Christmas tree formation

generally refers to the 4-3-2-1 formation: four defenders, three defensive midfielder and two attacking midfielder and a striker (occasionally a lower back slightly pull before, both 4-2-1-2 -1:4 guard, two defensive midfielder, a central midfielders, 2 attacking midfielder, a striker), in the field look like a Christmas tree and therefore the name. Formation emphasized control of the midfield, midfielder steals, organize locally attack, attack and defense conversion.

midfield personnel, easy to control the midfield and passing, that is to say in the offensive and defensive midfield personnel, many hands thing. Midfield and is equivalent to 5 people without sacrificing implemented on the basis of the back line number, like playing defensive counterattack team is like the ball advancing the team is a great convenience, at least when the number of defensive Certainly. demanding

drawback for field staff position sense (especially midfield), high backs, the two sidewalks players assists capacity relative stronger, lower back stronger audience insight, you need to give two complement bit of a sidewalk, and high physical demands, such as AC Milan's Gennaro Gattuso is this able to run the physical strength to cover the audience most of the area players, midfield players need forward runs awareness strong center requires strong headed back to do the capacity and ability to guard the ball.

edit the 4321 formation of the classic examples of this segment is commonly referred to as a Christmas tree formation, a goalkeeper, back four, three defensive midfielder, two attacking midfielder and a striker constitute interesting shape formation. Capello era AC Milan usual 442, but he was the most successful of the 1995-96 season, the surface or the 4-4-2 formation, goalkeeper Rossi, from right to left guard Panucci, Costacurta, Barre West, Maldini midfielder Marcel Desailly, Albertini, winger Lentini, Zaire Qiewei Qi, striker Roberto Baggio and George Weah. Practical application, Desailly, Albertini, Lentini served three quarter majority, the 10th player Savicevic, with typical half Baggio played a dual role of attacking midfielder, Weah functional forward, not a classic Christmas tree brought to Milan the Champions League trophy, and also provide a template for the Christmas tree formation after.

today's football, is undoubtedly the favorite Christmas tree formation Ancelotti. The former Milan feats coach to rely on this interesting shape formation successful revenge Liverpool won the Champions League trophy. 98, the king of the division of France relying on the 4321 station to the summit of world football. Bald Spalletti Although not an advocate of the Christmas tree, but it is successful evolutions, so that his team will not walk this season Christmas downgrade intervals, to be stable to spend a peaceful holiday ...

poor thinking Variable Spalletti evolutions celebrate the turning point

08 to 09 Serie A season, cruised to nine when Rome team ranked 17 of the league, almost downgrade region, media fans a lament. But after the League made 5 wins and 1 level of success, the Champions League is a historic group identity among playoff. The strong rebound formal dishing out a Christmas tree formation originated Spalletti critical moment.

o8 to 09 last season, the early Roman follows the success of the first two seasons of the 4231 formation of the success of the runner-up two years of the season in 4231 but did not continue to Rome to bring good luck, 9 wins and 1 negative became history on the second poor start. The underlying reason is the transfer so of Rome only under Taddei a decent winger Mancini and Giuly plus Totti, Aquilani, Taddei, Pizarro and other key players because of injury sidelined , Rome in the front court beyond recognition, the league series humiliation, Inter Milan, Palermo, Udinese, Juventus Giallorossi must bottoming. time of distress

Mazzone, Giannini feats have asked the Roman evolutions. Spalletti under pressure with Brigitte replace the poor state Taddei, Rome winger era temporarily come to an end. Perrotta, Brighi, De Rossi as a the midfielder line of defense, Menez and Julio Baptista Dual Frontal combination is responsible for conveying shells captain Francesco Totti, and midfielder emptiness fulfill 4231 completely changed, the speed can not raise . Brigitte accounted main midfield thickness increased significantly frontcourt threats have also been strengthened. Team offensive and defensive balance, rebound Naturally, this is a matter of course.

