Bai Lili

Chinese female football players to enter the Shanghai team in December 1993. The comic book character of the same name Oriental. the

Name: Bai Lili the Baili Li

Gender: Female

Date of birth: the

Height: 168cm

Weight: 55kg

Nationality: China

project the: football

position: midfield

, Club: depending on the Women's

sports experience: December 1993 months into the Shanghai team. The national team in 1999. 2 Bai Lili


main achievements National Super League champions; the National Championship

2001 year 9th National Games champion; Asian Cup third place

2002 Busan Asian Games runner-up of the National Women's League

2003, League Championship

the white Lily injuries do not Greenery helpless commentary of the World Cup tribulations can make people grow up, but the pain is often only a human body odor. Women's World Cup just around the corner, the Steel Roses will embark on a new journey. However, when Bai Lili had no opportunity to play when and former teammates fought side by side. A year ago, the Asian Cup injuries completely changed her life. Beijing, Shanghai, Belgium, Bai Lili not campaign arena, but four chemists. The minimum requirements of hope back to the pitch from the postoperative surviving now "does not affect the normal life", Bai Lili calm, indifferent, relieved. Bai Lili

the painful July 27,

2006, Bai Lili'll never forget that day. Chinese Women's 7 years numerous North Korea's embarrassing to have to end, however, since she no longer could not return to the football field. That game to 22 minutes, Bai Lili left break, the Korean women's football team is heavily uprooting the ground. "A clear sound, on the sidelines of a reporter told me he heard." Until today, remember the past, Bai Lili is still a lingering fear and general surgery as long as three hours, and I do more than five hours, surgery middle anesthetic too strong, I woke up once, then really frightened. "

results confirmed anterior cruciate ligament rupture, medial collateral ligament, leaving only 30% of the patellar tendon." Bai Lili they never thought he would hurt so heavy, "Now, the internal structure of the knee and not the same patella down." in Beiyisanyuan time after surgery, she two went to Belgium treatment, but so far the anterior cruciate ligament still can not surgery.

woman born beauty, ruthless injuries Bai Lili lap left a dozen cm long scar. After surgery, I have counted Bai Lili

to 32-pin, drilled holes in the knee. "Immediate Bai Lili no game training every year, but the figure kept well. Red T-shirt, Capri pants cover the scars. the

sitting on the bed, Bai Lili put away the injured right leg, thigh and calf receive only 90 degrees. Down the stairs, do not need others to arm, leg can not bend, lift straight, and straight down. Without training, Bai Lili had its own time, but helpless with limited mobility, walking time is not too long.

record for the past, friends Bai Lili case of injuries, but she did not look at. For the treatment, "able to live a normal life can be," she did not dare too much luxury. the

learn English

alive to a little spirit. Bai Lili positive face of the spirit of life remains.

"Kuzhongzuole" Bai Lili to yourself definition of life. Entered her room, strong herbal flavor, which will be precisely the time of her dressing. Sat on the bench, hand towel, dipped in syrup, wrapped in the injured knee glance foreign language channel to broadcast programs from time to time. "Ah, the old people speak English rather hard, but it is no longer easy." Bai Lili since language and a simple exchange of foreigners have been no problem. The Baili Li

left the pitch, though reluctantly, but her life at the same time to open other windows. "Now do to the playground, you can do some previously could not do." After all, the arrangements for a new life to more practical. "I give myself leaving more time to learn, and occasionally also to meet old friends and make new friends." Kiskiskis

now, Bai Lili highly motivated to learn a foreign language, apart from watching TV to learn, she will even go to the public organization English salon around. "There are Chinese, but only speak English, learn English or helpful." Three meals a day in the hospital to eat, poor nutrition, and weekends, Bai Lili occasionally to a foreign friend's house guest, both supplementary nutrition, improve foreign language communication skills.

served the commentary

everyone will be looking forward to the future, the sudden turn of events disrupted the original Bai Lili life trajectories.

center of gravity is the stadium, now moved to a rehabilitation center. Sports General Administration Hospital Rehabilitation treatment of different instruments, different rooms on the second floor, balance training, do strength training walking ... on almost to various projects have done it again in the afternoon, two hours of rehabilitation therapy Bai Lili. The next period of time, she will go on so. Bai Lili

playing field the 18

treatment, the doctor said: "Now the World Cup." Bai Lili laughed off the question, the expression of some complex stood. After the injury, the sight of the tackles, her heart always GeDeng ", even once did not look at the game. September's Women's World Cup, Bai Lili accept the invitation of CCTV do Commentary guests. Strikes, and can not, act as a commentary in a way to support women's football career. the

