Shao Wenzhong

Shao Wenzhong

under the Chinese Football Association general manager of Ford Bowes, has been burst suddenly disappeared, and was suspected to be implicated Nan Yong case, which is following Lu Feng, the former general manager of the Super missing, the Chinese Football Association's another company responsible for people missing. It seems that football sweeping anti-gambling did not stop, but toward the in-depth development.

month-long World Cup in South Africa did not affect the Chinese football the antidrug hitting the efforts. Super procuratorial organs after the raids, the general manager of Ford Po Shao Wenzhong suddenly "disappeared." Chinese football caused no small vibration, the people lost contact Shao total, can not help but generate a lot of speculation. On the afternoon of August 11, 2010, Ford Bowes insiders confirmed to this reporter: Shao always summoned by the public security organs should also assisting the investigation.

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Ford, About an investigation Bowes employees is found in the August 9, 2010, can not find the CEOs Shao Wenzhong. While ago, more than a week after the return from abroad on business, Shao Wenzhong work pattern is normal to deal with related matters at all levels of the national team warm-up match. August 9 day, Ford Po staff frequently toward the general manager's office, the results shall be locked out. Subsequently, those who need Shao Wenzhong signed or referrals to the important work staff hit the telephone, from August 9 to August 10, nearly two days, Shao Wenzhong phone sometimes displayed "unable to connect, sometimes connected but no one answered. Aug. 11

2010 years, the reporter also call Shao Wenzhong phone, but also can not be dialed. No one knows his whereabouts, but you can be sure, Shao Wenzhong absolutely no meeting at the Football Association, "then how will not be 24 hours a day, can not find people, ah!" According to the Football Association to insiders, Shao Wenzhong likely by the public security authorities summoned should belong to assist in the investigation, but he was able to come back exactly when, is still unknown. the

Nan Yong, closely related Shao Wenzhong attended the event

Shao Wenzhong, the CEOs of Ford Bowes, Ford Bowes's full name is Ford Po, China Football Industry Development Company. In 1993, the approval of the State Council Economic and Trade Commission, the establishment of China Ford Po Football Industry Development Corporation, the company belongs to the state-owned enterprises directly under the Chinese Football Association. The early days of professional league, has overall responsibility for the business development of the Chinese Football Association affiliated league Team. Responsible for in addition to the outside of the Super League A, in B, the Women's League business development since 2004, after the termination of cooperation with the Chinese Football Association in 2009, Infront, Ford re-take full control of the Business Development Team job. Shao Wenzhong effect on the date of the establishment of the Ford Bowes served as CEOs, he already has gone through a total of five of any head Wang Junsheng, Yan Shiduo, Xie Yalong, Nan Yong, and vide leadership. "Ford treasure has been fully responsible for the business development of the Chinese Football Association, to the national team from the league, so to say, if you want to check the economic problems of the Football Association, Shao Wenzhong to assist the investigation is a normal thing." Related personnel revealed.

addition, Shao Wenzhong and Nan Yong relationship is very good, when he and Nan Yong Administration of a football team, that team was in Beijing Chongwen District invincible. , Nan Yong accident by the General Administration of notice to go to a meeting, it was Shao Wenzhong car to the Nan Yong sent to the Administration.

Shao Wenzhong be required investigation within the Football Association is not surprised, because many former Super League club manager has recently been the public security authorities summoned, but some veterans in the investigation had come home, but also some CEOs has cut off. "If you, Shao Wenzhong really hurt, then it may also spread to the Football Association officials, and even former officials." Like a Football Association insider analysis Road.

edit this paragraph social evaluation after Lu Feng, Shao Wenzhong also "disappeared".

Lu Shao duo, a professional league operated by the general manager of Super One is the general manager of the operation of the China Team Ford Bowes their off-the-job (for the time being so to speak) means that Chinese football two God of Wealth out of the problem. Also means that once vigorous anti-triad movement, not a person who willfully spreading rumors as to report the end just no longer fanfare or Qiaoshanzhenhu of the only.

