Del - Del Piero

Del Piero juvenile fame, has been considered to be the successor of Roberto Baggio, the ups and downs of their career, style of play and gritty character most like Baggio. Especially Piero career later showed a remarkable professionalism and good state, has won the praise of the world of football. Alessandro Del Piero at age 14 will enter the Padua team training for four years, and has been elected to the Italian 18-year-old youth team. In 1993, the famous coach Giovanni Trapattoni called up Juventus as a forward at the same time also qualified for the attacking midfielder position. Juventus has scored 300 balls to become the first scorer of Juventus history. 2006 World Cup in Germany. Beijing on the afternoon of August 31, 2012, Sydney FC announced Piero joining Sydney.

Alessandro Del Piero (Alessandro del Piero)

the term of endearment: title Alex

: zebra Prince the the Turin Prince

black-and-white banner of - "zebras Prince"

Hong Kong Cantonese translation: Alec Santos Lou Place of birth: Italy the Conegliano

nationality: the Italian

living: Turin

Date of Birth: November 9, 1974

Constellation: the Scorpio

blood type: O type

Height: 173CM

weight: 73KG

had Shakespeare Road

Clubs: Padua (1991 to 1993) Juventus the shoes code (1993 ~ 2012)

: 25.5CM

Current Club: Sydney FC,

position: striker, attacking midfielder, No. 9 and a half players (shadow striker)

jersey number: 10 (Juventus/Juventus Turin), 7 (the Italian national team/ITA)

where national team: the interested in Italian national team

to: enjoy NBA games (and Garnett Garnett, Nash et al good relationship), golf, good tennis (and Roger Federer)

Hobbies: Music (Piero vocals close to the Grammy level), watch movies, like the cook

like food: French fries, baked surface, pizza

, also be issued the two optional music albums (Del Piero Selections) (The Best of Del Piero)

, published an autobiography, "10 +"

"Piero Wars" in the the Italy starting

dream on April 24, 2012 : Juventus

Idol: Michel Platini (Juventus legend is now Chairman of the Federation of European football), Larry Bird (NBA Celtics legend)

wife: Sonia Amoruso

★ Piero is an "old legend". He set the old woman with the history recorded in a club history the most appearances, playing time is up to the players, also the top scorer in history. Epic Bianconeri career, he became

★ Del Piero è semper Del Piero (Piero Piero is forever). Noble and attractive appearance, temperament is superb, Del Piero has become one of the pop icons of Italian football, even in the world of football. The "zebra Prince" Juventus banner forever, but also the history of Italian football, one of the greatest most emblematic players! Juventus Football Club of the greatest players in history. Juventus official website praised zebra prince "No adjectives to describe his greatness, Piero is Juventus. Piero is also only a Juventus four stadium game players the (municipal stadium in Turin, the Delle Alpi stadium in Turin Olympic Stadium, and now the new Delle Alpi stadium)

personal experience for the first time Grade battle: September 12, 1993 (Juventus VS Genoa 1:1)

charming the "zebra legendary" (20)

first grain Class Goal: September 19, 1993 (Juventus VS Reggie the Mariana 4:1)

for the first time the national team battle: March 25, 1995 (Italy vs Estonia 4:1)

first time in World Cup battle: the (Italian VS Cameroon 3:0)

of June 17, 1998 for the first time European Cup battle: June 11, 2000 (Italy VS Turkey 2:1)

the first grain European Cup goals: June 19, 2000 (Italy VS Sweden 2:1))

tablets first national team goal : January 24, 1996 (, Italy VS Welsh 3:0)

first time FA Cup battle: September 15, 1993 (Juventus VS Moscow 3:0)

tablets FA Cup goals: September 1994 the 13th (Juventus vs Sofia 3:0)

first European Cup battle: September 13, 1995 (Juventus vs Dortmund 3:1)

tablets of the European Champions Cup goals: 1995 September 13 the day (Juventus vs Dortmund 3:1)

contest experience ☆ pitch overbearing &; amp; amp

1996 European Cup; 1998 World Cup in France; 2000 Netherlands/Belgium European Cup; 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup; 2004 European Cup, Portugal; 2006 World Cup in Germany; 2008 Switzerland/Austria European Cup; Padua (1991-93) played 14 times into a ball (Piero career at the sub-goals)

