Car Ze-wu

12-year-old school chess hand sports school, 15-year-old into the training team. Professional Go tournament in fifth Fujitsu Cup world into 4th Ming Renzhan circle, victory over the talented youth of South Korean Lee Chang-ho and Japanese super-class players Kobayashi Koichi, to enter the quarter-finals, was elected to the Sixth China Go "ten strong. "

to enter chess tournament semi-finals in 1994, the first "rookie" to enter the circle of the first session of 1995 Friendship Cup. As four in 1982, seven-segment in 1989 was promoted.

edit this paragraph record cutting-edge never perhaps even more so, for the first time the expedition Fujitsu Cup Jie (microblogging) just at the end of last year, the third Chunlan Cup second round the cosmic stream defeated Lee Chang-ho, famous again. The new century began, individual event finals, no longer only Fujitsu Cup a path leading to the international competition, the 2000 individual champion Luo Xihe this year to participate in the LG Cup. The other five participating Ma Xiaochun, Yu Bin two experienced veteran, Chang Hao Shao Weigang, Zhou Heyang three dragon generation master when a fairly strong lineup.

Japanese team still is the build-up of senior master. Wang Licheng grandmaster, Zhao Zhixun celebrity, Honinbo Wangming Wan-free election, Dan Jingbang Health, Jan Lamb, by preselecting Kobayashi Koichi. Jiatengzhengfu short of the step, the final round loss to the disciples of Kobayashi Koichi young Kono Pro. Kono Pro unnamed bit, before basic Zhang N initiatives over role. And 4:0 swept the Zhao Zhixun win celebrities Yitianjiji, and still missed the competition this year, has almost become the most mysterious figures in Fujitsu cup because of schedule restrictions.

first round game Lengmendiebao the the countless spectators amazed at the same time, I do not know how many master Waterloo achievements. Lee Chang-ho the biggest upset of course none other than the late January in poor condition, but in the face of years of sixty Shijing Bang students, the total of the good sign one. Shijing Bang was born in the international arena only played five (in the early years of the date of confrontation does not count), and Japan Challenge Cup in the first four innings negative Liu Xiaoguang, the Japan Securities cup negative Huangyuan Jun, Ying Shibei negative Wangming Wan, negative Ma Xiaochun, Fujitsu Cup, has not winless. His only one victory, turned out to be in the first person in the world, this is really the God of Go JiJue good fortune. carefree start angle thirty-three, Ishii,

first stick to the field's leading to four corners Chuanxin strategy for to strictly prevent our ground in the battle of the disk. Everything long chess skills Lee Chang-ho, actually the situation so that the grid can do nothing, even the winning hand in the face of opponents thick chess Road can not succeed, this is really rare in Lee Chang-ho chess career 10 years total defeat. A month later, Lee Chang-ho Zhao Zhixun in danger of losing the World Series era had never lost more in the Asian Cup speed. the same painful

total defeat the traditional Korean players set off early division of Fujitsu Cup difficult Jie Lee Chang-ho Bishangjuelu Li Shishi body, Li Shishi continues. His opponent Chou was in contempt for many years, but Li Shishi first provoked the Battle is actually nothing. The momentum under Li Shishi next to the opponent thick-walled deep into the Chou was also hot-blooded, strong confining pursuit, a final 136 hands when Shi Shi Dalong no way out. the

with respect to such huge losses in the South Korean side, the Chinese team first round hardly said satisfaction Ma Shao mentoring defeat on the Kobayashi mentoring. The player using layout of Ma Xiaochun not curb live Kobayashi Koichi upper hand of Lee, then rub still solid at the opponent and then discuss cheap. Following the confrontation last year, the first day 阿含桐山杯 champion lose one, two old rivals meet later. Of Shao Weigang desire to wipe out the Kono Pro Changlong, in order to restore them is field loss, because of the encirclement of the thin taste Fanzao ambush in the disk out of the game. Dragons generation earliest Cheng Wei in the World Championships, "leader", since it goodbye. The first round of the Chinese team only Jie easily beat behalf of the North American university professor Thomas C & H (Taiwan said Xiang Yi) clearance.

