Gede Muller

Gaidemule (Gerhard 'Gerd' Müller, 1945 November 3, 2010 -), is a retired German footballer, nicknamed "Bomber", he is the greatest striker of the German football and even the history of world football, collective and personal honor slam winner. An insurmountable football eternal myth! He is a former World Cup and European War history scorer and also maintained the highest the goal total number of records of the history of European football clubs. He participated in a total of 13 games, scored 14 goals in two World Cups, this World Cup goals record holder and up to 32 years until the new century was only the younger two outstanding enterprises. 2006 World Cup Brazil striker "aliens" Ronaldo with 15 goals to break the record, the 2010 World Cup in Germany, the striker "God" Klose tied the record.

Name: the Gade Muller (Gerd Müller)

Gaidemule [1]

nickname: Bomber countries bomber

nationality: Germany

Birthplace: Noerdlingen

Birthday: November 3, 1945

Height: 1.76 m

weight: the 78 kg

Position: center, assault the striker

World Cup: played 13 times into 14 ball

European Cup: played six times into 11 balls

on behalf of the national team: 62 appearances, into 68 the ball

European Cup: played 72 times into 69 balls

European Cup: 35 appearances, to 35 balls

the five top leagues: 427 appearances for the participation of to 365 balls

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behalf of the team

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World Cup




European Cup




World Cup


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edit this paragraph Introduction to Personal Profile, November 3

1945 years Gaidemule, Mueller was born in the small northern town of Munich, Germany Noerdlingen. The teenager, Muller had a keen interest in football, 10 years old, he joined the local TSV team, and spent his young years. In 1964, when the B team Bayern Munich phase this quite punk temperament of the young striker, Muller's brilliant career as a professional football begins. In October 1,

1964 For Mill is a memorable day, on this day, he for the first time on behalf of Bayern Munich played in the league. Game and Freiburg, Muller scored twice, one stroke laid him in the team's main position. Thereafter, Muller virtue excellent Qiangdian ability to become the most threatening striker in the Bundesliga, Bayern 15 season, the year are the team's top scorer in a total of 427 games in the German league, Muller scored a total of 365 goals, and Bundesliga top scorer title seven times. old

stadium according to (8)

15 season, Bayern Munich from an unknown second division team became German football and even the giants of European football, they won the German league title in 1969, Bayern won three consecutive league in 1972-1974. In 1974-1976, the team for three consecutive years to get the European Cup, became the first European football strong teams. All this, Mueller denied.

Mueller on behalf of the German national team played 62 games, scored 68 goals in career total. Won the World Cup, European Cup champion, won two contest double Golden Boot and personal. At the club, he won the Bundesliga title, three times European Cup champion, won the Bundesliga top scorer seven times, four times won the Champions League top scorer in 1970 elected Mr. Jin Qiu. 2000, he was labeled "the first-ever scorer FIFA FIFA.

Gerd Müller is the most powerful ruler of the history of football, on the offensive end, showing the energy shock ancient sparkle today. If you want to get to the competitive strength and event data, and champion the number of these hard targets to issuance of a history list of the greatest football players, I believe the vast majority of the world's experts and fans will Gerd Müller name on the most top - anyone close to this location.

Gerd Müller for the the football master of large, throughout professional sports circle almost be called that no only Gaidemule the Great

. (Domestic league, Cup, external Champions League, the war in Europe, the Club World Cup, international and intercontinental contest the World Cup, European Cup, all participate in the Championships collective all champion; personal the won all Jinxue Mr. Jin Qiu; create the all time record, all perfect!) any so-called "number one" in front of him will be eclipsed. "Football emperor

So, when Beckenbauer reporter asked whether Gerd Müller is not the strongest in the history of forward players thrown such a sentence:" Yes, history is always not lie! did not cover De Mule goals and perhaps what is not. "

is the most realistic objective is always the historical record, which represents a real competitive level of soccer athletes! Treasures handed down Gaidemule most worthy close-up of the big book. to

his status and glory in the football world, as shown by its nickname "Bomber", will always be the most dazzling, the most brilliant star in the sky where. He left countless legendary historical data, will the descendants of tradition, reverence, from generation to generation, endless handed down ......

