Liu Wen Wen

Liu Wen Wen, writer, Hubei Writers Association members, the people of Wuhan build membership, actors, division of travel experience, screenwriter, CCTV football baby, the first Chinese football baby, the most beautiful Olympic volunteers, sports and entertainment presenters, plane models, freelance writer served as a cultural, deputy general manager. Won Hubei University Games high jump; National Youth Essay Contest entries "18 layers of Cats" was selected the "fireworks novel" book. October 15, 2011, Liu Wen Wen its live debut, "becomes a man" book-signing event held in the Xidan Book Building. the

[1] the most wise football baby

beautiful Olympic the volunteers

high school football "melancholy prince, Liu Wen Wen Baggio draw a sketch, Baggio actually rare to send her a to reply

University, Liu Wen Wen belt forward to the the Baggio reply to enter the CCTV "football baby" ranks the In the years of

2006, CCTV football baby Top Ten World Cup

Wuhan Evening News "Olympics of journalists"

"love lottery special guests

2007 years, Liu Wen Wen [2] Sina sports blog Reds just six months, the click-through rate of up to 3.5 million people, her goal is to do, "China's first beauty sports commentary Commissioner"

2010, "China Green Baby" most youthful vitality Award

2010, CCTV "super fans" two

2010, CCTV shot to her feature documentary "Sports Room" broadcast on July 19.

2011 December Hubei Province Writers Association to become an official writer. April

2011 joined the China Democratic National Construction Association (referred to as the China Democratic National Construction Association)

edit this paragraph interest for hobby the favorite star Liu Wen Wen

[3]: Robert Baggio, Inzaghi, Torres, Pique

favorite national team: Italy, Spain

personal expertise hobbies: presided, painting, singing, dancing, writing, swimming, basketball, travel, watching

Favorite music: R & B, blues, Lounge Music

most like singer: of The corrs, Britney Spears, Yu multi- Tianguang

favorite actors: Jeremy Renner, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Leonardo, Justin Timberlake

favorite movies: Dead Poets Society Scent of a Woman, Trainspotting, Liangxiaowucai Youth Without Youth the Shutter Island

favorite U.S. drama: Friends, sex and the city, Gossip Girl

, the 1998 soccer World Cup of Edit this paragraph football idol, inadvertently TV she saw melancholy prince "Baggio. Since then, a 15-year-old little girl, as possessed, like the idol. Her monthly pocket money saved to buy back each of the sports world "and" football club "for fear of missing even a little bit of information about Baggio. the

the next, she regained brush, record Baggio every expression, every look, every ray of depression. Eleventh grade, the Wuhan sister actually big ventured to the one sent as far away as Italy's Roberto Baggio. A month later, Baggio wrote back. Holding the letter, she was delighted very. 's Reply to this Italian, she has not yet know the contents, she also did not want to ask the translator to pierce the "blue" complex!

Since then, the little girl in Wuhan began to focus on football, concerned about the Italian team, along with the ups and downs of the Italian team victory or defeat or happy or cry. the eve of the World Cup again unveiled in

2006 years, Liu Wen Wen, with Baggio reply participated in the CCTV "football baby" game, and by virtue of an English song "Hero" has become one of the "football baby". Subsequently, Phoenix Satellite TV, invited her to participate in the program recording. For Baggio in the field, she painted a portrait, this lasted for 12 years, "the spirit of Love" and are thus exposed.

avoid see idol in August,

2006 Baggio for a short visit to China. Liu Wen Wen has given up the opportunity of this meeting. Many familiar friends have asked with concern: Why do not you go to Baggio? on

surface, her answer seems a bit casual: "I do not like their emotions the same as other people's emotions, I do not like Baggio with amazement and friendly eyes to glance a picture to look over on the face forget."

And in private, but she secretly resolved: one day in the life, I will go to Italy, to visit Baggio, thanks to the "companionship" own way to grow distant friend. Edit this paragraph the main works in

the "change publication of

Liu Wen Wen the signings

010 mid-signings in Beijing, even" hidden rules "in the face repeatedly treated unfairly, Liu Wen Wen had a number of media, said:" I must books clamping legs premise out, I do not believe that. "Hard work pays off, and after a series of modifications after the Wuhan University Press accepted the novel becomes a man, and was recently officially published.

