Joy is the COFCO Group's commercial real estate sector strategic plan carefully crafted "international youth urban complex" and its positioning as a the multiple young style of fashion, popular, sexy, trend, and the masterpieces of modern large Shopping Mall. Xidan Joy City (JOY CITY) quickly became the biggest highlight of fashion, pop pioneers, the first choice for leisure shopping trend upstart 2008 Beijing commercial real estate is a COFCO Group carefully crafted Xidan shopping district only Shopping Mall . Xidan Joy City is located in the bustling Xidan North Street, located in the "real international Youth City, young, fashion, into the international concept, combines shopping center, service apartments and Grade A office functions as one .

allegedly Joy concept stems from to COFCO president Ning Gaoning Guoxue experts and scholars Huaisha Ou Yang in stone LIU Xian-silver-together once have been inspired, as the hometown of Confucius who, night reading the Analects, read the word, " recently Yue far will come "was inspired by, meaning to the arrival of a pleasant enjoy. Joy Series contains Xidan Joy City, Shenyang Joy City Chaoyang Joy, Joy of Tianjin, Shanghai Joy City, Andingmen Joy, Chengdu Joy and other urban Shopping Mall COFCO real estate industry's core brands. Painters and calligraphers publishing experts LIU Xian silver book On the statement

edit Joy City, Beijing Xidan Joy City

2007 grand opening at the end of the Beijing Xidan Joy City (JOY CITY) International Youth City ", a COFCO Group carefully crafted Block Shopping Mall Xidan shopping district only rapidly into [1] as a fashion icon, pop pioneers trend upstart first choice for leisure and shopping, but also commercial real estate in 2008, the biggest bright spot. Xidan Joy City is located in the bustling Xidan North Street, located in the "real international Youth City, young, fashion, into the international concept, combines shopping center, service apartments and Grade A office functions as one . "Shopping Guide", "Beijing Youth Weekly", "Wind Hisashi", "Time Out", Sina, Sohu and other media in the opening when competing reports.

to Joy has a different interpretation to her, because the here each layer flagship to a concept by these concepts for her younger consumer groups to build a world-oriented all-round experience space. These concepts are: fun, dazzling, elegant, sexy, trend, dynamic, crash, happiness, dating, innocence and excitement, dreams, each concept are fully embodied the youthful personality and unique character.

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"Source of Joy" from the "Analects, XIII:" Near Wyatt far will come. "Interpretation to create joy and happiness, so that the people around you feel happy and attract guests from afar, so Joy the Bing Wyatt public principles to those carefully selected nearly 300 excellent brand. There is a famous Spanish brand ZARA, the British cheap clothing sales giant NEXT GUESS fusion of the western United States flavor and French romantic design fashion accessories from the Greek Folli Follie natural simplicity, full of modern philosophy of life MUJI (Muji ). Tide brand tide shop in the "City" in tight waiting for the visitors, UNIQLO, Esprit, motivi,, DHC, Fairwhale, THE FACE SHOP, potato & co ....... here, you will not be the face of the LV, Armani, Gucci such luxury brands feel cash-strapped, because you can use a few versus the purchase of a popular front "equipment". the certain most

Joy also sitting "and disdain for the capital district: the world's longest span flying ladder, so to those amazing; largest digital cinema in the north of the Yangtze River - the capital of cinema, 13 video hall can accommodate 1800 spectators; SEPHORA (Sephora), Beijing's largest cosmetics supermarket young woman in droves. Colored water, dessert often let consumers stop, whether it is fresh elements to find tea, COLD STONE banban, water, Wagas, mango, couple dating, comfortable boudoir closeted heart. The food combinations Dayue town a full international style, became the topic of the scriptorium where white-collar Jinling their relish the delicious. Conrad restaurant, Thai cuisine banana leaf restaurant, casual Italian Barbera, Australian fashion hot pot beans fishing Square, Japanese cuisine G.Sushi, Korean Dining Dae Jang Geum, Hong Kong specialty food Fairwood, no wonder some people advise to sure planning really want to touch what kind of taste the taste buds.

after nearly a year's time, "one-stop" shopping concept Xidan Joy City is the capital mouth according to legend and get the recognition of the growing number of consumers, here is bound to become another international fashion weathervane. The Joy of

jumped to Joy jumping? Xidan Joy City jumped to is how is it? Xidan Joy City jumped to man is who? Joy jumping It is understood that the man was in graduate school for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, yesterday around 15:50, a man jumping from the Xidan Joy City mall 6 layer fall dead. Joy jumped to the men's half-naked fall death triggered User Guess.