the growth experience November 3, 1945, Mueller was born in the north of Munich Norlin root town, a teenager at the local TSV-1861 Noerdlingen accept football training, Gerd Muller

the and into the echelon of the club participated in the German regional league. Initially, Muller play alimony mother, and later tried to move to Nuremberg, but the body is poor is refused, until he was 19 years old, still in the Category B Bayern gave him a chance, Kayes Covey Sharansky signed him skeptical, too, and get a super striker a rampage in Europe and the world football for 14 years. The 1962/63 season, Mueller was a TSV team scored the shaking ZZZZZZZZZ 188 balls, which is the highest single-season scoring record ever recorded in football history. This performance is entirely supernatural! the

but the beginning came to Bayern coach Kayes Covey Chomsky puts him on the bench the point of view of 10 field goals, the pressure until the club main Xinudeke. October 18, 1964, under 19-year-old Muller, the first official put on Bayern jersey in the the southern League away match against Freiburg, the home team in the game in this 11:2 bloodbath Sentimental Mueller beginning in the second half to break into their own Bayern career first official goal. Since then, the "bomber" became the first person of the history of world football striker! Southern League championship that season, Bayern has not only been able to enter the Bundesliga, but also to create an immortal record, single-season scoring 146 goals! Since then, told him biased Kayes Covey Sharansky change attitudes, affectionately called Muller "I Dumpty. Muller's very distinctive characteristics, his archery best in the world, though the body is not high, but heading ability is excellent. His "stunt" the grab points Leipzig the ball placement judgment and shot the extraordinary Jiaogan help again and again in his opponents inside the restricted area bomb. This is the place of today's most admired Muller, also all strikers today the most desirable Muller's place, naturally Muller aspect arena dozen carrier survival the stunt - Gongmen technology! The bucket and volley, and toes to reach all parts of the torso and head both from inside and outside the instep of the left foot Tuishe even knee and hip, as long as the parts of the body allows the action allowed by the rules of football field, Muller can be used to attack the other goal. 15 years from 1964-65 to 77-78 last season, Mueller each year, Bayern squad's leading scorer, the seven Bundesliga top scorer in European football club history scorer

2 European Golden Boot. In the 1971-1972 season, Muller in the club only played 48 games and scored 67 goals, the European League single-season scoring record until 40 years after the 2011-2012 season was only Messi breaking the single-season into The number of balls can exceed a poor scoring efficiency the mortarboards yixingbandian that. This is just Mueller many even he could not remember a wide variety plethora of goalscoring record which only a small ...... In addition, in 427 Bundesliga, Mueller scored a total of 365 balls, number the top five leagues in Europe and the scoring rate so far no one can. Addition to outside Leipzig technology, Mueller last pass in the penalty area is players can often assists his teammates broke.

help Bayern promoted to the Bundesliga, "Maier - Franz Beckenbauer - Muller" axis became Germany and Europe's most feared super combo, winning the first league title in 1969 and from 1972-74 Year three consecutive years, from 74 years to 76 years to achieve the European Cup three-peat! Personal Muller won an unprecedented four times Champions League top scorer. To know hundreds 12,3 field gold have Tianrang to previous European Cup, but only the national league title to be eligible to participate in a knock-out tournament to reach the finals at best 6,7 field the ball, and today's Champions League of difference. In this achievement, the credit of the bombers in no way inferior to the football emperor for Bayern, he scored a total of 525 goals unprecedented So far the entire European football club's history scorer! Beckenbauer said: "Bayern have, thanks to Muller and his goals." Kiskiskis

the Bundesliga 40 anniversary held in August 2003, Gerd Müller and Bei Kenbao Seoul was awarded with the winning of the Award for the most outstanding figures in Bundesliga history. More than 1,000 guests attending the ceremony in Cologne theaters up and applaud, pay tribute to two great men have made extraordinary contributions to German football history! legendary life of

"Bomber" Gerd Muller was affectionately called "little fat Mueller, Muller child has been playing baseball in the streets until they are 18 to receive formal football training later Bayern scouts phase So as a the Nuremberg loyal fans, he decided to choose to join rival Bayern Munich, Nuremberg. Gerd Muller [2] ability to

He has a very strong explosive and at the foot adjust the speed to seize the opportunity and God almost clever sense of where the other his header from the center so that almost all goalie off guard . He shot like the thunder of spring, simply, effectively, and in particular, accurate. He uses his own stout stocky, low center of gravity, balanced strong body characteristics, more powerful ground ball. Mueller also seems to have a specific function can accurately grasp the direction of the turn and shot, angle, and control the line of the shot, the ball just right close to the post dead ends into the room, I really like have a radar in the guidelines of his shot direction. He is simply unstoppable shot machine ...... on the pitch, his name for the defender and goalkeeper are a horrible nightmare! If you use three words to describe the words of Gerd Muller, then only: goals, goals, goals ... football game goal is the last word. in 1967-1978,

