Wu Weifeng

Wu Weifeng, the Tianjin judo team coach, from 1982 to 1991, the Chinese judo athletes, retired at the Tianjin judo team head coach coach during training many of the best judo athletes. Name

: Wu Weifeng Wu Weifeng

Country/Region: China

Gender: female

birth date :1966-08-05

Height: 178cm

weight: 78 kg

projects: the judo

registered units: Tianjin Sports Bureau

Occupation: the judo coach

movement Experience: 1982 -1991 judo athletes

1992 of years since the the judo coaches the

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2012 Tam election on behalf of the 16th CPC Congress

Wu Weifeng Anhui Women judo team, athletes and coaches, and on several occasions the national team in the game yesterday, Tong Wen showed good four four games in a finals.

worth mentioning, Tong Wen in the third game in the face of the Tenth National Games had defeated Liaoning player Luan Huiying, then solid technical 24 seconds embroiled with a beautiful left outside, "a beat, reported revenge for the National Games.

finals to face previously also four "a" of the Sydney Olympic champion, Liaoning veteran Yuan Hua, Tong Wen in just 40 seconds, "a" Lectra opponents and won the championship. After the game, Tianjin women's judo coach Wu Weifeng said, "The game is the first battle of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing four stations points race, Yuan Hua, Tong Wen can beat arch rival championship, road lay a solid foundation for her to enter the Beijing Olympic Games."

yesterday Tianjin team accounted for the gold medal, but head coach Wu Weifeng of several players in the team's performance is quite satisfactory. She believes that in today's competitive, several young players can play this level has been very good. However, the the Tianjin team National Games champion Junjie before the game suffering from a cold, affect the physical, finished seventh in the women's 52 kg class competition with some regret, so coach Wu Weifeng.

edit personal stories of glory and the dream for the first time into the Hall of judo training base to pay the village, people will always be here training atmosphere infected. Wu Weifeng

a group of young girls divided to two teams alternately into battle fighting, listening to the sound of their body fell to the mat, the heart can not help but make Jiuqi. Players inevitably tired secretly complain, however, saw the coach that Stern and eager eyes, they seem to have infinite power. The young coach seems to always tirelessly like, along with the athletes hustle. It is against the spirit of this several years as one day Tianjin women's judo career from scratch, from weak to strong, has boarded the national hegemony, they are today we would like to introduce the hero - Wu Weifeng, ZHAO Zhi Shan.

Wu Weifeng, this is a very famous name in the judo world. Lift the Chinese women's judo, one might immediately think of Gao Fenglian, Zhuang Yan, Zhang Ying famous. Wu Weifeng is a renowned domestic and international sporting a par with their female soft master. Her country of origin, Anhui, on several occasions in the major events of national and international success. ZHAO Zhi Shan, Wu Weifeng lover from Shanxi, also had a distinguished record judo national champion. after retirement of

, Wu Weifeng came to Beijing Sports University studies. 1994, graduated from college, she is facing a variety of options, finally, out of a judo career regrets obsession, Wu Weifeng choose when this new challenge of coaching in encouragement of mentor Meng Zhaorui, Wu Weifeng couple came to Tianjin.

formation judo team Tianjin was the cause of women's judo described as "poor white". Training ground state of disrepair, dilapidated, Wu Weifeng

husband and wife and son had to do-it-yourself repair. But one of the most serious problems in front of them is: the team is not a team. From the Eighth National Games was only a short time, the city's female soft talent scarcity, Wu Weifeng decided to the Heilongjiang go singles players, so pregnant with pregnant, she began a difficult trip northeast .

Wu Weifeng back-chun, training more than three months to play tune race, the performance of the players went to Beijing is doing very well. While Wu Weifeng couple joy when the players were suddenly left without saying goodbye. The original northeast coach several good seedling phase using psychology to persuade them to return home to the effectiveness of go homesick young girl.

Wu Weifeng has even more eyes on the environs of the five counties. Was when the heat of summer, but as soon as possible in order to team up, just to hear the human resources information, she will immediately dragged eight months pregnant, went to the site assessment. East from Ninghe, west to Jinghai, north Baodi south to Chittagong, everywhere left her footprints.

Hard work pays off, and unremitting efforts by Wu Weifeng, Tianjin finally have their own women's judo team. Wu Weifeng and ZHAO Zhi Shan like the leading pack, led a group of innocent young geese, confidently took off.

shorten training cycles in order to improve the quality of training, Wu Weifeng and ZHAO Zhi Shan implement the multi-lesson times, a large amount of exercise training. They lead the girls four lesson times a day to a total of eight hours training throughout the year, almost no holidays. In the eyes of Wu Weifeng, the training ground is a battlefield, a person must complete a training mission to achieve the training standards.

someone said: "Tianjin women's judo team is a mom and pop." by a husband and wife as judo team coach in the country is unique. Coach as a couple, they each play to their strengths, learn from each other and worked out a set of scientific and practical training methods. Wu Weifeng

Wu Weifeng dare dare, she considered beneficial to the cause of Tianjin female soft things, no matter how difficult it is, she will do in the end, regardless of his personal gains and losses. Training her own disciples stringent requirements of life, she was like a mother to the meticulous care of a minor child to. Wu Weifeng's sincerely touched by all the people around her charisma all the time does not affect the growth of the team.

