Kikuchi Kang Lang

20, was born in Tokyo in 1929, the casual player. All Japan Amateur Championship in 1948, 1957 3rd amateur Honinbo war champion, after three consecutive years, is known as one of the amateur semi-finals. The host Green Star Go Gakuen, many professional players nurtured Shanxiajingwu, Aoki gentry, Aoki hi Hisayo ditch Shangzhi relatives. Committed to the international exchange of youth players in recent years, is the president of the international chess friendly will. the

Kikuchi, Kang Lang (Kikuchi Yasuro, in 1929, 20, 2008 -) amateur chess legend in Japan, Tokyo Prefecture. Hirata Bo, Murakami Wenxiang, Harada false and known as amateur semi-finals.

won the World Amateur Go Championship, won the All Japan amateur chess battle up to twenty times.

opened the Green Star Go Gakuen cultivate Shanxiajingwu and many other professional players.

committed to international chess exchange current international chess friendly, chairman of Japan's child for Go universal representatives.

edit this paragraph personal experience aspect the chessboard was born Kamata in Tokyo's Ota Ward. Three-year-old chess fans father, learning chess. In elementary school, every Sunday all day, the game of chess clubs. moved to Kanagawa

junior high school sophomore to local celebrities home Steeped Go collections. Middle school by the phase of the original forbearance three sections, and Ito Friends of benefits, Koizumi Juro terms of financial guidance. grade

1951 year college, as the Senshu University team of the Lord, in the University of the Kanto League Pozhu ten consecutive victories, the final victory over Lord Murakami Wenxiang, Waseda University team, won the first individual champion. years

1952-1953 in the "Go" magazine "organized by the professional, industry Yuer Zi Bureau of Competition, winning streak Seto more constitution for the top nine in terms of financial the Sakamoto Eio men and, high Chuange, Mugu real, Hashimoto Yu Taro, last lost to in Fujisawa Peng Zhai Kudan. The championship made in the 3rd the amateur Honinbo war

1957 years, cumulative win 13 times. won the war in 8th amateur Ten Outstanding

1968 years, cumulative win 9 times.

1979 years, six degrees represent Japan at the World Amateur Go Championship (5 times for domestic trials champion), and in 1992 won the 14th amateur world champion. ,

2003 Agama Kiriyama Cup Open qualifying stage series eliminated five sections Zhaoxiang Yan, Fujisawa Ba Duan and Liu smoked seven segment.

footsteps in 1955 to create amateur chess research group "Green Star will soon discontinue re-opened again in 1975.

1979 was founded "Green Star Go Gakuen", and cultivated Shanxiajingwu, the Aoki, Kiku generation, Kato charge Chi ditch Shangzhi pro Akiyama Jiro many professional players.

1961, three times in 1973 and 1977 as Japan Go members of the delegation's visit to China, actively engaged in the world Go exchanges, exchanges with China, South Korea Qijie has led many young players.

as amateur Qijie representative figure is considered to have the strength to compete with occupational sixty-seven segment. Qifeng

flexibility-rich, free-spirited, specializes in creative layout.

"Go raise fundamental," Go preliminary preliminary "," Green Star Academy ". The had of

University is one of the All Japan ballroom dancing Assembly Ten Outstanding.

edit this paragraph record World Amateur Go Championship 1992; runner-up in 1986; third 1985,2002 years

the World Amateur Championship, the representative of Japan decided to battle champion 1984,85,91,2001,04

the Japan Amateur Honinbo war championship 1957 Amateur Go

Asahi Ten Outstanding war champion -59,62,65-66,69,72-73,77,82-84 1968,77,80-81,87,91,97-98,2000 the years

edit this segment writings of the semi-finals は "ア ma ko う し て strong ku na っ た" Cheng Wen Tong Shin Kong Society 1967

