Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2011" is to be released in the fall of 2010 by Japan Konami (KONAMI) a simulated soccer class electronic game. English called Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, PES 2011 for short. The game will be adhering to the tradition of excellence Evolution Soccer series, brought once "the most radical revolution, substantial improvements in gameplay evolution to the real football experience. a new generation

Konami live soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 "(hereinafter referred to as the" PES 2011 ") will be held in the fall of 2010 and the majority of the football game enthusiasts to meet the the ubiquitous Barcelona team headed star Messi comprehensive as spokesmen.

every new release, the official will always be large articles of praise, such as The Konami also said that "PES 2011" will be adhering to the tradition of excellence of the series, bringing the once "the most radical revolution, substantial improvements in gameplay to real football experience the evolution, and the result is "by far the most complete, most realistic PES. new as of

also added a new AI engine, a higher degree of freedom, the players can and need to control every decision, every action, there is also no the secondary AI wishful interference, such as not automatically pass to the nearest players, more in line with the real situation. Konami PES2011 a major new concept is the special design of the control system, allows players to master every element on the golf course: Triangle delivery, the neutral post moves will be crucial, a great benefit to the team scenes are more pleasant; ball, the ball will be difficult to master proficiency; a ball past the whole situation of course will be gone forever. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 spokesperson of

: Messi

"PES 2011" is still defensive AI, goalkeeper, action and player physics, the pace of the game screen, tactical strategies, settings, online Master League has been a significant improvement and improved Due to space limitations no longer see them here, also hope to really be able to bring the ball more comfortable feeling after the release of the game. opening interface of


addition Konami also continue to be the exclusive license of the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and the Copa Libertadores tournament.

endorser, Konami this seems to invite only the Macy's one cover, poster and trailer full figure of Messi, but are likely to just some signs, and did not show the true picture of the game.

"PES 2011" will be on sale this fall, landing X360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, PC and other major platforms. [1]

edit this paragraph, game features, game highlights full range of manipulation: PES works to strengthen the 360-degree omnidirectional the passing

shot physical slot: In addition to the general physical indicators, the game affect the accuracy foot head new physical slots, frequent acceleration will make the player moves deformation or bad

redesigned defensive AI: defensive player can reasonably card bit, no longer chasing the ball to run around; They are now more inclined to personal defense to cause offensive mistakes.

re-design the role physical action and physical performance

the game rhythm variable outward manifestation

role more realistic line of acclaimed MasterLeague mode more natural

MasterLeague the first time a global online players now available from the group lineup with other online players more considerate feint Competition

set players can now advance scheduling Zhongyi fake action sequences, mapped to the right stick, making it easier to use

more particular about the tactics and strategies in addition to layout formation and play list, use the for the new "drag and drop" mechanism can be exhaustive to control all aspects of the team, is also accompanied by dynamic screen prompts enhance

game to pass part completely changed manually control efforts

players [2] Today, the passing of time will be The players control players at the foot of an intensity of Article, the Road efforts to strip design with stadium style is very coordinated, and it allows players to spread the ball right teammate at the foot. Now passing has full manual, which requires the past 10 years in the play "Pro Evolution Soccer" series and old players need to re-adapted; player even need to calculate the ball to the the teammates left foot or right foot, or multi-point force ball to teammates some distance ahead. Design the Zhisai key to the game still, but whether it is pass or Zhisai ball, to be built on the basis of careful consideration in order to spread the strike, players started after the game to play it will become very comfortable .

this characteristic is indeed with EA Sports "FIFA 11" to join the "professional passing mechanism is somewhat similar, but Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is indeed a step ahead, and the new work on this basis. players

scraping screen

to make such improvements as a start it is very difficult to adapt, we started the process has been entangled among the various bad, just think of ways to pinch the team synthesized a whole very difficult (like the World Cup run-in between those team-mate). Players to manipulate the joystick additional seismograph mind thinking about how to pass, this is undoubtedly better than the previous live football games to play with reaction to slow some, but a new option in the game, you can change the game speed. (Speed ​​from of PES2008 start cancel settings go back)

game speed can be four adjustment

can arbitrarily set the speed of the game during the game, there are four speed levels dazzling fast, slow as water buffaloes pulling broken car - but thankfully they have not made too extreme, and will not let the players become Kitts East police early (1914-1920 Kitts East by the U.S. film company shot the silent film comedy often a team stupid and incompetent police), nor will it absurd As players become surplus not run like ketimines Road patients.