2009 years, Bai Lili necessary professional graduated from Tongji University administration. Leaving the stadium's new life, and every day she enrich themselves. Speaking of the future, her eyes reveals a firm and persistent, "really can not play football, I would not leave the playground, and hope that the future can do and sports-related things. The

wind and rain Rainbow Steel Roses more sorrow more painful to go back, Once a Thief Extraordinaire Never Back End of the World. "lyrics that describe Bai Lili of the Baili Li

immediate, appropriate.

Bai Lili active recovery longing for an early return of the Chinese Women's National Team players Bai Lili ended in Belgium after surgery, return home cultivation. Bai Lili said today that she hopes to be resumed as soon as possible, but the injury eventually restored into what she is also not known. The third surgery returned

Belgium actively resumed In July

2006, the Chinese women's football after an absence of title after seven years, and finally again in Adelaide aspirations to Asian Cup champions. Chinese Women's generals Bai Lili is also in the Asian Cup, the Chinese team and the Korean team's Asian Cup semi-final match in scraping when accidentally injured, causing his right foot cruciate ligament tear. After returning in August Women Bai Lili in Beiyisanyuan the consultation. Check as well as expert consultation are confirmed Bai Lili of more serious injuries, have broken knee anterior cruciate and medial ligaments. So August 2, she Beiyisanyuan accept a medial knee ligament surgery.

from the end of August 2 first medial ligament surgery, Bai Lili has Beiyisanyuan the 20-day recovery. Experts plan was formulated Bai Lili, after the surgery of the medial collateral ligament, Bai Lili recuperating in Beijing a month and a half after anterior cruciate ligament surgery in October. Once rumored Bai Lili after the second surgery, also due to more serious injuries, "Bai Lili may bid farewell to the football field because of injury". Bai Lili, in

after surgery in October to return home accomplishment the Shenhua team doctor Juergen recommendations to Belgium to accept 2 suture surgery. Today, has returned to Shanghai home restoration therapy Bai Lili said: "Now is the time for a whole month after the surgery from Belgium, the doctor said that this injury is to restore the look of 5-6 months after surgery, in order to know the final recovery results. Anyway, I am now in accordance with the requirements of the doctor, maintained daily activities, 20 minutes of cycling groups, the static squat 2 groups, and I also hope that their early rehabilitation.

looking forward to the return of the Women's World Cup national team for the previous rumors It decommissioned said Bai Lili himself said: "It really is not good to say, all on recovering from the injury, but as a team, 07 Women's World Cup, 08 Olympic Games are held in their own country, which is a lot of athletes lifetime never quite found the things Bai Lili

, of course I would also like to participate in, but now the hurt in the end how to recovery, I do not know, I'm just in a very positive recovery training. "

fact, Bai Lili is absolutely The national women's football in the best candidate of the left half, before the Women's World Cup broke, Bai Lili can be recovered, then, for the Chinese women's football is definitely regarded as good news. Women's National Team can also relieve pressure to Bai Lili select successors, Bai Lili I now greatest wish is also hoping to catch the return to the national team before the Women's World Cup.

recuperate body being worried about Ma Liangxing

Bai Lili is still sidelined with injuries, but to know the condition of the Women's head coach Ma Liangxing, Bai Lili is also very worried about. "In fact, do coach was very hard now heard horses guidance hospital, I am also very worried about him, but, anyway, now is hope that he will keep good health as soon as possible, after all, the body is the most critical." Kiskiskis

in Shanghai home and recuperate Bai Lili can put aside crutches, recovery is generally good. Optimistic estimate Bai Lili in the next five months if the recovery goes well, she should be able to return to the football field in this year's Women's World Cup.

