photo, the original meaning in Chinese painting portraits, it is the traditional name of China's portraits. Writing or drawing portraits requirements shaped God resemblance, so it is called the photo. The art of photography, now commonly known as the art photo album. Ancient Chinese Painting "photo" is "true" write images, sought to demonstrate the true face images that painting landscapes or portraits should achieve "real" painting throughout. : xiězhēn

phonetic English:

1 mirror

2 describe sth. as it is

3. the portray a person


1 the painted portrait

Zhong Chen according to purpose, choose the photo of the two will be, with Hu, Qin Ergong according to former beaded , still painting, posted on the door. Nothing that night. - "Journey to the West" can portrayal of those little tribe Utah found the Kangxi Guihai same family instigation of, and to serve a total of chasing write, the written qualitative tribe teeth Venerable, saying: 'stray less relative far'. "- the Qing Yuan Fu Chen the rebuilt (Yuan Lap) beginning Zurong Gong portrait of Hutchison "

2 truthfully depict things


1. the Southern Song Liu Yiqing" Shi Qiaoyi: "Gu Changkang painting people, or a few years point mesh eyes earth its therefore, Gu said: 'four-body Yan Chi, unrelated at the vivid portrayal of A blocking in. the' Ming Gao Panlong, "the title of public the Yuyu volume": "Bo-Fu Chen portrayal, Shaw its shape and Xiao their God. "the Qing Zhou Lianggong" facsims "Volume I:" pass sprites childhood drama portrayal of women in the Mongolian division, anger curse of division. "

2 the Ming Zhang Nai" read Zhuowu I book above : "cover-known Zhuowu books for future generations, without knowing his portrayal. the Qingping Buqing" Xia outside | crumbs · Poetry · Wang Zhong Qu Petals poem ":" Silk Wang Zhong Qu Petals poem "three all portrayal. "Jun Qing" tsunami "Chapter twelve:" She felt that overwhelming Pentium torrent is the portrayal of our nation. "

3 the Qing Chen Kangqi" Lang potential Ji Wen Juanjiu to: "public thank out, Tuci the case of attractions, research Noir get Dan ink, since Jiang right to Lingnan gully Qiu, salty for portraiture. "

4 Tang seats Henan the" Bong Chici Princess Mirror "Poetry: containing spiritual Vientiane into the portrayal The flowers open. "Tang the ranking positions" Lingquan Fu: "Enemy ripple portrayal identify special Hui."

5 Du Fu "Dan cited General gift Cao, Pa" poem: "general good painting cover God, must every Christie also Photo. "

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English: the




1 photo

2. photographic

Edit this paragraph in English to explain 1 mirror

2, describe sth as it is

3 portray a person

Edit this section a detailed description of "Photo", the original meaning in Chinese painting portraits, it is the traditional name of China's portraits. Writing or drawing portraits requirements shaped God resemblance, the so called "Photo. Du Fu "Dan cited gifts General Cao tyrants," the poem: "general good painting cover God, even every Christie also pictorial."

now popular "Photo", is borrowed from the Japanese. As we all know, the Japanese are still using the 1850 "when using Chinese characters", as well as a large number of Chinese Words "by these words. Among them, a lot of Chinese Words "already has the meaning ascribed to it by the Japanese. , "Photo" has two meanings in Japanese. One is the "photography", and the second is the "photo". Japanese studio called photo shop. Chinese, today's "Portrait" can be described as the "first export and import" word. Today, the streets of Shanghai, you can also see the "Taipei Photo", "garden Photo Museum" shop signs. Newspapers often see "photo. "Photo" After unprofessional interpretation of some of the stars, the concept becomes fuzzy and ambiguous up to the majority of the people who planted the idea is - the photo is equal to the nude or semi-nude, say it nicely, is the human body photography. In fact, the photo in Japanese photography, photography, it might also did not expect out of the country on a whim the first face transplant.

camera technology introduced into China in the late Qing Dynasty, had been subjected to the exclusion of all walks of life, in the thousands of years of feudal ethics under the influence, from female to male are bare human body taboo for shame, was even photographed are considered The alternative, not to mention the body art. After the May Fourth Movement, the Western and the traditional concept of the people began to change, women put aside the shackles of Chen Zhu Confucianism, the emancipation of the dress also liberated when thinking of opening up and dress the open Rongjin photography art, Chinese people also came into contact with the body art in the West, but the photographer know what is the connotation of the photo, Photo epitaxial been to understand the wide variety of artistic layman to understand.

Wucongkaozheng Photo Incoming specific years, in an interview that the majority of the public is the first contact with the word, it represents a stain in the showbiz - shoot "album" is approximately equal to making three films . Can not blame the ignorance of the people, who let these stars are so hype themselves do?

