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Bujiadiwei famous Italian sports car brand, The French the depots production, part of the German public's. Special Edition of the world automotive industry's legendary brands Bugatti luxury brand Hermes launched Bujiadiwei Hermes debut at the Asia-Pacific region, and is on display at the Beijing West Road, Bentley car showroom. Show debut on September 9, 2008 from the World Financial Center in Shanghai two weeks, the exhibition will then travel to the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Special Edition Price Bujiadiwei Hermes 43 million yuan (including tax and shipping). Bugatti Veyron in the Chinese market was officially named "Bujiadiwei" usually call it "Bugatti Veyron. the cars

the Bugatti LOGO

Bugatti the founder Eitor · Bugatti was born in Milan, Italy, in 1881, his father was a painter, is also well-known furniture designer. Eitor Bugatti Growing up in art school, and his particular interest in driving a car from the 17-year-old motor racing activities. An early age, he created the Bugatti T1-T5 models, and participated in many events.

Eitor Bugatti in 1902 with his family moved to France the ALSACE the NIEDERBRONN, a car company and local cooperation in 1904, its R & D and production of cars, until 1909, for a total production of the T6-T9 model. Wife and children moved to with Houaituoer · Bugatti ALSACE The MOLSHEIM, Bugatti car factory, where the mature T13 models began large-scale production. Until Today, MOLSHEIM is still as Bugatti headquarters. The T17 car equipped with a horseshoe-shaped radiator grille, wire spoke wheel wheels developed in 1914, this shape of the grille then become the Bugatti style. Of Houbujiadi car gradually grow and develop, and active in the world's major events.

Bugatti Veyron sports car (23)

Later, with the world economy, the Great Depression and two world wars Bugatti car had a major impact. Especially during World War II, the German occupation of the Bugatti factory in France, in 1939 and 1940, Eitor · Bugatti's eldest son and the father has passed away, operating difficulties Bugatti factory also sold. Ettori Bugatti I do not succumb to the intruder deterrent, insisted the Italian nationality, and therefore persecuted. The subsequent generation aspect motor racing for nearly half a century the famous car designer in 1947 silenced gone. So far, Bugatti has produced a total of one hundred models such as T1-T101. After the end of World War II, the Bugatti factory still sustains dismal operating and production of T101 car completely discontinued until 1956. In 1910-1956 47 Bugatti produced a total of about 8000 car. Bugatti history temporarily paragraph.

until 1987, as a financier of car dealers Romano Artioli purchased the Bugatti brand Bugatti headquarters, and will return to motor racing by MOLSHEIM moved to Italy, Bugatti, and in 1991 launched the EB110 as the 100th anniversary of the founder of EB's birthday memorial.

EB110 center with a 560-horsepower 12-cylinder turbocharged engine, four-wheel-drive system, the performance was unmatched, became the object of many performance car enthusiasts and car collectors blitz. But later due to poor management, Bugatti 1995 declared bankrupt, leaving about 12 car was abandoned at different stages of assembly on the production line until later, the creditors of the company to decide how to dispose of them.

1998 Bugatti brand acquisition by Volkswagen. Followed by the Volkswagen brand and not like other supercars as existing models to improve, so take a look at to be able to achieve what the standard, but the first time the first entered into the 1001 horsepower, 253 miles/hour (407 km/h) top speed the standard, and then employ a large number of engineers worked day and night to achieve this standard to overcome a variety of technical problems. This is also the Bugatti developed the most different places of other supercars. Final results, became well-known motor racing is now the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

the other hand, the public also began to rebuild the Bugatti located in France MOLSHEIM the production factory. Ultimately, the new plant is named BUGATTI ATELIER, the plant was completed in 2004, was officially opened in 2005. Now as the Bugatti headquarters.

the Bugatti production sports car, station wagon and luxury cars for nearly 47 years, and yet he is still considered by many the most outstanding car of the era. Ettore Bugatti, the company went bankrupt in less than a decade after his death in 1956, before they had produced 8000 cars with racing qualities, people were unforgettable. About 35 years later, the Bugatti came back, was named Romano Artioli wealthy Italian car dealer purchased the right to use of the Bugatti brand makes the the sacred brand again began producing popular cars.