★ Italy U21: 11 appearances, three goals

★ behalf of the national team: 91 appearances, into 27 ball

★ European Cup: played 115 times, into 48 ball

★ Champions League: 89 appearances, into 42 ball

★ Today Piero on behalf of the Juventus football Club: played 703 times into 288 balls (in the 2011-2012 season, the second round of the Italian Cup semifinals. Juve captain beyond 48,559 minutes West Rea Juventus playing time the first person - zebra prince wearing a black and white shirt A total of 48,610 minutes played) the

☆ Italian national team played time: 5189 minutes

☆ Total number of appearances on behalf of the club and the national team career: 810 games

☆ playing time: 53,429 minutes

☆ highest single-game goals: 4

☆ absolute superstar career goals: 320

the edit this paragraph Details family situation "Del" this prefix mean in Italian li representatives of noble blood, this may suggest that Del Piero will become a football the world's first sports . This from Gelilian slaves Conegliano teenager, with a surge of passion for football and a gift from God, at the age of 20 years old will establish his position in the second generation of the golden boy of Italian football, he is Italian football myths In another main character - Alessandro Del Piero (Alessandro Del Piero) the elegant Ale

Del Piero was born in a family of four in the city of Gelilian slaves. Father Jie slaves street lighting maintenance member of the Italian electricity company Enal, industrious and thrifty to bring stability and a worry-free life for his family. Ranked Del Piero at home, 10 years apart with Gegeshidi Laws of Manu. Stitch looks with the father of the Laws of Manu 8 into a similar, but Del Piero with his mother cloth to get a likeness. Del Piero

mother cloth to get a typical housewife, all chores are well-kept. Her home video into a castle, she is not only the castle mistress, or the great guardian castle. Del Piero

哥哥史迪法奴比 he is 10 years older. Del Piero's has such a strong interest in football, has a rather direct relationship with his brother is a professional player. Childhood Piero is a frail child. In contrast, his brother led him into the world of football. (Can not help but think of the size of Inzaghi, large leather and small leather work into football - will probably write a different myth ......)

once had a paparazzi shot to Del Piero on the beach vacation as a "mystery man" very "gentle" smear sunscreen, Piero I was asked whether homosexual tendencies, very reluctantly said - this man is his own twin brother. Whenever others talk about his brother, Del Piero always seemed a little sad, he always felt that she has been able to have today's achievements, the most important or brother help. In fact, when Del Piero just accept the football training, Steven Law slaves like Del Piero's football consultant, to help him solve the difficult problems encountered.

career ★ Italy each generation are a genius. He skilled with leadership talent, so players known as the "Golden Boy". The eighties - Paul Rossi nineties Baggio. The new century is to belong to the people, he is - Alessandro Del Piero.

1991 years, Del Piero at the time for the B team of Padova began his career. At this point, Padua senior secret talks with Juventus the Board officials regarding about Del Piero transfer. Transaction after a period of bargaining, and ultimately sold for a high price of $ 2.7 million. 1993, his young fame then Juve main 席博尼佩尔蒂 recommended to Juventus, and the effect so far. Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy's best-selling album of the football sport Comet 7 back to the half-coverage and introduced Del Piero, described in this Italian nova style of football with the Dutch star · Basten (M.Van Basten) are very similar. In fact, Juventus is the reason why so interested Del Piero, the most important is the appreciation of his offensive and defensive style of football. the

"Turin Prince &; amp; amp

1993/94 season, The Sentimental young man full of hope came to Turin. Although he is still very young, but the boy was already in Padua and the first team to prove himself. The Juventus main 席博尼佩尔蒂 and the head coach Trapattoni gave his full trust. In this way, Del Piero joined Juventus.

because at the age of 19 years old, Alex was incorporated into the youth team. Team in Kukuleidu Alex quickly became the leader. This is not easy, because the team Kama Lata, Manfredini, Binotto famous., To win their respect is quite difficult, but the genius of Alex soon conquer them. Performance in the youth team, he was nothing like the people on this planet, just one week's time, people will see from this young man who his potential to become a "great" players. In September 12,

1993 Alex debut in Serie A for the first time. Three days later, he was in the Juventus team Lokomotiv Moscow UEFA Cup for the first time in European competition. Sept. 19, at the Delle Alpi stadium against Reggina, Alex behalf of Juventus's first goal in the 80th minute scored own. Own legendary history of the Bianconeri began.

