David Silva (David Silva, 8, 2008 - January 1986), the Spanish footballer, midfield, the effectiveness of the Premier League Manchester City Football Club. David Silva, with excellent play conquered coach Aragones, the Spanish midfielder has become an important pawn. football athletes of

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Cavaco Silva (Cavaco Silva) is an economist, born in July 1939 in the Algarve region of southern Portugal, the Portuguese economy in 1964, graduated from the Higher Institute of Finance. In 1971, he went to Britain's post-graduate of the Department of Economics of the University of York, and a Ph.D. in economics in 1973. After returning home, he has worked in the Portuguese economy and financial and monetary institutions of higher education, the Portuguese Catholic University and the New University of Lisbon schools. In 1977, he was appointed as the director of the Research Office of the Bank of Portugal.

Silva joined the Social Democratic Party of Portugal in May 1974, elected to the Portuguese Parliament in 1980. January 1980 to January 1981, Silva any of Portugal's finance and planning minister. In May,

1985 Silva elected for the Social Democratic Party chairman. In November of the same year to October 1995, he served as Prime Minister of Portugal. During the prime minister, he has visited China several times. In April 1987, he and Chinese leaders signed a joint statement of the two governments and Portugal on the question of Macau.

1996, Silva first time to participate in the Portuguese presidential election, but lost to the Socialist Party presidential candidate Jorge Sampaio. In the presidential election in January 2006, he won more than 50% of the vote, was elected President of Portugal. He campaigned on a promise that will serve as the "social dialogue President, do a detached" free man "of the political parties, and hope that all parties to let go, focus on the future of the country together to solve the problems of youth, education, and thus win many voters trust. In March of the same year, was sworn in as the 18 President of Portugal since 1910, since the establishment of republican institutions. January 24, 2011, re-elected President of Portugal.

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Silva and David Silva is synonymous, have been consolidated.

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2011-2012 Premiership champions

David Silva (David Silva, 8, 2008 - January 1986), the Spanish footballer, midfield, the effectiveness of the Premier League Manchester City Football Club. David Silva, with excellent play conquered coach Aragones, the Spanish midfielder has become an important pawn. Name


David Silva

Foreign Name:

David Silva


of Spain

Birthplace: inner gold

archi Date of Birth:

January 1986


172 cm

weight :

the 67kg


the football

belongs sports teams:

Manchester City Football Club

who played for the club: the

Valencia, Eibar, the Celta Vigo


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future immeasurable

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edit personal Profile Silva in Manchester

Full name: David Silva (David Josué Jiménez Silva)

Cantonese translation: the David Silva

family: parents sister brother

Constellation: the Capricorn

nickname: the Cuco small mats pony

of position: the the Frontal/the left wing

number: 21

Preferred foot: left foot

nickname: the black bat

shoes: F50

worth: 52 million euros (2012)

now plays for the team: Manchester City Football Club

who played for the team: Valencia football club Celta football club, Eibar football club

first La Liga game: August 28, 2005 (Celta 2 0 Malaga)

first Premier League game: 2010, August 8 (Manchester City 2:0 Valencia)

national team appearances: 45; goal: 11

national team debut Time: November 15, 2006, Spain 1:0 Romania (Friendly) [1]

Edit this segment upbringing January 8, 1986, born in Aspen Palmas, the capital of the Canary Islands, Spain archi within gold, father Fernando Jiménez was once a local police officer, later with Silva to Valencia become a Valencia team of security personnel. the

a child 16

the mother, Eva Silva of Japanese descent.