With increased personal album inland Star, people found different photo the protagonist, the photo is not the same style, the original photo is not the non-exposed can not, such as life photo. With the right understanding of the "photo" gradually, can "pictorial" continues a taste of true in the end. after

shot groups "album" calendar because livelihoods "following the Australian Women, Australia and the United States, 12 female track and field star also assumed various" artistic design "printed in the calendar, with their" photo " create "explosive" effect. one of the characters in the the

"female track star photo calendars, Australian athlete Aoka Fu said:" This is a style, a fashion, we are all the mind of world-class athletes, our photographs are health, do not want to go askew at As athletes, we do not want to only be able to run in a hop across the crossbar appearance, we still have a lot of other things worth let people know about. "She also stressed that: "look at the Statue of David Museum, a naked male body, but it has become a great artistic image in this day and age, if someone says that women can not show their sexy, that he is definitely a gender discrimination advocates. "

elements to proud uninhibited said Taiwan" madman "Li Ao, that is, at 65 years old and fat times mad, open the Chinese literati nude photo of the first of its kind, although people surprised, but this did not cause social effects of what a sensation, it seems that more and more social tolerance pictorial scale wide. the

According to reports, as early as in 1987, a photo studio in Wuhan should customer requirements has taken a commercial body photography first step, after ten years, from his own pocket to own "pictorial" more gradually. Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan and other youth girls no longer chasing the idols of the album, they have my own the human photo as a fashion and their courage in front of the camera strangers "dedication".

edit this paragraph the photo shoot skills by elemental shoot close-up close-up can be said to be the most popular portrait photos, whether it is on the cover of a fashion magazine or commercial use have been widely used. General performance figures over the shoulder of the avatar or picture of the details of the subject, composition easiest way to shoot people, as long as the subject has been the expression on it facing the camera. I believe that on the majority portrait beginners is easy to do. Can also only the performance of a local people's faces to highlight the details to express. Shooting a close-up picture, the composition should strive for full, image processing is rather large not small, the spatial extent of the rather small not empty. Close-up, can be expressed in figures instantaneous expression, to show the inner world of the characters.

utilize composition racket bust highest probability in the case of a bust portrait photography shoot, shoot bust process, changing the composition can improve your shooting speed and produce change. The Below to explain several conventional bust composition.

front straight angle half-length portrait, more vertical frame composition, if want to photograph the ladies point, This is a good performance, in addition to the models pose, the most difficult to control background. If the color mode shooting, be sure to do the background simple. The solution is to try to make the background of lines or colors simplistic. At this time often the ability to test photographer looking for background processing this photo will look as simple as possible, but of the background of the environment, if it is not, then you open the aperture, which is a compromise.

the environment making body good portrait photography, scenery and models of perfect unity, which allows us to model in the shooting, the eye can not just stare at the model to see the need to find elements in the shooting the scene as elements, models can also be seen as elements photographer brain flashed just the combination of the various elements. Any single element difficult achievement a successful work, the control of the elements of the screen, summed up is simple, but the actual shooting, want to be consciously creative application, not a single day.

color harmony especially do well, the entire screen full of vitality. Some background, if any rough marbled walls, a large area of ​​the plants, ponds, buildings, highways, sculpture and so on, these background material as long as a reasonable combination of the use, can achieve a successful environmental character work. [1]

edit photo pregnant women photo of pregnant women in this paragraph the concept

pregnant photo not only to commemorate you to create the next generation, but also allows you to adapt to your body beautiful change. From these pictorial photos, you will not feel uncomfortable but will marvel female beauty in your body. Many pregnant women do not know how to do it, when to shoot this photo, but instead to let them feel that they enjoy a few hours of beautiful. Many couples want to have a part of their special pregnancy photo, so expect to become a driving force in the pursuit of more beautiful. the

wearing doubts

of because of pregnancy, the body produces a lot of changes, so many pregnant women do not know what to wear when pregnant women photo shoot, according to the views of the professional photographer Jimmy force security, pregnant women only need to wear simple to be able to put on the best posture, do not need to buy expensive maternity dress. He also said that many pregnant women are simply wearing her husband's shirt or T-shirt on a photo. Simple unlined well demonstrated uplift curve of the abdomen, this is pregnant PHOTO want something.

select the time

pregnancy need about a year's time, but many pregnant women will wait until the last three months of pregnancy, according to pregnant women Scheme Photo. If it is too early to go according to the may not be able to get the effect you want. When the Mak Liantec best according pregnant women photo is the last month of pregnancy. When the weight gain many pregnant women, but this is the beauty of pregnancy, Photographing the uplift big belly, from thereafter will feel very proud.

color or black and white

many pregnant women are curious about what pregnant women photo in color or black and white look. Whether this important to me? Wheat Liantec said: "If black and white, then be able to demonstrate a strong contrast and, most importantly, be able to use some drama with light showed the abdomen and face." Kiskiskis


the beat Photo of the best posture certainly is the best way to show your best side posture. The general photographer will shine from the side, and strive as much as possible to be able to shine on the entire abdomen, side of the photo on the best performance of the entire curve, pregnant women only need to stand on it, which is the most stretch comfortable position. Of course, sitting on a stool or other tools, such as lying down or kneeling posture can be considered, but just short position, also must be comfortable and safety of pregnant women for.