Duncan Edwards

Duncan Edwards (Duncan Edwards) (1936.10.1 - 1958.2.21) former England international, Dudley, was born in West Midlands (West Midlands) City (Dudley). In June 1952, he joined Manchester United as an amateur player, then turned pro on October 1, 1953. He is one of the "Busby Babes" - the mid-1950s by coach Matt Busby (Matt Busby) single-handedly built young Manchester United - and also the eight died in the Munich air crash of one of the Manchester United players . Seen Edwards play, if he had not died young, he will become a cross-age football superstar.

full name: Duncan Edwards

, Date of Birth Place of Birth: October 1, 1936

: England West Midland County Dudley City

date of death: February 21, 1958

's death Location: Munich, Germany

field Location: side the avant garde

Club experienced Manchester United,

1953-1958, 151 (20) *

national team experience in England,

1955-1958 18 (5)

* number of appearances (number of goals), the number of club appearances and Goals only count the domestic league data

edit this paragraph biographical boyhood he was born in Dudley, West Midlands, Woodside (Woodside), Marvin Christen (Malvern Crescent) 1, but most of his childhood living (Priory) community in the same city of Puri, Mtex Road (Elm Road) 31. He was studying secondary school in Skopje primary and Wolverhampton Street (Wolverhampton Street), are the main force of the school football team. 1950 Little Duncan Edwards was recruited into England schoolchildren teams, and immediately drew the attention of the big clubs. England School coach Joe Messersmith (Joe Mercer) Edwards Recommend to Matt Busby, and said he believes the child will succeed. So, Busby dispatched his trusted chief scout Joe Armstrong (Joe Armstrong) to examine Edwards. 10 minutes is enough, Armstrong back recommended Busby personally to go to Dudley. A week later, Busby, then Jimmy Murphy (Jimmy Murphy) said Manchester United must not miss Edwards. Two years later, on October 1, 1951, Manchester United signed him at the time of his 16th birthday.

Manchester United are not the only clubs interested in Edwards. When Earth Wolverhampton Rangers (Wolverhampton Wanderers) - early 1950 and after a few years, the team is also one of the famous clubs in England - also hopes to check-in Edwards, but Edwards always look forward to play football for Manchester United, so when the opportunity comes, he can not refuse.

career April 4, 1953, he staged debut in the Manchester United game against Cardiff City (Cardiff City), which enabled him to become the youngest player in the English League. April 2, 1955, 16-year-old Edwards 183 days for the first time on behalf of England played Scotland, which is the record of the youngest post-war England internationals. The record holder for 43 years, until 1998, to break Michael Owen (Michael Owen), of Houwei En Rooney (Wayne Rooney) and recently Theo Walcott (Theo Walcott) and twice to break this record . Edwards played 175 times for Manchester United, scoring 21 goals in 18 appearances for England, scoring five goals. He can play anywhere on the field, but it impressed me most was his performance in the lower back. He was a lot of people as England's best player, we do not know if you have him is not to make the World Cup in England, but there is no doubt that he will contribute to this. and 1956

1955, Edwards helped the club to consecutive two-time League champion Manchester United team eligible to compete for the European Cup. England Football Association is reluctant to allow his team to participate in the competition, and to prohibit the defending champion Chelsea team to participate in the European Cup. Coach Busby turned a deaf ear to the ban on the Football Association of England, he actively training the team, and led to participate in a European Cup match. Manchester United in the European arena, an appearance attracted the attention of countries, on the one hand, may be due to its boss dare to challenge their Football Association, courage; Gaorenyichou the other hand, the team level. Manchester United successfully 12:0 victory over Belgian champions, impressive. Manchester United win the then again Borussia Dortmund topple, but in the semi-finals 3:5 defeat Real Madrid. Real Madrid team last reached the final and won the championship.

1958 European Cup, Manchester United all the way to triumph, they defeated two opponents in the final 1/4 final against Red Star Belgrade team. In home games, Manchester United 2:1 victory. Moved to Belgrade on February 5, Edwards and his teammates with triumphalism entered the pitch, he did not know that this is his last game, but do not know death is quietly he came. He continue in the field of scraping. Fans loudly shouting the name of Duncan, cheer for him. Day then people would, after they played to a 3:3 draw away to Red Star Belgrade team to enter the semi-finals, they will compete with Italian champions AC Milan team into the finals. But they did not have a chance. The February 6

1958 years in English football history of painful day, this day Manchester United team met the unprecedented disaster. Accelerating for takeoff when they take the aircraft on the runway, the ground slippery, lost focus, sliding on the airport next to the fence. A wing knocked the tail tear the aircraft disintegrated, strewn with dead bodies. 21 disaster claimed the precious lives of seven players, including Edwards was seriously injured. Manchester United is the main force of the England national team, Edwards, Charlton such superb players, the backbone of England to win the World Cup is the originator of modern football. Unfortunately, Edwards injuries too, admitted to hospital soon stopped breathing.

