Greg Oster Tagg (Greg Ostertag, 1973 -) was born in Dallas, Texas (Dallas, TX), former American NBA basketball player, the functional center position, is now retired. the

Greg Ostertag, the full name of Gregory Donovan Ostertag, height 2.18 m players weighing more than 250 pounds, which was "polar bear" nickname. He was in the NBA from 1995 to 2006, in addition to brief spent a season in the King and the rest of the time played for the Utah Jazz. Chinese fans in two finals in 1997 and 1998, the Bulls and Jazz, familiar Ostertag. Ostertag two labels: First, the low-paid, his highest annual salary had reached nearly 900 million U.S. dollars, but his career averaging only 4.6 points and 5.5 rebounds; another is to donate a kidney, he in 2002 years during the summer break for his sister donated a kidney comeback soon as four months. The Greg Ostertag

edit this paragraph personal record November 24, 1999, in the game with the Los Angeles, cap 4 cap over 501

1998-99 season, the average number of blocked shots per game 2.73, columns NBA 5; 1997-98 season, the average number of blocked shots per game 2.10 NBA column 11 on January 6

1998 years in the game with the Philadelphia 76ers, cap 11, a career record

1996 December January 10, 2009, in the game with the Indiana Pacers, a career-high 21 points; December 30, 1997 equaled a career high 21 points in the game with the Denver Nuggets; playoff high score 16 points (Houston, 1997)

in 1997 and 1998 with the Chicago Bulls in the Finals

participated in a total of 54 games of the NBA playoffs, averaged 3.9 rebounds and 5.0 blocked shots 1.94

Edit this paragraph NBA career sister donated kidney Greg Ostertag plays an important role in the Utah Jazz and the life of her sister Amy `Hall. Utah Jazz game must rely of Greg Ostertag rebounds and blocks. And his sister have to rely on him to complete a "assists". Although this is only life, but this is life-threatening.

Ostertag sister, Amy Hall with diabetes since the age of 7. In 1999, her two kidneys failure, and the doctor's diagnosis is that she must be conducted as soon as possible kidney transplant. According to laboratory tests, to perfect her brother's kidney transplant. That day, June 27, 2002 surgery at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

brother and sister duo after surgery recovery situation is very good. Then, Ostertag quickly go back to the basketball court, and seeks to create new brilliant career. His playing time in the 2002-03 season, there has been improved to get the season up to 37 minutes of playing time in the Dec. 20 game in Dallas.

"I feel really great," Ostertag said. "I left a long time and must play immediately after surgery, but I felt really good in the field. Now that did not feel tired." Kiskiskis

despite the removal of a kidney to his health has basketball skills did not cause a big impact. Ostertag still need some time to fully recover from the surgery. In October in a sprint sprained his abdomen, and they have been placed in the injured list for some time. Although injury uneventfully, but when his competition and training still careful to fully recover as soon as possible. "Compared to the normal recovery time, I may be too early to return to the game point." Ostertag admits, "I thought I was over it, but I may have to push yourself too hasty a point." Gray Greg Ostertag

Ostertag is back in the Dallas incident, he has been a season-high 16 points; 10 free throws; 6 free throws; already the most four assists. But regardless of his performance in the field, regardless of the success or failure of the Jazz in the race, the eyes of his family Ostertag is always the winner. When he knew her sister's situation, Ostertag immediately told his mother he was willing to donate a kidney, and his driver's license had already printed have the mark of the organ voluntary donors.

"he said Basketball sister important for him." said Hall accepts the Dallas Morning News before surgery. "I want more money can not replace a family as well as his help on your brother and sister duo are now back to their normal life. Hall also taking some pills a day is not timed to the hospital for examination. And the Ostertag do is to avoid dehydration and to prevent serious trauma. "Now the only thing I have to worry about," Ostertag explains, "is to avoid some crazy accident, for example, say the trip a car accident or fall from a tree like nothing." Kiskiskis

Oster Tagg kidney donation and then played in the league for four seasons, retired after the 2005-06 season, the data leaving a total of 443 assists in his career, but boring obviously not his life that pass assists more important. [1]

travel the summer of 2004, a year after all Salt Lake City "single kidney" Ostertag left Salt Lake City, went to Sacramento to report, a bring sadly. No one guessed through emphasis on passing the essence, believe in "Princeton" tactical the King Why would fancy with positive passing almost never "meat pillars.