In fact, in addition to Ishii including Lee Chang-ho, in the first round of seven other game of chess the game, there are of Chinese descent. The Fujitsu Cup history, only one of two women players contest, appeared in this round. Rui Naiwei and at this time the Lazi the significance by Guo Juan on behalf of the European representative of the Republic of Korea, naturally different from the early years when the game was still in China. The course traveled far away to do popularization years Guo Juan naturally less than in the competitive atmosphere most strongly Korea Qijie fighting in playing strength Rui Naiwei. Guo the Juan Zhihei first, scraping the ground by opponents build thick potential in the disk the war inevitably pneumatic incompetent. the the young younger Xu Zhang

about to usher in the challenge Honinbo Wangming Wan, head outside · the unique start of the oblique fly Shou angle does not work, the strong opponents attacks Fanzao Cui Mingxun, quite unwilling lost by five heads. However, two months after the sixth the LG Cup first-round, through the general layout of the Wang Mingwan in disk overcome Cuiming Xun.

Akil Ruhr the four-star appearance proposition, winning Chess Nestor Jan Lamb is self-evident. International arena is not yet open and Akil Ruhr, one year after they first Toyota Cup game winning streak of Hasegawa straight, Yangjia Yuan two Japanese Kudan amateur chess player chess in the history of the only one to enter the quarterfinals of the World Championships , for the Southern Hemisphere the first person. Go god given the decade the tirelessly Argentina beard, really do not thin this number.

second round eight game all-Chinese players. While Go raw body of the country to the advantages of the old times of parenting excellent in terms of financial generations, the Chinese team in this round, but the performance of poor, began the journey of the "Fuji pain sadly.

the the Kobayashi mentoring Zaidufali, side by side into the quarter-finals. Following the to win the first round Zhihei Kobayashi flow, the second-round cloth under The Stream traditional layout, display Kobayashi Koichi dedication of the stick. In a good state before Kobayashi, Chang Hao several times to attack to the divisions no avail, actually out of four eyes. Within six years the two day Tianyuan confrontation fight lasting six innings, three draw. Fujitsu Cup four times meet, the and Kobayashi Koichi final record of leadership remain unaffected age boundaries.

may not grasp the true characteristics of the playing style of Kono Pro has always been steady Zhou Heyang early fighting hard with, but fell in the access to. The continued strong opponents, Kono Pro quick victory in the disk. With the outstanding performance of the two fancy, as foreign aid campaign Weijia the Kono Pro also Ma Xiaochun led Zhejiangxinhu team. Course double kill Shao Weigang Zhou Heyang well can not be sustained, not count Jia Weijia the Kono Pro in results, and later did not break the results of this year's World Championships quarterfinals. The Fujitsu Cup always give Kono provisional forces in 2009 winning streak China "Gemini" Jie Coulee. The Jie, suffered high hopes

China Qijie Chunlan Cup reversal than a year ago, Cao Xunxuan. But this Bureau disappointing, Cao Xunxuan speed and fast-break Black only dozens of hands will establish excellent, the final and only Yi 121 hands. Total defeat at the end of the month, the third Chunlan Cup quarter-finals Jie Liu Changhe, Ma Xiaochun, Yu Bin, respectively, lost to Cao Xunxuan, Wang Licheng witness the defeat of the Chinese team. Youth force, the total to be predecessors repeatedly honed in order to grow.

while the same young Taiwan master Chou, return after years of sharpening. Korea cutting-edge Mu Zhenshuo some slow, Chou disk wave following the last round of the heroic Dragonslayer, today it is clever to rule alone, blocking the opponent to Jinsi wave of counterattack, ushered in the disk victory.

