Hiyoshi if


Hiyoshi If, Japanese anime "Prince of Tennis" the Ice Emperor Tennis Ministry staff, eyeing the coveted the callous young lion of the throne of the formal school players team. His ambition is super, join Hyoutei Zhezhi strong group, more consolidated his tendency. Stand vertices not his real purpose is lies down, beyond the positions of this process itself forthrightly boasted to be "less grams of performance" exactly what he was convinced that he can achieve this goal. the

Rome sound: Hiyoshi wakashi

animation dubbing: Iwasaki levies; Wei Boqin →, the name → He Yujie (Taiwan)

, mound stage, stage actor: Kawai Ryunosuke, the Hosogai belongs to Kyu

, the: Royal Academy medium Ministry ice two F group of 19

Birthdate: 12.5 (Sagittarius)

Height: 172CM []

the weight: 60KG

foot size: 26.5cm

vision: so are 0.5

blood type: AB type

handedness: right hand

play type: the bottom line of attack

love with the brand:



good trick: Pavavalung martial arts batting (TV where is Yanwu state) g on M tee the the ancient stream martial arts - a cloud, etc.

graduation primary schools: ice emperor Gakuen preschool Ministry

like the food: Modified cents Pui wet pancake

day Kyrgyzstan if the animated version of the character image (20 Zhang)

interests: reading (strange talk about class)

family members: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother profession of the

father: The ancient stream martial arts master

the good at subjects: mathematics, history

like the color: no special preferences

favorite type: Anne of Green Gables

favorite movie: Hong Kong kung fu movie

the like Age: Music: the quiet genre

most wanted: S1

pocket money uses: buy paleography

daily routine matters: morning exercise Martial Arts

rise under gram on idea-year-old (legacy: the Dan

bitter hand things: Music good boy and Kara OK (but frequented the music room .. efforts ..)

tennis outside stunt: abacus (orz., ..)

Hiyoshi increase image (20)

dating most want to go to the place: the mysterious attractions

actually wear contact lenses .. ordinary glasses at home, wearing the.

belongings Glance: the campus Seven Incredibles Department novel, chopsticks, wet wipes, contact lens case, with that disposable camera, UFO (UFO) the photo

Atobe King I carry items sampling (Taiwan version 40.5) Seven strange talk about class

campus novel: think people ask to see what a lot of trouble, with slipcase wrapped. mainly are from the library borrowed.

their own chopsticks: It seems luxurious treasures lacquerer. not just in the student restaurant, even in off-campus dining often use their own chopsticks. (CD: that, I just follow the book information typing the above chopsticks care ......) mainly used

wet wipes: wipe community activities soiled hands and feet or racket. said to be dripping sweat wipe, concentration will drop.

contact lens case: eyesight began to decline from the Reading Junior. because do not like to wear glasses, heard his photographs so far heard only worn at home.

instant camera: It is reported that a member of supplies distributed. never boarded the school magazine.

photographed UFO (?) photos: a photo of the suspect images photographed near the building. As to where to obtain, whether shot Hiyoshi, all unknown.

Atobe ( the he often smooth hair): this photo is false, right? ah ah?

Hiyoshi (side, the corner of his eyes to see): ... I do not want to answer

◇ Phoenix to talk about the Hiyoshi small gossip!

looked up at the sky ......

probably spiritual unity? devoted his victory obsession with self-denial, self-made I also want to follow the example of

◇ since childhood period train motivated the will of

may be affected by the impact of the home to open a dojo from Hiyoshi sensible since body in which the fighting and competition. want to beat older than he, or the desire of the segment of people, is the resulting culture out.

Edit this paragraph roles analysis to see Hiyoshi birth flower from birth flower: 嘉德丽亚兰

not good at wind blows, sometimes destroyed the atmosphere of the scene. Having said that, the 嘉德丽亚兰 florid magic in the play good other roles, also can make good use of scheming to control the surrounding situation. specializes in the development of strategies suitable the work of the General Staff of the characteristics of the

to see the Hiyoshi If Pavavalung play type martial arts "attack its unpreparedness" to maximize the the martial arts

Hiyoshi secret is to make generalized muscle moment the outbreak, prompt action. Hiyoshi It is this principle to establish self-wind the ball.

beyond routine was smooth and neat strike, it is impossible to predict pitch.

Hiyoshi the short Ge "master the ancient streams martial arts weapons!?

Hiyoshi right hand pull back posture resembles ancient flow martial arts weapons --- short Ge (one-handed short Mou) battle when the appearance

from interest-Japanese guitar if people fear trembling of postures will bring Hiyoshi under gram on the pleasure!?

he have liked to see the "campus strange to talk about." novel, describing the aftermath of the unexpected things in everyday life and frightened the crowd go by. assuming Hiyoshi hi on the following gram is appearance depends loser appalled ", it would be sufficient to explain why he loved above these novels .

calm composure of play, the other does the horns of dead ends the day Kyrgyzstan, when reading is also in taste with the same feeling you?

Hyoutei tennis club members in the eyes of the Day Kat If FROM Atobe King I: The following grams? ah ah ? are you talking about? Well, you try to target it to next year's singles throne!

Hiyoshi the the tennis outside expertise is the abacus activated brain effect sparring tennis also have a positive impact!?

