December 4

12 in the calendar year of 338 days (leap year 339 days), 27 days away from the whole year end.

1586 - Queen Elizabeth sentenced Mary to death. In

1639 - British astronomer Horrocks first astronomical telescope observed the transit of Venus.

1804 years - December 4, Napoleon crowned at Notre Dame de Paris, France became the emperor.

1906 - Ping visit the sweet wine uprising occurred. Ba Jin

1931 - Ba Jin completed the novel "home".

1933 - United States to lift up to 14 years of Prohibition.

1935 - Mount Rushmore National Monument under construction. The sculptor who carved in granite on the mountain's northeast face of the President of the United States, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt huge avatar. Each avatar about 18 meters high. Statue completion and opening in 1941. There are 200 million people a year visit.

1936 - Chiang Kai-shek Xi'an promote Zhang and Yang "suppression" in northern Shaanxi.

1939 the years - Kunlunguan the fall. years

1942 - World War II, the first U.S. bombers attacked the Italian mainland.

1945 - U.S. Congress approved the United States to participate in the United Nations.

1952 - London smog events (fog catastrophe), killing more than 4,000 people died of lung and bronchial diseases.

1958 - Dahomey (now Benin), declared a Republic. the

1959 - Supreme People's Court Amnesty culprit war criminals 33 people.

1965 - The United States launched Gemini VII spacecraft. In

1967 - The world's first heart transplant surgery at a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa to succeed. Chaired the surgery is a South African surgeon Dr. Chris Barr Nader. Louis watts Shangsi Ji is the first patient to receive a heart transplant. years of

1971 - Indian army launched an offensive in East Pakistan and West Pakistan Air Force attacked important airport.

1974 years - the Central African Republic was renamed as the Central African Empire, President Bokassa crowned himself become hereditary emperor. Bokassa came to power in the coup of January 1, 1966. In September 1979, Bokassa dismiss occupational exile. October 23, 1986 to return immediately arrested at the airport of the capital, Bangui. In November of the same year, the Central African Criminal Court proceedings against him. June 12, 1987, the Criminal Court sentenced Bokassa death penalty and sentenced to a fine of about $ 20,000. In years

1977 - Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Empire coronation own wastefulness. In years

1981 - New Delhi Gutu Bota occurrence of a large number of tourists casualties horrible disaster. the years of

1982 - the fifth meeting of the Fifth National People's Congress plenary session, by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China. This is the fourth since the founding of the Constitution. The meeting also passed a resolution to restore the "March of the Volunteers" as the national anthem.

1982 - Egypt began the trial of 300 militants accused of plotting to Islamic fundamentalist revolution.

1986 years - Soviet space to map out the first geological map. Bibi

1989 years - the date made robot dialogue with people. the

1991 - Beijing formally bid to host the 2000 Olympic Games. In years

1992 - announced the restructuring of the Secretariat of the United Nations agencies.

1995 years - the United States announced its withdrawal from the United Nations, UNIDO.

2004 year: Taiwan's meteorological history first December invasion Taiwan typhoon Nanmadol.

2005: tens of thousands of people took to the streets to fight for the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Government and the Legislative Council by universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

2007 years - Bibi the world premiere of "WOW".

2008 years - the Pacific Ocean east of the northeastern region of Japan has occurred twice magnitude 6.1 Richter and Richter 5.7 earthquake. opening

2008 - The fifth China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue in Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Vice Premier Wang Qishan and U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson co-chaired the dialogue as the Special Representative of the two heads of state. years

2008 - Iraqi President Committee approved the Iraq Status of Forces Agreement, under the agreement will be by 2012, the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq.

2009 years - BTCHINA blocked, sounded the the P2P cause death knell

2010 - Death fourth section Movie bleach Inferno ", released in Japan.

2010 years - a cafe, two shopping malls under the bridge, Qingping Road, Kaili City, Guizhou Province Qiandongnan explosion, accident killed six people and injured many more. Scene investigation by the Criminal Investigation department after the cafe next door to a rental stacked hazardous chemical explosion triggered.

edit this paragraph, born in 1795 - Thomas Carlisle, Scottish historian. (Died 1881)

Liu Bocheng

1866 - Russian abstract painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky was born.

1892 - strategist Liu Bocheng born.

1894 - Chinese financiers Soong was born.

