Wickmayer (Yanina Wickmayer)


Yani Ya. Residence: Belgium, deurne 2010 Australian Open (Vic VS Haining)

Birthday: October 20, 1989

Place of birth: Belgium, Montreal

Height: 1.82 Plays: Right-handed (two-handed backhand)

identity: professional player (2004)

now world ranking: 15 (2010.08.16)

Profile coach is Glen Sharp the meters

Weight: 160 lbs (70 kg)

; Mark Frey received guidance outside ......; 9 years old in a friend of the Court introduced to tennis ...; father is 马克维克梅 Hyères speaks German, English and French ... favorite actor is cloth Ladebite; favorite singer is Rihanna; favorite type of music is R & B, RAP, Techno ... like French fries; like shopping, go to the cinema with friends ... favorite city is New York and Paris ; favorite game in Antwerp and Luxembourg station ... other sports like football ... appreciate Clijsters ... The goal is among the world's top 50.

Wickmayer, the next Belgian sweetheart

Wickmayer - Erke

when she wore Haining business for the same brand of clothing, she took the same racket models when the decommissioning of small g. She Bi Haining higher pick stature similar with small g and technical characteristics of the small g, with weight, strength, and leg muscles strong. Of course, she also than Belgium two girls much younger, shy Wickmayer stand beside you, is only 18 years old.

She was not beautiful, even with the sweet small g and glamorous Haining is also is true. She had a dream, someday obtain such a result like predecessors to her, however, Metz, Philip Herfkens pumping on the wall of players. She has a lot of opportunities, good political relations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, very young when she participated in Luxembourg, Antwerp game. Of course, holding a "WC", she also appeared in the arena this week Unicef, she lived in Belgium almost the northernmost half Dutch. She had a very fortunate opportunity, and dismissive of the Confederations Cup, two girls, Belgium, at the age of 17, she became the main force, and blockbuster after been enough attention and guidance of the Belgian Tennis Federation, they too need to the tennis powers to find a decent successor.

Wickmayer born Dutch city of Lille, close relative Haining body in the French Quarter, regarded as Clijsters fellow. Antwerp city of Lille is an ancient and beautiful town. Church, bell tower and a small stone-paved plaza, there must be many touching stories. Here is the the European pigeon people are very familiar place. The Sunday January to May, to be held in pigeons transactions hundred years never stopped, compared with the European pigeon exhibition, auction here is not a highbrow, but every trading day always attract thousands of Europeans patronize. Lille scenery and ancient buildings are fascinating, in fact, the whole of Belgium, the buildings and scenery are in the history books one. She is now moved to the Del Neri town not far from Lille City, here is quieter, and good training conditions.

Wickmayer excellent strength, forehand and backhand and serve can be coupled with a heavy ball quality. Height 180CM she does not move awkwardly, because she was very thin. Slash of forehand, backhand slash her favorite line, however, her forehand straight always hanging net. And different the technology fully invulnerable predecessors superstar, Ye Nina technical rough, there are many areas for improvement, and fortunately she was very young, and have some time to polish its own. Last week in Birmingham three tournament, the first time she came to the finals of the WTA, she would insist on to win the game if not the knee injury and leg overdraft. Lost the championship game, the score of 7-6 (7)/3-6/7-6 (4) always regret. Moreover Bondarenko sisters have this year fall by the wayside, and the day before yesterday, she also eliminated sister today but was sister revenge.

Wickmayer and Chinese players deep roots. Chinese New Year in Antwerp send the egg game sweep Peng Shuai, first won her WTA main draw. Her last half of the season has been in China and other East and South Asian countries ITF tournament campaign, which defeated almost all of the team members, as well as a team of Zhang Shuai. And took away a the Taizhou, Kunming, Japan Hamamatsu Minghu champion, the station by runner-up finishing. Further back on the first half of 2007, do you remember the Confederations Cup in China and Belgium? Precisely Yan Zi overwhelmed Wickmayer lost the game, after they are extremely close to losing to the Sun Tiantian. Confederations Cup seems to be her lucky start, where she became famous, and this year in the Confederations Cup series victory over Bondarenko sisters eye-popping. Wickmayer undisputed bear the hope of the people of Belgium, is evident the Sponsored labels plastered on her shirt. Her career, although unlike the small g and Haining as young and famous, 17,8 years old on the slaughter in women's tennis, but also considered the rapid and steady. 2006, Wickmayer into professional tennis, the end of the year in the 534; 2007 became Belgium's main and fruitful campaign a lot ITF tournament rankings came to 175; through early 2008, the ITF high the excellent performances of the level of competition, and finally squeezed into the top 100; French Open then won three games and outside the game, his first career Grand Slam main draw came to fill the Haining retired Belgian women's tennis top 100 the embarrassing situation of the players. After last week's runner-up, she leaps and bounds to 66, the speed is amazing.

