Kevin Garnett, the famous American basketball player and NBA Celtics players. Won the NBA championship, the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player, the Olympic men's basketball championship honors. Forward as the new era of the revolutionaries, the play features an extremely Almighty, passing even more superior than the point guard, defensive great deterrent, your NBA fourth in rebounding. One of the greatest power forwards in the history. August 21, 2011 Garnett participate in recording "Tsui said things".

in NBA history, Garnett is the third to complete the 25,000 points +10000 rebounds +5000 assists players, the other two are Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. March 19, 2012, KG completed a great the inside KG

milestone, away to the Nuggets scored 22 points, nine rebounds and five assists, making him the 25000 +10000 +5000 +1500 +1500 club first only a member of this data can become more reflect his "Almighty King" in the title! nickname

: Garnett (Timberwolves period), KG, of The the BIG TICKET Da Kid

Blood Type: the O type

career: the summer of 1995 by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the fifth pick to sign. the exhibition of

arm: 7 feet 5 inches/2.26 m

jumping height: 90 cm vertical jump

graduate schools: the Farah Stuttgart High School Farragut Academy HS (Chicago, IL)

can presence of superior grade center, power forward early in his career is inside means of attack the type SF

iconic, mid-range jumpers, the inside jump/stand up after a hook, a turnaround fade away jumper, and the inside of the back of the body the footsteps singles convergence action, good defensive PF after the transition from early SF 99 defensive player of the league's top restricted area, especially near the three-point line was expanded to help defend the scope of the unique characteristics of the same time period quality PF masses. the team

: Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics

, jersey number: Timberwolves on the 21st, the Celtics on the 5th., the national team the 10th

most favorite food: hamburgers p fries p pizza p steak and lobster the salad

signed sports brand: AND1pNIKEpADIDAS currently Anta (China, August 1, 2010 contract, after for ADIDAS)

Idol: Bill Russell, Drogba, "The Magician" Johnson

endorsement brand: nike, and1 , adidas, anta

body measurement data: bare foot height 211CM (due to the data of the high school, so this data should be lower than the real height), wingspan 226CM, standing reach the bounce 90CM, 285CM, vertical vertical jump 111CM

1995 Sports Illustrated cover figure. In 1997 was elected the next ten years the most influential people in the rankings. 2000 and 2001, Forbes Top 100 strength the fifty fifth in the standings

sister Shin Nga brother Eisley in the South Carolina governor, has a "KG" tattoo is LA Lakers fans

, has the arm pattern has a basketball, basketball tattooed on the text of "blood, sweat and tears" on April 21

1997 years by Newsweek as "90's 100 most influential celebrity"

the field of sports idol Tony - Dost (football) and "The Magician" Elvin - Johnson

2007 In the early morning of August 1, the Boston Celtics held a news conference to officially announce their 10-time All-Star players from Minnesota StarTech Timberwolves exchange . (Boston Celtics with two to five players, Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair conditional pick in the 2009 NBA and cash exchange Timberwolves Garnett).

the ANTA KG boots

KG of boots designer commentary video, perfect mask, perfect KG boots December 18

2010 years, the first generation of the ANTA KG boots perfect baked August 14,

2011, KG third row (Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang, Beijing) and shooting the KG2 advertising

2012 years July 15 (Beijing time), the Celtics and Garnett formal completion of renewal, the renewal of the contract for three years, $ 34 million [1]

edit this paragraph growth through May 19, 1976, Garnett was born in South Carolina a small town called Mao Ding. Parents when he was very young, they parted ways. Garnett followed the mother too, but she did not have much ability to dependents Garnett and Eisley. The mother later married a man, the stepfather does not treat Garnett brother and sister. The child time Kevin

childhood, Garnett is a difficult experience. "You could say I did not too carefree childhood." Years later, Garnett back on the past, he does not appear reluctant.

From age 13, Garnett had to go out to work every day to make money to feed their families. He has done it a dozen different work from luggage, to scrub the car, as long as permitted by any law, and be able to feed himself and his sister's errand, and re-live the strenuous exertion, Garnett will strive shop vacation one day he had to work 20 hours continuously.

young people's experience, Garnett more responsible than the average person. He always felt an obligation to help others. In the last year of high school, Garnett to neighbors Granny promised, regardless of whether he will have the ability, he will come back to help together raising her grandson Haipu to.