"Kikuchi Kang Lang playing set" Cheng Wen Tong Shin Kong Society 1979

"Fei に strong ku na ru this on up to へ の secret for spinulosa call wren! 1980

Fei の early i の early i ko れ で が playing て ru "Golden Garden Club 1980

" Green Star Academy - Fiji を through じ て earth bred dream と お ど ろ ki "フ ro` Getting Hikaru published in 2002

edit this paragraph green star Gakuen origin of Occupational players Village Pine Long, Aoki gentry one, Aoki hi long time on behalf of, the crane pill Dear one, high wild British tree, Shanxiajingwu, ditch Shangzhi pro, Akiyama Jiro, Kato charge Chi, Suzuki Karan, Mochizuki research a, Ling-man, Yamada Jin times, large Zenai America, a large field, Ando and prosperity, Bridge Tuong, Tamai stretch, Gui Benedict, Isshiki knowledge central Murakami Silks

the editing in this paragraph essays Yomiuri 2006/02/13-2006/04/03 serial

to (1) Green Star Academy "also emerged out the professional player

Keigo (Yamashita Kudan) grandmaster war challenger, I tense mood to welcome the New Year. The green star academy

"Green" young "star" is the meaning of hope. Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo Prefecture, about 80 students, including good offices nest drip pan ⑽ the mining to teach classroom as well as network communications students including

Currently, there are nearly 200 students.

Gakuen not only cultivating professional players, the enthusiasm of the young people on the go are welcome. the

become a professional player in the first dragon, a (Muramatsu seven segment), as well as Aoki siblings (gentry Kudan Kiku on behalf of eight out), charge Chi (Kato, eight), known pro (ditch on eight out), Jiro (the Akiyama eight) than 20 people.

Green Star's origin dates back to the Showa thirties, twenties "Green Star will. By Murakami Wenxiang, Harada real young people to participate in the study will soon be interrupted because of everyone to participate in the work.

Green Star will be re-opened about five decades in the Showa, was rare introduction of the point system. Part of the professional players also took part in the festival.

sometimes see research conference of young players in the rapid development of thinking about the future of the Go community, must be to train young people. In May 6

Showa 54-year, Green Star academy set up. In

at first, mainly college students and other young people is around special without propaganda to several primary and secondary students. Showa 56 years, I have worked for nearly 30 years, Nippon Steel to resign, fully committed to the Green Star Academy. Chess Age of

(2) 74 years, "lifelong amateur"

I Showa 4 years old in August of this year will usher in hi Shou (77 years old), chess 74 years old. I know that Go is in the 3-year-old. Of course, I have no memory, said father (Wu Shun).

in Tokyo, Kamata father living hobby Go, about the amateur the early part of the playing strength. The Go club called the enemy in their own, I learned firsthand.

five or six sensible, around 1935, I will be a man playing chess. I hold Black, white stones, A, B ...... while imagining, playing a form of making the playoffs.

my frail mother was worried and told to go out and play, I will drive out the door. And children playing hide and seek game, but the feel is not fun. I go home quietly, hiding in a closet under chess, but audible exposed. As a result, the father and mother say "This child unusually like Go," on the one of my chess. the

elementary school, I shuttle Kanda hand shops, a family one by one asked in the past: "Go book?

held a players game set of the playing spectrum joy is unforgettable, and many times later, chess The books turned ragged unbearable.

forget chess, chess clubs can go. On Sundays, I took my lunch from morning until the next night, nine, ten o'clock. I heard more in the clubhouse long chess, chess clubs of neighboring almost have to go all over. Sometimes Mr. book market to see, I would say: "You do not want to become a professional?" What is the career, I did not know. The operates father of piping engineering company in

resolutely opposed engaged in chess so unproductive career. "Lifelong amateur", about this time is required. the

(3) competitors, "the powerful Wenxiang"

Showa 26 years, I University fourth grade, when rumors of Waseda University, a monster in the West, is very powerful in Go.