"I heard a plop out I saw a man light upper body lying in a layer of the" yesterday around 15:50 the 6 layer from the Xidan Joy City mall, a man jumped to his fall death. It is understood that the deceased Department of Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in graduate school.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter arrived at the scene, Xidan Joy city has been restored calm. However, still remained on the floor of the men falling at just dry watermark. The reporter saw, shopping malls the six layers patio surrounding fully closed, and only one dessert which has a similar "small terrace, only one meter high fence, and is not completely closed. The small terrace "black lights, and put on the two chairs at the door. When the reporter tried to enter, stopped and informed the clerk "here temporarily disabled." For what happened in the afternoon, the the dessert employees are unclear.

According to Ms. Cui speaking, around 15:50 and friends Xidan Joy City shopping sudden sound alarmed. When they ran out of the shop stood in the courtyard at the fence down the sidelines, I saw a man lying on his back on the the mall floor of marble floors. "Did not see the blood, seen him twitch"

reporter see from Ms. Cui photographs taken at the scene, the man was wearing dark pants and shoes, but topless. The man left arm straight toward the side of the body, the elbow of the right arm bent, right hand near his head. No obvious blood on the scene, the man had not been seen around the scattered clothing.

"Fortunately, the afternoon shopping malls, not many people, or also not hit people." said Ms. Cui lingering fear. Mall security immediately cordoned off the scene and found a piece of white cloth to cover the man up.

yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Xicheng District People's Government Press Office confirmed on its official microblogging about "afternoon 15:50, a man jumped to fall dead from the Xidan Joy City mall north gate layer message. Also said that after an investigation, "the deceased was the Department of Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in graduate school.

authorities are investigating the specific reasons for and carry out rehabilitation work. Joy

2010 on May 28, 2002 (Friday),

Chaoyang, Beijing eastern most watched city complex Chaoyang Joy City will hold a grand opening ceremony of official business. Pal Zileri, Hugo Boss, Coach, OMEGA, Brooks Brother, MaxMara, IT, Wacoal, Vans, Starbucks, leopard, Dickson Group, Bellagio most brand shops will officially arrived Joy, official business . The public are welcome to JOY the CITY.

Chaoyang Joy City Following the the COFCO successfully launched the Xidan Joy, Joy, Shenyang, build another shopping mall, located in Chaoyang North Road and Young Road intersection. The total construction area of ​​more than 400,000 square meters, the shopping center area of ​​230,000 square meters, set six themes of shopping, dining, entertainment, culture, fitness and leisure in one of the basement direct metro line 6.

the the Joy City Planning main shop, sub-anchor stores, specialty stores, and other types of merchants more than 400 in 2009, has completed the signing of the anchor tenants, including Aeon, Japan, home DreamWorks, champion air ice-skating rink, gold Yat international cinema, leopard food exchange. Which account for a large proportion of the supermarket which was part of Japan's Aeon, for commodity-rich and affordable, Chaoyang Joy additional category. The family the DreamWorks mainly provide services of professional experience, young friends in the joy the experience of the difficulties and setbacks in the process. Champion air skating rink is Beijing's only international standard ice rink, a built in business for professionals to display their various ice pattern skills. The data from Baidu map, the end result to Baidu map data prevail. the

edit this paragraph Andingmen Joy project overview

Andingmen Joy (2)

