Lu Jun

AFC Conference Committee one of the six members, the 19-year-old soccer referee career began, in 1991 to become a world-class referee, China's top football matches as a referee played more than 200 games, and was elected League A 10 the best referee of the year, twice elected to the AFC awarded the best referee of the year, is the first in Chinese football referee in the final stage of the World Cup and the Olympic Games Zhifa hanging whistle officially announced in early 2005. March 30, 2011, Lu Jun was traced to the 2003 Super League accepting bribes 350,000 to help Shenhua won the championship. In December 2011, Lu Jun hearing the case, Lu Jun confessed in court to accept 81 million bribery. February 16, 2012 in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, the Intermediate People's Court of First Instance sentenced the former football referee Lu Jun guilty of non-national staff taking bribes, he was sentenced to five years in prison and six months. March 19

1959 years, Lu Jun was born in the home of an ordinary teacher of the nation 's capital, the love of reading in primary and secondary schools football, admitted to the Beijing Institute of Physical Education in 1978, specializing in soccer professional. Lu Jun is not a football player but track and field athletes origin, his own studies into the football referee the field, not to mention Beijing HKSI year the right to approve the national level soccer referee, soccer referee Lu Jun engaged in its starting point should be 19 years old. Start from the three football referee College and then law enforcement training amateur grassroots game whistle. Recovery (not join) the Chinese Football Association in 1979 after the original seat of the FIFA, has also become a world-class referee Lu Jun in the the school mentor Cao Mirroring, Cao teacher saw and outgoing Lu Jun in the game

smell, more firm a of Lu Jun rebirth football referee career ambitions.

with good athletic physique and pursuit learned referee, Lu Jun in the "academic" China football referee became leader, but after graduating in 1981, or be assigned to Beijing University as a physical education teacher. However, Cao Mirroring eye for talent, told reporters in his seventieth birthday, Lu Jun is his against all the odds in one hand and culture, because Cao mirror Kam, deputy director of the Chinese Football Association Referee Committee classmate friend Lu Jun and Lu Jun, Wei Shaohui are Cao Mirroring students, Wei Shaohui fortunate enough to enter after graduating from football at the office of the National Sports Commission, after 10 years as Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association Referee Committee. Chinese Football Association until 1991 organizations from the real league after posing tournament match league football referee but as a teacher to the Division of Law Enforcement, after all, to look for a substitute compensation also affect the promotion of duties, but Lu Chun did not give up the pursuit of his life.

1997 he resigned from the duties of teachers, to the company of friends opened salaried, after Turkey Kamba become of the world's second full-time football referee. But in Lu Jun reported to FIFA's personal resume his career in 2002, or PE teacher. Abstract: March 5, Lu Jun was taken away to assist in the investigation of the news came out, the sports network contacted the referee industry experts, comprehensive introduction more than 20 years, Lu Jun referee career and accompanied by controversy during the event.

law enforcement career in the Lu Jun, has the main whistle FIFA to host the 1991 Women's World Cup, 1996 Egypt World less competition, Nigeria 1997 World Youth Championship, the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the 2001 Confederations Cup, 2002 South Korea Japanese World Cup finals, June 3, 2002: Croatia VS Mexico match penalty under Croatia players, this is the first red card of the World Cup. Addition has also participated in the third Asian Cup, two-time Asian Games Zhifa. As outstanding personal career performance, the law enforcement overall fair and accurate, the AFC Special to the 2004 AFC final whistle hanging as Lu Jun mountain as received.

2010 In March, he was involved in football gambling-related and other events, and taken away by police. March 30

2011 years, Lu Jun traced in the Super League in 2003, accepting a bribe of 350,000. the

Edit this paragraph the referee career football wading: Mr. 200 games only recommended by the Chinese Football Association on October 30, 1990 the Hudson Sun Baojie

Lu Jun, chairman of the Chinese Football Association years of Weisi and Secretary General of the Chinese Football Association, Sun Baorong signature guarantees, and in 1991 became the international level referees. On in obtaining the International Referee chest emblem the year, the first World Women's Football Championship held in China Guangdong Lu Juncheng host Football Association recommended only referee. But he presided over the Brazil game on the Japanese team, Lu Jun in time in the South American girl react blown, the ball rolling by a Japanese team, the goal line to score 0 to 1 defeat Japanese team. Although of Law and Economics of Brazil, the FIFA president, Dr. Havelange when he arrived at the scene to watch the game, the Japanese team protest to FIFA to be recognized in accordance with the procedures given right after the game two hours, Lu Jun the Lu Jun

, international football referee career encountered the first major setback.

