Chile World Cup

seventh World Cup Finals held in Chile from May 30 to June 17 in 1962. Session is Chile held the first World Cup, the Brazilian national soccer team finally won the top scorer leaves Marko Stojakovic (Yugoslavia), Ivanov (former Soviet Union), Albert (Hungary) won.

after a lapse of 12 years, the World Cup back to South America, originally from the economic point of view, better conditions than the victims of the earthquake-hit Chile, Argentina to the World Cup bid, but the Chilean Football Federation president cleverly reversing the disadvantage remarks: "We are what no, we can not lose the World Cup Chile 1962 World Cup scene

Unfortunately, these words have not touched the players, perhaps in 1958, the powerful Brazilian team easily win people to see less than the normal way to defuse opponents attack hope, dirty the killing tactics become the main theme of the World Cup, and some even of these World Cup pitch metaphor for boxing, the hospitality of the host, not people disappointed with the rubble from demolished after the earthquake, but from afar VIP are (of course including Chile players) performance on the pitch so that the audience cold through the heart. of

World Cup finals a total of 34 players injured per game should lift an injured player under Bailey gained fame in the 1958 World Cup, is naturally the object of the focus of care, and his first match opponents kicked in the second game kicked half pulled out of the World Cup due to muscle strain. Garrincha later feats for Brazil to win in the semifinals to face Chile opponents shovel was scarred, and finally could not help but kicked back immediately sent off field, off the field, also the audience who spent the bottle cracking the head, fortunately spared FIFA, "bird" eventually was able to exemption to participate in the final. most horrible scene in

appear in Chile and Italy in the group stage of the game, from before the game, the hostility between the two sides has been constantly upgrade their feet scenes come and go, the two sides from each of the underhand infighting, the part of the fans involved in the riots, the last Italian law Lee police just like to apprehend criminals seized and turned over appearance, near the end of the first half, Italy and a man sent off, Masi Qiao's nose bone is interrupted, while Chile also a player is Tiduan in the feet, the final play more of Chile to the 2 goal advantage to win the victory, but the game has become the infamous Battle of the Santiago.

Fortunately, the excellent technical Brazil still had the last laugh, otherwise rough World Cup style may also continue to persist. Despite the loss of Bailey, but powerful Brazil Garrincha, Vava, Zagallo, Armagh Lille talent, especially the latter more quickly to fill the vacancy left by Bailey, has in the group scored 2 goals and 1 ball, race to face Spain and, finally, the final win for the team to establish the outstanding service.

is worth mentioning, that may be because of a vicious foul sake and World Cup shooter who "dare" hard-edged, not only the average number of goals down to the lowest point since the World Cup founder (2.78 per game) , and last as much as six players tied for top scorer with four personal goals, violence and football seems absolutely natural enemies.

Despite losing Bailey, but Brazil is still the biggest winner in the 1962 World Cup, "Little Bird" also won the Golden Boot Award and two Golden Globe individuals, these World Cup firmly branded imprint of Garrincha.

Edit this Duanyi | news interesting final magical stolen ball practice when the referee whistled for a game can receive appearance fees, but when Brazil and Czechoslovakia team is about to fight for the championship, the Soviet Union served as referee Referee Committee President Nicolas Lats Jeff has proposed requirements instead of appearance fees to the final ball, but his desire is not ultimately achieve two people suddenly rushed out when the end of the game when Soviet people holding the ball into the players tunnel, , a man suddenly and brushed the ball, another person to pick up the ball and ran, they quickly disappeared in the crowd.

the Czech Republic in the finals again, was reversed to the 1934 World Cup, and the Czech Republic also reached the finals, the same first while the second goal, he was Italy into two even overtake, I did not expect a 28-year, history repeated itself, this time in Brazil into is 3, Czech Republic once again come to grief in the World Cup finals. the brothers coach

World Cup history, Brazil Zeze Moreira is the coach of the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, and his younger brother as a coach to participate in the 1962 World Cup in Chile. Puskas,

on behalf of the players of the two countries played in the World Cup in 1954 is a member of the Hungarian team in 1962 as the Spanish players playing; Santa Maria is a 1954 Uruguay 1962 on behalf of the Italian team.