Although we are concerned about the new work, the difficulty will be too high, but we feel that as time goes on, will become increasingly easy to get started after, and is said to live football games this year will be a hardcore game for those who want players are skilled techniques mastered in the game provides the potential for a very great depth and skill of the game.

new core elements: a one-to-one

Under this setting, the game is set up more attacks, adding more live flowers and feint tactics. These flowers utilize up in this for the simple, simple fast few keys can be resorted to all kinds of footwork, you can let the defender marking players at the foot of feeble. Messi and C Lo ball resorted to these flowers live almost like cutscenes, the addition of these cutscenes 90% are brand new.

one-to-one will be "Pro Evolution Soccer 2011" core content

the defense system in the new work naturally need to rethink the. FIFA series in recent years has been doing a good player body system, "Pro Evolution Soccer" series finally have to catch up, but also equipped with a new mobile system. Hold down the X key and then press the arrow keys, the defender can live close to the players of the attacking side, hand in hand to follow the other forward. , Then release the button, the defender will be trying to intercept the other; using the arrow keys to control the players, the defender can grasp the opportunities to grab to directly grab each other at the foot of the ball, or the other party can not comfortably out of the ball. the

interface, both authorized and game modes improve

game there are some bright spots in the local life, finally there is a "live football"

lineup set

game interface does not allow players to feel sick; and began the menu interface is sleek, also showed some Japanese abstract style, minimalist design, and finally the same league and FIFA series. In other parts of the interface design in the game is also quite good, the formation settings interface is very clean and tidy, and simple to replace the kind of list sets list formation representation, you can drag and drop players into your favorite position. [3]

edit this paragraph game modes Classic mode

Exhibition the friendlies

League/Cup League Cup

Online online the mode

Training training

Edit edit the settings

System Settings systems

Gallery, game pavilion

Extra the the Content extra content

possible introduction of new model

Champions League Champions League

Become a Legend shade legendary

Community (if it remains) network community [4]

edit this paragraph Operations Guide usually

the arrow keys to move the player position

Evolution Soccer 2011 game scenes (20)

L3 the arrow keys the same

R1 + direction, accelerate mobile

Start, suspended into the game options the menu

L2 + R1, team formation gradually (5)

L2 + R2 team formation gradually pull (5) on the pressure

L2 + w, start the w storage tactical

L2 + ○, start ○ storage tactical

L2 + △, start △ storage tactical

L2 + □, start □ storage tactical

R1 + R2, cancel the current action

live football 2011 game screenshots (12 Zhang)

the square ball

L1 + the arrow keys, ultra-low-speed dribbling

L3 with direction keys

w, face the direction of the ground short pass, long pass

○ face the direction of the ground facing the direction of the long pass (the other side of the square outside the restricted area arc) Feet siege (within the arc of the penalty area), high the radian Xiadichuanzhong

○ + ○, the face of the direction of the force accumulated a long pass (the other side of the square outside the restricted area arc), low radians Xiadichuanzhong

○ + ○ + ○, accumulate a long pass (the square facing the direction of force other restricted area arc) affixed to high-speed Xiadichuanzhong

△, pass the short distance Zhisai ball facing the direction the ball

□, shot goal Road (the other half) face the direction of the pass long distance Zhisai, Bigfoot siege (half of the square)

direction + w specify the direction of the short pass the

○ + direction specify the direction of the air a long pass (the other side of the square outside the restricted area arc) Feet siege (within the the side restricted area arc), high-arc plus arc Xiadichuanzhong (other restricted area arc)

the after stopping facing the opposite direction, step on the ball after the direction of the pull

key, before (a particular player can make) ○ +

○ + direction specified direction force accumulate the air long pass (the other side of the square outside the restricted area arc), the specified direction radians Xiadichuanzhong

○ + ○ + ○ + direction, specify the direction of the force accumulate the air long pass (the other side of the square outside the restricted area arc), paste ground Xiadichuanzhong

R2 ○ high radian long pass (other restricted area arc the)

direction + △, specified direction pass Zhisai the ball

□ + direction and specify the direction of the shot (the other half), Feet siege (the square half field)

L1 + L1, riding a bicycle

L1 + L1 + ramp in front of 45 degrees, press R1, R1, the emergency stop

before + high-speed ball in the direction (forward direction acceleration even after the inclined side Tangqiu

running in cross ball release strode Tangqiu)

R1 + 180 degree turn

R1 + left/right, 22.5 degrees slight acceleration changed to (the dribbling direction as the standard)