in fact, but those who understand the second dynasty Bulls fans, know Although Ostertag is not sterile, but it is the final a witness of the peak years of the nineties of the last century, Sir, he's gone to, from proclaimed the once glorious era before the Jazz completely painted on a stop in the historical sense. That Ostertag transfer people feel is the collapse of the Jazz Age, rather than kings Jiang Yuan.

a year later, and summer, the most thrilling scene from Miami Godfather Riley desk overnight: the five teams trading Ostertag, including thirteen players to replace the club. It was in this night, Ostertag return to Salt Lake City to continue to serve as jazz nominally "Custodian of the elders. the

be honest, Ostertag can not be considered Jiunangfandai, famous in the princes his career, with the image of the "keeper", the majority of fans on his impression is the basket a muscle, never Dodge Zanghuoleihuo, general competitive labor model The enthusiasm was in stark contrast with the food and clothing are not following the basketball skills. Conventional case, the scoring and rebounding is regarded as the pros and cons of whether or not compliance measure post player line, from the yardstick, Ostertag has never been

not qualified, his embarrassment that the double-digit The rebounding still be accidental, and very few personal score up to 10 points. Typical scene appears in the January 6, 1998 Jazz 76 war Ostertag scored nine rebounds, 11 blocks of the "luxury prospective double-double", scored only miserable 3 points, the audience cast are lost, free throws 8 penalty, the weak attack power filling completely.

defensive player as a "pure" Ostertag only rely as much as possible to suppress opponents shall not be divided and survival in the Union, itself the extreme shortage disadvantaged score means he always hovering between the center of the second-rate and third-rate, with the last century and nine compared to the decades on behalf of many of the top center of course, is a cloud of mud.

but scarce Union at the center, even the the bleak as austenitic center still not worried about them "flatter courtship. The essence of nothing more than a "Greg back

Salt Lake City News" exhaustive flowery of words, eventually touted: Ostertag professionalism admired. Planing stuff go to a spiritual level, it is difficult to see whether Ostertag bring something? Is excellent due respect coolies? Or trend of the Union to the lack of good post player to the center of these third-rate opportunity too famous.

Ostertag is a microcosm of this summer they are not all summer, people see too many coolies center the countless team rush chasing bystanders are hard to figure out time players whether the market is over-lively or the center shortage sequelae yet eliminated.

"polar bear", has been the nickname of the people to the big man Caucasian center. In fact, there are a large number of "black bear" or "brown bear" team general manager who frequently receive large bouquet of roses. From the players themselves to team boss and then to brokers, should be maintained courtesy while on the desktop, but mind all clear: there is no outstanding center, on grasping point third center flooded basket, whatever the outcome, a physique always stand basket intimidate those preferences breakthrough "spring". center of

"third-rate" or "mediocre center" to get so much attention, the mechanism deeply rooted thanks to labor welfare? Or "Xiu will, LiaoHua ahead" alternative ideas mischief? History, will answer all. The last to leave

old jazz SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2006, Jazz center Ostertag announced that it will retire after this season. For the NBA, just an ordinary player retired, Stern probably do not need to know - the more people retire annually; For fans of other teams, especially in the past Joe dense, just a backup they ridiculed and accused players retired from Joe a less dense talk. But for jazz fans, especially from the old couple times began to firm support for jazz fans, Oswald retired with deeper farewell mean that, he means that all participants 97 and 1998 Finals jazz players have retired or leave the jazz, jazz now bid farewell to the period of brilliant but was sad history, entering a new era! 1995 after graduating from the University of Kansas (Kansas)

Greg Ostertag to participate in the NBA draft, the 28th pick of the first round of the Utah Jazz selected with two future Hall of Famers - fought alongside players Karl Malone and John Stockton. When the Jazz selected him to give them high expectations, hoping he could be like Mark Eaton as the powerful backing of the fight for the championship, Malone and Stockton. Oswald height 2.18 m, weight 127 kg, has the potential to become a barrier of interior defense and rebounding machine, but Oscar has a good assist in the defense and blocked shots consciousness, very much in line with the requirements of Jazz center, This is Sloan election to his reasons . From the 95-96 season to enter the Union, Oswald grow slowly in the care of Sloan and two old rookie season, played 57 times, including 10 starts, with an average time of 11.6 minutes, contributed 3.6 points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.11 times blocks, the performance can be described as quite satisfactory. Oswald, then just role players in the team, but he was very lucky with the Jazz into the Western Conference finals, 3:4 regret the loss to the Sonics, but this experience has taught Oswald benefit, but also mature after one year as its accumulated experience. The

