Francisco Román Alarcón Suarez the Isco


full name: Francisco Roman Allah holes Suarez

English name::, Isco (Isco)

Birthdate: April 21, 1992

Height: 176cm

weight: 75kg

Nationality: Spain

Birthplace: the Burnett Erma Dana

now plays club: Malaga football club

, who played for the club: Valencia the football club

field position: the attacking midfielder

About Isco was born and raised Na'ama Dana small village called classes near Malaga. He grew, he had to play the role of the key man in various the youth representatives 多安达卢西亚 team. While in 2006, only 14 years old Isco left his hometown to join Valencia. Can imagine, determined to leave their homeland, this is not an easy thing for a young boy. Isco said: "Initially, I really wanted to leave, because I think I can not stick to the end, just when I'm ready to pack up to go home, my mother told me to be strong, so when recalled when I stayed in order to achieve their dreams must work hard, so I stayed. the world less tournament lock on

the Isco contest with different grade players grow up quickly. He Spain U17 national team called up to the team to participate in the 2009 U17 World less competition three wonderful goal, he let the world remember and help the team achieved third place in three or four finalists against Columbia 15 minutes before the whistle, Isco score in a restricted area near the break, the team won a bronze medal in the tournament curtain, Isco revealed their ambitions, he said: "My football career just started, there are a lot of dreams waiting for me to come true, and I hope that a good performance could have been maintained. "Isco is known for its calm personality, in order to realize their dreams, the young, he will go into exile, he can even pay all of their own in order to realize their dreams. Coaches for their treatment in Valencia The game focused and mature attitude and full of praise. The

the only 18-year-old striker is still waiting for his debut in the high-level events, but his excellent performance in the summer preseason has conquered coach Emeri heart, Emeri insist on letting Isco follow the first team with training with the game. Although it is impossible to ensure absolute main position in the team, but Isco still possible next season to get some off the bench the opportunity to do the outbreak, while the Mestalla Stadium, and the entire La Liga will remember the name of of Isco the supernova. Isco comprehensiveness vital role to play in this season. preseason the race, the Valencia coach Emery switch to the 4231 formation achieved good results, and it is the Isco the presence he let Emeri 4231 made possible.

Emery Eastman Bryant for the next Silva he definitely is not the first one who won Isco with the star-class Manchester City new aid par. Admittedly, Isco in order to achieve predecessors the height of the FIFA World Cup is still a long way to go, but he has great potential enough to let him emboldened to believe that they can do the same to Silva can do things where else can you stay in Silva's former team Valencia slowly than progress better it?

in an interview which, when asked to Isco replied: "humility the first, success will be followed by future prospects. "This is what a calm state of mind! National Youth Core

in U19 qualifier just near the end, the the Isco same outstanding performance. The Spain U19 qualifiers can be called the Group of Death in the team points in a the world less champion Swiss team, luxury lineup England and dark horse potential Montenegro team. can even be no exaggeration to say that, like the final qualifying for the Spanish players face. U19 double the nuclear 伊斯科萨拉 Shakespeare face very serious challenges. Salabiya starting to play in the first game against Switzerland, that assists Hu Ammi headed home to score four minutes 后萨拉比亚 series of repeatedly breaking biography, which there is no lack Chuandang extraordinary, like extraordinary pick the ball extremely ornamental extraordinary action. watching the game almost remember the handsome face of thin build speed fast dribbling unpredictable breakthrough facial No. 10 player. Of course, if you think the game the personal Salabiya show that can only say that this the personal show continued to 68 minutes, after 68 minutes, Isco play. When you see a 19-year-old players difficult dribbling skills Marseille roundabout cow tail relaxed beautiful, everyone is charmed. Isco complete the tacit understanding in the game with Hu Ammi, Hu Ammi earlier scored a goal assists Isco field goal fell to the ground after the match against Montenegro, Isco first loss of points and assists its very calm and calm state of mind seems to have a commanding presence, and finally Hu Ammi scored twice and Morata goal, the game 3-0 Montenegro against England also Isco kick score directly, and this ball is the only goal of the game Spain final between Spain and England a 1-1 draw in Spain to advance the best record in 7.20 No. U19 finals if to say in this super group of death who is the biggest player in the Spanish head cut, the answer can be no hesitation in saying, Eastman from Valencia Branch In the year July 12,

2011 Malaga and Valencia, the two clubs has Isco transfer to reach a final consensus. Isco five-year contract with Malaga, the first year of liquidated damages of 20 million euros, will be the fifth year, an increase of 24 million euros last season, Isco in the official game of the Valencia team played seven times in La Liga, King's Cup and Champions League debut, although The official did not specify, but according to various media reports, the amount of this transfer of € 6,000,000.

