-cut answer, and sometimes confused nothing to say, only sneer moment away.

At this time a living by selling old stuff (mostly books, paintings) to maintain. 1925 is the Duan reign, he likes to go. Nade the Gu water if clear off under him, and he always play chess together, to get a paycheck. The mother saw this avenue to get relief from Duan where to visit, he took with him Qingyuan brother Gu water as he introduced to the Qingyuan Duan, called to take money grants we live. Qingyuan brother's reputation has already reached the the Duan ear, paragraph'd love to meet Qingyuan. Therefore, Gu water as generously decided to allow it. after

Duan met Qingyuan brother, very like, monthly Qingyuan hunderd dollars (which was very high salary), relatives and friends heard very admire. This is about our Uncle blocking silent. My house and will have to stabilize the cost of living. Qingyuan every morning to a the Dongcheng good omen alley Duan private residence. Duan playing strength, high strength, strong Victory heart. He left and right Menke and his chess are deliberately let him win. Only his eldest son Duan the industry not let him win under his father. Duan each lost son always said angrily: "Do you play chess", Qingyuan Duan there for chess-off, at first segment called him and other Menke, his side of the match . Later he eager to ask them to give way to him. The Qingyuan children regardless segment is happy or not able to win wins. The not and paragraph several times lost to Qingyuan Qingyuan chess. However, a hunderd dollars monthly take-or-pay.

11 segments in 1926, Japan's Kohei Inoue Kudan (Japanese chess level is divided into five sections, Fridays segment count high segment) to China 1928