, male, born in 1965, bachelor's degree, an assistant engineer, served as director of Information Center of Tianjin Development Zone, Tianjin TEDA Industrial Company vice president, assistant general manager of Olympic sports, Tianjin Teda Company Limited Deputy General Manager. Tianjin TEDA Football Club Limited Board of Directors decided in the period July 2007, the appointment of Comrade Li Guangyi, general manager of Tianjin Teda Football Club. June 23, 2009, TEDA players play due to contract boycotted training class is forcing general manager Li Guangyi.

Guangyi, Tianjin, during his tenure, good governance, reform of the system from the top down to the club. Super League during the 2008-09 season, the Tianjin TEDA Football Club boycotted training event, part of the old Samsung forces are trying to grab the class to seize power, overhead, general manager out of the club's leadership. General Lee calmly deal with the punishment part of the ball to take the lead to make trouble Pa, the end of the season successfully crushed the old Samsung Group, the lifting of a malignant tumor in the long-term harmful effects of Tianjin team! 10 season, TEDA won the league's second best results in history, and 11 season AFC qualification. Unprecedented success in 11 seasons, TEDA AFC not only on behalf of the Chinese team to qualify, and the FA Cup in the creation of the history of the championship. Outlook 12 season, TEDA has been a great change in fresh blood is also quite adequate, and we firmly believe the master tactician Guimaraes led TEDA new heights!

specialty: the tree upright, buy cheaper foreign aid, visa-free players, the next great chess.

nickname: Lee swelling righteousness brother big health [1] big head, etc.

the Li total writings: "General Lee Story" (see Teda paste it) "General Lee Story"


edit this paragraph, an important event to strike the door in 2009 June 23, Teda players boycotted training shocked the Chinese football Teda coach group closed thank players sealing aside, a person familiar with interpretation of behind-the-scenes story of TEDA boycotted training contradictory. Strike Training collective strike threat

actually Teda players boycotted training contradictions for contract just a fuse, but the true directed at TEDA club general manager Li Guangyi, the game between the players and Lee, is the event real push hands.

In addition to the economic interests conflict, "outdated" way of doing things, TEDA team disaffected against Lee. The most obvious is that this year, the processing of the ancient and modern today, has just raised a team of past and present today who are suffering from a brain tumor, struggling to support in the hospital, but the club turned completely blocked the news, the players sense of chilling. Cleaning Chunming direct descendant of a series of actions on Lee's shadow, in addition to the ability is particularly prominent Hao Junmin, a large number of other direct descendant "doomed".

Finally, is Guangyi not know anything about business, and inconsistent squad "traditional". Conflicts, in direct opposition to the formation of the two sides, Guangyi Yu Genwei, Li Guangyi bureaucratic origin, can be said to know nothing about football and sports; Yu Genwei business executive from the acknowledged leaders in both conflicts inadvertently gradually deepen, and also the final led to the situation today boycotted training. In foreign relations, the first Lee TEDA Group reputation is not good, but the fierce confrontation with the media after he took office, especially the Haigeng training troubles me stiff, despite eventually forced to bow, but still to the crisis later planted foreshadowing.

2010 season, Tianjin TEDA team bottoming get the best result since the league runner-up, is also a professional Vote huge impact on the results of the season in mid-season personnel deployment. The preparation stage of the 2011 season, Vote the successful operation of Li Weifeng and Tao joined Teda team by the fans as a legendary experience. Tree righteousness action in the 2010 season, he has also been the Tianjin traduce fans as the output 10 Group generous, in which victory or defeat can only be left to the criticisms of later generations. door of

contract since Guangyi after taking office, foreign advertised the regular companies, but in fact there are many informal behavior, in particular the crisis of the contract, so players interests are squeezed. Teda players internal argument, most recently, the club to the wages and bonuses of the players never on time monthly payments, often distributed to players wages in a few days and only then a year before the New Year, the payments for those who The old players in the real situation is not too much a problem, but for some of the younger players, often resulting in their lives stretched inevitable grumbling. Players such as Lee ship about hang million worth, difficult to leave players can only stray loan.