area: 13,030 m2

building: Shopping, office

location: Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing No. 208 the

Parking: of about 500

city introduced

the city's land area: 16,410.54 square kilometers

city's resident population: the 1961.9 million

GDP: 1.41136 trillion yuan

per capita GDP: 71938.43 yuan

per capita disposable income of urban residents: 29,073 yuan consumer goods retail sales

society: of 622,930,000,000 yuan

district overview

Andingmen shopping district, the existing office of the central urban area of ​​Beijing traditional the district one

core area 52, a total construction area of ​​637,700 square meters of office population of about 6.4 million people Subdivision of existing office space of 110, total construction area of ​​3,957,800 square meters, office population approximately 39.6 million

of entries Atlas more Atlas

the References 1. Project Profile Andingmen Joy City in Beijing. the

Further reading: 1 http://finance.stockstar.com/SS2012031600003421.shtml

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2. Shenyang Joy editing the original meaning of the

big Wyatt City

the directory

Overview the brand concept

project Description and

the latest two food and beverage brands settled, Joy

, Shenyang, Shenyang Joy opened

expand the brand concept

edit this paragraph overview the COFCO ·

Shenyang Dayue position

the significance of the project City "brand concept, adhering to the Joy focus on to build an international modern boutique shopping center. Project Description and location of

project is located at the junction of the small East Road, Dadong District, Shenyang and large even the word Street, the eastern end of the street in the traditional commercial pedestrian street, Shenyang City, the theme of the "golden key" East Street "planning the core of the project location, commercial building area of ​​340,000 square meters. "The COFCO · Shenyang Joy" is constituted by four pavilions of the A, B, C, D, and Wal-Mart, based on the international large Shopping Mall as a core theme shopping mall, shopping, dining, entertainment, culture and leisure in one . Runs through the middle by a connectivity Street, 600 meters in length commercial pedestrian street of Shenyang Metro Line 1 station here.

project meaning this fashionable pedestrian street landscape, modern the subway transport hub with leading international shopping center theme organic combination of philosophy, called the domestic first time, this project will become the greatest features and highlights.

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"COFCO · Shenyang Joy" service package is quite complete. Has at the same time can accommodate 1400 spectators concept of the shadow, Shenyang and even the Northeast is the largest, most luxurious Stellar Cinema; variety of unique dining and entertainment facilities; the best refined culture of the Shenyang area bookstores; the full Shenyang unique large indoor real ice rink Shenyang Wal-Mart and so on. UNIQLO, MUJI, K-2, DHC, Barbera, spicy temptation, Star Cinema, Ajisen Ramen and other well-known brands have signed a contract with COFCO Shenyang Joy, UNIQLO, MUJI, Barbera, SMI the theater are landing Shenyang market for the first time, will bring new life to the people of Shenyang feel more prominent international character.

edit this paragraph News settled in Joy, Joy Shenyang, Shenyang, "grandmother" of the opening two food and beverage brands, "grandmother" At present, the country already has more than 60 stores.

Shenyang Joy opened following Shenyang in 2010, the city opened more than 20 shopping malls, the highest in the history of most of the number of the same year, opened on the basis of Shenyang in 2011 again staged mall battle. Excellence Mansion, the Asia-Pacific Center in the City business district Kaimennake, Joy C, D Hall the Tianrun Square, Dunan City Dragon Dream debut in Street, Shenyang world, Hang Lung Plaza, MIXC Gallery set sail in the Gold Star Mall, settled in the West ......

extended reading: two major food and beverage brands settled in Shenyang Joy http://news.winshang.com/news-92126.html?sydc

3. Tianjin Joy City edit the original meaning items



Joy opened the passenger is not lower than the of Wanda

Tianjin largest commercial shopping center Tianjin Joy City "will be put into use in 2011, the project, located in Old Town Tianjin introduced a number of domestic and international first-line fashion, so that the Tianjin consumers to experience a new city complex consumption patterns.

commercial shopping center, covering an area of ​​250,000 square meters Tianjin Joy City "is the the Tianjin region's largest shopping center project is expected to be officially put into use in 2011. COFCO Group, the world's top 500 enterprises in Shanghai debut its "Joy" commercial real estate brand, and Tianjin Joy City "project specific planning layouts and brand introduced the release. Tianjin Joy City "project, according to Wang Jun, general manager of Tianjin Joy City, located in Old Town area spend about 40 billion yuan, the project covers an area of ​​89,000 square meters, total construction scale of 530,000 square meters (including the underground part) cover stop experience shopping centers, international Grade A office space, serviced apartments and high-end residential multi-format "urban complex".

