Mugu Dojo

peach Hamamatsu-cho, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, is a less eye Japan town, but it is the birthplace of the modern Japanese chess. Chess superstar known as the father of modern Japanese Go Mugu real Showa 50 (1975), Showa 12 (1937) [1] (1909-1975) in train a large number of impact so far : Otake hero, Jiatengzhengfu, Shi Tian Fangfu, Wugongzhengshu, Kobayashi Koichi, Zhao Zhixun, Kobayashi feel ...... the Mugu real home was called Mugu dojo. Mugu dojo was briefly moved to Tokyo, Yotsuya, but later moved back to Hiratsuka died until Mugu real. Mugu real disciples

1933 autumn, the 24-year-old of Mugu real and Go Master together to create the new layout of Go, and published as a book, was the best-selling publication. In 1937, the 28-year-old Mugu real emigrated from Tokyo Hiratsuka, opened Mugu dojo. 1938, Mugu real age of 29 become the Xiuzai celebrity retire tournament challenger growing reputation in Japan. In this case, in order to find good seedling Mugu real travel around the country, and even to South Korea to the disciples to discover. As a result, everyone in Ohira repair three, Hideo Otake, Shi Tian Fangfu, Jiatengzhengfu, Zhao Zhixun, Kobayashi light Wugongzhengshu etc. He received Hiratsuka home became his inner disciples. Mugu real disciples have to concentrate on learning chess, their children and disciples of room and board all together, equally.

Mugu really Hiratsuka both goats the, took hundreds Ping yard cultivated as arable land, self-sufficient to feed a large group of disciples. The Mugu real nurture disciples, of a total of 60 people in the apprentice had reached a maximum of twenty-six children queuing for dinner. This is not just one can easily replicable. Brutal outcome of the the Mugu temple family warm and Go, forming a sharp contrast, warmth and cruel, which is probably the the Mugu temple secrets. Mugu real to be great, but his wife, greater the Mugu beauty spring.

now the Mugu real disciple has already spanned, but also proved that: the Japan Chess today is a world of rampant Mugu disciples. When parenting priceless move, a group of well-known disciples only the Mugu real hardships of can taste the bitterness. Dan players

edit this paragraph dojo March 28, 2000, the Nihon Ki-held "Mugu a breakthrough in the 500 segment" commemorative meeting. The so-called "Mugu one, but including Mugu sects of all the disciples to become a professional in terms of financial and otherwise, not five hundred paragraphs. The

the Mugu Daochang founder in Showa 8 years (1933), is the Mugu year Go Master to create "new layout" open the gate apprentice | and closed within disciple Park Tiantai Long entry in Showa 45 (1970), Showa 49 Dojo of the Year (1974) off. Of Mugu real me in the following year (1975) died on December 19. before and after a total of

Mugu dojo received within 70 disciples, of which 49 became a professional in terms of financial, six to become quasi in terms of financial or place in terms of financial. Become vocational Thinking of the knight of the disciples is (the same Dan who press into Mugu door of successively Year arranged):

Kudan (22, 198 segments):

Zhaonan Zhe (Korea), Tian Daming rock, Ohira repair three (deceased), plus field grams Secretary ( deceased), the Vision of households Zezhao, Hideo Otake, Shibo Yu Lang, Golden Island Zhong, Haruyama Yong Shi Tian Fangfu, on Nakamura, long island Cardiff, soil Tian Zhengguang Sato Chang, Jiatengzhengfu (deceased), Miyazawa Goro, Zhao Zhixun Jin Yin (Korea) the Wugongzhengshu, Kobayashi Koichi Kobayashi sleep, park the Tiantai Long;

eight (7, 56):

| and for, Ishige Jiajiu Fu, the Ito Cheng, River Can tin (South Korea), Inoue Kunio more tail Ichiro day high sensitization of;

seven segment (4 people, 28 segments): Benedict

Matsumoto, Ozaki spring beauty, light wild British Zhao, Kobayashi ceremony child (deceased);

sixth (4 people, 24 segments):

Honda fortunate son, Kobayashi Kin two, Ogawa Cheng son, letter Tiancheng Ren;

five paragraphs (4 people, 35 segments):

Zhongshan Fan line (deceased), Lu Ye wins and the United States (deceased), the amount of Qian, big province, Zhao Xiangyan (Korea the) hills Hideo, Lin Qianshou;

the four (1, paragraph 4):

Tsutsui Katsumi;

three sections (2, paragraph 6):

still divisions and sub Chang'an real tree (deceased);

Sec. (2, 4):