Isco scored victory over Racing Santander in La Liga away in the November 21, 2011 3 1 ball at the child, followed by a 2 beat Villarreal game and then scored in the entire 2011/12 season, he played 32 times and scored five goals, 11 assists, Marathi plus the final ranked fourth in the Primera Liga, qualify for the Champions League, while Isco also chosen "Best New Artist" of 2011/12 La Liga season due to his memorable performance of the national team coach Vicente del Bosque in Serbia and the Republic of Korea in 2012 boy genius recruited into the team. European Cup warm-up match on these Mingmalajia last about 12 months, Isco is like riding a rocket shot up from Valencia B team to the Spanish national team, which is a huge progress, especially when he was 20 years of age but Isco maintain the quality of humility and dedication, and strive to do the best. September 18, 2012, Malaga Champions League first show, he scored two goals in one fell swoop fame, to help the team a 2-0 victory over Zenit St Petersburg, he was named the best player of the game after being officially named the best player in the first round of the Champions League group stage. Dec. 22

2012 years Italy "Turin Sports Daily" reported the results of the final selection of the 2012 annual "Golden Boy Award" announced 2012 European Golden Boy

played for the club Malaga, Spain Spanish international midfielder Isco eventually beat high voice the AC Milan striker Chaaraoui, won the title, becoming the most glittering in the 2012 European football rookie, Isco 137 points Milan jump Red Nova Chaaraoui, to get 125 points to Atletico keeper Courtois get the 116 points. European Golden Boy Award competition is fierce in the 40 primaries list the in Lamela, Kudiniao, Chaaraoui, Wei Ladi, Isco, Bo Geba, Wallachia, Chamberlain, Sri Lanka Thelin young couple, last year's "Golden Boy" Goetze also shortlisted candidate. Isco winning is also historic reached the Champions League last 16 ,12-13 season, Malaga deserved, Isco as a team 4 battle before the core 2 goals and 2 assists, leading the team ahead of two rounds of qualifying this season in La Liga, ended Malaga ranked league 4, Isco also has 3 goals 1 assists for Houston.

technical characteristics he is a born attacking midfielder, his footwork is very delicate, and he is good at passing, always send a subtle pass easily through each other's defense. while his center of gravity is relatively low, coupled with agile pace Isco dribbling very well for his dribbling, the Isco extraordinary

the the we can say this: face him, you have only two choices: 1. was too; 2. tipped him play highly ornamental, on the pitch he is like an elegant dancer, intoxicating. Isco customary right foot, but in the face of the goal when he was a true "double gunmen. "Although Isco outstanding abilities, but that does not mean that he would show off some slick tricks very active in the field that he can never be afraid limb on the collision with the other players, his performance is often very tough. defensive player grabbed the ball hard from his feet as an attack players while Isco's defensive awareness world-class. Isco also competent court different from the position he not only in the field played an outstanding winger, when the team needed him, he can take on the role of offensive organization, Isco can become that perfect stay in the other frontcourt players.

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edit this paragraph, the name of the Argentine players: Mariano Islami Coma Adriano · the Isco

the name: Izco

birthday Role :1983-03-13

: avant-garde

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Preferred foot: right foot

Birthplace: Buenos Aires (Argentina )

Nationality: Argentina

on behalf of the national team: played 0 times into the the 0 ball

European Cup: played 0, 0 goals

Champions League: played 0 times into the 0 ball

effectiveness of the team: Whakatane Asian football club

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the San Lorenzo



edit this segment of Real Madrid want

transfer nature Buy Golden Boy Award winner Isco January 2, 2013, according to Spain "World Sports Daily" reported, Real Madrid prepare Buying 2012 European Golden Boy of the Year Award winner of Isco.

Isco last season played for Malaga 35 times, scoring five goals. Isco progress is obvious, he scored six goals in 21 appearances. because of his outstanding performance in the previous year, the 2012 European Golden Boy Prize laureate ultimately exalted be He, to but the people know that this prestigious award competition and Isco contains Shala Wei. specific to the record season to help on Isco Malaga Champions League qualification, but also to help the team to beat AC Milan in the Champions League, where the group first a. Isco is the face of Real Madrid scored the opener of a ball, led of Malaga 力斩 Galaxy warships.

Isco this outstanding performance impressed the Real Madrid, "the World Sports Daily," said the Real Madrid president Eph Loren Tarantino bullish on of Isco the future, Lafayette ready to recruit this talented player for Real Madrid for Real Madrid, the introduction of Isco is not difficult because the Isco and Malaga contract, liquidated damages only 21 million euros worth Prize winner of the European Golden Boy, is not high. now Malaga want to sign a new contract, the liquidated damages be increased to 40 million euros with Isco. Isco and unwilling players consider to Malaga will be UEFA prohibited to participate in the Champions League play to the stage in order to be able to get better and The Isco hope to switch to the big club.

"World Sports Daily," Florentino want to buy Eastman family reasons Real Madrid's Portuguese help likely disintegrated in the summer, the team's top star C Lo fear will leave Real Madrid, Florentino Real Madrid president election have to take part in this summer, in order to be able to get re-elected, will have to Lafayette to take measures. Falcao Florentino primary means purchase method, but that was not enough, the Lafayette is also preparing to bring Real Madrid then European Golden Boy Award winner Isco to know of Isco now popular in Spain very high, due to energy transfer sudden, has been acclaimed for the new Iniesta. [13]