To commemorate the the Ettore 110th anniversary, Artioli launched accordingly named the EB110. It is the fastest, but also one of the most expensive production car in the world. In 1995, after the production of 126 ultra-running class 550 horsepower EB Bugatti company again closed their doors. years

1998 Volkswagen purchased the Bugatti trademark the Bugatti brand entered a new stage of a buzz. People that Volkswagen wants to rebuild the hapless brand impractical, will eventually fail again. Bugatti introduced the Veyron 16.4 in 2001, the concept car and announced that it will be listed in the fastest most powerful cars in the world. Years later Veyron car finally appeared, into the public view. The new president Bscher Dr.

Bugatti was determined to make the Veyron re-listing, Chief Engineer Schreiber's help, he led the company to more than 85% of the parts of a massive redesign of Veyron. the results

Later, once driving Pierre Veyron Bugatti 57 to win the 1939 Le Mans crown named new Veyron car, as he promised to the people as: has the most horsepower, the fastest speed ever expensive cars.

difficult to accurately describe the process of driving the car, because there is not and it is the same grade models can be used as a reference, who can manage a 1001 horsepower, the speed of 407 km/h, worth 1 million euros in Europe super sports car feel clearly tell us?

For example, as the car is concerned, the price of this car is amazing (writing, this car is priced at 1.5 million Canadian dollars, or about 10.4 million yuan). The price of best Honda Civic sold in Canada, but also the equivalent of one percent of the Veyron. Even in North America, Vancouver or Toronto, plus $ 1.5 million can buy a very nice house, a yacht or in Boca Raton to enjoy life after retirement.

However, for those who are able to spend more than 100 million U.S. dollars to buy a house, $ 200 million to buy a yacht, or more than 20 million Russian spacecraft to travel on the moon, the Veyron car value and social endurance ride very good agreement. After all, it is good value for money.

maybe a lot of people will openly questioned whether it is necessary for the car manufacturing so strong power and large rate, but maybe they do not understand the fact, the Veyron is a technological achievement. Mankind has been trying to strive to travel faster, fly higher, more sophisticated design, etc..

Veyron car advance to a new level, even if a company has in our view, unlimited resources, it is difficult to produce a Veyron car to. Pur sang (only 5) interior

brand development in Bujiadiwei Bugatti Veyron (Bugatti Veyron) in the Chinese market was officially named "Bujiadiwei. Bujiadiwei

do not suspect This is often fans dream that speed beast, Originally, we usually call it "the Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti, many people think that this is an Italian sports car brand, people may think that only Italy this extreme sports car-obsessed countries in order to create such a violent machine. However, the same birth place of France is the Bugatti romantic, this ancient French sports car brand was founded more than 100 years of history has been. 1947, and terminate operations the Bugatti because of the death of founder Ettore Bugatti. Until the early 1990s, the efforts of fanatical fans and industrialist Italian Romano Artioli Bugatti brand was able to resurrection, and the launch of the popular ultra-running stage production car so as EB110. Unfortunately, unfortunately, finally resurrected Bugatti in 1995 because of the company's financial difficulties, declared bankruptcy, leaving the production only 139 EB110 abortive the EB112 concept of car people to pay homage. 1998, Piech from German car giant bought the Bugatti trademark, officially the Bugatti inclusion under the Volkswagen Group, classified for the public itself jurisdiction, took over the Volkswagen Bugatti can almost be said that never in in the absence of major international auto show, and launched a number of concept cars, but in terms of the amount of production has been no action.

edit this paragraph the 16.4 basic information Bujiadiwei, 16.4

Bujiadiwei 16.4 since the EB110 really hang Bugatti oval red factory emblem first production car, the Bugatti second degree after the resurrection of the pioneer for. January 7th

Beijing Ta Kung Pao German company Volkswagen's Bugatti introduced a world's fastest, most expensive sports car debut in the Los Angeles Auto Show. the

this set large horsepower and ultra-luxury in a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 sports car designed by the Italian Bugatti France depot production, use a German-made engine plus gear manufactured in the United Kingdom, and can be described is the climax configuration. It is equipped with a 16-cylinder engine, four turbine power full 1001 horsepower and a top speed of up to 407 km. Seat from the Italian custom leather seats. The car is nearly 50 years, Germany Volkswagen named first car Bugatti sports car.

