slimming: Fitness Beauty, is a newly popular saying. Slimming and weight loss concept. Lose weight just to lose the personal excess body fat, while slimming more targeted, generally for local obesity. Local obesity through exercise is to reach the best results, slimming effect not typically exhibit weight decreased, but by the "the circumference size" narrow performance. Or slimming the ultimate goal is through a series of slimming project, such as aerobic exercise, hot yoga, Pilates, and then have the state-of-the-art equipment, physical instrument to achieve the stature curve standard, more perfect, and the skin will be more elasticity and shine. Scientific slimming can not only achieve weight loss goals, but also to reshape the body curve, making the body more healthy, more beautiful lines. to

Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, its space and temperature requirements are very strict, and practitioners to practice in the high temperature environment between 38 ℃ to 42 ℃ 26 basic postures, high-temperature environment instead of a lot of hard practice, even without any The exercises will be sweating, basic after 10 minutes will be sweating. For weight loss, detoxification, body sculpture has a very good effect, innovative practice methods are more popular. So many stars rely on hot yoga slimming shaping, more and more people try this yoga system in the country.

Pilates a static force slimming project, drawing on the eastern and western cultures. Compatible with the strength and spiritual training emphasized the practice of body and mind, completely shaped curve of the waist, abdomen and buttocks muscles, beautify the body while enhancing the ability of control, flexibility and coordination. This movement stress control, stretching, breathing, on the shaping of the key parts of the waist, abdomen, buttocks and other women have a very good help, so it is more suitable for a woman in real life physical beauty. instrument

physical therapy, focused ultrasound melting fat analyzer, like extracorporeal lithotripsy machine kidney and ureter stones shattered general, through the skin into the subcutaneous layer and deep fat conduction ultrasonic, and will not cause injury and burning sensation of the skin , so it is safe. It can determine a specific depth and location of purpose to reach deep lysis fat. Suffer no time, no perseverance or in the postpartum lactating women in terms of a preferred slimming method. The equipment was in 2005 received the European CE and U.S. FDA certification, more than 90,000 women benefit far worldwide, is now under the attention of many domestic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgeons, this machine is full of confidence and believe can caused a wave of new slimming craze. Deep fat burning cells instrument, three high-tech weight-loss techniques, the comprehensive utilization mechanical pressure, magneto-optical rotation technique, the red technical role in the human body, deep fat burning, broken fat, fat soluble improve stubborn fat, cellulite, powerful firm skin, drainage detoxification, promoting lipid metabolism, management and maintenance of the body. Edit this paragraph of all sizes in

slimming method ruler-shaped "body characteristics: lack of curve, easy raw fat on the abdomen, that is, we often say that a small pot.

the ruler body exercises step

1, 50 sit-ups, relax the body and prepare the next action.

2, 5 squat for 30 seconds each squat state.

3, cite two 5-pound dumbbells, left and right arm 25 times.

4, jumping 100 under the arm while maintaining parallel straight forward.

Pear shaped "figure features: lower body than upper body strong, upper body thin, fat is mainly concentrated in the hips and thighs. steps

practice to: pears-type

stature practice steps

1, 50 sit-ups, relax the body and prepare the next action.

2, left and right legs 50 vertical leg raise.

3, cite two 5-pound dumbbells, left, right arm 30 times.

4, spring 75, the arm while maintaining parallel straight forward.

hourglass figure body characteristics: on the lower body is very strong, slender waist, weight gain or loss is biased systemic, rather than part of. the steps

practice to:

hourglass figure exercises step

1 25 sit-ups, relax the body, ready to the next action.

2, left and right legs 50 vertical leg raise.

3, cite two 5-pound dumbbells, left and right arm 25 times.

4, jumping 100 under the arm while maintaining parallel straight forward.

Edit this paragraph slimming drug mechanism slimming not only refers to the weight loss some weight control slimming demand. According to medical experts, slimming drugs medicinal mechanism is roughly the same, generally have the following effects:

1 increase the metabolic rate of the drug: Most of these medicines containing ephedrine, ephedrine from the plant called ephedra, may also be artificial. Ephedrine for asthma for many years, is also commonly used in Chinese medicine cold medicine. As a weight loss drug, it is often mixed with caffeine in the same recipe. Caffeine can slightly increase the metabolic rate, and ephedrine help as an appetite suppressant, but it can lead to high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, nervousness, tremor, seizures, heart disease and stroke, severe cases, cause death . The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) In view of this, the provisions of these products each can only containing 8 mg of ephedrine, and can not be used continuously for more than 7 days, the safety of long-term use is still unknown.

2. appetite suppressant drugs: These drugs part containing phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride, which is a common cold drug stimulant. Diet pills really effective? Quite safe these drugs for cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure people, but the drugs are discontinued, the need to control the diet to prevent weight rebound.