"becomes a man, this subject but some people incomprehensible title quite a wallop, some people think that this is a book about the" degeneration "theme, also suggested that this may be a homosexual story. In fact, want to express the meaning of Liu Wen Wen: "People in various social rules, constant evolution, survival of the fittest like a metamorphosis of the" Origin of Species ", the girl becomes a woman, a woman becomes a man men into animals in the urban jungle, with a desire to pay tribute to Darwin book tells the story of the women experienced feelings of twists and turns can become rational up strong, like a man ...... "

Liu Wen Wen specializes in profiling the emotional relationship between the current fashion of men and women, on his blog "Liu Wen Wen classic quotations online widely spread, and her ability to play in the novel to the extreme. Even more staggering is that the sharp words of fashion beauty avant-garde style of writing is the same. The seemingly "works of fiction fusion essay, script writing techniques, as well as the point of the stream of consciousness of taste inside. "Stylistic predecessors are created, why we must stick to something called" stylistic? Write fun of, readers read was dripping, is stylistic. "Becomes a man" is a 70 pain, 80 acid, 90 after the love of books. "Liu Wen Wen said. [4] Liu Wen Wen,

of reflections "[5]

I feel more and move closer to gender and close, this is a social phenomenon that should pay attention. From heterosexual to homosexual to Li and Li Yugang Rounds, let we see the human gender diversification, and human nature is no longer so repressed, has been relatively free of development. said human evolution into a temporary new stage not only refers to the sexes move closer shape, more means of heart, men, muscular, but also may be vulnerable to escape; woman looks charming and delicate, but the heart can also rock solid woman in the process of evolution has become more and more independent, the more increasingly powerful status and men are getting closer and closer. evolutionary development vision, we can look at the problem, then our lives will will not be such a prude uncomfortable, we can live more free and easy, I have always believed that the people at the beginning, no nature is good and evil; person beginning music In addition, all experiences are in fact an integral part of the composition of the perfect life, pain, joy, and even numbness I love happy, I love pain. This is "becomes a man" this book to convey to the reader. "[4]

Books About author: Liu Wen the Wen

Press: Liu Wen Wen novel, Wuhan University Press, [6]

Published :2011-5-1

Edition: 1 Pages: 268

Words: 162 words the printing time :2011-5-1

Folio: 32 Paper: the light paper

impressions: 1 ISBN :978-7-307-08706-4

Package: Paperback

man is not with the lower body thinking animals, they think with the lower body upper body has to think well of; woman is the lower body to think of the animals. "

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Southeast TV challenge glamorous"

the "marriage the Battle"

Jiangsu Variety love Dream "

CSPN" penalty "," sports bar "

film and television works:

movie" A Beautiful Truth "female college students

of micro movie" the stigma of youth, "played by a female secretary

micro-movies, "Fox said," played proprietress


CSPN "full SMG"

2008 years the "Tencent beautiful European Cup broadcast" shooting "air network television advertising


ELLEI costumes, Pick, advertising, and flowers band 胖哥 betel TV advertising, Datang unparalleled gaming network advertising, Si Duoqi chocolate ad, the the glycolipids tea Yushengtang, urban management Public Service Announcements, Li Ning fitness series print ads

plane models:

"FHM", "name brand", "China Beauty Fashion Report "," upper "," Football News "," fashion photography learning manual, "workshop", "urban housewife," "lob baby", "golf vision", "contest Illustrated", "life", Wuhan metropolitan area, Taiwan's "News Today", "the Chongqing Business Daily", "Apple Daily", "Sing Pao Daily News", "World News"


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" TBBA basketball net "image spokesperson

the spokesman for the Chinese Basketball Museum

" ELEII "dress image spokesperson

the online alliance

The Wuhan baby network

the Wuhan Botanical Garden image spokesperson

the "name the world" Tieguanyin spokesperson

Edit this paragraph selection of the judges served as judges in 2006, "the Wuhan Morning" football baby selecting judges