Bugatti is a famous Italian sports car brand, now owned by Germany's Volkswagen's. Bugatti car manufacturing company, said they plan to annually produce 50 this climax sports car. is expected by the end of January this year, there will be 12-14 new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 cars off the assembly line

Bugatti president Thomas said Bin Scotia. Bin Scotia, this price of approximately $ 1.2 million of the new car market, will certainly be sought after by the super fans, because of them, the car will be the greatest pleasures in their lives.

two to break the record of the world automobile industry today: the maximum speed of 253 miles/hour, compared to after 10 years of unbroken, and the McLaren F1 sports car test track in Italy Nadeau (Nardo Prototipo) a record 386.6 km/record faster 19 km/h, 0 to 100km/h acceleration time of 2.5 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the F1 record ,0-200km/h: 7.3 seconds to accelerate ,0-300km/h Acceleration: 16.7 seconds ,0-400km/h Acceleration: 55.6 seconds.

Bugatti Veyron the car prices overseas amounted to 1.1 million euros. Volkswagen's Bugatti super sports car brand in China is not known, they have to do is hit fame in the Chinese market, was introduced into China, the new car is expected to sell up to 25 million yuan.

March 19 this year, the Bugatti, the birthplace of the French town of Molsheim, Bugatti and Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Shanghai the Bentley Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract authorized Bugatti total car dealer. Following Bujiadiwei 16.4 landed in Hong Kong last year, another important measure of the Bugatti in the Chinese market, which shows Bugatti full confidence in the Chinese auto market.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Detailed the

interior trim structure

the Bugatti Veyron (VEYRON) name from ever driving after Pierre Veyron Bugatti 57 to win the 1939 Le Mans crown. And 16.4 on behalf of the 16 cylinders and four turbochargers.

this car is equipped with a mass dedicated to research and development of the W-shaped 16-cylinder engine, can be said to be the product of two V8 engines share a crankshaft. In addition, the engine is also equipped with four turbochargers. Displacement reached 7993cc. 1001 the maximum horsepower can burst out, in very low 1000RPM huge torque output of 730NM 2200RPM when you can burst out to 1250NM the peak torque, this torque will continue until 5500RPM.

powerful impetus to bring the obvious results :0-100km/h acceleration: 2.5 seconds, 0-200km/h: acceleration in 7.3 seconds ,0-300km/h Acceleration: 16.7 seconds ,0-400km/h Acceleration: 55.6 seconds. The maximum speed of 407KM/H. Excellent acceleration performance also benefited from the DSG dual clutch transmission. Such transmissions with two clutches, when in a stall, another disc clutch is automatically connected with the next gear to maximally shorten the shift time, thereby providing a swift acceleration.

In addition, the car is also equipped with a four-wheel-drive system, four-wheel drive system is kind of similar applications in the Lamborghini and Porsche HALDEX center differential, four-wheel drive system. Electromagnetic induction to control the distribution of torque between the front and back of each wheel, making driving easier, more sensitive control.

extraordinary imagination, because the the deluxe equipment and body strength needs, although the Bugatti Veyron, the vehicle weight close to two tons, but TOPGEAR track test but still ran a 1:18.3 score more than Pagani ZondaF 1:18.4 Maserati MC12 1:18.9, 1:19.0 Ferrari Enzo, Radical SR3 1:19.0, Lamborghini LP 670-4 1:19.0, Ariel Atom 1:19.5, Lamborghini LP560-4 1:19.5, Porsche 997 GT2 1:19.5, Ferrari 430 Sc 1:19.7, the Nissan GT-R 1:19.7 a large number of ultra-running sports car, which also permit Mingbu Gaddy handling very well. If

buy this car owners after signing to accept the invitation to go to France, customizable personal exclusive color design and other personalized parameters, six months after production processes, new car immediately enter in the six months after the customization process. Scheduled from signing to personalized custom crafted to driving training, a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the delivery of the car owners about a year from the signing scheduled. This also means that, after the signing of The owners, it is expected that the first Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in April 2009, will appear on the road in China.