Muller won unprecedented 7 may also be unrepeatable Bundesliga, Champions League, winning with the Cup twice in Europe, Europe, a total of 15 top club competition in the Club World Cup top scorer title career total of Bayern scored a staggering 525 goals, only one player scored more than 60 goals in a season, even more surprising is that a total of 14 seasons, five seasons into the ball even more than playing the number! After retiring he and Franz contribution Bayern with waste heat

Bauer in the mid-1970s led Bayern three consecutive reigns European Cup. Gerd Muller's scoring record in the national team even more staggering: West Germany a short period of eight years before the effectiveness of a total of 62 appearances scoring 68 goals! Personal won the Golden Boot of the World Cup, European Cup double. Muller displayed their prowess in the 10th World Cup of 1974, in the final battle, the current Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands team beaten 1 1 and at loggerheads when he got the ball in front of the other, in four defenseman under attack, turned and shot to force success, which laid the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany team victory. Muller also holds the world record for a football history, he is in the 20th century in the World Cup, scoring the most players on the two-time World Cup Mueller, a total of 14 goals. To win the World Cup in 1974, dissatisfied with the peak in a time when 29-year-old Mueller unauthorized pursuit of personal boredom reason to quit the national team.

1976 years of his German team in the European Cup final shootout loss to the Czech Republic. People then realized was missing when he lost the championship, because a been overlooked in many of his records, he is a football history, is the only one who did not fail in a major tournament finals! Kiskiskis

1982 Mueller announced hang boots. Retired Hou Mule once due to alcoholism and debt and world-weary, was close friends with the help of Beckenbauer, he was overcome alcohol problems, and to restore normal life. He returned to Bayern Munich team scouts, he began to take on more tasks to help manage the team and youth team, personally imparted within the team's young striker shot skills, and sometimes he will go out to other countries to engage in some of the club's advocacy and communication work.

shooter king without any national team coach dare ignore the super marksman. Muller, October 12, 1966 for the first time on behalf of West Germany played in the 2-0 win over Turkey. 1970 World Cup is the pinnacle of years, one of Mueller's personal, he scored 10 goals in that contest, in addition to cross the white 1970 Mr. World Cup Golden Boot

volume in the three or four finalists, five other battlefield field broke! Eventually, he won the coveted honor of all strikers reached its peak in the World Cup Golden Boot. "The World Cup for me personally, even more than in 1974." Mueller recalls. Have to prove themselves, build a career in the World Cup because of a great player!

1972 years, Muller scored four goals in the final stage of the European Cup semi-final and the final two, to Help West Germany won the European Cup for the first time. In 1974, he reached the top on the collective honor. The first six games Muller only three goals, but it is best to stay in the final, the final against the Netherlands, he scored a key go-ahead 1 ball to help West Germany won the World Cup. The ball Muller international career last bomb, or even the most important of his entire playing career. Ball from Bang Huofu foot of the restricted area pass, my position ran the ball touched my left foot backward bomb, my return, turning, turned and shot with his right foot, suddenly, I saw the ball in the net in it! "Muller recalled," This, of course, is one of my most important goals. "

goals helped West Germany to win the World Cup, also let Muller 14 balls over the French striker Fontaine in terms of the World Cup total historical scorer first. Name impressively behind him, Bailey et al, but the single of goal scoring ability, history and "Bomber" No one can. 1990 World Cup Brazil main striker Muller, precisely because the the crazy worship bomber, an idol same name instead. Muller visibility even in South America, as much as Pele! the

Muller Maybe this can score more goals for more honor to win the World Cup, a time when 28-year peak in his surprisingly announced retirement from the national team, played in 62 games scored 68 balls left great record. On this decision, several guesses, wife of the West German government does not allow players to participate in the celebration party, which gave Mueller rage Another argument is that Muller dissatisfaction in bonuses after the World Cup, he had ridiculed the Football Association "sent money fucking ridiculous." The key reason is the Mueller already do not know what did not get to consider themselves invincible supercilious impulse to make a hasty decision. the years of

1979, old age Mueller to leave Bayern Munich, the 33-year-old, he went to the North American leagues and individual scoring honors won Union scored 40 goals in 80 league games was a great success, and retired in 1982. After leaving football, bombers limited to nothing for the state, alcoholism nearly destroyed him. Then teammate Franz Beckenbauer and Hoeness rescue Muller day in 1992, a high-level meeting of the Bayern Munich club, a solution to a debt-laden problem of alcoholism ronin work is referred to the meeting to discuss all of a sudden attracted criticism and controversy of the many people in the club level, it is very embarrassing to the face of an opposition proposal mover Hoeness. Just then, the club president Franz Beckenbauer suddenly outraged - "Without him, we sat in perhaps nothing is!" Later they invited Muller as Bayern's scouts and assistant coaches to help train the striker. the

