Anson Lam Drainage

Anson Lam drainage, incumbent Nirvana Fitness Center personal trainer. A strong type of muscle, the national bodybuilding champion. The arena of the National Bodybuilding Championships in 2001, Anson Lam Drainage doing well, fitness coach Lee Ching-hua fancy, then he brought from Guangzhou, Shandong training from Anson Lam Drainage "dark horse" they reached the domestic Kin altar. of

Height: 1.67 m

non-season weight: 85 kg

season weight: 70 kg

when he started practicing bodybuilding: 1997,

the most satisfying part of the body: the external oblique food favorite food

: Seafood

Edit this paragraph the achievements of 1998: National Bodybuilding Championships 65 kg class tenth

2000 years: the bodybuilding arena of the National Bodybuilding Championships 75kg seventh

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2001: National Bodybuilding Championships 75kg

2002: National Sports Assembly the 75kg champion

National Bodybuilding Championships 75kg champion, championship, fastest progress Award

the Fourteenth Busan Asian Games in 70 kg fifth (the only access to the finalists)

2004 years: National Bodybuilding Championships 75kg champion, championship

fourth, 39th Asian Bodybuilding Championships 70 kg class, the fastest Progress Award (Chinese only enter finalists)

2005: the National Bodybuilding Championships 80kg champion, championship He usually

World Movement Assembly 70 kg the fifth

edit this paragraph schedule I'm curious about the daily life of the "most fit men", so he was informed of the day's schedule arrangements:

7: 00 get up, eat breakfast (cereal, eggs, protein powder)

8: 00 departure to work

9: 00 to Nirvana Fitness Center, the start the guidance Member workout (private education)

Anson Lam the Drainage life according to (10)

10: 00 snacks

11 to: 00 to start their own training

12: 00 Lunch (white boiled chicken, seafood, raw vegetables, fruit, juice, etc.)

13: 00 rest

14: 00 Jiacan

15: 00 Member class

17: 00 dinner

18: 00 classes for members to

21: 00 home dinner, and then I watched TV on the bed

Anson Lam drainage which is very common day. As a fitness coach, should be the law of life and healthy eating habits, for which he insisted early to bed and early to rise and Eat small meals, eat six meals a day, eat less oil, sugar, salt, and adhere to the time and day of each arrangement. Feel pain beginning the sports strength even then sparingly in the diet, but now have become accustomed to.

see his day most of the time are related to fitness, his life is not monotonous, he shook his head, "because I like the gym." he said, "usually their own little time a little free time like to go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee, read a book. "if time permits, he also likes some friends to travel or shopping.

edit this paragraph Fitness History started his fitness comes to their fitness history, he said from the university to talk about. In 1997 Anson Lam Drainage into the Guangzhou Sports School of Physical Education Professional. But this is not his first contact with the sport, very early, he is a sports lover, the school team sprinter in high school. Although he was not tall, but highly explosive, has been a school meter record holder. Like many bodybuilders, he has excellent athleticism, middle school, he has an enviable muscle. Track and field training to help him practice some muscle groups to build a good, solid foundation for his bodybuilding career.

Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, due to a leg injury makes Anson Lam drainage can not continue to have a good development in athletics. Arnold Schwarzenegger is his idol, and precisely for this reason, unable to engage in athletics, Anson Lam Drainage sights of bodybuilding. He began training equipment for the system. In June of that year, his first bodybuilding competition (Guangzhou Bodybuilding Championships) to get the fifth of 65 kg. The initial game in many master fifth, he was encouraged by the firm determination of the hard training to new heights.

debut famous arena of the National Bodybuilding Championships in 2001, Anson Lam Drainage doing well, fitness coach Lee Ching-hua fancy, then he brought from Guangzhou, Shandong training from Anson Lam Drainage "dark horse" they reached the domestic Kin altar.

2001 October he went to Beijing to see a friend of his, just in time for the opening soon Nirvana Fitness Center is hiring a fitness trainer. Anson Lam Drainage think they should belong here, decided to enroll in an interview. First Putonghua bad not being hired. The Drainage newlywed according

Anson Lam and living according to (9)

So he went back to practice one week, in the second interview, the smooth clearance to become a fitness coach of the Blue Bird. Classes to the members, he said fitness coach must use ethical demands on themselves, and let the member fully trust ourselves with a sincere heart to help members progress. He will give each member given good objectives, content and intensity of each stage of training, counseling them to practice, no empty exercise members by phone to guide them to practice at home. Every time I see the students made progress, he was very happy. He recalled that the first sell out their own private lessons particularly nervous and excited. The year

2002 Anson Lam Drainage harvest year. His first in the National Sports Meeting held on May bodybuilding competition 75 kg class title, followed by another in the National Bodybuilding Championships July 75 kg class title and championship. The same year, the 14th Busan Asian Games bodybuilding contest, he along with other amateur on behalf of the Chinese competition. He is the only one to enter the finals of the Chinese players, and five of the 70 kg class. Fitness project that was the first to enter the Asian Games, Anson Lam Drainage is the first time to participate in the Asian Games. For the Asian Games, he was a month to lose 10 kg body weight, body fat was reduced to 8% did not have a shred of fat, even only a little water almost "virgin" did. Anson Lam Drainage play at the best level, but missed with the medal, he was a little disappointed, but they can represent China to participate in the Asian Games bodybuilding contest, he already felt happy. "Through this contest, the biggest gain for the first time to go abroad to see the strength of the players of the other Asian countries, compared to the career master and Asia; gap between themselves and they were identified, which require more stringent yourself, train hard and harder. believe that after a gradual increase in the strength of the future, we will achieve good results. "his face is a confident smile, no traces of frustration. National Bodybuilding Championships this year, and Anson Lam Drainage won the men's 75 kg class champion, won the men's championship. almost all of North

North drift development drifters arrived in Beijing, there will be a difficult struggle. Therefore, I believe that a certain bitterness with bitterness in his success behind, because no one can not go through the effort, successful casually. I really want to dig out his heart buried life tribulations. During the interview, but despite my repeatedly asking, he said they do not remember. "For the past, I have been a bad memory, to forget." Joke made me feel he's a sense of optimism, all forward-looking attitude to life. the

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now he along with five other friends the same in bodybuilding circles rental capital west suite yard. His next goal is to win the 2006 Asian Games, the Chinese flag is raised at the next Asian Games bodybuilding arena to make up their own regret of the last Asian Games.

edit the future prospects of this paragraph, his vision for the future, he said, do not have a plan, it can only be said to "take things one step" and expected, this is not because of his "chest no ambition. He explained: "open your eyes tomorrow will be what I do not know." Ah, what will happen tomorrow, what the situation is indeed unpredictable. For his love of fitness, their favorite fitness as a career, this is enough.

he recommended for people who are fit and friends can bench press elected anterior exercises barbell curl high pull-back muscles. These actions were exercises the muscles of the chest, shoulders and back. He suggested that in the intensity of the exercises, one week 3-4 times, divided into 3 groups do. And each group is completed to be stretched. Beginning of training, be sure to pay attention to safety, there must be coaching. Diets, he recommended to eat high protein foods, eat less high-fat food, we must ensure that enough vegetables, fruits, and to have regular habits.