Christmas tree of success not only in the score proved "strength", players praise Totti discourse most representation: "Since evolutions after we have achieved many positive results of the competition. evolutions different poses marshal Sacchi certainly change Spalletti: "In reality, this is a trident tactical play offensive is the way out of Rome." Indeed, Spalletti convert ideas indeed to find a way out, the Roman captain began to dream of his first Champions League final, the Serie A top four not-so-distant.

the the Rome Christmas tree:/Cicinho, Doni, Philippe Mexes, Juan, Riise/perota, Brigitte, De Rossi/Menez, Baptista/Totti

the Jacquet Bianzhen Christmas establish Lectra Italy

1998 the France World Cup, Jacquet led him king of the division to write a piece of history, then a collection of the world's top three lines Gaul Legion surging in the World Cup final clink standing on the summit of world football, and against Italy This is a key to victory is precisely because of the Jacquet's magical evolutions. If

4231 to help the French team group stage tricks, then 4321 is to help the Azzurri made Guanjianyizhan victory. 4231's winger play brought to South Africa and Saudi Arabia had a huge impact, Dugarry with Henry in the left and right winger's sharp breakthrough for the team to bring the first 3 0 beautiful start. Henry Diomede Miang winger against Saudi achievements 4231 Jingdianzhizhan, but such a let the weak teams miserable formation but completely ineffective against Paraguay. While opponents are still weak, but the French team, the game played very hard, Zidane suspended sidelined, the wing attack also has been unable to work, Paraguay just give up winger defensive select the hoarding heavily Road Closed Chilla Witte et al-form French team, Zidane sidelined vain. Jacquet less than Jiugong with Ji Washi replaced Diomede, try double center impact, the last victory by virtue of Blanc's golden goal. after

group stages, the face of similar characteristics with Paraguay Italy, Jacquet evolutions Christmas tree against a powerful enemy, and he removed the outstanding performance winger Henry scored two goals, put defensive midfielder Karembeu striker supported by Zinedine Zidane and Djorkaeff Ji Washi evolutions for 4321, Deschamps and Emmanuel Petit and thus had a helper, and later talked about "three quarter" appeared.

opening performance by France well, the two fullbacks crazy assists and the trio midfield to the front line to create scoring opportunities. However, in the 65th minute, Jacquet with Henry and Trezeguet replaced Karen Mbu and Jiwa Shen. The Jacquet am not good so rejected his starting formation, still feel that the situation is still good but would like to take the initiative to change to break the deadlock, this problem is difficult to say for sure is that the substitutions brought no small trouble to the French team, can also receive the results. Trouble is that the French team need time to adapt to changes in personnel, The highly tactical ability of the Italian players soon found the opportunity to, and create the threat, fortunately French team defender withstood the test, the effectiveness of the said Henry, after playing with Sarkozy reached within at least the completion of two wonderful with almost field goal. Although the last is shootout win over Italy, but the Christmas tree formation to help France win on the road swept away a powerful enemy in Italy.

French classic Christmas tree: Barthez/Thuram, Blanc, Desailly, Lizarazu/Deschamps, Petit, Karembeu/Zidane, Djorkaeff/Ji Washi

Champions League cup beloved Christmas tree

4312 and the 4321 are Ancelotti formation, the former league often use security commander, but the more commonly used in the Champions League is the Christmas tree formation for Milan Cuichengbazhai important weapon. Carlo Ancelotti on the Christmas tree

favorite well known, but the second half of the 2005 Champions League final in Istanbul nightmare, Berlusconi once ordered the security commander must use two strikers. Helpless the 2006 nuclear warheads Shevchenko flee Premiership stretched Milan striker, Ancelotti had in the 2006-07 season, re-reuse 4321, and thus also the security commander of a glorious achievement. Ancelotti