1895 - the famous Chinese philosopher Fung Yu-lan was born. the years of

1927 - Former South Korean President Kim Young-sam's birthday

1932 - Former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo's birthday

1946 - actress Cheng Pei Pei born

1951 years - Taiwanese host Chang Fei born

1960 years - the Olympic shooting champion Wang Yifu born

1961 years - tea Wind, Forest, Japanese seiyuu.

1966 - Huang Xiwen, Taiwan cartoonist. years

1970 - Jay-Z, a famous American rapper.

1971 - Liang He Qun, Taiwan media workers;

1972 - Miyamura Yuko Japanese female seiyuu.

1973 - Tamura Atsushi, Japanese comedian, presenter, singer (lead singer). In

1973 years - the Atayal · Binsi, American supermodel presenters.

1976 - Taiwanese actor Lu Mingjun born born in Luming Jun

1982 - Dutch-Chinese driver Ho-Pin Tung

1985 year - the Quack, starlight classes of members.

1986 - Japanese fashion model known Chinese born. One of the

1988 - "Love of Siam" starring Mario Maurer was born

edit this segment's death in 1533 - Vasily III of Muscovy (b. 1479).

1615 - the Katakura King Gang, Japan's Warring States period, generals. (Born in 1557)

1696 - tomorrow is the Emperor of Japan No. 109 on behalf of the Emperor. (Born in 1624)

1935 - the Richert special, the French pathologist, bacteriologist, won the 1931 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Hua Yanjun (Bing)

1936 years - the death of the courtesan Sai Jinhua.

1939 - warlord Wu Pei-fu's death.

1945 - Thomas Morgan, biologist. (Born in 1866)

1950 - folk musician Hua Yanjun (Bing) died.

1950 - Horney (Karen Horney), psychologists.

1975 - Hannah Arendt, German political theorist.

1988 - Trench, Governor of Hong Kong in the first 24. (Born in 1915)

1992 - China Law Society adviser Gan died heavy bucket.

1994 - ITTF President Di Village Ichi Long's death.

1994 years - the death of distinguished international fighter Hans Miller

2003 - Qian Zhonglian Great Masters, known as the "Qing poetry hero.

2004 - beam Enzo, the Chinese-American physicist.

National Legal Publicity Day edit this paragraph festivals - in 2011, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council forwarded the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Justice on law education campaign among citizens of the Fourth Five-Year Plan "to determine: the current The implementation of the Constitution Day on December 4, as once a year, the National Legal Publicity Day. "

edit this paragraph character born December 4 is energetic and enterprising, with a goal to pursue wholeheartedly courage. Pain, conflict, struggle for them would be strange, because they always encounter challenges large and small. However, the combination of unusual elegance and vitality, plus careful not to arouse the jealousy of others, they may complete their long-term goals.

However, people born this day, often in the face of strong enemy, fear, or at least lead to anxiety because of their concern. It is worth mentioning, who was born on December 4 very ruthless in the pursuit of a goal or ideal focus for opponents, but is not unsparing.

12 May 4 Japanese often arrogant, anti-social tendencies, but fortunately this tendency rarely dominate their personality. Due to their own ideals and beliefs, so often engaged the services of humanities, politics or the arts, in addition, they also order beliefs at the expense of a comfortable and peaceful life. They are usually wealthy organization long before, to be able to accept the views of colleagues or under. But they will not tolerate any threat to their majesty.

love luck to describe the relationship of the people born today can use the heater cool something else "to describe. Which to maintain long-term relationships, but in this case who was born on this date can be said is a rare exception. born today birthday

the relationship is not so memorable, they want to each other as friends relations, although it is recognized each other, but to be able to leave a space of freedom for the other. Sometimes with the same independent spirit and liberal cohabitation or marriage. However, this situation is not based in love, but from the convenience of life considerations, the formation of one type, usually couples or lovers have their own love relationship.

However, for people who were born today, this case may be the most appropriate way of life. Because they are very afraid of their own by the shackles of the family.

the Sagittarius women born today especially, personality straightforward wayward, and that will not go along with or follow the type of men, which often is considered too stubborn.

money shipped born of money very indifferent. The money, all the money will be generous, generous style flower; without money, it will not upset.

