Diego Bonanotte, born in 1988, the Argentine football player, known as Argentina's new generation of "Diego" Nova "Massey II". December 26, 2009, in Argentina, Diego Bonanotte a car crash, resulting in serious injury. Granada Diego Bonanotte now plays for the Spanish Football League football club. the

position: attacking midfielder/Left the avant garde

stadium style (20)

Preferred foot: Left

Dieguito (Diego came by its name, the equivalent of the "Little Diego, if you want to scream intimacy one o'clock recommend this slightly) the

el Enano (slightly nicely translated into Dwarfs literal translation is dwarf, general or do not call the name)

el Petiso (Shorty, nor for face-to-face called)

Current Club: Granada Football Club

, who played for the team : the the riverbed football club Malaga football club

A A debut: April 9, 2006 riverbed 3-1 first goal the United team

A A: October 7, 2007. played

A A: 26 games played

goals: of 11

international game: 8 games

goals: 0

enter La Liga: January 21, 2011 five-year contract signed the La Liga club Malaga. national team record of

: No

proceeds Champion: 1 (A 2008 fall league title)

edit the this paragraph career Diego Bonanotte

, Bonanotte 12-year-old to enter the riverbed of nine teams, although the physical more a disadvantage, but with his talent and hard work, has risen to the riverbed, a team. His fast, skilled, and capable of high-speed breaking ball. In addition, the awareness and visibility is very good, long shots quite threatening. car accident


his first A race is on April 9, 2006, in the second half, he came off the bench the riverbed coach Daniel Passarella.

his first goal in the September 30, 2007 game at home to Rosario Central in the second half of the first 29 minutes off the bench, he left the ball from the middle of the two guards broke into the restricted area, play a left foot shot score, the standard Bonanotte goals.

his first start in the October 7, 2007, the opponent is the sworn enemy of Boca Juniors. The first episode of his

life according to (4)

not live up to the the Passarella trust, performance is extremely eye-catching, a Boca's defense upsets the utter confusion, the defender had to foul to stop his advance. Banega's red card is thanks to his gift. Although no goals no assists, but his well-deserved the riverbed 2-0 win this Super Derby hero. In the just-concluded 08 Fall League, he has accounted for 9 ball riverbed squad first shooter, came in third in the overall standings striker. His two goals in the penultimate round of Olimpo game are impressive, but also to help the team advance round, won the first trophy in four years, can be described as the momentum is fierce.

2008 to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, and Argentine soccer Olympic team won the championship. Scored with a long-range free kick in the group match against Serbia game in Argentina's 2-0 victory over the rival group stage victory to qualify for the quarterfinals. January 21

2011 years Diego Bonanotte, La Liga Malaga football club signed a five-year contract. Then they loan to the riverbed until July 2011. [1] December 21,

2011, the game of the Spanish King's Cup the Malaga home game against Getafe Bonanotte harvested his first goal of the new owner to help Malaga 2-2 draw Getafe, and the final two rounds of competition to help Mara them a total score of 3-2 eliminated Getafe successful promotion. The Granada Club

officially announced that the team has from Malaga to sign the 24-year-old midfielder Diego Bonanotte. The Bonanotte and the team signed a contract for a period of four and a half years, he will wear the No. 12 jersey.

edit the this paragraph background tidbits Bonanotte A very early phase of his players to ZAdidas Adidas. 06 during the World Cup, after he had just A debut soon, it will be his election poster figure for +10.

Buonanotte This is an Italian surname, Buona Notte meaning "good evening" in Italian. He has an Italian passport.

Calza un 37 shoes he wore 37 yards

participate the 2008 Olympics

Diego in Argentina Speaking of Diego, and we think will be the famous Maradona. The old horse Boca diehard, this is obvious. However, now the riverbed with their own Diego (El Diego de River, quote from Ole) Do not tell me you do not know who I introduced to the present.

Estudiar learning Bonanotte said his playing to have fun, and football is not his life, he was playing the gap will return home to continue his studies.

Finite pitched his voice a little shrill, like juvenile unchanged sound.

Grande great/Masters in his debut on the third day, Ole newspaper to write an article called him a "El sexto grande, sixth in the Masters (top five Ortega, Gallardo, Savio pull, Aimar and Daly, Sandro) last season, he frequently excellent play, Grande and his increasingly linked together.

Hermanas sisters Bonanotte only son, he had no brothers but very supportive of his sister.

Instituto joint team this is his first A game opponents. That game in the 37th minute of the second half, he replaced Higuain play. The audience cheered for him three times, the first time he saw the bench, the second coach him up and warm-up, the third is he for-play. He once said, the riverbed fans always cheer for him, not even seen his game fans.

Joda trouble Bonanotte hate it when people say he is a product of media hype. Not yet ascended to a team before,

Diego (13) Bonanotte,

Once he told his father: "Dad, you look at those newspapers and magazines, they said the most promising players in the riverbed is Diego - Bonanotte and I did not kick the ball. "Bonanotte for their own physical condition and the pain was, he even thought that the river bed will not give him the chance to rise to a team, want to go from time to time in the edge. The media touted imposed on him a lot of extra pressure. Fortunately, family support, and protection of the club, so that he can continue to be happy to play football, and also learned to correctly deal with the pressure of the media. Caesar nicknamed "Caesar",

Kaiser Passarella is a coaches promoted Bonanotte. He once said: "Diego is very young, but also a lot of potential, needs to slow down. Decade later when he reached the pinnacle of his career, and I had a stick in his time, even if he no longer needs me, but still have said: 'That coach, let me A debut.' that is worth more than pleased with ah! "

La the Liga Primera associated 赛博纳诺特 has said he want to go to La Liga Kicker.