Chinese team only Yu Bin to beat veteran Dan Jingbang Health, to secure the quarterfinals a seat. Proven players at every age can Shijing Bang Cheyne born, in the face of Yu Bin Shi is still a traditional layout, and not a small profit in the opening. But Yu Bin "blessing in disguise", by virtue of the the slow hand under the old Ishii advantages awareness reversal of the situation. But things reincarnation, Dan Jingbang born on the training of the younger generation, there are still unique. Ten years later, Well Hill Yuta disciples Shijing Bang students in the wound greatly changed the face of the Fujitsu cup through the trials, I guard the bleak years of the last Japanese Go dignity.

the other side, the the Japanese grandmaster Fujitsu Cup underachieving curse extended to Wang Licheng body. Ahead of Wang Licheng nothing the start of Yaodao fixed pattern, two game on the disc the Gekitou until 75 hand only leisure occupy the fourth empty corner. Complex situation, both the strongest palmistry contention, there are many wonderful Cherish performances. Young Cuiming Xun finally breakthrough in Fujitsu cup half-head win over. two are seniors

Japan and South Korea to compete abode on the layout of the chic and never return Liu Changhe early in front of a seasoned veteran behind, which is almost 59 Jan Lamb victory Bureau. Jan Lamb with Liu Changhe complex attitude old rival, Ying Shibei semifinals in 1996, have had unpleasant past because "the use of rules". Rui Naiwei in continuous two two hanging with Zhao Zhixun potential ground proposition the complex disc battle between the two sides, strong strokes slow hand and Rui Naiwei also lost the advantage because of his "continuous loss". Officer warfare, director of the women players, even invincible woman. Rui Naiwei Following last year's opponents after plate reversed. the

"pattern chessboard witch" Rui Naiwei with Fujitsu Cup edge to second, and an excellent record as their male colleagues. "End of the World Chess passenger" extraordinary experience, to some extent Rui Naiwei Evergreen on the chessboard. Before and after the new century, Ruinai Wei in the men's individual competition on several occasions played also often stunning. But signing shipped really amazing, actually contributed to the coincidence of several short time continuously meet the same opponent. Negative feel Kobayashi Fujitsu Cup, LG Cup victory; Ying Shibei negative Shao Weigang, LG Cup wins of; the LG Cup the negative Li Shishi, samsung victory; samsung negative the Yamada regulation Sansei session victory; the Fujitsu Cup negative Zhao Zhixun, of samsung cup wins. The record, of course, only a wisp of the World's greatest woman chess player in the fluttering banners Jing pennant. Jiang Rui Fu women legend, has proved Go unbounded. Rui brother "did not miss any fighter on the disc, with the younger generation in the younger age chess still compete against peers players who can not do long-distance athletics. Also spared no effort to cultivate the younger generation, "Rui the the Pak ten Fanqi" directly to Woman Qijie replacement. With in Pu Yongxun, Yuan Sheng Qin, CuiZheHan from 1999 to 2004, a special game with of Zhe, Guling Yi, Chen Yaoye (microblogging), these young people later and both become beams Qijie. Perhaps wandering is a permanent state of life, regardless of the external, or heart. Each journey, such as the development of chess game tortuous things chess Road multi difficulties. However, one of the protest and dismay, heartbreaking and moving step by step. In strokes and damage, will ultimately into memory mottled. Long relics may have more than just the Go itself the charm.

Since 1998, the Japanese players in the quarterfinals, Biennial two odd years four people, and this year is no exception. Just to enter the quarterfinals without a personal title (Kobayashi Koichi ten sections at the end of the month Jibei Wang Licheng away). And four people to enter the semi-finals of the "great victory", still rely on the older generation of superior, that the Fujitsu Cup first generation figures radiant. Keren always with the mountains and rivers of the world no the Funi The Road, this Xia Yu sky near dusk.