related characteristics of speed 407 km/hours


Air 16.4, Bujiadiwei, is a unique supercar. Never the vehicle manufacturer, who designed, planned, or manufacture of such an ultimate sports car: the power specifications for the 1,001 horsepower, top speed 407 km/h, the torque 1,250 Nm, 16-cylinder turbocharged engine and fixed The four-wheel drive. Strongest power specifications and technical innovation, will be pushed to the extreme: 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds, a speed of 0-200 km/h 7.3 seconds, a speed of 0-300 km/h 16.7 seconds to accelerate performance.

However, Bugatti Automobiles SAS has been stressed that the the deceleration performance must be even better than the acceleration. Therefore, Bujiadiwei 16.4 from 100-0 km per hour/hour brake in just 2.2 seconds. the despite

have such a high-performance technical data Bujiadiwei 16.4 ideal for everyday driving. It is the perfect combination of the most simple, hassle-free day-to-day operations and exciting ultra-high-performance driving pleasure.

establish milestone


Bujiadiwei 16.4 brings together the top automobile manufacturing technology. Adhere to the faithful to Bugatti's tradition. Not too expensive or too perfect, only the best parts and materials will be used to produce Wei Hang 16.4 supercar. 16.4 just

Bujiadiwei global debut, has been recognized as a classic. Bugatti has immortal legendary brand. In 1909, Ettore Bugatti Automobiles in Molsheim, France set up the depot, has been operating in 1956, made a lot of the world's fastest supercar. 16.4 is Molsheim Bugatti depot Bujiadiwei again put into operation after the first cars Bugatti supercar.

With a perfect combination of the most simple, worry-free day-to-day operation, the power and speed and amazing road performance Bujiadiwei 16.4 soon become a collectors dream collection goals. The Bote Sen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles (Petersen Automotive Museum) has exhibited a Bujiadiwei 16.4. In addition, it is more attractive to a gun, never particularly considering the purchase of the world's most powerful super sports car, completely incomparable comfort and day-to-day simple manipulation of the fans of the potential customer. the

Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti certainly am pleased. He insisted Bugatti cars is a real art, Bujiadiwei 16.4 is the philosophy and the philosophy of modern interpretation. This is a combination of art, form and perfect technology Bugatti core values ​​supercar. Needless to say, Air 16.4, Bujiadiwei, has set a new milestone in automotive history. after to the five decades car

altar myth

five decades, in the French town of Molsheim again production supercar Bugatti (Bugatti), symbol of Molsheim once again become the world hub of Bugatti. As a part of the history of the nearby Strasbourg, picturesque town, has never lost its importance. Bugatti has a public super-luxury car brand is not there had been a special experience. Bugatti Product has gone on the market for some time, but in the region of Alsace (Alsace) Bugatti fanatics together with cloth Jiadi club friends, around the world, has been in the past half-century heritage with the Bugatti brand tradition. founder Ettore Bugatti

Bugatti insist on creating an aesthetic appreciation of his unique art of the vehicle, he was an artist, not a technician. Glorious era, Bugatti won the illustrious victory for the fighters in the world on the runway; applicability in day-to-day driving Bugatti customers for more expansion. The distinguished design of the flash in the pan and the individual models limited edition, so Bugatti fame, and into the astronomical price ranks. With its sub-Jean and founder passed away in 1939 and 1947, respectively, the the increasingly weakening of companies ultimately unsustainable. Molsheim Bugatti plant after 47 years of production, after the failure of the last attempt in 1956, was forced to close their doors. Period, the plant had produced 7,950 Ministry Model 13-251 Bugatti cars. the