TEDA let the main content of the the "Overlord contract signed by the players, including the following aspects: first, the useful life of the contracts of all the players must sign 30-year-old, which means that the golden years of the career of the young players will be fully Club" tied "; Second, the contract's minimum monthly salary of 820 yuan, the kick in the years of the contract is not on the ball, only a month to get the minimum wage of 820 yuan; Third, a season to get a full wage must reach 90% attendance, which for many players who are difficult to achieve. the strike training storm gate in 2009, infighting,

far not finished, in 2010 when the first snow, TEDA again broke the "infighting door" event. Li Guangyi

recent media broke the news, the morning of January 6, Zhang Shuo, Baiyi two listed players by club general manager Li Guangyi communicate directly find Unexpectedly, the two sides at the outbreak of fisticuffs, the last two only not communicate without fruit Huan and unfocused. For the occurrence of unpleasant Guangyi very reluctantly explained: "Zhang Shuo and other players listed on the decision by the coach Hahn decided we just work only." Kiskiskis

storm that occurred on the morning of the 6th, a team of staff then: two players find Guangyi, explain yourself ready to retire, but Lee's attitude as the assets of the club still hopes to sell to other clubs strive to sell good price. A player, saying, "In his eyes, the player is a bunch of sell meat, even if they are cleaned, but also to achieve the final value." In fact, the new season TEDA no longer enjoy the previous government to their many preferential conditions.

After all, all of the development zone status decline, the status attached on top of the other things will fall. This is also the the TEDA economic crisis key reason why early to sell the big players in the team, nothing more than to find money in the purse was stable, but will also reduce the risk of policy change. Players send a punitive expedition, Guangyi only said: "At that time, Hahn After consideration put forward a team roster listing the above there Zhangshuo name Zhang Shuo later told me that I did not expect this result indicates some but it is really Hahn made the decision, just as support the work of the coach in the implementation of it. "In fact, Hahn has been more recognized Zhang Shuo's ability, had also promoted to the national football it is of his own unknown Zhang Shuo, teacher and student were to have a wonderful experience of cooperation. Although Zhang Shuo poor state last year, but I think Hahn will love a little time, at least not in the first "downsizing" abandon Zhang Shuo. Bai Yi, the older injury in the body, but taking into account the team in the position of backs staff struggling to find unless you have to find suitable Neiyuan, otherwise Hahn will not easily give up this member qualified veteran. "They likely because the offended club leadership to recruit this end, on the back nine players to take the lead in making trouble on a number of the two of them last year, the worst performance, of course, you want to pick any punches pinch. Kiskiskis

a person familiar with such said. Support players boycotted training last year, Deputy Chief Yu Genwei club driving empty, TEDA aspects intended to the dissidents clear determination is evident. Genwei mere figurehead, TEDA internal but more. "The top leadership should think about it, the contradiction is absolutely not the overhead who will be able to calm down. Solve the club is not in the deep-seated contradictions and ultimately similar problems in the future." Team insiders such emotion. The first snow in 2010, it did not cover up the contradictions that already exists. Looks calm, but in reality is simmering with "silence is not broke, you die in silence" to describe the Tai Dasi not excessive.

comments by contract door "upgrade to" strike the door, Tianjin Teda club players why the labor dispute intensified? Chang Yu Tao, general manager of Jiangsu Sainty club that want to build a standardized club, the club and the player signed long-term contracts is the protection of the interests of both sides, this is a trend, "signed a long-term contract, the contract must be true wishes of both sides reflection of just and reasonable. "

the club Tianjin Teda dispute with players is nothing more than the players fear of long-term contracts to limit their future development and future career prospects. Club employers, players, employees, labor contracts has always been the thing I wish you love, a lot of people will be issued even doubt: the club out of the "Overlord contract, players do not sign finished Well, why should it take to stop training this extreme way? Things are not so simple in the domestic environment of professional football, with respect to the possession of the capital club, the players completely vulnerable groups, this intermediate Super League not "Occupation" highlights.

