Zeman (Zdenek Zeman, in 1947, 12, 2010 -), nationality, Czech. Italy's famous coach, ,2012-2013 season Zeman lead Pescara football club return to Serie A after a lapse of years to become head coach of the Roman again. Previously coached Lazio, Rome, Parma football club, football club of Lecce, Reggina football club Fenerbahce football club Salernitana football club, football club of Foggia, Naples, Avellino Football club. Another Czech player Martin Zeman.

people familiar with the Serie A there is no reason not to know Zeman. Has always been known for advocating attacks. Years ago caused uproar expose the players of Juventus collective doping. Zeman in 1998 publicly accused Juventus doping, said the per capita exhibit of their former players, Ji'an Luke Vialli and Italian striker Alessandro Del Piero and other unnatural muscle growth. Vialli excitedly denied it and threatened to appeal. 19 drugs in the clinic on the shelf of Juventus, the investigating officer found five prohibited anti-infectives, Juventus deny the players used these drugs. Investigators said that the team players use anti sedatives and analgesics is not intended treatment regardless of their harmful side effects, but in order to improve exercise capacity, and opened a large dose of sarcosine. coach Zeman

Serie A (11)

edit this paragraph characters experienced street life Zdenek Zeman (Zdenek ZEMAN), May 12, Sunrise, 1947 Born in Prague, the Czech capital. August 20, 1968, the former Soviet Union under Leonid Brezhnev government dispatched three hundred thousand troops occupied the Czech capital, Prague. Since then, Zeman began his wandering career, The Apennine became the first leg of his Rangers career is the most important stop.

his coaching career in selected Hou Zeman had not a successful playing career from teaching. 1979 coaching qualifications obtained in Italy, and in 1983 began his coaching career in the youth team of Palermo. Began its 21-year coaching career.

91-92 season in Serie A, just led Foggia upgrade of Zeman led to the amazing courage only humble team play the attacking football, not only in the league, scored 58 goals behind AC Milan, but also achieved good results of the first nine, the performance of the external admiration. Foggia team after two seasons due to the overall strength coupled with gradually by the other team's attention, the results did not go much further, but Zeman still led the team to keep Serie midstream ranking Signori, DBY Gio, Chamot are then Foggia team growing up and then re-cast the other big teams.

But the real Zeman into fans perspective, after he came to the city of Rome. Brilliant in his life to stay in Rome, the dispute also stay in Rome. Zeman to succeed in

94 years Niyazov became Lazio coach Lazio results already belonging to the Serie A on the level, Zeman's former love Signori has two consecutive Serie A Golden Boot, the financial strength of the club is also relatively strong. Advocating attacking Zeman favorite offensive formation of 433, three main midfield Winter DiMatteo Fausser, the three main striker Signori, Casiraghi and Bock casic of. The match pressed to the midfield line of defense often before, the front court stressed that the overall co-ordination, rely on Bock Milicic's impact to cover the Signori its manufacturing opportunities.

94-95 season, Lazio spent the beginning of the run-in period, their wild attacking football strongly shocked the entire Apennine peninsula, has kicked 5:1 Naples, 5:1 the Padova, 3:4 Juventus Foggia 7:1, 4:0 AC Milan 8:2 Florence, 2:3 Naples, 4:0 Genoa big score game, league rankings basically has remained in the top five ranks. League 30 face second-leading seven points of leaders Juventus, Lazio surprising 3-0, followed by a Lazio again 4:1 score double play of the season Inter Milan. In the penultimate round to face former team Foggia, Zeman and Signori did not relent, the latter a record lore of Foggia team advance downgrade. Last seven matches Lazio achieved the record of six wins and one draw, integral tied Parma, and rely on a clear advantage on goal difference was the runner-34 score of 19 wins, six draws and 9 losses accumulated 63 points, 69 goals ratio champions Juve more than 10 goals, and only over Juve lost the ball 34 (31 balls) and Parma (32 balls) - Lazio won the Serie A title since 1974 after the league had the best results, but More important, the Lazio demonstrate to the outside world in a totally different style of Serie mainstream, brought a new atmosphere, smooth attack and open the scene as the club has won a lot of fans, and the growing influence of the overwhelming city sworn enemy of Rome potential. Lazio lineup

95-96 season did not change much, the team continued the style of attacking football, has achieved a 4:1 Piacenza, 4:0 the Juventus, 6:3 Sampdoria, 5 : 1 Atlanta, 4:0 Cagliari, Bari 4:3, 4:0 Florence exciting victory, and rely on the last nine wins, two draws and one loss performance tracked three won the third place, 34 score 17 wins, 8 draws and 9 losses accumulated 59 points, into 66 balls among the first of the league, lost the ball 38. the

However Zeman transformation team in 96 years but was the team boss 克拉迪奥蒂 blow. DiMatteo, Winter Bock Milicic successively been sold, even Signori troubled by repeated transfer rumors. The transferred players only Nedved are astray, especially Lazio even higher price to the old striker Protti. Zeman serious intervention for this behavior of his work showed a strong discontent, which also affected the team's performance, the first half of the season, the team has been hovering in the middle and lower reaches. Zeman has thus become the Lazio on the history of the 1990s was sacked midway coach.