the sales situation of Pur Sang

Bujiadiwei, Air 16.4 currently has production and delivery of 100 limited edition silver models - Bujiadiwei Pur Sang (purebred), launched at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, the appearance is made of aluminum and carbon fiber , this section the limited edition Bujiadiwei Air price of 1.4 million euros, the world's only 5, the date sold out. Although Bujiadiwei 16.4 has been officially listed, but accurate price and other luxury cars, but does not explicitly given. The price of each vehicle will be calculated on the basis of one million euros according to the prevailing exchange rates and tax rates, the manufacturer and not a separate fare. NEED TO KNOW

relevant parameters length/width/high (mm): the 4420/1995/1150

Wheelbase (mm): 2710 Curb Weight (kg): 1600

fuel tank volume (L): 120

Engine Type: W16 (made up of two The combination of a V8 engine)

Number of cylinders: 16

valves per cylinder: 4

supercharger: 4 turbo supercharger

engine position: the center

drive mode: four-wheel drive

Maximum power (kW)/rpm: 736/6000

maximum torque (Nm/rpm) :2200-5500

maximum speed (km/h): 407

hundred kilometers acceleration time (S): the form of 2.5

Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox

the Bugatti Chinese shop

2009 Bugatti The exhibition hall will be opened in Campbell Street, which is the world's first Bugatti showroom. As well as all of Asia's largest Lamborghini showroom, Aston Martin while landing.

the first day of the 2010 Beijing International Auto Show media day at the shocking news, just on display in the morning of 38 million yuan worth luxury sports car Bujiadiwei of flight centennial edition has been a mysterious Chinese buyers capsule, which has been following the 2008 Beijing Auto Show Bugatti sold a price of 20 million yuan Wei Hang, the second time in a row at the Beijing auto show valuable Chinese buyers bought more than ten million yuan Bugatti . Bugatti Veyron Super Sport,

basic information is the the Bugatti company launched version of the ultimate Veyron. It is the maximum horsepower, the world's fastest production car. (Currently, the German tuning Lamborghini LP750 speed of 365 km)

and Veyron Super Sport horsepower up to 1200, reduce the weight the 50KG, using a new air intake design, suspension shock absorbers to re-adjust, The new anti-roll bar and a complex suspension system in motorsport its lateral G values ​​reached 1.4G, not only become the the horsepower largest sports super ran and manipulate the best performance of the sport of ultra-running Veyron Super Sport a. Super Sport test speed to make up to 434.211km/h, the speed limit of 415 sale version of super sport, in order to protect the tires.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport limited edition of 30 units, of which five orange black color speed recorded version, already sold out. The price of not less than 1.95 million 欧布加迪威 Air of Super Sport


Bugatti chief engineer Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber said: "We thought an average speed of 264 miles (about 425 kilometers) per hour, but perfect conditions today, so it ran better results "Currently, this achievement has been recognized by the Guinness Book of officials, appeared in the" Guinness Book of World Records. June 26, 2010

Guinness Book of Records, the Chief Bugatti driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel driving manufactured by Master Ye Zhong force special edition Veyron Super Sport in the mass testing ground to create a speed world record for production cars. Pierre-Henri driving under the supervision of the Guinness Book of World Records certified team Veyron SS from south to north, from north to south along the routes of travel twice, respectively, ran out of the amazing accomplishments of 427.933km/h, 434.211 km/h average speed of 431.072 km/h by the Guinness Book of World Records included, which is also the end of the SSC Ultimate Aero 412km/h fastest production car title.

top speed, according to foreign media reports, the world production car land speed record was eventually a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 super sports car to break. Orange, car sports car color Heixia average top speed to challenge the world record of 267.8 miles (about 430 kilometers per hour), far exceeds the expectations of Bugatti Engineering group. [1]

world's most expensive car models of the world's most expensive car models June 15,

2010, a Bugatti Veyron sports car model debut in Liverpool, England. Ye Zhong force master manufacturing the world's most expensive toys, priced at £ 2,000,000. The production cost of the car two months, 24K gold, platinum and diamonds, weighing about 7 kg.

