Karim - Abdul - Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1947 ~~) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. U.S. men's basketball players. Formerly known as Lu · 艾尔辛多尔, Into Islam in 1971 and changed to its present name. Good physical condition, bouncing high, accurate shot. Participate the secret Valki Bucks team in 1970, 1971, the team won the NBA championship, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was named best scorer the best rebounding hands and the best passer. He repeatedly named NBA's best team, the U.S. national basketball champion. Transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers in 1976, he served as the main center, and the magician said Elvin Johnson became the two pillars of the Lakers, the team the American NBA Western Union and the National Finals repeatedly been champion.

Abdul-Jabbar was born in New York City, when the distance to the end of World War II had just the past two years. Jabbar's original name is Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., as the only son of the family, by the extraordinary indulgence of the mother, but his father was a rigid, rude and harsh, so it is said Alcindor not like his father. Soaring tall, young Alcindor soon he in Harlem school students to be treated as freaks and clowns, but he quickly swept throughout the streets of New York high school basketball circles by virtue of innate basketball talent enrolled immediately Huiyanshizhu NCAA priest coach John Wooden UCLA, began his career as a college basketball magnificent.

college Alcindor soon changed the order of the entire NCAA. Remove a grade because of the relevant provisions of the Union can not represent the school team played two years of 1967,1969, Alcindor Sports News, with United International News Service, the Associated Press, the U.S. Basketball of Association and many other authority selection Player of the Year in 1967-1969 for three consecutive years, he was completely dominating the center position of the MOP Award and the nation's first lineup. Due to the deadly reign of Alcindor, John Wooden and his UCLA logical NCAA championship trophy count them stuffed into his pocket. The entire college career, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the team has achieved a remarkable record of 88 wins and 2 losses. build team of

career - Bucks period, only the second year of the new army Milwaukee Bucks go Goushi Yun they awarded the top pick in the 1969 NBA Draft, and selected the Riders Alcindor. Them at the season it is easy to Heart mercy, 27 wins and 55 losses, and the Phoenix Suns tied for last place, but Milwaukee guess deeper attainments on the coin game, Phoenix can only hope that the "hook" sigh. Everyone knows that the regime change the moment comes, a new super center will soon Fengyi world. Bill Russell had just left the ring with a pocketful of Boston, as Wilt Chamberlain, while maintaining considerable efficiency, but, after all, who have reached the age of 35, much time career. With Alcindor sits central, the Bucks easily hit 56 wins, 26 losses, a rocket heaven speed Yuefei to the east. Alcindor like a plug-and-play microwave oven, none of her rookie rookie due jerky and excessive, he averaged 28.8 points on the scoring, 14.5 rebounds column rebounding, indisputably win away the year's best rookie.

the year offseason, the Bucks cast of heaven and earth, through the exchange they won the last piece of the puzzle on chips: 31-year-old super guard Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati Royals. With "O" and "sky hook" inside and outside combination, coupled with Bobby Dandridge, Jon McGlocklin, Greg Smith, Lucius Allen crack, Milwaukee shot a shocking 66 wins in 1970-71, led the whole Union, including a record surge of 20-game winning streak. With averaging 31.7 points (the league) and 16 rebounds (fourth in the league), perfect performance, Alcindor coronation he's first MVP Oscars. Bucks clean sweep to play in the playoffs, 12 wins and 2 losses, the finals 4:0 swept the Baltimore Bullets - This is the second Jabbar in NBA history game the

Finals swept - build team third year won the championship. Alcindor is no suspense in the honor book adds a Finals MVP trophy.

1971-72 start of the season, Alcindor by the Catholic convert to Islam and changed its name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, meaning "noble and powerful servant. In fact, he is indeed a noble and powerful players like the stars of the sky in Milwaukee status. He scores 34.8 points this season defending the score king and MVP, Bucks also four years, won the second division title. 1973-74 season, the next four years just joined the Union Jabbar turned third time won the MVP trophy, while all four major technical statistics among the league's top 5: Averaged 27 points (third), 14.5 rebounds (fourth), 283 blocks (second), a hit rate of 53.9% (second).

