<b> Psoas Muscle </b>

akimbo muscle iliopsoas, iliopsoas iliacus and psoas muscle. The iliacus fanned, starting from the iliac fossa; psoas muscle elongated, starting from the side and transverse processes of the lumbar body. Down two muscle consistency, stop at the femoral a small rotor inguinal ligament deep surface.

to know what is meant by to akimbo muscle, namely to understand the following Sa nouns: iliacus, fan-shaped, starting from the iliac fossa; psoas muscle, elongated, starting from the lateral and transverse processes of the lumbar body. Consistency down two muscles, the deep surface of the inguinal ligament and ending femoral small rotor; Third, iliopsoas, the iliacus and psoas muscle. This muscle commonly known as "akimbo muscle.

Psoas Muscle waist, hips Xiexia part, the central body of the people, is an important part of human body parts in the nexus as a universal aesthetic standards, waist circumference measurements "one-third of the world there is one, its important self-evident. Psoas, lumbar muscle, in sport, the role of the psoas muscle is particularly evident, running, jumping, sitting, lying ... no do not need a powerful waist muscles as a support. Psoas Muscle

Women's wrap-up meeting, the leaders of the Chinese Football Association Xie Yalong, a great professional theory: Women's the reason not to burst into the Top 4, because the body muscles Psoas Muscle "too lack of exercise. Xie Yalong an internal speech exposure, this new term to fame in the north and south. Beijing Olympics, the Chinese football lose no face, the head of the Chinese Football rayon heart memorable was actually so muscle. Is this the future development and expansion of Chinese football fundamental? Psoas Muscle, Xie head explore a new term summed up by years of sports and life practice, refers to the waist on both sides of the most aesthetic of body language and movement explosive muscle tissue.

edit the segment origin overview suddenly, such as spring night, the, "akimbo muscle" the same as "push-ups" throughout the major search engines, if you heard akimbo muscle, it is not concerned about the Orangemen. As the name suggests, waist muscle should be hands or one hand akimbo long exercise form (or Yu sit cross-legged madman with their feet on his hips, not my generation and skip not to mention).

from the Women's wrap-up session "Modern Express reported that the Chinese women's football Xianghe base on August 17, 2008 at the Olympic Games, the game concluded. The teams are required with a written summary of the report, part of the team unbearable outs fate spot crying, and the scene is very touching. But in this atmosphere, the last one to speak Chinese Football Association vice chairman Xie Yalong break this situation, accusing the Chinese women's football is simply "no fighting spirit incapable typical negative team. Brazil, for example to educate Chinese player: "people Brazil technology is so good, so many big names, the others have to go to the hotel gym at 23:00 strength training, when you practiced?" Use more gas Xie Yalong a professional terms - the "akimbo muscle", he pointed out that the Chinese women's football body muscles are most in need of training "to akimbo muscle", but the girls did not know where he said the muscle. speech

and Xie Yalong, professional content with the same netizens worship, and led to explore the origins of the word "akimbo muscle" craze on the network. Because even Google and Baidu two big God can not tell me, exactly where is the Psoas Muscle, how to train well Psoas Muscle. "Users offering a reward of 30 points" Baidu knows "solving" akimbo muscle in which "this that it is a medicine, human anatomy, and sports a new topic. the

childhood should learn Qigong professionals explained: "really is 'Psoas Muscle', but they generally read qia the psoas. the" akimbo muscle is very professional vocabulary, "you can be understood as a 'pinch' psoas is pinched tightly, then relax, hold your breath, and then relax This repeated Tugunaxin, the athlete's body has been enough to relax the muscles enough metabolism, there is a second re-development, especially violent collision sport, often played skillfully deflected the effect, but this is a need to do long-term culture, now Xie Yalong, does not make sense. players he should cultivate childhood learning qigong knowledge, now it is too late. under the "akimbo muscle

a" push-ups "also appeared on the network to" to akimbo muscle "the theme of Classic ad parody. Among them, the more famous: the "akimbo forever a muscle is forever." Practicing Psoas Muscle, hey, really worthy of that mouth! "Waist muscle, all training is really training!" Do akimbo athletes, everyone has the opportunity to "......

even some users in the forum ID into a name related to" akimbo muscle ". The netizens jokes, this term may become network buzzwords like "soy sauce" push-ups ".