edit this paragraph, a hero was born the profound knowledge October 22, 1966, ushered the national team at the warfare Gaidemule, in the this Turkey friendly, Mueller and did not score, but he soon established the position of the national team. In his second national team game, Muller thoroughly impressed coach in the April 8, 1967, the Federal Republic of Germany team ushered in Dortmund the opponent on the European Championship qualifier in Albania, Muller alone into 4 Ball staged Luckiest Man, 6-0 victory to help the team, but also to lay the national team position in one fell swoop. the

honor pinnacle 1970 World Cup in Mexico, the world witnessed the the most powerful Gaidemule, he scored 10 goals in six games, the Muller friend Beckenbauer

including to Bulgaria and Peru two consecutive hat-trick. Dominant individual performance Mueller won when the World Cup's top scorer, and he subsequently conquered all the judges are elected by popular vote of the European Golden Globes. But the glory of the World Cup does not come at the head of a super striker in a thrilling semi-final, the Federal Republic of Germany team 3-4 loss to the Italian team, while Muller scored two goals, but still to no avail. Game for both sides are exhausted, this clashes between war known to history as "the longest 1.

subsequent final Italy 1-4 defeat to Brazil team led by Pele, creating maximum score losing record in the World Cup finals, when many people regret the case of Brazil, not Germany, because in the previous warm-up match, Germany had defeated Brazil this "invincible".

Muller regret in compensation in 1972, in the European Cup final, the Federal Republic of Germany, 3-0 victory over the Soviet Union, boarded the Top of Europe. Muller once again become the hero of the team, near the end of the first half, he opened the scoring in the final, followed by Wimmer will expand the score to 2-0, but the final decision of the competition Muller, his feint to fool each other goalkeeper Rudakov scored the the team third ball of the Federal Republic of Germany. When the session of the European Cup round robin 4 games 7 goals, 4 ball a total of 11 balls terrorist goals in two games of the final stage there is no suspense to become the top scorer of the tournament.

74 World, Muller into the final winning goal to help the German team won the World Cup in the second. Muller took part in the World Cup, has scored 14 goals in 13 games, and so far no one to break this record. the

Note 1: The legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo fourth World Cup 19 games scoring 15 goals, in 2006 after 32 years to break the record. the

Note 2: 18 games, scored 14 goals in the legendary German striker Klose third World Cup in 2010 after 36 years, tying the record. [3]

1970s, the birth of two great shooter, do all 50, 60 predecessors have failed to do historical feat!

1970 World Cup Diary 10 balls, 4 balls 1974 Gaidemule 32 years maintained the total World Cup finals scoring record. Never turn off the German bombers to tell us about his 14 World Cup goals!

1-1970.6.3, Germany 2:1 Moroccan, 78 '(2:1)

tough game. Glasgow Boff Chomsky biography, Harrell top of the ball on the beam, I happened to be waiting there. My role is to appear in the right position. the

2-1970.6.7 Germany 5:2 Bulgaria, 27 '(2:1)

the current activity according to (5)

Li Buda first equalized the score, the breakthrough success followed on the right, how good winger! His biography is very accurate, but I do not remember how far from the goal field goal.

3-1970.6.7 Germany 5:2, Bulgaria, 52 '(3:1)

Li Buda in the game is simply genius! He broke through the three Bulgarian defender, was brought down in the penalty area. I use the maximum power of the penalty shot into.

4-1970.6.7 Germany 5:2, Bulgaria, 88 '(5:1)

Li Buda cause foul. When the referee is not so strict as it is now. Li Buda out kick me the ball to score, which is few and far in my career. 5-1970.6.10 Germany 3:1 in Peru, 19 '(1:0)

I always do not forget this game, I completed a hat-trick within 20 minutes! Li Buda biography defender selected bit poor keeper, I keep the ball rolling across from his side, I like into this ball.

6-1970.6.10 Germany 3:1 in Peru, 26 '(2:0)

goals derived from Harrell on the left side of the pass. Our wide players very clearly the direction of movement, be able to easily find my place. I did unmarked, too easy! Video of that time not yet been used to study your opponents.

7-1970.6.10 Germany 3:1 Peru, 39 '(3:0)

Germany was an issue being discussed: the ability to let the two center played together? One young, one old, Schiller and me. This is the Schiller biography I headed home. Moment, everyone stopped debate, and Schiller good Dadang.

8-1970.6.14 Germany 3:2 England,, 108 '(3:2) by

1966 Final injustice is still in our minds emerge. The England one up it a 2-0 lead, followed by the match Beckenbauer and Schiller, Schiller, or use the back of the head shot. Overtime Glasgow Boff Chomsky biography, in front of the door, I completed the first of his career, "Papin-goal.