the fastest goal of the 1962 World Cup, Czechoslovakia battle for Mexico, Czechoslovakia's Buck Musharraf. Musker 15 seconds after the start goal in the World Cup, but since then, the Czechoslovak team and then did not score, against opponents scored 3 ball, the final defeat of 1 to 3.

success of the defending champion in 1962, Brazil became the second branch after Italy after successfully defending team. Wawa,

the first to have scored in two World Cup finals in Brazil in 1958 to Sweden into 2 balls into a ball of Czechoslovakia in 1962. The 28-year-old Vava scored four goals in this competition, tied for top scorer, he scored five goals last contest.

edit this paragraph classic confrontation finals Brazil 3:1 Czech

, Brazil and the Czech Republic are the second to reach the World Cup finals and the Czech Republic in the 1934 World Cup loss to Italy, Brazil was in 1958, Sweden World Cup summit for the first time, I did not expect that after nearly 30 years, the Czech Republic, or can only continue to come to grief, the Selecao laid the football kingdom for the first time defending the status. The only pity is

Pele injury missed the game. Fierce style and rough foul of the World Cup has destroyed all the beauty of football, the game into a boxing ring, and the regulations do not allow substitutions, the culprit is the destruction tactics, not uncommon for the other core players foul, this World Cup a total of 34 players because of injury out of the race, which means that on average at least one player in every game "killed in action" on average, each team has at least two players, "sacrifice", Bailey on impressively.

Fortunately, in Brazil there are other talented players - bird Garrincha, he eliminated to 3:1 and 4:2, respectively in the Quarter Finals and the Final Four game in England and Chile have scored 2 ball to help the team narrowly rounded out the final. It is worth mentioning that the Czech fairly clean, so both teams to bring an exciting final for the world in the number of teams participating in hands and feet.

last Czech to score first again in the finals of the World Cup: 15 minutes, Czechoslovakia Masopust will rewrite the score 1-0, but this time the Brazilians just 2 minutes Czechs happy substitute Pele play since the first match injured after, Armagh Lille multi again meritorious deeds, his small-angle shot to fool the Czech goalkeeper, the Brazilian team will tie the 1:1 level.

second half to become the world of technology flow, Brazil will play the game firmly in control of their own feet, 68 minutes Armagh Lille multi-again meritorious, this super substitute assists the Zito header will go-ahead score, 77 minutes, Wawa seize goalkeeper mistakes, the final score locked at 3-1 after Uruguay, Italy, Brazil, won two World Cup teams as the first three.

edit this paragraph, the focus of the star is comparable Bailey's genius - Garrincha lifting the woman, alcoholism, football genius, many people at the same time think of Paul Gascoigne, Best or Maradona, but if plus on residual leg, the only answer is to Garrincha.

alcoholism, but Garrincha with them, the Brazilian has been trapped in the famous, his childhood family was poor, every time when the disease mother always to Garrincha eat a homemade drug, this drug major The ingredient is alcohol, honey and soda, the passage of time, alcohol became Garrincha indispensable necessity to maintain the normal operation of bodily functions, like a drug, drinking has become a of Garrincha physiological and psychological need. Woman, it is the another portion of the the Garrincha life indispensable. Numerous women in his life, some of his girlfriend, and some became his wife, and others are just his "sex toy". Of course, this way, the illegitimate son of Garrincha also difficult to statistics once Botafogo access to Europe, Garrincha and even a Swedish girl happened one night stand and gave birth to a child.

Fortunately, football became Garrincha 3:00 feet in life, the most important point, even if born shortly after surgery to his legs severely deformed, his right leg is still better than even after correction To the left leg 5 cm long and curved inward, but instead let Garrincha soccer talent on the court to play a more thoroughly, the opponent always can not figure out where it goes to his next step should be the ball, of course, has come from the woman steady stream of inspiration and innate alcohol powered Garrincha a blessing mortals able to block the?

extraordinary pitch Garrincha started playing hobby, often when the ball had finished each other's whole defense will still break opportunities to his teammates, hearts of honest Galindo investigation, over talent football's greatest pleasures. Botafogo coach took a long time before Garrincha realized, did not score, all extraordinary will become meaningless. Thus, since Garrincha becoming more lethal. Many experts Garrincha Mingbu Ping status in Brazilian football, they think that the Garrincha talent is actually still in Bailey, but the latter is more in line with current ethical standards, Brazilians love the law-abiding, Bailey, 1958 Brazil win the, Garrincha devil dribbling set hehe exploits, but people are only willing to praise dedicated to the fledgling Bailey.