of course, you can see the media, said: "Belgium Nova" stingy reporters rarely gave her the title of "genius girl", because this name to use in a better performance Azarenka, Cornet body. , Admittedly has not been the best, most talented, but we vaguely saw him Wickmayer of Belgium hope to see the next floating Belgian chocolate flavor sweetheart. cut the road


the current U.S. Open before, absolutely no one would have guessed that Wickmayer will be 1/4, the final breakthrough players. Do not say because rule out top seed Safina, Ivan famous the, even Ke Leiba Nova, Li Siji fame far greater than the Belgian teenager. But low-key expedition Wickmayer first round two win over No. 16 seed Razzano, the second round in the 2-6 first loss of the case of a reversal of Jinhua Peng Shuai, the third round of her two win over Random Errani of Italy, after two more consecutive bitter fight to the end of the two the Kvitova K-Bondarenko giant killer cut the road. On the semi-finals, Wickmayer 9 seeded Wozniacki lost, stop the semi-finals, the end of the journey in 09 U.S..

edit this paragraph, first broke into the Grand Slam semi-finals 2009 U.S. Open women's singles first round in Beijing on September 1

Wickmayer played well to 6-4, 6-3 results easily triumph over the unseeded French veteran Razzano.

Beijing on September 3 2009 U.S. Open women's singles second round

the Wickmayer Battle Jinhua Peng Shuai. The Peng Shuai score 6-2 acquire Xiashou disk. After the start of the second set, Wickmayer took the lead, start it with a love game to score the first break, a 2-0 lead after Paul made, easy to complete after the break, the score of 6-1 pull back to one. In the third set, Wickmayer Yuezhanyueyong, in 10 innings to 40-0 for three match points, the final break with a love game to succeed, a score of 6-4 reversal Peng Shuai.

Beijing on the morning of September 6, 2009 U.S. Open women's singles third round

Wickmayer eliminated women, Errani of Italy, 16 Grand Slam career's first entry. The game of the first set, Wickmayer took the lead found Errani serve break opportunities and successfully break, and then successfully keep the ball wins disk Bureau won the first set 6-3. One to start the second set, Errani serve Wickmayer love game directly break. Although the score was soon equalized, but the state brave Wickmayer again break success, the final to 6-4 and then the next disc.

Beijing on the morning of September 8, 2009 U.S. Open women's singles fourth round

Wickmayer and Czech player Kvitova in the fourth round encounter. Wickmayer 4-6 behind a score of 6-4 and 7-5 with the next two, succeeded in reversing Kvitova successfully broke into the Top 8. World # 72 Czech player Kvitova current U.S. dark horse in the previous game, she knocked out world number one Safina. Wickmayer excellent play to end the giant killer cut the road.

Beijing on the morning of September 10, 2009 U.S. Open women's singles semi-finals of the competition for race

Wickmayer straight sets 7-5,6-4 eliminated girl K-Bondarenko of the Ukraine. Beginning of the game, Wickmayer's tough storm and K-Bondarenko tenacious bottom line seesaw maintained a high rate of success, both sides fight to the 10 level, in the key 11th inning Wickmayer again under 4 break points, and ultimately to 7-5 before the next disk. In the second game, Wickmayer appeared a little low ebb, K-Bondarenko soon got the 4-1 lead. After Wickmayer fought back, let K-Bondarenco weighed down by a large angle to mobilize the ball back with the K-Bondarenko mistakes 梅克维耶尔 smoothly in the first match point won 6-4 locking victory. impressive the Wickmayer performance

wild card entry, the promotion process to maintain a scoreless. Played as a top seed Flavia Pennetta equally exciting to play, and swept all the way to cross the border. The finals the beginning of the the Italian girl quick to seize the opportunity to break the opponent in the first inning, and thus timely to establish leading. Wickmayer also start to be broken to be outdone, get two consecutive break points in the second inning, unexpectedly tenacious Flavia Pennetta resolve, near misses BAOFA successful, extended the lead to 2-0. As the game progresses, Wickmayer's status has improved, actively looking for possible reversal of opportunities behind the case, and in the Belgians the storm front, the top seed gradually lost the initiative, slightly impatient attitude she times sent active errors, Wickmayer to seize the opportunity to continuously honor break points, 4 innings in straight sets 2-3 backward, anti-Israel 6-3 head start. the

game into the second set, the the big lead Wickmayer start again to complete the break, leading easily established. Finally stopped the decline does not sit still, lost the next five innings Flavia Pennetta fought back breaking, the court rewrite the score 1-1. Subsequent match, Flavia Pennetta still not be able to retrieve the initiative, the bottom line exchange that numerous mistakes, surrender serve again in the first five innings, Wickmayer followed Paul sent successfully extended the lead to 4-2 .

seven innings, the top seed has been uninterested to give up resistance, leading to the serve was broken again, the Grandview feel Belgian girl bang easily achieve 6-2 swept keep the subsequent serve Winning Bureau, lifted back after first The competition is on to do so in the first place.

edit this paragraph career in 2004 as a qualifier for the first time to participate in the Tour qualifying; participate in Hasselt Station two stations Belgian ITF Tour.