2007 Champions League final Christmas tree formation using standard Christmas tree formation, the the backcourt back four lined up bilateral Guardian must have good assists, also have important responsibilities in the defense; midfielder Andrea Pirlo is the team's brain center that bears the important task of organized attack, him Gattuso and Ambrosini its protective effect is also crucial in the race; two the Frontal both body pregnant stunt, not only for the striker sent a sharp pass from Seedorf's long, Kaka breakthrough without a the taboo magic weapon is not the opponent, and striker Filippo Inzaghi in the box will complete the final fatal blow. first place

a season the final of the Champions League in Milan achievements Fengyun the magic of Christmas tree, but its growth is extremely arduous: Shevchenko's departure brought Rui Costa retire and return home to AC Milan blow away than expected to be much larger. While the beginning of the season play two strikers Alberto Gilardino and Inzaghi had temporary success, but then the problem of overlapping of the two types is exposed. Champions League group stage, the weak opponent still allow Ancelotti transform for the test several times in both formation until the playoff first leg kezhan Celtics, Christmas tree finally Milan coach identified as the main formation of the Champions League campaign . In the next journey, Milan has eliminated Celtic, Bayern Munich and Manchester United, the last successful revenge Liverpool in Athens. In a poor state when Milan won the final of the Champions League, thanks to the success of the Christmas tree formation: the decline in the strength of the team for all to see Milan lower profile in the face of strong opponents focus on defense Ambrosini in good shape, good at assists Otto midway joining defensive strategy adjustment, these have had an impact on Ancelotti's military forces and record, in addition, the performance of the strikers have a direct impact on the final immediately Liverpool is due to Inzaghi excellent play.

2007 Christmas tree miracle same achievements Kaka Grand Slam. In 4321 formation in Kaka was given considerable freedom to play the role of the position retracement striker. September after the end of the same game in Lille, Ancelotti explained their ideas: "I chose this tactic to keep possession and Kaka both attacking midfielder, a striker, which depends on his situation the judgment, in my opinion, this is a tactical system contains two striker "although initially Kaka does not adapt, but Ancelotti gradually let Kaka integration like this style of play, then play huge role, and finally Milan in Athens, won the Champions League, while Kaka is even based on 10 goals to become the top scorer of the Champions League. Dazzling performance by virtue of the Champions League, handsome niche in the end won the Golden Globe and World Footballer of two heavyweight trophy.

Milan Ou crown Christmas tree: Dida/Jankulovski, Nesta, Maldini, Otto/Gattuso, Pirlo, Ambrosini/Kaka, Seedorf/Inzaghi

Inter Milan victory over Mourinho also play the Christmas tree February 8,

2009, Serie 23 Inter Milan Lecce competition squad four striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Crespo, Balotelli and Mancini, but Mu Li Niao unexpectedly for the first time use the Christmas tree formation, only come in Ibrahimovic a striker, behind two attacking midfielder Luis Figo and Stankovic, Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso and Muntari three quarter. Barresi, assistant coach, said: "Christmas tree formation, we practiced for a week, players like this tactic." Kiskiskis

Mourinho made careful preparations for the Christmas tree formation, field effect is obvious. The three goals in the second ball Figo into tactical best represent the characteristics of the Christmas tree. The sidewalk space left backs, two Frontal plug outflank, Christmas tree formation must routines, assists attacking midfielder Luis Figo left Hou Weisang Dayton goals is a perfect manifestation. No wingers, not to increase the pressure of the backs midfielder reasonable fill the seats can be resolved, the game, Thornton and Maicon in defense, there is no pressure, assists are still active, Mourinho thought from the Premiership winger assists into Serie A "side guard assists, beyond the simple early 433 tactical thinking.

coach is based on the formation players or players features to develop tactical? Mourinho chose the latter. Christmas tree formation is similar to the 4312 formation, is the pursuit of midfield control, suitable for the characteristics of the Inter Milan player Zlatan Ibrahimovic is more suitable for small range with two attacking midfielder, Christmas tree formation was tailor-made for him. Christmas tree formation this test successfully, Mourinho will not necessarily be used in the Milan derby, but in the future when the Serie A weak teams greater certainty, and even can guess this is to do the evolutions designed to deal with Manchester United, AC Milan two out of Manchester United are relying on the Christmas tree, Mourinho why not learn from the successful experience of it? Christmas tree 12 - Cesar, Inter Milan,

/13 - Maicon, 16 - Nicolas Burdisso, 23 - Marco Materazzi, 39 - Thornton/4 - Zanetti, 19 - Esteban Cambiasso, 20 - Muntari (81 'Maxwell)/7 - Luis Figo (72' Cristian Chivu), 5 - Stankovic/8 - Ibrahimovic (86 'Balotelli).