Lu Shao duo live seemingly dry, almost level, in fact, there is a big difference. Lu Feng, formerly the the Liaoning club's general manager, might life is not right, when he took office, Liaozu has long been Zhang Shuguang "hotshots" toss unlike appearance. Qu Yuming resigned super manager, Lu Feng the Nan Yong pull to the top class, a total of only done two to three years, when the Super situation was hard, the infamous. In view of this, the the Lu Feng CEOs always eat other people's leftovers, is not really the core circle of people that had happened, and know that people are very limited.

Shao Wenzhong not the same. As former Football Association Development Department officials, in Chinese football lakes qualifications and Zhang Jilong roughly than NaYong to be old. Ford Po Founded in 1993, Shao Wenzhong is general manager, and when is 20 years, which has experienced a head Wang Junsheng, Yan Shiduo, Xie Yalong and Nan Yong. Able to stand at the cusp of the Chinese Football Association for 20 years does not fall, Shao Ye this capability is not ordinary.

Ford Bowes has been well-run, thriving brand value that Shao Wenzhong dry a long time to have nothing to say. But we know, from the 93 to the beginning of this century to become the league and the national team before the dual operators, Ford treasure when eight years of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", looked at the IMG lot of making money, and also sit back and watch the high German and other private small The company bigger and stronger, and have all the privileges of Ford treasure can only engage in Class A football card like pediatrics. eight years after

forbear, adhering to the backward concept of the fertilizer does not stay the outsiders fields, and one of us a good talk, Ford finally forced by the Football Association, Rotary launched, but holding the golden rice bowl begging. When investors revolution in 2004, the Football Association under pressure and announced the results of operations of the league, people suddenly found that, compared with the budget, the Super revenues actually shrunk by half.

not make money no problem. Another main business project for China Team, Ford Po is still holding fools can not afford the net for the national team, the Olympic team got some parallel team warm-up, also frequent the team focused, warm-up match The opponents have changed their mind this amusing incident angered Haan Shen Xiangfu complain without a break. The delayed qualifying Daye Zuimotaiyan, Yan Shiduo this is often scolding Shao Wenzhong.

fact, Haan also nothing to complain about, if Ford treasure, he can coach when the Chinese team do? Nan Yong in command, Ford treasure specific operating global Xuanshuai toss half a year, put ran Troussier, Van Hanegem marshal, and finally got one that is not on the shortlist cake before Haan. At that time, many people suspect that is Haan's agent Shirakawa cross, inserted a bar, "get" Nan Yong, now seems Shao Wenzhong may also not clean. Later still went by Shirakawa intermediary, Han Jiajun distant preparing for the Asian World Cup qualifiers, America West, U.S. East tossing back and forth does not say, seriously wounded Li Jinyu.

team as the operators in accordance with the truth, only Ford treasure in order to operate a team game. Shirakawa to do this deal, the light Haan agree is not enough, Ford Po must be authorized. We see the reality, Shirakawa made, certainly turned a profit, but I do not know in the end is to get Nan Yong or Shao Wenzhong (Or both get?), But do not know if the small companies rely monopoly China business of the team, the genuine Ford treasure thrown aside?

of you may be wondering, so neither make money do not a get down to business the main Ford treasure their CEOs how thousand years? The reasons are complex, pick two main talk. First, Ford Po's life experience is very freak, and property belonging to the Football Association, also Football Association of human relations, but in fact, on many issues, the Football Association did not make the final decision. Before the industry body prior to listing and CLEVELAND established, the company is the window company of the Sports Commission and the printing press. Therefore, the Yan Shiduo can cursed Shao Wenzhong, but does not transform him how he was.

