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fish species, origin to South America, because of a variety of underwater garbage for food named, often with a variety of fish polyculture. Scavenger football game scavenger animation scavenger the IT sector scavenger and the game scavenger.


"scavenger" scientific name "King profiled" Origin Latin America, is a catfish Branch, also known as sucker fish, trash fish, anglerfish, pipa rat fish, big body, flat head tall dorsal fin, tail side flat , lips developed as a sucker. Generally 10-40 cm, body placoid scales rough surface. Gray and black or light brown body, black and white pattern surface. Able-bodied, easy feeding. Keeping the water temperature 22 ~ 28 ℃, weak acid water quality hard water. Feed mainly on algae, but also fed live food. Adsorption on the rocks in the aquarium often stabilize the body and taking algae on the glass, also looking for the bottom-dwelling animals (such as water earthworms) aquarium loyal cleaners. The case of nocturnal fish, and healthy varieties of fish polyculture. In aquarium breeding difficulties. No natural enemies in the country, one day eat 3000-5000 roe, or swallowing of large amounts of fry will be a serious threat to the growth and reproduction of wild native fish, destruction of water ecological chain. The harm can not be taken lightly.

Edit this paragraph Price: scavenger current price is very cheap, two thumb-size of 3-5 per month, more than ten million of the big points!

Edit this paragraph Origin: Brazil, Venezuela

Edit this paragraph Diet: Omnivorous. Often adsorbed on the aquarium on the wall or plants, licking moss, food residue left by the the fish mucus secretion in the cylinder wall and the fish would devour the eggs, great the scavenger appetite grow up. the scavenger atlas


Edit this paragraph shape: fish takes the semicylindrical side wide caudal fin pale Fork. Mouth inferior. Large dorsal fin flat abdomen, left and right pelvic fins connected to form a circular fan sucker. From the ventral surface, much like a lute, and it is also known as anglerfish. The fish takes dark brown body covered with black spots. The body length of up to 250 mm.

edit this paragraph feeding: Feeding is very simple, almost as long as the water will be able to feed them. But they'd better give them a weak acid water softener or neutral water quality of the water is better to keep a good. Suitable water temperature above 20 ℃.

edit this paragraph habits: they went to the night were frequent, is a nocturnal animal. Sometimes occur battle between similar, with large tropical fish polyculture.

Q: bred them in order that they be able to bait aquariums, dirt destroyed.

but the reality is that not so?

A: I'm sorry to disappoint you.

1. they are definitely not the guy eat immediate loss. Nutritious and delicious fish and insects, fish food on them immediate, they are absolutely not fancy those bait dirt. At the same time, as a scavenger, they definitely can not say that is a good ornamental fish varieties. They rest during the day and evening activities will chew weeds, will they bite like fishnet. In addition, if the fish is sick, they adsorption at night on the body of the fish to bite them wound.

2. scavenger poo is very much not only dirty but also make the situation worse. I raised five little red carp, used to worry about in order to change the water, because you can only change 1/3, so the water is always there poo later on 3 yuan to buy a. Two days found poo actually more than usual, but also a greater. . . And several days are up to five days, a miracle discovery scavenger from the fish tank to jump out into dried fish, Heating baking sun, the day, the water finally becomes relatively inventory. It is said that the scavenger destruction of feng shui, do not know if it is true, but it can not find its advantages. I suggest not to raise it, neither ornamental, not any practical, ornamental fish may also hurt.

edit this paragraph Advice actually this fish is not appropriate as a scavenger, it is heavily polluting households. reminded the public

Bureau of Agriculture Fisheries Division is responsible, do not some exotic fish put into the natural waters, which will affect the breeding and survival of native species. species of fish

have a huge impact on local aquatic ecosystems, such as: Gar, red scavenger, mosquito fish are external dangers. the

edit this paragraph breeding oviparous highly reproductive, each spawning 300 to 500, the hatching rate of almost 100%. The scavenger

their breeding season generally is in the spring and summer. The eggs produced by the female cluster formation 9 meters long, 3 meters wide gel sheet egg masses, this egg masses floating in the sea until the hatched larvae. Newly hatched larvae anglerfish outer membrane wrapped by a layer of gel, you can play a protective role. Juveniles regardless of male and female are in the sea surface growth and development, in order to feed on plankton, juveniles also no "fishing rod" structure. Wait until the development to a certain degree, the male will choose a suitable female, biting her belly organization and attached to the above. Female organization grow rapidly, and soon you can wrap the male. Finally, females with parasitic males of his body sank together, began their "husband and wife and two fish World benthic life.

