Edson Arantes multi · Naxi Sacramento

Bailey, born October 23, 1940 in a poor family in Brazil, the football star, one of the twentieth century's greatest, loved his people revered as the "number one". Scored 1282 goals in football career, four represent the national team played in the World Cup and win the World Cup three times (session 6,7,9),. Europe and the United States more than 20 newspaper reporter in 1980 as the most outstanding athlete of the 20th century the first, in June 1987, he was awarded the FIFA gold medal by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1999 elections as "Athlete of the Century". great

world football in the history of the world number one

Bailey: Bailey

Billy from Cantonese translation in

, Brazil: Billy

formerly known: Edson Arantes multi · Naxi Sacramento

Height: 174cm

blood type: B-type blood

club: Santos Football Club, the New York Cosmos soccer club

"I was born for soccer, just as Beethoven was born for music like" - Bailey [2]

wife: Malta Thea Love sub [3]

growth Bailey is his nickname. A poor family, he was born in October 23, 1940 in Brazil, Terre Scola the Souness town of hours only playing barefoot. The age of 13, Bauru Club junior team on behalf of the local football team Bauru city champion three years in a row. The boy genius arouse attention, 1956, the famous Santos invite them into the team, the first year, that scored 32 goals to become the youngest team striker. 1957, under 17-year-old Bailey was first elected to the national team, and participated in the World Cup for the first time, his amazing skills galloping track, football exclaimed: Brazil a child prodigy! Excitation of the prodigy, Brazil grew in more courage eleven defeated strong opponents, took home the World Cup for the first time for the motherland. Since then, Bailey under the command of the Brazilian team won the 1962 7th and 9th of 1970 World Cup champion since the Pele I also become the world's only won three World Cup champion Pele

players. Bailey is one of the most outstanding figures in the modern football, his virtuous remarkable achievements have been descendants seek example, competition in its 22-year professional football career, a total of 1364 games, launched into the 1282 ball, he won the World Cup, Intercontinental Club Cup, Copa Libertadores standard champion, has won almost all the achievements on the international football, was hailed as "the generation number. October 1, 1977, the U.S. space team for the world number one held a grand farewell race, after the game, Bailey tearful departure, teammates and the audience cheers the end of the extraordinary career of Greenery. After 1995-1998, he was appointed Brazil's sports minister. 2000 Bailey FIFA named the "century player" FIFA Centennial Player of the Year award was given in 2004. The mystery guest of the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

this child will become number one, what he called the tube? "Edson - Alan Curtis - Multi - Naxi Sacramento (Edson Arantes do Nascimento), which is his real name, but the child in the home, family members call him the nickname" Dicko "(Dico). Origin of Pele (Pele) ", in fact, because a child of his leg muscles amazing rags, rotten socks package into football, he actually used it kicked in shop windows! Who the boss called him "Billy", meaning "very nasty guy! This, of course, angered that he was not happy, but also because of the nickname quarrel with others. But a few years later, the name spread throughout the world and is often used in conjunction with and great. Of course, after the 1970 World Cup, the British Sunday Times with the headline of the form given the name another wording: "Billy how to spell? GOD (God)!" Kiskiskis

Bailey Brazilian street soccer kids October 23, 1940, he was born in Brazil coastline near poverty the tres - 科拉科伊斯 town father Dondhino also the players, but not kicked out of their places, and low income. The mother does not hope the Bailey weight

Pele photo sets (19)

go the way of his father, but soon she found some kind of desire can not stop son nature. Age of 10, Bailey, and partners from the group "September 7th Street Club", the main street in the town play, also by shining shoes to the family to earn money. The age of 11, former Brazil striker Brito found Billy talent, and later removed him to the state of Sao Paulo, Bauru Athletic from 1953 to 1956, Pele played in the team for three years. Later, Brito to Pele brought Santos, the world number one began his journey to conquer.

a gift in exchange for another gift

a slum in Rio de Janeiro, a boy very like football, but they can not afford. So he'll kick the plastic box, kick soda bottles, coconut shells kick from the trash picked up. He kicked in the alley, able to find any open space on a kick.

One day, when he kicked a pig bladder in a dry pond, is a football coach saw. He found the child played very so happened, gave him a football. The little boy played more sold fresh. Soon, he on Bailey

can accurately kicking the ball into the distant one in a bucket placed at random.