96-97 season is Oscar's most memorable season, this season he became the starting center position on the Jazz, played 77 times, an average of 23.6 minutes per game, 7.3 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 1.97 blocks. hit rate as high as 51.5%, to become a jazz insider's outstanding defensive barrier, December 10, 1996, the career high 21 points in the game with the Indiana Pacers; while the Jazz are also with the help of Oscar steadily improved, and made the best record in the history of 64 wins and 18 losses, and re-enter the Western Conference Finals. In the arena of the Western Conference Finals, the Jazz face has three All-Star - Hakeem Olajuwon, Buck force and Drexler Rockets, and Oswald with the Union the greatest center Saviola Zhu Wang on the bit, pressure can be imagined. Before the game, no one is optimistic about the Jazz, people want to be able to have five future Hall of Famer (count the Bulls of Jordan and Pippen) also appear in the NBA Finals. However, the tenacious and tough Utah in five games after a 3-2 lead! In Houston, the sixth game in the future become a Jazz fans remember Jingdianzhizhan, also became Oswald's famous' do. Game, Oswald scored 16 points and 14 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, offensive or defensive limitations rocket inside play, and laid the foundation for the Jazz in the fourth quarter of big counterattack, with the forward to Stockton last moment hit threes, Oslo and other jazz players hugged together, they created the history of jazz into the finals for the first time, have the opportunity to win a championship. In the finals, Oswald nor when excellent play third, he scored a career playoff high 17 points, Jazz once the total score disguised as 2:2, but eventually lost to the sophistication Bulls lost by 2:4, missed the championship! Osborne season's performance, however, is so up and down to see the hope Sir Oswald able to continue this rapid increase in momentum, Jazz win sooner or later! Ostertag dunks Yao

Unfortunately, Oswald disappointed given high expectations for him, in several subsequent seasons, not only in playing time, not only did not increase, but decreased, and data, in addition to the cap increase, rebounding and scoring no more than 96-97 field are data. 98 years of jazz again broke into the finals, but Oswald has become the third center of the Carl and Foster behind, are not even in the crucial sixth game played Jazz Finals again come to grief! the passage of time from year to year

Sir personnel changes, Malone and Stockton age is changing when born calves Oswald became Jazz veteran constant is a Salt Lake City man on Austrian Sri Lanka outbreak expectations and Oswald stalled. From 1997 to 2003, from the regular season to the playoffs, the Jazz and jazz fans, even Sloan are repeated experience of such a process: Oscar hopeful - disappointed - to find a new center in place of Oswald - new center performance in general, Oswald flashes - re-reuse Oswald sustenance new hope - again disappointed! During this period, Oswald indeed played some of the bright spots of the game: December 30, 1997, in the game with the Denver Nuggets, flat then career-high 21 points; 6 January 1998 playing 76 days, 3 minutes and 9 rebounds and 4 assists and 11 blocked shots; November 24, 1999, in the game with the Los Angeles blocks 4 times to cap the total number of more than 501; April 28, 2001, the sun hit the highest career 25 points 11 rebounds; 1998-99 season, the average number of blocked shots per game 2.73, columns NBA 5; 1997-98 season, an average of 2.10 blocked shots per game, NBA column 11; 2003 playoff first The third round, 22 points, 12 rebounds and five blocked shots to help the Jazz pulled one away to avoid being swept. But after the game in this series even apparitions light, Oswald will not play more to bring with it greater disappointment, which results of Jazz is declining, although eventually able to enter the playoffs , but farther away from the championship! the summer