"David left home when only 14 years old he was youth team football the archi within gold, but he received an invitation from the the Tenerife team, and Las Palmas team, but he wanted to go to Valencia football schools all happening so fast, we are caught unprepared. " Silva recall seven years ago, his eldest son packed up and ready to dry out a career in football, the feeling that everything is still fresh in our memory. Thin body, Silva was the refusal of Real Madrid, but he found a place in the Valencia Club. Which he never regretted it, "the old Silva added. Years later, that little boy then left the family and friends has become the main players in the Spanish national team.

away from his birthplace Arguineguin 10 km Masi Ba Lomas, Silva is a hero. "The reception I was simply incredible, actually to so many people, I did not think it would be so grand, I never thought that one day I will represent the national team to participate in the game now, I think of a child in the village case of playing on the land, a piece of land is now covered with artificial turf. childhood, I often there to kick the whole afternoon ball "recalls David Silva. "We bought him a football, and then it occurred later, David's father said. Valencia fame, the 21-year-old Silva was selected as a national team. A year ago to participate in Cadiz Virginia team's friendly against his national team debut, so far, he is a total of 10 appearances on behalf of the Spanish national team, and every game is a starter. Silva Aragones's team has been able to occupy the main position outside his natural scoring ability (25 shots, 2 goals, 1 assist), because all

teammates around with his very understanding.

despite only meet, but because in a few limited game Xierwate some way of playing football and running, Xavi, Fabregas and Iniesta are his regarded as the one of them. "He gave us the feeling like we grew up together playing football like, because he and many of our characteristics are similar he is good at controlling the tempo, and he likes the ball control on the ground beneath their feet, as if he is also from our Junior team out like he grew up in a focus on technology and train many of the best players of the club. playing together and he is an easy thing, because they understand football the same way ", Iraq Nie Sita said.

David Silva is one of the outstanding winger Valencia. But he is not just a winger wizard, or incredible all-rounder, can appear on either side of the stadium, or served as a playmaker, and can even play a second striker.

He was not a solely upon and the grandparents

rely on dribbling and dazzling extraordinary Yangmingliwan players. Like all those excellent organizer, he has excellent vision and excellent interpretation of the game, often give the striker sent tear opponents defense precise passing. "From the start of the first game, I feel and play them very comfortable." Silva said. The way they play and I similar to Xavi and Iniesta's style of play so I quickly integrated into the team, the players they are outstanding abilities. Few people wind the ball very close to the national The team gathered into the wind the ball similar players, entire teams kick up the game to be much easier. which

in the game with the Swedish team, Silva in the match up Harvey (they have

23 passes) and Cesc (also 23 passing), he and Iniesta with less (7 passes), because the position of the latter in the other side of the stadium. Between Silva and Xavi is the most effective combination of the whole game total of 106 passes in two of them at the foot, while Iniesta scored the ball is in 15 passes appeared.

after the the Vicente unsuccessful national team, Silva successfully fill the vacancy of his teammates, and performed flawlessly. Is club teammate Vicente and Joaquin different, and winger Silva not in the traditional sense, he is more involved in the organization of the team. In addition, the tie between him and Villa also ported to the national team. "Together we can just play the game will automatically match very clear to us the other side of the running route, Villa said. "I can adapt to various players and style of play, of course, the premise is to be mainly ball. Now we are playing this, so everyone enjoy the game," Silva added.

Outside the stadiums, the midfielder spoke loud enough, almost as if talking to himself. On the plane, when his teammates in singing loudly or when watching movies with portable DVD, quietly watching the sea outside the window. Of course, once to the football field, he would sing. So far, he participated in almost all the games of Valencia and the Spanish national team.

Since the end of 2006 in the the Celta Vigo elba lease career back to Valencia, the 22-year-old, he will quickly replace Aimar grow up. In just two years, he has consolidated the status of the world's best attacking midfielder one. However, for Silva, 2008 but it is quite strange and difficult year. Although he won two trophies, but 12 months for him is not every moment is full of joy. In the first half, Valencia bad let Silva life evolved into a real nightmare. Team continued internal struggle, invited an autocratic coach - Ronald Koeman, the situation is getting worse, are luxuries later almost two series wins at home, they ate defeat bat Legion once teetering on the verge of downgrading. The only highlight of the entire season is just tall April won the Spanish King's Cup, Valencia 3-1 victory over Getafe scarred team has brought a glimmer of comfort. This is also Silva's first since entering the adult team honors.