Christmas, the boy's mother said: "We do not have the money to buy a Christmas gift for our benefactor, to pray for our benefactors." little boy finished praying with her mother, Mom gave me a shovel and ran out. He came to a flower garden in front of the villa, and start digging. Face in the pit he dug fast, villas out of a person, ask the kids are doing, children raised full of sweat, said: "The coach, Christmas, although I am not even a gift to you, but I would like to Shue Hang dig your Christmas tree. "coach little boy from the Pits pulled, said. "Today I got the best gift in the world! Tomorrow you go to my training ground." Three years after

, the 17-year-old boy into 6 balls alone on the sixth World Cup, Brazil once took home the Gold Cup. Name - Pele, one of the original is not known the attendant spread throughout the world.

genius of road are paved with love, and the genius of a paved this road of love. Bailey autobiography

- thousand balls

in free throw scored my first one thousand balls is not my original wishes. But at that time, what method scored line, but for the end of the story! Do not know how long I stand against the ball, Andy Rath looked at me very nervous. I tried to keep a clear head, forget this ball for me, for my football career, my team's importance. I tried to relax and restore just calm. Suddenly, I remembered a long time ago in a youth team game I did not scored a free throw, I restrain myself not to think about it. I told myself to stand longer, the greater the chance of a clean sheet. If the kick does not feed that does not matter, there are other opportunities it! When my mind is still in debate, when the body has been waiting impatiently, I found that the ball has been kicked out. I saw the ball wonderful arc, flying over Antigua Lats open in the palm of your hand and into the net. the audience roar

almost able to torrential rain pushed down. Photographers and reporters rushed from behind the goal, and surrounded me. Hundreds of spectators jumped out of the stands, ignoring the police over the wetlands rushed to me. My shirt was stripped under Bailey

to someone for me to put the other pieces - printed above the 1000 number. I was lifted up and run around the field, tears in the eyes showed how excited I am. After the bleachers, in front of enthusiastic fans. I down, everyone wants me circling jogging a week, so that everyone take a look at my new jersey. Passing the the maraca that stadium crowded area, my heartbeat was soon past this thing finally pleased and happy for me to create a thousand balls record. I passed the grandstand audience stand up and cheer.

then, someone to replace me. I went back to the locker room, sitting there and not feel a thing; I slowly took off his New Jersey that the 1000 numbers, it neatly folded on the next stool, ready to take home as a precious thing, always saved.

the next day, I entered a thousand balls and American Astronauts KLT, Beane second moon of news, bisects the front pages of newspapers in Brazil. In my opinion, the importance of these two things simply can not be compared. Not just once but twice to the moon, of course, much more important than anything on the football field. But at that time, I still own finally broke thousands of ball mark and am very pleased. That ball scored my nine hundred and ninth games. It makes me an ideological baggage removed from this focus on a more important matter - the upcoming 1970 World Cup. partners and I

the fatherly mentor

one day, sitting under the shade of a tree away from the house, the family did not see me. Someone gave me a cigarette. This is not a mechanism for cigarettes, but do

leaves root "Xu Xu" smoke, is a completely smoke produced in Brazil dry

Stadium on Pele (3), Brazil's children take the paper roll up pumping , and child in the United States have to do with corn cigarette. I carefully looked around, Xielesiti 安布洛辛娜 are indeed not in the vicinity, I summon the courage to quit point. This is not my first time smoking. But I never asked myself sucked in, this time I want to try. We talked and worked hard, different places, can not remember the talk about what is probably nothing more than football and girls. My alertness inevitably relax a bit, looked up, his father just walked. He beckoned to us, did not say a word and left passed.

half smoke Wangdishangyi press face went white: "My goodness! enough to go home after I've had it!"

a companion ridicule said he did not see you smoking: "so what can bear? Another added: "If he had seen, you would not be sitting here he would have screwed with your ears drag you home!"

them right seems to have rational, and I certainly hope they The optimistic view is based. But I got home, to understand not matter. The father immediately called me over. I find it strange that his voice was very calm, just like in a game of football and I discussed the recent like.

"I see you smoke."

I did not speak, because I have nothing to say. I just stood in the front, look around, is not touch his eyes. He has maintained patience.

"I am not mistaken?"

"no, no."

"How long have you smoking there?

he was very calm, like asking me how long shoeshine rub, go to school on how long like. This is not the kind of quiet before the storm?

"I only smoked a few times, a few days ago ..."

"Bailey told me, tastes bad?, you know, I never smoked, I do not know exactly what that smell is."