However, in the domestic arena, referee Lu Jun's future or smooth sailing. The opener of the Chinese professional league in 1994 the (Sichuan 1:1 Liaoning), Lu Jun the main post, Gong Jianping served linesman. According to the China Sports Daily, "or" Chinese Football News "has now ceased publication data, Lu Jun 1994 executive whistle China's top league 8 games; 17 games in 1995; 14 games in 1996; 13 games in 1997; 14 games in 1998 ; 16 games in 1999; 15 games in 2000; 17 games in 2001; 16 games in 2002; 16 games in 2003; 2004 12 games. December 2004, Lu Jun Castles A whistle A158 games, Super 12 games, plus the 1991 and 1992 A. A number of fields, the National Games football tournament, the Chinese FA Cup, Lu Jun, China's top football tournament screenings certainly served as a referee over 200 games. This is in addition to the current Chinese gold whistle Sun Baojie, far behind China Mainland football referee.

World Cup: the pride or nightmare

2001 year by the end of the third before the anti-triad storm initiated by the "Sports Weekly", Lu Jun has been AFC Recommend to FIFA, together with the club announced the blacklist are not Miss Jun's name. Chinese Football Association President Yuan Weimin and the Chinese Football Association Secretary-General Yan Shiduo Lu Jun Recommend to FIFA, has no criminal record and soccer referee Lu Jun operational capacity signature guarantee, so Lu Jun to South Korea's main whistle Mexico vs Croatia Poland vs U.S. team two group stage. But in the main blow to Mexico Croatia game, Lu Jun to the Croatia captain interceptive foul penalty for the chase-foul, red card plus a penalty penalty caused uproar. Therefore, the Chinese team in the first stage when the packet round-robin to be eliminated, Lu Jun there is no horizontal or vertical evade specification became FIFA referee committee in advance sent back home; no such predecessors in Syria Sharif Japan's high-Tian Jingfu peers in Saudi Arabia, Ali, the UAE's 布基萨伊姆 cloth, Kuwait Cayman Kamikawa, Japan's policy, but also the main post the second phase of the knock-out tournament. But compared with the Chinese in Hong Kong Chen Tan new, Mauritius Lee based in, Lu Jun can master whistle two World Cup being race has been very rare up, so when Lu Jun of Beijing media said, "there is no Zhang Jian-Qiang on no I Lu Jun's. Summary: March 5, Lu Jun was taken away to assist in the investigation of the news came out, the sports network contacted the referee industry experts, comprehensive introduction more than 20 years, Lu Jun referee career and accompanied by controversy during the event. Chinese football media sector was first set off anti-triad storm

Black and White: Asia's best referee and was slapped

in 1994, when a southern media published a signed article in senior reporter Zhang Dong, expose Mainland China soccer referee community was received red envelope, the Chinese Football Association Referee Committee Secretary-General led a group of Beijing Ji Wei Shaohui national more than soccer referee Lu Jun

referee reached by car the Zhang Dong where the units ordered Zhangdong produce evidence, Zhang Dong apology ended I do not know, Lu Jun year did not go with the car.

1998 A League first round of the Guangzhou team Dalian team competition, Lu Jun, the visiting team players killing tactics too loose to lead the the aggrieved team when any publicity to the press, the Minister said that the bribe two hundred thousand, by the Guangzhou media when for news publishing. Lu Jun lawsuits do this not by Guangzhou Dongshan District People's Court accepted, to return to the Beijing Haidian District Court to win the lawsuit compensated 80,000 yuan and the money donated to his alma mater. AFC Referee Committee selected as Asia's best football referee Lu Jun and at the end of the year, Zhang Jian-Qiang any member of the fifth (qualifying last first).