Rome pinnacle Happily, the other teams in the city of Rome, Roma has accepted him at this time. Two seasons down the team's final ranking fourth and fifth, but the total number of goals is as high as 136 amazing picky Rome media still hesitate to their speech dedicated to the many reputation if he translated , maybe he called "Chak Man" more precise, the Enze diffuse and Europe. From Palermo to Parma, ink Messina, Foggia, Lazio, Rome and later Fenerbahce, Naples, Avellino, Salernitana, Lecce, from the Czech Republic to Italy, Turkey, to the Italy. Staggered in time and space, the only constant is only football.

the Doping event but in the rivers and lakes, not just football, there are many other things, such as stimulants. July 5, 1998, when he was Roma coach Zeman suddenly released the "strange remarks, he said:" football should get rid of drug control, our football environment filled with a variety of drugs. " July 27, 1998, the Italian Olympic Committee immediately on this lawyer Ugo Longo investigation. August 6, 1998, Zeman told the Weekly Express interview revealed that the abuse of drugs in football, when it comes to the rapid expansion of Juventus players such as Alessandro Del Piero, Vialli muscle. The next day, the Italian Olympic Committee anti-doping lawyer met with Zeman.

In fact, at this time in Italian football circles, Juventus doping is a well known secret. Zeman is more like at this time Andersen's famous book "The Emperor's New Clothes," which the outspoken King of naked children. Andersen account the outcome of the child is not in fairy tales, but Zeman soon feel the pressure from the enemy. He soon became the target of public criticism. Vialli said he is a "terrorist"; Piero said Zeman infringement of his power to ruin his life; Moggi said he wanted to "ruin football"; there called him "perverted"; Lippi is asking him to be suspended for five years. Finally, totally exhausted, and only choose to leave the embattled Zeman, traveled to Turkey. At that moment, how many people know that he will not come back? How many people want him to come back?

return to Rome Beijing early morning of June 5, the Serie A powerhouse in Rome officially announced Zeman as club coach, has taught in Rome, 65-year-old coach signed a two-year contract with the club.

Rome issued an official statement on its official website: "Club of Rome announced that the team has signed a contract with Zeman, he will become the new head coach of the first team." to

Czech coach has coached two seasons in 1997-1999 Rome he coached in Serie A very rich experience, has coached Parma, Lazio, Naples team. This past season, Zeman led Serie B club Pescara won the Serie B title successfully upgraded. marshals

Czech Zeman White also officially announced the end of the era of Enrique, came to Rome last summer, Enrique smug eager to flex its muscles, the club also bought Bojan many new players, but the league 7 is obviously disappointing, Enrique also made the decision to leave back in May. "Peter Pan" Montella once popular candidate for coach of the team, but Rome eventually selected experienced coach Zeman.

edit this paragraph the character evaluation Zeman is alone, but even the lonely, is lonely heroic. Dominated the media in the course of the investigation of the incident, Juventus Zeman wantonly attack. Even things truth only Zola echoed Zeman publicly criticized the Juventus players, but the pressure boss Qieli Nuo, he quickly changed his tune. Another Lecce Club main 席塞莫拉洛, he bravely accepted of the abjection League Zeman. Since then, a penalty and doom like in a magic spell as followed him. Encourage players out of their pocket when he coached the second division Avellino shot, voluntary pay cut of 50%, he is mercilessly fired. "Once you're in the bottom of the standings, you would have no dignity." Zeman had been repeating these words, we can see its inner depressed really Hardships never come alone.

Did he not know the Italians like to hold a grudge? Maradona Italian team in the World Cup will be kicked out, and soon he was the Italians kicked out of football. Ahn Jung Hwan Italian team were eliminated from the quarterfinals, the World Cup is not over yet he Perugia delisting. Did he not know that Italians prefer to hide the ugly? Incident investigation process, the Football Association has never not made for him any protection, even if it is only verbal support. Until now, the Italian Olympic Committee's anti-doping department and the Italian Football Federation did not make any comment, just announced that they are studying 卡萨尔伯雷 (judge) file.