3. fat burning drugs: many people that the chromium can burn fat, although it is closely related to the metabolism of fat, but only the problem of lack of chromium people will be fat metabolism. Intake of more than the required amount of chromium does not accelerate the consumption of fat, so did not itself is not a lack of chromium recommended nutritional intake in the United States: the adult daily intake of 50 to 200 micrograms of chromium.

4. drugs: slimming drug really effective it? Hypericum fine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that this substance has not been proven to be safe and effective for weight loss. And another drug Garcinia, the Journal of the American Medical Association in November 1998 a report refers, this herbal product containing this herbal slimming invalid.

Therefore, to choose slimming drugs must consider the safety and efficacy, lack of one can not do otherwise, are in vain. Slimming drugs have one thing in common, is that there is no indication how to improve eating habits, so a disabled, mostly picked up in weight. This world is not something for nothing, or the control diet plus regular exercise is the long-term weight control, the most healthy and the most secure method.

edit this paragraph diet slimming, konjac: almost no calories. How to eat all the fat is not easy, and have a strong sense of satiety after eating konjac nutrition is not comprehensive, can not live by eating konjac.

2, celery: you can clear heat, but also rich in vitamins A and C.

3, melon: melon fat-free, rich in fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carrot Portugal and other factors. There diuretic heat effect. C itself well with its pot barley soup slimming row edema make the face look smaller.

4, bean sprouts: low fat and calories, containing more moisture and cellulose.

5, mushrooms: can inhibit the increase of cholesterol, it is possible to lose weight.

6, Apple: Although heat is not too low, but people need to eat some fruit, most fruits are high sugar content, because Apple is rich in vitamins and minerals, very high cellulose content, so we recommend that dieters eat apple fruit can choose. [1]

edit this paragraph Cova the melting fat slimming Profile Cova fat soluble slimming preoperative through the the VPI digitized the VPU image rendering system and DSP digital image identification, data collection systems, detection scan surgical site, and the doctor's aesthetic individual requirements and the analysis of the electronic system is a combination of individuals in the development of accurate and aesthetic surgery program. Patent Cova fat dissolving slimming is not obese people, fat distribution differences can lead to disorders of body proportions, such as the District of jaw, neck, waist and abdomen, upper arms, hips, legs, a little extra fat may undermine the overall visual effect. Cova fat soluble slimming not only a wide range of removing excess fat and can be fully corrected partial body defect models like the curve of a sculpture for you.

technical principles Cova fat dissolving slimming check physiotherapy forecast, the individual amount of fat and the degree of safety and postoperative effects the fine no trace of fat soluble needle role in fat hoarding parts, the real-time monitoring of the DSP infrared control technology, effective avoid nerves, blood vessels and fascia injury, so that excess fat particles evenly liquefied self-discharge, non-specific heating the dermis and lower dermis can make the skin look smoother, firmer, reducing the side effects of traditional liposuction zero. Cova fat soluble slimming breakthrough traditional liposuction can not reach the area: the face, forearms, upper abdomen, knees, irregular area and relaxation area. The Cova fat soluble slimming, focusing not only lose weight, pay more attention to shaping the individual lines of the United States, so that every part of the body symmetry decent. body sculpture

technical advantages, the Cova fat soluble slimming fat soluble probe specially made according to the individual body regions of space, fat soluble automatically avoid the nerves and blood vessels of the human body tissue, extract only the excess fat cells in the cortex, security fast, better.

2, Cova fat dissolving slimming equipment sets a variety of state-of-the-art technology in a precise positioning for any part of the body's multi-faceted melting fat, directional melting fat, the skin is more tender after melting fat formation.

3 the Cova fat soluble slimming fat soluble physician is extremely high, fast, good, accurate, stable to draw the line properly. Adult fat cells because the number remains constant, so the after effect of Cova fat soluble slimming fat cells in the body will significantly reduce time to achieve lean. the

postoperative effect of Cova fat soluble slimming can eliminate the excess fat in the body to get rid of cellulite, promote blood and lymphatic circulation, skin restore smooth elastic slimming. And Cova melting fat slimming weight loss expert positioning, the belly, waist, hips, arms, thighs, calves, may dissolve fat thin, tighten loose skin, reshape the perfect body.

applicable crowd Cova fat soluble slimming applicable due to simple obesity due to a part of the uplift, and better skin elasticity, fat dissolving local good skin retraction stretch, could obtain satisfactory results, it Cova fat soluble slimming for body shaping.

such as in the following areas have excess fat or desire in the shaping of the following regions, you can consider using Cova fat soluble slimming:

cheek, jaw and neck, upper arms, breast and chest area, back, abdomen and waist inner and outer thighs, hips and buttocks, medial knee, calf and ankle. Cova fat soluble slimming is not a systemic alternative to weight loss surgery, it can not deal with this case to use other methods to deal with uneven skin caused by cellulite gathered.