from Wei Shaohui successor Zhang Jian-Qiang Lu Jun's classmate alumni are well international public relations work, year after year to spend foreign exchange in China lectures please the AFC Referee Committee Xi Buzuo General, soccer referee Lu Jun's business capacity significantly improved by the Asian Football Confederation recommended as the presiding referee of the 4th World Youth Football Championship held in Egypt in 1997. In 1999 Lu Jun was approved by the Asian Football Confederation recommended FIFA to participate in the 10th World Youth Soccer Championship held in Nigeria, although only two group stage, but the dedicated Lu Jun smooth clearance, which made 2000 in Sydney, Australia held the 27th Olympic Games football tournament referee qualifications. Although only the main whistle Italy vs Honduras team that innocuous events is successful football referee guild regulations, so that Lu Jun again elected the following year in Japan and South Korea held the 4th FIFA FIFA Federation Cup referee, is the main whistle a field. UEFA Referee Committee

2004 Asia again named Asia's best football referee, but the rest time in Shanghai derby in the middle when the main whistle that 45-year-old Lu Jun, Lu Jun in to referees lounge aisle within the local The ball will be the boss pumping a slap in the face. Originally, according to the rules of Chapter V, the referee in the case of personal safety of match officials are not guaranteed, fully entitled to stop the match. Lu Jun overall situation and for the tens of thousands of the scene audience or millions of television viewers sake endured double spiritual or physical pain in the second half the game is delayed for 17 minutes after re-admission to host the games. Officially announced at the end of the year, hanging whistle. AFC Referee Committee

2006 Qatar's national civil servants Harman White Asian Football Confederation President nominated Lu Jun, of course, is to start from the location of the last members. If Lu Jun participated in the annual meeting of the Asian Football Confederation or AFC dispatch act as referees supervision, in accordance with the Asian Football Confederation financial regulations, Lu Jun is like the Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed bin Hammam, First Vice-President of the Asian Football Confederation Zhang Jilong enjoy aircraft first class, the live for meals race and top hotel and a free shuttle service treatment, a daily allowance of $ 200. But Lu Jun in order to improve the operational capacity of Chinese soccer referee, was invited on television council domestic and international football referee. Based on a breach of the FIFA match officials Ordinance, Lu Jun in the previous year to the Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed bin Hammam application to resign from the Asian Football Confederation Referee Committee post was accepted, and now you can speak freely in public media. After the first round of the AFC Champions League this year, Lu Jun also appeared in the Beijing TV Station, Guoan Melbourne Victory match referee reviews; I did not expect news on this came to be taken away by public security organs.

edit the segment penalty is questioning Lu Jun

1 Li Biao, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Songri club in 1998, broke the news to the media, said Lu Jun "bribery 200,000 yuan, the lawsuit eventually winning in Lu Jun ended. A Chinese the football old comrades confirmed: "Lu Jun is indeed a problem, but he was FIFA selected as the World Cup referees, the Chinese Football Association insured." Kiskiskis

2 On June 14, the evening of 2002, the World Cup group stage Group D Poland 3-1 victory over the U.S. team. Four minutes, the U.S. team counter-offensive frontcourt pass, Poland goalkeeper Mayi Dan attack siege misunderstandings with the defender, Team USA Donovan squeeze the the Gloucestershire huachi headed home, but Lu Jun penalty foul earlier . The results angered U.S. players have stepped forward to question the Lu Jun penalty.

3, October 27, the evening of 2002, A A 25 in the Battle of Shanghai Shenhua, Shenzhen Ping Lu Jun, law enforcement clear bias in favor of Shenhua. The results angered Shenzhen coach Zhu furious after the game and even refused to shake hands and Lu Jun Shenzhen Lu Jun unfair as Beijingers law enforcement game fans, because the Yankees will be champion, favoring competing and Shenzhen Shenhua is in fact secretly helped the National Security.

4 2004, Qingdao Bailette, the penalty shootout against Shanghai International, Lu Jun committed a stupid mistake Bei Laite team a 3-1 lead after the fourth round of the international the Weihua First kick penalty throw, in accordance with point the ball five breaking rules, the game should be on this end, Bailette team 3:1 win. Lu Jun, but in the case of defeat has decided to stop Bailette team celebrate signaled the game continues, embarrassing them. Lu Jun is also a call later come to understand this apology. Shenhua team

5, 2004 October 17, 2010, the Super 15 derby, sits at home Hongkou Stadium rely Martinez and Alberts goal victory over city rivals Inter team struggling Qu game because of a foul red card, and more in the last minute of the game the two teams occurred a massive brawl. Due to dissatisfaction with Lu Jun the kick of the first half, intermission, the Shanghai COSCO veterans Wang Guolin attacked and Lu Jun punch. Derby postwar Wang Guolin told reporters bluntly: "Lu Jun is the best in the world big liar." Kiskiskis

edit this paragraph suspected Black Whistle March 5, 2010, news that two famous Chinese football referee Huang Junjie Lu Jun "missing , however, on whether the pair was taken away by the police assist in the investigation has not yet been confirmed, the only confirmed Lu Jun and Huang Chun-chieh phone both in the off state.