quarterfinals match only one home players, Yu Bin naturally in Shenzhen, China, who are charged with the expectations. Might China go cold spell doomed to be longer that the face of the last eight years the most senior Lin Haifeng, Yu Bin, not over one hundred hand and went dead one big dragon. The later although tenacious catch up, and step-by-step concessions veteran, still one eye half gaofu. China missed the team out with the current Fujitsu Cup, really regrettable. Two-thirds of them ruined in the hands of the Kobayashi Koichi mentoring, coupled campaign, almost a victory over the term of the Japanese team. The Fujitsu Cup veteran Invitational in March, far away from the front line of Chinese Chess Dean Chen Zude defeated Jan Lamb Jan Lamb even officially asked Chen is so powerful, why not participate in the Fujitsu Cup. The following year by participating Toyota Cup organizers invited Chen Zude, beat of the the Japanese backbone Goto Chun afternoon. years

2001 Go cold year, public opinion think to catch up with Cao Li mentoring hopeless, but opponents have "overcome" old "stand up" to shine a cutting-edge and has always been the Japanese have Houjifaren Kono Pro it can not be accepted. All of a sudden, the cries of the vocal opposition. But after, as today, is regarded as "enemies" were later proved to be the wrong eye. Truly is the rise of the of Korea cutting-edge group, Chinese chess is not prepared in the short term there is no way to block. The rather for Yu Bin Personally, this stage is the lost east corner, Shouzhisangyu. Grandmaster of war reversed two straight four-game winning streak Zhang Wendong win, early the following year at Chess battle final 2:1 victory over Jie. The only regret is that these two competitions since then no more is heard, and has not been seen in restart. Only Weijia Go, prosperity must be buried with a different kind of crisis.

the same as the last, this year, the quarterfinals race there are a group of new contest. Chou was in half-head win over the Kono Pro achieved a major breakthrough for him in terms of financial career. Cautious start to conceal the true nature of addicted to war between the two sides, but between the garbage in garbage out still rely on experience to restore the victory favored. Xufeng Zhu, Ma Xiaochun, a master in early China Weiyi League victory over Chou already no less favorable, the Taiwanese players first into the semi-finals of the World Series. cup grips

Fujitsu highest number two in this round fate reunion. The Versus achievements of Cao Xunxuan and Kobayashi Koichi Prior to the World Series is a 3:3 tie, but no longer the force of old gas Kobayashi Koichi face Yu Yong is Jia Cao Xunxuan difficult to win the battle of the "King of the Mountain". The contest between the two sides from guess first start, Cao Xunxuan shoot out child successfully guessed Black. The popularity of the world under the other name the first of Cao Xunxuan cloth the posted five heads of half of the game, "Kobayashi flow, accelerate the lineup handy. Intense moments of the war in the disk, Kobayashi Koichi can not withstood the Cao Xunxuan the pressing harder and harder, and then becomes fiasco. The following year, the duo complex in Toyota Cup first round grips, Kobayashi total defeat, also points to compete. In 2005, Kobayashi Koichi win the next game in the first World Network chess Open, and then win two of the outcome of the story will never be absolutely dark and quiet rivers and lakes.

his childhood ie to Zhao Zhixun for example Cui Mingxun Following a year ago, the samsung Zai-sheng idol. Council Zhao Zhixun underestimate the opponents follow-up means the fixed pattern of the large avalanche the tough, Cui Mingxun stable security advantage to simplify the situation. Zhao Zhixun managed Jiangcheng Eight Items defeated. According to the sign bit, Cui Mingxun semi-final opponents weaker Chou Chun-hsun. After Cui Mingxun three into the semi-finals of the World Championships, which are lost to the powerful Liu Changhe, Wang Licheng, Lee Chang-ho. Six into the domestic tournament finals, six negative Lee Chang-ho, called "tragic prince. Had tenacious said "this time I lost to Lee Chang-ho, and I will not give up to challenge Lee Chang-ho every opportunity, like being stepped thousand million times the weeds, or to persevere" old cutting-edge "Cui Mingxun finally see the hope to win the world championship.