Secondly, the government-run enterprises like those late Qing or Republican period, although poor management, inefficiency, bureaucracy and bureaucratic personal, really can not do without a lot of things, such as hanging from independent corporate subsidiary bodies of the signs. Such as big chips as a check and balance to these multinationals negotiations with IMG, ISL, small HAPPY pay the price to be reimbursed to the Palace Hotel for dinner and to heaven and earth. Or Shao Wenzhong. Shao Ye worked for 20 years in the Football Association, has been responsible for the operation of the China Team, how is also half a football expert, but I tell you, he did not even fans are not - neither the Chinese fans, nor any European and American giants ball The team's fans. [1]

edit this paragraph events Analysis Summary anti-gambling fight no longer confined to a club, a referee level, but gradually developing in depth, extending to the functional departments. The latest signs sweeping anti-illegal gambling task force responsible for Chinese football, has begun a thorough investigation of the Football Association, a subsidiary of Ford Bowes accounts, "small treasuries" There have been reports over the years of the Football Association, facing liquidation.

unaccounted This week, the Football Association chief executive WeiDi confirmed, Shao Wenzhong, general manager of Ford Bowes, indeed by the case team to pass to assist in the investigation.

vide also said that after the end of the investigation, Shao Wenzhong will immediately return to work, and try not to affect the normal work of the Ford Bowes. Some sources say that Shao Wenzhong has ended assist in the investigation to return to Beijing, but not be able to contact him, and even Ford Bowes staff, unclear Shao Wenzhong said what kind of place.

Shao Wenzhong, Ford Bowes veteran, experienced any Football Association head Wang Junsheng, Yan Shiduo, Xie Yalong, Nan Yong, vide, a master was evaluated as "engaged in business". Shao Wenzhong handling most of the economic activity of the Football Association, which pen accounts that do not know, Shao Wenzhong the inevitable not escape the relationship.

actually, rivers and lakes, there is another way of saying, Shao Wenzhong reason why after any Football Association head, not his extraordinary business talent, but he understood the secret too easily dare move him. black gold was

"Team China" check this Shao Wenzhong why is to assist in the investigation of the reasons, the most recognized insiders, "China Team" event contractor may exist black gold phenomenon.

in recent years, "China Team" Lord of events, basically by Ford Bowes manage. Ford Bowes dealings with the local Football Association, said: "No matter what, and Shao Wenzhong bargain, like so he can on behalf of the Football Association have the final say." Why Shao Wenzhong can have the final say? Behind him, Nan Yong is! There are rumors that Nan Yong was arrested, sat Shao Wenzhong car, their relationship is evident.

various indications, Nan Yong has a lot of problems in the "inside" account, otherwise there will not be news that its meritorious services. 2000, Shenyang Top Ten the right to host the World Cup Asian zone, Nan Yong and organizer privately whether there money trading, insiders know very well. It is reported that, due to the concealment of ticket sales, organizers get additional revenue of over 20 million yuan, Nan Yong derive small benefit.

over the years, Shao Wenzhong, under the leadership of Ford Bowes, has been following the mode of operation similar to the Top Ten: Fifa local contractors. The Football Association GuoZiHao several games every year, if you are involved in this black gold trading, apparently quite terrible. The the

from top to bottom Taiping thoroughly investigate Shao Wenzhong, and under his leadership, Ford Bowes, In the Quan Neiwai shock will not arrest Nan Yong, Yang Yimin small.

If only caught gambling involved basically insiders. But it comes to economic issues, I am afraid not only suspects face more than Nan Yong upper leadership, as well as collaborating and Ford Bowes local soccer.

In fact, the original charge of football deputy sports minister Cui Dalin announcement dismissal is a weathervane, which indicates that the Anti-Triad leadership changed hands responsible for football in the sports system, anti-triad will move towards the development of a deeper. Example, and the Chinese Football Association, Ford Bowes had dealings with the local Football Association hosted the "China Team" contest, very easy task force called to assist in the investigation.

