Avram - Grant

Chinese translation: Avram Grant English formerly known as: Avraham Grant Date of Birth: May 6, 1955 Place of birth: Israel, Petah Tikva took office Date: July 2007, he was appointed director of Chelsea football in December 2007 to succeed Muli Ni Austrian dump the May 24, 2008 with Chelsea interrupt contract now positions: the West Ham Clubs the coach

Maccabi Tel Aviv (1991-1995)

Maccabi Tel Aviv (1997-2000)

Maccabi in Haifa (2000-2002)

Israel national team (2002-2006)

Chelsea (2007 -2008)

edit this paragraph coaching career Grant has coached Israel Pei Taqi - Dike Wa the club Maccabi, Maccabi Tel Aviv club and club Maccabi Haifa, after Israel's national team coach in 2002. Leave Israel after his club Portsmouth as technical director until July 2007 to join Chelsea. for shade grass on

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in 1974, the 19-year-old Grant coached Peita He youth team won the the Israeli Youth League champions after exceptional enhance adult coach, rewritten Israel's youngest adult ball The coach's record.

1990-1991 season, he led the league runner-up, so to get the opportunity to coach Maccabi Tel Aviv.

in Tel Aviv, Grant's first season led the team leading by 13 points won the Israeli league title. In years

2000, he took over the Tel Aviv "mortal enemy" - Maccabi Haifa coach post. In two years, he won two league titles, won the 2002 Intertoto Cup champion. After he leaves office to go to the national team head coach position, Maccabi Haifa became the first Israeli team to enter the war in Europe Champions League group stage is still in the 2002-2003 season. years

2002, 46-year-old Grant was promoted to head coach of the Israeli national team, he became the youngest head coach in the history of the country, but also the most successful coach. Led by a young and inexperienced Israeli team unbeaten in the World Cup qualifiers in 2006, only placing him fond farewell after the French and Swiss German World Cup. In In June

2006 he was timely become a football department heads in Portsmouth on the south coast, he and his coach Harry Redknapp fought alongside experienced a successful season. In July 2007, he came to Stamford Bridge before the appointed head coach in September 2007, he served as the football department heads. the

Beijing on the morning of May 25, 2008, Chelsea announced through the official website, coach Grant class, his coaching contract was abolished. press conference on


served as Chelsea manager only 247 days, Grant led the Blues to rise from the valley floor to the second position in the league, took over first battle 0:2 loss to Manchester United to home 2 : 1 Lectra Manchester United hot pursuit of Manchester United to the final round; historic in the Champions League led the Blues to the finals, just edged out in the final penalty shootout. Grant as a fireman, undoubtedly called the perfect completion of the mission, only because there is a myth of the former: Jose Mourinho, and a demanding boss: Abramovich, and became so helpless, unable to win the championship, he eventually could not escape the class of doom.

edit the 52-year-old Chelsea coach Grant had posts in Chelsea director of football, and now he will lead his team to meet a weekend away to Manchester United's Premier League focus on war. He will get his assistant, Steve - Clark. Chelsea announced in the statement: Grant and Clark will be glad to experience Club Grant in difficult times immediately take over the team, and help us achieve our goals. While Clark will lead the coaching team move on to play a key role. confidence and full support of the club. "the appointed period details were not disclosed.

Friday afternoon, Avram was introduced to the media. Since after the epic game with Barcelona, ​​the last few years, the Press Hall from Stamford Bridge so crowded.

new Chelsea first team coach around the table and club chairman Bruce - Buck and CEO Peter - Kenyon. Buck began his speech, he issued a statement two days before the big event. "For Chelsea, it is important to a few days, this assertion is not surprising." He began, "but for the club, is very important is to announce Avram - Grant and Steve - Clark took office, we do yesterday morning and we are committed to building our club on the basis of the powerful and extraordinary success brought Jose - Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge board of directors and club owners firmly believe A Cleveland - Grant and Steve - Clark to help us do that.

"Yesterday, we published a report on Jose left the details of the statement, those reasons need not repeat now. Chelsea fans as a quite a long time - this is what I - I'm willing to say, I am particularly grateful to Jose, because he brought a victory of the spirit and attitude of a victory for the club, we want to better use .

"last night with Jose and his four assistant coach of Portugal to complete remedial work after they leave. due to a variety of reasons he left, about the fierce dispute between Jose and clubs, there are many stories in the media. would like to clarify this discussion we had yesterday, and Jose is one hundred percent civilization - in the most friendly way possible - and the key is that both sides reached an agreement in less than 15 minutes, maybe even less than 10 minutes. Jose told us that he was very satisfied with the handle and resolve these problems. in a formal note, on behalf of my family and all the Chelsea fans, I would like to wish Jose, his wife Mathilde, their son and daughter, the future good luck. they will always be part of the Chelsea family, they will always be welcome at Stamford Bridge.