R1 + L1, still according to the balls trip by step, easy to make a long pass shot

high-speed dribbling R2 + Left/Right (R1 hold), a big step Tangqiu 22.5 degrees slight acceleration change in to

direction + L1 + w, the two had a hands-If there is no follow-up buttons compared with leave two a

direction + L1 + w → △ ground two over a

direction + L1 + w → L1 + △ air two a

w + R2 fake two (ie the passer after passing high-speed forward runs Note To spike

"+ w + left/right, specify the direction R2)

□ + w, the default direction the ball before the ball players fake radio smash

○ + w, the default orientation fake pass fake shot spiking forces Article

□ appear, press R2, control shot (to improve accuracy, weakening the power of)

□ strength bar appears, press △ outside the instep afterburner shot

○ + w + left/right, specify the direction fake pass spiking

□ + R1, low radians lob Double-click □ (the other half)

□ + □ lob the forces accumulate shot or low radians (that other half

and shall be open Game Option handle control for free jets Options)

R3, press next, to face the direction of Charge short pass

R3 ago, before riding a bicycle (twice the direction of travel)

L1 + press R3, face the direction of the Charge long pass

R3 direction + R3 Press, specify the direction of the Charge a short pass

L1 + R3 under the direction of the specified direction Charge long pass

R2 + R2, riding a bicycle (total cross once) → oblique front

R2 + R2 45 degrees, the cross ball Xiece Tangqiu

before + R2, medium-speed ball

R2 + Sat direction ( addition to the left/right), the specified direction turned

R2 + ball direction of 90 degrees, horizontal pull ball extraordinary

the ball stopped in the case, hold down the two launched after the pull, then quickly press Chuandang extraordinary (by inclined 45 degrees to the direction of the V feint)

the ball stopped in the case, according to the direction of 90 degrees, and then quickly press the anti-90-degree direction of Matthews feint (precision ball takes 70 or more)

press forward direction 135 degrees, 180 degrees or 225 degrees, the arrow keys, Cruyff turned (a very small number of players can be made)

diagonally with the ball, press and hold L1 and press R1 + anti-diagonal direction keys, clomiphene Chet turned the

ball, release the direction, then press R1 +90 degrees direction, heel knock the ball turned (a small number of players can make)

L1 + R1 +90 degrees direction initiated horizontal pull, and then the two under L1, special stepped the cycling

press the players based rear ramp, then quickly press the ramp in front of Lee foot (right foot players the right to attack, for example, lower left and lower right), pseudo-turned

dribbling out efforts slot, and then press R1 + R2 plus The direction of the human the ball separation

lateral pull the ball after not press any key to continue to traverse, and can be pulled up to Step 5

R2 (non-dribbling state), the other tackles to jump

release direction, press R2 (dribbling state) emergency stop back toward the goal direction

R2 consecutive three times (the last hold), cross-ball feint of foot care less stop

direction 45 degrees diagonally forward + inverse enough direction diagonally forward 45 degrees, feet (precision ball takes 70 or more ) direction of the

Weak foot diagonally forward 45 degrees + of foot the direction oblique former 45 degrees after the bovine tail (only certain people can do)

stopping twice the vertical direction (relative to the direction for the player with the ball), feint of upper body

L1 + ○ the high the radian pass neutral at the players (random)

L1 + ○ + ○ low radians pass the neutral position players (random)

L1 + ○ + ○ + ○ affixed to pass the gap at players (random)

L1 + △ air pick through balls The

L1 + □, high-arc lob (the other half)

L1 + L2 + R1, diving the

R3 left/right + R3 left/right, turn 1/2 turn with the the □ + w + left/right same

R3 direction or the direction keys, Marseille roundabout

edit the configuration requirements for the minimum requirements:

-operating system: Windows XP the SP3/Vista SP1/windows 7

game pictures (9)

-processor: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or same level model

-memory: 2GB

-hard : the 8GB available space

-graphics card: compatible DX9.0c, 128MB memory, GeForce FX/Radeon 9700 or better

-Sound card: compatible DX9.0c

-Online: 192Kbps or better

-display: 800 x 600 resolution or higher

recommended configuration: the

-the operating system: Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/windows 7

-Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or same level model

-memory: 2GB

-Hard Drive: 8GB of free space

-graphics card: compatible with DX9 .0 c, 256MB memory, GeForce 7900/Radeon HD 2400, or better