03 years is that all jazz fans bitterly summer, Beijing time on May 3, the great Stockton announced his retirement Malone for the championship switched Lakers, the old jazz thorough disintegration only has 30 year-old Oscar! Oswald looked around a bunch of childish is not off, the uncertain future of the young man was standing by his side, Andrei Kirilenko, Matt Harpring, Carlos Arroyo, Raja · Bell, Raul Lopez, a big star Jazz, the total wage bill of the team almost did not even reach the Union calls off the assembly line! Oswald understand, as the oldest team players, older players as the only experienced the finals, should come forward! This to come forward, not only reflected in the contribution to the team, but also reflects the boss in the locker room, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the players. For naturally this is not enough publicity, coupled with long-term survival of the old couple's sheltered Oswald, is quite difficult. But Oswald still working hard to do! Experts predict that the Jazz wins not more than 30, at a time when Oswald out before the start of the season, he said: "Indeed, our lineup of fame is not, but it does not mean we do not have the combat effectiveness, perhaps 30 wins the goal, but if we think that content to reach 30 wins, and that is of our own irresponsible. "in Oslo this inspired by the excellent play of the young people, under the in Sloan correct scheduling, this "cheap" jazz not only did not collapse, but Yuezhanyueyong, has been in a playoff contender ranks Oswald also shot data to achieve a level of 96-97 season: He played 78 times, including The main played 51 games, an average of 27.6 minutes per game, 6.8 points, 7.4 rebounds, 1.6 assists and 1.78 blocked shots, hit rate reached 47.6%. More important With Oscar sits in the paint, the the Jazz defense system is very complete, making these two pairs can Kirilenko and Harpring striker capable of freedom offensively and defensively, forming a complete offensive and defensive system . The this season Oslo also played some memorable games: the third game of the regular season for the Timberwolves, contributed 12 points and 21 rebounds and 6 blocked shots! Jazz this season and a 42-40 record, although the final narrowly Nuggets out of the playoffs, but whether it is jazz or Oswald himself is a relatively successful season!

But when the arrival of the summer of 2004, Sir boss signed two big contracts were signed Mehmet Okur and Carlos Boozer, and to renew Arroyo and Gordon Jilisaike,, max extension core Kirilenko jazz inside overcrowded, so older, more injury and play Oswald became superfluous unstable, jazz not to renew his contract. But the league, after all, a lack of people inside, like Oscar this height and weight more popular, therefore, after leaving Sir Oswald to accept a 2-year, $ 8 million contract to join the king to make up for Vlade Divac left vacancies. Get good luck, maybe it is the arrangement of God, Oswald, and jazz, like fish and water will be a problem if left each other. Jazz lost the Oscar has encountered the attacks of the history of the most serious injuries have sidelined through injury before high hopes Boozer, Kirilenko and insider important substitute Corinth and wave Chatwin also somehow The rest were injured, extremely emptiness inside, the Jazz made only a record of 26 wins and 56 losses, early and missed the playoffs; Oswald in King is very depressed, and the data to historic lows, has become a garbage time player.

2005-06 start of the season, perhaps Sir Oswald only in jazz to play strength, perhaps Oswald really want to return to their hometowns, short jazz in a 13 transactions involving five teams to Schneider, Lopez from the king and the wave Cha specially the consideration in exchange for the Oscar, and once served as the main force in the team, but, although occasionally, as against the Grizzlies, Pistons game outstanding performance, but the 33-year-old age, constant injuries slow the pace of making the Oscar playing less and less time, and this time he truly recognize yourself from retired far. So, when the Jazz lost to Mavericks completely lost playoff hopes, Oswald announced the retired news, so that Beijing on April 20 at home against the Warriors in the game, became Oswald's farewell performance.

Throughout Ostertag's career was far from well, not to mention excellent, perhaps his own efforts is not enough, perhaps itself limited qualification took on too much hope, as well as may be because the Jazz and Sloan's tactical system can not really develop a good center, in short, Sir Oswald left the team in addition to the joy of regret. In fact, the to Oswald contribution, perhaps only in jazz to be able to play to his biggest strength, so when it comes to the cause of the retired, he said: "I think the end of the place in the beginning of my career, I not the kind of people who are willing to sit all day the bench end point banknotes, I know that if I can not do this detachment is not much better in other places to go. "from the technical level on the offensive end, rough shooting touch and the lack of speed makes Oscar can not become a part of the offensive, the way he scored only inside neutral ball layup, dunk or lay-up shot, and therefore can not contribute more scores; defensive end on a good Assisting Defense and tall stature makes him able to become inside the barrier, so the cap is his strength, but did not reach his height makes his rebounds and 1 on 1 defense against the lack of softening and ball style level and weight players should. a total of 755 games played

