Ren Liping

Ren Liping, a girl born in Beijing, is a national women's football athletes, her court position defender, has a powerful defensive ability with mobility. the

name: the the Ren Liping (Ren Liping) Ren Liping

gender: the female

birthday: 1978.10.21

Hometown: Beijing

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 55.3 kg Ren Liping

Position: Defender

jersey number: 15

projects: Football

education background: University

the personal hobby: reading, dancing, travel

registered units:

now Coach: Ma Liangxing, the enrollment project of Valley Oizumi (Beijing the team)

Olympics: Women's

best: the 2006 Asian Cup champion

movement Experience: into the Beijing women's soccer team in December 1993, the end of 1997, was selected to the National Team.

edit Ren Liping

, runner-up of the 8th National Games in 1997, the main achievement of this paragraph Ren Liping

1999 National Women's Football League champion

2001 9th National Games runner-up

2001 National Women's Football League, Premier League champion

2002 Busan Asian Games The runner-up

2003 sixth World Cup

2004 years Olympic Games Asian qualifiers champion

2006 Asian Cup champions

. edit this paragraph Ren Liping About stature not high, but the impact is very strong, and her team Ren Liping

faithful privately called "small tank . The combination of power and technology, she is a secret weapon against the Chinese team of European and American teams. Gained fame from obscurity, Ren Liping on the shoulders to take on more responsibility.

edit this paragraph recommended Ren Liping

the big score of the Chinese team lost to Brazil, the former internationals Ren Liping think this is not between the two teams the real gap Ren Liping

embodies, "Today there are three balls belong to their own mistakes." Ren Liping said. For the performance of the Chinese team in the game, Ren Liping said: "not necessarily illustrate the strength of the Chinese team than Brazil team lost four balls so much worse." She went on to say: "lost the ball behind the mentality problem, throw a few ball players play will be affected to some extent after "

for goalkeeper mistakes, Ren Liping told reporters:" If I was a multi-Man, the next game will certainly be in this position adjustment observed from the two games, The youngest (Han Wenxia) is clearly not in the state, it is better to let Zhang Yanru play a dozen I had her in a room, and she is the kind of daring to fight the players dare red beyond their own level in this game "

edit this paragraph aspirations Chinese team first battle 3 to 2 win over Denmark, but the time on the ball and lost the ball situation analysis there are still a number of Ren Liping

Vital. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed former national team players after the game Ren Liping. For the current national team is the biggest problem, Ren Liping, admits: "weak midfield is the biggest problem of the national team." This is so, she believes that the core problem is that the lack of a strong Chinese team midfielder Bi Yan considering the name attacking midfielder, a limited role in the defense, she and Ma Xiaoxu, Han Duan are Dalian, multi-Man may be considered in this regard more that their cooperation will be more understanding. defensive throughout the game is not very successful, with the other scraping is difficult to account for cheap. "

for the ground ball game, Ren Liping said:" This is for two reasons, first, likely a technical problem, followed by the other Nordic team may, so selected the ball high a number. "Ren Liping

goalkeeper Han Wenxia's poor performance in the game, Ren Liping seems, should be avoided, she said:" The youngest the (Han Wenxia) and Sanmao ( Zhang Yanru) the overall strength of almost experience more rich Laoliu, Sanmao more on golf in the game, goalkeeper mistakes really affect morale. "

when it comes to the arrangement of the next game, Ren Liping forecast to: "Now look Ma Xiaoxu and Han Duan characteristics somewhat similar, the next game I guess Dorman Ma Xiaoxu withdraw to hit five midfield, Han Duan's speed looking for opportunities." Finally, Ren Liping also stressed that we must try to play the role of the two sides, which is the key to the Chinese team can go far.

edit the left the World Cup without regrets best memories

Ren Liping did not think retirement will encounter this with the Yang Kun as a footnote. Leave football life, she still worried about their own sisters. The World Cup is her eternal regret, but the Women's fondest memories of her life. Ren Liping

Women's patriarch favorite "indifferent"

Yang Kun: unlike football, middle school teacher look like?

Ren Liping (ha ha): faint, however, is not the first person to say, especially after I do not kick a lot of people say I'm so white skin, how would go play football.

Sorry I've never seen women's football, but I still very concerned about the Women's World Cup.

ah, that you've seen a football match?

in my memory, I've only seen two games. A like in 1997 Gongti, when the Yankees hit Shanghai Shenhua Ren Liping

, feeling the fans crazy. The game score is 9 to 1, so that I can hardly forget. Look at the second game is the game of the Premier League, and Sun Jihai, Li Tie, and I are good friends. Go to the Manchester City game, when Manchester City lose to win I can not remember, I feel very shocked. Because I go into music, so very interested in Lala song of their fans, England fans really understand ball, with the process of the game, they will sing a different song, and all of them are a little musicians mean.

, the United Kingdom is the birthplace of modern football, and certainly did not say the understanding of the people on the football.

In fact, I rarely watch football, soccer or little fate. I have attended a star football team.

is not it? Then what do you play?

is actually kicking play, last year we also had to kick racetrack in Germany.

Women's World Cup, you will see it?

go, when we go to. You have to get me a few tickets. Ren Liping

absolutely no problem. Your singing is very good, the uncle of our veterans are most like your song. To K song first on the point of "do not care", ha ha, we are does not matter.

old songs, new songs have "Wrangler".

Equestrian favorite the project

impressed you the game which a?

2003 World Cup in the United States that a loss to Canada, our audience pressing them to play, but it is not the goal, also people a steal, after losing all of us were crying, because our World Cup trip So suddenly, this is life. Of Ren Liping

deepest impression goal it? I remember you when several female super champion.

too much to count. I think you should be the athletes of material children, how you went into the entertainment industry?

purely like, to Beijing is not easy, and slowly works like.

what you like sports?

I like horsemanship, not the horse race. Equestrian elegance and noble so I was fascinated by the equestrian events at the 2008 Olympic Games, when I go to Hong Kong to see.

"must have the opportunity to give women's football songwriting to"

you have not thought about to write about football songs?

songwriting the

few years ago I used to sing the theme song to our FA Cup opening ceremony, called the "one two three stood up. Have the opportunity to write songs but also to women's football girls. to

I remember to Yie Bei sang a song about women's football, as if "Let me look at you, do not know if you've heard not? Ren Liping

She seems to Olympic cheering, I will cheer to the Olympics.

next year's Olympic Games women's football is still the home game, when you go to the game, right?

Olympic event I will be watching, I hope that next year they can get the title at home.