I did not say a formal I did not smoke cigarettes, "Xu Xu" smoke smoked only. I also knew that made it clear that it did not. "I do not know, maybe there is not much taste." My answer was so stupid, I thought he would be a slap in the face to fight over, but he did not beat me, but I pulled in the past, seemed to be the talk like friends 's. He reached out a hand around my shoulder, open:

"explained to me that you play sort of talent, the future may become a master if you are smoking, drinking, kick bad ball to when you do not have enough physical strength has been kicked out of the ideal level. ninety minutes this yourself. "

Then he reached out of the pocket a money clip. This clip is old, thin and pitiful. He opened the clip, I see that there are a few crumpled tickets. He then went on: The

"But, if you want to smoke, better pumping your own smoke. Always very ashamed to discuss other people's smoke. Yourself to buy cigarettes How much does it cost?" Kiskiskis

I simply stretches shame. I smoked cigarettes not bought, it also does not matter, then I would think of a lot of things - I seem to see his father every Monday limped onto the football field, knees swollen like a watermelon; I seem to see in order to support his family, he uncomplainingly clean up the potty, cleaning the floor. I stared at the floor, I wish to open a hole on the ground to swallow me up, and bury my shame. The father looked at me for a long time in silence.

"Well, all right, for the reputation of our family, your reputation, and future - Ask cigarette buy, I take the money, I'll give you," I know that if I really want him, he is to give.

later, sound and a few times I think of this conversation. I know my personality. And at that age, I was easily emotional and act rashly. If he was severely scolded me for nothing, it is likely it will arouse my resistance, I became a habit die hard smoker. Of course, there is another possibility: Since I've been fond of football, but also know that smoking is indeed harmful to a professional player, so I probably will not stoop to that point. These are very hard to say, but one thing is for sure: Since the start of the day, I have not touched a cigarette, never wanted to touch it. seventh grade

【selected from the group consisting of language Press books second unit]

left guard their desperate time back in the summer of 1956, Brito will be a child brought to the front of the Santos club officials, and they say: "I believe I, the child was young the Pele

sub will become the greatest player in the world. "This child is Pele him into the team soon dispelled all doubts, September, Pele in Santos 1 victory over the Corinthians team in a friendly match, Pele Santos for the first time break, when he was only 15 years old and 11 months old.

world number one's career is so legendary. From 1956 to 1974, Pele Santos played for 18 seasons, a total of 11 times to win the league title in Sao Paulo state, Brazil Cup champion, two-time Copa Libertadores champion, World Club Cup (Toyota Cup predecessor). The meantime, Bailey 11 times elected to the state of Sao Paulo league top scorer, especially from 1957 to 1965, he was incredible to nine years in a row put on top scorer Golden Boot, a record that no one can go beyond.

Bailey's body is not outstanding, but it has a great talent. Excellent speed, superb balance, broad vision, and amazing ball control, these are his "weapons", of course, feet and headed precision archery to help him more time knocking the goal. Bailey's career, took part in the 1363 official games, scored 1281 goals, which is the highest official documented case history. Which Bailey 6 times in a game scored five goals and 30 single field into 4 balls, 92 hat trick, Botafogo (this team as a lower league team in Sao Paulo state in 1964, is not in about State the traditional giants Botafoge), the game, he was a scoring 8 goals! Goals over a hundred Bailey is not difficult year, 1959, he scored 127 goals, 110 balls in 1961, the peak of the season in 1958, the 17-year-old, he scored 58 goals in the Sao Paulo state league, the the tournament goals add up to 139! These figures only people looking up.

fame "scored my first one thousand ball to the free throw is not my original wishes." - Bailey says

brilliant moments (11) autobiography thousand balls November 19,

1969, day, Pele scored in the Maracana Stadium 1000 first ball of the personal career, it was a penalty, in order to celebrate, even into the pit so the race was suspended, and later the Santos club November 19 as "Tony Lee Day "to commemorate the achievements of the number one. The Brazilian President announced Bailey as a "national treasure", and he was not allowed to transfer abroad effectiveness.

Pele once said, the Soviet team's most difficult hurdle Yassin guarded the door. This person is almost only allow Pele to feel heavy pressure. The outstanding players in the world at that time almost all the Lev Yashin "look door sigh." In 1970, the British football World "magazine named the world's best players over the past 20 years, Yassin Bailey lost in second place.

more amazing is that Billy can stop the war! 1970, Pele came to the Nigerian civil war swirling played an exhibition match in the capital, Lagos, to this end, the government troops and opposition forces agreement, a cease-fire 48 hours, because they must be seen Pele play football! even through nine

Bailey the Mar. 5 years

1961 "Rio - São Paulo Tournament" the Santos the team VS 弗卢米内塞 team's first 30 minutes of the game, wearing the No. 10 jersey of Santos, Pele half of the party got the ball after the completion of one of the greatest individual performances - even over the other nine players (some say 10, below said) nets score.

after the game, "Ao Yisi Pu Special" sports daily not only with a full-page coverage of this feat - "the most beautiful ever Maracana a ball. And money and also stand at the entrance of a monument to establish in the Maracana Stadium, and the same letter - "Maracana is the most beautiful one ball.