two referees behind the story also pulled out with a Football Association official as saying: refereeing has been Southern yellow Hokuriku "title.

since Nan Yong, Yang Yimin and Zhang Jian-Qiang trio after the police control, the referee was gambling-related news has been circulating, but for a long time, still no referee involved in the news. The meantime, Lu Jun was taken away by the police investigation news had spread over some reporters have indeed made a phone call to Lu Jun, but the result was the call is connected, Lu Jun has denied that he was taken away by the police. Enforcement performance for all to see, I would have no problem, so I do not need to explain what these rumors are simply very boring. "However, on March 5, many of the reporters gave Lu Jun call, this time the outgoing voice is the other phone was switched off. Phone off is a universal symbol of the sweeping gambling Storm was taken away by the police personnel, so a lot of people even more confirmation Lu Jun was taken away by the news. Lu Jun as a model for the Chinese soccer referee, Lu Jun provoke a lawsuit

98 years, has been the media praise, once known as the "Golden Whistle", but the "Golden Whistle" embarrassing, club vice president in 1998, Guangzhou Songri the Li Biao once broke the news to the media, said Lu Jun "bribery 200,000 yuan, the two sides also embarked court, but that lawsuit eventually ended Lu Jun winning. Since then, Lu Juncheng banner Chinese referee referee a model of learning. Lu Jun more solid in 2002 World Cup referee, 45-year-old red line has been dry to the FIFA regulations only retreat.

"anti-triad storm" involving Lu Jun

In addition, the "anti-triad storm blew in 2002, eventually ending Gong Jianping jail Gong Jianping that" anti-triad storm only victories. Not known, the master of the Chinese Football Association, later in accordance with the guild regulations deal with the share of 17 National People's Congress list. This list, there are two the referee dead admit, and finally impose a lifelong ban whistle "by the Chinese Football Association punishment, the rest are according to pre-established" policy "to exit the Chinese football. Hangzhou's famous anti-triad fighters, former Zhejiang Province Sports Bureau, the Temple of Heaven, they talk about that "anti-triad storm after from China football evaporation referee, Chen Lao intentionally or unintentionally said something:" Lu Jun have it. " Following Chen's words very knowledgeable, go beyond that, leave clues for others to explore the truth. The Football Association

pass World Cup Paul Lu Jun

and also confirmed an old comrades of the Chinese football Lu Jun in the law enforcement career, he said: "Lu Jun is indeed a problem, but he was FIFA selected as the World Cup referees, China The Football Association security. "to expose the old comrades:" From 1997 to 1999, is the when Unfair flood, a referee a season done, get four or five hundred thousand with the same play. reached over one million more For example, a game with title or relegation links that a ball is how they have to give the referee 15-20 million. "

Chuan Lu Jun Gong Jianping close personal good

other details Ironically, 1994 professional league opener Chengdu 1-1 draw Liaoning game, the referee Lu Jun, linesman precisely Gong Jianping. Said Lu Jun and Gong Jianping two, personal relationships are quite good. Gong Jianping have already paid with their lives, estimated Lu Jun also can not get away.

work together Chuan Lu Jun, Zhang Jian-Qiang combat peer

Football Association said: "Lu Jun in the Magistrates sector meteoric rise, most would like to thank the people is Jianqiang Zhang Jianqiang charge of the Referee Committee, vigorously foster Lu Jun prestige in the referee community when, League in a group of 1958 born referee operational capacity, or law enforcement experience are very good but in the help of Zhang Jian-Qiang Lu Jun, born in 1958, this group of referees gradually clean out the referee team. so Super League now, a lot of the game is not the referee attitude problem, simply operational capacity referee penalty dare blowing, red card not out of the game, the two clubs are not satisfied. caused all this behind-the-scenes culprit not others, that is, Lu Jun Lu Jun behind Zhang Jian-Qiang "

vide for the first time to come forward shock and awe referee referee the internal reorganization meeting on March 12 the first day