The sweat finally paid rich fruit, young players like Wu Weifeng the young geese volley, gradually emerge, and to attract people's attention. Women soft girl Shen Jun 1997 in the Eighth National Games in Tianjin sports delegation won the first gold medal, the Tianjin women's judo team gold medal.

after years, Tianjin women's judo team to continue to maintain a strong upward trend results of one year to a new level. In 2000, the Tianjin women's judo team in the national championship, won three gold medals in all eight levels, gold medal total score ranked first, Tianjin women's judo team for the first time he climbed into the national hegemony. Outstanding achievements, Wu Weifeng was transferred to the National Team coach and a few of her generals has become the main players of the national team.

edit the segment of life regrets as a gold medal coach Wu Weifeng paid too much to have judo career. As a like-minded partner in the career, life partner to each other. ZHAO Zhi Shan gave her great support. Zhishan celebrities, ordinary people, they also have the feelings of the man Wu Weifeng

children and parents. However, they are very little time to enjoy their grandchildren. Year, in order to prepare for the Eighth National Games, Wu Weifeng put just over nine months kids back home in Anhui let the mother. Her for first-time mothers, that the pain of separation, to do still deeply engraved in the memories of Wu Weifeng ground. Wu Weifeng ZHAO Zhi Shan usually busy training, but also often to the field or to participate in competitions abroad, really busy. So, Wu Weifeng put their parents received a Tianjin. The young couple Shuaidui out game, and duty-bound to take care of the team members to stay on the task falls on the body of an old married couple. Every day they are in the training field, meticulous surveillance team members training, they can not technically directed training, but the two old men to the players set a rule: "Do not be lazy!" Kiskiskis

Today, as a national team coach Wu Weifeng began the task of preparing for the Olympic Games. She in Beijing, but his heart was always mind Tianjin female soft. Her every day and ZHAO Zhi Shan phone, advanced training methods their latest findings in a timely manner to tell her husband. Husband and wife, respectively, usually unpleasant, but the two coaches but these often become the exchange of experience, the golden opportunity of communicating information.

In order to facilitate the training and management of the team, Wu Weifeng couple around the house security in just a wall of training the sidelines. Units as early as in 1995 in the city assigned to the Wu Weifeng couple a new home, but in order to meet the game again and again, they have so far not lived one day. Spring Festival, usually prosperous and lively training base suddenly became quiet. People go home for the holiday, a Wu Weifeng staying here. New Year's Eve firecrackers, only their window quietly tells a festive and warm home.

order to Tianjin, the cause of women's judo, Wu Weifeng pay all the effort, she has also been the recognition and respect of the community. In recent years, Wu Weifeng continuous was named outstanding party members, model workers, to 15 meritorious advanced personal Tianjin women's judo team also was named to the collective model. In 2012, Wu Weifeng honor to be elected as the representatives of the 16th CPC National Congress.

Wu Weifeng and ZHAO Zhi Shan, they have been excellent on foreign soil to achieve their life values. But they are still not satisfied, they always, in the training ground reversal sprinkled with sweat and hope in their hearts there is a better dream to go to achieve. the

edit this paragraph Tong Wen and Wu Weifeng Tong, Wen Wu Weifeng a star pupil, good physique, intelligent mind, there is an unyielding spirit, Wu Weifeng

, so she has the qualities to become an elite female judo athletes Tong Wen really and Wu Weifeng accidentally discovered. Body in Tong Wen, Wu Weifeng couple devoted a lot of effort to develop training programs, their own characteristics according to Tong Wen, an action to carved the Tong Wen manner judo talent in a couple coaches tune gradually revealed , soon to become a new star in our female soft level. In July 2001, Tong Wen took part in the World Championships held in Munich, Germany, the third place. is not always smooth

one's growth, Wu Weifeng enjoy the joy of victory, also tasted the agony of defeat. National Games for Wu Weifeng, can be regarded as a life Waterloo.

in the final stage, Tong Wen was injured in the first day of competition defeat, several other players have also missed last only by Shen Jun won a gold medal, as well as the Tianjin women's judo team will not leave empty-handed, Wu Weifeng bear tremendous pressure.

Wu Weifeng quickly adjust their attitude, into a new training mission. She along with her husband, ZHAO Zhi Shan try to figure out innovative technical movements, citing scientific training methods, and at the same time strengthen the ideological education of the players, to cultivate good psychological quality, the formation of a unique training method, players have the technical and tactical been further improved. Tong Wen, on behalf of the national team in 2002 and participated in the 14th Asian Games held in Busan, South Korea. Tong Wen opponent champion Tsukada Maki of Japan, Tong Wen in the game and not be dry, seize the opportunity to beat an absolute advantage, won a precious gold medal at the last moment.

edit this paragraph honor achievements won third place in the World Judo Championships, Japan Fukuoka Cup judo champion, the 11th Asian Games, the second and multiple national champion Wu Weifeng work in 1982, when she called on a tiger is the national women's judo team, in the 10 years from 1982 to 1991, she repeatedly won the honor for the country.

after 1991, Wu Weifeng Chinese judo team coaches, March 15, 1994, she and her husband, ZHAO Zhi Shan joint venture in Tianjin women's judo team, next time, this loving couple all their hard work pour in the Chinese judo career. From their hands out of a lot of judo players. Tong Wen, they co-founded the Tianjin women's judo team so far, reaching the impressive record, they have trained more than 10 players for the national team, among them the Wu Weifeng Disciples. And they also led to the Tianjin women's judo team won 58 medals in the judo competition at home and abroad. But also because of the 58 gold medals, "in the title of the" Gold coach Wu Weifeng and her husband.

the same time, Wu Weifeng development of the Chinese women's judo career has also made a significant contribution.

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