★ where Piero led the team won eight Serie A titles (1994-95,1996-97,1997-98,2001-02,2002-03,2004-05,2005-06,2011-12 ) as well as the European Champions Cup in the 1995-96 season, Toyota Cup (now the development of the Club World Cup). In the heyday of the 1997-1998 season, he scored 21 goals in the league. in the 1993/94 season, the Italian Football League,

★ Piero few games in place of injured World Footballer of the famous Italian soccer star Roberto Baggio's performance, played in 11 games (seven games off the bench) into 5 ball arouse attention. In particular, in 1994 the United States after the end of the World Cup, Baggio has not brought out of the World Cup, the physical and psychological trauma recovery, followed by serious injuries in the league, so Piero ushered in a lot of chance to play. One day outside the meteor-like Dianshe scored against Fiorentina, called his fame in Serie ball. ★ this season, Del Piero and Italy, two other famous striker Vialli, Ravanelli combination is very sharp and help the team regain the league title from the "dream team" AC Milan in the hands, in addition they also enter the European the final of the UEFA Cup.

after this season, Baggio left Juventus, Del Piero has since become the club's banner. after

European summit ★ 1995 Roberto Baggio flee AC Milan, Piero logical to take over the No. 10 jersey Baggio left to become the masters of the football great number. This is an unusual shirt, because he had been the owner of this great warrior of Michel Platini and Roberto Baggio, however great Piero makes this number 10 shirt. In the Champions League group stage when Juventus met German powerhouse Borussia Dortmund. Mueller opened the scoring for the German, but Del Piero and Paduowanuo help Juventus go-ahead score. Honor

covered Alex

★ This is a tough game, Del Piero has become a "phenomenon", he scored a staggering volley game. "Piero shot in a game last season, Juventus, Naples has been praiseworthy for people, but that it first appeared in European competition. In the subsequent game with the Rangers and Steaua Bucharest, Piero four games in a row to score, to help the Juventus smooth Deus Ex. The most valuable victory in the quarter-finals, Juventus suffered a Real Madrid team. Real Madrid in the Bernabeu home with a 1-0 victory over Juventus, the goal of the Delle Alpi, Piero and Paduowanuo, but returned to help the Bianconeri comeback success. Nantes club team Juventus and eliminated in the subsequent semi-final, finally reached the European Cup final held in Rome. May 22 Champions League final, Juventus and Ajax 1-1 draw in 120 minutes. Final penalty shootout, "Bianconeri" 4:2 Lectra Ajax Football Federation of European Champions League

★ Since 1985, Michel Platini, Juventus won the Toyota Cup, the Bianconeri has been a long time not to meddle in this award. However, on November 26, 1996, Juventus finally again to stand on top of the world. Toyota Cup finals in Tokyo, organized by Piero ball champion, led Juventus 1-0 victory over Argentine giants River Plate. Own hands the glory of the world champion back to Turin. At that time, he really is the king of the world! the old monument


but pity, Zhuangtaiqijia skin team in the November 8, 1998, Juventus and Udinese game, collided with defender left knee cruciate ligament tear . The injured so Piero away from the stadium up to 9 months old, he missed the entire season, and largely affect the competitive level of Piero. 1999-2000 season, Del Piero only scored nine goals (including eight penalty only to near the end of the season only to break into the season only a warfare into the game against Parma ball). Juventus since champion insulation. In the comeback of the season, Del Piero to regain recognition because they can not score.

He even went so far and then said "Gemini" Serie best partner Inzaghi had a falling out and blame the other party do not understand with wasted too many chances, and no respect for their own partner! The club only Qima insurance car Inzaghi move gave the Holy Alliance club AC Milan, and AC Milan produced Zenoni as part of the transfer fee. After a few seasons, Piero state rebounded, scored 16 goals in the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 seasons, respectively. But until the 2004-2005 season, Del Piero also failed to restore the original "shock to Heaven" status.

But in any case, banner zebra Prince and Juventus are still considered. Piero in the national team's performance is not satisfactory compared with brave club. The 1998 World Cup, the Italian national team coach Cesare Maldini did not give Baggio how much chance to play, replace Baggio Piero performance disappointing. European Football Championship in 2000, missed the opportunity of the two single ball in the final game with the French national team, he became the universal condemnation of "sinners". European Cup champion is Piero lifetime of regret. the

"old woman" the Forever 10

game of the 2002 World Cup group match with the Mexican national team, Piero diving header scored his first goal in the World Cup, but also save Italy to avoid group eliminated a ball successfully helped the team qualify for Italy. Unfortunately, the Italian team in the knockout round by hosts South Korea and the referee factors early elimination, Del Piero also lose the opportunity to perform.

So far, he has played 90 times for the Italian national team, scoring 27 goals.