Mario Buonanotte the Mario - Bonanotte is slight fame Dieguito's father, is also a player in the 1970s. The nose

Nariz nose Bonanotte just done plastic surgery. But this is not for aesthetics, but because of his nose, I do not know when I have received over the impact, lead to the nasal septum offset, causing shortness of breath, physical easy quick failure, he needed surgery corrected.

Ortega Ortega small Bonanotte put his now riverbed teammates "little donkey" Ortega as his idol. He has so far concluded that Ortega is different. , one of the little man

Petiso Bonanotte nickname. The 160cm height above sea level the lowest point in this time in China Olympic players. So, to find he estimated that it is easy, unless cover tightly, otherwise find that the short of it. addition to height,

Quilo kg, small Diego have to face the problem of weight. He now has 59 kilograms, but the initial weight gain, and he has admitted not used to always feel up and running is not fast. But now he has been completely used to it, he even said: "I have to use my body, who would dare to stop me, that is the penalty in the box." Kiskiskis

River Plate riverbed Boehner Knott youth soccer school in his hometown of learning football , until 9 team can participate in the riverbed. His parents sent him to participate in the workout, even though he is only 39kg, is almost the same level of the child in the most skinny. Has been eight years have passed. He can overcome the physical limitations, a team one went to bed, and realized his dream by his talent and efforts. Now his number is No. 30 in the riverbed.

Sacrificio sacrifice Bonanotte before last season, has been playing the attacking midfielder position, but the the riverbeds new coach Simeone to put him in the left side of the road. He said the beginning he did not understand why, but he was willing to sacrifice for the team. Now he is also accustomed to that position, and by virtue of the excellent play in the left wing, to enter the Olympic big list.

Timidez shy media disclosed the presence of the character under Bonanotte little shy, literary point of argument is as mild as aloe. He treats fans also quite good, almost whatever they ask for.

played for the riverbed

Unico only for Bonanotte, a lot of things are unique, such as riverbeds, like Ortega. But in the eyes of the fans and the media, he is also unique. His dribbling skills are unrivaled in the world A quick ball onrush his trick. His fame that riverbed VS Boca Super Derby, this on its head. October 7, 2007, he was first starting to play, and upsets Boca defense handedly rickety had to foul to stop his footsteps. Although there is no goal, but he deserved the hero of that game. In addition, his attack on the organization and the ability to score in no way poor, especially his long shots, the most perilous.

Vitamina Vitamin his money by taking vitamins and to the gym to and redouble exercise to make your own body is able to adapt to the A tournament.

Winner winner in the season shortly after the end of A League, it is Bonanotte in several key battles crucial goals, such as the reciprocal of the second round against Olimpo wonderful scored twice, making the riverbed narrowly ahead of the round, to win the first championship in four years, let him Batista into the field of view, the ultimate success of beat other candidates to enter the 18-man squad.

X unknown this summer, La Liga Espanyol have expressed interested in the little, but in the end fail to reach an agreement because the price was no transaction. EU passport, he will in the end will be joining Which European team is unknown. gypsum

Yeso nose surgery done on his face a lot of plaster look like wearing a mask. (Figure) However, gypsum Just last week, and so when he came to China, we should have been recovered almost.

Zurdo left-handed, he is a left-footed player. But when help you signature, you will find the fact that he would use his right hand. Recent in good condition, the team won the world champion has just passed its own goals, he and Higuain comply, the difference is that he is left-footed player, left Higuain not competent. So Batista chose him, gave up Higuain. So even if an objective he was not tall, but in the eyes of the coach, he Bibi the high 24cm Higuain also "high". The

edit this paragraph car accident suffered the car accident

the accident in Santa Fe Province, central Argentina, the hometown of Bonanotte. At around 14:45, local time, on December 26, 2009, the now 21-year-old Bonanotte and friends returned from the outskirts of a ballroom in the city, the way he was driving the car suddenly lost control and violently collided with a tree. The had numerous

Bonanotte fracture, the other three people in the car were killed on the spot. Bonanotte has been sent to the capital, Buenos Aires hospital for emergency treatment, is still not out of danger. And watched three friends were killed, the minds Bonanotte great blow. The riverbed Physio Cavalieri admitted the Bonanotte will receive psychological counseling after the injury to avoid leaving psychological trauma. Police are investigating the cause of the accident, the preliminary judgment may be rainy slippery.

edit this paragraph was charged with manslaughter September 16, 2010, according to the Buenos Aires Herald reported, Argentina River Plate star Diego Bonanotte, likely will face manslaughter charges. AFP news shows, once the accused guilty, he will be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of up to five years. In the local time when the three training Bonanotte was taken away to attend a hearing involving three people were killed in the accident events. [2]

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edit this paragraph Malaga Málaga coach: Pellegrini (Manuel Pellegrini)

Established: 1948

where the city: the Malaga

main stadium: Rose Garden Stadium (26,963 people)

Address: the Estadio La Rosaleda Paseo de Martiricos S/N 29 011, Malaga