2010 years, vide visit the venue in the morning, accompanied him to go with The new football management center deputy director YuHongChen. Vide First confirmed when speaking to the referee, the referee Lu Jun, was taken away by the police. Recently, the media coverage for several suspects referees have so many referees have a certain amount of mental preparation, not surprised so many referee for this news. Next vide speech let the presence of all "long experience"! The

vide First it comes the details involved Lu Jun, Lu Jun indeed account a lot of problems, the focus of bribery, he received the club then ruled in favor of the team's penalty in the game deliberately, thus affecting the results of the competition. As the referee sector representatives in China, the former Class A decade Jinshao Mainland China only law enforcement over World Cup referee Lu Jun gives the impression often are positive. But after he identified the suspects, many negative reports about him to follow. The first pulls out Following the the Dalian Wanda Guangzhou Songri team's end of the game in 1998, the media reported that Lu Jun accepting things Dalian Wanda 200,000 bribe. Ultimately, Lu Jun these media outlets report on the court and won the case. 20 million the number of 12 years ago is definitely a big number, even in recent years, the outgoing referee money number was only 10 million. However, when the vide Lu Jun, the highest number of a recipient of the money unspoken, the scene of many Lu Jun peers could not help but be amazed! According to Lu Jun account, he game the number of bribes of up to nearly 40 million! "If ordinary game certainly will not be the price almost always win a Super League match bonus price tag. Estimate is certainly the closing stages of the league, screenings related to relegation or win." Some people speculate. [1]

exposure 2001 National Games black whistle blowing

2010 in September, 18, the industry's one relevant sources, in 2001, Lu Jun, once and relevant officials of the Chinese Football Association colluded to manipulate some screenings The results of the competition. It is worth noting that, at the Chinese Football Association as director of the Conference Committee this time police investigation of Li Dongsheng! on

Lu Jun National Games black whistle

blowing Lu Jun, a Chinese referee in the World Cup debut of the first! But in fact, Lu Jun at the time had a lot of clubs suspect that insiders are also very aware of the close relationship between him and some of the club, even in some of the key events, he can even "harvest" 40 million! Before, Lu Jun is only suspected of being in some sensitive screening of a A or a B league receive money, black whistle blowing, and then control the results of the competition. However, yesterday, the relevant sources, which the National Games this movement of the country's highest-level football matches, Lu Jun is still not miss! It is reported that the National Games in 2001, Lu Jun manipulated in some games the outcome of the game. At that time, Lu Jun is in his refereeing career peak, when the National Games, he has been the Chinese Football Association to determine is recommended to the FIFA 2002 World Cup went to law enforcement. The time Lu Jun authority can not be violated, even in some games there has been a miscarriage of justice and the miscarriage of justice is still confidently. the

joint operation with the Football Association officials to control the game

As for Lu Jun in the Games which screening results, is still unknown. However, relevant sources, "and not necessarily his law enforcement which game, which game will have a problem, Lu Jun in the circle of influence great many people followed him, others will also hear his voice, to further control the results of the competition. "2001 is the beginning of the Chinese football moments of confusion, a lot of match-fixing and Black Whistle are in the moment of exposure.

is worth noting that, this time, Li Dongsheng, director of the Chinese Football Association Referee Committee by the police file for investigation, during the National Games in 2001, Li Dongsheng still holds this post. Many people have speculated, Lu Jun dare so blatantly black whistle blowing, there was support within the Chinese Football Association are inseparable! "A lot of the time, Lu Jun and the Football Association will be cooperation between the need to control the game, some of the Football Association will collect the money, in order to achieve the results they want, Lu Jun is selected whistled his the level referee in China is really high, you can easily blow out desired results! so they can be together spoils! "Some even speculate Lu Jun and Li Dongsheng is this cooperative relationship.

Li Dongsheng was taken away by the police, a lot of people are also saying that some of those memories. Zhejiang to expose the black famous when he was Sports Bureau, the Temple of Heaven had revealed Gong Jianping case when the Chinese Football Association sent Investigation Team, Li Dongsheng was also a member of the investigation team, but the Temple of Heaven resolutely opposed his participation, the results of Li Dongsheng second days to buy air tickets back to Beijing. Seen his reputation at the not very good. Today, both have been used by police coercion, believe them accountable, the many details of the exposure. [2] the Oct. 5

2010 years, CCTV news channel Chinese betting progress reports. Reported that the anti-gambling task force was informed football match-fixing from the public security organs, Xie Yalong, Li Dongsheng, Wei Shaohui three are in accordance with the law of arrest; Lu Jun, Huang Junjie and Zhou Weixin three were prosecuted,. News, Lu Jun appearances and public penance.

panel confirmed Previously, the public security organs in the investigation soccer referee Lu Jun, Huang Junjie and Zhou Weixin three, suspected of taking bribes in a multi-game, match-fixing case has concluded its investigation, prosecuted,.

