Otto Rehhagel

(Otto Rehhagel

Otto Rehhagel, 1938 -) is a German football coach, famous German coach, is one of the most successful head coach. Now the coach of the Greek national football team, he led Greece to win the 2004 European Football Championship. Hertha Berlin the the

the full name Otto Rehhagel

Date of Birth August 9, 1938

Place of birth the German Essen

Height 1.77 meters (5 feet 10 inches)

club information

now teaching

the the decommissioned former position defender

players era where the club Year team

1960C1963 Hertha Berlin

1963C1965 Kaiserslautern

1965C1972 red and white Essen

coaching career, led the team 1974C1975 Werder Bremen

1976 Dortmund

1976C1978 Bielefeld

1978C1980 Dusseldorf

1981 - 1994 Werder of Bremen

1995 Bayern `Munich

1996 - Kaiser Kaiserslautern

2001C2010 2000 Greek national football team

2012 Hertha Berlin

edit this paragraph coaching honors Bundesliga title: 1988,1993 (Werder Bremen), 1998 (Kaiserslautern)

German Cup: 1980,1991,1994 (Werder Bremen)

European Cup Winners' Cup: 1992 (Werder Bremen)

European Nations Cup champion: 2004 (Greece National Team)

Edit this paragraph national team achievements myth experienced coaching experience: the famous German football coach in 1997, led by newly promoted Kaiserslautern team to win the Bundesliga title that year, create first a myth. In 2004, he led the Greek national team to participate in the European Cup, in the case is not favored by the public, beating hosts Portugal in the opening game, and all the way into the medal final, the last, again beat Portugal in the final team, to win the European Cup champion, and create the second myth.

2010 South Africa's World Cup qualifier playoff lead Greece out of the Ukraine, rounded out the World Cup finals after 16 years, the the romantic country's Aegean secondary. On

club achievements "magic", not Tilei the Hagel absolutely justified: the original in Kaiserslautern, he has created a miracle led by newly promoted team to win the Bundesliga title; European Cup in 2004, he is to become the general director of Greek mythology.

but in review these magical experience at the same time, we also can not ignore a fact, it is not ideal Rehhagel coached the performance of the traditional giants. In 1995, with a halo in the Bremen team won two Bundesliga titles, "Otto the Great," took over the helm of the Bundesliga's top strong teams Bayern Munich. But in the next season, Rehhagel has not demonstrated the consistent strength of their fame, Bayern early exit champion ranks, were forced out when he himself is in season is not over yet, switch to the loser's image Kaiserslautern. the

have the ability to work miracles in Kaiserslautern and Greece Rehhagel, why the top teams have actually not open display it? The key problem is that Rehhagel's "magic" must be established on the basis of the highly disciplined team. Had led Greece to set off the 2004 European Cup before Rehhagel will be strict tactical discipline is injected into the minds of a striker. Even in the first group stage upset victory over Portugal team, he also prohibit players celebrate drinking. the

It is from these details started, Rehhagel ensure that the team can resolutely implement the coach's tactical intent. Although Greece is not a star player for outstanding personal abilities, but by virtue of the high degree of tactical discipline, they can rely on the defense in close collaboration with each other to resolve the offensive, and then use the right road pass the + Road Qiangdian "This seemingly simple he was using unusually skilled offensive repertoire, often at critical moments to the opponent a fatal blow.

However, such a big club in Bayern Rehhagel adhere to the road of discipline, hard to go all the way. As the squad has a lot of big-name players, each club darling itself, does not put the coach's authority looked down, not implement the background in this discipline, Rehhagel naturally difficult "magical" performance.

like the success of coach Rehhagel this only in the non-wealthy, can find out a lot of the international football. Such as Turks Terim, brilliant experience won the UEFA Cup in 2000 led with Galatasaray, he subsequently received a paper letter of appointment in the Serie A giants AC Milan, however, the star-studded San Siro Terim always stressed discipline but did not carry out, soon led to his being swept out. Back to the soil of the Turkish football, Terim soon glow with vitality in last year's European Cup, the "Magic coach left us more than a classic battle. The core of

Tip: the Greek coach soon to be 72 years old forward, but still led the Greek football team to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. German coach Lei Hage

Xinhua Beijing, May 19 sports news (reporter Zhang Han) for a soon to be 72 years of age towards the threshold of the elderly, you look forward to what single-handedly created the Euro 2004 Greek mythology Seoul probably will use his proud with some stubborn tone accent said: "Why not ask yourself how strong a heart can stand me and then a wave of force" in August 2001, "Otto Great "took over the helm of the national team of Greece, nobody can think that this is a marathon the beginning of the contract to maintain nearly a decade, but also no one can think of the elderly who face not so special after a lapse of 24 years after led Greece to break into the European Championship finals, relying on three consecutive cautious 1:0 final Greek football belt pinnacle letting this one second-rate team in Europe to return to the World Cup after a lapse of 16 years.

2004 Portugal summer, before almost in the eyes of foreign fans can not find traces of Greek men's soccer opener that beat hosts Portugal, still the team's second identity to advance to the knockout stages, but they in a quarter of beat defending champions France 1-0 in a final, semi-final victory over the Czech team to a ball, the final completed a vulgar gesture but ending the European Championship dream trip to 1:0 lore host.

after the game, but this does not prevent Greece conservative due to the wind the ball his country fans scolded Gouxue head back 30 years sinner as good at dragging football back legs; Craig Hal and his players were returning home by Dragon hero like given a warm welcome, without prejudice to their avatar is printed on stamps, without prejudice to the Greek President Costis Stephanopoulos and Archbishop of Athens awarded their medals, and the 2005 Laureus World Sports Awards granted them the best team honor. The Recalling Rehhagel's career in

The late 1960s and the early 1970s, the former Hertha Berlin and Kaiserslautern player has more than once to create the miracle of coaching exploits.

in coaching his early career, Rehhagel led a the Düsseldorf team won the German Cup, the 1979-1980 season; while his brilliant 14-year history of the club in Bremen, winning twice Bundesliga champion (1987, 1993), two German Cups (1991, 1994) and one European Cup Winners' Cup (1992), a single team from the League pushed to the Bundesliga title on the throne he only took six and a half years time. Subsequently

Rehhagel took over Bayern Munich club, led them to burst into the UEFA Cup final in 1996; only one year apart, dismissed by Bayern Rehhagel took over Kaiserslautern in the season (1997-1998 season) will of Zhezhi just League playing up the "newly promoted" playing a Bundesliga title, creating liter Jiadi year they won the "miracle of Kaiserslautern. the

to leave Kaiserslautern in October 2000 to dump, Rehhagel play effectiveness and tactics Bundesliga screenings have been over a thousand games, to become veritable the Bundesliga the first person.

its strict German style of football the same strain, Rehhagel, Greece made a huge success of the secret is highly disciplined body first, a feature that specifically reflect tactical nativism is the other side to make a mistake, although tedious, but even the proceeds Tiandaochouqin. Euro Rehhagel tactical thinking

2004 years thorough its head, but the World Cup in Germany struggled to qualify unsuccessful and out ahead of the Euro 2008 group stage tragic Greece brilliant, such as short-lived; last year the World Cup qualifiers, Greece two rounds of playoff with away a goal eliminated a powerful enemy Ukrainian team into the World Cup in South Africa, which will undoubtedly give Rehhagel has cast a recorded vote of confidence.