Edit this paragraph means explore grassroots Chinese netizens give full play to the grassroots creative scientific inquiry on this very impressionistic noun following two "test, according to the posts can be described as one of the best:

1: bath industry terms to?

China Football players do not understand the true meaning of the "akimbo muscle is normal, full of profound meaning to the term because thank the Chair. The Psoas Muscle bath industry terms, people should listen to often go to the bathroom massage parlors the massage master spoken of the term, "akimbo muscle" waist Shenshu from the spine about two finger widths at and away from the kidney Chi Room shu points two fingers wide hole, massage here, can eliminate the waist fatigue, pain, and minus the fat. the psoas muscle

2: iliac (qia): The female body invisible killer akimbo to muscle

have users make a search word pronounced "qia" and seek professional advice, finally found the answer most consistent with the scientific spirit - Xie Yalong said iliopsoas. "

it iliacus and psoas muscle, a major role: proximal support, pull from the bottom up before contraction enable thigh flexor and thigh in the running ability to fast before the pendulum and high, including the speed and force of contraction with iliopsoas have a great relationship. The Psoas Muscle

other interpretation of Shaanxi accent is pronounced qia psoas Southerners have this accent, such as Fuzhou and Putian. The Psoas Muscle term is a very specialized vocabulary of football players in general do not understand, but Yalong understand. It's like many people in China are akimbo muscle

like playing table tennis, but 50% of the people do not know what is a straight plastic, long rubber for these people to play on it, no need to study professional . But is different for Xie Yalong, he might not play, but graduated from North graduate, Master of Education, his expertise is very understanding. This "qia" What do you mean, can be understood as the "pinch" psoas is tightly Qiazhao, then relax, hold your breath, and then relax This repeated Tugunaxin, the athlete's body has been enough to relax the muscles get With the second after the re-development, metabolism is skillfully deflected the effect can often play a violent collision sport. athletes ball,

such as a basketball friendly match, a height of 1.85 Northeast Tahan, see have "akimbo muscle" the crazy rushed up the results, young athletes like statue stone Buddha stood there motionless The, who northeast Han was directly Danfei the ground. The whole process is very weird, you understand? This is Xie Yalong said "qia psoas" play a skill.

"akimbo muscle" must be training, train well, this is the hope of the Chinese football. iliopsoas major role: proximal support

edit major role in this paragraph, the pull from the bottom up before contraction enable thigh flexor ability to fast before the thigh in a run swing and high enclose iliolumbar muscle contraction speed and force of a great relationship. The distal support on both sides of the iliopsoas muscle contraction at the same time, so that the trunk flexion and pelvis forward, creating a good leg for body weight in running Actively send completed under pressure action to gain forward speed conditions.

addition iliopsoas fragile body invisible killer. The Psoas Muscle

According to the study, female body lines since 37 to 39-year-old began to deform, but in addition to muscle recession, hormone imbalance, stress and other reasons, especially abdominal easy accumulation of fat. These are more vulnerable iliopsoas.

relaxation iliopsoas recession, unable to properly maintain the position of the spine and pelvis. Poor posture, pelvic tilt, supposed to be in the tension of the abdominal muscles and back muscles will relax, and let the visceral ptosis, deposition to the lower abdomen, this would result in lower abdomen convex.

Edit this exercise method exercise "Psoas Muscle" as follows:

one body upright, palms facing the body inside of one or both hands akimbo.

Second, the body upright, palms facing the outside of the body, with one hand or both hands on his hips.

three, bend over flexor back, palms facing the body inside of one or both hands on his hips.

