Mao Jiajun

Mao Yu Heng is the first beauty of Chinese chess. Yu Heng Mao not only on the cup of the construction of a bridge in the star-studded series of checkpoints, blog Previous served as the magazine "model" message also attracted countless curious. She and the early part of the Tang Li, million Bo Jianai Sec Japan, South Korea's the river good Jeong early part composed Zhejiangxinhu Lankeshan team to participate Weiyi game, caused a sensation. Mao Yu Heng style unique hobbies.

name: Mao Yu Heng Mao Yu Heng

Gender: Female

birth date: January 23, 1982

Dan: the initial stage of

Nationality: Chinese

Hometown: Zhejiang

ancestral home: Hebei Jize (ancestor of Mao Sui)

liter segment: 2000 into segments . Mao Jiajun

effectiveness chess team: Shandong Qilu Evening News team

as Chinese chess beauty, as the broader market, formerly known as Mao Jiajun Mao Yu Heng explanations, appear in the Zhengguanzhuangbei game site, and the first with HuaXueMing seven segment

formerly known as: partner to explain. It can be seen is what kind of work, Mao Yu Heng Shili fragrance.

edit this paragraph resume Mao Yu Heng 5-year-old school chess Mao Yu Heng

6-year-old East China race children group champion

7-year-old into the Zhejiang Province sports team training camp

2001 years Provincial Sports Technical College High School graduation

2003 years went to Hanyang University in Korea to learn Korean

2003 years in Korea, KBS special game by Lee Chang-ho the Kudan 弈 into a draw with the world's first person. The same year in the early part of the Tang Li million Bo Jianai Sec Japan, South Korea's the river good Jeong early part composed Zhejiang Xinhu Lankeshan team, participate year Weiyi games, caused a sensation. the

Go girls Mao Yu Heng not only on the cup of the construction of a bridge in the star-studded series of checkpoints, blog Previous served as the magazine "model" message also attracted countless curious. "Fashion" on the lower part of the next period, you will be able to appreciate the unique style of chess beauty. May 5

2012 years in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, Mao Yu Heng, Go first beauty artists Li Yu Pu married, held in the grand tradition of the ancient wedding.

edit this paragraph character Love Go: Fast forward 20 years time from the age of 5 learn chess, Mao Yu Heng handed to "black-and-white world," Mao Yu Heng life according

Mao Yu Heng and Ma Xiaochun with the Hangzhou chess master Jiang Guozheng division door Ma Xiaochun than Mao Yu Heng large whole 18-year-old front maverick Ma Xiaochun not love to recognize themselves and Mao Yu Heng is "the same generation, but a to Jiaozhen moment, a small junior sister apprentice smiling, it becomes one hundred Ma Xiaochun they helpless. Love the dress, love shopping, like a new thing, full of romantic design for their future life. the

TV series: looks pretty, elegant style of conversation Mao Yu Heng also aroused great concern of film and television, and one is about to start shooting the drama, Mao Yu Heng has been a director defaults for the heroine.

blog: an early part of the girl players interested in flat text, not good at the computer, but her blog opened just four months, visits to break the million mark, as of 21:00 yesterday, the gross of Yu Heng personal blog of Click trips has exceeded 1.2 million, this figure is just below the athlete blog Liu Wei and Dewey, and the high number of players in the premier.

her photographer high wave evaluation: her beauty is rejected, she gives the impression that completely is not the same, she has an entertainment business is small but very qualities, particularly hearty, crisp, confident ... short Special gives a to Reiki sense. He said bluntly talked about the "special shape, always want a complete picture of sexy photographer from the magazine's point of view, but as long as there is a point to Mao Yu Heng" Lu "attempt, she refused. She revealed the rejection process of posing for the moment, is the most beautiful! Originally sexy, there are many types, and some people are mature, some are pure denial of self-confidence is the most beautiful in the personal space Mao Yu Heng. High waves even take her own filmed "Xuan beauty" comparison: She is definitely promising than Liu Xuan, she definitely can go to the development of the entertainment is the fire.