Granny is guardian of Haipu,, but she was unable to discipline grandson. Garnett and the Timberwolves signed a huge contract in 1995, he decided to the adoption Haipu and became his guardian. "I can really give him a lot of money, enough that he and his grandmother very well-off life," Garnett said, "but I think that gives the money is one thing, care for him and help him to grow together is another going on I hope of him (Haipu) will be able to become a socially useful, while not bad friends, detours matter how busy, Garnett will find time to accompany Haipu chat together, to play, "I that to such open than simply give him a check of one million, much more useful. "perhaps because of his long-suffering, Garnett is very helpful. Two years ago, Kevin Garnett also create xxxxl Foundation, a Foundation, designed to help young people and guiding them to the right path in life and to provide them with employment opportunities. win the NBA championship

2008 years

2008-2009 season, All-Star starting lineup

2009-2010 season, All-Star Eastern starting lineup

a personal talent

Garnett and the father is not much between, but he could not deny his own basketball talent, not unrelated to the father's genetic. Ming Jiaoao Lewis Garnett, Garnett biological father is a very talented basketball player, but he is not played in the NBA. Just force efficiency in the armed forces basketball team, had also played the main. The Garnett roar

Garnett impression Austria's image has been somewhat vague, just remember the kid had countless times in the track side, watching the father and his companions with training, to help them to pick up the ball. Said that Garnett Hangyunliushui action, with his father Austrian quite a bit quite similar.

parents divorced, Garnett stepfather does not support him play, because he did not want in his own garage or backyard, fitted with a basket, and that should not have large housing will, even more crowded. The mother does not encourage his son to play basketball is not his son to go the right way, in her opinion, she want her son to school to receive higher education, find a decent job after graduating from college.

but apparently, mother underestimating the son of basketball talent. High school, Garnett has been the reuse of the school basketball coach to start somewhere.

leave the quiet South Carolina, to the boiling bustle of Chicago, and enter the basketball Middle School, that is Farragut college. Here, Kevin Garnett encountered own legendary teammate --- Ronnie Fields. The high school's partner in Garnett once at the free-throw line dunk, precisely because of his presence, the NBA's most famous "slam dunk generals" Vince Carter did not dare to participate in the nation's high school dunk contest. Is this genius around, Garnett was called "boy". Garnett when he first entered high school, he had and Fields, one-on-one "Bull" results Garnett hit a 11 1. Since then, Kevin Garnett more assiduously than the previous two years later, he Farragut Academy high school team has become a legend. Kevin Garnett has been the highest honor of the basketball player, while Fields was because of a car accident only minor league USBL consorting, so Garnett has been said: "There are a lot of people have a very strong strength, but not everyone has enough luck I have today, must learn to appreciate. "Boston Celtics" Big Three "

of four years of high school season, Garnett won a total of 2,533 points, 1,807 rebounds and 739 blocked shots; McDonald's All-American basketball game, he also received the nation's most outstanding player award, but when he entered the NBA, people still called him "boy". Almost everyone showed no interest in him, because he is a high school student --- a thin high school students. the Kevin Garnett growth path,

piston club basketball affairs manager John Hammond is a key figure. The discerningly Hammond found in the high school league Garnett, and he introduced a training camp in Chicago in 1995. Garnett became famous overnight in the same year, he was in the first round of the NBA Draft, five by the Timberwolves picked to go. Timberwolves signed him to a huge contract, has become a sensational news at the time.

initially saw the scene of Garnett, Timberwolves general manager of basketball operations Kevin McHale still fresh in my memory. Garnett performing a difficult dunk actions, "At that time, everyone was awed by everyone's mouth Zhang, almost could not believe my eyes." On the way back, now coach of the Timberwolves Sanders (the original of any club general manager) started muttering: "This guy, we must not give up." the

proved Sanders vision and right after joining Kevin Garnett, the Timberwolves for eight consecutive years playoffs. One of the

sport career

the high school the era

Garnett is one of the few to enter the NBA directly from high school players. In 1994, he was elected to the South Carolina Mr. Basketball, "USA Today," the nation's best high school players selected for the first team of the nation's high school students, elected Illinois just joined the Alliance KG

State Mr. Basketball in 1995, he was elected. The four-year career as a high school player received a total of 2533 points, 1,807 rebounds and 739 blocked shots. In nation the McDonald-Star race scored 18 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocked shots, and was elected most valuable player. After graduating from Farragut Academy High School in Chicago, Garnett in the 1995 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves selected fifth, also a 20-year-old high school student to be selected in the NBA Draft. With its 7-feet tall and a full range of technical, Garnett adequate pitch, which is the most he can play the power forward position, 2008 Garnett on the play at the center position than big striker better. He stands, though not the highest, but his wingspan than 7 feet above the big man also much higher, which makes his inside scoring ability and rebounding ability to stand out in the players, in addition, he is more has a capacity of more excellent than other striker type player assists.