Zeman is not a vision for BES philosopher, not a shrewd politician, even to the point of view of the football, he can not be compared and Capello, Trapattoni, Lippi, Ferguson coach. His rash act, there are major flaws in the character, however, with his never failure enthusiasm, indomitable pride, inspire all players, his offensive thoughts into every player who. He is a mass of raging fire, the blood of the players who are the Heat, a group of dispirited remnants (referring Lecce), Shaolian became the one everyone awe of the division of the swift and fierce. the

edit this paragraph demanding Zeman said the "devil training" training not only strength, but also very demanding, and even eat the way the players have provisions,

attended the event Zeman (20)

example, two people a meal only drank a bottle of mineral water, is said to be too much water is not conducive to digestion meal. Southern Italian food taste was salty, thirst athletes and training consume very large, Zeman's strict requirements so that they can only be in the meal to just let the cattle drink.

Signori had two glorious period of Zeman - Foggia and Lazio as a disciple of the Czechs. As he had predicted, Zeman can only be successful in the south, because the warm temperatures in order to ensure the restoration of physical players in the high-intensity training. Lecce and Foggia location close to the product a score of 8 points 5 games 2 wins, 2 draws and one defeat to Lecce to get rid of the image of the two seasons before relegation large, the lineup neat, new layers of endless, there may even the impact of the momentum of the UEFA Cup, Zeman had originally planned for next season began implementation goals.

Zeman achievements of the new season Lecce Summary for "positive" and "whether the team's style of play, or the Italian Cup promotion results, is true of the first defeat in five league, but in Verona away (guest Chievo) We first half played good, unfortunately later had 10 men, I underestimated Bojinov injury, he in fact, Shangdebuqing game against Livorno. "

Czechs to encourage offensive, to prohibit return, even proposed "four guard most of the time should be leakage over passed the ball back to the offensive player" argument. The fact his team is not completely defensive, but moved to the defensive front court, demanding physical frontcourt. The game scoring striker Vucinic, Zeman said, "he just back from injury on the goal makes me very happy, but his fitness has not been restored, but also need more training." Kiskiskis

Ze Mann believes that the league top five most important thing is to let the team have a steady offensive and defensive routine, he was very sorry to Lippi's national team in the 50-man squad is not even Lecce, Zeman the most promising is already 2 right 后卫卡塞蒂 league goals, "I hope my players can receive notification of the national team's training camp, to know the same time in the team before Cassetti and Otto, Otto is his substitute . Cassetti if selected, will be not only because of his goals, but also because of his defensive ability. "

Lecce Club from Africa and Eastern Europe in recent years hired a lot of rookie culture in addition to the Bulgarian striker Bo Zino husband, Côte d'Ivoire striker Conan players, which is fundamental to the success of Zeman. The previous two seasons, Lecce has been fighting hard at the edge of relegation, play too focused defensive back, offensive play of the 06-07 season for the rookie who is great potential for the outbreak, Bojinov, Ledesma even possible in Winter poached by wealthy. These people Zeman grateful, and it is particularly hard, Bojinov told reporters, "My goal is entirely due to the Zeman coach." Kiskiskis

edit this paragraph tactical style strict of Zeman

Zeman has always been known for rigorous tactical style. Emphasis on attacking 4-3-3 formation he respected the rich ornamental, but not very practical. Italy, famous in the world of defense Zeman has been regarded as "alternative."

Zeman has always been based offensive football famous. His tactical thinking to life in order to score in Serie A defensive features seem alternative. To the latter half of the game, basically seen Lecce 3 anti-3, or the 2 anti-3. Zeman's offensive bloody players implement competition among. Sold Bojinov Do Mascherano Abramovich, Conan and Vucinic. Team in Lecce, the star has not decided forces really decided the team, Zeman. To tenacious style known as "Pepper" said the Lecce advocating attacking Zeman combine, is really a marriage made in heaven! just died,

defending the whole Masters Michels, such as Zeman in the utilitarian football prevalent today, in order to attack the personality of the head coach has been rare to life, and therefore more precious.

edit this paragraph believes in attacking football if Capello is one of Serie A's most athletic coach, then Zeman coach of Serie A's most courageous.