1974, Bucks return to the stage of the NBA Finals, but unfortunately lost to the Celtics in command of the 6-foot-9-inch center Dave Cowens. 35-year-old Oscar Robertson in this series, an old filling the rapid Boston back line the confused find any. "O" announced his retirement after the end of the season, the golden age of the Bucks also immediately come to an end. 1974-75 season, their winning percentage is the painful 38 wins 44 losses. the

career - Lakers period achieved a brilliant success in Milwaukee, but some of the issues of religion and life, Jabbar more law feel the city out of tune. Him to apply to the management's move to New York or Los Angeles, the Bucks manager Wayne Embry knew to keep people hopeless, had promised. In 1975, the Bucks will Jabbar sent to the beautiful City of Angels, their transactions remuneration Junior Bridgeman, Dave Meyers, Elmore Smith and Brian Winters. Jabbar himself, and perhaps do not realize, has become the size of the second dynasty of his career.

as early as two years ago, Chamberlain declared retired the Lakers soon tasted in the 1974-75 season of 30 wins and 52 losses landslides. Jabbar first came to the Lakers on to help the team to reverse the full 10 wins, as usual, with 27.7 points and 16.9 rebounds in the ultra-stable performance, was awarded four to seven years of his career regular season MVP. the

the second quarter, the Lakers veteran Jerry West invited as head coach, The Godfather soon led the younger generation who entered the regular season title aspirations on track, with 53 wins and 29 negative results. Jabbar it? See if he averaged 26.2 points, 13.3 rebounds, hit rate of 57.9% and 261 blocks of data sheets, you will be able to guess, the five MVP eight years "sky hook" a foregone conclusion. This is almost a little fatigued record also tied the legendary Bill Russell. But the Lakers in the Western Conference finals received four brooms donated by the Portland Trail Blazers, above engraved another gold Guangcan name: Bill Walton.

despite Jabbar continue efforts, but the next two years, the Lakers' record has always been only in the league in the middle reaches of wandering. 1977-78, Jabbar because a fight and Bucks rookie Kent Benson injured his hand and was forced to be sidelined for 20 games. Of course, there is good news, such as the young Jamaal Wilkes and Norm Nixon began to emerge, Chang said the ambitions of the Lakers by no means do support the middle reaches of the team so simple.

1979 Lakers first-round picks from the jazz hands, picked Michigan State University 6-foot-9-inch point guard - the "Magic" Earvin Johnson. His arrival means that the entire Lakers dominate the alliance decade Saatchi officially opened the curtain for Jabbar career five championship trophy. Lightning fast attack tactics is widely known as the "Showtime" Lakers go Jabbar's career in the last 10 years to win nine division titles. Lakers during the


"magician" the first year, the Lakers that won 60 wins in 16 playoff games in Hong momentum to win 12 games, the successful advance of the 1980 Finals. Six games, the story of the famous rookie "magician" in place of the injured Jabbar out Renzhong Feng. Cause Jabbar severely sprained in Game 5 ankle after he had just killed the next 40 points to help the Lakers win the crucial "king of the mountains". 33-year-old "sky hook" can not be played in six games, then come forward and 20-year-old rookie Magic with 42 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists the ultra-perfect performance, helping the Lakers 123:107 gas to go to Philadelphia, which championship aspirations. The great significance of this season that averaged 24.8 points and 10.8 rebounds Jabbar won six regular season of his career MVP trophy, this unprecedented record so far is hanging in the NBA Huashan Britain, nobody availability.

the next six seasons, Jabbar to maintain at least 20 ppg competitive level, but with increasing age, his rebounding gradually decline, averaging 6-8. Maintenance and training properly Jabbar's size always maintain perfect, his physical after more than 30-year-old can still complete 32-35 minutes of high-intensity game. To know that the vast majority of NBA players in that age of Jabbar long been retired home.