Hiyoshi changes freely wind the ball from the free imagination. perhaps daily by abacus activation of the mind, so that his hair into possible!?

Hiyoshi! I Ching divination mountain stripping Tianze fulfill

(above two should chart ... not hit on

Hiyoshi added later) has ends justify means ruthless. Perhaps for this reason, he has ventured such a preference dangerous qualities as if their own depth in love easy tendency to stimulate the pursuit of enjoy a the triangular relationship or immoral intercourse (Heritage: ...... Dan companions awareness thus seem indifferent. strong independent mind, excitement and adventure. might pursue in the future and rove worldwide. (Heritage: saying Shining Clear Card7 is a favorite movie is a Hong Kong film "type" of persistent

beauty from the Hiyoshi ancient stream martial arts batting his dedication for victory with charm and feel and the Yue people with Tsz Lang an adventurer shape, ......)

Hiyoshi types of martial arts has all martial arts interlinked "Road" have the spirit, but also exists in the foundation of his tennis.

competitors talk about a the Hiyoshi FROM Kaidoh Kaoru: chanted under gram approached, the first multi-culture own endurance and strength it next time I want to tell you compete with one point, the singles tournament.

FROM wooden hand Wing Shiro: he makes the play very interested, but unfortunately the flaws too honest, whether in tennis or ancient stream martial arts, I am afraid not our opponents.

FROM Oriental Yami: I remember you and like me, is the bottom line attack players? but you playing ball is so eye-catching and gorgeous, I really envy.

Edit this paragraph Hiyoshi debut [Tennis Prince]

036. brother, Fuji Shusuke

053. peach city the return of

054. the smoked the Gifted

055. to the tight Hyoutei

056. 3 doubles

057. instant style tee

058. worst with

059. satiation dedication

060. Power VS Power

061. the fluctuations ball Battle

062. disappearance serve

063. last triple counterattack

065. become Seigaku's pillar

066. towards a shattered Waltz

067. the last ball

068. ending tiebreaker

109. Tennis · the Shooting Competition

110. fly it! Kabaji

111. the genius the Fuji Syusuke

112. the fluctuations ball VS instantly the tee

113. gorgeous the Atobe

114. Lung immediately

115. the only man Baseball General Assembly will make the sharpshooter Spear

118. war kiku

121 the ritual

119. tightrope doubles

120. Inwang see through. Yagyu decision

122. dried, roaring right

123. duel

124 full of memories. cutting the original red trap

125. angry best

126. sudden shock! Ryoma VS Sanada

127. esoteric! invisible serve

128. battle! victory party?

136 youth singles collection

137. suspected companion

138. the Longma on removing the original! beyond fighting

139. the newborn, Chin-shek pure

140. welcome back Tezuka the Guoguang

141. Atobe VS Sanada, peak showdown

142. juvenile

143. the Tezuka choice

144. U.S. dream team, form the

145. the the Ryoma and Kempinski

146. U.S. team ambitions

147. strongest! Sanada & trace the Ministry

148. Baker's screenplay

149. towards shattered tango

150. the guy doubles

151. sad doll

152. Beast Bobby Max

153,. ultimate challenge the the genius vs tennis machine

155. one millimeter of the

154. battle

156. appearances the 9 episodes who

157. fantasy Mirage ball back

158. was willing to duel Ryoma VS Kempinski

159. the illusion

160. the end of the game

[National Competition]

Episode 8 storm premonition

the indomitable Heart

10 sets short-term decisive Kunimitsu Tezuka


Episode 11 Episode 12 two

Episode 13 Deathmatch emperors VS the Prince

Episode 20 the barbecue Prince

Episode 23 Episode 21 match-ups in episodes 22,

our practice

the day Prince Return of ability to see the first 24 episodes Starlight

heart unity

the first 25 episodes of the final battle Prince VS God sub

the first 26 episodes to dear princes

【the OVA the]

FY Juvenile Atobe

[New Prince of Tennis】


3. internecine 4. choice of ministers

edit this paragraph King the の theater CAST generation, the National A: Kawai Ryunosuke

the second generation, the national B: the fine the shell 圭

three generations: the Ise big your

first quarter performances

the actor


the original comics


The Imperial Match Hyoutei Gakuen

The Imperial Match Hyoutei Gakuen in winter 2005-2006

Kawai Ryunosuke the Competition ·

Kanto first round

13 C Episode 18

Dream Live 3rd

Kawai Ryunosuke

Advancement Match hexagonal feat. Hyoutei of Gakuen

Kawai contest · of Ryunosuke

Kanto semi-final

set 20 C 21 episodes

Dream Live 4th

Kawai Ryunosuke

The Imperial Presence Hyoutei feat. Higa

Kawai Ryunosuke (A group, overseas performances the the Tokyo Arc de)

Hosogai Kyu (B)

to national competition · 1/4 finals

, episode 32 C 35 episodes

the Match four Tianbao

The Treasure Temple feat. Hyoutei

Hosogai Kyu

national competition · quasi finals

the first 35 episodes of C Episode 39

days behalf

Dream Live 6th

Hosogai Kyu

Dream Live 7th

thin shell Kyu

second season premiere



original comics


ミ ュ `ji ka Hikaru 'Te ni su の Prince' Seigaku VS Ice Emperor

Ise big expensive

off East contest · first round the set C

13 18 set

Dream Live 2011

Ise big expensive