However, even in this chaos the storm, the Spain winger has always maintained a high standard of performance, he is one of the few in the team can continue to bring exciting players. The state has been maintained until July, on the subsequent European Football Championship with Spain, he successfully cup - this is his first international adult team honors. Like many of his countrymen, the 2008 European Cup became the Silva stage performances. He was a tacit agreement between the sidewalk energetic performances and his teammates dazzling. A perfect example is he and Andre Iniesta cross-transposition, which also makes his multi-faceted nature once again to understand the world. Despite

only scored a goal - that is in almost every game in the 3-0 semi-final victory over Russia - but he won the first race in addition to the final group match of Greece irrelevant. Unfortunately his light eventually another several compatriots Iniesta, Xavi, Villa and Torres concealed - that several players have selected the best team of the 23-man tournament, Silva was unfortunately unsuccessful.

subsequently, another unfortunate was to follow - injuries. Chronic problem in the European Cup, left ankle forced him had received surgery in September, returned to the stadium until a few weeks ago. Many people worry about the brutal injuries will cut him become a superstar of the road, just as to make way for his Vicente. Although he has a full recovery and play at his best. [2]

Edit this paragraph athletic career wunderkind who is 06-07 European season's brightest Spain supernova? The answer is neither harbor homesickness Seville teenager Navas, nor is the the Osasuna leader Raul Garcia, the answer is Valencia's David Silva, this Spanish media as Messi de Espana a new generation of talent. Silva has not only inherited the Aimar jersey No. 21, also inherited Aimar superb skills with excellent character, different, Silva took over more than hurt the Vicente propped up bat left the sky. Is not difficult to understand why David Silva called Messi, Spain, the same wunderkind of similar height and weight, and even the style of the game is so similar, and equally so endearing, no wonder the harsh Spanish media Silva never said a word against, filled with hope and praise. Silva also live up to expectations, not only help the bat to break into the Champions League in the case of injuries the full camp, access to fourth in the league, their own performance is quite good. the gol de DavidSilva voice in last season sounded constantly.

David Silva on the pitch

fact, Silva's performance early youth team in Spain is quite good, and the superior strength of the Spanish youth team, no suspense for the World Youth Championship, in that branch many people have entered the adult team such as Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos and David Silva, as well as some of the players have been recognized as the future of Spain in the team, such as backcourt mate Alberto Vital Seoul and Alexis.

Silva height 172 cm, weight 68 kg, although the physical condition is not good, sometimes not be able to find the placement of the other strong, tall defender, but given Silva's lightning speed and a lower center of gravity , several people connected with the ball is the order of the day, quite when Vicente business for the shadow. Two playing style is similar to the same left foot, can also be under the bottom or endo equally impressive shot.

Silva's performance in the Champions League is undoubtedly very well, especially into the knockout, 16 play against Inter Milan, Silva last minute volley to tie the game, to help Valencia Meazza 2-2 draw with Inter Milan, and prepared the way out of opponents at home, Top 8 to encounter strong rubles Legion Chelsea, and Silva direct shot at 45-degree angle, ripped through Cech's fingers off, unfortunately fatigue watts Valencia eventually in their own ears at home Essien lore, missed the Top 4. However, after the match Chelsea Frank Lampard on Silva appreciates a plus.

with outstanding performance, Silva in Spanish national team firmly occupy the position of the left half, squeezing out now Atletico Madrid star Reyes and Yi Gu Sevilla fullback Puerta Schill Spain new combinations of tiles and Joaquin for Spain in the European Championship qualifier contribution a lot of strength, regardless of which team will be a headache for two capable players, not to mention in front of young Billy no limit Asia and Torres. Although Spain has been considered is to help the fools it up, but I always think the future is bright, rich young talent in Spain, Silva is one of the best. [2]

promising Real Madrid is a small Silva favorite team, where his idol, Laudrup.

and many Spanish teenager, the Silva a child doing a white dream. He dreamed wear white shirts, and go to the football field ---- Bernabeu to play the most majestic of the Iberian Peninsula. In 2000, 14-year-old Silva, accompanied by father and brokers, full of hope and excitement into the team to participate in the Real Madrid football school test. But the Real Madrid Sports City, Silva left a group photo with Anelka, but did not leave.

test day, the former star, is currently the Real Madrid B team coach Michel was accompanied by his son Adrian to attend examinations. Read Silva's performance, Michelle told the child broker Vincent Silva is a not cut and polish diamonds in the rough. Now in the Real Madrid B team playing Adrian passed the test, but the person in charge of the youth academy did not accept Silva, because he "tall too short. From that moment, Silva that white dream has changed. Still white, just the destination becomes Valencia becomes Mestalla.