"He is the most wonderful athletes in sports history, Magic Johnson case to reporters Gary Smith glorify their own comrades. Late in their career, scientific and rational training living arrangements becomes increasingly important. To maintain a competitive state, through the practice of yoga and martial arts before every game, Jabbar will take some time to meditate, to ease the pressure of competition. April 5th

1984 years in a Las Vegas and the Utah Jazz game, Jabbar personally completed solidification historical moment. An offensive, he received a pass from Magic Johnson, turned to display their housekeeping skills. "Sky hook", basketball body network. The this ball marks Jabbar's career total score to reach the milestone of 31,420 points, surpassing Chamberlain to become the NBA scoring! the

from 1979-80, to the 1988-89 season, the mighty Lakers 8 times in 10 years, to the NBA Finals, in which 5 cup Celtics and 76 per capita twice concede defeat, emerging Detroit also Shilaiyunzhuan the back. Finals in 1985 is perhaps the the twilight Jabbar most worth treasuring memories. When the 38-year-old Heaven hook many experts think is going on holiday, on the first performance, they are undoubtedly correct. Jabbar in counterpoint and Robert Parish only had 12 points, three rebounds, the Celtics 148:114 bloodbath Lakers, this day came to be known as the "Holocaust Day". The Jabbar rest two days

feel humiliated repeatedly observe a video game, and the use of brutal marathon and anaerobic exercises to maintain their strength, that coach Pat Riley had to stop repeatedly forced Jabbar rest.

second game, and Jabbar sleeping lion awakened the same as volcanic eruptions, he had 30 points, 17 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 blocked shots, the Lakers 109:102 retaliate opponent Bureau. Final Lakers 4-2 rout of the Celtics. In four games to seal the victory, Jabbar field averaged 30.2 points, 11.3 rebounds, 6.5 assists and 2 record blocks, particularly touching scene Jabbar off rebounds alone ran the entire stadium, displaying the "sky hook" to get the two points to scramble for a ball out of bounds on the floor, or even lying on the ground. Pat Riley was deeply shocked "Sports Illustrated" reporter, said: "See that? There was something called passion." Miracle performed by virtue of the old trees in Spring, Jabbar won the Finals MVP that year.

Jabbar later recalled, championship rings in 1985, perhaps six rings in the pendulum in his showroom, the sweetest, the most memorable value a. The grounds that it comes from the devil's Boston Garden Arena, you know, just a year ago, the Celtics are still here to beat them, not to mention Russell during the reign of the Lakers endured humiliation and tears.

1986-87 season, the Lakers once again tipped the Celtics win a championship. The this back "magician" stole all light, Jabbar is dedicated to play the role of good green leaves. This season Jabbar score below the 20 mark for the first time accounted for only 17.5 points. However, the Lakers are still the choice and has a 40-year-old Jabbar renewed for two years. Proved that their choice is correct, the second year of the Lakers after a hard fight, finally stepped on the body of the Pistons championship aspirations, which allow them to become the first team since the 1969 Boston successfully defending the king of the division.

1988-89 season Jabbar's farewell season, the Lakers re-enter the finals against Detroit Pistons comeback. Jabbar burning in the third game of the final energy to contribute 24 points and 13 rebounds, but Magic and Byron Scott were injured, the Lakers tragic eat a swept. The last game of his career, Jabbar scored 7 points and 3 rebounds. The quarter Jabbar hit rate of only 47.5%, the first time less than half of his career to score also dropped to a low of 10.1 points. retired

Jabbar marks the NBA whole end of an era. He took the title of king of the total score in the history of drifted away - this honor may never be broken, his characters who filled out a questionaire 38387 points (averaging 24.6 points), 17,440 rebounds (11.2), 3189 blocks, the hit rate of 55.9% so incredible, and awe-inspiring 20 career Spring and Autumn 1560 career games. He also created an amazing record of consecutive 787 games scoring in double figures. after

retired for many years, Jabbar told the "Orange County Register" told reporters: "I made the 1980s all, enough to offset the 1970s, people all abusive and accused me than all the critics have patience. people give me enough respect to the time I retired, a lot of things, really will slowly change. "after

took off his military uniform, Jabbar once to join the entertainment industry, and repeatedly to play basketball Ambassador" role. He did coach did the announcer hue and cry, and also for the fight against hunger and eliminate illiteracy. In 1995, the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, smooth entry into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

edit this paragraph evaluation of 1989, when the 42-year-old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar left the NBA, leaving a string of brilliant bright Jabbar