Evaluation and impact

Bobby Charlton is a survivor of the Munich air crash, Manchester United's reconstruction, he had said with emotion: If I could find one, and I kicked a lifetime football, it is Edwards Duncan . Plane crash survivors head coach Busby began the difficult reconstruction. After 10 years to lead the team finally boarded the European Cup Champion, Busby tears, he said that the shadow of the Munich air crash 10 years has been lingering, and now he can wash away the grime left by the disaster, to comfort the soul of the deceased Edwards generation of excellence. Today, Manchester United,

still hung with many photos of Edwards. He had a typical split in the 1950s, sports shirt, wearing a red V-shaped face of British Gas. In the the BBC last century, the top one hundred world football superstar, 21-year-old Edwards died still occupy a place, his impact on the world football Celebrity 100 list ranked 59. In a few short years professional playing career,

Duncan total played for Manchester United 177 games into 21 balls; played 21 times for the England national team. 15 days of heroic struggle and life after the crash, he died after burial in Dudley Cemetery.

things left to posterity Dudley a street named Edwards. Edwards, in his hometown of several commemorative way. In 1961, Matt Busby piece of stained glass windows depicting player appearances in the monastery village of St. Francis Church. In 1999, the mother of Bobby Charlton and Edwards set a bronze statue in the town center. 1993 Housing Association headquarters near a cul-de-sac Zian burial cemeteries close to Edward named Duncan Edwards

Road. The monastery village of Wren's Nest Bar near where Edwards grew up, the place in 2001, changed its name to "Duncan IDEXX to pay tribute to him, but five years after the end due to arson and destruction. In 2006, the opening of the Abbey Park rides cost £ 100,000 hours at Edwards often play. The 2008 Dudley southern bypass renamed as Duncan IDEXX Road. The era of

Edwards has praised his ability. Bobby Charlton described him as the only player to let him feel inferior, "and said his departure was" a tragedy of Manchester United and England soccer largest ever. Terry text that Boss also said: "If he were alive, would be Edwards won the 1966 World Cup as captain, rather than Bobby Moore. The soup Miduohedi also said:" There is no doubt, in my opinion, Duncan will become the greatest player ever, not only in English football, Manchester United and England, is the world's best. "George Best:" Pele and Diego horse radona Although it is a very special player, but in my heart, Duncan has a better overall capacity and skills 2002 Edwards football talent, so that he was elected to the English Football Hall of Fame. the

style of play in the body, he is huge. He is very strong and has a fantastic football brain. His ability is perfect - right foot, left foot, a long pass and short pass. He did everything instinctively. He has done all things are instinctive. --- Bobby Charlton

is he as defensive midfielder, Edwards was considered any location can serve Stadium on striker injured and as an emergency striker at the start, then change as central defender. His greatest asset is his physical and he's on the court's powers, and therefore into will be an excellent young players, and he particularly improved his endurance. Stanley Matthews described him as "a stone in the rough sea, Bobby Moore metaphor defense like the huge rock of Gibraltar, but also pointed out that he is a" future forward momentum. Advantage of his stature, he won the "Big Tang" (Big Dunc) and "tanks" (The Tank) nickname, and he is often rated as the most indomitable player.

Edwards is regarded as the appropriate time of strength and defensive opponent in the defense, and the ability to pass and hit the door and his feet are equally impressive. He were also in the field may be emotionally high, vigorously shot the ball good at heading and distance and familiar. In the event of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1956, he scored after a shot, because he like to shoot the ball like a howitzer local media given the nickname Boom Boom.

career club season Football League

League FA Cup European Cup Charity Shield Total

play goals play goal play goal play goal play goal

Manchester United 1952C53 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

Manchester United 1953C54 24 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 25 0

Manchester United 1954C55 33 6 3 0 0 0 0 0 36 6

1955C56 33 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 33 3

Manchester United Manchester United 1956C57 34 5 6 1 7 0 1 0 48 6

Manchester United 1957C58 26 6 2 0 5 0 1 0 Total of 34 6

United career 151 20 12 1 12 0 2 0 177 21 Total 18 5

season play goal

1954C55 4 0

1955C56 5 1

1956C57 6 3

1957C58 3 1

the career football The outside

Edwards is an absolute temperance advocates, and soccer, he was a very subtle people, and his interests include fishing, playing cards and go to the cinema. Although he participated with his teammates dance, but his social environment never confidence. He was Jimi Murphy. Described as "not spoil the boy" (unspoilt boy) and retain black gun heavy accent, so his teammates will imitate his accent to relax. Once he was riding without lights bicycle was stopped by the police authorities and clubs and was a fine of five shillings, and two weeks wages.

Edwards died before he live in Stretford gorse Avenue. He was only 22 years old, engaged to work in the Office of the Textile Machinery Manufacturers in Altrincham Molly Leach (Molly Leech). The couple met in a hotel at Manchester airport Banquet, exchanges engagement after one year, they are also godparents daughter Molly Leach friend Josephine Stout. Edwards

sighted in the glucose tablets of advertising in appearance, and has written a book titled "Defensive Player of the road" (Tackle Soccer This Way) commercial efforts to make him 15 pounds a week during the season wages, the summer is 12 pounds a week. Edwards's death, his family approved the publication of the book, as the book is out of print for many years, after the re-publication of the book in November 2009.

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