Beilai Long had the same small Silva's father in a team, played together in the Achilles within Tianjin.

Silva said, "I was very young to know Beilai Long, our relationship is very good, he is the pride of the people of the Canary in La Coruna and the national team's performance has proved Beilai Long is a great player, I grew concerned about the way he played, because few snatched the ball from his feet. "father of David, outside


stadium is also a player, but there has not requested seats Salvador also to follow the dream of black and white football, "My father and I rarely talk about football, and most of the time I am a man playing football, but he will always be by my side."

workout after the failure at Real Madrid , the doors of opportunity are open towards him again, Silva returned to the Canary disappointed. Valencia's technical director Marcia (now Liverpool sporting director) went to the island to explore the talent for his club in the local scouts Quintero recommended four children: Giovanni (now plays for Riddarholm) Bituo Luo (now played for Racing Santander), Ismail and Silva. Soon, four children by the admission notice of the youth base in Valencia, Silva has also been the first income: In addition to the charge of the accommodation, the club also 15,000 pesetas a month (about $ 95 for small players euros) in subsidies.

on loan to Celta, Silva's after-tax annual salary of 232,000 euros. Club sports manager Caboni modify his contract, contract salary, but increased to 600,000 euros, even worse than Valencia Champions League opponents Chelsea star Michael Ballack monthly salary, but does not prevent Silva became Stanford Bridge is the most dazzling star. 1/4 finals of the Champions League first leg, Silva volley near the left sideline for a mind shocked to see all the people present. After the game drug test, Silva met Frank Lampard, England in praise of his goals, the No. 8 jersey gave Silva.

Italian Sacchi is a the earliest identified Silva talented marshal. In 2004, Sacchi work in Parma, he asked the young midfielder Alberto Orr Valencia loaned to him. Valencia Technical Director Marcia told him, Albiol is to participate in the European U19 Championship in Switzerland. So, Sacchi went to Switzerland. Two weeks later, Marcia received a the Sacchi phone call: "I hope to get Silva Silva is also when one of the main European Champions Spain team.

Ranieri that season Valencia coach despise Silva, he agreed to the request of Sacchi. Silva later recalled: "I have decided that the time to go to Parma, because the two sides have agreed on a transfer fee but in the end, Italy can not accept Valencia repurchase price, leading to the final breakdown of negotiations. Rpm duration of coming to an end, my choice but some Grade B club. "the Basque region Erwa club is the earliest teams to get in touch and Valencia, Silva agreed to the invitation of this club. "This is a very important one in my career, although the the Erwa weather me some cold, but we in the League completed a very good season." Kiskiskis

is precisely that season, Silva The name first appeared in the sports newspapers. But not because of his skills, but because of his character. Erwa club once a guest of the Catalan regional challenges Riddarholm The score was 1:1. Erwa of an attack, the opponent has a player is injured fell in front of the goal line, exactly teammate not offside ball to Silva, in the case of one-on-one face of the goalkeeper, Silva gave up shots. Later in an interview, Silva said: "my soul so I do not shot." That season, the the Erwa last ranked fourth League, the distance l A team is only 2 points.

regression from Erwa, Silva has been on loan to Celta and help the team to the UEFA Cup qualification. Last summer, Silva finally returned to Valencia, he performed very well, has occupied a main position in the team. For soon national team coach 阿拉贡内斯亚, noted that Silva's performance. November 15, 2006, he lost to Spain 0:1 Romania match staged national team debut. David Silva has attracted the attention of the people of Europe and even worldwide football. Do not forget, this is only the achievements of his first season in the first team in Valencia. Silva and the club's contract will expire in 2010, but Valencia can retain before that this team's bats Wizard are still unknown. [2] 14 July

