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Ralf Rangnick, 1958 June 29, 2010 -) German football figures, famous coach. Top league as a player, he never played, but it was quite successful coaching experience, in the the Ulm, Schalke 04, Hoffenheim teams achieved good results. era vagrant


Ralf Rangnick

, players Brannick a player does not have any bright spots, most of the time he is consorting in the lower leagues and even amateur leagues, has never played in any top league. Has played for the second team, Stuttgart, Soss Vick (Brannick when studying in the UK the effectiveness of the UK Sussex County League amateur team Southwick FC), the heilbronn (VfR Heilbronn) Ulm, thanks Branch South the (Victoria Backnang, of Brannick 30000 population hometown club), and Lipo Chaldees Wheeler (TSV Lippoldsweiler) club, and in his spare time, Brannick even when secondary school teachers, can be described as rich in experience. [1]

early palm pointer the budding

Brannick first time coaching a youth team in Ulm. After the 1983-85 season, Ralf Rangnick as a player and coach, played for his hometown team Backnang, there was a warm-up match Brannick impressed when the team against Ukraine football legend Naropa Malinowski led Dynamo Kiev football club after the game he had to say, I think the game in the field seems to more than one person. This is a brand new football. 1985-87 season in Stuttgart amateur coach, but soon he once again as a player and coach to Lipo Chaldees Will coach and retired there. Hang up his boots after Lenny Cobb (SC Korb) began his coaching career, and two years later he returned to Stuttgart to re-start coaching amateur teams and manage everyday things. At that time, he will be recorded under the then marshal Sacchi coached every game AC Milan game, edit, and organize each section of the competition process, the establishment of a database of player field mobile. To do this, it is a football-obsessed workaholic, Ralf Rangnick. He even even vacation time is spent on football, the only to observe of Foggia football club coach - the legendary coach of the Czech Zeman training sessions. It was during this period, Ralf Rangnick accept advanced theory of these gurus, and laid a solid foundation for future coaching. the

1995-96 season, Ralf Rangnick's first high-level team coach is in the southern region league Reutlingen first season put the team brought four, section 2 last season, the team is still located in the pre-Christmas upgrade the ranks, but Ralf Rangnick did not continue, he turned to Ulm football club he had played for. Since the middle of taking office, the rest of the first half of the season, Ralf Rangnick's team only won six, but to the second season, the 1996-97 season, Ralf Rangnick successfully led his team to ascend to the second division league identity. the

"professors" appellation originally ridiculed

the Aktuelle Sportstudio of December 19, 1998, the German sports television program, is the second division the Ulm coach Ralf Rangnick on television holding a magnetic tactics board, The parallel to the back four of their own faith and regional defensive tactics. German football was such a tactical system or novelty, most of the teams are still using scavenger defensive system. However, after the broadcast of the program has caused uproar in his school and did not get the approval and support, but those traditional forces irony as "Professor". Although and Premiership Arsenal football club coach Arsene Wenger's title is exactly the same, but it falls far short. Ralf Rangnick was just an academic coach, his theory is far less than the traditional German spirit will housekeeping magic.

same this winter, Ralf Rangnick's old club Stuttgart and he signed a confidentiality contract, he coached the team in the 1999-2000 season. But this contract in February 1999, announced ahead of Ralf Rangnick had to leave the team at the end of March, the Ulm Ranked second division 5th eventually the Andermatt led successor under Ukrainian Alm to the second division 3 success into the armor.

excavation many Nova

1999 years May 3, Ralf Rangnick officially took over Stuttgart to return to Stuttgart, ranked 11th final kick down when the season's final five games. After Ralf Rangnick began its first full Bundesliga coaching journey, he was only 20 years old Timo Hildebrand exceptional promotion and the introduction of a 23-year-old from Sao Paulo Boden, the final team ranked The midstream 8. 2000-01 season, he once again € 150,000 to buy Hleb, free to sign Tiefert, promoted 18-year-old right-back Andres Hinkel and Greek striker Ioannis Amanatidis and Wenzel. Team early in the season passed Intertoto Cup into the UEFA Cup, but apparently lack Ralf Rangnick on two fronts to prepare the team into the last 16 of the UEFA Cup knockout in the Bundesliga is limping for a long time in deep relegation quagmire When the war in Europe was Celta football club eliminated, Ralf Rangnick also will be the club dismissal sadly class, Stuttgart final was only a 3 point advantage reluctantly relegation. But Ralf Rangnick has left a prototype of the future team set off a storm of youth.