Osaka, Japan, the semifinals to reproduce the Korean duo work together through the trials in 1993, 1994, standing from the quarterfinals to the finals does not fall scenes. Cao Xunxuan, when one of the protagonists is still a shining star at this time. As if the seven-time never went away, even such backflow to make him more powerful.

old Jan Lamb also tenacious than seven years ago, two age and more than a hundred of the veterans staged a holistic bloody. Cao Xunxuan sharp earlier, Jan Lamb counterattack in the post. The overall five amulet, ground cover Tianfan. Just Cao Xunxuan always hand the initiative, Jan Lamb everywhere last resort winning hand caught repeatedly strained situation. Dismissed from Office sub resumption, Cao Xunxuan clinch sixteen mesh. Jan Lamb, Otake heroes, stone Tianfang Fu unauthorized use of the Atsumi the players on the men and the sharp predecessors Sakamoto Eio total the countermeasures, the sharp encounter Cao Xunxuan has repeatedly Nandi. I'm afraid the the generation only generation stunt, the outcome is never in the playing style of the intergenerational transmission becomes particularly brutal. hardly comes as a results of the

another board expected "steady hand, a comprehensive technology" Cui Mingxun in early dominant offensive and a degree of security-oriented winning situation, and final excellent first seven and a half into the final of the World Series. Toward people of God, but in terms of financial fate hangs in the balance, this was the only time he has to enter the world finals. May the 4th the finals completely of Cao Xunxuan personal performances, in

8 July 2001 For Cao Xunxuan for painful continuous run around so weary veteran the throne and Lee Chang-ho five Fanqi final, abstain from the first game, the Sub-Bureau speed defeated third inning actually only Yi 49 hands will be pumping through chess tendons, centerless continued war. But big on the outcome of the stage, Cao Xunxuan never attentively not disturbing, few people can shake. Even if the player using Across, Cao Xunxuan are still under the abuse of mini stream Yi a novice, and the plain style in the disc war suddenly applied Assault instantly broke balanced scenes, the outcome of this. Fujitsu Cup two consecutive Total the three championship Cao Xunxuan Fujitsu Cup history that has won the players. At this point we would have thought originally the the Fujitsu Cup peat Wugongzhengshu, Takemiya Cao rare win the big victory or defeat bitter hand. By this time, Cao Xunxuan final total score in the Fujitsu Cup on beyond Wugongzhengshu.

addition appreciative Cao Xunxuan extraordinary outcome of a keen sense of the current Fujitsu Cup more see the psychological high specification events for players. Early age, that is, father stringent requirements, or even sent to the mountains "meditation" research chess. This is certainly Cui Mingxun slightly super-peers, a modicum of success, but cause real love, forever not only from external forces. Such achievements, it is difficult to be lasting. This year's final, who are charged with the families look forward to the Cuiming Xun psychological pressure distorts the technology, a direct result of a total defeat does not play. Cui Mingxun unexpectedly rapid decline after the 2001.

Runner-up war, Jan Lamb continued in the the Fujitsu cup on the younger generation of Taiwanese unbeaten. After Wang Licheng, Lin Shengxian Chou was also unable to overcome a great honor predecessors who made the Taiwanese Go. But the experience of the four already for six years after he won the world champion under foreshadowing. the

2001, nearly sixty years, Jan Lamb let the world marvel two waist "skill repeatedly. In addition to the World Series is the oldest semi-finals, Jan Lamb celebrity circle off Ying become the oldest celebrity challengers. Seven Fan Wars and Yitianjiji, Liangbai after two wins tied. The Xihu years has left a mark, the more difficult Guanshan, has been tenacious reversal, the end result feel that the situation was almost caused undue defeat. The two-year-old the celebrity finds it difficult to create a 60-year-old celebrity miracle, but this has not "regret" to describe. veteran

same journey in China, has been reflected also let out a "grandmaster" title, making the grandmaster war held unimpeded Nie Weiping (microblogging) finally spoils at the third, the semifinals, he: The lost to YuBin. Although age can not be compared, but because of the special national conditions, China's veteran Ma Xiaochun a week after the end of the Fujitsu Cup final Guiyang International Cultural Festival Three Kingdoms chess world champion Championship "winning streak of Cao Xunxuan, Yitianjiji win. Year's sixth samsung, Ma Xiaochun also beat Jae Ho Liang, Liu Changhe Puzheng Xiang, and last into the semi-finals of the World Championships, a total of Chang Hao Yu Cao Li mentoring. While the Fourteenth Ming Renzhan completed by the end, Ma Xiaochun 3:2 repulsed Chang Hao, is a unique Chinese Go thirteen consecutive.