NBA era 1995-96 season:

was selected to the second team of the All-Rookie Team, became the youngest NBA history to play players 19 years and 11 months.

1996-97 season the:

NBA All-Star break the Minnesota Timberwolves history of the single-season blocked shots record with 163 blocked shots. play against the Los Angeles Clippers on Nov. 23,

1996 years to get his first career 1000 points.

1997-98 season: March 23,

1997, play against the Miami Heat, get 1,000 career rebounds. play against the Denver Nuggets on January 3,

1998 years to get the first career triple-double into the All-Star starting lineup. Single

the Timberwolves period KG (10 sheets)

quarter and grabbed 786 rebounds, breaking the single-season rebounding record in team history. In November 13,

1997 play against the Washington Wizards grabbed 20 rebounds, tied a personal single-game rebounding record in team history. Started all 82 games as the players started all of the regular season third in single-season history of Minnesota.

1998-99 season: April 2,

1999, play against the Denver Nuggets got the first 500 career blocks.

1999-00 season:

field averaged, rebounds and assists were 22.9,11.8 and 5 to become the league history only 9 List quarter averaged to get one of the players of the 20 +10 +5 data. play against the Orlando Magic on Dec. 27

1999 years, single-section and grabbed 12 rebounds, half and grabbed 19 rebounds, the audience and grabbed 23 rebounds, three data break the Timberwolves record in team history. In Dec. 28

1999 years to play against the Heat, Timberwolves team history rebounding.

2000-01 the season:

consecutive second season get averaged 20 +10 +5 NBA history only seven people to do. play against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 18, 8000, to get the career

2001 years. In March 2

2001 years play against the Nuggets, and get 4,000 career rebounds. In November 9th

2000 years, to play against the Philadelphia 76ers, Timberwolves history in scoring.

2001-02 the season:

continuous third season get averaged 20 +10 +5 NBA history only five people to do. All-NBA second team, the best defensive first team, and the best access lineup first team. Season 59 double-doubles, to create a record in team history. Grabbed 981 rebounds in a single quarter, creating a record in team history. In December 14,

2001 match Sacramento Kings grabbed 24 rebounds, breaking the the team history personal single-game rebounding record. In February 4

2002 play against the San Antonio Spurs, completed 2,000 career assists, as the Timberwolves history assists.

2002-03 the season:

consecutive fourth season get averaged 20 +10 +5 NBA history, only Larry - Bird made the same achievements. -NBA first team, the best defensive first team and the second team of the best interview lineup. In the twenty-fifth on the all-star contest scored 37 points, nine rebounds and five steals, was elected the Most Valuable Player of the All-Star Game. Season, grabbed 1,102 rebounds, breaking the record in team history. 68 double-doubles last season, breaking the record in team history. the

"Garnett," Garnett October 30,

02, play against the Nuggets, the career scoring total exceeded 10,000 points. January 30

2003 years play against the Dallas Mavericks, career 11,000 points. play against the Milwaukee Bucks on February 24,

2003 years to get 6,000 career rebounds. In February 12,

2003 match Knight completed 1000 career blocked shots.

2003-04 season:

was elected most valuable player of the regular season, All-NBA First Team and All-Defensive First Team. Elected in December, January and February, the best player of the western region, to become the first in the history of the league players honored for three consecutive months. The season grabbed 13.9 rebounds, the first time to become the league in rebounds, and led the team into the Western Conference finals for the first time. the

2004-05 season:

the third consecutive season, played in 82 regular-season games, and the field starts. All-NBA second team and the best defensive first team. Sixth consecutive season with 20 +10 +5 to become players in NBA history to a consecutive six season remove 20 +10 +5. Season, averaging grabbed 13.5 rebounds, and once again become the league in rebounding. season


field to get 20 +10, grabbed 12.7 rebounds, third coronation rebounding.