posterity difficult to match the record: the first player of the NBA season, played in 20 28,307 shots 15837 times hit, scored in the history of the highest 38387 (averaging 24.6 points) also contributed 17,440 rebounds (11.2), 3189 blocks, in a maximum of 57,446 minutes playing time (NBA third), 55.90% (NBA eighth), hit rate, these incredible data proved Jabbar brilliant career, [1] in the history of the total score up to total cap history, regular season MVP up The number of All-Star is the largest and longest career season. He also personally created perhaps a personal history of the NBA's most formidable honor table and the honor of the group table: Rookie of the Year, six championships, six regular season MVP, 2-time Finals MVP, 19-time NBA All-Star , 2nd scoring NBA35 anniversary and the 50th anniversary, were selected for the history of the All-Star team. He also owned eight playoff records and seven All-Star record. Any one NBA superstar wrestling with Abdul-Jabbar on the word "honor".

Abdul-Jabbar has his own unique set of health law and training method, his career seemed unparalleled long, difficult to imitate others. Even been able to imitate, then he has another special skill, as it always has no second person candid replication. Yes, this is the registered trademark "sky hook" (the hook shot taken the high hit rate and the name). Jabbar I think this is not enough masculine and majestic, but it is undeniable that this move is indeed one of the most efficient in all of professional sports nirvana. As a genuine all-rounder, Jabbar is the historic center position into the elegant, flexible and versatile fresh elements, and before him, people often think the center is characterized by only two: strength and body type.

Despite so many incredible achievement, but in fact, Jabbar until the career dusk period, only began to win the hearts and minds of the fans. He is a shy, withdrawn, cold man, always intends to avoid the pressure of the public and the news media, which he gives the feeling of a hard-to-reach. Sports News he had said: "I was the worst one of all the bad guys inside." Kiskiskis

Over time, Jabbar's character has changed, cheerful and laughter began to appear in him. Union fans, players and coaches to the end of his career, he finally accepted. 1988-89 season about to retire, Jabbar Union Arena tsunami Shan Hu welcome and blessing.

Miami Heat coach Pat Riley, in Los Angeles and Jabbar had eight years of mentoring fate, in the famous "Sports Illustrated" vindication of the disciples: "Why are you going to care about other unimportant things? when a man endure tremendous pressure and criticism, continue to break the record and win the championship, why else attacked him? should we toast to the greatest player ever fishes. "

edit this paragraph player data regular season total FG 3PT FT data the table

season, the team playing time before the market after the market rebounds, assists and steals to cover the team's score