2010 "CCTV" World Cup football baby

edit this paragraph related information famous incident was right or wrong Li Bai Famous the shelling

not "Do not you see the Yellow River water to the sky" under sentence count as real writer? Participate in the Jiangsu Satellite "stop in the end," the poor performance, but also stressed the identity of Hubei Province Writers Association members, Liu Wen Wen yesterday were friends frantically. the

event the evening of May 13,

2012, Liu Wen Wen station, Jiangsu Satellite intellectual answer program "one stop in the end," the challenges of the stage, her self-introduction is a writer, in December last year, joined the Hubei Province Writers Association, representative of "Ten eight-story cat "becomes a man", her crackling said a long list, "A lot of people have asked me why you want to become a writer, I was born with a sense of mission, and in particular would like to share my worldview, not the same lifestyle. My motto is you are living under the roof and the roof, I live under the blue sky. the only turtle will carrying house live life. "

supposedly Liu Wen Wen also considered aggressive, come prepared, I did not expect only cards in the next three or four rounds, she answered Li Bai "cursive" famous "Do not you see the Yellow River water to the sky to" a shell the half day Biechu "a Spring River Flows East" regrettable departure. She laughs that she is very lucky, "able to get into sports or football knowledge I certainly will not lose"

Liu Wen Wen foul language, fight back users see this program called "Song Ge fish Yu

an online shelling Liu Wen Wen Hubei Writers the authoress @ Liu Wen Wen Hubei person's face was discreditable. now will be able to enter with a face Writers? writers do not have the basic knowledge of the literature have? "

a time forward many users concurrently ridicule ", contention for Waishi:" Liu Wen Wen true Jedi: Do not you see the Yellow River water to the sky, the river flows to the east. changed, I found a quatrains born: Memories can be misery, torrent never to return to the sea. "," help beauty writers to complete crooked a poem: the the monarch lost pride Yang I lost willow, fireworks in March in Yangzhou, monkeys are two sides could not cry a river flows to the east ...

Liu Wen Wen users quickly hit back, the reaction is quite sturdy: "put your family fart, you Ah Hundred Tang Poems full back listen, SX." This poke a hornet's nest, users started cried wolf. Notwithstanding friends Liu Wen Wen Mingbu Ping, "You stand on the stage, in front of the camera, under the watchful eyes, the host of Countdown sound, you will be able to answer them it? Unfair ah this to belittle others." but most users stick with her identity Writers Association members say things, when the writer threshold is too low. "to the

crossed the Donghu football baby Liu Wen Wen

, to see the 24-year-old Liu Wen Wen, landscape Wei winding Wuhan Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She just "11" holiday, came back from Beijing to accompany their parents and friends get-together. Liu Wen Wen

born in Wuhan Botanical Garden, the very young, the father she will be side-tracked by East lake to teach her to play in the water. Therefore, at the age of 7, when other children her age can only nest in the lake dog paddle, father and daughter was able to with crossed East Lake.

for training her daughter's jumping ability, the father of a basketball hanging on the balcony let her dunk 100 times a day. As a result, only one summer, she long high 6 cm, her height all of a sudden jump up to 1 meter 72. Father's training secret, so she has been a six-year secondary school's high jump record holder.

sports blog World Cup after an extremely appreciated her music, she went to Beijing Development. A chance to play in a basketball website TBBA spokesperson. As a result, she claimed to "completely feral", the start of a beautiful career as a sports blog. Take pictures, watch the game, write ball commentary, by his own talent and savvy, she wrote a lot of ball commentary article. CAPE Sina Bo six months CTR reach 200 million people, has the highest sports blog top for six consecutive weeks; Tencent 3 CAPE Bo, there are 1.5 million visits. Because the sharp point of view, the language is funny, these network text quoted extensively by various media. She also successfully completed another transformation in life - from a vase "football baby", became a well-known beauty writers. Her eyes are staring at the domestic "beautiful ball commentary first person Corolla.

encounter unspoken rules most beautiful football baby, Liu Wen Wen microblogging yesterday afternoon sent a lot of emotion, said her novel was written in March 2009, Contact 8,9 publishers are declined in the year, see people say over the manuscript; publishing answers are newcomers afraid of losing money; investment people do not care about her work, and the person is willing to pay her a book, and has frequently made ambiguous hints. A book on a beautiful, should also have been the unspoken rules it? In this regard, Liu Wen Wen's answer is: "I will be in the clamping legs under the premise of the book out, I do not believe that." [8]