keeping knowledge of this paragraph a scavenger is no fish scales, afraid of the salt afraid the drug

2 water can put a piece of driftwood, that is their favorite layout, he

3 Origin of the Amazon in South America, so use acidic water To buy fish when feeding

4 pick scars eyes spirit, the stomach does not sag the fish

5 scavenger heavily polluting household filter to be strong and effective use oxygen pump new water into the tank before playing 24 hours conditional filtering day better 20 degrees of the water temperature of

6 fish can live, but certainly live well, because this is the tropical fish, recommendations referred to 26 degrees. what fish can not stand in

7 three months, there will be a lot of waste of fish live in the water, such as fish urine, these wastes can not be transformed, only by changing the water clear. Your fish is equal to soak in the urine 3 months, do you think he will be comfortable, can be turned into 6-8 Tianyi change the water, each time one fourth the amount. The scavenger

8 street sweeper is an omnivorous partial prime general varieties feed blood worms, good varieties can buy professional profiled feed, probably tens of dollars to one hundred yuan a can of

9 scavenger grown up is not small, feeding best, then mug with more than 50 cm, and the aquarium not look expensive, low usage, will find out that I was wrong after you buy, you can own patterned black diamond cylinder to find someone to do a price up third of the aquarium, look and aquariums as beautiful, functional (this is critical) stronger than the aquarium doubled twice. fish eat what


scavenger never ate fish excrement or stool, this seems worthy of the name. He also draft of earthworms and other fish eat the feed. He also eat algae and moss on the fish tank. Plants sometimes he eat, eat very complicated, not picky eaters. Color

scavenger mostly black and brown, there are red, brown other colors

the edit this paragraph scavenger fish is breathing? was said to be the lungs, say that it is the total water ventilation that is because have lungs, in fact, scavengers have gills, look carefully, a little behind the mouth, scavenger just mouth with the other fish, sucker-like, but also from his mouth water absorption into the gills drainage. It in his mouth to his mouth, a bubble, this bubble is oxygen, so that you can make it a variable length of time in the water. No wonder it's called scavenger it! the Atlas of

Term Atlas

extended reading: 1 generally black, yellow

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2 the football game tardy halfback edit original meaning items

scavenger clear Astoria (Sweeper), abbreviated as SW. Scavenger is a nickname, means tardiness defender undertake specific defensive task in a football game.

scavenger from the Eighth World Football Championship 1966, in the tactical thinking under the influence of "stick to steady attack", in order to strengthen the defense, in the back of the back line, and then arrange a player, the player's duties is only the defensive attack, perform a single defensive fill the seats tasks, to clear the ball in front of the attack to the side and all to the ball, hence the name.

worth mentioning the modern football focus Gongshoupingheng, scavenger play a single dull, obviously does not meet the needs of modern football, scavenger name has been forgotten by fans gradually. The famous

the Scavenger players

Beckenbauer (Germany) Passarella (Argentina) Baresi (Italy), Lucio (Brazil)

, released in British film editor the the original meaning items

scavenger ◎ translation scavenger [1 3.2012 ]

◎ Title Cleanskin

◎ age 2012

◎ Country United Kingdom

◎ category Drama/Crime/Thriller

◎ language English

◎ Subtitles Chinese

◎ IMDB score 6.7/10 from 1130 users

◎ Length 108 Mins

◎ director Hadi Hajjah grid Hadi Hajaig

◎ starring Sean Bean Sean Bean .... Ewan

Abhin Galeya .... Ash

Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Rampling .... the Charlotte McQueen

Peter Polycarpou .... Nabil

Tuppence Middleton .... Kate

Tom Burke Tom Burke .... Mark

Sam Douglas at .... Harry

Michelle Ryan, Michelle Ryan .... Emma

James Fox James Fox .... Scott Catesby

Tariq Shami .... Paul

Silas Carson ... . Amin

Shivani Ghai .... Rena

Chris Ryman .... Yussif

Glenn Wrage .... Sergeant Glen Conlan

Mens-Sana Tamakloe .... Ibrahim

Shane Zaza .... Adel

Michael Eaves .... Doctor

Simon Wright .... Mr. Tunney

Chris Geere .... Nick

Sid Mitchell .... Tony Shaw

Robin Hellier .... Father Robert Douglas

Jeetandra Lathigra .... Hussein Malik

Christopher Wilson Christopher Wilson .... Police Officer

Baz Salam the .... Boxer

Gino Picciano, .. .. Shef

James Helder .... University student

Shaun Lucas .... Cafe customer

Phoenix James .... Secret Service Agent

Russell Balogh .... Pall Bearer

Jon Adam Freeman .... Bar Customer (as Jon Adam Freeman)