Bai Lili returning to start rehabilitation Bai Lili, the Chinese women's football national team players injured in the July 27, 2006 Asian Cup game with the Korean team has returned to Shanghai on the 6th of this month rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the most difficult and most critical, the doctor said that if the recovery goes five or six months after the race, but can catch the World Cup in September of this year is still unknown. But Bai Lili said the 07 World Cup with 08 Olympic Games are competitions in their own doorstep, she will be in a positive manner to recover, do not want to miss this two events.

playing field Bai Lili (6)

since the injuries in the Asian Cup after Bai Lili already has received three surgery is done in the country for the first time after surgery, she went to Belgium to do two very successful surgery, and on the 6th of this month, returned to the country. Although her treatment was successful, but at least five by Bai Lili

of up to six months to restore normal training. As for the ability to participate in this year's World Cup, which is still unknown. Before and after the treatment costs of nearly 300,000 yuan in addition to the part of the insurance payment, all the rest is borne by the Chinese Football Association.

doctors said, the most critical is the most hard is rehabilitation.

Bai Lili also talked about his career seemed a bit confused: "Because the third surgery on a month's time to the present, so the doctor said that if the rehabilitation do play five to six months, but He said that this process is very hard. "

but her 07 World Cup and the Olympic Games, 08 is still very longing, she said that no matter what their own will to face with a positive attitude and do not want to miss the two contest opportunity. Bai Lili said: "I think for an athlete of the 2007 World Cup, 08 Olympic Games are held in their own country, it is really hard to get the opportunity to, as my desire would like to participate, but also a positive attitude in for rehabilitation. "

Edit this paragraph the Oriental project figures quotations fantasy Township spring always comes as lovable as angel fairy footsteps, turned into petals Bai Lili

scattered on the breath of spring fantasy Township in every corner. activity in the spring, with

petite Bai Lili only other goblins different, little goblins appear neither prank not aimlessly wandering playful, her arrival, in order to spread the information of the arrival of spring. Although considerable strength, but she has a good heart, as long as it does not interfere with the possibility of her spreading spring, then almost no attack. The contrary, in the place of her passing will be the breath of spring covered, showing a vitality. Therefore, she has also become the most popular in the world Sato goblin.

because human closeness, of where in the world can often find her figure, then If you give her a flower seeds, she will be exposed innocent smile, and her laughter around flower seeds also competing blossom, with shine, people feel warm. It is no wonder that some people will think that she is in fact not a monster, but the incarnation of the angel.

basic information Bai Lili

Bai Lili (ri ri `ホ ワ イ) LilyWhite

【race goblin

【ability to convey the spring arrival of the degree of capacity

[career] spring report fine

[residence] unknown

[other title] convey the arrival of spring the goblin - Oriental Yao Yao dream "

the [other color] Black & Red - Oriental flower map mound"

Simplified resume] came above the clouds found a warm spring track - "Oriental the Yao Yao Dream" wants to tell Reimu et al spring has come. But her excitement released barrage, the Reimu and other people think that is an attack and was shot down.

role set - lovely Bai Lili

---- Yao Yao dream set

○ to bring spring goblins

In Bai Lili the (リ リ `ホ ワ イ ト)

Lily White,

surrounded by BOSS, near the spring will come out of the goblin .

mainly has the ability to inform the arrival of spring.

do not have any lines in the game, it will not use the Spell Card.

also has a the belly long-haired ability to that point.

no matter how long I would wait to spring not come, so go to the cloud a look, there turned out to spring.

I just want the cloud will come on spring is finally coming of it, to tell the immediate human., but Reimu them as attack. Bai Lili &; amp; amp; Black Lily

the second set is a natural stay, there are worse people gave her a name called "Jiaochun the female"

blackening, the blackened form Black Lily, is also possible and Black Lily is not the same role, are unconfirmed. (From flower map mound)

edit this paragraph Japanese anime "Vampire Knight" played the role of basic information Bai Lili (ホ ワ イ Suites ri ri ィ `/ White, Lily) is a Japanese anime" Vampire Knight "one of the protagonists Cone Health Zero's love of horses, childhood by The raised. Debut in the comics, then 6, animations, then 1. the

personality experienced a violent hard-to-reach, called "Hell Ritmeester Day Division students, but the only recognized zero-based comic debut had runaway zero reassuring calm, extremely sensitive to the vampire and disgust, but zero without exclusion and likes to bite his hair. A child brought up by zero-handedly custody, particularly close to him, turbulent ups and downs in a night of zero sleep and mood often like to go around it. Bai Lili are able to understand the zero mind know zero when want to be alone, and on his behalf at such times to get rid of people want to disturb. In animation, Bai Lili had him outside the black main advantages Kyi, and to help zero hide the blood tablets tablets remain in the School of zero, accompanied by excellent Kyi left.