Unfortunately, "because of the poverty and backwardness in Brazil, then tape could not find" the (Billy language) - in fact, television is not careful to wash, to record other programs.

Fortunately, I happen to have on hand to retain one can prove it (over nine) indeed happened in real life, some of the stuff - 30 years ago, the magazine graphic. The

wish it (one through nine) to the "performance" look: Bailey

process: very relaxed after the first ball (his own half, the opponent has not been playing the spirit of twelve, like Maradona in 1986 VS England's "one-off" of the other side of Peter Reid as - I'm in the "six" masterpiece pseudo-classical "there will be a detailed analysis) to" left-right shake pendulum "over three opponents. followed by a "one ball" sudden fourth opponent and crossed midfield after in high-speed ball "frivolous" flashed fifth opponent after a "feint" fool leap out from the side of the first six opponents, after the variable line acceleration "avoid the the seventh opponent's Feichan suddenly to a restricted area at the top of the arc suddenly a" false stops "to let the other two opponents rushed to empty (Note: This two opponents "one after the hit from the side, after one of the case stands to reason impossible Bailey formed even just interference, and therefore has been as everyone was" off "Bailey only after an opponent of course, which is many years there has been "over nine" and "a dozen" in two different ways.) reached the restricted area, followed by high-speed in a "false shot" cheat open the goalkeeper pushed Buddhism nets. the

opponents: the top three I on this information did not specify, the failed icon display (display only behind seven), after seven - fourth EDMILSON fifth VALDO, sixth CLOYIS, seventh also is Feichan to that name ALTAIR, is wearing a 15 jersey of the 1962 World Cup team-mate, eighth PINHEIRO, JAIR ninth. MARINHO, the same team-mate in the 1962 World Cup, the draped jersey on the 12th, the tenth goalkeeper CASTILHO equally in the 1962 World Cup team-mate, Phi 22 jersey.

However, for such an absolutely unprecedented and very likely unrepeatable goal (not only "over a nine, but also has been" Zhong Drang - indeed, very yellow, very violent) Bailey himself was only advertised so - " to avoid the entire 弗卢米内塞 team interdiction scored the ball in the attack of the goalkeeper is a famous goal. "

in his autobiography, it is only a band before. the king of

World Cup

achievements Bailey world number one status in addition to his 22-year football career goal, the most important natural is World Cup. Sweden in 1958, people on the TV screen to see a young face, the 17-year-old boy to turn around and perform to the camera darts, surrounded by the beauty of the quite shy, this is the fledgling Bailey. The beginning of this competition, Bailey only Brazilian team's bench the first two games has not played three games of the team of the Soviet Union, although the battle, but not impressive.

perhaps Bailey is a gift from heaven for the big games, into the later rounds, the 17-year-old boy suddenly became Brazil's most terrible weapons. 1/4 Finals 1 0 win over Wales, Pele scored the only goal; semifinals the 5 2 setback gorgeous French team, his hat trick; final 5 2 Down with host Sweden, Pele scored two goals Brazil won the World Cup for the first time.

this moment has become a classic about the 1958 World Cup, two lenses have become eternal. One is Bailey over a defender in the final pick, volley shot score, the tease Sweden 后卫佩尔林 later said saw such a wonderful goal, he can not help but think forward to congratulate Bailey. Another lens is win, Bailey volts shoulders of teammate Didier estrous cry, the final day, Bailey was only 17 years and 239 days, which also created the World Cup final competition as well as the youngest Scorers record.