Mick Slaney .. .. Pub Patron

Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro .... Wedding Guest

Elisha Willett .... Wedding Guest

Chris Pollard .... Harry's driver

Steven Kwon .... Student in Bar

Brian Shaw .... Lecturer

Raman Rai .... Student & Office Worker

Adam Robinson .... Secret Service Agent

Brian Dykes .... Barman

Jonathan Nyati

Amanda Pearson .... Wedding Guest/Hotel Guest

Craig Davis .... Wedding Guest

Rhea Vij .... Hotel Guest

Alison Scott .... Student

Kiyani Aziz .... Junior Artist - Gym (uncredited)

Rochelle and the De-Terville .... Law Student (uncredited)

Amy Wiles .... Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Jon of Wennington .... Wedding Guest


film tells the story of an agent to prevent with The story of the suicide terrorist-sponsored terrorist activities.

stills (5)

Ewan The is a secret service agent faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a suicide bomber and his terrorist cell.

Cleanskin: Ewan (Sean Bean) is a Secret Service agent faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a suicide bomber the Ash (Abhin Galeya) and his terrorist cell, whilst Ash wrestles with and References 1 with his conscience and reflects on his journey to terrorism.

entries Atlas Atlas

. Scavenger. 460 movie [reference date 2012-07-3].

4. the bounty hunter editing anime the the original meaning Xiang

scavenger ie, bounty hunter.

through the hunt for prisoners to protect the people, actively gathering intelligence way to earn reward. Scavenger

cases of "black cat" City Hunter "

kill inter Trojan, relatively easy to use anti-virus software to edit the original meaning items

scavenger utility: but the drawback is easy to mistakenly deleted the game

6 home cleaning appliances Edit this meaning

scavenger About

Cartier Spa environment electrical series "scavenger" garbage processor, the Swiss military technology spin Steel Technology, with strong devour ability almost swallowed digestion family life generated garbage, such as food scraps, paper, part of the product can also be used in offices, public places. Is a veritable "living environment experts, household cleaning King Kong".


Cartier Spa family scavenger small dc or ac motor drives the cutter into the sewer after the crushing of the food waste using centrifugal force to crush the cavity. Crushing cavity has a filtering effect, automatically intercepting food solids; cutter head with two or four 360-degree swivel impact head no razor, safety, durable, maintenance-free. Cutterhead speed AC motor (full load, work status) of about 1450-1750 rev/min. The crushed particles less than 4 mm in diameter, will not clog drains and sewers. According to the information of the


worldwide garbage an average annual growth rate of 8.42%, while the growth rate of 10% Chinese junk. 490 million tons produced annually worldwide garbage, while China alone nearly 150 million tons of municipal solid waste generated each year. At present, China's urban garbage accumulated heap stock has reached 70 million tons.

Chinese government each year have to put a lot of money to dispose of garbage, each city has a lot of waste disposal sites, but the efforts of the government seems to keep up with the speed of China's urbanization process. Rapid urbanization, the size of the cities continue to expand, so the surge in urban population, the rapid development of service industry, which also brought a large increase in the garbage. Cartier Spa environment

electrical series of "scavenger" garbage processor the Swiss military technology spin steel technology, with a strong devour ability "almost swallowed and digested all garbage in family life, such as food scraps , paper products, some products can also be used in offices, public places. Is a veritable "living environment experts, household cleaning King Kong".

scavenger super processing power savings: bones, fish, CD-ROM, leftovers, sanitary napkins, baby diapers wet; touch of "scavenger", tens of seconds, as the machine gently rotation, bones, fish, leftovers, sanitary napkins, baby diapers is not wet and so on will be flowing into the sewer system; cutterhead speed up to 2800 rev/min, all kinds of food waste can be milled into a foam, convenient ; no blade machine, without maintenance, and the use of safety; a family of thirty-five deal with household food waste, only to spend a few cents. Let me talk about saving water, If you use the "secondary water such as Taomi, vegetables and water, dish water, etc. have been used in the waste water, do not produce water charges. If you use tap water, general water flow per minute 4L, per ton water 1000L3.6, 3 minutes, 3.6 × 0.0086 = 0.86. Besides power, 1 hp = 735 watts, home electricity is generally for 1/2HP = 367W, 1 kWh = 1KW × 1 hours a day, 3 minutes, 0.367KW × 0.05 hours = 0.018 electricity bills, 0.48 × 0.018 = 0.0086 = 0.86. Finally, we considered a ledger, calculated using the three minutes per day, the total expenditure of hydropower is less than 5 cents, and in fact the average family a day with less than three minutes.

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