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check cents slaves born on December 25, 1944, the Brazilian team in the history of the best right winger, who took part in the 1966, 1970 and 1974 third World Cup. 1970 World Cup in Mexico, check cents slaves peak of his career, wearing the No. 7 jersey right winger performed extremely well the entire tournament scored seven goals, and the goal of every game, he also became by far the only name players do to win and every game Jieyou goal in the session contest.

World Cup win every game broke Bailey around underestimated killer: check Marcello

Sometimes we had not standardized for some Chinese translation of lovely than as "Yan Haoyun Eindhoven more aptly embodies the the Dutch stadium on the pride, as compared with the the "check cents slaves" in the name, "Jairzinho" conventional translation simply seemed "terrifying". I believe that for many veteran fans whenever heard these three words, a dark complexion archery ghostly image of Brazilian striker mind will suddenly emerge. So far hundreds of players used to encroach on the World Cup crown, can do to win every game Jieyou goal of the session contest, only 70 years of the legendary striker investigation cents slaves one. on

in the United Kingdom "World Soccer" magazine Award century, check Marcello ranked 27 of the 100 players in the 20th century, ranked sixth in the Brazilian players. Xian Nu achieved such a high ranking in the selection of this quite a bit territorial, check, largely stems from Mexico 70 years summer scene ...

edit this paragraph for Marcello history introduced in 1970 6 7 March, Mexico World Cup group match, when England goalkeeper Banks Pele's header sealed a record in the history of the best fighting, a lot of people think this Zhuangtaiqijia goalkeeper will not be compromised, but the second half 15 minutes, Bailey calmly stopping in the restricted area to the right Brisk push to pass the baton to the side ambush that has long been the black kid, the next people to see is a note firepower tremendously strong H-gate sacrifice their lives fighting the Banks network is difficult to stop the ball, England finally vanquish before in Brazil.

the scoring the black kid whole Ming Guer - Ventura - Fei Liao, people used to call him slaves check cents. the Wizards

check cents slaves,

born was born on December 25, 1944, similar to many Brazilian football genius wunderkind, born on Christmas Zha Xian Nu will debut at the age of 15 Brazilian professional league in the effectiveness Botafogo team, check cents slaves quickly established their idols goal - at that time 11 years old and older than check cents slaves boss Ge Jialin check is at the peak of rocket birds such as pick up trash the extraordinary shot the young Charlie cents slaves again and again passionate fellow brothers in the splendor of the national team became the investigation Marcello greatest power struggle. If people are only concerned with the investigation Marcello performance in the World Cup in 70 years,

, then it is easy to take for granted the investigation Marcello seen as a talented right winger, but in fact in the early days of his career, Charles Marcello appear in the left the avant-garde or left winger position, because the main force of of Botafogo is always right Lu Jialin check unshakeable. However, when Garrincha occasionally due to injury, Botafogo fans surprised to find that most perilous also appear in the right-sided search Marcello unexpected surprise has attracted the attention of Brazil coach Feola, 19-year-old That year, check Marcello lucky enough to usher in the national team at the sub-performances.

this beat Brazil 4-1 Portugal game, check cents slaves staged quite perfect son in the war, his team scored a ball to seal the victory. But in the talent of the Brazilian team, this performance is not enough to quickly let the young check cents slaves the opportunity to obtain a foothold, he was re-elected to the national team the opportunity before arrival until a year later, and this time waiting the young Charles cents slaves but is quite harsh experience - check cents slaves in 15 consecutive games to maintain embarrassing goal drought until 66 years before the World Cup warm-up match with Malmo, Sweden's informal achieved for the national team Goal. When search Marcello state seemed to be just ushered in turn, the greater ordeal in fact still waiting behind him. World Cup for the glories of the Brazilian team

1966 years will always be time incurable pain in front of Pele and Garrincha talent the opponents aggressive stabbed tactical black and blue, the first three games in a row left Charles Marcello inaction . 1-3, Brazil lost to Portugal, the group stage was eliminated from Portugal to Portugal, the 22-year-old investigation Marcello Big Brother have experience with almost a 60's Brazilian striker can experience the most pain, check cents slaves national team mentor Fiola also on this class. Thereafter until 1968, the fade-out of the national team for two years investigation cents I get the opportunity to return to the international arena, in this comeback debut in a 4-0 win over Uruguay game, check Marcello made a ball revenue, which is a good new start, check cents slavery can finally own the most good at the right striker position, an average two will be able to dedicate a goal scorer was born.

farm field goals, only one of the World Cup in the history of

70 World Cup are many superstar session event, Zha Xian Nu World Cup halls stay forever in the name of the stadium will be in Mexico. Wearing a No. 7 jersey right winger court is never the most conspicuous and prominent figures, but every game in which people can see his wonderful goal. Recorded two goals in the first battle the Czech investigation cents slaves are remarkable, with a pick-off the goalkeeper easily send the ball into the empty net, another ball from his own half has run out of the way the two defensive ball dipped into the corner. Like England foot shot, check cents slaves continuous game play for Bailey to make up for the role of regret, semi-final with Uruguay World War I, Billy in the small angle Mianduikongmen imaginative ball over he missed, and just a few minutes later, the search Marcello angry, Sharu push the ball into the goalkeeper can not reach the goal corner from the restricted area on the right palaver own site.

When the final Brazil 2-1 leading Italy, everyone realized that the third world champion forward Selecao began waving Zha Xian Nu know his next goal will not only complete the field field to break records will help the team to greater advantage to ensure victory. Goals shipped in the 7th striker this summer seems to be unstoppable, when teammate's cross from the right, and on a small area before, check Marcello strong shot stopping has not kicked a ball, but he's waving legs action Akira dizzy but Italy goalkeeper and defender, the ball actually disarray trajectory stopping along the Charles Marcello slowly rolled into the gate, is such a special way, Italian go-ahead score hope this loss Zha Xian Nu own trip to Mexico, leaving the perfect full stop.

70 after the World Cup, the search Marcello bid farewell to their effectiveness for 10 years and won three Sao Paulo state championship Botafogo team began the Gold Rush tour in Europe, but after unpleasant day in Marseille in a short period of investigation cents slaves returned to Brazil and played for Cruzeiro team. 74 World Cup check cents slaves, and Rivelino led the Brazilian team despite the strong, but they encounter more aggressive force more passionate Dutch team two goals of the final check cents slaves can only help Brazil get the first four. This investigation Marcello last World Cup, but his international career, but did not stop there, until 1982, the 38-year-old Charles cents I denounce the Brazilian national team, Brazil 1-1 draw with the Czechoslovak the game become farewell performance of the legendary shooter, check cents slaves in the effectiveness of the national team for 82 games, scored 34 goals.

retired after check cents slaves, and many of his teammates began coaching career, although he has so far failed to step into the ranks of the top coaches in the the 1990s amateur team coach Cristobal Austrian investigation cents slaves but for Brazil football has unearthed a valuable asset, in 1991, he found a gifted 14-year-old boy intrinsic differences in their own team, and he began to give special attention to this child, tuned in check cents slaves under this The boy genius first entered the Brazilian youth team, two years after the switch to Cruzeiro ... until the 2002 World Cup, check cents slaves pleased witnessing yourself this year the goal of the favorite disciples for Brazil The fifth World Cup, then perhaps check cents slaves after 1970 most enjoyable moment. that boy of

year course is Ronaldo, and even his magical performance in the World Cup, and ultimately failed repeat of the brilliant mentor field field goal for the winning team 32 years ago, this record today still belongs only to check cents slaves.