Since the Fujitsu Cup veterans of the first generation, the basic fade out stage of the World Series. Of them, of course, there are Cao Xunxuan, Zhao Zhixun in the last couple of years to win the world championship, but a glimpse of the personal genius. Ruthless point, only just historical inertia. Figures of the second generation, but also the basic described as the first few episodes, the eve of the Endangered nearly "premature aging". Even if, as slowly Belated Yitianjiji, there is still a good play, it is difficult to attack against the mass of young people, come to a vehement empty. Regime change in the trend has been overwhelming, and a turning point in standing in front of. The sixth LG Cup quarter-finals the year ended October 26,

2001 is a sign of a new era began. The the Cao Xunxuan wins Shanxiajingwu, Lee Chang-ho wins Luo Xihe, Liu Changhe Sheng Zhou Heyang, Li Shishi wins Mu Zhenshuo, this is the World Series for the first time in the history of the semi-finals by a country's players swept Actually become the norm in many years, the one-sided result. Moreover, the South Korean players in the scale of combat, has been non-date comparable. Predecessors gradually withdraw from the chess world for young people to truly become a unipolar world Go big day arrived.

2001 years the samsung release preselection limit. The historical significance of this decision is that the World Series stage amplifier can participate in the range. Previously Sentimental debut big scene, after paving the way in this arena, already not so strong. Since then, the "early the division difficult Jie", the first battle fatigue "weaknesses of these young people start disappearing. The biggest benefit here, of course, still hosts Korean.

If the significance of 1993 as a turning point in history of the world Go only to break the monopoly of one country. Players stick to their own style, in the second stage of the Fujitsu Cup is still a lot of people. The historical turning Korean world, day-to-day monotony of "mini-stream", has been Korea imprinted deeply cast on the board. After Go-style changes, more quickly, not man expected more.

Obviously, the two sides did not forward-looking to the change of the times. The next few years, the two countries go to be mired in varying degrees of hard work. Just history germination in the corner a little clue, which is significant, so that newcomers to see that it never favoritism. 2001, Coulee winning the first Rookie of the and defeated Zhao Han multiply in China and South Korea rookie confrontation, this a tournament total equalized for the Chinese side. That same year, sixty, fifty, forty, twenty various ages three representative players interact Da Lei the Japanese bamboo grove Cup IV Tournament to final Board, Hane Naoki youngest team in the victory over the most the long ranks Otake hero. At the same time, the Japanese team added to the cutting-edge Tournament was originally held between China and the ROK. In addition to Li Shishi, and later all world famous master involved, this event became a direct review of the reserve forces of the three countries. In 2000, South Korea won the 2001 China topped. Since then, the Japanese team even if severance "overage", and has been a grandmaster Laurel master Shanxiajingwu, Hane Naoki restore the decline is still rare.

weight Korean Go swept this Fujitsu Cup championship, in fact, has been declared the "three pillars" balanced break the. Just in this year, the predecessors of the old era collective brings exciting chapter in the nostalgia of the last scene. This scene is all nations, veteran show, on which they depend are also famous long technical tactics. Infinitely good "sunset" or "supernatural power" worth mentioning, this scene have been silent freeze.

flower without a thousand days, months Yingque, which is a traditional Chinese chapter answer the sentence. The simple truth always Widespread may find, but when the time really to accept, Mood complicated. Era to resume both despair, or "crossing the sea, watching the times no longer" desolation, things always changing, always change chess. Who forces eternity on a chessboard, died as well.