-sound card: to compatible DX9.0c

-Online: Broadband

-display: 1280 × 720 resolution, or higher

specific support graphics models (not listed in the does not mean that can not be used):

NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 285, GTX 280, GTX 260, GTX250, 9800,9600,8800,8600,8600,8500,7900,7800,7600,7300,7100,6800,6600, FX 5900, the FX 5700, FX 5500, FX 5200

AMD/ATI - Radeon HD 4800, HD 3800, HD 2900, HD 2400, X1950, X1900, X1800, X1650, X1600, X1550, X1300, X1050, X800, X700, X550, X300, 9800,9700

Edit this section information game data annual games of the World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2011) "Previously Although published some of the game screen and video, but really limited intelligence provided to players and not be able to take in-depth understanding of the the KONAMI high-profile publicity game selling point passing precise control system. But do not despair, KONAMI E3 2010 Game Show conference announced the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 "intelligence, as well as the actual game images.

game screen

the "Pro Evolution Soccer 2011" E3 2010 demo video, we finally really appreciate the practical effect of passing precise control system ". Evolution Soccer 2011 are reflected in many aspects, precise and user-friendly design philosophy. The old players are aware, live series of the past decade will only appear when a long pass and shot efforts slot, short pass will automatically find the recent player the ball, at best only simple control passing direction the arrow keys. Evolution Soccer 2011, the game will give players the greatest degree of freedom, passing, shooting, Zhise throwing out of bounds in the direction can be controlled by the player freedom, a short pass Zhisai passing efforts slot. In this way, the players will finally be able to arbitrary ball pass to neutral, then manipulate the ball players collusion of post moves. Of course, such a system will also greatly enhance the difficulty of the fitting operation.

KONAMI EAKONAMI (Konami) and EA (Electronic Arts) EA Sports today two major real simulation football games brand PES (WE), FIFA production and distribution company. real simulation football games

KONAMI (Konami) first born in 1995. the EA Sports

EA (Electronic Arts) real simulation football game was born in 1994.

Time flies, and shortly we enter into a new era. Along with the game industry upgrading. The two major football game brand into the new era. The enthusiasm of the players for the football game also never retreat, opposite the players is more concerned about the direction of the two major football game. Of course, the same development path with its football game, not after. KONAMI (Konami) and EA (Electronic Arts) EA Sports The advent of a new generation of console (PS3, X360), also indicates that the advent of the innovations of the new wave of football games. At the same time, the two major football game companies have also issued the next generation of the Universal Declaration.

KONAMI (Konami) and EA (Electronic Arts) EA Sports The first appearance of the next-generation works (PES (WE) 2008, FIFA08) gave players a refreshing feeling, a strong response. Both games can be described as a draw.

but this competition is far from over, the new work of the two companies will soon be available. EA (Electronic Arts) EA Sports new for FIFA10 extension of proud NG engine, game effects become more real. Is a masterpiece of the players look forward to the game. KONAMI (Konami) does not, however, in the last hit is certainly new for PES (WE) is not replaced on the basis of the next-generation game engine, a tremendous transformation and strengthening of the game, the new game more spot real sense and visual impact. PES (WE) 2010 game effect is indeed also extraordinary, tempt the appetite of the players closer distance FIFA10 competition.

two games of players so expect is that camp players are highly anticipated.

KONAMI (Konami) and EA (Electronic Arts) EA Sports competition still continues. But the players enthusiasm and pursuit of the football game, far beyond the meaning and symbols of the game itself.

edit this paragraph Games included content tournament with KONAMI signed a cooperation agreement with UEFA and CONMEBOL, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, European Super Cup, the South American Libertadores Cup have complete authorization (excluding participating team because the most of these team authorization is still a monopoly in the EA the hands). The UEFA competitions "Master League" mode perfect presentation, but the Europa League and European Super Cup appears only in the PC version, XBOX360, PS3 version.

national team (bold team get a full license; italic team, said the team is completely fictional; normal font express authorization incomplete, half fake half true)

Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea , Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay , United States, Venezuela, Australia, Bahrain, China, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Syria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and black Herzegovina that Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales.

(The following is a classic national team, but are not the real name)

Classic England, Classic France, Classic Germany, Classic Italy, Classic Netherlands, Classic Argentina, Classic Brazil. The league below league

obtained full license: French Football League, the Netherlands Football League. partial authorization

following leagues: English Premier League (2 teams authorized), the Spanish Football League (14 teams authorized), the Italian Football League (19 teams authorized). The team is not authorized

team the completely real players, but the team name, team logo and jerseys are fictional, but the players can edit them.