Zeman believe is pure attacking football! His team are fearless discharge 4-3-3 pure attack lineup, he needs passion victory, even if it is a failure, and also the wonderful pursuit of game content, absolutely "better to die than to your guns "! Unique charisma and the philosophy of attacking football he took the team into the distinct characteristics: the fiery passion Cuikulaxiu fierce offensive, mercury spilled in smooth match.

insight Zeman courage from Lazio, the then Lazio by Signori, Casey Lacy, Bock Milicic powerful Trident bring opponents hellish terrorist. 1994-1995 season he led Lazio big score of 4 to 0 victory over the mighty AC Milan. This season, such a small club in Lecce, Zeman, the same does not change the crazy offensive nature. Do Mascherano Abramovich, Pinardi, Bojinov Trident can vaguely see when Lazio "Trident" shadow. This season, their goals second only to Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus should. His team is considered to be the most passionate team in Serie A this season.

Zeman courage is also reflected in his fearless. Year, led Lazio also taking the EPO, Zeman did not because his behavior has Partiality choose to avoid, and choose to denounce and expose Juve take EPO phenomenon on a large scale this is exposed.

edit this paragraph Bole Zeman identify talent Zeman will not only allow the team is full of passion, the same time he was also a rare horses. Euro 1996, the Czech team 2 to 1 defeat of Italy, scored the winning goal in the 4th player fellow Zeman to Italy. Czech team emerged a large number of promising "Star of Hope", as Bobosiji, Berg, library card ... the 4th is only one "modest" one. But the the 4th did not live up to Zeman trust and vision in Serie A with one kind of steely determination of quality and combat effectiveness, and gradually grow, and last year won the European Footballer of course he is Nedved. Now Roman Prince Totti is Zeman's men grew up, this season Zeman mining Bojinov and Finn Eremenko. Chevanton, a small town

young hero leaves the "Almighty" Lecce has not only on this malaise, but more intensified. Because Segovia? Bender? Mare stadium have the more visually city idol?? Bojinov from Bulgaria. See Bojinov strong right foot boom gate lens, you might think of Stoichkov, a similar shooting action, similar to the origin, the same country. In fact, Stoichkov is Bojinov's idol.

record maker, January 27, 2003, only 15 years old and 11 months 12 days Bojinov as bench initial representatives Lecce debut against Brescia team, became the the Serie youngest played players, but he does not satisfied with this, netted a goal on November 11, 2003, to become the youngest foreign players in Serie A on goal. 2004 European Cup, he became the youngest in the history of the European Cup team members.

who was friends to fight in advocating attacks and Understand use Zeman men playing football, Bojinov like a duck to water. Qiewan Dun's departure also provided him with a broader space for development. League first round of this season for Atlanta, Bojinov critical situation, a ball scored the equalizer at the crucial moment. Then got out of hand: he scored twice; Brescia face with Totti in Rome, Bojinov not only to help the team a note Totti hanger Jiangong ridiculed before the spoon a penalty not into Totti; face on Friday against the star-studded Inter Bulgarian teenager also not cowardice, two goals to help the team draw powerful Inter; the Udinese him two goals revenue; AC Milan, the second half off the bench, but he was not empty-handed, a goal a little comfort to the team score defeated melancholy. Junior

fame, but also let some impetuous Bojinov. And Udinese before, Zeman lessons to field Bojinov, Bojinov began to talk back. Then he was the coach go to over-the-counter, Zeman said: "The first person, after football, young players need to learn is the discipline we lose is the manifestation of immature young man, and I hope that watching them grow up healthily." Zeman fails Bojinov Cassano as characters. Bojinov training that incident more desperately, when scoring in the game. dark horse tactics

4-3-3 brave fearless

in Zeman's 4-3-3 system, offensive initiator 后卫卡塞蒂, as long as the other side conceded the ball will soon be handed Cassetti feet If you do not come to block, then Cassetti then go ahead, Xiadichuanzhong create opportunities, to give Bojinov and do Mascherano Abramovich. If someone obstruct Cassetti, then he will pass the ball to playmaker Peja Marcy, to organize a new offensive by him. Dalla Bona transferred from AC Milan is the third round of the attackers if the Djakovica Marcy offensive again blocked, Dalla Bona, Ledesma, Pena Jordi form a new triangle offense, which oppressive kind of took turns to attack, as long as the other guard slightest negligence, Bojinov find opportunity, so disastrous consequences. If you can not open up the situation of the players in the field, Vucinic, Conan, Eremenko ready on standby, so the continued oppression of the opponent's defense until the opponents mistakes.

dark horse Classic November 7, 2004

Lecce 3 4 Udinese

this a classic DuiGongZhan. Bojinov right-foot strike in the 34th minute left foot stopping promptly broke Lecce was leading; Jankulovski for Udinese tie the game; 57 minutes, the Bojinov hoisting again for Lecce the lead; followed by Di Natale and Iaquinta go-ahead score for Udinese; 89th minute Vucinic Lecce equalizer; Lecce is not satisfied with a draw, they still attack, but the last moment Concordia Mutter has stumbled in the penalty area Jankulovski gave opponents a penalty. Defeat Lecce regret.