Super disintegration Ford Bowes is a thorough investigation, the Football Association's Super Companies, facing the fate of the disintegration of the Super League was established six years the company will exit the stage of history.

Currently, the Football Association has basically decided the general direction of the management company set up a professional league, and then, Super, A, B, and the Women's League of business development, will be by the professional league management company responsible for operations. After former league director Ma Chengquan, will be responsible for the formation of a professional league in the important task of the management company, the end of the Party School, Ma Chengquan being drafted program, has been introduced in a preliminary program of company operations. The following clubs have been complaining

Super Founded six years. Because the club whether dividends, in fact, is the Football Association to have the final say. More importantly, Nan Yong, Yang Yimin, Lu Feng, super management of the Company has been arrested, the company's operations in the Super shady gradually by various clubs understand. Outrageous, to be replaced by fact, is also reasonable.

edit this paragraph again Shao Wenzhong

an investigation in all tangled Xie Yalong when opening account of the issues, the confusing thing happened. The work has been returned to the company a month, was considered to have uneventful Ford Po, general manager Shao Wenzhong has once again "disappeared", although vide insisted that his men was "sick leave", but conclusive news show, he was the police with Walking to assist in the investigation. The reporter learned from informed sources, "malignancy" Shao Wenzhong, in fact, will play the the important "tainted witnesses role of, he will be the task force to conduct a thorough investigation into the of Xie Yalong case of heavy weights! the

due to no access to formal channels of news, the media can only report thereon to the Director vide adequate control center to verify, then the vide the answer is, "I got the news that his sick leave to rest." But then, the reporter never informed who received confirmation, Shao Wenzhong indeed "malignancy".

"malignancy" storming Xie Yalong?

for vide Shao Wenzhong, "harbor", insiders analyze possible whereabouts vide indeed unclear Shao Wenzhong, but more likely, vide mind clear Shao Wenzhong, this is still nothing returned . After all, after Shao Wenzhong Although safe return, but is still in the control period, at any time again to accept an investigation. Shao Wenzhong

confirmed to reporters that the whereabouts of news sources, Shao Wenzhong culprits, then it is difficult to get out when he first surveyed. In response to the investigation, he believes there is only two possibilities: The first possibility is that the testimony Shao Wenzhong first surveyed developments to differ and change, need he goes back to check and confirm equivalent to the police again to take evidence; second possibility is the new case investigation, the police found a new clue in the survey, with Shao Wenzhong need him again assisted confirmed. "of course, does not rule out Xie Yalong the facts of the crime associated with Shao Wenzhong, "but unlikely, after all, Xie Yalong is no mention of what in it."

Xie Yalong problem is Shao Wenzhong account out, so the person, Shao Wenzhong likely to Xie Yalong plays the important role of tainted witnesses in the case.

"Xie Yalong taken inside refused to explain the attitude, not smooth progress of the investigation of the case, and perhaps police again summoned Shao Wenzhong reasons. 2]

substitute candidates

Following the September 2010 17 Day "disappeared", as of yesterday, telephone Shao Wenzhong, general manager of the Ford Bowes has been shut down. To the turned over GuoZiHao next year preparing plan view of the Football Association before the end of September, the Football Association senior has good hands ready once Shao Wenzhong difficult to return, the the super company vice president Liu Weidong White Ford will keep treasure. on

former preparing two days GuoZiHao, Assembly, the Football Association clearly requires that each department will be next year of all levels GuoZiHao game plan before the end of September, all OK. Currently, the Football Association has basically confirmed within and Shao Wenzhong is second investigation. Shao Wenzhong first investigation, the Football Association leadership expressed communicate with the Liaoning Police if he can not be returned and will find another general manager was outgoing Liu Weidong is the main candidate. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Football Association, Once Shao Wenzhong not return in the near future, in order to ensure the normal operation of Ford Bowes, Liu Weidong will be ready to take over Shao Wenzhong work.