someone asks - Is this legal sanctions Club "Overlord act" it? The fact is that domestic football is truly binding rules, the various provisions enacted by the Football Association, the "Labor Contract Law" like the law rarely play a role in the process of dealing with the relationship between the club and the players. According to the experts say, the club's "silver bullet" the relevant provisions of the Charter of the Chinese Football Association: "The members of the Chinese Football Association, to ensure compliance with the provisions of the FIFA Statutes, not the member associations and clubs of any dispute before the court. "

As a result, in order to the best way to solve the problem to rely on the Chinese Football Association. An official of the Chinese Football Association League said: "contract problem is the internal matters of the club, the Football Association inconvenient interference If a player to a complaint, we will certainly communicate effectively with the club."-This "half-hearted" stand equally does not contribute to the solution of the problem. the

edit this paragraph, the latest report in the just-concluded Super League, TEDA team 0-2 home loss to Shenhua, a new start to the season, 3 draws and 1 loss. Despite lose losing cause the fans unhappy curse TEDA Stadium is not the first time, but so neat loud voice, and he presented it to the home team, but for the first time. The dissatisfaction of the fans and the team worse record is directed at one person, that is, before the game shouted tree upright and into the AFC rhetoric CEOs Li Guangyi.

Guangyi be questioned when the second half Shenhua Wu Xi second goal, TEDA Football Stadium becomes quiet down, then burst out sporadic Haan class sound. A few minutes later, the scene of Tianjin fans become abnormal unity, neat and loud voice shouted after class sound again, only this time the cries gave CEOs Li Guangyi TEDA. Since then until the end of the whole match, "Li Guangyi class sound and then did not stop from the live TV screen, and even listen to the fans Guangyi more fierce curse and denounce sound.

angry TEDA fans gathered around the stadium in the game after the end reluctant to disperse. Some fans came to export containment the Tianjin bus to the players to express their strong dissatisfaction. They continue to curse this Guangyi and Haan, an excited fans even took off his shirt and scarf originally wore TEDA and ignite incineration the side fans quickly join hands pennants the jersey thrown into the fire them.

everybody else is awake and Guangyi drunk alone

in experienced after the turmoil of the civil unrest of last season, pre-season Guangyi with an iron fist policy to tame Jinmen Hu. Main exodus, Yang Jun, Tan Wang Song, Han Yanming, Zhang Shuo Cao Yang and other unstable staff uniforms, as a pillar of the team left Shusheng, Yu Genwei and others are thoroughly cleaned. Can not be ignored is the key to both these players or coaches are TEDA team achievements steady increase in recent years, Tianjin football environment is much more familiar. the

10 season, Guangyi establish a core team of Wang Xiao, invited former national football coach Haan bought to the brightest players, but the performance of the previous four, but also from all over the world, these players not only to poor still able to integrate into the the TEDA team tactics system. It is noteworthy that, in Tianjin city home complex heavy, even if the team were not good, the fans want to see more Tianjin players in the field, and as the club's leadership, Guangyi just ignore this.

iron fist stable team after Guangyi under the rule of TEDA team did not show the unity of the side, the team atmosphere is extremely tense, even foreign media also know a little, but as the leadership of the club is still eye, close one eye. Especially a non-, Tianjin core TEDA team, in particular, hurt the feelings of the fans Tsudo, if the Tsudo legend Shen Fu-Confucianism represents the views of the majority of fans, he said: "Even C Ronaldo, Messi, TEDA per year wins, we will not be happy, because we just want to see a Tianjin player based team. "

tree upright scores worse in the pre-season to prepare, Guangyi more person Tianjin TV at the show, General Lee says in all earnestness, even at the expense of the achievement, the team should the tree upright. Front four game, the team's so-called "righteousness" does not exist, For First, as controversial striker 伊姆耶拉耶 is coach Haan Aiko personally recommend this team in two strength striker Jiang Chen and Mao Biao is very difficult to get playing opportunities, shows that the righteousness Guangyi said there was just a castle in the air. In

In addition, the pre-season TV shows, Li Guangyi is a call for "minimum target into the AFC's pronouncements, but now it has been 3 draws and 1 loss results Jinmen Hu started early relegation battle. Remove race results can not let the fans endured the team play the short pass, long pass with no technical content and instead pleasing fans of the words "so crushed, next year in A See , the year after Grade B see, Guangyi see every day. "