2006-07 season:

field to get 20 +10, grabbed 12.8 rebounds, fourth coronation rebounding.

2007-08 season:

joined the Boston Celtics and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce with the formation of the "Celtics Big Three", per game, scored 18.8 points and 9.3 rebounds, and helped the ball The first championship team won the championship, which is himself.

2008-09 the season:

due to the injuries the team in the second round of the playoffs brutally Magic eliminated. the

2009-10 season:

Celtics comeback, the second time in three years the Finals defeat in seven games with the Lakers war.

★ closing 2012/6/2 date, KG played 1375 games (1218 starts) 45,779 minutes playing time, averaging 36.5 minutes, the average shooting percentage of 49.9%, 28.3% three-point percentage, free throw percentage 79%, with a total score of 24,270 points, rebounds, 13313 (3011 of which the former offensive rebounds, rebounds after 10302), assists and 5065 steals 1664, blocks 1908, mistakes 29

Garnett All-Star Game Collection (20)

38 times, fouls 3105. (The above data cut-off in 2012.6.2) []

NBA history, only three individuals completed more than 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, 4,000 assists data, KG is one of them, the other two players are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Malone.

KG is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA! As a revolutionary all-around big striker, KG destined to become legendary! He is a superstar in the NBA! February 4

2012 years, the Celtics vs. Knicks, Garnett picked four defensive rebounds in the game 38 seconds left in the first section, the total number of career defensive rebounds exceeded 10,000 off, after Malone and Parrish, the NBA in the history of three players to reach this achievement.

Earlier in NBA history, a total of only two players in career defensive rebounds caught more than 10,000 jazz legend - Karl Malone and Celtics legend Robert - Parrish 11406 and 10117, respectively. a. # 3 NBA best defensive players

, Garnett's 9996 defensive rebounds, this figure has been let KG beyond many legendary inside, such as Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses - Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Active players Duncan after Garnett defensive rebounds total of 8973, beat O'Neill's 8890, ranking the first in the history of 7. [2]

MVP Garnett Garnett is the 2003-2004 NBA season, the league's Most Valuable Player, and led the Minnesota Timberwolves to first entry to the Western District championship the regular season MVP

race. This season, Garnett continued his usual outstanding performance, currently ranked first in rebounding average score also maintain more than 20 points, and overwhelmingly elected NBA Stars Competition West starting forward.

since Michael Jordan retired after the parties are busy to find a successor for him, Bryant, Carter, and James, most of the successors are the shape of Jordan. But devaluation should find a rival basketball player from the bones can and Jordan, among active players, Garnett. Garnett is quite similar to Michael Jordan, the two men have in common with unparalleled dedication to victory.

every successful NBA star has its own history of struggle, Garnett is no exception, from his tattoo it can be confirmed. Garnett one arm above the "KG" (the abbreviation of the English name), another arm above the basketball, basketball reads "sweat, blood and tears", these three words recorded his MVP the course of growth.

KG boots

KG2 equipped with the most powerful adidas suspension system, to use a3 revolutionary technology to provide extremely lightweight suspension system and ultra durable support. Embedded in the design of the upper three lines as customized comfort, to provide a complete cladding more

wearing feeling fit. Forefoot adiPRENE + elastic shock-absorbing materials to guide the court explosive moments, Torsion System to strengthen the arch area to support the protective effect of the heels by a3 three-dimensional structure, enhanced shock absorption and conduction function, take the first faster than others step. The tongue part of the use of mesh material, so that your feet on the floor and feel perfect coating effect and a sense of comfort of breathable. In KG2,

also find Garnett personalized design, such as shoes back side of the KG No. 21, the heel and soles KG exclusive totem and GARNETT words, there is KG's signature floating engraved. Most particularly in the side of the shoe lining embroidered 2malik, to commemorate died in a car accident, Garnett Timberwolves teammate and good friend Malik Sealy (Malik's uniform number is 2, in 2000, he participated in Garnett home after the birthday party the way reverse driving truck hit killed).

from the beginning of the R & D process, Garnett that to join the discussion, for the sole control of the ground, science and technology, color, appearance design is fully involved in, and hope that through discussions, you can create a pair with KG Garnett The demeanor of the exclusive models.