69-70 Bucks 82 3534 938-18100-0 485-743 0 0 1190 337 0 0 0 283 2361

70-71 Bucks 82 3288 1063 -1843 0-0 470-681 0 0 1311 272 0 0 0 264 2596

71-72 Bucks 81 3583 1159 -2019 0-0 504-732 0 0 1346 370 0 0 0 235 2822

72-73 Bucks 76 3254 982-1772 0-0 328-460 0 0 1224 379 0 0 0 208 2292

73-74 Bucks 81 3548 948-17590-0 295-420 287 891 1178 386 112 283 0 238 2191

74-75 Bucks 65 2747 812-1584 0-0 325-426 194 718 912 264 65 212 0 205 1949

75-76 Lakers 82 3379 914-1728 0-0 447-636 272 1111 1383 413 119 338 0 292 2275

76 -77 Lakers 82 3016 888-1533 0-0 376-536 266 824 1090 319 101 261 0 262 2152

77-78 Lakers 62 2265 663-1205 0-0 274-350 186 615 801 269 103 185 208 182 1600

78-79 Lakers 80 3157 777-1347 0-0 349-474 207 818 1025 431 76 316 282 230 1903

79-80 Lakers 82 3143 835-1383 0-1 364-476 190 696 886 371 81 280 297 216 2034

80-81 Lakers 80 2976 836-1457 0-1 423-552 197 624 821 272 59 228 249 244 2095

81-82 Lakers 76 2677 753-1301 0-3 312-442 172 487 659 225 63 207 230 224 1818

82-83 Lakers 79 2554 722 -1228 0-2 278-371 167 425 592 200 61 170 200 220 1722

83-84 Lakers 80 2622 716-1238 0-1 285-394 169 418 587 211 55 143 221 211 1717

84-85 Lakers 792630723-1207 0-1 289-395 162 460 622 249 63 162 197 238 1735

85-86 Lakers 79 2629 755-1338 0-2 336-439 133 345 478 280 67 130 203 248 1846

86-87 Lakers 78 2441 560-993 1 - 3 245-343 152 371 523 203 49 97 186 245 1366

87-88 Lakers 80 2308 480-903 0-1 205-269 118 360 478 135 48 92 159 216 1165

88-89 Lakers 74 1695 313-6590-3122 -165 103 231 334 74 38 85 95 196 748

career 1560 57446 15837-28307 1-18 6712-9304 2975 9394 17,440 5660 1160 3189 2527 4657 38387

the postseason total the data table

season the team played time shooting one-third The FT field backcourt total rebounds, assists and steals to cover the team's score

69-70 Bucks 10 435 139-245 0-0 74-101 0 0 168 41 0 0 0 25 352

70-71 Bucks 14 577 152-295 0 -0 68-101 0 0 238 35 0 0 0 35 372

71-72 Bucks 11 510 139-318 0-0 38-54 0 0 200 56 0 0 0 35 316

72-73 Bucks 6 276 59-138 0 -0 19-35 0 0 97 17 0 0 0 26 137

73-74 Bucks 16 758 224-402 0-0 67-91 0 0 253 78 0 0 0 41 515

76-77 Lakers 11 467 147-242 0 - 0 87-120 0 0 195 45 0 0 0 42 381

77-78 Lakers 3 134 38-73 0-0 5-9 0 0 41 11 2 12 0 14 81

78-79 Lakers 8 367 88-152 0-0 52 -62 0 0 101 38 8 33 0 26 228

79-80 Lakers 15 618 198-346 0-0 83-105 51 130 181 46 17 58 55 51 479

80-81 Lakers 134 30-65 0-0 20-28 13 37 50 12 3 8 11 14 80

81-82 Lakers 14 493 115-221 0-0 55-87 33 86 119 51 14 45 41 45 285

82-83 Lakers 15 588 163-287 0-1 80-106 25 90 115 42 17 55 50 61 406

83-84 Lakers 21 767 206-371 0-0 90-120 56 117 173 79 23 45 45 71 502

84-85 Lakers 610168-3000-0 80-103 19 50 104 154 76 23 36 52 67 416

85-86 Lakers 14 489 157-282 0-0 48-61 26 57 83 49 15 24 42 54 362

86-87 Lakers 18 559124-2340-1 97-122 39 84 123 36 8 35 40 56 345

87-88 Lakers 24 718 141-304 0-2 56-71 49 82 131 36 15 37 46 81 338

88-89 Lakers 1535168-1470-0 31-43 13 46 59 19 5 11 22 43 the 167

career 237 8851 2356 -4422 0-4 1050-1419 355 833 2481 767 150 399 404 787 5762

competition screenings - 1560 games (the NBA the history of the second)

shooting percentage - 55.9% (NBA eighth) three-point shot

free throw percentage - 72.1%

rate - 5.6%

rebounding - 17,440 (NBA third)

average rebounds per game - 11.2 (NBA 25)

assists - 5660 ( NBA 29)

average assists per game - 3.6-time

steal - 1160

caps - 3189 the (NBA third)

average blocked shots per game - 2.57

total score - 38,387 points the (NBA highest)

average the Jabbar

points per game - 24.6 points (NBA 12)

Edit this paragraph honors the best college basketball players (1967, 1969)

wearing jersey No. 33, three times the nation's best team (1967 -1969 the years)

was named to the Basketball Hall of Fame (1995), American college basketball

three league titles (1967, 1968, 1969)

three American University Basketball League Most Outstanding Player (1967, 1968, 1969)

six NBA championships (1971, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988)

six NBA Most Valuable Player (1971, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980) the (NBA highest)

twice NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (1971, 1985)

fifth All-NBA and All-NBA First Team (1971:

ten times, 1972 , 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1984, 1986)

five-NBA Second Team (1970, 1978, 1979, 1983, 1985)

eleven named to the NBA's best defensive team:

five selected for the NBA All-Defensive First Team (1974, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1981)

six selected for the NBA All-Defensive Second Team (1970, 1971 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year (1985), 1976, 1977, 1978, 1984)

was elected

named the NBA Rookie of the Year (1970)

selected for the history of the NBA's greatest 50 players (1996)

first players played in 20 NBA season

keep the NBA four record

total scoring (38,387 points) time (57,446 minutes)


shots he (28,307 times)

shot the successfully (15,837 times)