2006 years Piero faithfully follow his team - down into the Calciopoli scandal, Juventus Italian Football League, the team was also sentenced to the penalty points. Many players have left the team. At this time, Juventus, Del Piero did not hesitate decided to stay in trouble become one of the few world-class players of the team. His loyalty has been loved by many fans, and his allegiance to life for Juve, which makes the fans very touched. (With left Nedved, Trezeguet, Camoranesi, Gianluigi Buffon star). Team in Serie B in the performance, three ahead will lock champion, making a comeback in Serie.

into the World Cup of the same year, the Italian team last won the World Cup, Del Piero scored one goal to seal the victory also semifinals and Germany. Del Piero also completed his long-cherished wish! April 7th

2008 years, Juventus battle Palermo, Del Piero over the club appearance record of 552 games maintained 后卫希雷亚 Juventus legend, on behalf of Juventus played most players. Beijing time on November 30, in the league, Juventus 4-0 victory over Reggina, Del Piero scored his 250 goals in Juventus continue to refresh the Juve players scoring record . Piero completed 250 balls with 15 years, coincidentally, his 15 years

"the Alpine King (20)

before the to contribute first goal for Juventus when the opponent is the same Reggina The score also is 4:0. May 10

2009 years away to AC Milan, Juventus 1:1 hit and the game was carrying too much stuff. Piero behalf Juve's first 600 games, Del Piero and Maldini last played against. You can say the leather team every play and goals are a record, he constantly beyond their own.

Piero helped Juventus back to Serie A again. His lifetime devotion to his beloved Bianconeri force. Whether past, present or future, he is a symbol of the Bianconeri - zebra Prince.

precisely Piero excellent first season Juventus back to Serie play the 07-08 season, the strength is not strong Juventus beat brightest powerful enemy won the preliminary round of the Champions League qualification. Experienced the ups and downs of the zebra Prince scored 21 league goals this season and the Serie A Golden Boot for the first time. This is the honor of his peak period had not been obtained. Its excellent state and the continuous goal for Italy national team coach Donadoni also have to re-examine and recruited into participate in the European Cup list. legendary


★ 2008 Juventus return to the Champions League. Double play home and away in the group stage of the Champions League to Real Madrid. Two games, scored three goals. November 6 game away to Real Madrid, Real Madrid's home the Bernabeu, Del Piero scored twice to help Juventus beat Real Madrid. Piero with a scored twice conquered the Bernabeu. When Piero was benched in the first 91 minutes, Bernabeu applause of the night sky is so sincere. The fans in the audience rose to applaud him, to the applause of the most discerning eye of Real Madrid fans can win has undoubtedly is a great honor. Del Piero has also become the third applause at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium after Maradona, Ronaldinho Real Madrid players. Bernabeu to witness the birth of a myth, the moment of Piero light throughout Europe.

2011 ~ 2012 season, Del Piero become a substitute, but in the new coach Antonio Conte men played a important role. Continuous few grains of the key goals in the end of the season to help Juventus in the Italian Cup and Serie A steady and eventually the impressive record of unbeaten league after a lapse of seven years, the team won the league title again. [1]

peerless goal that shocked the nation, December 4, 1994, World War Juventus Florence. Roberto Baggio playing hurt exigencies, the name then name reverberates nationwide star performances greatly reduced. Behind rival 0 2, Juventus coach Marcello Lippi has finally made mobilize Del Piero replaced Roberto Baggio to turn the tide, and this mobilization of dramatic victories, in addition to the race. Roberto Baggio is also the position in the Juventus array shaky start. Grade B just promoted to Grade A Florence, in order to make fans forget the unpleasant past two seasons, the team of one mind, every battle Zhouxuandaodi aggressive tactics and extremely high morale and opponents as soon as possible. War Yingpeng Juventus, only 17 minutes from the end, Florence still two goals ahead of the competition. Just when they think can be sure of success, break the dream of victory he was playing off the bench as Del Piero. The enthusiastic support of the fans of Juventus, this black-and-white Legion finally in only 17 minutes with two goals, crushed Florence would like to restore the prestige of the dream of a setback powerhouse. Which strive to come back to score a Del Piero, the process of the wonderful Italian National vibration. Although Del Piero in the war in reserve status into battle, but the Falcon as keen shooting touch, so many fans fascinated. His a set angle and strength in a wonderful volley goal. goals of