edit this paragraph, the technical characteristics of offensive Timberwolves Minnesota during symbol. Representatives of the high school players, the versatile player template. On the court, KG has done everything he can to be done. Offensive hub, rebounding, spiritual leader of the defensive barrier. Perhaps a slight lack of offensive firepower, but you have not asked for more. kg

well-known offensive than SHAQ soft and TD, this is due to its thin body ... and its means of attack and more remote fadeaway jumper and turn around and turnaround jumpers, and in F with its breakneck speed and strong suddenly mainly play partial, KG Wrath buckles

the its shot difficult to cover and interference, the shooting is still some protection, the score is very stable, averaging twentieth. But also because of its too stable, and the selfless, MSKG not strong score explosive power, at this point even better MANU. The highest score of his career until the freak to reach 47 points against the Suns this year, can not say that KG was not 50 +, but he did not seem to have this desire, this may also become a bottleneck his offensive. KG's excellent passing vision, causing opponents not overly double team, and the bigger picture. The key to a strong investment capacity, such as two-thirds of the King, the Clippers the buzzer. Play more gorgeous compared to TD, elegant feel, so call it a big ticket TD is the basic truth.

offensive means: low singles, turned fadeaway jumper. KG scoring arsenal, this trick is most handy. We can often see him appear. The hit rate is very high, and do not seem to take the record! This action will KG soft touch, BT wingspan super waist performance out thoroughly. The SHAQ own brand LOGO hands irrigation basket, that if one day KG has its own brand, it would choose this done flag.

offensive means to 2 cast: face the basket. This trick is basically to use near the top of the arc or the free-throw line. Garnett's shot point on, plus the height and arm span, unlikely to be disturbed.

means of attack: back singles, jump hook. Common means. Perhaps because physical confrontation capacity.

offensive means of 4: secondary offensive. Garnett rebounds, got up and dunk the sky and shouts, uh, image in your head, right?

offensive means 5: KG dunk show. First, pick and roll, similar to small Sina Shen with, but few Timberwolves guard outgoing high-quality ball. Second, is the ball under the fast break dunk.

means of attack: Backdoor layup. A does not belong to the offensive power forward. Before this action is often the face of the defender, feint shaking, and then strode breakthrough, stood up and dunk. It is worth mentioning that the KG layup process, the head is often the need to escape rebounds.

means of attack: assists. KG's excellent passing vision, causing opponents dare not overly double teams, the bigger picture the data assists perennial maintained at more than four.

defensive defensive years a team has a very strong man defense capability, Yao once referred to a large spider, extremely flexible pace and extremely long arms, plus BT's physical fitness, if not sealed to each other, can still interfere with the ball shot. The first row of NBA defensive rebounds, its excellent anticipation and control, and the NBA in rebounding for four consecutive years. Because the kg of flexibility and the ability to predict, he steals has maintained a level of F in the climax to maintain 1.5 steals per game. The other SG/SF, but because of his mobility, he often complement the anti-to an outside line, or even direct marker plus physical confrontation slightly disadvantage, take the cover is not very good, in addition to last season, an average of 1.7 per game. Positive anti-complement, and a strong rotation transposition awareness Union climax anti-

Garnett (6) defensive

keep players 1V1 case, in addition to Roubang sub, almost all technology-based front- dead.

his defense from the point guard position to the center five height and arm length, bouncing outstanding, excellent Assisting Defense, race often passionate volleyball-style hot pot, NBA Defensive team for many years, 2008 NBA All- defender.

physical metamorphosis of physical fitness, the unofficial to say continuous touch rebounds along ......, though not necessarily true, but absolutely can be used as a reference and wingspan reaches 226CM tall and looks like SHAQ ... KOBE single anti-T- MAC's horizontal speed, sprint speed and explosiveness is first class. Just entering the Union is commendable, passion and dunks air fan caps are directly and so the other shot, pull the ball fly rely unrivaled projectile velocity, dunk explosive force and excellent flexibility (like 2005 SF ) If you then KG to participate in the dunk contest now, definitely stronger than the small S. Play biased technology, began to protect the body, like the less Guards super dunks dunk still very gorgeous, with extraordinary action. KG has been no long-term suspension, but MS knee injuries in recent seasons more impact plus older, physical fitness is also slowly decline a lot.

edit this paragraph career data regular season the average data

the season

team starting number of

playing time


the shooting

3 point shooting

free throw rate

the the offensive rebounds

the defensive rebounds

the rebounds




mistakes in

to foul


























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98- 99

Minnesota Timberwolves




























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