In addition, the food home in Tianjin South Railway Station CBD core area has identified an area of ​​13 hectares of the project. According to reports, the project, tentatively named "COFCO Avenue north from overpasses, Li Gong House south Shiyijing Road, west Liuwei east seven Wei Lu, a key construction project in Tianjin Hedong District of a. The total construction area of ​​755,000 square meters, is the largest body of COFCO 7 "Joy" a project.

Edit this paragraph Joy opened the passenger is not lower than the 1000 level door Wan Danan district WE total of three area set the stage specifically requested the president came to join catwalk models, a variety of programs quite sincere

ice rink open gold Yat IMAX has opened KTV not open ZARA H & M GAP it has been opening MUJI has opened Honeymoon Dessert Dining basically opened fire all businesses have their own activities such as SONY free pumping the am 10 MP3 #

when people can not say too much probably after 15:00 people began to flock to the opening ceremony in the North District Level B1 3:00 start cordoned off the elevator stopped several Ministry 5:00 more than leadership to include the Vice City any Nankai Area leadership COFCO leadership may design each speech, but in view of the scene is spiraling out of control basically did not speak and left a large number of security police to maintain order effect is not large the squeeze or squeeze dragged on for half a day last finale Li Chen Guo Yao JJ 20 minutes 2 song a few words left the under really very confusing, do not end really may out security issues, after all, to such a small place is not a concert today Joy opened the passenger should not be lower than last year's Wanda only regret is probably the subway did not open pass people will definitely be more and surrounding ground transportation Pressure will be much smaller outside the two hot air balloon advertising can be considered the creative

Parkson over the flyover is a must the new district is also a natural thing

Overall COFCO some ill-prepared may have never thought so many people can come Another Avenue project general manager of COFCO today to the operating conditions of the Nankai Joy definitely the Hedong Joy construction speed under a direct impact on the Tianjin Joy City in Kerry Centre The opposite is expected after the opening of three years.

4. Shanghai Joy editing the latest announcement, said the food home price of 13.5 billion overall acquisition Taikoo Shing, a project, the project business area of ​​about 53,000 square the original meaning items


Shanghai Xin Mei (600732) meters. According to the official website of COFCO, Taikoo Shing, has been renamed as "Joy", COFCO Property by the move will "Joy" brand introduced.

according to the two sides signed a framework agreement on the sale of Xin Mei Tai Koo Shing project ", COFCO Property will be held on the 8th of this month to the new blue estate to pay a deposit of 260 million yuan, pending the completion of the project and obtained a large ownership certificates, separately from the two sides signed the sale of real estate in Shanghai.

Shanghai Joy City 11-storey commercial facilities total construction area of ​​68,000 square meters, the target customers for the young and fashion people, the entire shopping center also introduced Jin Yi theater, Tom Bear gaming city, Shanghai Song City KTV entertainment leisure facilities and more than 30 food and beverage brands, and its goal is to create a new landmark of Suzhou north bank commercial.

COFCO will be renamed Taikoo Shing, stationed in Shanghai for the first time marked the commercial real estate brand "Joy". COFCO Property Concerned that the Shanghai COFCO commercial real estate development next focus. COFCO plans to invest 70 billion yuan to build the largest commercial real estate in the country set up more than 20 Joy. Shanghai Joy City is located in 166 Tibet Road, Qufu intersection. COFCO Group in

will continue to look for new opportunities, the establishment of a second and third tier cities Joy, to let Dayue delivered to every corner of China.