Edit this paragraph coaching career Jabbar news conference

1998 years, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar coached a symbolic $ 1 salary obligations Shirakawa City, Arizona, a high school basketball team. In 2000, he served as assistant coach of the Los Angeles Clippers to assist the work of Jim Todd. In 2002, he coached the USBL Oklahoma Storm Team. 2004, and coached the New York Knicks. In September 2005, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar announced that the team as Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach. outside

edit this paragraph Basketball "Game of Death"

during the reading of the University of California, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar changed to believe in Islam, the Arabic name of Abdul chosen in 1971. The day after the NBA Finals that year, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar led the Bucks easily beat the Baltimore Bullets (now known as the Washington Wizards) 4 0 (May 1), he announced the renamed. But he repeatedly denied any contact with Islamic countries, he converted to Islam because he followed studies at the University of California at a Turkish elders. At the University of California, during the game, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's left eye was bruised, after he almost protective goggles participate in the competition. During the Lakers, in order to improve their flexibility, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from 1976 to practice yoga.

Jabbar also paid great attention to the good health of the Health Sciences, so he played 20 seasons in the NBA for a whole, before announcing his retirement in 1989. Basketball career in the Lakers' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the performing arts. In 1980, he played in the movie "aircraft" co-pilot of an aircraft. In addition, he was involved in the performance of a large number of television and movie roles.

less well known, Jabbar is also a kung-fu star Bruce Lee's apprentice, had to follow Lee learn Jeet Kune Do is Bruce Lee's favorite disciples. "Game of Death" in 1973, he sparred with Bruce Lee, this part of the video still can be found on the network, you can refer to the the last reference section of this entry. In addition, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was still the Seville Chase movie "Fletcher" plays himself.

addition, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or a successful writer. His most recent book, Brothers In Arms: The Epic Story of the 761St Tank Battalion, WWII's Forgotten Heroes (Publisher: Broadway 2004, ISBN 0,385,503,385), is a story about the best-selling book of the 761 Tank Battalion in World War II combat hero.

His other writings include: the giant footsteps publishing "(Bantam Books, 1987, ISBN: 0553050443)," Karim "(Random House; First edition, 1990, ISBN: 0394559274)

Jabbar long professional life, and Carl, many people of amazing, and he will be a large part of the credit is attributed to the cultivation of a Chinese master craftsman is the late Hollywood martial arts star Bruce Lee. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the best known, a Bruce Lee disciple. The two met in Los Angeles, Bruce Lee is a movie there, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was still in college. Jabbar watched the action film "The Green Hornet" is very interested in the Chinese martial arts, he found Bruce Lee, and worship at his sects. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recalled later, he not only learned from the Chinese master Bruce Lee's original martial arts "Jeet Kune Do", also learned the traditional concept of Chinese culture in dealing with others and health. In the 1970s, Bruce Lee home near Bell Airport Rose Mond Avenue often there will be the figure mentoring countersunk running. They sometimes run the mountain road, then bodybuilding exercises; sometimes 45-minute bicycle ride, until the whole body sweat. Strength training three times a week, most of the content is Bruce Lee I usually practice, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to admit that the state of play of his very effective.

Jabbar with Bruce Lee

the topic about Bruce Lee and Kareem, I am afraid that most people relish the two have in Bruce Lee's posthumous "death game" cooperation. The film's most classic plot: Bruce Lee with the attack on two brothers, a five-story pagoda wins "Mibao," and each floor has a master guarded, the former four gatekeepers Mantis players club king, Philippines, Korea Aikido guru, etc., while the most senior caretaker arrangements is "sky hook" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is interesting is to join forces to attack the tower's two brothers, Daniel Lee dropped a critical juncture