to return to the second division, led the Hanover upgrade

2001-02 season, Ralf Rangnick to return to the second division Hannover 96 football club coach, led the team won the second division championship that year, after a lapse of 13 years after the return to the Bundesliga and beat 93 balls into the local record in the second division. Regression first season in the Bundesliga, Hannover made 11, but the second season Hannover record suffered a landslide, but worth mentioning, and now the German national team defender Per Mertesacker is in this season is Ralph · The Brannick promoted to the first team, staged a Bundesliga debut in the game against Cologne. In March 2004, the teams 0-1 loss to Borussia Moenchengladbach and five victorious Houlaerfu · Rangnick was sacked by the club. the new glory

landing Schalke writing September 28,

2004, Ralf Rangnick succeed Heynckes served Schalke 04 coach, led the beginning made a brilliant record of six in a row. Rangnick

out in the first knockout round of the UEFA Cup, but in the German cup surging medal final, but ultimately lost 1-2 at Bayern. In addition, the league title contention, Schalke also just ranked Bayern. Although he did not win the championship, two runner-up results Ralf Rangnick quickly conquered the hearts of the fans. In the second season, the team is free to the introduction of the Ernst sign Kuranyi and Rafinha and promoted from the U19 youth team goalkeeper Neuer. But the team's mediocre record in the league, failed to qualify for the Champions League, German Cup 0-6 defeat Frankfurt football club. Substandard due and managers A Shaoer and big-name players in the team, Ralf Rangnick outgoing contract expired six months ago. A Shaoer not dismiss him, Professor in the winter break last home game against Mainz Mainz football club competition, and fans waved farewell. Schalke create impressive record of 44 88 he became the coach of the best league record in Royal Blue Army history.

to create the miracle of Hoffenheim In July

2006, Ralf Rangnick by Hope invited to Hoffenheim and signed for five years. This allows people to large expected, Hoffenheim was only regional league team, perhaps in Ralf Rangnick seems he again returned to the starting point to begin a new journey. Under his leadership, the results of two of the Hoffenheim ahead of four Southern District historical promoted to the second division. Followed by the second division last season, Hoffenheim spent more than 20 million signings, but the league is very bad start, after overwhelming Fortunately, the team spent the run-in period, the final results of the second division runner-up, completed the feat two years triple jump. Bundesliga debut in this season, Hoffenheim again Hurricane, has become one of the first two newly promoted team, the team won the winter championship top scorer Ibisevic scored 18 into ball. Rural miracle this staged. 2011, Gustavo transfer lead Hoffenheim earthquake lose the core defensive midfielder dissatisfaction coach Rangnick opted to resign after he took office in 2006, Ralf Rangnick, Hoffenheim Third Division brought all the way Grade Hoffenheim, promoted to Grade A in 2008 became the biggest dark horse team in the Bundesliga, and has since become a record in the upstream crack. Ralf Rangnick explicitly told Johns dissatisfaction in an interview with the "Bild" he said, "This is an unusual event, the player is sold, the coach has not been directly informed that I eventually made a decision. "replace him the former assistant 佩扎尤奥利. brief experience the

Ralf Rangnick

, return to Schalke 18, March

2011 club Schalke 04 announced just Hoffenheim class Brannick will replace Magath Schalke 04 team coach. This is Lenny coached the team in the second. Led Schalke 04 in the Champions League first leg 5-2 victory over Inter Milan, the second leg 2-1, the final phase-out of Inter Milan reached the Champions League semi-finals, but unfortunately in the semi-final defeat to Manchester United. September 22, 2011, Schalke 04 club suddenly announced Rangnick resigned because of health reasons, the team assistant Escherichia Cohen will be temporarily responsible for the team, Brannick expressed: "After lengthy deliberation, I feel that they need to rest for some time, this is a very difficult decision, but I am a serious shortage of energy, has been unable to continue to help the team succeed after I left, still will bless the team the remainder of the season for success. "[2] Brannick time once again left distance he took office just over six months.

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2011.03.18-2011.09.22 Schalke 04 coach

2006.07.01-2011.01.01 Hoffenheim coach

2004.09.28-2005.12.12 Schalke 04 coach

2001. 07.01-2004.03.07 Hannover 96 coach

1999.05.03-2001.02.23 Stuttgart head coach the Ulm coach


1995.07.01-1996.12.31 Reutlingen of coach

1985.07.01 1987.06. 30 Stuttgart coach [3]