9-1970.6.17 Germany 3:4 Italy, 94 '(2:1)

If at that time there Golden Globe winning nice ah! But the Frenchman will think of the 1982 World Cup. Italy equalized in 90 minutes last moment, and then I break into a 2 to 1 lead scoring. How to enter? I do not know, this is intuitive.

10-1970.6.17 Germany 3:4 Italy, 110 '(3:3)

Mexico weather was very hot, we once again caught up in extra-time bitter struggle. Honestly, I think then the referee is unfair to us, we should get at least three penalties! However, I once again equalized. Li Buda biography, Schiller headed ferry, I'm in front of the score. Germany 3:0 Australia

11-1974.6.18 53 '(3:0)

the final goal of our team, Uli Hoeness out the corner help me score. Since then the audience began to boo us, because we are "making progress". We then performing or save your energy? This is not the All-Star Game!

12-1974.6.26 2:0 Yugoslavia, Germany, 82 '(2:0)

after losing to East Germany, we started to get some confidence in this game, so I scored the team's second goal to help the team stabilized. Brian Turner opened the scoring, Ofer the Lats ball to Hoeness, he assists my score on the right. I was already lying on the ground, or field goal. This is me, not only in the air, ground, score, and can also use the head, left foot, right foot score.

13-1974.7.3 Germany 1-0 Poland, 76 '(1:0)

game is basically a swimming pool, you can not imagine the game hard! Hoeness had already missed a penalty, while Bang Huofu glued to a tough Polish defender, the ball rolled under my feet, 9 meters away ball launched into the door to the lower left corner.

14-1974.7.7 Germany 2:1 Netherlands, 43 '(2:1)

This is certainly a most in the world Views goals. This game at the Munich Olympic Stadium, an opening was scored a penalty. But we also answered more than 20 minutes after a penalty. Near the end of the first half, Bang Huofu cross from the right, I got the ball. Maybe it is because I shot forces are relatively light, so the ball rolled into the content Bullard (the Netherlands goalkeeper) the goal. Under normal circumstances, the goalkeeper thought it would be a great shot. Edit this section striker emperors in

FIFA FIFA official announced world football since official statistics, the great players in career goals:

first: Gerd Muller, Germany, 1216 games, 1461 into : the Fredden Dietrich (20th century), Germany/Brazil, 1239 game the 1329 goal

third: Pele, Brazil 1363 game, 1281 into the ball world championship century second Golden Boot

, ball three times world champion the century number one

fourth: Franz Binder (mid-20th century), Germany/Austria, 756 games game, the 1006 goal

Note: Gerd Muller is the only one in vigorously God the real modern era football period to complete this the Masterpieces feat of players, even Pele sighed Eph such. God the strength pinnacle Gaidemule career

record created football history countless epic splendor great record and he has the miracle of the top ten records, called football record the Creator! Any subsequent person close to tying, break his individual record can become the ranks of legend.

1. overall World Cup scoring record of 14 balls, 32 years after Ronaldo to break, Klose tied after 36 years! Although both of them are very powerful, but scoring efficiency Bi Mule or handicap

2 the national team: 13 games International A-class game scoring record: 62 games into 68 balls, so far only Klose relatively close, there is hope to break the record

3 war in Europe total scoring record: 72 games, 69 ball, 30 years after Raul and due Zaghi both broke! these two scoring efficiency galaxy

4 is Europe's five major league single-season scoring record: 71/72 season, he only played 48 games for Bayern scored a total of 67 goals! 40 years after Messi to break the scoring efficiency or worse, not yixingbandian

5. A natural goalscoring record for the year: 1972, Gerd Müller throughout the year scored 85 goals! Messi was 40 years, broken or to rely now played a few more convenience

6. Five league goals record: so far most still is Gaidemule to scored 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga League! This record not only the quantity but also more efficient, do not see who can break the record

7. Consecutive goals in five league record: 71/72 Bundesliga season into 21 balls for 14 consecutive games record is still continuous screenings in five league The longest scoring records do not see who can break this record

8 Europe's top league club scoring record: Gerd Müller Bayern Munich scored a total of 525 goals terror! Almost impossible to break

9. Scoring record (including informal): 1216 games into the 1461 ball almost supernatural non-human areas of the history of the football game! Security can not be broken

10. Cattle record is this: World Cup, European Cup, the Champions League, the war in Europe, the league, cup and all take full champion and the tournament's Golden Boot and creating all the time goalscoring record no one left out merit satisfactorily.

Highlights: I Gaidemule interview, said he values ​​most in mind