Sato Machiko Ishigure cannelloni (deceased). 49

total 355 segments. disciple

Mugu (to become a professional in terms of financial) and 29 existing they are:

soil Tianzheng Guang (subglottic 2 people): small county real tree (Kudan), Matsuoka Hideki (eight), a total of 17 segments;

the Ohira repair (subglottic 1): Tian Liang bis (sixth), paragraph 6;

the Otake hero (subglottic 1): Nishimura Qing (seven segment), 7 segment;

stone Tianfang Fu (subglottic 1): Takahashi Hideo (sixth), paragraph 6;

the the Jiatengzhengfu (subglottic 4): large Sentai Chi (seven segment), Suzuki Isa men (seven segment), the hill full crane (five segments), Umezawa Yukari (three paragraphs) 22 above the;

Wugongzhengshu (subglottic 2): Matsubara Dacheng (five segments), Takemiya the sunlight (Sec), paragraph 7;

Kobayashi Koichi (subglottic 8): Oya Koichi (eight), Sakai Maki (seven segment), of large wooden Keiji (sixth), Jin Zexiu men (five sections), the Kono Pro (five segments), small Linquan the United States (four), prayer Yoko (four), Sui Sakamoto cocoon (Sec) total of 41;

Zhao Zhixun (subglottic): the Jinxiu Jun (five segments), Takehisa Matsumoto (four), golden-sik (three sections), in Heshan Chunzhi (Sec), 14 paragraphs;

| ( sects 1 person): Valley Palace Rongti two (Kudan), a total of 9 segments;

Ozaki spring beauty (subglottic 1 person): Mugu good beauty (early part), a total of 1 segment;

Honda fortunate son (subglottic 1 person): Yoshida Yang Yi (five segments ), 5 paragraph;

small Linqian Shou (subglottic 1 person): Hans Pietsch, (three paragraphs), a total of 3 segments;

Tsutsui wins and the United States (subglottic 2 people): Komatsu British child (three sections), Wei Wang Ren (three sections), a total of 6 above.

29, 144.

above material is taken from the mentoring relationship outlet Shigeo "in terms of financial Young diagram (Modern, modern ed.), active duty in terms of financial Dan from Nihon Ki-page. to

here, Dan the sum of the 78 disciples Mugu paragraph 499 poor period is 500. Generate an error may have two reasons:

1. Dan has reached the 500 sections total, but the Nihon Ki page has not been updated to the latest of all in terms of financial Dan.

2. Paragraph 499 of the total Dan is not wrong. Mugu studied under several over the age of seventy without Kudan, which it was scheduled to retire on March 28, 2000, promoted usual for some, it could show up to 500 segments. the

edit this paragraph dojo had the world-famous Mugu dojo trained numerous first-class master of past and the Japanese Chess Today aspect Zhao Zhixun, Kobayashi Koichi Otake hero, Wugongzhengshu feel Kobayashi are from Mugu dojo. Half a century ago, countless dreams of the children came to the the Mugu dojo, where he became a successful master cradle. Year, Mugu real all over the Japanese archipelago, met the boy genius of chess, that is brought back to the dojo, careful cultivation. The end of the subsequent half its eye and will nurture the veins of today's Japanese Go. Go Master hit new set countless new layout, a record for a legend, but the the Mugu real but in Qijie a record another myth.

half a century past, the Mugu Daochang myth has been impossible to reproduce the background of the times, after all, a far cry from the boy genius who also like the selection of the Mugu real as Parade draft a camel? Cultivate the soil of the boy genius who did a bigger scale than today? However, even if the history is impossible to copy, is not equal to Mugu dojo followers of the great deep Morihito Kudan is one typical representative. Tai Yuan Sheng people enrolled in their own homes within several disciples carefully cultivated his disciples also achieved good results, they already 4 people into segments, there is a given segment in sight. The great deep Kudan goal "Japan defeated China and South Korea players train master. real-world conditions,

but great deep the Kudan the desire but difficult to achieve. He also acknowledged that it is difficult to recruit to within disciple different era, the parents of the child is not like Mugu era, full of gratitude for the child to Mugu. Great deep only in a limited range of to recruit disciples, this is a far cry from the Mugu dojo. Go almost field contest between a genius, acquired through the efforts not unimportant, but in front of the great advantages of the innate, always dwarfs. Juvenile selection with chess before the great deep Kudan limited range, even sorts of efforts across the threshold of professional players, but in the long run, To cultivate a one Zhao Zhixun,, Kobayashi Koichi like a genius chess player, little chance.

existing training system annually through the selection of the national Junior chess elite concentrated culture. When Chang Hao, Luo Xihe, Zhou Heyang juvenile training system is due to the achievements of a master-class. Selection range and training system is a huge difference, a single country can not be compared with the power of their own. players

Korea mostly from the the major Go Dojo, the rights A Long dojo, Xu Zhuang would dojo follow the traditional, mature system, resembling a "small team" training system, in this system, which can produce Li Shishi, CuiZheHan the Go master has a great achievement.

If strong words the the the Mugu dojo Hideyuki Legion reproduce with China and South Korea, it is a fascinating scene, persevering all this have become a thing of the past, now Yuan Sheng Kudan made more memory Mugu era Remembrance .