Well, in any case, I want monsters rule served. Kanto University League was restored, I Senshu University does not have a Go Ministry, players only one person besides me also.

each school requires seven contestants, we are still missing five five foreign aid is finally time for the deadline from the outside to gather sufficient sign up.

contest a total of 12 schools, I ushered in the 10-game winning streak after the same ten consecutive victories, called Waseda monster big life - Murakami Wenxiang showdown of.

and I player using the situation is bad, and finally, Wenxiang Black reversed a problem. Time, said, sorry.

this Wenxiang life in formal chess battle chess with me about 30 Bureau. At first I was eight-game winning streak, Showa 35 years, the 6th amateur Honinbo final half mesh lost to Wenxiang. And Wenxiang chess, the content is interesting.

as good competitors outside the chessboard, and Wenxiang lifelong contacts.

Wenxiang also love wine. I hate Wenxiang huge body with his chess as powerful, drunk rickety carrying his back several times.

I can be long-term active in amateur Qijie, and child care is Wenxiang The blessing of a good opponent.

younger than me Wenxiang died seven years ago. Lifelong opponent loses a glass of wine poured chest pine. career topics disappear

(4) "week"

Showa 26-27 years, the president of the Qingtong community Iwatani spring, in the "Go" magazine planning occupational amateur 3 Jean sub-bureau of the game.

amateur players to Fukuda, Shibuya snow male and I. Competition system for amateur side lose on the end to win is to continue.

I first inning wins after a the Miyashita show foreign teacher, have emboldened Yuezhanyueyong reached ten consecutive victories. Are professional chess play chess with me at that time the top in terms of financial, such as Osaka Eio male, high Chuange, Yan Jin quasi-one Segoe Constitution for Suzuki Jiro your teacher.

fledgling Countdown is not used to the latter half of disc often be reversed. The two sides each with a retention time of 5 hours, the teacher Mugu real need "six hours", but with his game in Hakone unused for at least 6 hours.

Finally, I have 4 orders lost to the the Fujisawa library the help teachers win if you can please the Go Master teacher, a great pity.

this thing around my destiny. The original game with Segoe teacher, is the Iwatani president specifically asked him to come with me to meet test playing strength. After that, by the the Yahata Steel (subsequently merged with Fuji Iron, now Nippon Steel) Fujii Heigo vice president recommended to enter the company's work.

over a period of time, Iwatani president asked me: "Jun Kikuchi, occupations do it or not?" This means that maybe I can enter the Japan Chess become a professional chess player.

moment I am confused, replied: "Give me a week and more time to think about it." But a week has not arrived yet, the president of Rock Valley died sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

suddenly, the end of the occupation topic. If I had an opportunity to respond Iwatani president, maybe I'll embark on a career path. playing chess before

(5) the very important

of raising green star academy is not only a professional player TC, enthusiastic young people who go there, no one has to open the door.

my most important chess upbringing before. Now the children are difficult to consciously do things. For example, will not be greeting and reply. These basic cultivation, the family and the school did not teach.

after entering the main entrance, greeting, before the board to Block,.

"angry" and "rebuke" is different. Angry just emotional catharsis, rebuked it is based on love. Do not pay attention to the kind of atrophy is not from the day-to-day student and I trust relationships become important.

Gakuen atmosphere to a degree of relaxation. In this way, the children easily capitalize on the trend.

chess, I take a direct hand and taught. Children too small to explain too much is not necessary. "Preaching vulgar, bigger does not work." Kiskiskis

I have with the students to learn and participate in the competition. Gakuen the existing charging Chi (Kato eight) known pro (ditch on eight) of about 10 professional players, there are about 10 hospital hygiene. Three boarders. comet war

I also participated in the Green Star Wars Rapid two competitions up and down, strictly based on merit rankings.