2005 in Belgium continued to participate in ITF Circuit. the time stop Tour qualifying

2006; won three singles titles and two doubles titles on ITF Circuit. three years of stalled Tour qualifying

2007; won four singles and four doubles titles on ITF Circuit. first world ranking into

2008 years 100; Birmingham career into the singles final for the first time (wins over No. 11 seed De Lakui and No. 8 seed Krajicek, the third game of the final 76 lost to No. 12 seed Bangda Petrenko); halt the Seoul Station quarterfinals (victory over No. 8 seed Chan Yung-jan, lost to No. 3 seed Kanei Pi); stop the second round of three; fell 1r nine times, including the Grand Slam at the French Open for the first time (as a qualification the tournament players lost to 阿曼穆拉多 baby), Wimbledon (l. the Sugiyama U.S. (three lost to No. 28 seed Srebotnik); 2 stop qualifiers (including the Australian Open); May 12 world rankings for the first time into the top 100 (from 120 to No. 99); won one singles and two doubles titles on ITF Circuit; Confederations Cup the world's two groups of 3 to 2 victory over Ukraine Belgium team members (2 -1 victory over A Bondarenko Division and K Bondarenko Branch); due to a right knee injury to retire from 's-Hertogenbosch, Bali and Quebec stand out of the race because of a left ankle injury from.

2009 January - stalled in the Brisbane station the first round 76 (the third inning loss to Cohen); to stop Herbert station qualifying; the to stop Australian Open first round (l. to the qualifier Bulaiendi).

February - Fed Cup World II Group Belgium lost 1 4 0 2 defeated Slovakia game; singles champion won the ITF/American Alkmaar Sepu Josse station.

March - to stop the second round of the Indian Wells (l. 30 seeded Hantuchova, three bureau score is 576,376 (4) the third inning saving two match points) 65; halted the Miami station the first round (l. Martinez Sanchez).

April - won the ITF/Belgium Patel ho station doubles title to partner Krajicek stop Charleston station first round (l. Dietrich).

May - Estoril station for the first time to win a Tour singles title (wins over No. 5 seed Covey Dova and No. 3 seed Christie, the final victory over the No. 6 seed Marca Nova); the stalled the Strasbourg Station first round (three lost to top-seeded Medina Garrigues); halt the second round of the French Open (three the disk lost to the 30th seed Stosur)

June - stop Birmingham station quarterfinals (which beat No. 14 seed Finch, three lost to Maria Sharapova); Hertogenbosch runner-up (as qualifier victory over No. 4 seed Christie to enter the final, final loss to Tana Su Gan).

July - not race

to September - the first Grand Slam women's singles semi-finals regret lost to in the semifinals Wozniacki, missed the final

2010 season ranked close to the top 20 (the end of the year ranked No. 23); third WTA title in Auckland beat Flavia Pennetta (final), after the streak to 11 games , to enter the fourth round of the Australian Open (l. to Henin); five into the final eight, respectively, in Miami, Birmingham, Stanford, Cincinnati and Bali; twice more to enter the four (including the U.S.), three times into the third round (including the other two Grand Slam), twice to enter the second round; eight first-round defeat; personal highest ranking was created on April 19, 12 (rising from 13 to 12); in Madrid station to retire due to a right elbow injury (minor surgical operations) at the elbow

2011 January C the Oakland station runner-up (No. 2 seed, lost to Ai Eren) final; Sydney losing the first round (lost to No. 4 seed Stosur); Australian into the second round (No. 21 seed, lost to Sevastopol baby). February C into the Top 8 in the Paris indoor tournament (No. 7 seed, lost to No. 4 seed and eventual champion Covey Tova); Dubai Station into the third round (before the one to beat No. 5 seed Li Na, after losing to No. 9 seed Pierre); the Doha races due to a leg injury abstained. March C Indian Wells Top 4 (23 seed, has defeated the 14th seed Kanei Pi and the 10th seed Pierce, after losing to No. 15 seed Marion Bartoli); Miami lost the first battle (No. 23 seed, first round bye, the second round of l. to Weisinina in). April C the Charleston station quarterfinals (No. 6 seed, lost to top seed last champion Wozniacki); station in Stuttgart, abstained because of a knee injury; Madrid losing the first round (l. to Makarova). May C Roman station into the third round (before a defeated No. 13 seed Ana Ivanovic; losing to top seed Wozniacki); Brussels station quarterfinals (No. 6 seed, in the final against top seed retired from the race due to a back injury); into the third round of the French Open champion Wozniacki (No. 21 seed, lost to No. 12 seed Radwanska) June C s-Hertogenbosch quarterfinals (3 seed, lost to No. 7 seed last championship Wen Qi); Wimbledon into the fourth round (No. 19 seed, defeated No. 12 seed Svetlana Kuznetsova lost to the No. 8 seed and last championship Colavito baby) C in July due to a back injury exit Stanford station and Kasibaide, August C Toronto first-round exit (l. odd); Cincinnati stop of the second round (No. 17 seed, lost to qualifier Matic); Dallas station the first round out of the game (the 4th seed, Arvidsson game due to a back injury ret); U.S. halted the second round (No. 20 seed, with Kurt Maria Swift stuffed doll game retired from the race due to a back injury.) September C due to personal reasons, withdrew from the race of the Tokyo Station. October withdrew from the Beijing Railway Station C due to a back injury, Linz and Luxembourg the game