According to CCTV reporter learned that, Lu Jun, Huang Junjie and Zhou Weixin were arrested have to repent. As football practitioners, should contribute to the development of football career, but can not stand the temptation of pecuniary interest, loss of professional conduct, black whistle blowing dry undermine undermine fair competition order, things that hurt the feelings of the fans took to crime road.

in front of the camera, Lu Jun expressed his repentance: "I am such a status, I am not qualified to say go with the fans and referees can only be learned from them, their own experience of them, tell them the truth I learned from them, especially my peers, to learn my lesson, do not make the same mistake. "

edit this paragraph admits bribery March 30, 2011, only two days away from the opening of the new league season in 2011 time when, CCTV start another anti-gambling fight storm climax - today at noon broadcast on CCTV News Channel "legal line" the latest anti-gambling fight thematic devoted referee is how black whistle blowing. Before Jin confess whistle Lu Jun, to win that game to win a key battle in his league in 2003 to help Shenhua accepting 350,000 bribes. The the

original football referee Lu Jun admit Shenhua international competitions in 2003, by former Football Association official Zhang Jianqiang instigate bias Shenhua whistled, CCTV said, those years, some clubs light year do referee cost of tens of millions of .

2003 the end of the year on behalf of Class A Shenhua won 25 Shenhua 4-1 victory over Shanghai International Competition has been found to be indeed a problem. Lu Jun confessed television cameras accept instructions to manipulate the game the whole process, he said, three days before the race confirmed that the main referee, see a person in the Office of the Chinese Football Association, he asked to take care of the Shenhua. This person is the person in charge of the referee committee Zhang Jianqiang, Zhang Jianqiang hinted to him that said: "If Shenhua won the game, will be said." Zhang Jianqiang introduced, because we are all acquaintances, old friends, old relationship, generally a phone will be able to get . Lu Jun whistled

game Shenhua foul 20 Shanghai International 13 times, but the most foul of Shenhua warning nature, guilty of rules of the international team is relatively heavy, Shen Han in the first 60 minutes behind shovel Lu Jun red card penalty, but similar action the Shenhua team members do on just a general warning or yellow card. Lu Jun account, after more than a week to two weeks or so, and then to the office of the Football Association, Zhang Jianqiang, Zhang Jianqiang drawer and took out a large paper bag to him, saying that the two of them divided equally, which is 35 million in cash. The television cameras Zhang Jianqiang faces, he admitted took Shenhua 700,000. Lu Jun said, Shenhua will not know in advance how much, after the club to the number is the number. [3]

edit this paragraph case hearing December 21, 2011, Lu Jun case in Dandong City Intermediate People's Court hearing. Lu Jun was charged with two 7 facts of the crime, the total amount of bribes of 810,000 yuan. Through law enforcement from 1999 to 2003, Lu Jun bribery 710,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan black money charged as a middleman. [4]

GMT on February 16, this morning, the Chinese football corruption case in the Intermediate People's Court of Dandong First Instance sentenced the former football referee Lu Jun guilty of non-national staff taking bribes, was sentenced to five years in prison and six months, confiscation of personal property of 100,000 yuan, the confiscation of illegally acquired 710,000 yuan. the

edit this paragraph Football Association punishment GMT February 18, 2013, the Chinese Football Association punishment results announced anti-gambling case, the former vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, the foot control center director Nan Yong, Xie Yalong, former vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association Yang Yimin, former national football team leader Wei Shaohui; Zhang Jianqiang, Li Dongsheng, the former officials of the Chinese Football Association, Shao Wenzhong Fan Guangming; 33 people in the former world-class referee Lu Jun, Huang Junjie and Zhou Weixin, and snow; former Chinese national team players, Shen Si, Qi Hong, Jiangjin, small Li Ming, etc. lifetime ban to participate in football activities punishment.

in the Football Association punishment List, personal punishment is divided into lifelong prohibited from engaging in