who is the Serie A team of the most widely distributed firepower? The answer is Lecce. Bojinov Ibrahimovic, not Shevchenko - Kaka axis, no Totti - Cassano - Montella trident, but when the ball into the 11 switch Florence, Zeman still do not have to worry about offensive problems. Look at his lineup: Vucinic 11 balls, do not Mascherano the Abramovich 4 ball, Cassetti 4 ball, Peja Marcy 4 goals, 4 goals Conan Babu 3 goals, Dalla Bona ball Rouleau 2 ball, and even the new signing Valdes a ball has been accounted for.

even the "Gazzetta dello Sport" also have to wonder, this is the master's handwriting. Zeman in just half a year to a relegation team playing close attention to the entire European football bonanza, following the European winter transfer standard queen Bojinov, Ledesma, Cassetti, Wu Qi Nepal odd and rulo who may also be major despots swept away in the summer.

Edit this paragraph legendary career with doubt and reverence Football Weekly to the Apennine peninsula, the southern tip of Lecce visits Zeman secret. The speaker sound like mosquitoes, cigarette-loving the Czech old man smile rarely, if the same few, but it can always make you feel his calm and honest. Zeman remember their own trip to China, and remains concerned about the Chinese football, "I do not understand how, why Chinese football point with nor are good players and body, but is little overall co-ordination team in Asia personal qualities of a good World Cup, South Korea scored four strong is proved with great "

Zeman care" ornamental overwhelming victory, but it does not mean that stress fancy and war goals, but the overall fit the stressed above all. He served as water polo, volleyball coach, believe that the collective project is the most common place is the overall co-ordination, rather than heavy attack and light Shou, "If you take the idea of ​​attacking football to coach volleyball team, it would be a disaster I certainly value the defense, when the other ball. "

the Czechs experienced a legend: defected to uncle left the Czech Republic to play in Italy; become a top professional football coach from a variety of sports coaches; peak of career due to accused Juventus players take a similar stimulant class drugs was the referee persecution led Rome in a season 15 times suffered a miscarriage of justice! Zeman comeback Serie A season, to coincide with Juventus team doctor was sentenced to prison because of doping. Zeman from family medicine, and he stuck to his point of view: "team doctor guilty, but the club and the players are equally guilty." Kiskiskis

talking about his coaching career, Zeman think the most interlinked coach and his own tactical thinking is Sacchi, they had科维尔恰诺 coaches training students. Precisely Sacchi and Zeman, set off at the end of the last century, the Italian football attacking football and overall football revolution. They are not players born, but are deeply defending the whole of the Dutch football in the 1970s thought the emphasis on training and overall co-ordination of their coach during AC Milan, Lazio and Rome left an indelible beautiful memories to fans .

However Zeman still adhering to, even if it is the Czechs during low level Avellino coach Italy 科维尔恰诺 coaches training is still the view of Mo Zeman training as a compulsory course. Zeman said, Sacchi and his distinction is to emphasize the overall overwhelming. Within the first 30 meters, Zeman encourage players free play, which is why Sacchi end to the contradictions and Marco van Basten and other stars in the experience of AC Milan, Zeman was cultured one regarded him as a father star, from Signori to Totti, to today's Bojinov. In June

07, staying at home Zeman received an invitation from the club Lecce, but just six months later, Zeman will surrender handsome whip. "They had to find on my reasons just want to take advantage of my fans in the appeal to sell a few more tickets." And Zeman conclusion Road. A day after the club Lecce make a response, "We are very sorry." Club spokesman said, "The fact that we treat each coach's attitude is the same, the club need to provide them with the achievements, and any economic problems have nothing, perhaps Mr. Zeman too feel good. "with Lecce club-minded former Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi," He was always so pretentious. "the Zeman old rival said, "I do not believe he really will retire, but this is just a means to attract attention."

course, Zeman is not only criticize. Spalletti very politely retorted: "He is a great tactician, I have learned a lot from him, he should not be so farewell." Recognition of same Zeman Catania coach Mali promise flattered, "he Catania and AC Milan par, this is really an honor." Marino said cautiously, "I do not think we have a strong impact on next season's European competitions - but if we do , I will definitely give the call Zeman Mr. Acknowledgements "

Zeman back, the Czech Communist Party members, in addition to his Lecce jersey or nothing to change