If we say that the people who were born today, almost no material desires, it is an exception.

money yourself busy, that they are not easy to do, in their view, this is just a waste of time and effort, nothing. People born in this day, very few people will be earning money, the National People's Congress are engaged in gambling, futures, stocks and other risky work, as a means to make money. integrity rules known for celebrating his birthday today,

Originally, the game of money but hate through legitimate means, in their view, this is only a game just the standard rules or practices, and often expressed contempt attitude.

cause of transportation people born today, both men and women, employment will have a high, once the work on the burning ambition flame forward. Superior organizational force and command of ability, but also has the management talent, so many people to others rare action force, caring heart, and meticulous spirit, active in the political, judicial.

like the limelight, can play excellent leadership. Easily have originality, the novelty attracted particularly vulnerable in the field of philosophy or religion, or the enlightenment of new ideas; teachers, writers, artists, musicians, and is also suitable for work.

In addition, the brave and adventurous and have a lot of help, want to be successful in the military or sports. the

health, transport, born December 4, one must be careful, do not let their own aggressive out of control. This is not only good for themselves, but also for their friends and family.

suggestions born on December 4, people can engage in intense exercise, including scrimmaging nature of sports and endurance sports, such as mountain climbing, jogging, water sports, etc., to vent excess energy and aggressiveness.

learning meditation, daily mind will desire to calm down a few minutes is helpful. Diet, who was born on December 4 best eat stability of foods (grains, root vegetables, soup, bread), eat less sugar, spicy foods, alcohol and so on. born on December 4 by the

lucky numbers will be influenced by the number 4 and Uranus. Affected by the number 4, and often have special acting style; Uranus represents sudden change and unexpected behavior, the person who was born on December 4, is even more evident.

number 4, especially when I was younger, making money do not care how it was born persons who like to explore the concept of today is more obvious, but they are also very understanding of the relationship between money and power. Due to the influence of Uranus, the number 4 mood changes quickly, and full of explosive, this trait (associated enterprise, substance luck) because the Sagittarius dominated by Uranus, while even more clearly.

birthday flowers: Barabbas Li century saints, St. doro? 库林斯多姆 Since ancient times, Christianity there saints with specific flowers linked together habits, which follow in the church in commemoration of the saint, often due to the blooming flowers dotting the altar! Medieval Catholic convent, more like a gardening center like planting a variety of flowers, the passage of time, the church put the 366 days of the saints and the different flowers together, forming the so-called flower calendar. At that time, most of the monastery is located in southern Europe, while southern Europe is a Mediterranean-type climate, very suitable for planting flowers. Barabbas, Li belong to the cactus family, is dedicated to the 5th century saints --- San preaching and fame class multi-Lo? 库林斯多姆. This is a perennial cactus native to the West Indies, Florida, Mexico and the A near.

florid: mighty cactus, but is not the the potted type of small plant, but can grow up to 9 feet tall giant plant. In fact, as the power and grandeur. Therefore, it is the language of flowers is "mighty". And the birth of the man who blessed by this flower, with a dignified and respected friends object. But you itself, but then this feeling bored, want to live in the free world. Say, can talk about insecure little love, but be careful, do not leave sequelae.

birthstone: turquoise cyan jade Persian mining received a charming exotic. 13th century when the caravan came to Europe through Turkey and brought it to Europe, Europe called this cyan jade turquoise.

However, Turkey may not produce such gems Oh! Turquoise, blue, green and other colors, but the most senior Turkish Jade, such as robins eggs blue. Since ancient times, it was as a jade bracelet worn Turkey is considered to be the oldest turquoise jewelry. legend of

turquoise ancient Egypt, of Pluto Ao Sailie Secretary turquoise god the the Princess Ai Xisi was "Turkey Lady God", people believe that wearing sky blue turquoise, there will be divine Ecuador to help charity or disaster relief. The Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, the doctor said: "People think that as long as the others to Turkish Jade will be able to play a charity or disaster relief Ecuador force he father turquoise moment not leave with me. Jade The color is also getting bright. then, the unthinkable occurred: once he fell from horseback, the result itself abrasions are not, turquoise fragments,. "

suitable object of your love : January 12, February 2, February 15, March 22, April 13, April 21, June 11, July 27, September 16, October 17 , November 23, December 6, December 15.

for your friends object: January 18, March 13, March 20, March 29, April 1, April 25, June 15, July 16, August 6 Sunday, October 10, October 22, November 12, December 11, December 20.

edit this paragraph National Legal Publicity Day 2001, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council decided that the current implementation of the constitution, as the annual National Legal Publicity Day on December 4. From 1986 to 2000, the national implementation of the three five-year legal literacy plan, at present, "four or five" popularizing generally start in the country. December 4, 2001, the history of our country's first Legal Publicity Day, the date of implementation of the constitution given for the Legal Publicity Day, is undoubtedly of great significance.