Oswald career, including 321 games as games, first issue playing time of 19.5 minutes, contributed 4.7 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.7 blocked shots. The 1996-97 season is the peak of his career, in that season, he averaged 7.3 points and 7.3 rebounds, 1.97 blocks per game, and also sent to help the team into the finals for the first time as the main center of the Jazz. However, Oswald OTC performance he won the respect of the people, in June 2002, Ostertag initiative donated one of his kidneys to his sister, his spirit widely recognized by people and respect. In his career, Ostertag is also very active in charity, like the people that his character! Greg Ostertag

Oswald walked, took part in 12 of the 98 finals have gone, they take away a glorious history, an all-conquering, conquering the undefeated division However, they left the Jazz and jazz fans, in addition to endless memories, as well as a tough and tenacious spirit, this spirit will reproduce the brilliant guarantee future Jazz!

the Great Pyrenees eager for trouble comeback Beijing time on September 11, 2010, according to the Dallas Morning News reported, the former Jazz center Ostertag want to come back, and is expected to contract in recent days NBDL Texas Legends Team. The article also pointed out that the two jobs, Ostertag or may serve as legendary players and teaching assistants.

37-year-old Ostertag retired settled in Scottsdale, Arizona, on behalf of the local team to participate in the National Hockey League game. In fact, did not play basketball before, Ostertag best at sports is ice

ball. In addition to ice hockey, Ostertag also served as coach of the Scottsdale Christian Academy (a local high school, SCA), his main job is to teach high school students the low singles technology. Ostertag retired

7-foot-2-inch (2 meters 18), the body weight of 300 pounds, but he said he was still able to play the game. "I have to do is just thinner these I still be able to represent the team bench played 10-15 minutes, and the completion of the work of rebounding and blocked shots." [2]

2012 years become and Yi Jianlian in the NBDL Texas Legends Team teammates Ostertag always want to be able to return after retirement in 2006, his family's encouragement he finally taken this step. The Texas Legends Team Ostertag where calf affiliated team, but he do not have any relationship with the Mavericks, even if the performance is outstanding, any team can sign him. Mavericks indeed looking for the big center, they lost Tyson - Chandler after Haywood in the starting lineup, and the team is now ready to sign with Yi Jianlian. Ostertag will usher in a U.S. time on Thursday with the Rockets the subordinate team Aoge Lan Vipers game NBDL shouxiu. Ostertag said, "I miss the game, when I left, I do not think it should choose to retire, I want to give yourself a chance and see what happens." Kiskiskis

edit this paragraph NBA statistical season, the team played FG%-thirds% FT% steals capping total rebounds, assists and field plate after scoring the team's first game board

95-96 Jazz 57 10 11.6 .473 .000 .667 0.10 1.10 0.4 1.6 1.0 2.1 3.1 0.1 3.6

96-97 Jazz 77 70 23.6 .515 .000 .678 0.30 2.00 1.0 3.0 2.3 5.0 7.3 0.4 7.3

97-98 Jazz 63 23 20.4 .481 .000 .479 0.40 2.10 1.2 2.6 2.1 3.8 5.9 0.4 4.7

98-99 Jazz 48 48 27.9 .476 .000 .620 0.30 2.70 0.9 2.9 2.2 5.1 7.3 0.5 5.7

99-00 Jazz 81 3 19.8 .464 .000 .636 0.20 2.10 1.0 2.4 2.1 3.8 5.9 0.2 4.5

00-Jazz 813 18.4 .495 .500 .556 0.30 1.80 0.8 2.7 2.0 3.1 5.1 0.3 4.5

01-02 Jazz 74 14 15.0 .453 .000 .485 0.20 1.50 0.7 2.1 1.7 2.5 4.2 0.7 3.3

02-03 Jazz 81 74 23.8 .518 .000 .510 0.20 1.80 1.3 2.9 2.2 4.0 6.2 0.7 5.4

03-04 Jazz 78 51 27.6 .476 .000 .579 0.40 1.80 1.3 2.9 2.8 4.6 7.4 1.6 6.8

04-05 King 56 3 9.9 .440 .000 .342 0.10 0.70 0.4 1.6 1.0 2.0 3.0 0.7 1.6

05-06 Jazz 60 22 13.4 .492 .000 .500 0.10 1.10 0.8 2.1 1.4 2.4 3.8 1.0 2.4

NBA Career 756 321 19.5 .486 .100 .569 0.3 1.7 0.9 2.5 2.0 3.5 5.5 0.6 4.6 [3-4]