IV stoop flexor back, palms facing the outside of the body, with one hand or both hands on his hips.

exercise with both hands "Psoas Muscle palm can simultaneously toward the inside or the outside of the body, can also be one within an outer; In body Flexibility superior, also can feet akimbo, hands and feet, the best results specific training methods can reference hand exercise ......

the modern football, exercise Psoas Muscle "is very urgent and very necessary. "To akimbo muscle" snatching the ball, pass, shoot, kick people ... all need powerful as a solid backing. The national football athletes training not only in the usual unremitting hands on his hips, exercise akimbo muscle in the race, and still did not slack busy schedule for taking the time to strengthen the "Psoas Muscle. During

edit information in this segment of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing, the Brazilian women's football girls before the game in spite of the dark and stormy, decided to "to akimbo muscle" intensive training rushed to the hotel's gym. The ultimate level begins with theory profoundly reveals the top five leagues why high levels of the national team of Brazil, Italy and other countries, why the world's top teams. No he will fork often fork, the fork of a high level of "to akimbo muscle" turn out to be good race results can not leverage it?

according to the present situation, the Chinese football player who on the importance and necessity of exercise "akimbo muscle" lack of knowledge, but also in a very blind phase. Most Chinese football players, especially female football players, not the fork is not fork blind fork, how fork fork not due exercise also needs to be improved in the system of professional guidance and training. Lost to obvious fork in regret than Japanese women's football, good Chinese players missed the semi-finals, the Chinese players should clearly recognize, strengthen the training of "akimbo muscle" Chinese football is very timely and necessary.

thank President farsighted, new theory of world sport's development strides, especially for the majority of Chinese fans and football players, undoubtedly Sudden Impact like well-being. A conservative estimate, this theory is put forward to at least 50 years to accelerate the development of Chinese football.

edit this paragraph Xie Yalong at the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese delegation has achieved 51 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze medals, while in 2008 this sports feast, most people blocked heart than football, in addition to the Olympic losing input, the women's football also knockout loss to Japan sadness out. Wrap-up meeting in Xianghe base, the trained Tan Wang Song feitui with the former vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association Xie Yalong Zheng iron elbow test there is enough hard-nosed against a woman's tears. His criticism of women's football girls words sonorous: "most in need of training in the Chinese women's football body muscles Psoas Muscle! Brazil technology is so good, so many big names, the others have to go to the hotel gym at 23:00 strength training, when you practiced? "The more gas Xie Yalong proposed a technical term -" akimbo muscle ", he pointed out most in need of training in the Chinese women's football body muscles Psoas Muscle. The phrase is both a surprise four. Suddenly, such as spring night, "to akimbo muscle" as "push-up" and "soy sauce" as popular in China. Can even say that, if you heard this piece of of iliacus, fan-shaped, starting from the iliac fossa; psoas muscle, elongated, starting from the side and transverse processes of the lumbar body down two muscle consistency through the inguinal ligament deep surface, beyond the femur small rotor parts, you are really out of. But long after the Football Association head of the controversial fade out the Chinese football, his "Ministry of Science and Technology issued a training certificate did not bring any hope of a little raw to give Chinese football Until now, the Chinese Football "akimbo muscle" or did not practice. Layman leadership the officials offside commanding presence of day Psoas Muscle joke of Chinese football is still a different version played out. the

Xie Yalong talk about akimbo muscle the evening of December 25,

2011, Xie Yalong debut CCTV investigative journalism program. Xie Yalong face reporters' questions wearing a yellow vest of the detention center, solemnly talked about once become widely jokes the "akimbo muscle" topic. Turning to the topic of "akimbo muscle", Xie Yalong looked very serious. "You may want to ask, I just think of it," Xie Yalong Psoas Muscle things first word read iliac (qia, 4 audio) in front of the camera. "He solemnly re-read it -" iliopsoas. " "Reporters, they do not understand to listen became akimbo muscle, later became evidence Xie Yalong do not understand business, how can I do not understand this, right?" He asks rhetorically.