Middle East Special Edition of money for many Middle Eastern rich, maybe something is a digital, ultra-running hundreds of millions of dollars everywhere, this market for all luxury car brand in the world are contested. A few days ago, the leader in ultra-running brand Bugatti specifically for the Dubai Motor Show brings three special edition models.

First, a value of 215 million U.S. dollars (about 13.63 million yuan), the appearance of a bright yellow paint and carbon fiber Bujiadiwei, interior and exterior phase the Special Edition 1

reflect Bujiadiwei into Fun, yellow seat carbon fiber trim. Wei Hang, followed by a value of 237 million U.S. dollars (about 15 million yuan) blue carbon fiber + polished aluminum decorative appearance, inside with orange leather seats and dashboard Indigo.

Finally, a green carbon fiber appearance + the polished aluminum decorated Bujiadiwei, gray leather seats and green carbon fiber trim inside, the value is the same for 237 million dollars. Bugatti side said that currently only sold 45 units Bujiadiwei Grand Sports, which means that there are 105 units top ultra-running in waiting for its master. Special Edition Bujiadiwei 2

successor sketch Recently, Bugatti introduced in the overseas sale Wei Hang Super Sport and Grand Sport this year's Shanghai auto show. Super Sport models to 1200 horsepower, top speed 431km/h per hour to prove their own matchless strong force. Bugatti and not be stalled, a few days ago, the official said they are considering launching a the Wei Hang successor models, dynamic, beyond the Wei Hang Super Sport Bugatti. The Ettore

Bugatti insiders said, we have been their responsibility to produce hundreds of kilometers acceleration in the world's fastest sports car, and this persisted efforts with. In another development, Wei Hang successor there will be a new breakthrough in the power, it will go beyond the Wei Hang Super Sport 2.5 seconds Acceleration 0-62 time and 431 km/h top speed. From design sketches, it seems the front face of the new models have been large changes in a large area of ​​the air intake grille design strengthen, in addition, the new models are more compact tail exhaust pipe is still overbearing and new car more lightweight than Wei Hang. Tamas Jakus,

designers, have designed some models sketch for a new car named Ettore, the name taken from the brand founder Ettore Bugatti. Volkswagen's ultra-running brand

Cabriolet Bugatti Wei Hang Grand Sport Vitesse convertible super sports car, the new car is not only using the latest convertible structure, and the power further escalation, continuation of the world's most powerful ultra-running legend. Pushed Cabriolet Bujiadiwei ultra-running 1200 hp engine [2]

Bujiadiwei Grand Sport Vitesse Grand Sport Convertible models developed from most of the body shell is made of carbon fiber fabric to create, throughout the body around aerodynamic kits will be This convertible ultra-running to provide better high-speed stability. This also let it become the most powerful in the history of the super sports car type. push Cabriolet

Bujiadiwei ultra-running 1200-horsepower engine

power aspects, the, Grand Sport Vitesse, Bujiadiwei equipped after upgrade 8.0-liter 16-cylinder turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 1001 horsepower upgrade to 1200 hp, peak torque by 1250N · m upgrade to 1500N · m, this achievement is called crazy. New car 0-100km/h acceleration takes only 2.5 seconds to accelerate to 200km/h in just 7.3 seconds. Recently, according to foreign media reports,

Bujiadiwei the new Bujiadiwei will debut next year's Frankfurt Motor Show, and then officially launched at the end of the year. When it will become the world's fastest supercar. up to 1168 kilowatts maximum power of

new Bujiadiwei vehicle weight 250 kg lighter than the current model, one hundred kilometers acceleration time of just 1.8 seconds, top speed of 467 km/h, acceleration performance is faster than the current model a full 0.9 seconds, this data is enough shocking.

for the Bugatti speaking, the biggest challenge is to reduce vehicle weight, the Bugatti engineers also are working to overcome this difficulty, it is learned that the new car wheels will likely entirely of carbon fiber to create, to achieve the purpose of weight loss. According to another report, Bugatti future is expected to launch the hybrid model, the car will have a stronger sense of the body less and flow lines, also equipped with the W16 four turbocharged engine, but the cylinder volume may be increased to 9.6 liters, while comes with an electric motor.