1962 World Cup in Chile, Pele played only a half opener 2-0 win over Mexico, he scored 1 goal, but then was kicked in the Second World War Czechoslovakia Bailey muscle strain withdraws exit the journey of the World Cup, but relying on the performance such as Garrincha, Brazil final cup Bailey get a second World Cup championship medals with teammate. 1966 World Cup in England, Brazil again lost Bailey, world number one was kicked in the same Portugal game, has witnessed the team was eliminated on the sidelines.

two competitions injury nightmare gave Bailey vowed to no longer participate in the World Cup to concentrate on playing football for Santos. However, in 1970, an old friend Zagallo succeeded in persuading the Bailey return to Brazil, the world number one also can not resist the lure of the World Cup, won three the Bailey

confusion. 1970 World Cup, Pele laid the world number one status. Of England, Banks saved his header, leaving a great century fighting "; Czechoslovakia, Bailey midfielder's lob is exclaimed; dealing with Uruguay, the others ball points ran around the goalkeeper, misses the target, but is still considered the most creative extraordinary. Final against Italy, Pele header opened the scoring, which is Brazil's 100 World Cup goal, "My father had a scored five headed, so this time I headed home feeling very wonderful ... "Bailey said after the game. After scoring two assists to his teammates broke, Brazilian permanent possession of the Jules Rimet Cup, Pele won three World Cup Albert achievements. The final marker Bailey's Italian defender said Borg Niqie,: "Before the game I said to myself, Billy us material made, but I was wrong." Kiskiskis

World Cup the record

from 1958 to 1970 , Bailey took part in the World Cup, got three championships, three players only Bailey to win the World Cup, he is called the King of the World Cup in history! 4 World Cup, Pele scored a total of 12 goals, second only to "aliens" Ronaldo's 15 goals in total historical shooter Goldbond, Miroslav Klose, "God" and "Bomber" Gade · Muller's 14-ball, Fontaine, 13 balls, the fourth highest in the overall standings striker. 70 years after the World Cup, Pele announced its withdrawal from the Brazilian team, on behalf of the national team played 92 games, he left the 77 goals. In 1974, Bailey announced his retirement, Santos permanently sealed his No. 10 jersey. In 1975, the New York Cosmos heavily invited Bailey back at number one in there, kicking 2 years. October 1, 1977, Bailey Memorial race on behalf of Santos and Cosmos each kicked in half, this is the last game of his football career. In 2004, Bailey was FIFA named one of the two greatest players of the 20th century. (The other is the "Kaiser" Franz Beckenbauer) the

only the unsuccessful

perfect, perfect, world number one, which are used to describe Bailey, before retiring, he has not committed any error, but retired after a fly in the ointment, so he did not continue the myth of his legs, but his mouth. Quit the national team after a strange thing in the World Cup, regardless of the Bailey optimistic about what detachment, that detachment certainly no good end in the World Cup, he is not optimistic about the team repeatedly win. Such as the 2002 World Cup, Pele favored French team did not qualify, Bailey is not optimistic about the Brazilian team won the crown. The 2006 Billy optimistic about Brazil, Brazil, Zhibubaqiang. Although it is so, but Bailey's prestige is still the football first. Before the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, Pele predicted Germany would overcome Argentina, Spain will advance to the semi-finals he finally broke his big mouth record.

the career full record club: Bauru Athletic (1953-1956);

Santos (1956-1974);

New York Cosmos (1975-1977).

club honors 11 Sao Paulo state championship (1956,58,60,61,62,64,65,67,68,69,73), six times Brazil Cup champion (1961,62,63,64,65,68 ) Copa Libertadores champion (1961,62), 2 World Club Cup champion (62, 63), an American League championship (1977); 11 state of Sao Paulo league top scorer, 1957 (17 goals) , 1958 (58 goals), 1959 (45 goals), 1960 (33 goals), 1961 (47 goals), 1962 (37 goals), 1963 (22 goals), 1964 (34 goals), 1965 (49 goals), 1969 national team (26 goals), 1973 (11 goals) Honours: 3 times World Champion (1958,62,70), America's Cup runner-up (1959), an America's Cup top scorer (1959,9 ball) played 92 times, scoring 77.

other honors football career, played a total of 1363 times, scoring 1281 goals; the FIFA 20th century great players (tied); IOC of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. Bailey's presence seems to be a lot of players does not turn over a mountain, and simply can not go beyond. This is number one, this is Billy! the

"big mouth" Billy's "big mouth" began in the 1994 World Cup, Colombia, then 5-0 humiliation when the qualifiers Argentina, Bailey then said he was optimistic about Colombia to the World Cup group match, however, Columbia has to make people miserable performance for home. In 1998, Pele favored England come to grief in the British and Arab-Israeli war, the 2002 World Cup, Bailey points in Argentina, Argentine repeat performances Colombians 8 years ago ... At this point, any Bailey's optimistic about the team, all go home in the group after the game.

2004 European Cup, the development of Pele's "prophecy" to the extreme, and 16 teams, nearly half, but he was optimistic about the "killed".

1. The current European champions, if no accident, then, will be among Britain, France, Italy, three teams. "- Bailey

the Europe in mid-March this year

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