French the Eredivisie team all authorized. The following teams authorized in the the nonholonomic authorization League team.

Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Catania, Cesena, Chievo, Fiorentina, Genoa, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio, Lecce, AC Milan Naples, Parma, Roma, Sampdoria, Udinese, Almeria, Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Deportivo La Coruna, Espanyol, Getafe, Sporting Gijon, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Mallorca, Racing Santander, Valencia, Villarreal, Zaragoza, Boca Juniors, the riverbed, Anderlecht, Club Brugge, international, Dinamo Zagreb Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Werder Bremen, Bayern Munich, Athens AEK, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Thessaloniki, Rosenborg, Benfica, Brad plus, Porto, Sporting Lisbon, 布加勒斯迪 Namo, Cluj, Unirea, Spartak Moscow, Rubin Kazan, Zenit St Petersburg, Celtic, Rangers, Red Star Belgrade AIK Solna, Basel, Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, FC Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev. the Copa Libertadores proprietary team in

(following the team)

Guadalajara, Morelia, Monterrey, St. Louis, Estudiantes classes only in the Copa Libertadores mode Field, Cologne, athletics, Turks students, Lanus and Newell's Old Boys, Velez Sarsfield, Bloomingdale, Bolivar, Real Potosi, Corinthians, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, International, Sao Paulo, Catholic University, the University of Chile, Colo Colo, Caldas, Youth Baltic kilya, Independiente Medellin, Cuenca sports, Emeka Lake, Quito Sports, Bottineau hills, Asuncion freedom, Paraguay national, Alianza Lima, Hu Anao Leach, University of Lima, the Uruguay national Cerro Montevideo athletics, Caracas, Italian sports Tachira sports.

entirely fictional team past the old version of the game, start from World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 (PES6), there are 18 players to edit blank team but PES2011 will be 18 empty teams changed completely fictional ball 18 team, while these 18 teams composed of an entirely fictional league called "PES League, following these fictional team list (these team name is all the KONAMI Hubian English name, it can not be translated).

Almchendolf, Ehrenhofstadt, Fineseeberg, Theeselvargen, Xakoulagos, Herismakhgia, Marguaparrena, Serignaluca, Celuvaris, Tedloghec, Waryamosuk, Nakhqachev, Saintragler, Blookrows, Mrabspor, Trunecan, Nelapoltsk, Gharnetova.

The following is a list of "League" team in the Master League mode, the full team team name the KONAMI Hubian English name (except PES United and WE United).

Wondengine Town, CS Squanoer, Ganzoraccio, FSV Sarmtonburg, Johachnaard VV, SD Quaztolla, CD Raltonvegua, FC Nortovka, Cantlesir Spor, KS Szelawce, Jorudberg FF, Hjorwesland BK, FK Odersteich, KVC Meirkugaurt, CS Iolceanicu, AC Nitsaloskis, PES Wing The, WE wing.

stadium the real stadium name

stadium location

the home team


Old Trafford

(has authorized)


the Manchester United


Wembley Stadium

, (has authorized) the stadium name

the stadium Number



England national team


Rose Park Stadium

the Villa Park

the Gelsenkirchen, Aston Villa, Birmingham


Bristol Mary Stadium

Veltins Arena

Schalke 04


Camp Nou

(and has authorized)


the Barcelona



(authorized) Madrid,


Real Madrid, the Spanish national team


Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo

Meng Hu Yiqi the stadium


the Spaniards


Louis II stadium


of Monaco

Monaco Club Monaco national team


Stade de Sagittaire

Gers Lan stadium

the Lyon



San Siro



AC Milan



(authorized) Milan



the Milan

international Stadio Olimpico

(has authorized)

the Roman

Lazio, Rome, Italy national team Angelo Massimino,


Stadio Orione

the stadium

Catania Catania


fire dragon the stadium


of Porto



the Alvalade Stadium

(has been authorized)

the Lisbon



Stadium of Light

(has authorized)




Amsterdam Arena

(authorized) the Ajax,



Ville Marie Stadium

Aztec grams the stadium

of Mexico City

Club America, the Mexican national team


Estadio de Escorpião

Mara the Qana Stadium

Rio de Janeiro



Estádio Amazonas

del Chaco stadium

the Asuncion

Paraguay national team


Memorial Stadium


the Los Ellis

, bed Buenos, Argentina national team


Estadio de Palenque

Toyota Stadium

, Nagoya

Nagoya whale