"genius" once-in-a-century saw "the best shot in the history ... these are words used to describe the grain Del Piero volley to score media, and even the whole of Italy's best-selling The sports newspaper also reported to the front page of the full version of the entire goal process shocking extent of unprecedented. shot shot

edit this paragraph comprehensive ability: 10

career has scored over 300 goals, is a the Apennine handful of 300 + shooter its doorstep excellent sense of smell; addition, the skin was still a force opponent appalled Piero region. " Their shooting skills, must be called one, coupled with his "Turin Rainbow" stunt Shazhao. Aspect the Europa mainland for more than ten years. As the field of shadow striker, he often kicked unexpected goal. Sometimes also acts as a winger. Help their career the Bianconeri "scored 285 goals, reflecting the the leather team's offensive ability.

pass pass: 9

although not of the midfield, but as the team's offensive core, Del Piero has played a vital role in the perennial efficient assists. As a representative of the classic No. 9 and a half players, Baggio, Francesco Totti, has excellent passing ability. Series with the starting frontcourt. The most classic way to Serie A 2004-05 season, the title race Armageddon staged 35. It is by virtue Piero barb assists Trezeguet headed AC Milan 1:0 lore. Juventus captured the San Siro, has made the situation in the league left three 3-point top edge and eventually won the Serie A title.

the dribbling Pandai: 10

unless with physical collisions or foul, it would be difficult to grabbed the ball from his feet. Excellent ball-handling skills with the ball skilful ability to control, and wonderful imagination, Piero can often be a very unusual action to avoid the defensive. Dribbles like a ballet as elegant.

speed the speed: 8.5

Piero never a living rely on speed and striker. But his steady rhythm and rate, enough to let all guard was "tenterhooks". Young Piero speed is the first class, the explosive also very good. Today, because of their age increases, the speed slowed.

header header: 7

due to Height conditions constraints, Piero bounce is amazing, but he rarely have the opportunity to get in the tall defender defensive header offensive opportunities. the

physical and psychological quality physical fitness: 9

Serie A campaign for 18 years, enough to said Mingpi team's physical fitness. The career most serious injuries in the November 8, 1998 Juventus away to Udinese. Left knee cruciate ligament tear. Miss the entire season. the

psychological qualities: 8.5

Piero in the national competitions, the psychological tension, has been an important factor to affect his performance in the national team. Especially in the 2000 European Cup final, missed two single ball, make him regret life.

edit the other wife Sonia Amoruso "extraordinary" Piero stadium extraordinary technical skills, perfected him in real life "extraordinary" ability. After the In May 2005 奥尔巴萨诺 the municipal government has posted a notice Piero and fiancee Sonia married, the media do everything possible to inquire about the details of the wedding, in particular time and place. Wedding Italy habit marriage announcement about a month, so we know that Del Piero will be married in June, and is married after the end of the Far East tour, but the exact date is a guessing game, it was even said that as in the Mark Six. As for the location, there are several possibilities. Piero had told reporters: "Anyway, you can not catch me." The fact that it is so, the next day of the wedding Piero married the news is known to the outside world, so this wedding is called "secret wedding" Some even said Piero dry as 007 James Bond as beautiful. date of marriage

wedding Piero in the June 12, 2005, the location on the chapel in his residence in Turin hilly areas Mongreno, only 12 individuals invited to participate in the wedding, is basically a family member, such as Piero the mother and brother of a well Sonia parents. Qiao Di priest presided over the wedding, he said that the media in the 13th, "The wedding is very peaceful and intimate. Piero brilliantly kept secret of the place and time, otherwise there will be influx of tens of thousands of fans." Totti vigorous upcoming wedding, Piero reluctant to private life public, and strictly reserved Privacy wedding abnormal deserted.

Piero and of Sonia Amoruso

Piero's wife, Sonia is not the Totti's fiancee Bula Qian as a TV star, but an extraordinary salesman. However, this is a romantic story. Six years ago, the day, Del Piero went into a store of Turin, staring at a beautiful pure salesperson looked, the assistant did not know this handsome young man is a famous star, also looked at the back. The two fall in love, begin dating and cohabitation, has been living together for six years.

with many other players of his girlfriend, Sonia unwilling to do housewives at home, but continued to work for Del Piero to a clothing store in the center of Turin, bought her, and made her become female salesperson boss. Surname Sonia Amoruso, and former Juventus striker, now plays for Messina Nicola Amoruso surname, someone had mistaken Sonia Del Piero teammate's sister, in fact, two no blood a Amoruso. After the wedding, the newlyweds celebrate dinner with his family in a hotel near the church