1962 World Cup, Pele opener that seriously injured to bid farewell to the World Cup, Chile has finally become a stage for performances of Garrincha. 3:1 and 4:2 in the quarter-finals and semi-finals battle Brazil beat England and hosts Chile game, Garrincha scored two goals in the final and teammates 3:1 defeated Czech won the last championship, Garrincha also became the top scorer and best player with four goals at the same time. The most firmly

3 angle fulcrum collapse time, not to mention this is a close angle? When alcohol erosion organs, through the night QiuHuan seriously affect the role of Garrincha Stadium history, Brazil the greatest winger's football career to end January 20, 1983, the end result of his excessive drinking alcoholism , died at the age of 49 years old. Brazil finally lost generation of the most legendary players.

won the World Cup, the highest number of people - ligation Luo Beili had won the World Cup three times, but he did not win the highest number of people; German Franz Beckenbauer has players in 1974 and 1990, respectively, and as a coach won the world championship, but he is not the only people that do this, they are more powerful than people Zagallo. born Zagallo

1931 years as a player has won the World Cup in 1958 and 1962, only the thunder of the other players in the Brazilian team was completely Pele and Garrincha concealed, and served as the team left winger Zagallo did not like the previous two as simply attack him to play a stable, broad vision, a strong sense of responsibility, often retracement midfielder, even retracement after the field to participate in the defense of the team, photographed opportunities to teammates, such the bigger picture to Zagallo laid the groundwork for later served as coach. and 1994

1970, Zagallo as a head coach and assistant coach of the Brazilian team won the World Cup, to become the world's only won four World Cup

need to win the World Cup goal machine, backstage, perhaps need more is an outstanding commander, and the 1962 World Cup, so witness a great star transformed into a great coach.

edit this paragraph, the best line-up (424)

goalkeeper: Ji Erma (Brazil): Although the best offense is a good defense, but it was popular striker still give any team a lot of pressure, in the six games only lost five goals is rare. guard

: Jiasangtuosi (Brazil) and Mauro (Brazil), as the absolute main Brazilian defense, they only missed the semi-final, solid defense to help the team cup final.

Voronin (the Soviet Union), not host rude won the quarter-finals, Voronin of the Soviet Union but also further.

Shineilinge (West Germany), played only four games, but lost only 2 goals in Germany absolutely defender should be selected.

Midfielders: Masopust (Czechoslovakia), Czech able to advance to the finals, Masopust midfield scheduling contributed Unfortunately striker is enough to live up to expectations, the only goal of the Czech Republic in the final Marceau Phillips The special by as. a reason

loto (Brazil): How can the midfield line Brazilian players?

Forwards: (Brazil), Garrincha and Vava (Brazil), the two men needless to say, is the current top scorer in the World Cup, was selected there is no doubt. the

Amalfi, Lille (Brazil), as a substitute after Bailey injured, Armagh Lille excellent complete the task, he not only alone into the ball to help the team in the group stage to beat Spain, still in the final scored the equalizer. score a ball!

Toro (Chile), he selected not only because the host is not because of his two goals, but he also had three assists. (4 goals)

Golden Boot:

Garrincha (Brazil), Wawa (Brazil), Albert (Hungary), Ivanov (USSR), Gyor Yanukovich (Yugoslavia), Sanchez (Chile) . May be vicious foul of the World Cup so that striker Sheng not edge too, and there are as many as six in the four-goal top scorer. Golden Globe