"Looking to the future, I would like to emphasize that the club are fully confident of Avram , Avram, we believe, the same aspirations, and we have the same goals for the future. Our players have expressed support for Avram and Steve - Clark, they have eyes locked on the task of victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday. "Kiskiskis

then to the Avram - Grant introduce their own time, he issued a separate declaration." In my opinion if you understand me, you will know that I am my own. I make all the football decisions, independent and if we lose, I will be held responsible for this. If we win, I'm one of the people in the team's success. So I will make independent decisions. "The implications of

remarks, Roman - Roman Abramovich, as the club owner, has a direct impact on the desire of the team things., Grant emphasized his full control." I believe that this is not his (Abra Abramovich) wishes, I can tell you is, to the Figure he wanted to master the team, he can not do. "He said. Kiskiskis

Buck then said:" When we handed the job on Wednesday night, Avram, he wanted to get independence reassure, but is he in the management team. Peter, myself, (competent) Eugene - tnine Baum and Roman are present, we are one hundred percent agree with his management team. "Kiskiskis

" This is absolutely not a problem. "Kenyon said," since Roman and Jose come together, I was involved in each transaction. Never had time, we did not go through the full favor and cognitive acquisition of a player. Never once, indicating a first-team trainer or coach for a player to play or to play a lineup. I have not encountered a do it once and I worked with coach. "Kiskiskis

edit this paragraph," I am an ordinary person with Mourinho his first news conference as Chelsea manager is still very fresh memory, perhaps Grant to face the inevitable question is, "you are a special person? "Kiskiskis

" I am an ordinary person. "This is his answer," In football, I own philosophy. I respect the past, I believe that you will respect what we will do in the future. I fully respect Jose - Jose Mourinho, as well as the two work together, which I appreciate. I respect that he has done at the club. I want to continue his success. If I think I can not do that, then I would not have accepted this responsibility. "He talked about the challenges of managing a world-class superstar gathered in the locker room," I accept this responsibility because I think I can handle this situation. In good condition, but if you want a better situation, including the locker room. "Kiskiskis

" Yesterday we saw the players, we informed them leave natural Jose, it was the shock of the day. "Kenyon explained, he confirmed that Grant's appointment is permanent," this morning, on the training ground, the situation is as usual, the first part of which is Avram prepare the team for Sunday. As a professional player, they all want their own attention there. They want to look forward. Sunday if we succeeded, Avram will be more to receive the love of the fans; if we are successful in the end of the season, I think this decision will be the support of more people; And if we in the next five years than in the past 3 years more successful, this is the right decision, and this is the way it works. "Kiskiskis

Finally, our newly appointed first-team coach, said:" It surprised me. Not even 48 hours since they found me, tell me what happened after. I think football is entertainment. We need to win the game, we need to be fighting for all the trophies, but on the road to win the trophy, equally important is kicked out of a good-looking, positive football. I'm not saying that did not, I'm just talking about the future. We will attempt to combine the two together, I believe we can do it. I know we will not achieve victory in all competitions, and I know we will not have to play well in every game, but this is our ambition. "Kiskiskis

edit this paragraph reread Grant football theoretical knowledge, he and his predecessor, the Portuguese almost In addition, he also knows how people are united in him. "Kiskiskis

- has always been a sharp mean with said the British media said

Grant once was think that is a puppet of the Russian people, however he has to prove their own also have the ability when the Champions League this year in Moscow held the final of, Chelsea history the first time reached the finals, and they defeated in the semi-finals the past three years, Mike Mussina, Liverpool could not break through. Grant was the case of Abu thanks to well-known to some "notorious" football agent Pini · Zahavi, Israelis and Abu get to know exactly thanks to Zahavi's Russian billionaire first conversation with Grant's rich football theoretical attainment impressed, so people in the Chelsea coach seats to see this has a deep eye socket of the children of Israel, and he has also been a further opportunity to explain his own ideals to the boss.

Then one day Abu finally asked: "Do you like to teach which team? I seal the deal. "Grant XiaoErBuDa. And

again later Mourinho at Stamford Bridge authority unbridled expand, and thus a threat to the Abu right discourse, Grant has been replaced by the opportunity. Kiskiskis

However, regardless of who he is, whether he did what he had to write his name until the end of the season, it was found by the "silent one" to lead Chelsea England the only one with the Manchester United team high, not only that, he also stepping on the Liverpool record led into the medal final of the Champions League. gap between reality and conjecture, in "silent" complete "that a" history, have not completed after he let people have begun to re-examine their . six months after

, sharp and sensitive British journalist gradually mingle with him, that he does not like the appearance they seem old-fashioned, he is also a good sense of humor, know how to joke, in Chelsea defeat Liverpool to enter the Champions League final, the first time in history After that, he was down on their knees on the court overturned a rallying cry, to comfort his grandfather had passed away, May 1 was Israel that will live in infamy - Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day, Grant's grandfather was in the Auschwitz Nazi Germany killed the day after the end of the game, Grant immediately went to Auschwitz to participate in the commemoration of the Jewish organizations, to attend with him, the chief rabbi of Israel (Jewish elders).

despite kneeling down move is approved "imitation", available to the public after the move was the real reason, however, must have made a harsh sound with a third of shame heart began to re-examine this person.

! own actions, he is one one point of wiping the gallery of the imprint left by the former head coach of Stamford Bridge. although he has not marked with their own label, but he understands that well versed in the personnel of the Road "haste makes waste" truth, at least he now has attracted attention, and lift everyone (including Ferguson) "appetite" before the decisive battle, before you write a new history, he was sent to so many expectations, now he has to have a free hand to continue to write own history.