2010 years from the World Cup in South Africa, the victorious return to Spain's David - Silva arrived in Manchester, Manchester received medical examinations and sign the contract at a weekly salary of 160,000 pounds, the completion of this pen worth 24 million pounds transfer. [3]

UK local time on September 17, 2012, Manchester City's official website announced that they have offensive and Spain midfielder David - Silva contract until 2017, after the British media his weekly salary is expected to rise to 200,000 pounds. [4]

participate in the Competition



behalf the team


European Cup




World Cup




Federation the cup




European Cup




World Youth Championship in Spain, the National Youth Team



World less competition a small country


Spain the team


career club

David Silva is Valencia handedly trained player. In the 2005-06 season, he was loaned to the La Liga to progressing

small mats and teammates (16)

Ma Weige Celta, during battle 31 games into 4 balls, for the support of the Spanish River team made the UEFA Cup qualification. The 2006-2007 season Valencia recovered gradually made more battle opportunities. Valencia two quarters performance is far from satisfactory in the last couple of David Silva temporarily not in the club to obtain any award. In August 2008, David Silva and Valencia to renew their annual salary up to 2.5 million euros, to become the highest-paid player in the history of Valencia Club.

the national team

David Silva back in 2006, has been upgraded for the Spanish international. Prior to this he was on the national youth team in Spain array. He then repeated by the Spanish call-up, but mainly to friendlies.

2008 selected for the Spanish national team, and played in the 2008 European Football Championship. He made a Final Four in this session of the European Football Championship goals to help the national team qualify. Finally, also become the session of the European Football Championship.

2010, the South Africa World Cup.

2012, European Cup champion. Valencia,

club career

David Silva from Valencia youth team ,05-06 season was on loan to Celta, quickly became the main, 34 league games into 4 balls.

Silva in Valencia (18)

with Aimar the a pocket versatile midfielder, in the summer of 2006, was recalled to replace the transfer Aimar and put Aimar 21. "David Silva for most fans might be some strange, but in the eyes of the Valencia fans, he has become an indispensable element of the team, this outstanding player last year, was also the team Concession after the reunification of the season, to make up for Aimar left vacant, so we seem to forget the former No. 21, and even more to remember now wearing jersey No. 21, only 21-year-old David Silva, he is by virtue of the recent excellent play, conquer coach Aragones, the Spanish midfielder has become an important pawn.

why Valencia dare in the summer, no clear-cut way to sell the fans hearts darling Aimar? General Manager Caboni will tell you: because we have David Silva.

and "clown" Aimar stature pocket of Silva, a midfielder marked in the main generalist Silva ,05-06 season on loan to Celta team quickly, 31 games in hand 4 balls help Sale Tower written dark horse myth, and also summer summoned Valencia to replace the transfer Aimar.

Coincidentally, Silva returned to Valencia a put Aimar left No. 21, which is a huge challenge, but Silva was born 86 years will not be afraid of the new season, he has been in Europe Silva and Cesc Fabregas scored in the Champions League of the war in Europe at the sub-ball, and scored four goals in the 2005 World Youth Championship, represents the future of Spain. Silva and excellent performance to help Spain successfully win the 2008 European Cup champion, and thereafter became one of Spain main winger.

2010 June move to Manchester City. At the same time, the official website of Valencia, as well as the players living in South Africa this affirmation. Silva of Valencia and fans expressed gratitude at the same time, to express the joy of the new club.

Manchester City on June 30

2010 years, the English Premier League Manchester City's official website announced the World Cup after David Silva signed a four-year contract, the

Silva Manchester City (19) completed on February 14

7 transfer The signing of the contract, David Silva will continue wearing a No. 21 jersey. As early as 2008, Manchester City hope to sign Valencia's two David Gemini, but because the offer reason was Valencia refused. In August 14,

2010 Silva ushered in his Premier League debut, the final draw at White Hart Lane with Tottenham Hotspur 0-0. Game with Blackpool on October 17, Silva scored the first goal he landed in the Premier League, and to help Manchester City 3:2 defeat their opponents. In with 莱切波茨南,