I was 76 years old, TOEFL still as active in the academy and the young man with learning. the

(6) half a century of continuous playing three chess game

my first time to participate in the national competition in 1956 the 2nd amateur Honinbo war. I was semi-final loss to Mizuno Hong disabilities (after Kansai Chess Kudan) 4th. The next year, I beat Mizuno to win, was 27 years old. In later in Honinbo war a total of 13 championships.

amateur the Ten Outstanding warfare, began in Showa 36 years, my first win in the 8th. Total 8 championships. another

three events, the World Amateur representative of Japan decided to war, that the World Amateur Championships organized by the Nihon Ki Showa 52 years, this total is five times champion.

be proud the three chess game every year a landing participate. Wanted to benefit from the preferential treatment unseeded, as well as the health of the miracle.

three chess tournament win total of 26 times, there once Heisei held in Chiba City, in four years of the 14th World Amateur Championship. Together, a total of 27 times.

World Amateur Championship, last year's World Expo held in Nagoya. Now I confess here the first few days of the contest received radiotherapy was worried may withdraws. However, four world to peace without incident, doubly grateful.

I am now 76 years old, able to adhere to the game of chess to what age do.

80-year-old target temporarily. The future, "the man called Kikuchi, adhere to what age the" this message is encouraged to seniors, my chess career is meaningful.

(7) cutting-edge international exchange the profound significance

last October, 05 international cutting-edge Go Tournament "held in the cultural centers of the Meiji Shrine. Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan groups each of eight cutting-edge Tournament, Japan Hane Naoki, Shanxiajingwu, China's Jie Hu Yaoyu, Korean Pu Yongxun, Song Taikun outstanding players participated. Results of South Korea won, Japan regret to third. This match, my years of overseas the AC master of the results.

my first overseas exchanges, Showa 36 years, the first session of the Sino-Japanese Go exchange visit to China. China put forward the slogan of "catch up with Japan and beyond Japan", 2 sub-strength gap with the Japanese Occupation. The Chinese players for the elderly, only a young man, is Chen Zude. after

, every time I have the opportunity to go to China, can feel as if emerged from the underground force, an endless stream of young players. After this personal experience, "Green Star Academy" was born.

words, is now the Japan Professional Qijie called "flow" layout is generated at the time. Ernst & Young, a teacher in his visit to China to teach to the young players, and their use in the Sino-Japanese chess tournament, cause the Japanese Occupation Qijie of concern. It can be said that the anti imported from China, while in Japan, scattered vane sticks.

Green Star Gakuen exchange is 3 years from the Heisei.

Since then, they Yuanshe Korea, held with the local chess classroom Tournament. China, South Korea accumulated held about 15 exchanges. The overseas exchange significance

, is directly and personally experience the other side of the situation. The the exchange of

international cutting-edge race in addition to chess, chessboard friendship greatly deepened, the young man touched a lifetime unforgettable.

in the future I will be actively engaged in international exchanges.

(8) kids "dream with hope"

Japan's national competition, the boys and girls Ming Renzhan, is the history of the contest, but unfortunately alone. Once learned, in Korea, several juvenile races, the contest more national average.

East Japan Junior chess game was founded eight years ago. Imagine there would be 100 people participating, the result is to nearly 300 people. In the second year, began a corporate title sponsor. The third year, an increase of 4 Nagoya, Fukuoka and other areas. The fourth year, an increase of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Shikoku Central Okinawa, scale expansion of the national tournament.

Race on track, has stimulated "Hikaru" boom, contestants dramatic increase. This spring ushered in 9th contest, the country's 14 regions, attended by nearly 7,000 teenagers. The contest popularity of juvenile Go help.

By the way, is not some inferior compared to children in China, Korea, Japan, in terms of potential vitality. Just different institutional and excellence education system, as long as it can overcome these, do not need pessimism.

Fortunately, in recent years, the image of domestic Go in improving the understanding of the parents is also deepening. Child fascination committed a thing is a good thing. Goals for children, to help prevent the problem of juvenile delinquency community.

concentration of the children go on to inspire their dreams and hopes, and this is the theme of my life.