: Garrincha

Although the final did not score, but precisely because he scored two goals in the quarter-finals and the Final Four, only to help Brazil beat England and Chile to 3:1 and 4:2, which smoothly finals and eventually win the World Cup, Garrincha surprising facility dribbling is to conquer the world. After the semi-final, Chile, "Mercurio" newspaper exclaimed, "Garrincha up from what planet?!" Kiskiskis

best newcomer: Lille

Armagh as selected the best team, as pointed out, he is not only three into the ball, but also assists the Brazilian's second goal in the final, after winning the 22-year-old Bailey thankfully hug "substitute" Armagh Lille were only 19 years old.

edit this paragraph teams ranked Rank Country Score screenings ups for the pros and cons of goal difference

1 Brazil 11 6 5 1 0 14 5 9

2 former Czech 7 6 3 1 2 7 7 0

3 Chile 8 6 4 0 2 10 8 2

4 the former Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union 5 4 2 1 1 9 7 2

6 Hungary 5 4 2 1 1 8 3 5

7 former West Germany 5 4 2 1 1 4 2 2

8 6 6 3 0 3 10 7 3

5 England 3 4 1 1 2 5 6 -1

9 Italy 3 3 1 1 1 3 2 1

10 Argentina 3 3 1 1 1 2 3 -1

11 Mexico 2 3 1 0 2 3 4 -1

12 Uruguay 2 3 1 0 2 4 6 -2

13 Spain 2 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1

14 Colombia 1 3 0 1 2 5 11 -6

15 Bulgaria 1 3 0 1 2 1 7 -6

16 Switzerland 0 3 0 0 3 2 8-6

edit this paragraph score record group stage Group A

Uruguay 2-1 Colombia

the former Soviet Union 2-0 before the Yugoslav

the former Yugoslavia 3-1 Uruguay

the former Soviet Union 4-4 Colombia

the former Soviet Union 2-1 Uruguay

former Yugoslavia, the 5-0 Columbia

team tournament Group B

Chile 3 -1 Switzerland

Italy 0-0 before West Germany

Chile 2-0 Italy

West Germany 2-1 in Switzerland

West Germany 2-0 the Chile

Italy 3-0 Switzerland

, Group C

Brazil 2-0 Mexico

the former Czech the 1-0 Spain

Brazil 0-0 before the Czech

Spain 1-0 Mexico

Brazil the 2-0 Spain

Mexico 3-1 before the Czech

team tournament Group D

Argentina 1-0 Bulgaria

Hungary 2-1 England the

England 3-1 Argentina

Hungary 6-1 Bulgaria

Argentina 0-0 Hungary

Bulgaria 0-0 England

the quarter finals

Chile 2-1 former Soviet Union

former Yugoslavia 1-0 before West Germany

Brazil 3 - 1 England

former Czechoslovakia 1-0 the Hungarian


Brazil 4-2 Chile

the former Czechoslovakia 3-1 before the Yugoslav

thirty-four final

the Chilean 1-0 the former Yugoslavia


Brazil 3-1 former Czechoslovakia

edit this paragraph, the current most goals up to the game: The group stage of the Soviet Union 4:4 Colombia, this is the Soviet Union's only a draw in the group stage, 7 people devoted eight goals alone in Valentine • Ivanov, the Soviet Union.

scoring the fastest race: Czechoslovakia battle of Mexico, Czechoslovakia Buck Musharraf. Musker 15 seconds after the start scoring, but since then, the Czechoslovakia team failed to score against opponents scored three goals, final defeat by 1 to 3. score disparity

game: group match Hungary 6:1 Bulgaria, which Florian - Albert alone 3.

audience game: semifinals Chile 2:4 Brazil, 76,500 fans into the San Diego National Stadium to cheer for both players.

single game scorer: large Florian - Albert (3 goals) Hungary 6:1 Bulgaria

average team with the most goals per game: Brazil (2.3)

conceded most teams: Columbia (11)

average goals conceded per game up to the team: Colombia (3.6)

scoring teams: the lack of Pele's Brazil six games scored 14 goals.

tied for the top scorer in the World Cup: a total of 6 people scored 4 ball, they (Brazil), Garrincha, Vava (Brazil), Albert (Hungary), Ivanov (USSR) Agere Yanukovich (Yugoslavia), Sanchez (Chile)