Mao Yu Heng

cooperation fashion magazines: Mao Yu Heng "fashion" magazine once did Liu Xuan album. "Fashion" Prior to this, they also specifically invited Chang Hao and Mao Yu Heng friends Coulee, to do an album. refused

accident modeling: the the plane shooting shape of requirements is very high, girls born for a professional player, Mao Yu Heng answer is very simple: unexpected styling was I refused!

game while watching blockbuster: back to Hangzhou Jianqiao Cup chess tournament after the first night did not choose training, but friends went to see the movie "Mission Impossible 3", relax a. the

edit this paragraph the marriage hearing the morning of May 25, 2012, Mao Yu Heng, beautiful players, and China Academy of Art glass artist Li Yu Pu Temple in Hangzhou weddings, Lingyin Temple abbot light springs monk personally presided over, many from the China Academy of Fine Arts artists and Qijie celebrities Wang Runan, Ma Xiaochun become the wedding scene witnesses.

edit this paragraph entries Xinglong Garden Cup booming Garden Cup "National Go Team Sunset down the curtain on 31 May 2007, Mao Yu-heng, or by virtue of her game start phase three in a row and five wins and two negative results is impressive let people convinced that she was then able to draw special game of "beauty and wisdom" Lee Chang-ho and excellence beauty will last year beat the world champion Luo Xihe not accidental. 5th Jianqiao Cup 5th Jianqiao Cup Mao Yu Heng, Yi Tang at the scene. August 13, 2007, the 5th session of the construction of a bridge cup Chinese woman Go Open qualifier in Beijing Chun Pui Building 2 Harding Park, Mao Yu Heng, Yi Tang, Li He, 16 players advanced to the third round, with Mao Yu Heng disease promotion. The gross

game (19) Yu Heng

Japan 10 Women Current grandmaster war tripled final 10 Japanese Women Current grandmaster war San Francisco Harding Park, the final in Japan after some beautiful players between PK famous chess beauty plum Ze Yukari five player using 12 mesh beat Wanbo Kana three sections, crowned Women Current grandmaster score of 2-1. Umezawa Yukari five sections This is the first time in the domestic war chess title.

China Jianqiao Cup: July 28, 2006, the the Jianqiao Cup China Go Women's Open qualifier second round in the Chinese Chess Harding Park, the early part of the famous chess beauty hair Yu Heng beat Yang Shuang Sec break one off, while the woman is cutting-edge leaders Wang Xiangyun initial stage of being eliminated lost to Yang Zi Sec. This Council Mao Yu Heng early part of players against Shenyang Yang Shuang Sec, win thrilling extremely. Mao Yu Heng in the game in the first half disk slow strokes, Yang Shuang Sec seize the opportunity, "hairy" forced to discard 4 sub, Black Circuit NCKU empty, big difference, "hairy" situation. the

edit this paragraph interesting Mao Yu Heng chief beauty "Go community. The two beautiful Go community Zhengfangdouyan to woman chess full popularity. Mao Yu Heng had openly declared that they like the handsome boy, but since Mao Yu Heng or not, and who came out for some genuine scandal. Touches 2004 "Jinling Evening News" a "the million luxury gifts beauty Nanjing tycoon with Mao Yu Heng secretly dating" a text so Mao Yu Heng first involvement in a sex scandal. Finally, Mao Yu Heng a Zhuangzhi "Jinling Evening News" report on the court and eventually won a victory in the lawsuit.

Mao Yu Heng photo (18 Zhang)

been outstanding the beauty Grandmaster Mao Yu Heng v. Nanjing an Evening finally with the final result: the defendant admitted reported is not the real cause loss of hair Yu Heng reputation and in accordance with the first instance judgment compensation 10,000 yuan spirit loss fee of by Mao Yu Heng discretionary lawyer known in court to accept defendant agents in court to apologize.

ambassador began in February

2006, the Go community famous beauty Grandmaster Mao Jiajun have a new name - Mao Yu Heng while she and actress Zhou Xun Go cents Zhejiang Quzhou employed as the "ambassador" , there is a lot of planning in chess, she will own mood, ready to re-starting of the way of life. the

Mao Yu Heng had five sets of CCTV Go program guest host, welcomed by the chess fan. Zhou Xun is "Quzhou tourism image ambassador", while Mao Yu Heng is "Quzhou Go image ambassador", Quzhou City, the local government is very great importance to chess movement of carry, expectations in order to promote the local chess career before just like Mao Yu Heng played greet; recently Quzhou local The media also reported that Mao Yu Heng through Quzhou friends know this. This Mao Yu Heng is very pleased: "as a women players to become the ambassador of Quzhou City, it is my pleasure, and I think that would make me feel joy and satisfaction to chess career at something." the

new Lake Cup first round, beautiful hair has used thousands of pet set a "described as, indeed, directly selected not arrangements Jiang Qi game deliberately brought forward to the morning, to see how a little" head Angle result, she became lost five players most ugly, which exacerbated her doubt.

Mao Yu Heng