edit the Ford Po confirmed that the month-long World Cup in South Africa and has no effect on the the Chinese football antidrug hitting intensity. Super procuratorial organs after the raids, the general manager of Ford Po Shao Wenzhong suddenly "disappeared." Chinese football caused no small vibration, the people lost contact Shao total, can not help but generate a lot of speculation. Yesterday afternoon, the Ford Bowes insiders confirmed to this reporter, "Shao always summoned the public security organs, should also assisting the investigation." Kiskiskis

suddenly disappeared no sign month since

6, the Liaoning frequent-the judiciary Football Association: The verification of the identity of Lu Feng, et al, and obtain relevant information of the game, the raids Super and asked Aifukesi related issues. Now, come the turn of the Ford Bowes CEOs Shao Wenzhong.

from abroad returned within ten days, Shao Wenzhong still as usual busy processing at all levels of the national team's warm-up match matters. Until August 9, when the staff referrals to Shao Wenzhong, suddenly discovered how also can not contact the latter. "The phone is also playing either shut down or is unable to connect, we all thought that Shao business trip or on the plane, thinking only so he came back to set, a Ford Po said of the staff. Available to the next day, the staff still can not contact Shao Wenzhong. At this time, they discovered the seriousness of the matter, "because the current of all levels GuoZiHao team warm-up match being implemented or immediately broke need Shao the total document signed many such a critical time not contact should not be the longest time. "

accident pull the more insider

according the provisions of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law: summoned shall not exceed 24 hours. Ford treasure inside information is true, from this week, a missing date, Shao Wenzhong has been summoned for three days, the time has long been over 24 hours. More than 24 hours, in accordance with the provisions of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the parties are only two possibilities: Detention or release. If Shao Wenzhong was released, then he should have long appeared in Ford Bowes to deal with those who should have the document signed on Monday Moreover, at all levels GuoZiHao seek warm-up opponents for each contest is not a small thing, Shao Wenzhong a people could not take this responsibility, and three days later he happens or does not show up. Himself in the end the body where, to be released so why does it disappeared?

This force we have to think of another case: "Detention". Before there are rumors the one Ford Po insider analysis to: "If this is true, then it may also spread to the Football Association officials, because he's the most senior, experienced a total of five before and after the Football Association head." date of mid-January, Nan Yong was detained and interrogated, is sitting Shao Wenzhong car to the General Administration of Sport. Witnessed the Nan Yong gone, and Shao Wenzhong help mere mention. Seven months later, Shao Wenzhong disappeared, which had sparked guess between all the insider of the Ford the treasure CEOs and Nan Yong. The sweeping anti-gambling

edit this paragraph football trial was sentenced to 15 years and confiscation of property 500,000

Anshan City Intermediate People's Court verdict: defendant Shao Wenzhong legal representative, general manager of China Ford Po Football Industry Development Corporation concurrently Ford treasure advertising company legal representative, general manager of the period, taking advantage of his position from 1998 to 2003, 4.2 million yuan, total corruption, embezzlement of 4 million yuan. The defendant Shao Wenzhong corruption case, the Public Prosecution to prosecute on charges of corruption and crime three cases, amounting to a total of 9.31 million yuan, after the Court recognized: the first from the fact that the prosecution alleged corruption 4 million yuan to misappropriation of public funds 4,000,000 yuan; prosecution the second from the facts of the alleged changed by the corruption of 5.2 million yuan to 420 million yuan; corruption and prosecute allegations of the third from the fact that 11 million has not been identified. The court finds that the defendant Shao Wenzhong guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to twelve years, their personal property confiscated 500,000 yuan; guilty of embezzling public funds and sentenced to six years, the total term of eighteen years in prison, decided to implement the sentence fifteen years, their personal property confiscated 500,000 yuan. Seizure documented the stolen money, stolen goods recovered in accordance with the law, the return of the victims unit, the shortage continues to pursue the return of the victims unit.